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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Tuesday, December 16th :
Asmodee :

Corvus Belli - Inifnity 3 Rulebook - in stock now.

Cryptozoic :
Archer : Danger Zone board game is back in stock.
Mod X

Crucible  Seven :
Doctor Who Card game
Rivendell sourcebook for One Ring

Catalyst Game Labs - The Duke : Siege Engines - Middle Ages

Dan Versen Games
- Fleet Commander Nimitz

Fantasy Flight Games
Imperial Assault
Netrunner LCG : The Core data pack
Eldritch Horror : Mountains of Madness 

Indie Board and Cards
Flashpoint : Duty & Honor Expansion
Resistance : Hidden Agenda
Resistance : Hostile Intent

Eat me if you Can

Marget Weiss Games - Firefly : Things Don't Go Smooth RPG supplement

Osprey Publishing -
Essential Histories 78 : Russia's Wars in Chechnya 1994-2009
New Vanguard 217 - British Light Tanks 1927-1945 (Mark I-VI)
Elite  199 - World War I Battlefield Artillery Tactics

Rio Grande Games - San Jaun reissue - now including the New Buildings expansion and a brand new bonus building

Steve Jackson Games
Tile Chess
Munchkin Legends Deluxe
+6 Bag of Munchkin Legends (plastic pawns)

Vallejo -
German Field Grey Paint set
Waffen SS Camouflage Paint set
Game Color Leather & Metals paint set

WizKids Games
D&D Attack Wing - Black Shadow Dragon
D&D Attack Wing - Movanic Deva Angel
D&D Attack Wing - Aarakocra Troop
Star Trek Attack Wing - Borg Cube

ZMan Games - Akrotiri
Zipwhaa Games - Heebie Jeebies
Thursday, December 11th :
Queen games - Alahambra 6
Includes 4 new expansion modules - the Falconers, The Portals, The Building Sites and The Exchange Certificates.

Playroom Games - Geek Out!
The geeky party game for 2 to a zillion people. Draw a question card, pick a topic - players bid to see how well they can answer the questions. See if you can out geek the opponents.

Mayfair Games - Helpers of Catan
A scenario set with 10 helper cards and rules. Now there are 10 hard working characters to help you settle your kingdom. Even more fun for your Settlers gaming experience.

Raex games - Kromore RPG
Play in multiple Eras, be a Sci-Mage. Encounter gods, aliens and more. Customize your character, explore a massive world and experience wonder and excitement in this new all encompassing RPG

Reaper Miniatures
60173 - Pathfinder : Vagorg
60186 - Pathfinder : Staunton Vhane
61087 - Pathfinder : Koya Mvashti
03684 - Dark Heaven : Archway
03683 - Dark Heaven : Sister Lana, Healer
03681 - Dark heaven : Nazera Bloodraven, Vampire

Privateer Press Miniatures
31111 - Cygnar Dynamo Character 'jack
71084 - Trollblood Scatterguners plastic box set
71096 - Trollblood Trollkin Highwaymen unit box set
71091 - Trollblood Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes

Days of Wonder
- Small World : A Spider's Web
A mini expansion featuring three new races (Ice Witeches, Slingmen and Skags) and three new Special Powers (Lava, Soul-Touch and Copycat) along with a box to hold all your Small World stuff.

Red Raven Games - Eight Minute Empires
2 to 4 players select cards to help them take over the fantasy world they preside upon. Includes new fantasy creatures, special abilities and a modular board as well as new variants. Easy to learn and plays within a half hour.

Catalyst game Labs - The Duke is back!
And this time it's a Mensa Select game, a 2013 nominee for best two player game and is even in stock! Move your troop tiles around the board, try to capture the opponent's Duke and win the game.   

Flying Frog Games - Shadow and Brimstone (City of the Ancients/Swamps of Death)
City of the Ancients and Swamps of Death two different games, both are in stock now. In either 1 to 4 players create a character and find adventure. Either venture to an ancient city or a dismal swamp - encounter things Man was Not Meant to Know and try to get back alive. It is possible to combine both games to allow up to 6 players to participate at once. Ages 12+ Takes around 2 hours to play. includes scads of plastic figures, full color card maps, rules and scads of fun.

Repos Games - Concept
4 to 12 (or more) players compete in order to get others guess the word they are trying to convey with icons available to them. For example - Yellow, Black, Small and Flying could be used to describe 'bee'.
Friday, December 5th :
Plastcraft games - New Malifaux terrain kits
Graveyard Set,  Downtown Walkway Set,  Downtown Building Set,  The Tower,
Sewers Walkway Set,  Graveyard Items,  Undertaker props, Suburban Props

Catalyst Game Labs - Shadowrun Crossfire Character Expansion pack 1
Includes 20 new Runner cards, 4 new basic cards, 100 upgrade stickers. Create whatever shadowrunner concepts come to mind with this new expansion pack.

Z-Man Games - Terra Mystica : Fire and Ice is back in stock!

Z-Man Games - Chimera
This deluxe card game brings you to the world of Tichu - this three player game has you placing your bets, managing your hand and trying to trump your opponents. Ages 13 or better. Plays in about 45 minutes.

Dyskami Publishing - Worker Placement
The Temp Agency Boardgame. 2 to 5 players try to maneuver their workers into the best jobs. Dominate the city's temp agency scene and win! Ages 10 and up. plays in in a hour or so.

Catalyst Game Labs - Shadowrun Runner's Toolkit Alphaware
Did you get the Shadowrun Beginner's Box and want up your game? This is a great stepping Stone between that intro set and the full game. Includes rules, maps, dice, weapon, gear and spell cards and more.

Knights of the Dinner Table # 215
Wargames Illustrated # 326 - Gladiator, Dice-less gaming, Six Days War, Ligny & more
Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy #75 - Innovators & Rebels.  

Wednesday, December 3rd :
Z-Man Games - Carcassonne (back in stock)
now with the River and The Abbot mini-expansions included. An easy, fast playing, fun yet strategic game for 2 to 5 players. A classic Eruo-style game.

Cryptozoic Entertainment - Forever Evil : DC Deckbuilding game
This standalone game lets you the Justice League and others. Fully compatible with other Cerberus Engine games - this villainous themed set lets you take treachery to new levels. Features Lex Luthor, Black Manta, Sinestro and many more.

Moonster Games - Choson
The Koryo Dynasty is defunct and as General Yi steps up to found a new one the Watchers appear all over the realm to challenge him. 2 to 4 players compete in this thematic sequel to Koryo.

Asmodee Games - Colt Express
2 to 6 players attempt to become the richest outlaw in the west. Each turn you scheme, playing your action cards into a deck and then try and steal as much as you can. Your plan might get thrown off by others actions though... so look out. Plays in about an hour. Ages 10 and up.

Matagot games - Sun Tzu
2 players attempt to bluff, brag and scheme thier way to victory as you try to impose your will on ancient China. Ages 9 and up. Takes about half an hour to play.

Goodman Games - Metamorphosis Alpha
The Deluxe Collectors Edition is here! Not only the original rules from 1976 but the playtest documents, errata, new ctreatures and NPCs, GM notes, a Bibliography, magazine articles published for the '76 rules and more.

Queen Games - Tortuga
2 to 4 players take on the role of swashbuckling pirates and attempt to get their treasures to the legendary port of Tortuga. Roll your dice, alloacte men to sail, fight, fire cannons and try to adapt to the changing situation. For ages eight and up. Takes about thirty to forty minutes to play.

D&D Attack Wing Dice Sets are in stock (6 attack, 6 defense dice)
Star trek Attack Wing Ships are in :
1st Wave (Hideki class) Attack Fighters
Vidiian Battlecruiser (Fina Prime)
Negh'var Flagship (Regent's Flagship)

Blackwyrn Games - Roger's Jollies
This vinyl mat has a five deck ship laid out with a 1" grid overlayed on top. The 3 foot by 1 3/4 foot mat is ready to go. Roll it out, use wet erase markers to wrote on it and prepare for adventure on the high seas.
Wednesday, November 26th :
Fantasy Flight Games - two new X-Wing ships
YT-2400 Frieghter (Rebel Alliance)
Cards, tokens and model to add the YT-2400 to your game. A favorite of smuggler the YT-2400 has a huge cargo capacity while remaining fast and maneuverable.

VT-49 Decimator (Empire)
With cards, tokens,model and everything you need to add the Decimator to your X-Wing game the Empire gains a long range scout and border defense ship unlike any others.

Rio Grande - Rattlebones
Rattlebones is a game about transforming dice. You start with standard six-sided dice, and throughout the course of the game you can remove sides and replace them with other sides that let you do all sorts of wonderful things. Every time you score points, you get closer to finding Rattlebones and, er, winning the game. Yes, winning! It's an experience to six-sided-die for! 2 to 4 players, ages 13 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Rio Grande - Temporum

In Temporum, the board shows the possible paths history can take and the actual path it currently takes. On your turn, you can change history, travel through time, and visit a point in history. You draw cards, play some of them for money and abilities, and score some of them to advance your power through history. Having more power in a time period gives you abilities, but your goal is to have all of your power in the last time period, the time from which you come. For 2 to 5 players, ages 13 and up. Plays in about 45 minutes.

Mongoose Publishing - Arcania of Legend : Elemenatism
Designed to work seamlessly with other Legends fantasy based games, this latest supplement looks at the elementalist and elemental magic in a new way.

Engine Publishing - Unframed : The Art of Improvisation for Game Masters
Advice for how to improvise for GMs - a skill that is the difference between reading a script and having an immersive experience. Listening, improvising, reacting and use of voices are all covered as well as much more.  23 top deigners give you tips in this handy new book. One Hundred and ten information packed pages.

Mongoose Publishing - Citadel Beyond the North Wind
A sandbox setting for a classic swords & sorcery adventure. Using the Legends Core RPG this setting gives you the land of Yg, a sandbox setting with prominent locales and people, different races and all the background you need to run a new campaign there.

Sanguine Games - Myriad Song
A new RPG where you play a space adventurer following the strange legacy of an alien empire. Everything you need to play is here, rules, setting, worlds and tips to create a sci-fi epic role playing experience.   

Hunters - Outbreak : Deep Space
From the team that brought you Outbreak the RPG comes Outbreak : Deep Space. New horror awaits - traveling the depths seeing things only a mad mind could envision. Things that are born from the bodies of the dead. This new book brings for 3 different kinds of outbreak. Infestation, Invasion and Transdimensional. 240 hardbound pages of character creation, skills, combat, opponents and guidlelines to creating the world.

Paladium Games - Robotech RPG Tactics miniatures game
Take command in this 6mm scale battlegame where you control Earth Defense Forces, Zentraedi Armda forces or the Malcontents in battle against your opponents. Includes a 112 page rulebook, 15 Veritech Valkyries, 2 Tomahawks, 2 Defenders, 12 Regult Batlepods, Officer's Battlepod, Recovery Pod and Recon battlepod as well as game cards, battle dice, templates, tokens and decals. Ages 13+ 2+ players.

Paladium Games - Robotech Tactics miniatures expansions
United Earth Defense Force - Spartan/ Phalanx Destroids squadron (2 of each)
United Earth Defense Force - Valkyrie Wing (6 Veritech Valkyries) 
United Earth Defense Force - Tomahawk / Defender Destroids (2 of each)
Zentraedi Armada - Artillery Battlepods (4 artillery battlepods)
Zentraedi Armada - Regult Battlepods (6 battlepods)
Zentraedi Armada - Glaug Command (Officer, Reco and recovery battlepods)
Tuesday, November 25th :
Wyrd Miniatures - new releases :
Guild Guard (2 figures)
Friekorpsmenn (2 figures)
Vengeful Spirits (7 figure crew box)
Mindless Zombies (5 mindless zombies)
Bound By Law (7 figure crew box)

Pazio Publishing new releases 
Pathfinder Cards - Rules Reference Flash cards
110 double sided cards with rules reference to the Core rulebook and Advanced Players guide. No need to flip pages when you can just flip cards...

Pathfinder Adventure Card game : Skull & Shackles Tempest Rising Expansion
Adventure deck #3 - including new villains, henchmen, loot and scenario cards to add to your Skull & Shackles experience.
Pathfinder Module : Plunder & Peril
Adding to both the Skull & Shackles story path and the Adventure Card game this module challenges you to locate and recover Redclaw's treasure - if you can. Will you be headed for fame and riches or a watery grave?

Pathfinder Players Companion : Ranged Tactics Toolbox
tips on fighting ranged combats, new magic weapons, feats, tactics, spells, equipment and a whole lot more. All to make you a better ranged combatant.

Pathfinder Adventure Path : Valley of the Brain Collectors (Iron Gods 4 of 6)
Can you brave the Scar of the Spider and and uncover ancient knowledge tio help you in your fight against the Iron Gods? Find out about the Dominion of the Black, the technology used by the four cultures of aliens, encounter new horrors and read the Pathfinders Journal. All right here.

Pathfinder Flip-Mat : Red Light District
Two different areas (front and back on the map) for the players to explore. From dockside to the depths of the city - it's a place to go if you want to explore the seedy underbelly of the city. 24" x 30" mat gridded with 1" squares. 
Goodman Games - new releases
Dungeon Crawl Classics #79.5 - Tower of the Black Pearl
A level 1 adventure - as the tides recede, as they do every decade, the Tower of the Black Pearl is revealed. And inside it, the artifact that names the tower. Can you make your way inside and return with the fabled Black Pearl within the eight hours the tide remains out, all the while avoiding the curse that dooms all who possess it? 

Dungeon Crawl Classics # 76.6 - Well of the Worm
a level 1 adventure for the DCC RPG. Can you deal with the insane wizard who dwells below the town raising demonic worms to do his bidding? Beware the Warworms!

Dungeon Crawl Classics - The Old God's Return : Holiday Annual Adventure
a Level 1 module allowing the champions of the Lord of Flickering Flames to opposed an awakened deity that wishes to plunge the world into eternal darkness and strife...

Goodman Games GenCon 2013 Program Book -
No, it's not just the GenCon2013 book you got for free. Its background on the Goodman games crew, Sneak Previews, DCC and XCrawl adventures and more.

Goodman Games GenCon 2014 Program Book -
No, it's not just the GenCon2014 book you got for free. Its background on the Goodman games crew, Sneak Previews, DCC, Age of Cthuhlu, Dungeon Alphabet, Metamorphosis Alpha and XCrawl adventures, fiction and more.

Metamorphosis Alpha Referee's Screen
A three panel Referee's screen with assort charts and tables to help you run the Metamorphasis Alpha RPG.  From combat charts to item comprehension, encounter charts to mutations. All the various bits of information you need on one screen.

Troll Lord Games - Castles and Crusades : Hel Rising
Quakes rock the region of Ormr and an evil comes on dark longships. Can you find out what is behind this great evil, avoid Hel's attention and end the evil the walks? For 3 to 8 characters of challenge level 3 to 4.

Z-Man Games - Bruges Expansion : City on the Zwin
This expansion has new rules with pieces for a 5th player. Expand your game with a new player, new stock cards that add abilities, extra ships, revised cards and new incentives to add more depth to play.

Fantasy Flight Games - The Witcher Adventure Game
Travel the world braving danger and foul monsters as one of four characters. Gather clues, investigate mysteries and complete quests. Race against your friends and opponents to prove your skill and mettle in combat, side quests and challenges. for 2 to 4 players, ages 14 and up. Takes 1 to 2 hours.

Stronghold Games - Medina
2 to 4 players work together to erect large and beautiful palaces and renovate the city walls. Includes a new double sided game board, new tiles (adding Tea and a Well), new rules and more. Plays in about an hour. For ages 10 and up.

Green Ronin Games - Advanced Bestiary (for the Pathfinder RPG)
300+ hardbound pages with over 100 monster templates, sample creatures, new full color art and a bunch more tyo add to your gaming experience.  

Alderac Entertainment - Doomtown : Saddlebag Expansion New Town , New Rules
84 new cards and a story sheet to add to your Doomtown Reloaded game.

Fantasy Flight Games - Warhammer 40K Conquest - The Howl of Blackmane
First of the War Packs containing 60 new cards to modify your decks of grim darkness and brutal warfare in the 40,000 year of Warhammer. even with a QR code on the back so you can see the cards inside without having to worry about opening the package. Seriously.

4Ground Buildings - New Mordanburg Dockside Dwellings are here.
Three different two story buildings, all prepainted and laser cut. Just glue them together and you are ready to go. Stories and roof lift out for access inside. Heavy Duty MDF.

Asmodee Games - Claustrophobia : Furor Sanguinis
Six never before seen scenarios, new room tiles, the Kartikeya and new rules. Add a new challenge, excitement and hours of fun to your game.

Z-Man Games - Terra Mystica : Fire & Ice
Yetis, Ice Madiens, Acolyte, Dragonlords, Shapeshifters, Riverwalkers and more enter the fray. Includes white and orange playing pieces, terrian tiles, faction boards, a new game board and more. Brace yourself Fire and Ice has descended & the world changed.
Thursday, November 20th :
Plastic Soldier Company - Battlegroup : Fall of the Reich
Take the Battlegroup rules to the battlefields of 1945. Four new general scenarios, a mini-campaign, a six linked scenario historical campaign as well as a historical overview, new uinits, new vehicles and rules to cover the whole shootin' match. And a painting guide too. You just can't get enough out of this one book.