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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Thursday  April 28th :
New Warmachine/Hordes Miniatures
31120 - Cygnar Thunderhead boxed heavy warjack
32114 - Menoth Grand Scrutator Serveruis
35067 - Retribution - Souless Voidtracer
71066 - Trollblood Grissel Bloodsong,  Fell Caller
73097 - Everblight Proteus

New Malifaux Miniatures
The Sow (Yes, its a three headed giant pig)
Large Arachnids (2 giant cybrog spiders)
Witchling Handlers (2 sword wielding Witchling Handlers)
Kamaitachi (a giant three tailed weasel? why yues, we have one right here)

Fantasy Flight Games - Android : Mainframe
two to four players try to manipulate programs, access points and partitions and gain access to the mainframe. Ages 14 and up. Plays in about half an hour

Pazio Publishing New Releases

Pathfinder  Adventure Card Game - Alchemist Class Deck

109 cards that allow the addition of Alchemists to the game. items, weapons and so much more. Also usable with Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Organized Play.

Pathfinder player Companion : Armor Master's Handbook
new Archetypes, magic armor and shields, combat styles and methods, bunches of ways to use a shield and a whole lot more.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting - Heaven Unleashed
13 champions of all that is holy and good, all presented here. Stat blocks, encounter maps, how to integrate these celestial beings into your campaign and much more.

Pathfinder Adventure Path : Hell's Vengeance, The Inferno Gate
In order to seal the Inferno Gate special help is needed. And that is where you come in. Face down villainous agents, look out for celestial beings who don't want the balance changed and prepare to deal with things you never knew. Adventure 3 of 6. For seventh level characters.

Pathfinder Flip Mat Classics : River Crossing
A double sided flip mat, one side with a bridge, one side with a ford. In full color and specially treated to allow almost any markers to be used on them.

Pathfinder Map Pack : Road System
contains 18 full color, wonderfully crafted tiles showing different areas of road. A bridge, ford, crossroads, rocky and forested roads and more.

Catalyst Game Labs - Vikings Board Game
2 to 5 players explore, raid and complete quests to gain lands and glory. The board is made up of modular tiles so replaybility is high.  Ages 13 and up. Plays in about 90 to 120 minutes. Attract heroes, pillage, raid, build and go Viking.

Catalyst Game Labs - Shadowrun Serrated Edge Denver 1
This adventure set puts players into a chaotic world where spies and action will shake up the norm and maybe even bring a better tomorrow. A fully, ready to go adventure.

Catalyst Game Labs - BattleTech : Interstellar Operations
370+ hardbound pages putting you in control of a faction's military in a quest to conquer solar systems. Rules and background deal with conducting large scale operations, playing in alternate eras, LAMs (really) and a whole bunch more. 

Privateer Press - Iron Kingdoms : Immortality
A complete adventure set as originally seen in No Quarter Magazine. Includes three additional scenarios, detailed maps and prologue adventure too. 100 plus full color adventure putting you in the Iron Kingdoms.

Friday  April 20th :
iello Games - Kenjin
2 to 4 players fight for control of the lands. Control the battlefield, sweep your enemies from before you and lead your armies to victory and become ruler of them all. a new card game of feudal Japanese combat. 12 and up. Plays in about 30 minutes.

iello Games - Sea of Clouds
2 to 4 captians explore islands to find relics, treasures and rum. recruit your crew, confront your opponents and become a legend in this pirate themed card game.  Plays in about 45 minutes. Ages 10 and up.

Guillotine Games - Zombicide : 3 Angry Neighbors tiles
Three double sided tiles to increase the size of your neighborhood. . More action, more adventure, more zombies.

Guillotine Games - Zombicide : Wulfsburg
First there was the Black Plague. The Zombicide spread through the lands. But rumor was that Wulsfburg was holding against the invasion. Liberate Wulfsburg and it's holdouts. Then, with that as a start we can save the world...
4 new survivors, 18 new equipment cards, magic weapons, powerful spells and more add to the excitment of the 10 new missions. Look out for the Zombie Wolfz!
Fantasy Flight Games - Talisman :The Cataclysm
Over 10 new cards, 5 brand new characters as well as a new board expansion. Need more from Talisman? Here is the expansion you need to do it.

Fantasy Flight Games - Calm Over Westeros
Latest of the LCG Chapter Packs. 60 new cards in the Westros Cycle.

Repos Games - Doctor Panic
2 to 9 players try to save the patient in less than 12 minutes. Can you do it? Requires a soundtrack or app available for free on line. Suture, scan, resuscitate. Includes 8 zany medical tests. Have tons of fun with this family friendly game.

Modiphius Entertainment - Achtung Cthulhu : Secrets of DUST crossover
Bring the DUST technology in to fight the Mythos. New rules, new equipment, two adventures, one in the Dreamlands, one in an alternate Earth timeline - and much more.

Modiphius Entertainment -
Achtung Cthulhu : Assault on the Mountain of Madness 

a seven part adventuregoing from the mid-atlantic to Antarctica. A multi-national force with experimental equipment takes on more horrors. New rules, new monsters, new hideous twists. Can you stop a horrible evil?

Osprey Games - Horizon Wars
Combining the feel of real world combat and science fiction equipment, this platoon to battalion level game puts you in command of anything from a handful of mechs to a combined arms force. The game is fast moving and enjoyable regardless of the forces played.

Compass Games - Fatal Alliances : The Great War
a partner to World in Flames, Fatal Alliances represents every theater and aspect of the First World War. Many of actions were from from the static, trench based warfare we think of. The Balkans, Middle East and Russia had very dynamic campaigns. Manage your far flung colonies, new technologies and the diplomacy needed to prevail against all others. Plays with 2 to 6. Medium complexity and solitaire suitability. Play time varies. No other World in Flames titled are required to play this game.

Fantasy Flight Games - Wolves of the North - Deluxe Chapter Pack for GoT LCG
This expansion introduces House Stark to the GoT LCG. 156 cards and new rules allowing you to add new characters, events' locations and more. Also includes new cards for the other Houses as well. Customize and overcome.

Academy Games - Conflict of Heroes Firefight Generator
Designed for use with Awakening the Bear this expansion allows you to create unique firefights, alternate player generator cards, victory conditions and more. Bluff, outmaneuver and thwart your opponents plan before the battle even begins. Create 1 to 4 player firefights in under 10 minutes.  Includes solo mission materials too.

Gamelyn Games - Tiny Epic Kingdoms (2nd edition)
New and improved. Expand, Explore, exterminate and exploit your way to victory in this easy to learn, hard to master game. 2 to 5 players compete, taking over territories and  building an empire. Plays in 30-45 minutes.

Gamelyn Games - Tiny Epic Kingdoms : Heroes Call
New factions enter the fray, new mechanics add new depth and... SOLO play form those times you can't find players to oppose you. New region types, new territories, new resources and a whole bunch more.

Pelgrane Press - 13th Age - Battle Scenes : High Magic, Low Cunning  
45 challenging and memorable battles against foes connected to the Orc Lord, Prince of Shadows, Archmage, High Druid and the Three. Drop these into your game where needed and enjoy.

Pelgrane Press - 13th Age - Map Folio : High Magic, Low Cunning
Player and GM maps for the encounters. A full index to easily cross reference the appearance in the Battle Scenes. Full color and tons of fun.

Third Eye Games - Part Time Gods of Fate.
Using the FATE system you have the chance to be a god. Well, kind of. You have been gifted with a spark of divinity. Now you have powers which set you apart. Will you rise to the challenge? Choose wisely. You have but only one soul.

Battlefield Press - Eldritch Skies : Sci-Fi Roleplaying in Lovecraft's Universe.
A complete Savage Worlds setting where man has seen alien technologies and met the Mythos. Now they compete with it, vying for the stars. Can you succeed where others have failed? Colonize the stars. Diplome with Elder beings. Prepare for secrets Man was not meant to know.

End Transmission Games - Splinter
Two Worlds. Two Game Systems. One unique game experience. As a player (using the DicePunk system) you port into the Splinter. A VR Megadungeon pits you against dire foes in a fight for your life - while the world watches. As an Avatar in the Splinter you only know this life. Fight, gain glory and try not to fail. To fail is to die back on Earth.

Jarnringen Games - Symbaroum RPG
Explore the vast forests of Davokar in hunt for treasure. Visit the barbarian clans. Build an empire among merchants, princes and guildsmen. Beware rebels against the Throne and encounters with horrid beasts. Symbaroum give you a fast paced, flexible rule set for creating characters and adventures. Includes over 50 pages of world history, geography and cultures. A complete roleplaying game.   
Thursday  April 14th :
Reaper Miniatures - new Dark Heaven metal minis :
3769 - Ice Devil
3758 - Skeletal Breakers (2 skeletons with 2 hand axe or sword)
3757 - Skeletal Spearmen (2 armored skeletal spearmen)
3756 - Skeletal Swordsmen (2 armored skeletal swordmen)
3755 - Skeletal Bowmen (2 skeletal bowmen)
3754 - Male Antipaladin
1582 - Winter Spirit

WizKids Games - Teen Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles!
Single figure foil packs, Gravity feeds and starter sets are here!

Flying Nightbear Games - Beyonder : The Science of the Six
Ten races, six energies, one living, breathing world to explore. A new RPG set on the continent of Tamarra. The six guilds (each focused on one energy aspect) rule the world. Humans share the lands with nine other sentient races and all explore the Energies and seek out and destroy the rogues called Sorcerers who do not conform to the Guilds. The system and setting work together seamlessly and provide a unique game play experience.  

Flying Nightbear Games - Imbelnhi's Bestiary
This tome explores the different wildlife on the Tamarran continent as viewed by the explorer Imbelnhi Ulawey. From harrowing encounter with a barch to the amazing sighting of a siren fish. Find out about the inhabitants of the continent.

Steve Jackson Games - Chez Geek : Spring Break
40 new cards taking your game on vacation. All new cards and special giant sized event cards which can even change the rules of the game.

Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin : Puppies
a new puppy themed expansion with 30 new cards for Munchkin that let your old deck learn new tricks.

Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin : Marvel
Plays like the old Munchkin games, but with a Marvel twist. Play as one of 6 characters, defeat villains like Red Skull, collect loot like Ant-Man's Helmet level up as you grow in power and be the first one to LEVEL 10! 3-6 players, up to 2 hours play.

Cryptozoic Entertainment - CrossOver Crisis
a new Cartoon Network deckbuilding game, complete with a first printing promo card! Play as any one of nine different cartoons, battle some of the greatest adversaries. This set introduces Event cards, is fully compatible with other Cerberus Engine games and allows you to be the Champion of the comic crossover crisis.

Privateer Press - new Warmachine mini - Cygnar Commander Dalin Sturgis
Privateer Press - new Template sets
New colored translucent template sets, themed for each faction. Includes blast, spray and measuring key for short moves and line of sight. 

Denizens of the Abyss miniature set
Hellhound, Lower Abyssals, Succubus, Lower Abyssal Flamebeaer, Abyssal Guard, Tortured Soul, Efreet and Moloch - all in one box.

Legendary Heroes of the Crypts miniature set
Venetia the Human Cleric and Arianya the Naiad Demon Hunter miniatures.

Heroes of Mantica miniature set
Helkan Da'rresh the Twilight Kin Assassin, Enric the Butcher of Stryania, Gunn the Dwarf Engineer and Ravenna the Witch minis - all in a combined boxed set.

Fantasy Flight Games -Game of Thrones Playmats
Ironborn Reavers, The Kingslayer, The Red Viper, The Lord Commander, Warden of the North, Mohter of Dragons and Queen of Thorns. All in full color, made of mousemat style rubber backing, full color art on cloth, approximately 14 x 24 inches in size.  

Friday  April 8th :
Compass Games - War in the Wind : Attu Island 1943
low to moderate complexity game pitting the US Marines against Japanese on the island of Attu.

Wizards of the Coast - Curse of Strahd : Tarokka Deck
54 cards, able to be used to play Prophet's Gambit (for 3 to 5) or jused for readings on a trek through Barovia.

Gotcha Games - Expo 1906
1 to 4 players compete to get Milan ready for the Universal Exposition. Exhibit the most amazing technologies, gain prestige and glory. Plays in 60-90 minutes

Red Raven Games - Dingo's Dreams
2 to 4 players try to guide their animals from the dreamworld to a specified end point. Slide tiles to create a path and try to be the first to succeed. Plays in 15 minutes. For ages 12 and up, but has optional rules to allow younger kids to play or more complex rules to add challenges for experienced players.

Flying Frog Games - Shadows of Brimstone : Frontier Town
an expansion for Shadows of Brimstone. Adds a Town Adventure board and adventures _in_ town. Battle demons in the street, protect the townsfolk, duel at high noon and more.

Fantasy Flight Games - Rebellion
Epic conflict between the Empire and Rebel Alliance. Take control of the Empire and snuff out the Rebels uprising using your military might. As the Alliance you start a galaxy wide rebellion trying to take down the Empire and bring peace. . 
Days of Wonder - Quadropolis
A Mayor of the city you need to build up your city and take care of your citizens. build wisely, score points and be the best Mayor in town. 2-4 players. Plays in an hour or so. Designed for ages eight and over.

Ravensburger - Orongo
a bid and build game set on Easter Island. Find the best spots, build the most glorious Moai and rule the island. 2-4 players, 10 and up. Plays in about 45 minutes

BattleFront - New Team Yankee items
Yankee Green spray
Soviet Green spray
Petrol Station Afgantsy Weapons
Afgantsy Air Assault Battalion rules and cards

Battlefront - new Flames of War sourcebooks
Gung Ho (US Marines in the Pacific)
Banzai (Imperial Japanese forces in the Pacific)

Compass Games - John Gorkowski's Red Poppies Campaign
Volume One : The Battles of Ypres (October 1914, May 1915, September 1917)
Play through some of World War One's most iconic battles in an evening. Command companies formed into battalions and regiments. Take command and control into account. Medium complexity, high solitaire suitability.

Wednesday  April 6th :
Fantasy Flight X-Wing - New Maneuver Dial Upgrade kits.
Rebel, Imperial or Scum dial shrouds to show your colors along with seeing the whole of your movement possibilities. 3 kits to upgrade 3 dials.

Cubicle Seven - Dalek Dice
10 dice, a dalek art dice cup and hours of fun.

Wyrd Games - new Malifaux miniatures
Lelu & Lilitu, Dead Doxies, Bayou Gators, Guild Hounds The Drowned and Bad Ink Fate Deck - all in stock now.

Tasty Minstrel Games - Battlecruisers : an Eminent Domain universe game
3-5 players, ages 13 and up. Bluff, double bluff and out think your opponent. Play happens simultaneously so quick thinking and planning are important. Plays in about twenty minutes to half an hour.

Tasty Minstrel Games - Eminent Domain Exotica
More material for Eminent Domain. Exotic, Asteroidal and Diverse technology, promo materials to combine Exotica with Escalation, new Exotic Asteroids and planets, optional scenarios and more.

Fantasy Flight Games - new Star Wars RPG card sets
Scum and Villany Adversary pack
Imperials and Rebels Adversary pack
Citizens of the Galaxy Adversary pack
Critical Injury Deck
Critical Hit Deck

Looney Labs - Mad Libs - the Game
3 to 8 players, ages 10 and up. Combine sentence and word cards to create the funniest combinations. Be the best and win the round. Plays in around half an hour.

Avalanche Press - Broken Axis : Invasion of Romania, 1944
A boxed Panzer Grenadier game containing five multi-scenario battle games that integrate history and game play to create unique victory conditions that satisfy overall strategic conditions. Play a single scenario or string them together for a more in depth game. Includes new fourth edition rules.

Monte Cook Games - No Thank You, Evil.
a new 2 to 5 player kid friendly RPG. Rules scale to keep kids interested as they get more familiar and details. Designed for adventurers aged five and up. Solve mysteries, confront bad guys and say 'no' to evil.

Atlas Games - Fast & Fhtagn : A game of Cthulhoid Street Racing
3 to 6 players race out of space and time. Be the one... or be eaten. Play cards to recruit help, jockey for position and install gear.

Fireside games - Here, Kitty, Kitty!
3 to 6 players try to collect cats. Try to get the neighborhood cats into your house, your yard and away from your opponents.  Ages 10 and up. Plays in half an hour.

AEG/Pinnacle Entertainment - Doomtown Reloaded : Ghost Town
158 expansion cards. Leadership has changed for the Morgan Cattle Company and now things aren't the same in Gomorra.

Z-Man Games - Thunder & Lightning
This 2 player game pits Thor and Loki against each other. Use strategy & cunning to defeat your enemies' allies. Attempt to gain treasure, glory and the throne of Asgard. Plays in about an hour.

AEG/Artipia Games - Dice City : All the Glitters expansion
Open gold mines, adorn lavish palaces and pay mercenaries. Build new locations, have more options and way more fun.

Cryptozoic Entertainment - Adventure Tine Card Wars  : Fionna vs Cake
Includes 2 40 card decks, landscape cards, lots of hit point tokens, oversized hero cards and hours of Adventure Time Card Wars fun.

WizKids Games - Captain America : Civil War Heroclix Starter Set
Includes Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Falcon, Winter Soldier and Black Panther heroclix, cards, rules, maps and dice. Everything you need to play.

Wizkids Games - Captain America : Civil War single figure packs
in stock now. Got to get them all!

Z-Man Games - Knit Wit    
Craft word categories using loops & spools and find playful answers that match as many categories as possible. The more you match, the more you score.

Green Ronin Games - Song of Ice & Fire Narrator's kit (revised edition)
3 panel hardback screen, full color poster map of Westeros, 16 page introductory adventure, four quick reference cards and more useful information for GMs.

Pazio Publishing - Pathfinder Ultimate Intrigue
Includes a new class (the vigilante), new archetypes, new feats and magic items and spells. This book gives you background and guides for all sorts of new adventures. Heists, tense social situations, pursuits, verbal duels and so much more. add social settings and intrigue to your Pathfinder game.
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