New items in stock – May 23rd

So it’s been a little bit since we’ve seen some new items come in – but we have a few that made it through Kickstarters, production and shipping to make it in store.

Hexagram #4 for the Fantasy Trip, Wizard & Melee (from Steve Jackson Games)
Includes new TFT monsters, extra rules, NPCs, an adventure, material use in The Fantasy Trip and more. 39 pages of fun, action and adventure.

Decks of Destiny (for the Fantasy Trip – Wizard & Melee) by Steve Jackson Games
with Players Pack of Combat option cards, character journal, dry erase markers, Adversaries card deck with 24 orc fighters, 9 octopus fighters, 25 skill cards, 24 double sized wizard cards and 70 double sized creature cards. Also 62 hex shaped cards to help create labyrinths, 13 mega-hex sheets, 12 character sheet bookmarks, 6 more character dry erase cards, and 12 extra character, treasure and rumor cards from the backers of the Four Perilous Journeys Kickstarter.

Fantasy City Sites and Scenes by Phillip Reed
This system universal book gives you inspiration with 16 different detailed locations, a bunch of different city scenes and ideas. 48 full color glossy heavy stock pages full of illustrations, NPCs, locations and more.

New Items in store for May 15th

Compass Games – Amerika Bomber : Evil Queen of the Skies
Take the controls of a hypothetical German Bomber cruising the skies over the US in an attempt to bomb America into submission. Under take missions, track crew experience, gain awards and try to bring the USofA to it’s knees. Solitaire game with lots of replayability.

Osprey Publishing Books:
New Vanguard #281 – Tanks in the Battle of the Bulge
Air Campaign #16 – Legion Condor 1936-39 (Luftwaffe in the Spanish Civil War)
Combat #47 – French Soldier vs German Soldier : Verdun 1916
Men at Arms # 530 – Japanese Armies 1868-1877 – Boshin War & Satsuma Rebellion.
Weapon #73 – Browning High-Power Pistol
Raid #52 – Operation Eagle Claw 1980 (Failed Iranian Hostage Rescue Attempt)
Campaign #348 – The Naval Siege of Japan 1945 : War Plan Orange Triumphant

Kenzer & Company – Knights of the Dinner Table
Looking for gamer-centric comics, reviews, Hackmaster info, Kingdoms of Kalamar resources, generic game ideas and more.

Paul Davies – Battlefields in Miniature
How to make your own effective and realistic terrain for wargames. 250+ pages with buildings, vegetation, roads, trenches and more.

Reaper Miniatures – Rocky! and other skeletal minis
5 different adorable dragon whelps in different poses. Flying, annoyed, sneaking, scheming and treasure hoarding.

Reaper Miniatures – Skeletal Fun Miniatures
Skeletal Owlbear, Skeletal Manticore, Skeletal Chimera and the Bone Garden (Bone pile and some skulls)

New Releases for May 13th:

Medieval Warfare 10/1 –
Stirling bridge, Trail by Combat, Battle of Cortenova, the Emperor Basil II, the second battle of Olmedo, Maces as a weapon, Fifth-Century Britnos, 12th Century naval warfare and more.

Legion Wargames – Maori Wars : The New Zealand Land Wars
1 or 2 players fight 10 different battles in this unique conflict. Games last under two hours and bush-raiding rules as well as low counter density makes these conflicts different than the normal sort of wargame. 10 miles/hex, 2 month turns.

GMT Games – The Hunted – Twilight of the U-Boats 1943-45
a solitaire game which can be played with multiple player and tournament rules. Play German U-Boat commander on patrol. Plays in 2-3 hours. 12 different patrol areas with special missions.

GMT Games – Silent Victory US Submarines in the Pacific 1941-1945
Solitaire game of US Submarine patrols in the Pacific. Includes patrol maps, sub displays, different captains, dice, rules and lots of scenario options.

EXIT : The Stormy Flight and EXIT : Theft on the Mississippi
both these are one shot escape room games pitting you and your friends against the game itself. Designed for 1 to 4 players ages 12 and up. plays in a couple of hours.

City of Games – Isle of Cats – Late Arrivals
an expansion for Isle of Cats that adds new content and support for 2 more players. Up to 6 can then play with more boats, more cats and lesson modules.

Sand Castle Games – Res Arcana
2-4 players compete in this card based game to creatye great magic, summon allies and control the world of Res Arcana. plays in around an hour. Ages 14 and up.

Iello – King of Tokyo Dark Edition
This Limited Edition game has specially upgraded components, new artwork, new powers and new victory conditions. For 2-6 players, ages 8 and up. plays in around 45 minutes.

Studio Tomahawk – Muskets and Tomahawks
The second edition rules are here.