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Games Plus 30th Anniversary Game Day

Facebook event list and postings
If your on Facebook you can see what's up with us there. Otherwise we will try to post details of this earth shattering event here.

Events as they stand for our Anniversary Weekend :

Saturday :
Yaro is running a Twilight 200 adventure - at 10:30 am

Greg Mount (about 1 pm) is running Malifaux demo games

Possibility of Surcoat - a medieval miniatures game from Mark Clover

Jeff (Swegler) will be running a 7th Cavalry Legends of the Old West event at Noon.

Sayam Sampin's Maul of America Zombie Game at 4 pm

Chicago BattleTech is playing.... BattleTech. They may be doing demos also, but rumor has it they will be on Sunday too.

Warmachine guys should be in playing so there is a possibility you can get a demo of Hordes or warmachine too.

Sunday :
Heroclix Demos from Tristan Howe

Steve Jackson Game demo
(Munchkin, Zombie Dice, etc) from Steve Dunteman

One Shot adventures from JR Green

Infinity demo maybe even too.

And there could well be other things happening too. Just don't have a cut & dried schedule. The game library will be open so you can always sit down with a game and plat as well.

Stay tuned.

If you have any questions just Contact Us and we will help as best we can.

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