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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Tuesday  May 24th :
New Osprey Books :
Weapon  46 - The M3 "Grease Gun" Submachine gun
Campaign 294 - Operation 'Totalize' 1944 - the Allies drive south from Caen
Campaign 293 - 'Downfall' 1945 - The Fall of Hitler's Third Reich
Duel # 73 - F4U 'Corsair' vs Ki-84 'Frank'
Elite 212 - US Army Rangers 1989-2015 - Panama to Afghanistan
New Vanguard 234 - British Guided Missile Destroyers - County Class type 82,42 & 45
Weapon #47 - German Machine guns of World War 1

Osprey Adventures - The Cthuhlu Wars : The United States Battles the Mythos

Osprey Games - Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space : Ultimate Edition
A game of strategy and bluff set in a damaged deep space research station. A plague is turning the inhabitants into flesh eating monsters and you must escape. Comes with new rules and components, unique reusable map books, 8 different game maps, variable character powers and over 90 cards.

Mayfair Games - Revised Agricola  
A revised version of the game with new components, revised card decks, modular boards and a whole lot more. Plays 1 to 4, but the price has dropped to $60. So if you've been looking for an excuse to go out and get a copy - here is your chance.
Friday  May 20th :
FASA - new Earthdawn Roleplaying Game books
EarthDawn game Masters Guide - Earthdawn Players Guide
In the past it was a world of Magic. Then came the Horrors and the time of the Scourge. Now you play adventurers who attempt to reclaim the world, dealing with the Horrors that remain. All the rules and background you need to play in the world of Barsaive. Two hefty softbound books. One for the players, the other for the GM.

Reaper Miniatures -
3750 - Dark heaven Vampire
30018 - Elf Ranger flat
Wyrd Miniatures - Rooster Riders are in stock!
Creative Taxidermy Story Encounter and Adventure box is here.

Monte Cook Games - Numenera : Into the Deeps
What wonders lie beneath the waves? Meet the Queen of all Octopuses, play one of the new aquatic races, beware new creatures, find dozens of new cyphers and artifacts while exploring exotic new environments.

Asmodee - Time Stories : Under the Mask
Enter the Valley of the Kings, unravel the Pharaoh's secret.

Asmodee - Storyline : Fairy Tales
up to 8 players use this storytelling game to fill in the events between 'Once Upon a Time' and 'Happily Ever After'. Designed for ages eight and up, taking up to half an hour to play.

Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin Monster Box
A handy box with full color Munchkin art work, able to hold over 2,000 Munchkin cards, all kinds of Munchkin swag (like kill-o-meters) and dice, level counters and more. But wait - you also get promo cards, bookmarks and multiple cover designs!
Corvus Belli - Infinity N3 : Human Sphere
Latest & greatest expansion for Infinity N3 is here. source material and background book, rulebook and slipcase.
Friday  May 13th :
Lumocolor Marker Set - Wet erase marker set, now with 6 colors.
Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Brown and Black. Medium Point.

Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin Meeples
30 meeples, six different designs, each one with one Mega-Meeple and 4 regular sized meeples. And, of course, in game Munchkin bonuses too!

Against the Odds - Red Dragon / Blue Dragon
The Huaihai, 1948 to 1949 - China's Gettysburg, Modeling the Fulda Gap, Air power and a whole bunch more.

Cubicle Seven - Doctor Who - the Tenth Doctor Sourcebook
2005 to 2010 the Tenth Doctor travels from Pompeii to the end of the universe, defends Earth from aliens (again), journeys on the Titanic and has to deal with the Time Lords. All the information you need in a hardback sourcebook.
iello - The Big Book of Madness
2 to 5 players (ages 14 and up) try to stop the monsters from escaping the arcane text they have mistakenly opened. Reseal the book, defeat the monsters and try not to lose your mind. Work together, learn new spells and master the elements in this deck building game. Plays in about an hour to ninety minutes.

Nocturnal Games - Gladiator : Quest for the Rudis
a card based combat board game for 1 to 6 players. Play different gladiators, use attack and defenses to become victorious. Play casual combats or embark upon a campaign. Play one on one, two on two, or even three to one. Solo play rules are included. Ages 12 and up. Plays in 15 minutes to an hour.

Asmodee - Histrio
two to five players try to recruit the right actors to give the king a show that matches his ever changing mood. Comedians and Tragedians vie for attention, but only a satisfied crowd will make you money. Ages ten and up. Plays in 40 minutes.

Privateer Press - new minis :
Cryx - Black Ogrun Boarding Party boxed set
Cryx - Kraken / Sepulcher Colossal box set
Convergence - Forge Master Syntherion
Minions - Bog Troll Mist Speaker
Legion of Everblight - Shredder lesser warbeast boxed set
Battlefield Accessory - Forward Trenches
Tuesday  May 10th :
Worthington Games -  New Blue & Gray series ACW games
allows players to refight entire campaigns in only a few hours. Short series rules have players on the table within half an hour with special campaign rules dealing with unique situations. Low unit density and reactive movement keeps both players involved. And the volumes can link together into a single large game.

Volume III - Jackson & Sheridan : The Valley Campaigns
Jackson's Shenandoah Valley campaign of 1862 and Sheridan's campaign of 1864 are covered in this volume. Suitable for solitaire play, takes 2 players around 3 hours to play through. Low complexity rules.

Volume II - Lee's Invincibles
Follows the Gettysburg campaign of Lee during the summer of 1863. designed for 2 players but suitable for solitaire play. Plays in about 3 hours.

Volume I - Grant's Gamble : Wilderness Campaign of 1864
Follows the overland campaign of 1864 from the Wilderness to Petersburg. Can you smash the Confederacy, take Petersburg and Richmond and end the war? As Robert E Lee can you keep the Union out of Richmond while keeping your army intact and still able to carry the fight to the Union? Plays in about 3 hours. Suitable for Solitaire play.

Worthington Games - McClellan Moves : 1862 Peninsula to Antietam
An expansion to Grant's Gamble (Volume I of the Blue & Gray games) that explores McClellan's plan to move up the peninsula, besiege Richmond and bring the Confederacy to terms. Can you succeed where he failed?

Rio Grande Games - Tin Goose
3 to 5 players attempt to build an airline business at the dawn of commercial aviation. Buy planes, build networks and manage events that could disrupt your plans. Game takes about 30 minutes per player. For ages 14 and up.

Alderac Entertainment -Doomtown : The Curtain Rises
New allies have helped Sheriff Grothe uncover secrets that point to a source of evil and the Law Dogs are all over it. Is it too little, too late? 84 cards and story sheet for Doomtown Reloaded LCG.

Fantasy Flight Games - new LCG expansions
Lord of the Rings : Flight of the Stormcaller
Cards 1 to 29 of of the Dreamchaser cycle for the LoTR LCG. You require the LOTR basic set and the Grey havens deluxe expansion to use these cards.

Warhammer 40,000 Conquest LCG - The Final Gambit
Cards 116-138 of the Planetfall Cycle. 60 new cards to customize your deck to deal with the grim darkness that is Warhammer 40,000 Conquest.

Triple Ace games - Cadaver : A game of Lighthearted Necromancy
2 to 3 players work to revive as many corpses as you can by morning. Different body bits need different processes, so be sure you have an array of arcane assets ready to go.

Catalyst Game Labs - Shadowrun Beginner's Box - Back In Stock!

Pinnacle entertainment Group - New Savage Worlds Lankhmar softbound books
City of Thieves, Savage Foes of Nehwon and Savage Tales of the Thieves Guild - all in paperback printings for your pleasure.

Pelgrane Press - Seven Wonders
a collection of stand-alone collaborative story telling games from UK based game designers. Thoughtful characterization, inter-character drama and improvisational story telling are used to create a compelling tale.  Seven games from fantasy, to dystopian future to science fiction. All in one hardback volume.

Battlefield Press - Open Anime
A new Open Core multi-genre RPG focusing on manga and anime. Using simple, time proven mechanics and variant rules to deal with other mechanics you can convert and play campaigns from almost any universe. 290+ page book.  

IDW Games - Back to the Future
2 to 4 players try to make sure the timeline is put in order. Move between timelines, influence events and try to be the one to set everything right.  Ages 10+ Plays in about 45 minutes

Shadows of Brimstone Expansion Sets :
Custodians of Targa - 3 Custodians and 3 Targa Pylons with rules & cards
Dark Stone Hydra - XL sized monster and game cards
Trun Hunters - 3 Trun Hunters, cards and rules

PSC Games - The Great War : Tank Expansion
includes 6 tanks, new tiles and scenarios for the Great War game from Richard Borg

Fantasy Flight Games - Talisman Cataclysm is in stock!

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