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Hi all,

Jeff and the gang here. We’re looking for some help.

We have this amazing single-frame cartoon being created for us by Travis Hanson that includes a conversation between some of the characters. The ‘toon looks great and we are planning on putting it on a new shirt for the store.

We started to think about what funny conversation the characters might be having in the cartoon, and then…  Ding! Wait, hold the phone! Let’s make it a bit of a contest. Let’s bring in our wonderful customers and friends (and even the whole of the interwebs!) to help us out. They’ll do anything…you know, like Mikey. (If you get the reference, you get some brownie points.)

So, here’s the idea. Check out our cartoon. We’d like you to come up with the funny/witty conversation taking place within it.  If you are interested (and we hope you are), here’s what to do:

  1. Enter our little contest by submitting a “conversation” by email:
    1. Submit your entries to mailorder@games-plus.com.
    1. Use the following subject line: “GP/Hanson Cartoon”
  2. You are welcome to submit up to two ideas.
  3. You need not be a current customer/friend of the store…or have even ever have heard of, or been to, Games Plus. We like meeting new friends, so, Hello!
  4. Do not share/post your submissions other than to send it to our email, thank you.
  5. We hate that we have to say this, but please make sure your submissions are yours, that your entry is not copied from others.
  6. Remember, conversations should be succinct, as they must fit within the cartoon’s word balloons/bubbles.
  7. Entries should be “family friendly”, please.
  8. Small Print Stuff… By sending in a “conversation”, you are giving Games Plus the right to use, print, or communicate the submission for as long as we need or want, without compensation or attribution.
  9. We will take submissions until May 31st.

Once we have all the submissions in, we will choose the Top Three and present them to all of you to vote on. The winner will be on the shirt. As a thank you, each of the Top Three will get a shirt.

One Quick Note: As some folk entering the contest may not have actually been to our store before: the image on the parchment being shown by the “demon” is the Games Plus store logo.

Thanks for taking part of our little contest and as they used to say, “see you in the funny papers”. (More possible brownie points.)


By the way, if you are unfamiliar with Travis Hanson, Travis is an Eisner nominated fantasy illustrator with a huge imagination. He’s the adventuring genius behind the “Life of the Party: Realities of an RPG’er” D&D/fantasy gaming-based web-comic. Travis’ works include comics, children’s art, fantasy and fun illustrations that encourages people to be creative.

Here are some links where you can find more about Travis and his art.


You can follow Travis @travisjhanson on Instagram. On Twitter, he’s @travsthebean