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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Tuesday September 27th  :
Victory Point Games - The Chosin Few
October 25, 1950 - Near the Chosin (Changjin) Reservoir the 1st Marine Division and elements of the US 7th Infantry Division are suddenly assaulted by Chinese Communist forces. This game recreates the battle from November 27th to December 11th. Designed for ages 13 and up. Takes about an hour to play.

Victory Point Games - Wings for the Baron
3 to 5 players attempt to show the Baron that they can manufacture aircraft better than their competitors. Take place in the quarterly contest, build better, faster and cheaper and show the Baron what your about!. Ages 13+ Plays in about an hour.

Indie Press Revolution - a number of new (and old) titles are back.
The Oracle -
all five issues of the roleplaying magazine of the 80s, bound together in a hardcover format. Includes Sixth issue, several appendixes with source materials, manuscripts, notebooks and more. Over 300 pages of information.

Epyllion : A Dragon Epic RPG
an RPG where you play young drakes exploring, investigating and problem solving on Dragonia while evil grows in the lands. Designed for players ages 8 and up. Meant for 3 to 5 players. It's a group game and supports creativity, active listening and cooperation.    

Dread RPG -
a horror RPG for at least two players. Create and play characters as they struggle through hostile worlds of the imagination. Everything you need in contained in the book except for a block stacking puzzle game like Jenga. (seriously, you need a Jenga game to play this RPG)

Hamlet's Hit Points -
a toolkit to make storytelling easier than before. Learn to track story beats, from hope to fear and back again and use it to take your game to another level. Analysis of three stories (Dr. No, Casablanca and Hamlet) are provided to give you an idea how the system works. 190+ pages of information from Robin D. Laws.

Things We Think About Games -
dozens and dozens of bite sized thoughts on games,. About games, publishing, collecting and more. From Kenneth Hite, John Kovalic, Phillip Reed and a number of others.

The Bones : Us and our Dice
Not a book about probabilities and percentages, but about rolls that mattered. Fromn the late night game ender to the fate of a hero. Greg Costikyan, Wil Wheaton, Monica Valentinelli and others tell their tales. 200+ pages.

Third Eye Games - Storm Battalion : Twisted Wars in Alternate History
This tome provides a history of the Alternate earth, a guide to create chatacters and their twisted counterparts, bizzare technology, gruesome powers, the DGS (Dynamic Game System), NPCs of heroes and villains and three ready to play adventures. Everything you need in one handy book.

Flying Frog Productions - Shadows of Brimstone : Other Worlds Trederra
This deluxe expansion provides 18 new figures, cover terrain bits, new map tiles, Trederra maps, equipment, threats and factions along with new scenarios. Stumble into the front lines odf an active conflict, race to disarm a doomsday device and pit yourself against all new challenges. Tons of new material.
Thursday September 22nd  :
Osprey Publishing new releases :
Campaign #299 - Zama 202BC - Scipio crushes Hannibal
Campaign #283 - Cowpens 1781 - Turning Point of the American Revolution
Men-at-Arms #507 - Modern African Wars (5) Nigerian-Biafran War 1967-70
Men-at-Arms #502 - Byzantine Naval Forces 1261-1461
New Vanguard #238 - World War I Seaplane and Aircraft Carriers
Duel #76 - US Navy Ships vs Japanese Kamikazes
Combat # 20 - East Africa 1917-18 King's African Rifles vs Schtuztruppe
Weapon #49 - SA80 Assault Rifle
X-Planes #1 - Bell X-1
X-Planes #2 - Messerschmitt Me264 Amerika Bomber

Marvel Universe Miniatures Game
The Thing, Doctor Doom, Dark Avengers (Sentinel, Ares, Iron Patriot, Ms. Marvel) and The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Magneto, Toad, Pyro and Lady Mastermind)

Czech Games Edition : Codenames Pictures
2 to 8 players (or 4 to 8 if you play competitively) try to deliver coded messages to locate their agents you need to contact. For ages 1o0 and up. Takes about 10 minutes a game to play.

Fantasy Flight Games - Recurring Nightmares
Expands the Second Edition game of Mansions of Madness. Includes Investigator, and monsters as well as map tiles from first edition Mansions of Madness and everything you need to incorporate them into the second edition game with a new scenario.

Fantasy Flight Games - Suppressed Memories
Expands the Second Edition game of Mansions of Madness. Includes Investigator, and monsters as well as map tiles from first edition Mansions of Madness expansions Forbidden Alchemy and Call of the Wild and everything you need to incorporate them into the second edition game with a new scenario. 

Fantasy Flight Games - New X-Wing Expansion Ships :
Shadow Caster, Protectorate Starfighter, ARC-170 and Special Forces TIE are in!

Wizards of the Coast/WizKids - D&D Storm King's Thunder collectible Minis
44 different figures from Giants to heroes, monsters, Thrikreen and more.

7th Sea RPG is back in stock!

GHQ Games - Burning Wheel Codex
Companion to Burning Wheel, new commentary on the game is given to aid veteran and neophyte alike. Magical artifacts, new magical arts and lifepaths, Wizard Burner, Dark Elves, Roden, Trolls and Great Wolves are explored. Ten years of Burning Wheel roleplaying experience distilled into one easy to read tome.

Battlefront Games - Bulge rulebook compendium
Battle of the Bulge and Ardennes Offensive books in one pack.

Chaosium Inc - Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Quick Start
a booklet with the essential rules for CoC presented to allow you to experience the game easily. A small scenario, a few folks and some dice and you can dip your toes into the lore of the Old Ones and judhe for yourself the game of Call of Cthulhu.

Frog God Games - Quests of Doom 3 -
7 fully realized adventures for D&D 5e and a new monster appendix make for drop in adventure for your gaming pleasure.  If you are using the Lost Lands world setting from Frog God Games each adventure also comes with information on where it is located in that campaign setting. Each adventure stands alone and can be customized as need be.
Both 5eD&D and Swords and Wizardy versions are available.
Privateer Press - new Warmachine and Hordes Miniatures
Commander Coleman Stryker (Cygnar) , Warwitch Deneghra (Cryx) and Man-O-war Shocktrooper Officer command attachment (Khador) blister packs.
Circle Orboros Druid Mist Riders box set

No Quarter Magazine # 68
The Black 13th, Gen Con coverage, Khador Tourney information, Guts & Gears : Hellmouth and a whole lot more for Hordes and Iron Kingdoms RPG.

Thursday September 13th  :
Alderac Entertainment Group - Valley of the Kings : Last Rites
a deck building game of ancient Egypt. 1 to 4 players take on the role of Egyptian nobles in the days of the Pharaohs preparing for their final days and burial in the Valley of the Kings.  Build a pyramid, enhance with priests and priestesses, builders, artisans and treasures. Get the most valuable artifacts for your tomb and rank highest in the next life.

Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin Playing Cards
A deck of playing cards with amazing Munchkin art from Ian McGinty. Add the Munchkin feel into your regular card games.

Indie Board and Cards - Don't Mess with Cthulhu
a fast playing social deduction game for 4 to 6 players. Designed to be played in 20 minutes or so for ages 14 and up. Each player has a secret identity and you are trying to figure out who are the Investigators keeping cultists from waking the Great Old One or one of the Cultists trying to end reality as we know it.

Action Phase Games - Retreat to Darkmoor
2 to 4 players become Dark Overlords. Try to get your minions to evade the heroes and hide in different areas of Darkmoor. Control the different areas to score, but beware of collaborators! Ages 14+ plays in about half an hour.

Reaper Miniatures - new Savage Worlds miniatures
59042 - Witch hunter : Female
59043 - Witch hunter : Male
59044 - Crusader : Female
59045 - Crusader : Male
59046 - Frazer's Fighter : Female
59047 - Frazer's Figher : Male

Action Phase Games - Dreamwell
2 to 4 players compete to locate their friends in the Dreamwell. Careful navigation is important to win. Ages 14+. plays in 45 minutes to an hour.

Bezier Games - America: A Trivia game where Close Counts.
What state gets the most snow? What year did Close Encounters come out? How many albums has Madonna sold? Take a guess... close counts. Think noone knows the answer? Bet against everyone! For 2 to 6 players, ages 13 and up. Plays in about an hour.

IDW Games - Arcane Academy
players try to overcome other young wizards in their attempt to graduate from Arcane Academy. Link tiles to create spells and defeat all comers. 2 to 4 players, ages 12 and up. Plays in about 45 minutes.

Catalyst Games Labs - Battletech Campaign Operations
rules for creating and running forces. Create solar systems and make all new worlds. Tables are provided to help create narrative campaigns, map based campaigns and Chaos Campaigns. Create what you need to make a campaign from scratch. 190+ pages of information.

Corvus Belli - Operation Red Veil
a new starter game for Infinity 3rd edition. With Yu-Jing and Haqqislam forces, 2 exclusive figures (one from each faction), rules, a playmat, buildings, templates and dice it's everything you need to learn to play, get the figures out on the board and have a fun time.

Renegade Game Studios - Covert
Your mission is to control a network of spies across Europe, gather intel, break codes and procure equipment. Think strategically, prepare others to get in your way. For 2 to 4 players ages 13 and up. Plays in 1 to 2 hours depending on players.

Friday September 9th  :
Gen42 Games - Tatsu
2 players (ages 8 and up) take on the role of Dragonlords and battle for supremacy. Plays in about half an hour. 18 tiles, dice, gameboard and rules.

Decision Games - World at War #50 (Oct/Nov)
Khukov's War (game), articles on Zeros vs American Bombers, the Slovak Uprising, U-Boat attacks and a whole lot more.

Second Thunder - Open Combat
Rules for fighting miniature battles for pre-gunpowder conflicts in historical and fantasy settings. Allows you to create your own troops, leaders and heroes and pit them against each other in fast paced but interesting combat. Designed to play in a 3 x 3' area with a handful of figures on a side. Plays in about an hour.

Gale Force Nine - Star Trek Ascendancy
for 3 players willing to boldly go where no man has gone before. Command Federation, Klingon or Romulan fleets. Explore the galaxy, find new life and civilizations, research technology, expand your empire and when diplomacy fails militarily crush your foes. Plays in about 2-3 hours. Ages 14+

Goodman Games - GenCon 2016 Goodman Games Guide
Coverage of Goodman's Gencon production, modules, interviews, background and more. All bound into a 160 page book for your convenience.

Expeditious Retreat Press - Module AA#34 - Crocodile's Tears
an OSRIC adventure for levels 3-6. Can you and your party locate the Crocodile's Tear, a magnificent gem? Can you survive it's guardians or even encounters along the way? For 4 to 6 party members.

Expeditious Retreat Press - Magical Medieval Society : Western Europe
Third edition of the book. 208 pages of information gives you everything you need to set your game in Medieval times with background, the Church, how Warfare takes place, Economics, Building and more. Quite the resource.

Studio 2 - Traveller Marches Adventure 1 : High and Dry
an introductory adventure full of exploration, interaction and explosions! A full adventure, full color maps, background and more.

Studio 2 - Traveller Reach Adventuer 1 : Marooned on Marduk
A shuttle crashes and now the party is marooned. can you deal with the locals, use your wits and make it our alive? All sorts of adventure to be had.

Flying Buffalo - Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls !
It's back and better than ever. Everything Tunnels and Trolls was but with more options for characters, monsters, spells, expanded combat and oh so much more. A game that will have old hands ready to dive in and new enthusiasts ready to play. Over 360 pages of Tunnels and Trolls adventure.

IDW Games - The Godfather : A New Don
3 to 6 players compete in this dice rolling area-control game. Head a major crime family, send out your soldiers, take over territories or send the to gamble. Play your cards right  and try to come out on top. Be careful. All your actions can provoke the other families and soon you might be sleeping with the fishes.
Wednesday September 7th  :
Mayfair Games - Fight for Olympus
a two player contest for Mount Olympus. For ages 12 and up, takes about half an hour to play. Control areas around the board, sacrifice cards to bring heroes into play and use your special abilities to march to victory.

Mayfair Games - Agricola : Family Edition
A new simpler version of the game designed for family play. Ages 8 and up can now experience this award winning game. Build your farm, diversify your holdings and try to keep everything in balance. Plays in about an hour. For 1 to 4 players.

Cryptozoic Entertainment - Adventure Time Card Wars Doubles Tournament 
Includes four team focused decks, a supersized box to hold all your Card Wars cards. Designed for 2 on 2 play this new game adds even more fun to your Card Wars game experience.

Steve Jackson Games - I Hate Zombies
Play as a human or a Zombie. Try top infect all the humans or defeat the zombies with special abilities. For 2 -12 players, taking about 15 minutes. Ages 10 and up.

Small unit action in 1987 Germany between the US and Soviet Union. Lead combined arms forces against your opponent. Uses a detailed modeling system to deal with weapon and armor interaction, comes with basic, advanced and optional rules so you can play at a level you are comfortable with. Includes 10 scenarios as well as a design system to help create your own. Tanks, infantry, helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and more.

Stronghold Games - Dragon and Flagon
2 to 8 adventures find themselves in a tavern with only one drink but a number of adventurers craving it. Throw mugs, smash chairs and do what you must to be the ne to acquire that drink! Ages 10 and up. Takes about an hour. Comes with full color standee pieces, a 3d bar, wood tokens and even a second map portraying a pirate ship for a second way to play.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess - The Cursed Chateau
a new adventure for LotFP. revised and expanded from it's first issue, it can be used with LotFP or other roleplaying games. Includes maps, NPCs and everything you need to play the scenario. In color and hardbound.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess - England Upturn'd
a sourcebook for setting your game in the tymes of the English Civil War. Background, tables, a few villages and more.

Cool Mini or Not - Potion Explosion
2 to 4 players compete to gather ingredients, craft potions and become student of the year. For ages 14 and up. Plays in under an hour. includes potion box dispenser, ingredient marbles, rules and more.

Privateer Press - Iron Kingdoms : Undercity Black River Irregulars     
4 plastic hero figures, game cards, map tiles and a new scenario are featured in this expansion. Requires Undercity or Widower's Wood to play.

WizKids Games - Green Arrow and Flash dicemasters
This new expansion comes only in foil packs, each with two dice and cards. Collect all 124 cards to get a complete set!

Overworld Games - Exposed
Each player has a secret identity. The board is composed of tiles which you swap to move your character around. As you move you take the wallets of characters around you. The idea is to grab the most wallets without other players figuring out which character you are. Two to six players, ages 12 and up. Takes about an hour to play.

Kenzer & Company - Knights of the Dinner Table 235 - Gamer No More!
64 pages of comics, interviews, game materials,  reviews and more. And of course, the latest installment of Knights of the Dinner Table.

Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy - Issue 86
Russia in the Napoleonic Era, Arnhem 1945, Ancient Greek Mythology in Frostgrave, Bolt Action 2 and more.

Wargames Illustrated #347 - Raids! Broken Legions sneak peek, how to make mini hedges, new mass battle Napoleonic rules,  1066 in two dimensions and more.

Bored to Death - Street Kings
2 to 6 players compete in an underground race. Take a starting car, build up your reputation and finances and get better cars as you win. Buy parts, crew members and participate in car shows.  Get faster, get better, look sharper and become Street King.

Zafty Games - Gingerdead House : A Grimm Tower Defense board game
time to protect your house from hordes of trolls, witches and what not. It may only be gingerbread, but it's all yours. 2 to 4 players (ages 12 and up) play cards to keep the monsters at bay and away from their houses. 

Great Northern Games - Council of Blackthorn
2 to 6 players try to rise to power on the king's council. Build influence and try to become the most powerful. Beware as the King will root out a traitor and behead him without warning. Includes six different characters, each with unique powers. Plays in up to 90 minutes depending on the number of players. Designed for ages 14 and up.

Privateer Press - new Metal miniatures
Khador : Kommander Sorscha
Menoth : High Exemplar Kreoss
Cygnar : Captain Victoria Haley
Retribution of Scyrah : Lys Healer
Retribution of Scyrah : Kaelyssa : The Night's Whisper, MageHunter

Northstar Miniatures - new Frostgrave Miniatures
Gnoll Warchief
Gnoll Tracker & War Hyena
Gnoll Knight & Templar
Gnoll Thief and Barbarian
Human Trap Expert & Tunnel Fighter
Human Soothsayer & Apprentice II
Human Elementalist & Apprentice II
Human Beastcrafter & Apprentice

Gnoll Plastic boxed set - 20 multi-pose figures
Wednesday August 31st  :
Piazo Publishing - In Search of Sanity : Strange Eons adventure one.
You awaken in Brairstone Asylum unaware of your reason for being there. You must work together with other inmates to find out why you are there and to try to free yourselves. Includes articles about the Elder Mythos, new monsters, Pathfinder Journal and more.

Piazo Publishing - Haunted Heroes Handbook -
New archetypes, Feats and Traits to help build upon your character. Haunted spells are explored, how the faiths look at the spirit world and a bunch more.

Fantasy Flight Games - End of the World : Rise of the Machines
latest of the End of the World series, this time technology has turned on humanity and are coming to wipe them out. Nanites, kill-bots and so much more. Everything you need to play. An elegant narrative system, character creation, unique scenario ideas NPCs and more are here and waiting.

Kobold Press - Tome of Beasts 5E
for D&D 5e - dragons, clockwork creatures, devils, undead and the fey headline this 400+ page full color hardbound book. But there is so much more. More creatures, full color illustrations, write ups with backgrounds and everything you need to use them in your game.

Kobold Press - Book of Lairs 5E
more than 24 monster lairs for D&D 5e. Each has a small battle map to highlight it's location, adventure hooks, treasure, creature tactics and more.

Kobold Press - Tome of Beasts Pawns
300 pawns to use in your adventures to help represent monsters from the Tome of Beasts. On heavy cardboard, with full color art. From Ash Drake to the Young Spinosaurus, they are all here.

Black Book Editions - Polaris Roleplaying Game
Humankind has warred with each other for centuries. Now climatic catastrophes and those years have rendered the surface uninhabitable by all but the mutated and monstrous. Humanity now exists beneath the waves, fighting for survival in a new frontier. The Core Rules come in two books and a slipcase. Everything you need to play.

Polaris Roleplaying Game : Equinox sourcebook
This book details the city of Equinox, a huge multi-floored octaherdron floating on the Rockhall Threshold. Learn about the Cult of Trident, Equinox inhabitants and more.

Polaris Character File
an introduction to the world of Polaris, a character sheet, a map of the ocean floors, rules recap, faction and nation recap and character generation summary. All in one handy book.

Polaris Location Map File
16 different maps, each showing various locations from the Polaris RPG world.    

Polaris Game Master Screen
a four panel GM screen in sturdy hardboard with 8 loose sheets containing rules reference tables. Handy for the GM, with neat art for the players.

Wyrd Games - New Malifaux Miniatures
Ice Dancers box (2 figures)
The Scorpius box set (1 mechanical scorpion figure)
Anna lovelace (1 figure)
Sanctioned Spellcasters (3 figure box set)
Hodgepodge Emissary big boxed set
Carrion Emissary big boxed set

Posthuman Studios - Eclipse Phase : Transhumanity's FATE
a FATE conversion guide for Eclipse Phase. Bringing all of the technothriller espionage and horror to the FATE system. Requires FATE core to play.

Fantasy Flight Games - 
Fall of the Dark Star : Runebound Scenario Pack
includes 1 figure, hero card, 30 adventure card, scenario card, story cards, corruption cards, combat tokens and more.

Paizo Publishing - Pathfinder Flipmat Classics : Waterfront Tavern
a double sided flipmat featuring a dockside eatery and a section of sea. Both in full color, laminated so dry erase, wet erase, china markers and sharpies will work to mark the mat and still be erasable.

The Mountains Rise : Runebound Adventure Pack
Includes a figure, hero card, 15 adventure cards, 12 combat tokens, asset cards and skill cards. a new chapter in your Runebound adventures

The Chains the Rust : Descent Second Edition expansion
8 new monster figures, a 32 page rulebook/quest guide and all new high level quest for Descent 2e. Travel the Mistlands, opposed corrupted servants, find the cure for a horrid disease and become heroes!
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