August 7th new releases

Fantasy Flight Games
Marvel Champions – HULK Hero Pack is here!

Bully Pulpit Games – Fiasco Boxed Set
An award winning story telling game inspired by capers gone wrong. Ordinary people caught in odd situations when things like luck and poor impulse control is all you can count on. Includes a folding board, rules, 3 playsets of cards, player reference cards and hours of dark humor fun.

Nolzur’s Manticore Paint Night Kit
A new Paint night Set with a Manticore miniature, 12 Vallejo paint colors, 2 brushes, a water pot, a blister that works as a palette _and_ online guidance. If you want to learn to paint but aren’t comfortable hanging out for hours in public during this pandemic time – here is the set you need

Stratelibri – Midnight Brunch
3-7 players (ages 8 and up) compete in a betting game where you compile meals for monstrous diners to consume during the Midnight Brunch. Game takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Includes rules, full color cards and hours of fun.

Luda Nova – Babylonia
2 to 4 players work to install their people into positions of influence, plant and harvest fertile area and use the relationships of rulers to their advantage. Can you balance these goals to help your clan prosper? For ages 14 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Mantic Games – New Terrain Crates
Crystal Peaks Camp : a camp and playground set with tents, see saw, blankets, barbeque grills and other things you’d fid in a rec area in the modern day. 21 pieces in all.

Hospital Ward : beds, desks, tables, cabinets, chairs, etc. 22 items you’d find in a 19th/20th century hospital ward.

Quicki-Mart : 22 items you’d find in various small stores. Shelves, bench seating, water cooler, buckets, displays, counters and more.

Citiscape : 48 different items comprising convenience store items, arcade games, warehouse items office items and more. Counters, shelves, displays, forklift, arcade games, desks, chairs, etc.

World War III : Team Yankee American Starter Force
This new 15mm plastic starter set combines M1A1, M2, AH-64, HUMMVs and M901 into an Armored Cavalry Troop. Not only does it come with 5 M1A1s, 4 M2s, 3 M901 155mm howitzers, 4 HMMWV Scouts and 2 AH-64 Apache helicopters. Flight stands, rare Earth Magnets, decals, unit cards, a  complete rulebook and a ‘Start Here’ book for American Forces.

Wizards of the Coast – Double Masters 
New card packs in boosters and special VIP boosters available… while supplies last.

Miniature Wargames #448
Fight for the New World, 10mm Ancients mass battle games, Battle of Grand Port for Black Seas, English & Spanish in Pike & Shotte battles near Cornwall Oathmark express builds and more.

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy # 109
Fighting in the Garveyards of Empires – Brits at Maiwand, Defending Pavlov’s House in Stalingrad,  Third Afghan War, modular terrain boards, Hellenistic Campaigns in the ‘Land of Bones’ and much more.

Red Raven Games – Deep Vents
2-4 players attempt to combine tiles to build a small ecosystem deep beneath the waves. Attack your opponents, defeat their attacks, build up a growth machine and rule the vents. Includes shell tokens and plastic pieces. For ages 13 and up. Plays in under an hour.

Catalyst Game Labs – Mechwarrior : Destiny
Based on the Cue system this narrative focused roleplaying game puts you into the action quickly. Get ready to play, strap on your gear, climb into the cockpit of your chosen mount and go at it. Honor, Glory and C-Bills await. Not only is this a stand alone RPG, but there are rules for incorporating play of Total Warfare and Alpha Strike as well.

Corvus Belli – Infinity RPG Gamemaster Guide
12 chapters of GM advice on running a game, in depth looks at NPCs, statistics for 8 major players from across the universe, advance vehicle rules as well as Warfare, Infowar and Psywar conflicts and deeper dives into Maya and Arachne.

UltraPro – Plush d20 – a Dungeon & Dragons plush d20 in red and black.
A 12” plush d20 in black cloth with red satin embroidered numerals

August 5th – new stuff inbound!

Chessex Lab Dice Wave #4
Gemini Black/White with Pink Ink
Gemini Clear/Pink with White Ink
Heavy Turquoise with orange Ink
Heavy Orange with Turquoise Ink
Nebula Copper Matrix/Orange Ink
Nebula Supernova (pink)/White Ink

Kosmos Games – The Crew : The Quest for Planet Nine
3 to 5 players work together in this cooperative trick taking card game. Attempt to prove the existence of the mysterious ninth planet. Complete 50 different missions as you travel the solar system. Designed for ages 10 and up. Plays in under 30 minutes.

Osprey New Vanguard 283 – American Guided Missiles of World War II
From the US Navy’s Bat anti-ship missile to the Army’s VB-1 Azon and beyond. Glide bombs, radio-controlled bombs, electro-optically guided bombs and more. This book provides insight to the beginnings of the missile age of warfare.

Fat Goblin Games – 5e Chronicles
Each chronicle focuses on a specific character class providing reference material and pages to record character achievements and abilities. Early life experience, statistics, combat rules, class specific abilities and spell casting is all covered as well as custom record keeping sheets.
Chronicles are available for Fighters, Wizards, Rogue and Clerics.

Chaosium Inc – Runequest : The Smoking Ruin
This tome provides a gazetteer of the South Wilds of Glorantha, a full length adventure (the Smoking Ruin) setting you on a quest for a lost artifact, a full length scenario (Urvantan’s Tower) set in the Lost Valley facing monstrous foes and a adventure set in serial form (The Grove of the Green Rock) challenging the party to aid in the restoration of magics. 

Clarkson/Potter – Dungeons & Dragons Book of Holding
A hardbound, magnetic closure graph paper notebook for your RPG needs

Ravensburger Games – Marvel Villainous
Dominate the Marvel Universe as an iconic Villain. Players attempt to follow a dark path to a personal victory. Designed for 2 to 4 players ages 12 and up. Plays in about 20-20 minutes per player.

Compass Games – Stellar Horizons
Epic game of Exploration and Humanity’s Expansion into the solar system
Each player controls a faction attempting to explore and colonize the solar system as well as develop new technologies. In a mix of cooperative and competitive play the factions work to be the dominant force. Designed for players aged 14 and up. Playable by 1 to 7 players in 2 to 4 hours on average.

Decision Games – Whirlwind Kursk to Berlin : S&T Quarterly #10
100+ page book delving into the history of the war between Germany and Russia from Stalingrad and the start of German power fading to Russia’s siege of Berlin and the end of the war in the East.

Painting War : Bringing Your Models to Life
We have three different issues currently – Holy War (Crusades, Reconquestia and in the Middle East), WW2 Japan and USA Armies and American Civil War. Each issue is full color with examples on painting specific troops, creating bases, flags, insignia and more. Each done by different highly accomplished painters with basic tips, color palettes, specific painting tips and techniques and loads of useful information.

(Virtual) GenCon Friday new releases

Upper Deck – Legendary : 007 expansion
Semi-compatible with other Legendary card games this expansion adds 300 new cards and rules to create more exciting games, interesting interactions and fun timers.

Van Rider Games – Sherlock Holmes Baker Street Irregulars
A new graphic novel adventure set in London of 1895. Play one of the four Baker Street Irregulars while attempting to solve mystery, solve puzzles and unravel the case. Plays in about 90 m minutes. For 1 to 4 players ages 8 and up.

Renegade Game Studios – Kids on Brooms
A collaborative role-playing game where you play a witch or wizard at a magical school. Create your magical school, face down fantastic beasts, wield spells, create potions and casts spells while exploring the secrets of the school.

Chaosium Inc/Darker Hue Studios – Harlem Unbound 2nd edition : A Call of Cthulhu sourcebook
Includes seven scenarios, unique occupations tailored to Harlem, new Mythos creatures, ready to play investigators, a random plot generator and a crash course on addressing race in gaming. New York during the 20s is the place to be. And this is your chance to be there. Beware what lurks below the streets while tension rides high in the city.

Chaosium Inc – Cthulhu Dark Ages Setting Guide
A historical setting for horror and mystery. The Roman Empire has fallen and while everything is unsettled across the lands things lurk below. Things that wish to prey on the unwary. As secret cults hide in the darkness, the dead become unquiet and ancient nightmares begin to walk the land. Can you confront these terrors and keep them at bay? Includes three ready to play scenarios, background, new sanity rules, mounted combat and bunches more.

Story Cubes – Star Wars
9 pictorical cubes designed to help players of all ages design their own story. Roll the dice and use the elements in a story of your own making. Includes cubes, rules and a case.

Gold Games Publishing – Fluttering Souls
A 2 player card game based on the Japanese legend of the White Butterfly. Plays in about 20 minutes. Ages 14 and up.

Good Games Publishing – Fairy Season
3 to 5 players send out their Goblin flunkies to trap Fairies. Catch the most to win. Ages 10 and up, plays in about 20 minutes.

Fantasy Flight Games – Fallout Shelter Board Game
This 2-4 player game puts players into the role of Vault Managers working to protect their Vaults, keep their Dwellers happy and the community thriving. For ages 14 and up. Plays in an hour to hour and a half.

Osprey Games – Undaunted : North Africa
This campaign driven deck building game builds off Undaunted : Normandy introducing vehicles, new actions, objectives and eleven scenarios. Use your card to take the initiative, add to your forces and to  control your troops. As casualties mount you lose cards, limiting your options and putting victory further from your grasp.

Lucky Duck Games – Tang Garden
1 to 4 players  attempt to create a magnificent Imperial Garden. Balance the aspects of the design and create something the Emperor will admire. Plays in under an hour. Ages 14 and up. Includes color tiles, tokens, coins, cards, color character cards and much more.

Space Cowboys Games – Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective : Baker Street Irregulars
10 new cases for Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. This expansion introduces new narrative mechanics to help keep track of the players progress while developing the story arc.

Modiphius Entertainment – new Fallout Wasteland Warfare miniatures
Survivors : Unusual Allies
Survivor : Vault Personnel
Super Mutants : Overlord and Fist
Super Mutant : Skirmishers
Unaligned : T-51 Power Armor

Cubicle Seven – Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Enemy in the Shadows Campaign Book and Enemy in the Shadows Companion Book
These two books comprise the pair in the Collectors edition, available individually.

Cubicle Seven – Enemy Within Collector’s Edition
This slipcase version of the classic Warhammer fantasy Roleplay game adventure set has the Enemy in the Shadows adventure as well as the Companion. The adventure itself is a 5 part story, revised and rewritten to make full use of new rules and updates. The Companion gives new rules, lots of new NPCs, adventure hooks, GM advice and extra material to help make your game run smoothly.

Battlesystems Tabletop Games & Terrain
The makers of Core Space have a range of hard card terrain for use in your games. They range from village wells, sci-fi walls and buildings to entire villages. They sell a range of ‘Core’ sets with a 2×2 neoprene mat, building and accessory structures which cover fantasy, sci-fi, near future and apocalyptic settings. Other sets have single buildings, shuttlecraft and other scatter terrain. Everything is made of hard card, color printed on both sides. Plastic clips help keep the structures together and allow roofs and levels to be removed for play inside the buildings. 

Throwback Thursday!
(well kinda)

So really it’s about the game style. The old hex & counter games.

Europe Divided is based on current NATO/European Union vs Russia geopolitical game. Alright, it’s really not using hexes, but it’s a current conflict based game.

Men of Iron Battles includes the GMT titles Men of Iron, Infidel and Blood & Roses and Agincourt (originally published in C3I #22) – all reprinted in a single boxed set.

Decision at Kasserine brings back the 1983 game, revised, updated and ready for play with upgraded components.

Battle of the Bulge revises a popular game theme with area movement, activation based action and interesting gameplay.

Wing Leader Origins 1936-1942 adds 29 new aircraft, 26 new scenarios and a campaign system to Wing Leader from GMT.

Napoleon’s Eagles is a bit different than the rest.
It’s a fully card based game, but with a fully historical theme. Refight Borodino, Leipzig, Shevardino or Lieberwolkwiz from your armchair.

It’s a Hot Weekend. Great time for Hot New stuff in store!

It’s going to be quite the hot time tonight. More so tomorrow and Sunday. So if you need a break, want to enjoy browsing and the cool air – come on in. Buy some minis, games or magazines even. We won’t stop you…

Miniature Wargames magazine #447
Back of Beyond (adapting Death in the Dark Continent), Napoleonic Skirmish, Beyond Thunderbox car racing & combat, ACP164 solo rules and more.

Strategy & Tactics # 323 –
Rangers at Pointe Du Hoc game, Battle of Stony Point 1776, Tczew 1627, Viking radios and much more.

Wargames Illustrated # 390 and 391
Both issues came in together so…
A free How To modelling guide, French & indian War figures, Victory at Sea designer’s Notes, modelling WW2 Germans, Assassins and Spies and lots more.

Matagot Games – Aztec
A 3-6 player game where you strive to get hidden treasures out of an Aztec temple while stopping others from out doing you and the Curse from doing you in. For ages 10 and up. Takes about 30 minutes.

Days of Wonder – Deep Blue
Can you manage to get the best captains and divers to help you obtain treasures from under the sea in this push your luck game. Collect the right crew, race to the best spots and make sure to be prepared to join in to get the most you can. Ages 8 and up. Plays in about half an hour. For 2 to 5 players.

Kolossal Games – Western Legends : Ante Up
Adding to Western Legends you now can play a mini-game of Farro, get new characters, items, poker cards and other additions to expand or replace content in the main game.

Steve Jackson Games – Scarf & Barf
This card game puts you at the carnival, trying to get enough food, riding rides and and trying not to barf. This push your luck card game is designed for ages 8 and up. Plays with 2 to 6 players ages 8 and up.

Compass Games – Battle of the Bulge (WWII Commander : Volume One)
This low complexity game based on the German offensive in December of 1944. An easy to learn system with strategy for unit activation, supply challenges and planning.

Compass Games – Napoleon’s Eagles : Storm in the East Borodino and Leipzig
A card based Napoleonic game which replay the clash before the gates of Moscow and the Battle of nations which marked the beginning of the end of Napoleon’s Empire. Also, smaller battles of Lieberwolkwitz and Shevardino are included. Cavalry charges, artillery barrages, army morale and commanders are all covered. Make sure to keep reserves, carefully commit your forces and move forward to victory.

Fantasy Flight Games – LOTR Journeys in Middle Earth : Shadowed Path
New heroes, enemies, terrain, and items for your Middle Earth adventures. This expansion unlocks an all new campaign with thirteen scenarios set in Mirkwood. Includes new rules, miniatures, skill cards, tokens and hours of excitement.

Wizkids – Warlock Dungeon Tiles
New dungeon tiles, prepainted plastic with all sorts of options. The floors are double sided, stone on one side, wood on the other. Walls are either thick stone to use as edges or thin which fit in between tiles and allow all the spaces to be used.

Expansion Sets include dungeon dressings, stairs, doors, and LED lit summoning circle and scads more. Also included are clips to match your tiles up with OPENlock or DragonLOCK tiles. Add the third dimension to your RPGs with these new products

Battlefront Miniatures – World War III Team Yankee : Americans
New items are here!
M1Boxed set with M1, M1A1, IPM1 and M1A1HC variants
LAV-AD air defence platoon
RDF/LT Assault Gun Platoon
American unit Card Pack
American  Forces Boo

Third Eye Games – HP Lovecraft Preparatory Academy
A new RPG where players are students in a school of monsters and mad scientists. A full game with all the mechanics you need, background, GM help and more. 350+ pages of horror, examination, surprises and tentacles

Rio Grande games – Dominion Menagerie
This new expansion for Dominion adds 13 new Kingdom cards with Horses to save a draw for later, Exile mats to send cards to (or take them from) cards that give Actions alternate abilities, events and more

GMT Games – Imperial Struggle
A 2 player game pitting England and France against each other in the late 1600s. The game varies between war and peace, diplomacy and military action. Can you dominate the global and become the world leader in this card driven board game? Based on the Twilight Struggle rules framework this game has a unique blend options

Fantasy Flight games – new Legion miniature sets
Cad Bane Operative expansion and Padme Amidala Operative expansions are here.

Mongoose Publishing – new Traveller items
Journal of the Traveller’s Aid Society Vol 2
Exotic atmospheres, a guide to air support, Battle Fleets of the Marches, a new (truly) alien race, a new patrol vessel and a full adventure are among the articles you will find in this 128 page tome.

Traveller : Behind the Claw
Two sectors of Imperial Space – the Deneb Sector and the Spinward Marches. The Deneb sector borders the Vargr and the Great rift – a place where political competition and strife remain active. The Spinward Marches border the Zhodani and Aslan and sees a constant flow of adventurers, explorers and political operatives. Opportunity awaits on the frontier. This hardback book includes a double sided poster map of both sectors as well as all the information contained in the writing itself.

Catalyst Game Labs – Shadow Run Firing Squad
New weapons, abilities, qualities and techniques add to the Shadowrunners ability to put the hurt on their opponents. A new Core Combat book for Shadowrun Sixth World. 150+ hardbound, full color pages.

Restoration Games – Unmatched : Cobble & Fog
Dracula, Jekyll & Hyde, the Invisible Man, Sherlock Holmes. They bring new challenges and abilities to then game along with a double sided map with Soho and Baskerville Manor.

Munchkin Dungeon and Munchkin Dungeon Side Quests
A new Push Your Luck boardgame based on Muchkin. 2-5 players try to beat uop monsters, grab loot and level up to beat the Boss before the others manage to do so. For ages 14 and up. Plays in about an hour to 2 depending on players. Board, rules, miniatures, dice cards and hours of fun.

Side Quests adds new Heroes, roaming monsters, new quests and more options to the core Munchkin Dungeon game.

New items for July 10th

R Talsorian – Protect & Serve (Cyberpunk 2020 law enforcement supplement)

R Talsorian – Rockerboy (Night City Feral clubs, entertainment, super rich and the media megacorps – all in one supplement)

Green Ronin Games – Fantasy Age : Lairs
The Ghoul Prince, Clockwork Dragon, the Dark Druid, the Sea Queen and more. All the information to bring these menaces to life. An adventure framework is included, adventure seeds, ideas for further encounters.

Monte Cook Games – Beneath the Monolith (5e compatible adventure)
A Ninth World adventure set up for the fifth edition rules.

Horrible Games – Alone
2-4 players (ages 14 and up) take sides in this dungeon crawler boardgame. Play as Heroes on an unknown map trying to complete missions. Meanwhile the Evil players plot and try to keep the Heroes from succeeding. Takes 1 to 2 hours to play. Includes rules, plastic miniature pieces, card, boards and more. A new take on the boardgame experience.

Wizkids Games – The Great Cake Escape
A smuggling game for 2 to 4 players. Push your 3d pieces into the cake, try to avoid detection and hide the most tools to win. Includes a 3d cake, 44 tool p[ieces, rules and hours of fun.

Modiphius – Fall of London : A Vampire the Masquerade RPG Chronicle
Mithras, god among vampires returns, the five Heralds of the Sun return and seek artifacts. The Second Inquisition rises and seeks to destroy them all. What will occur? What legacy will you leave?

Fantasy Flight Games – Keyforge : Mass Mutation
2 player starter set with 2 decks, tokens, rules, and playmat

Deluxe Archon Deck with everything 1 player needs to play, including giant sized creature cards that have so much power it can’t be contained on a  single card.

Standard Archon deck with 1 unique deck of standard sized cards.

Wizkids/Piazo – Pathfinder Battle Miniatures
City of Lost Omens – prepainted Adult Red and Adult Black Dragons boix set

Thieve Guild Scenery Set – chairs, tables, altar, braziers, chests ands more. All the sorts of thing a hideout needs to be stocked with.

Goodman Games – Original Adventures Reincarnated : B4 – The Lost City
Over 300 pages of fifth edition adventure and classic homage to the original module series. Includes high quality scans of the original module, fifth edition conversion, new material and much more. Can take your party from 1st to 7th level and beyond when played as it’s own dungeon crawling campaign.

Plaid Hat Games – Battlelands
This 3-5 player card game pits players against each other in a turf war for domination of the Aftermath world. Recruit fighters, seize key locations and use your faction’s abilities to become the lands where humans are extinct and the animals are fighting for food, territory and precious technology. Ages 14 and up. Plays in around an hour.

R Talsorian Games – The Witcher’s Journal
Includes over 30 new monsters, exceptional Monsters, an in depth investigation system new lore for the pen & paper RPG. Plot hooks, background and more.

Unstable Games – Exiled Legends
Build a team of banished warriors and beasts to battle in the Banesphere. Build alliances, gather your team and attempt to become Legends. For 2-5 playes aged 14 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Unstable Games Exiled Legends – Earth & Air
The Banesphere sees new legends joining the fray. The Sylph Queen and the Chained Titan now work to dominate the Banesphere.

Decision Games – Modern War #48 (Jul-Aug 2020) – Battle of Hue
Battle of Hue bardgame (new area movement game), MiG Alley : US Air Force in Korea, Iran-Iraq war, Chinese invasion of Taiwan, articles, reviews and more.

Winsome Games – Ride the Rails
Invest in railroad companies, build track across the US, deliver passengers to cities and try to prosper. 3-5 players, ages 2 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Winsome GamesRide the Rails France & Germany
Double sided board featuring two different maps to expand your game.

Catalyst Game Labs – new Battletech & Mechwarrior releases
Technical Readout Jihad – over 90 new Mechs

Battle Tech : Advanced Units & Equipment (advanced planetary conquest rules)
Rules for playing & constructing advanced support vehicles and mobile structures

Battletech Tactical Operations : Advanced Rules
A one source reference for advanced rules, that apply to on-world operations. Includes new movement and combat options.

Happy 4th! New stuff is here!

We will be open on the 4th from 10am to 6pm – so come on by.
We’ve brought in new minis, RPG books, boardgames and accessories – just for you to have something to look forward to ion this holiday weekend!

Corvus Belli – new Infinity items
Non-aligned Armies – Grief Operators with Breaker Pistols
Combined Army – Bit & Kiss Hacker & smg
O-12 – Delta Unit Doctor & Yudbot-B
Nomads – Securitate with Feuerbach

Infinity Code One Rulebook
A new faster, condensed version of Infinity, made more accessible with game scaling, game duration, table size and a more interactive game. A great way to be introduced into the game or an alternate play style for quick & easy play.

Combined Army Action Pack
All the miniatures you need to field a 300 point army in 10 models for the fearsome multi-racial army of the Combined Army for Code One.

Unstable Unicorns are here!
Unstable Unicorns Core Game– Build a unicorn army. Betray your friends. Crush them and become the winner. With new cards, update rules, the game is designed for 2-8 players ages 14 and up. Plays in around an hour depending on the number of players.

Unstable Unicorns NSFW – Designed for ages 21 and up. Seriously.
Horrify your friends. Abandon them for Unicorns. They don’t judge.

Unstable Unicorns Dragon Expansion ( 54 new cards), Unicorns of Legend Expansion (54 more cards) and Rainbow Apocalypse (yes, 54 more new cards). Each expansion adds all sorts of new fun to the game. Spells, unicorns, sabotage and more!

Fantasy Flight Games – new LCG expansion packs
Legend of the Five Rings Dynasty Packs – In Pursuit of Truth

(cards 49-70 of the Dominion Cycle)
Marvel Champions – Doctor Strange Hero Pack (40 card hero deck, 24 new hero cards for any deck and a nemesis set with Baron Mordo)
Arkham Horror Scenario Pack – The Blob that Ate Everything (a unique scenario that can be played as a stand alone scenario or as a side story in a current campaign.

Wizkids Games – Headlock, Paper, Scissors
3 to 6 players take on the persona of the Superstars in an attempt to claim the money in the bank briefcase. Build momentum, use different wrestling techniques and crush your foes to capture fame & glory to ascend to the top. This card game takes about 30 minutes to play and is designed for ages 12 and up.

Pathfinder Battles – Gargantuan Skeletal Dragon
Pre-primed, ready to paint plastic skeletal dragon ready for your tabletop or painting station.

Loke Battle Mats Books –
New Open & Roll Cyberpunk Battle mat books. The small book is 60 full color maps, each 12 x8” ruled into 1” squares. The larger book is 16 x 12” with 62 pages, each also in full color, ruled in 1” squares and ready to go. The pages are specially laminated and can be drawn on with wet and dry erase markers and wiped clean. Can be used with Modern, Post Apocalyptic and near future themes. Each map can be used alone by folding the book open and under, or with a complimentary map opposite by simply opening the book with side by side pages.

Reaper Miniatures – new Pathfinder Bones miniatures
Enora Iconic Arcanist, Estra Iconic Spiritualist,  Erasmus Iconic Medium, Zadim Iconic Slayer, Rivani Iconic Psychic, Hakon Iconic Skald, Adowyn Iconic Hunter, Mavaro Iconic Occultist, Shardra Iconic Shaman and Meligaster Iconic Mesmerist.

Forbidden Lands is back in stock.
The core rulebook, boxed set, GM screen, dice are back.

Forbidden Lands adventures
The Spire of Quetzel
(including The Bright Vault, Hexenwald and Graveyard of Thunder adventures as well) is back in stock.

Raven’s Purge
a campaign module for Forbidden Lands. Includes a detailed history of the Stanengist Elven Crown, Elven Rubies, nine major players who seek Stanengist, eight complete adventure sites, an epic campaign finale and loads of excitement and adventure.

Forbidden Lands : Bitter Reach Campaign
A new Epic Campaign with two new magic disciplines, a new Champion Profession, expanded travel rules, rules for cold, snow, fuel, and over 40 new random encounters. Eight new Monsters, the Wake of the Water King Campaign, 10 complete adventure sites, 8 players who are competing for the treasure under the Bitter Reach and an epic campaign finale.

Forbidden Lands Bitter Reach Map & Cards pack
A color, double sided map of the Bitter Reach, sticker sheets for adventure sites and gravestones along with fourteen cards for unique mounts and magical items.

it was a dark and stormy night… full of new releases

Fantasy Flight Games – Song of Ice & Fire Deluxe Activation Banners
Baratheoin & Targaryen sets are in stock.

Modiphius Entertainment – John Carter Warlord of Mars supplements
Each of these new Era books contain narrator advice, new player options, NPCs, optional rules and more.
Barsoom in the Jeddak of Jeddak Era
Adventures on Barsoom in the Prince of Helium Era
Adventures on Barsoom in the Dotar Sojat Era

Evil Hat Productions – FATE Space Toolkit
Guidelines for creating space based characters, campaigns and background. Multiple space faring options, guidance on creating aliens, interesting background ideas and five ready to go campaign-starters showcasing all the options in play.

Days of Wonder – Ticket to Ride : London
Set in London of the 70s, this 2-4 player game is designed for ages 8 and up. Plays in only about 15 minutes. Create the transportation grid around London in this easy to learn, fun to play game.

Free League Games – Tales from the Loop Starter RPG set
An illustrated rulebook, a complete mystery, 5 pregenerated characters, a large full color map of the Loop and 10 custom dice.

Starling Games – new Everdell Expansions
-beyond the Everdell Valley is the wilds which you can explore and vchart. Will you be able to brave weather, critters and unknown hazards and survive? For 1 to 4 players.

Bellfaire – adds rules & components for 5-6 players, new basic events, a market, garland awards and much, much more. Allows the game to be played with 1-6 players adding new levels of strategy and fun.

Corvus Belli – Beyond : Operation Kaldstrom
This expansion adds 6 new models to the Operation Kaldstrom set. Panoceania Varg, Boyg Soldier and Locust, Yu-Jing Shang, Ye Mao and Jing Qo.

Alderac Entertainment – Cat Lady : Box of Treats
This expansion to Cat Lady adds new items, new boxes, and Cat Treats! More cats to feed are included as well as stray cats and gray cats. Allows up to 6 players and new strategies.

Portal Games – Dig Deeper
Boston has seen civil unrest, protests and racial tensions. Can you solve this 1-5 player mystery based in the 70s?

Compass Games – Decision at Kasserine : Designer Signature Series
A return of the game originally published in 1983. Upgraded map, new ⅝” counters, revised rules and more. Includes 2 map sheets (22×34 each), 450+ counters, player aid cards, rulebook with updated historical notes.

Modiphius Entertainment – new Fallout Wasteland Warfare miniatures
Deathclaw box set, Military Barricades set and Sentry Bot

Tasty Minstrel Games – Formosa Tea
Players take on the tasks of a tea farmer – harvest the best tea, upgrade your facility, develop markets and try to be the best there is. For 2 to 4 players, ages 12 and up. Plays in around an hour. Enjoy this work placement and resource management challenge.

Fantasy Flight Games – Cosmic Encounters Duel
This new card based, 2 player version of Cosmic Encounters pits you against your best frenemy in a fight for control of peculiar planets with exotic events and crazy contests. For ages 14 and up, playing in around half an hour.

Compass Games – Brief Border Wars
Four operational level games which were short conflicts in the 20tyh and 21st century. 1969 ‘Football War’ between El Salvador & Honduras, 1974 ‘Operation Attila’ between Greek and Turks on Cyprus, 1979 the Third Indochina War between China & Vietnam and 2006 Second Lebanon War between Israel and Hezbollah fighters.

Compass Games – Dawn of Empire : Spanish American Atlantic Naval War 1898
Using the structure from the classic ‘War at Sea’ to explore the conflict. 22×34 map, 200+ counters and rules, play aids, and dice.

Atomic Mass Games – Marvel Crisis Protocol miniatures
Hawkeye and Black Widow
With only a bow, quiver, self-confidence and exceptional fighting ability Hawkeye has led a storied career as a hero. Black Widow is an exceptional agent of SHIELDwhose abilities have been honed after intense training. The box contains  miniatures, cards, dice and tokens.

Drax & Ronan the Accusser
Drax, created to destroy Thanos has fought to save the universe time and time again. Ronan wields the Universal Weapon and the righteousness of Kree law. Includes miniatures, tokens and game cards.

Z-Man Games – Pandemic Hot Zone North America
This Cooperative game pits players against the game in a race to cure a disease that is sweeping across North America. 2 to 4 players attempt to prevent outbreaks, cure the disease and win or lose together. Designed for ages 8 and up. Plays in about half an hour.

GF9 Games – Dune expansion Tleilaxu and Ixian
Two new Houses to add to your game. The Tleilaxu are a group of genetically engineered xenophobes intent on ruling over everyone. The Ixian are masters or technology and manufacturing. They are mortal enemies with the Tleilaxu after falling under their dominion, prior to being aided and liberated by the Atreides and Ixian forces. Includes new rules, player shields, cards, tokens and more options to your game play.

Djeco – Magic School
A short card game of magical mayhem with matching and speed. Designed for ages 5 and up. PLays in around 10 minutes.

New Helvetiq Games – Papageno, Misty and Kawaii
Each is a short card based game designed for ages 6 and up. Each plays in about 15 minutes and uses easy to learn mechanics to engage and entertain.

Fantasy Flight Games – new X-Wing 2e Damage Decks
7 different damage decks. How different? Well, really the same, EXCEPT each has card backs that show your affiliation. Scum & Villainy, Resistance, Galactic Republic, Rebel Alliance, First Order, Seperatist Alliance or Galactic Empire.

Cool Mini or Not – Sheriff of Nottingham 2nd edition
The original Sheriff of Nottingham with rules for a 6th player, deputies and a Black market. For ages 14 and up. Plays with 3 to 6 players, resolving  in around  an hour.

Thunderwerks Games – Roll Player Fiends & Familiars
This expansion introduces a second wave of monsters crests the horizon and the king has ordered mythical creatures to join the fight to preserve his kingdom by acting as familiars to the Kings Guard. Construct the best fantasy character, deal with the Fiends with the help of your familiar. You need a copy of Roll Player to use this expansion.

New Pathfinder, Starfinder & more!

Stonemaier Games – Pie in the Sky (expansion for My Little Scythe)
Now Fox and Owl Seekers join the game. Call upon the legendary airship Kai to aid you in the harvest tournament, get new power ups, new quests and new trophies. Includes new miniatures, airship mats, tokens, cards, rules and more. 

Fantasy Flight Games – Song of Ice & Fire
Baratheon Heroes I
– seven new figures – Devan Seaworth, Ser Axell Florent, Ser Davos Seaworth, Selyse & Shireen Baratheon, Melisandre, Ser Andrew Estermont and Stannis Baratheon. Miniatures and cards.

Frog God Games – The World of the Lost Lands
A 500+ full color hardbound book detailing the campaign world of Necromancer Games and Frog God Games world. From the depths of Rappan Athuk to the Northlands, Bard’s Gate, the Blight, the Sundered Lands and the Borderland Provinces it’s all here. A description of the lands, the peoples, their religions, a huge gazetteer, locations and scads of information.

Frog God Games – Isle of the Angry Apes : a 5e D&D adventure
A 5th to 8th level adventure pitting the party against an evil that has twisted and corrupted the islands about it setting normally peaceable creatures to kill, raid and sacrifice those about it. Can you unravel the mystery before it’s too late?

Modiphius Games –  Combined Army Geometric Tile Set
16 full sized tiles, 16 half sized tiles – all in full color and gridded in 30mm squares, Double sided to give you plenty of options.

R Talsorian Games – Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit
A handy boxed set with all the essential rules you need to play, a book with world lore and adventures, six pregenerated (but still customizable) characters, set of dice, mps, standees and an art covered box to keep it all in. Want to get into the world of Cyberpunk 2020? This is the nice gateway in.

Board and Dice Games – Traintopia
2 to 4 players attempt to build a train paradise by building up their network drafting components and arranging them to provide the best services possible. Designed for ages 12 and up. Plays in around half an hour.

Q-Workshop – new Pathfinder dice sets for Extinction Curse
Two different seven die polyhedral sets – both in red and blue with yellow ink. Both sets are engraved with designs to help get you into the atmosphere or action, excitement and entertainment.

Pazio Publishing – New Starfinder items
Starfinder Space Station Flip Tile Starter Set –

42 full color map tiles, specially laminated to be usable with a variety of different markers. Includes rooms, corridors, control rooms, airlocks, labs, elevators and more. The set comes in a sturdy box to store and transport your tiles in as well store expansion releases too.

Starfinder Threefold Conspiracy : The Cradle Infestation (adventure 5 of 6)
This 9th level adventure challenging the characters to rescue important officials from contagion before it’s too late. New alien creatures, new gear, a new starship and loads of adventure.

Starfinder Near Space Pawn Collection
Over 100 full color, thick card pawns covering small creatures like the Nako through important NPCs, Starships, and even Fire Giants. Double sided pawns to represent characters, allies, enemies and creatures.

New Pathfinder items in stock :
Flip Mat Classic : Cathedral
Full color 24 x 30 mat with two different cathedrals. One is dedicated to the powers of good, the other the powers of darkness. Each are gridded in 1” squared and laminated to allow use of a variety of different markers and still remain erasable.

Pathfinder The Apocalypse Prophet : Extinction Curse story arc ( 6 of 6)
In this climatic adventure the characters are challenged to defeat the dead god Aroden in his sanctuary before the curse wipes out all life in the islands. This adventure is designed for 18th level characters.

Pathfinder Spell Cards
Each set contains cards with full color artwork on the face and the spell specifics on the reverse. A handy way to reference spells and effects without having to thumb through your book. There are different sets for Occult spells, Focus cards, Primal spells and Divine spells. Each set comes in it’s own box festooned with full color art and space to add extra cards to the set later.

All sorts of new items for the weekend!

Galakta Games – Kings & Assassins
2 players use asymmetric tactics, strategy and deception where the King rules and the Assassins attempt to take him down. Plan & plot while working to crush your opponent. For ages 14 and up. Plays in around half an hour.

Pandasaurus Games – Godspeed
2-5 player worker placement game of extraterrestrial colonization game playable in around an hour and a half. The Space Race was a lie to justify a massive budget to try to colonize an exoplanet in Ursae Majoris. Can you make this  colony work where your opposition fail?

Alderac Entertainment – Santa Monica
Players attempt to build the perfect beach. A calm quiet beach? A bustling tourist area? Some sort of compromise? Draft cards, build up your area and score the highest. 2 to 4 players ages 14 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Grand Gamers Guild – Endangered
A cooperative game (for up to 5 people) where you work as conservationists trying to save a species from extinction. The game system is modular, each module telling a different story, offering new challenges and rewards. The base game includes Tiger and Sea Otter game modules.

Endangered : Giant Panda module.
A new scenario for Endangered. A new Giant Panda Impact deck and 15 wooden Pandas to add to the game.

Kolassal Games – Mezo
An area control game for 2 to 4 players set in a time of blood, ritual and war. Player have a god, a tribe of warriors, shamans and a Champion. Clash for dominance, build pyramids, sacrifice your enemy and gain immense power.

Backspindle Games – Convince
2-4 players compete in this puzzle game – easy to learn, hard to master. For ages 8 and 8, plays in around 15 minutes. Place your tiles, make patterns and strive to win.

Upper Deck Games- Legendary : New Mutants
This Legendary expansion adds 100 new playable cards, 5 new heroes, 2 new Mastermind & Villain Groups and a rulesheet. The New Mutants might be to young and inexperienced to be full fledged X-Men, but they still face foes that rival the X-Men and others in power.

Cool Mini or Not – Modern Art
2-5 players attempt to procure pieces to create the most valuable collection. Plays in around half an hour. For ages 14 and up.

Hub Games – Adventure Mart the Deck Building Store Management Game
Adventure Mart pops into existence where needed, outside dank dungeons, in market squares and many other spots. Can your Adventure Mart name you Manager of the Week by serving those in need or will you be banished to the Void for poor performance? Ages 10 and up. Plays in around an hour with 2 to 4 Managers.

Helvetiq Games – Four Senses
A simple game with rules that will challenge everyone. For ages 8 and up. Slip on an eye mask and try to arrange pieces on your board following a sequence to win. Plays with 2 or 3 players in about 15 minutes. Comes with a wooden and ceramic board and pieces.

Fireside Games – Stringamajig
4 to 10 players pick a word, draw, move and animate a string to get the others to guess as many words as possible in 60 seconds. Includes a loop of string, 140 word cards, rules, score pad, pencil, timer and rules.

Rio Grande Games – Nevada City
Each player is a founding family, each trying to shape the town’s growth. Avoid the droughts, fires, outlaws and worse and you try to build up your town. Includes a base game to get your started and an advanced game to add even more options to game play. Will you get a statue erected in the town square or will you be run outta town? 2 to 4 players, plays in around 2 hours. For ages 14 and up.

Roll for Initiative Games – Faux Leather Gamemaster screen & portfolio
This tri-fold portfolio includes three 11” panels that have dry erase overlays, elastic band holders and metal reinforced corners for durability. Set the portfolio up, put your reference sheets in the bands and run your game with easy access to your notes, maps and charts.

Wizkids Games – Icons of the Realms Premium Miniatures
6 new prepainted miniatures
Elf Cleric, Dragonborn Paladin, Human Druid, Aasimar PaladinElf Ranger and Dwarf Fighter.

Cool Mini or Not – Song of Ice & Fire new releases
Baratheon Heroes II
7 new minis including Renly Baratheon, Ser Loras, Olenna Tyrell, Brienne of Tarth, Margaery Tyrell, Ser Cortnay Penrose and Ser Eldon Estermont and game cards

Targaryen Heroes I
Jorah Mormont, Ser Barristan Selmy, Xaro Xhoan Daxos, Pyat Pree, Strong Belwas and Grey Worm along with the game cards and special rules.

Slugfest Games – Red Dragon Inn Allies Piper vs. Ripsnarl
Two new character decks for Red Dragon Inn. Piper the Eagle Eyed archer and Ripsnarl, the Werewolf. Includes custom game mats, deck dividers and cards to play as Ripsnarl in Boss Battle Mode.

Corvus Belli – Operation Kaldstrom
A two player game with PanOnceania and YuJing forces, play mat, terrain, rules, dice and minis. Includes 14 miniatures, introductory rule set, background, cardstock scenery, 5 tutorial missions, universal background, tokens & templates and hours of fun.

We have the majority of the Gamegenic sleeves in stock as well as new deck boxes including the Dungeon and Stronghold boxes – which hold multiple decks, tokens, dice and more.

Renegade Games – Junior Braves Survival Guide to the Apocalypse
This roleplaying game return home after a campout to find your families missing, horrible things roaming the street and your future quite uncertain. Can you use your skills as a Junior Brave to survive, adapt and thrive?

New items in store – June 17th

Steve Jackson Games – new Fantasy Trip Items
Decks of Destiny Set

Includes a Players Pack of 13 combat option cards, blank Fighter and Wizard cards, dry erase marker, and a character journal. There is a 60 card rumor deck and a rumor journal, 100 card treasure deck and treasure journal. Also in the box are 24 orc fighter cards, 9 octopus fighter cards, 25 skill cards to add abilities to fighters, 24 double sized wizard cards including non-humans and 70 double sized creature cards. To help design your dungeons there are 62 hex shaped tiles to build labyrinths, 13 sheets of mega-hexes, 12 character sheet bookmarks, 6 blank character sheets (3 for Wizard, 3 for Melee), a dozen extra cards from the Kickstarter and a special drop table on the lid to help stock your dungeons.

Hexagram : The Fantasy Trip Magazine
A digest sized magazine devoted solely to The Fantasy Trip, Wizard and Melee. Articles on game play, adventures, optional rules and more in a 36+ page black and white magazine.
Munchkin Age of Sigmar Lightning Dice
6 dice and 4 cards to add supercharged fun to your AoS Muchkin game.

Munchkin Unicorns – 15 new cards adding unicorns and other wonderful, beloved beasts to your Munchkin game.

Munchkin Age of Sigmar : Chaos and Order
This M:AoS expansion adds the Bloodhounds of Khorne as well as the Kharadon Overlords to the game. 112 new cards for the game.

Munchkin Pathfinder 3 : Odd Ventures
20 classic Pathfinder Adventure Paths are now turned into double sized Munchkin Dungeon Cards. Add 16 portals cards to inspired by the Pathfinder RPG to make your planning go just a bit haywire.

Blue Orange Games – Animix
A card game for ages 8 and up. Try to score the highest by playing the right mix of animals to correspond to the animals in play. For two to six players. Plays in around 15 minutes.

Oni Games – Space Battle Lunch Time
Based on the Graphic Novel. You are on the intergalactic cooking show Space battle Lunchtime. Can you create a tasty dish and impress the judges? 2 to 5 players (ages 10 and up) get to take this challenge for themselves. Plays in around half an hour.

Modiphius Entertainment – new Elder Scrolls : Call to Arms miniature game
Core Rules Set
– includes hero cards, follower and adversary cards, quest, event, trap, item and spell cards as well. Has all the dice you need to play, 2 counter sheets, 104 page rulebook, 12 missions and the Escape from Helgen quick start adventure.

Bleak Falls Barrow set –
Dragonborn : Champion of Skyrim, Draugr Overlord, 3 Draugr greatsword warriors, 3 skeleton archers miniatures and bases.

Stormcloak Faction Starter
Stormcloak Commander (Yrsarald Thrice Pierced), Ralof, warrior of the Resistance, 3 Stormcloak soldiers with greatswords and 5 bases.

Imperial Faction Starter
Hadvar, Hero of Helgen, Imperial Spellsword Mage, 3 Imperial soldiers with sword & shield and bases.

New Releases for June 12th

Atomic Mass Games – new Marvel Crisis Protocol miniatures
Corvus Glaive & Proxima Midnight
– Husband and wife team who lead Thanos Black Order they are deadly combatants. Includes the 2 minis, statistic cards, tokens and game cards.

Black Dwarf & Ebony Maw – brothers by family and in arms this pair sports raw muscle and monstrous psychic ability to call upon to do Thanos bidding. INcludes 2 miniatures, statistic cards, tactics cards and tokens.

Gamora & Nebulon – adoptive sisters to Thanos the duo have worked to further his goals but have also worked at cross purposes to him on their own agenda. Includes two miniatures, statistic and team cards as well as tokens.

Crisis Protocol Playmat – Roundabout Knockout

Modiphius Entertainment – Star Trek Adventures : Delta Quadrant Sourcebook
Detailed information about the post-war Federation, the Voyager’s mission, new species like the Kazon, the Borg Collective, alien starships, Gamemaster information, adventure seeds and more.

Renegade Game Studios – Succulent
2-4 player game of planting, pruning and projects in the attempt to be the best gardener around. Ages 10 and up. Plays in around an hour.

Renegade Games Studios & Foxtrot Games – The Search for Planet X
1 to 4 players attempt to find Planet X. Survey the skies for objects, use logic and theory to get information to ultimately deduce where Planet X must be. For ages 13 and up. Plays in about an hour to an hour and a half.

Deep Water Games – Welcome to Las Vegas
Fip cards, open casinos, build a new city from the ground up with hotels, golf courses and casinos in the right spots to make your place the best around. For 1-50 players ages 10 and up. Plays in around half an hour.

Czech Games Edition – Through the Ages : New Leaders and Wonders
This expansion to Roll Through the Ages add new Leaders (24 of them), new Wonders – from the Silk Road to the Red Cross, as well as new Military cards giving you ways to strike at your opponents. Vary your set up and add new life, new surprises and new options to your game.

New items (and restocks) June 11

Fantasy Flight Games – new LCG packs
Arkham Horror the Card Game – Weaver of the Cosmos Mythos Pack
Pack 6 – scenario IVB of the Dream Eaters Campaign

Legend of the Five Rings – Spreading Shadows Dynasty Pack
Contains cards 25-48 of the Dominion cycle expansions

Marvel Champions – Black Widow Hero Pack
Black Widow 40 card deck, 27 new hero cards for any deck, Taskmaster Nemesis set

Lord of the Rings Adventure Pack – Under the Ash Mountains
Adding to the Vengeance of Mordor Cycle expansion, this is cards 81-107 for that set.

Fantasy Flight Games Legion new releases

Iden Versio and ID10 commander expansion
Includes miniatures, commander card, unit, command and upgrade cards, rules and tokens.

Cassian Andor and K-2SO commander expansion
2 miniatures, unit and command cards, upgrade cards, tokens & rules.

Vital Assets Battlefield Expansion
16 miniatures, 9 battle and 16 supply cards, hostage cards and rules.

AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank expansion
Tank miniature, unit card, upgrade cards, tokens and rules sheet.

Pandasaurus Games – The Mind Extreme
This new ‘extreme’ version of ‘The Mind’ card game plays twice as fast, synchronized and backwards! Designed for ages 8 and up, taking around 20 minutes for 2-4 players.

Odd Bird Games – Feudum : Rudders & Ramparts
Includes new vessels, castles, royal guards, ships, submersibles, flying machines and more. New rules add more fun to the game.

Plaid Hat Games – Forgotten Waters
3-7 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in 2-4 hours. From the makers of Dead of Winter the Seven Sea are now your playground. This Crossroads series game sets you on fantastic adventure with a famous pirate captain. Find new and exotic lands, develop your own pirate, face harrowing events and try to succeed where others have failed. Content is massive allowing for many game play throughs without repetition.

Worthington Games – Devil Dogs : Belleau Woods 1918
A card driven hex and counter wargame with a unique diceless combat system allowing you to refight the battle of Belleau Wood. Germany’s army was dealt the defeat that begin it’s downfall and the beginning of the US Marines being called the Devil Dogs. 2 players, medium difficulty. Designed for ages 14 and up. Plays within about 3 hours. Includes a mounted hand drawn gameboard, rules and scenario books, player aid cards, dice and markers

New Flames of War, Core Space and Transformers releases!

Wizkids Games – Baldur’s Gate Descent into Avernus: Arkhan the Cruel and the Dark Order
6 prepainted figures – Arkhan himself, his minotaur bodyguard, a Tortle Death Cleric, a Berserker, a white Abishai and a Manticore. 

Battlefront Miniatures – new Flames of War releases
Red Devils – British Airborne and Commandos
With 12 unit cards and 8 new Command cards this expansion gives you the background on the North Afircan and Italian actions of 1942 and 1943.Instructions on building a Parachute Company and a Commando Troop, painting and basing guides and more.

New Flames of War British –
Blister pack units – Auster OP Observation plane, Airborne Mortar platoon, Airborne Vickers Machinegun platoon
Small box units – Airborne 75mm light troop, Airborne 6pdr Anti-Tank platoon
Boxed sets – Late War Priest Troop, Late War Churchill Armored Troop, Late War M10 Anti-Tank platoon, Sherman Armored Troop, Crusader AA Troop, Stuart Recce Patrol, Cromwell Armored Troop,  Universal Carrier Patrol, Daimler Armored Car Troop, Parachute Company and Rifle Company

British Late War Token & Dice sets are in too. 

Battle Systems Games – new Core Space Expansions
Rogue Purge – 5 Event Cards, mission booklet, 5 miniatures, 7 character boards, class boards, ship board and tokens. What happens when members of the Purge go rouge?

Shift Change at MegaCorp – a civilian pack expansion for Core Space. 5 Event cards, 7 miniatures, 6 character boards, tokens and class boards.

Dangerous Days – a new expansion book that expands the sandbox, changes campaign difficulty, new terrain, new campaign rules, 8 narrative missions, over 15 stand alone missions, FAQ, painting guide and more.

Wizards of the Coast – Titan Masters Attack : Transformers CCG
Each pack contains 2 foil character cards, (or a large character card & stratagem card) and 6 battle cards

Gale Force Nine – Gothic Ruins
five new boxed sets with varying sizes of Gothic Ruins. Each is ready to be taken out of the box and used with no effort required.

Fireforge ‘Forgotten World’ in store

-Troop boxed set for Forgotten World boxes-
Living Dead Warriors (12 foot figures)
Living Dead Peasants (12 foot figures)
Living Dead Knights (6 mounted figures)
Northern Folk Rabble (12 peasant foot figures)
Northmen Bowmen (12 foot figures with command figures)
Northmen Warriors (12 spearmen with command)
Northmen Cavalry (6 mounted figures with command)
– each box with multipose plastic figures.

Forgotten World Rulebook –
80 page rulebook allowing strategic battles with your army to either play small skirmish games between forces searching for treasure or large armies fighting for dominance. 

Forgotten Worlds Starter Set – 
108 figures (Living Dead and Northern Medieval figures), basic magic deck, tokens, rules, gravestones and fences for scenery. All in a box – ready to assemble and play.

New Items in store – June 04

To celebrate our reopening we actually managed to get some new items in stock.
What did we get?
Why – this stuff!

WizKids Games – new Heroclix items
Justice League Unlimited 6 figure starter set –
6 figures, cards, terrain and objective tokens, 4 maps, 2 dice and a rulebook. Includes Flash, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter. All you need for a few to play Heroclix

Justice League Unlimited Dice & Token Set –
2 JLU dice and 6 action tokens with foil character tokens.
Justice League Unlimited Booster Pack –
5 prepainted Heroclix figures in a random selection for the 70+ figure set.

Marvel’s Black Widow Heroclix foil pack – 1 random figure in a foil pack
Marvel’s Black Widow Motorcycle – box with Black Widow on a motorcycle.

Fantastic Four Cosmic Clash –
Includes 6 figures (Doctor Doom, Silver Surfer, Thing, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and Mr. Fantastic) as well as cards, dice, rules and 4 maps as well as objective and terrain tokens. Everything you need for up to 4 players in a single box.

Pazio Publishing – new Pathfinder & Starfinder releases
Starfinder – The Hollow Grail (Threefold Conspiracy adventure 4 of 6)
A 7th level Starfinder adventure with new alien creatures, a patrol frigate deck plans, a new city in a gas giant and more.

Starfinder Flip Mat – Stadium
A double sided laminated flip mat featuring a zero-g sports field on one side and a death sports arena on the opposite side. 24 x 30 folding down to 8×10”

Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide – NPC Pawn Collection
From Gnome Bandits to Watch Officers, drunkards, cultists, priests, teachers and more. Over 100 different hard card, full color pawns.

Pathfinder Flip-mat Bandit Outpost
24 x 30 full color laminated mat featuring a bandit outpost with lookout towers and calls on one side and an open field in the other.

Pathfinder Campaign – Curse of the Crimson Throne
This 350+ page softbound, full color book contains all of the adventure, source material and information from the original 6 module version – updated for Pathfinder 2e. Includes new rule options, an expansive appendix, new monsters, new characters, maps and lots more.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 (for Pathfinder 2e)
This tome contains over 300 monsters and foes – each fully explained, color illustrated with special game notes and ready for play. Over 300 pages in this hardbound book.

Pathfinder Flip Tilers – Haunted Woodlands Expansion Set
24 full color tiles, with twisty paths, spooky trees, bubbling tar pits, ghostly mists and much more. Laminated and ready to play.

Modiphius – Infinity Role Playing Game : Yu Jing
This sourcebook give you all sorts of information on the StateEmpire. With the Party and the Emperor the Yu Jing Sourcebook lifts the veil and provides information on key planets, the lifepaths, new armor, equipment and adversaries. New options for the Inifnity RPG abound.

Renegade Games – Wardling Campaign Guide
This new 5e D&D campaign guide puts you in the enchanted world of Or’Mya where youthful adventurers and their familiars explore the lands. Wardlings contain a new magic system, new backgrounds, monsters and more. 175+ full color pages.

Modiphius Entertainment – Nibiru
A science fiction RPG of lost memories. Nibiru is a colossal space station – filled with Vagabonds, those who have awakened devoid of memories. Search for clues to your past and help set in motion events that will change the Skyless World Forever.

Lore Smyth Games – Remarkable Shops and their Wares
A new system independent supplement with eight different shops with staff, adventure hooks, dozens of magical items, random generation tables, crafting and more. Unique currencies, mounts, ideas on how players can run stores and much, much more.

Chaosium – Aquelarre : a medieval demonic roleplay game
This 550+ page hardbound, full color book. Character generation, combat, source information, NPCs, bestiary and a world background is all provided.

Polyhero Dice – The Rogue Set
This new custom shaped dice set features a d4 in the shape of a dagger, d6 Poison Vial, d8 crossbow bolt, d10 and d% kloot bags, d12 gem and d20 powder keg.
Also available as individual packs – d20 gem, 5d8 crossbow bolts, 5d6 poison vials, 5d6 swords and the d20 lockpick set.

Wargames Atlantic – new 28mm plastic figures
Classic Fantasy figures – Greek style skeletons
32 multipart skeletons with bows, spears, swords, pikes and options for command figures.

Imperial Conquests – 1815 to 1914 Afghan Warriors
40 multipart figures with options for pulwars, khyber swords, daggers, shields, muskets, jezails and Martini-Henry rifles.

First Empires – Persian Infantry : Rise of Akkadia to the Fall of Alexander
40 figures that can be used to create Median, Lydian, Babylonian empire figures with head variants to be used as several satapies and allied tribes. Includes bows, spears, kopisand sagaris along with command figures options.

Blood Oaths – Dark Age Irish Warriors
40 multipart figures with 30 infantry and 10 irish wolfhounds. Useful for the fall of Rome through the Viking era and beyond. Includes spears, swords, slings, axes and shillelagh. Pieces to create musicians and standard bearers along with command figures are included.

Ares Games – new Wings of Glory WW2 planes
WGS 205A & 205B – Dornier DO.17 Z-2 (KG76) and Dornier DO.17 Z-10 (NJG2)
WGS 305A & 305B – Junkers JU.88 A-1 (KG77) and JU.88A-4 (KGR506)

New items in stock – May 23rd

So it’s been a little bit since we’ve seen some new items come in – but we have a few that made it through Kickstarters, production and shipping to make it in store.

Hexagram #4 for the Fantasy Trip, Wizard & Melee (from Steve Jackson Games)
Includes new TFT monsters, extra rules, NPCs, an adventure, material use in The Fantasy Trip and more. 39 pages of fun, action and adventure.

Decks of Destiny (for the Fantasy Trip – Wizard & Melee) by Steve Jackson Games
with Players Pack of Combat option cards, character journal, dry erase markers, Adversaries card deck with 24 orc fighters, 9 octopus fighters, 25 skill cards, 24 double sized wizard cards and 70 double sized creature cards. Also 62 hex shaped cards to help create labyrinths, 13 mega-hex sheets, 12 character sheet bookmarks, 6 more character dry erase cards, and 12 extra character, treasure and rumor cards from the backers of the Four Perilous Journeys Kickstarter.

Fantasy City Sites and Scenes by Phillip Reed
This system universal book gives you inspiration with 16 different detailed locations, a bunch of different city scenes and ideas. 48 full color glossy heavy stock pages full of illustrations, NPCs, locations and more.

New Items in store for May 15th

Compass Games – Amerika Bomber : Evil Queen of the Skies
Take the controls of a hypothetical German Bomber cruising the skies over the US in an attempt to bomb America into submission. Under take missions, track crew experience, gain awards and try to bring the USofA to it’s knees. Solitaire game with lots of replayability.

Osprey Publishing Books:
New Vanguard #281 – Tanks in the Battle of the Bulge
Air Campaign #16 – Legion Condor 1936-39 (Luftwaffe in the Spanish Civil War)
Combat #47 – French Soldier vs German Soldier : Verdun 1916
Men at Arms # 530 – Japanese Armies 1868-1877 – Boshin War & Satsuma Rebellion.
Weapon #73 – Browning High-Power Pistol
Raid #52 – Operation Eagle Claw 1980 (Failed Iranian Hostage Rescue Attempt)
Campaign #348 – The Naval Siege of Japan 1945 : War Plan Orange Triumphant

Kenzer & Company – Knights of the Dinner Table
Looking for gamer-centric comics, reviews, Hackmaster info, Kingdoms of Kalamar resources, generic game ideas and more.

Paul Davies – Battlefields in Miniature
How to make your own effective and realistic terrain for wargames. 250+ pages with buildings, vegetation, roads, trenches and more.

Reaper Miniatures – Rocky! and other skeletal minis
5 different adorable dragon whelps in different poses. Flying, annoyed, sneaking, scheming and treasure hoarding.

Reaper Miniatures – Skeletal Fun Miniatures
Skeletal Owlbear, Skeletal Manticore, Skeletal Chimera and the Bone Garden (Bone pile and some skulls)

New Releases for May 13th:

Medieval Warfare 10/1 –
Stirling bridge, Trail by Combat, Battle of Cortenova, the Emperor Basil II, the second battle of Olmedo, Maces as a weapon, Fifth-Century Britnos, 12th Century naval warfare and more.

Legion Wargames – Maori Wars : The New Zealand Land Wars
1 or 2 players fight 10 different battles in this unique conflict. Games last under two hours and bush-raiding rules as well as low counter density makes these conflicts different than the normal sort of wargame. 10 miles/hex, 2 month turns.

GMT Games – The Hunted – Twilight of the U-Boats 1943-45
a solitaire game which can be played with multiple player and tournament rules. Play German U-Boat commander on patrol. Plays in 2-3 hours. 12 different patrol areas with special missions.

GMT Games – Silent Victory US Submarines in the Pacific 1941-1945
Solitaire game of US Submarine patrols in the Pacific. Includes patrol maps, sub displays, different captains, dice, rules and lots of scenario options.

EXIT : The Stormy Flight and EXIT : Theft on the Mississippi
both these are one shot escape room games pitting you and your friends against the game itself. Designed for 1 to 4 players ages 12 and up. plays in a couple of hours.

City of Games – Isle of Cats – Late Arrivals
an expansion for Isle of Cats that adds new content and support for 2 more players. Up to 6 can then play with more boats, more cats and lesson modules.

Sand Castle Games – Res Arcana
2-4 players compete in this card based game to creatye great magic, summon allies and control the world of Res Arcana. plays in around an hour. Ages 14 and up.

Iello – King of Tokyo Dark Edition
This Limited Edition game has specially upgraded components, new artwork, new powers and new victory conditions. For 2-6 players, ages 8 and up. plays in around 45 minutes.

Studio Tomahawk – Muskets and Tomahawks
The second edition rules are here.