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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Tuesday, July 28th :
Rio Grande Games - Mogul
3 to 5 players buy and sell shares in railroads, try to convert their holding into money and property and attempt to avoid the stock market crash to win.

New Reaper miniatures
Dark Heaven Legends : 03696 -Gutsrags, Stitch Golem
Dark Heaven Legends : 03718 -Ghost Bride
Dark Heaven Legends : 03725 - Moandain, Arch Lich
Pathfinder Minis : 60179 - Zadim, Iconic Slayer
Pathfinder Minis : 60180 - Sharda, Iconic Shaman
Pathfinder Minis : 60183 - Kess, Iconic Brawler
Reaper Bases : 74030 : 40mm round lipped  (10)
Reaper Bases : 74038 : 1" square base (20)
Reaper Bases : 74040 : 20mm square base (25)
Reaper Bases : 74041 : 20mm round base  (10)

New Chessex Dice - 7 piece poly, d10 sets and 2 sizes of d6 sets
Astral Blue and White (swirl) with red ink
Black Starlight (glitter) with red ink
Blue / Teal (swirl) with gold ink
Masquerade Yellow and opalescent navy blue  with white ink
Steel/Orange with Gold ink
Red/Teal with Gold ink

Blue Orange Games - Prohis
3 to 6 players are trying to smuggle convoys between warehouses, looking out for the Prohis. Bluff and negotiate your way past authorities and make your fortune.

Greater Than Games - two new expansions
Sentinels of the Multiverse : Omnitron IV (environment mini expansion)
Sentinels of the Multiverse : Guise (hero mini-expansion)

Mayfair Games - Trambahn
2 players compete  to be the only tramway company in Munich. Expand,  your rails, add routes, create new stations and add trains. Plays in about 30 minutes. Ages 8+

Rio Grande Games - My First Bohnanza
For ages 4 and up with 3 to 5 players. Takes about half an hour to play this new version of Bohnanza. Plant, trade, harvest and sell your beans to become the best bean farmer there is. Now with game play that even young children can play.

Argentum Verlag - El Gaucho
2 to 4 players try to collects sets of cattle, exercising their abilities at the dice rodeo. Be smart, watch out for your opponents and make Pesos to win. Ages 10+. Plays in about an hour. Great fun for the whole family.

Combined Army : Umbra Legates
Nomads : Intruders with HMG
Nomads : Corregidor Alguaciles
Aleph : Scylla & Drakios, Steel Phalanx NCOs
Aleph : Atlanta, Agema's NCO
Haqqislam : Nazarova Twins, Kum Enforcers
Haqqislam : Naffatun
Pan Oceania : Croc Men with Sniper Rifle

Wednesday, July 22nd :
Osprey Publishing - Bolt Action : Germany Strikes!
This new book covers the Early War period of World War 2 and the conflict in Europe. This Theater Book provides everything from the war's opening fights. Poland, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and Norway are all covered. New rules help make the game work to recreate these battles which paved the way for the rest of the war.

Margret Weis Games - Firefly : Ghosts in the Black
This five episode post-Unification War tale you sends you on a mission to track down a legendary Alliance warship, the Westlake, somewhere in the black. A five episode story arc, a bunch of advice and a bunch of expanded rules and GM information. All in one handy book full of Firefly action.

Stronghold Games - Grangja
1 to 4 players compete in a six round game to build up farms on the island of Majorca. Develop the farm, deliver goods to the village and earn the title of La Garnja! Make sure to time your moves correctly, earn victory points, manipulate the turn order and come out on top. 

Fantasy Flight Games - Talisman : The Harbinger
Includes 75 Harbinger cards, new spell cards, terrain cards, omen cards, 2 alternate ending cards, 3 new characters and figures as well as the Harbinger.

Game Salute Games - Alien Frontiers Faction Pack 4
The Prophets of the Artifact have taken to the stars and now work toward their ultimate goal. Includes a faction board, alien tech card, agenda cards and a rulebook.

Tasty Minstrel Games - Flip City
1 to 4 players (ages 8 and up) try to renovate their neighborhoods in this deck building game. Push your luck, build your deck, upgrade your cards and win. Plays in about 45 minutes.

Steve Jackson Games - several new items :

Awful Green Things from Outer Space is back!
The classic boardgame where the crew of the Znutar are cruising around the galaxy and are attacked by the Awful Green Things! Fend them off while trying to find a way to destroy them, lest you lose your crew. For 2 players, plays in a hour or two.

Star Munchkin 3 : Diplomatic Impunity
New cards, new rules and more Star Munchkin munchkining.

Star Munchkin Space Ships expansion.
15 new cards add Ships to StarMunchkin. Now more power than ever before.

Cryptozoic Entertainment - Arrow Crossover pack
Five new playable heroes, new villain, equipment, location and power cards to add a new dimension of game play to your DC Deck-building game.

Monte Cook Games - The Strange : Worlds Numberless and Strange
Seventy new Recursions, expanded information on worlds, new artifacts, creatures, character options and scads of source material including guidelines on adding your favorite fiction worlds into your 'The Strange' game.

Tuesday, July 21st :
Osprey Publishing - new books
Aircraft of the Aces #127 - Polish Spitfire Aces
Combat Aircraft #110 - Dornier Do24 Units
Fortress #108 - Germany's East Wall in World War Two
New Vanguard # 227 - Ottoman Navy Warships 1914-1918
Men at Arms #501 - Armies of the Greek-Turkish War of 1919-1922
Campaign #285 - Lewes and Evesham 1264-1265 : Simon de Montfort & Baron's War
Campaign #282 - Leyte 1944 : Return to the Philippines

Osprey Adventures - Wars of Atlantis
Chronicling a lost age of gods and heroes, this tome puts forth the history of Atlantis. From its inception and warlike beginnings, it's struggles and those of it's colonies, the counter invasions from the rest of Europe and Asia and it's final end, being sunk beneath the waves as punishment for it's hubris., With tons of information and illustrations. Looking for source material for your fantasy world? Could be handy...

Osprey Games - Frostgrave : Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City
Create a wizard and his party from apprentice to followers. Find spells, knowledge and treasure. Advance in wealth and power. Each individual game can play within an hour or so, a campaign system is provided and a myriad of scenarios and beasts are provided as well. Explore the Frozen City. But beware what you may find.

Osprey Military History Calendar - 2016
Each month includes stunning full color artwork, a bit of background on the event the art is depicting and important world holidays are noted by date as well

Anvil Eight Games - Atherium
Aetherium is a skirmish level miniatures board game set in a cyber-mindscape where the world changes with the will of the players.

Aetherium requires roughly one hour for a full game. Assemble your collective of hackers, agents, activists, or anarchists and lead them on a hyper-fast run through a dangerous virtual reality. Aetherium is a contest of mental skill, as players try to outthink their opponent using programs, resources, and the world itself in order to carve a space inside this fluid reality. Fight for control of the greatest discovery of human existence.

The 2-player Aetherium Starter Box comes with absolutely everything required to stage a daring encounter in the Aetherium, including an 108 page color rulebook, 27 models covering the forces for two different sides, playmat, a dozen terrain tiles. dice, cards and tokens. Here is your chance to play a new style of miniatures game.

Atherium Miniatures -
we are stocking the full range of blister packed miniatures as well.  28 different choices ranging from single models to multiple model units and accessory sets with tokens and dice.

Friday, July 16th :
Wizards of the Coast
Magic the Gathering : origins is in store!
Decks, boosters, Fat Packs, Clash decks and more!

IDW Games - CHEW Cases of the FDA

Investigate food related cases, look out for deep fried fingers, murdered mascots and worse. 2 to 5 players (ages 12 and up) try to close the investigation before the other agents can. Plays in about a half an hour.

Knights of the Dinner Table #222 is in!

Multiman Publishing - two new titles

Day of Days : Invasion of Normandy - Standard Combat
This monster company level game gives you a view of the first ten days of Operation Overlord. Amazingly playable and fast playing. The landings are handled on separate maps and the four map campaign makes for a huge, fun game.

Product Image
Beyond the Rhine :
Campaign for Northwest Europe Sept '44 to April '45

This new operational Campaign Series game pits a reeling German army against the overconfident Allies. 3.5 miles hexes, 3.5 day turns, random events, background effects, special river crossing rules, 44" x 66" map and over 100 combat units along with many options make BtR a game play experience like no other  

Thursday, July 16th :
Fantasy Flight Games - Chain of Command : Star Wars Force Pack