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                        custom-made gaming facility. Tons and
                        tons of games....only better lit than this photo
                        would indicate! Huge,
                        luxuriously appointed gaming area. Friendly,
                        knowledgable staff. Seriously!

Chicagoland's Source for Adventure Gaming for Over 34 Years

Roleplaying games, wargames, miniatures, paint, modeling supplies, terrain, collectable card games, dice, gaming accessories, family games and magazines. Gaming tables available nightly (reservations recommended.)

all sorts of new stuff.
Bolt Action, Conflict '47, new boardgames and lots more.
updated events, more new stuff and a surprise. If you can find it.
A few new items, some restocks and more new stuff tomorrow.
New solitaire B-17 game, TPS historical games, Paranoia is back, new Mistfall expansion and more.
Click the "New Releases" link at left for details on all these new products or
click here.

Spring 2017Auction
It Happened!
Auction Credit and unsold item return is happening NOW. Until April 6th or so
details here.
Upcoming Events
05/20 - EN World 23
           (whole room)

05/27 - WUMMS minis gaming
X-Wing Food Drive Tourney

06/01 - Board Game day

06/04 - Sails of Glory
            BattleTech minis gaming

06/09 - HMGS Midwest minis

06/10 - SAGA minis gaming
            Star Wars Destiny
Star Wars Armada Championship

06/11 - Star Trek CCG
            Regional Championship

06/17 - Free RPG Day
            Malifaux Minis Tourney

06/24 - WUMMS minis gaming
Warmachine/Hordes Gaming

Check out the Calendar for a complete list!

News Tidbits

Did you know your Games Plus is 34 years old? Really.

We are a
  • Wizards of the Coast Premier Retailer
  • Privateer Press Warmachine and Hordes store
  • Games Workshop Independent Retailer
  • Carry the Flames of War line too.
  • as well as hosting open play of other games.
    ...And we do so much more!

  Games Plus

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