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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Thursday, April 23rd :
Fantasy Flight - Star Wars Armada dice sets are in stock
9 dice - 3 black, 3 blue and 3 red to make your game experience nicer.

Imperial Settlers is back in stock AND...
Imperial Settlers : Why Can't We be Friends
This introduces Open Production to the game, building walls, stealing stuff from others and trying to be a nice guy. When you need to be. 55 cards and a rulebook to add to your Imperial Settlers game play

Osprey Publishing -  new books
New Vanguard # 221 - Gunboats of World War one
Men at Arms # 500 - Armies of Casttile and Aragon 1370 - 1516
Combat Aircraft #109 - Su-25 Frogfoot units in combat
Raid # 49 - Stirling's Desert Triumph (SAS Egyptian Airfield Raids 1942)
Warrior # 72 - Roman Legionary AD 284-337

L'Art De La Guerre (The Art of War)
A new set of historical miniatures rules designed to play battles from Antiquity to the Middle Ages in minature from 6mm to 28mm scale. Easily play a game in a couple of hours or large games over the course of an evening. No supplements are required to play and of over 280+ armies, the system and source material is complete. Find support, discussion and other players on their website.

Rio Grande Games - Dominion : Adventures
400 cards, 6 mats and 60 tokens are available for play adding 390 new Kingdom cards, Duration cards, Reserve cards and 20 Event cards. Grab your sword and trail mix, go adventuring, find new treasures, recruit, and come back wealthy.

Privateer Press - Iron Kingdoms Unleashed!
A new set of role playing core rules for playing in the more wild areas of the Iron Kingdoms. Become a savage hero, tap into your inner monster, control great warbeasts and immerse yourself in a wilderness rich with savage history.

Fantasy Flight Games - Descent : Heirs of the Blood Campaign book
32 new encounters all set to add excitement and plunder to your game.

Studio 2 - Deadlands : Hell on Earth Reloaded - The Worms Turn
a full plot point adventure taking place after the Reckoners have been banished, but this action has caused another, more terrifying evil to rear it's ugly head. Usable as it's own full length campaign, inserted into your own Tales or used as needed.

Studio 2 - Deadlands Reloaded : Hell on Earth - Companion
New Arcane backgrounds, guns, gear, vehicle combat, how to contact AIs and a whole lot more, including an adventure generator, survivor settlement creator and even more.

Battlefield Press - Double Spiral War (for Savage Worlds)
Taken from Warren Norwood's epic chronicle of interstellar combat, this setting book gives you a chance to experience the war and maybe even change it's outcome. Setting rules, NPCs, gear, background and more.

Fantasy Flight Games - The LotR LCG : The Treason of Saurman Saga Expansion
Three new scenarios taken from the Two Towers, new heroes and player cards as well. An interesting expansion for LOTR LCG.

Goodman Games new Dungeon Crawl Classics modules
DCC # 85 - The Making of the Ghost Ring
This fourth level adventure engrosses the party in an attempt to create a magical ring, as well as their attempt to take control of it. Designed to aid the GM, this module is a great introduction with more powerful characters and foes than are usually encountered in an introductory adventure.

DCC # 84 - Peril on the Purple Planet
A complete campaign setting where man-beasts wage endless war under a dying sun. Can you muster your courage and take up sword and shield against those who seek your destruction or will you simply become another bit of carrion littering the sands? Includes a 64 page campaign module, a 32 page adventure book, a GM screen, a 12 page starter adventure for 0 level players, short stories, player guide, handout book, judge's screen and a nifty box to hold it all!
Friday, April 17th :
Fantasy Flight Games - new dice bags
Imperial Aquila, Inquisitor Badge, Ork Glyph or Chaos Star -
all black heavy duty nylon black bag, drawstrings and full color icon

Game of Thrones LCG - House of Talons
Newest Chapter Pack, 60 cards (3 copies each of 20 new cards) adding to the Wardens cycle of the Game of Thrones Living card game. Add variety and options to your decks and game play.

Ares Games - New Wings of Glory (World War 1) planes
Nieuport NI.28 (Rickenbacker), Nieuport NI.28 (Hardy), Nieuport NI.28 (O'Niell)
Fokker E.V (Sharon), Fokker E.V (Lowenhardt), Fokker E.V (Osterkamp)
Macchi M.5 (Haviland), Macchi M.5 (Welker), Macchi M.5 (Arcidiacono)
Hannover CL.IIIA (Luftstreitkrafte), Hannover CL.IIIA (Hager/Weber), Hannover CL.IIIA (Baur/Von Hegel)

WizKids games - new D&D Attack Wing items
White Dragon, Dwarf Shield Warrior and Water Cult Warrior

Stone Blade Entertainment - Ascension : Dawn of Champions
The World of Vigil, Reborn. New Champion cards, Multi-faction cards, Constructs and Monsters grace this 1-4 player game. Combine it with other Ascension titles and play up to 6 players. Bunches of new options for your game play experience.

Green Ronin Games - Freeport : The City of Adventure
A new 500+ page book for the Pathfinder including district by district breakdowns, city history, background and politics, hundreds of characters, new classes, a low level adventure, new archetypes and bunches of world material.

Cubicle Seven - Eight Doctor Sourcebook     
Bunches of background on the eight doctor, a complete adventure, Daleks the Sisterhood of Karn and whole bunches of action encompassed in a doctor unlike any other.

Megacon Games - new Myth items
Minion Pack : Crawlers, Minion Pack : Grubber, Minion Pack : Shamblers, Minion Pack : Tailless, Soulless Captian pack, Bones Boss pack, Rath Captain Pack, Rat King Boss, Agents of Darkness pack, Quest Expansion deck, Item Expansion deck, Expansion Realm tiles and  Supplemental Realm tiles.

Megacon games - Mercs Conflict
a new 2 player dice game of megacorps gunning for each other. Attack, politically manipulate, economically dominate and otherwise destroy your opponents. Designed for ages 12 and up. Takes about 30 minutes to play.

Wednesday, April 14th :
Eagle Games - Baseball Highlights : 2045 -
In the future, baseball has waned in popularity. Games shortened to 6 inning, cyborgs and androids have entered into the league and now in 2045 Natural (human) players are the stars again. Play short 5 minute games where you set lineups, recruit free agents, pay your contracts and manage the team. Be the best manager to win. 

Baseball highlights : 2045 - expansion decks :
Expansion 1 : Coaches, Expansion 2 : Rally Cap, Expansion 3 : Naturals, Expansion 4 : Robots and Expansion 5 : Cyborgs

Legion Supplies - LifeCalc
Electronic score keeper for 2 players. Bring your games into the 21st Century with the LifeCalc.

Q-Workshop - new Ingress Dice
Enlightened d6 set - six d6 dice, with light green inking and circuity designs on the dice. Great for Cyberpunk games, scifi minis games and more.

Resistance Dice Set - six d6 set with light blue inking and circuity designs. Spiffy high tech look.

Enlightened 7 die polyhedral set

a seven die set (d4,d6,d8,d10,d12,d20,d%) inked in light green with high tech designs.

Wrath of Kings - Rulebooks are in as are Starter Packs and troop boxes.

ZMan Games - Carcassonne : Hunters and Gatherers
ZMan has revised and reissued the Stone Age version of Carcassonne. Just like the original game, play a tile, place a meeple and score. For ages 8 and up. Plays in about half an hour to forty five minutes.

Frog God Games - Quests of Doom
18 adventures in a hard bound book from popular authors, designed to challenge parties from 1st to 20th level. Bring on the old-school fun! Bill Webb, John Finch,James Ward, Ed Greenwood and others provide hours of adventuring fun.

Decision Games - new Folio Game releases
Masuria (Winter battles in 1915), Gaza 1917 (Gateway to Jerusalem), Suez 1916 (The Ottomans Strike) and Tannenburg (East Prussia, 1914)
Each title is designed as a low complexity, 2 player game which can reasonably be played solitaire if desired. Play time is 1 to 2 hours depending on the situation. Each comes with a 17 x 22" full color map, 100 counters, rules and background. A easy way to get into a period and play a classic hex board game. 

Portable Warfare - figure carry bags
a new bag designed to use 13" x 7.5" (Army transport sized) trays. Includes 8 x 8" and 8 x 4 front velcro clousure pockets, two side pockets, cargo net in the back for books, clipboards, etc. a removable strap, stacking clips to add other bags or accessories _and_ zippered that open the back fully to the base. Cloth exterior and plasticized interior keep your minis safe.

Rio Grande - Lost Cities Board game
2 to 4 players guide a team on up to five expeditions. Play cards in ascending order to score, find artifacts and try to be the most successful leader.

Friday, April 10th :
Alien Dungeon : All Quiet on the Martian Front
We have Flivvers, armored and unarmored, Tommy Tanks, Lloyd Command Carrier, Veteran Tripods and much, much more.

Looney Labs - Just Desserts
2 to 5 players, ages 8 and up are waiters at a dinner party and try to be sure their guests get the sweets they desire. Plays in as little as 10 minutes, but up to 45. 

Star Realms Games - Star Realms Gambit Expansion Set
20 new cards for use with Star Realms. 13 Gambit cards which add new abilities, Merc cruisers that can work for any factions, 2 solo challenges, 2 cooperative challenges.

Fantasy Flight Games - The Valley Data Pack
Cards 1-20 of the SanSun Cycle. 60 cards (3 each of 20 different)

Stronghold Games - Panamax
2 to 4 players (ages 12+) manage shipping companies accepting contracts from around the world and try to outperform their rivals. Accumulate money and stock, deliver cargo and win the game.

Cheeky Dingo Games - Elf Quest Adventure Game
from 1 to 4 players adventure in the world of Elfquest. Try to work together to solve your issues, defeat foes and ultimately win the game. Ages 12+ Plays in 1/2 hour

IDW Games - Dragon's Gold
Hunt Together, Win Alone. 3 to 6 players plunder the lair, kill the dragon and try to split the treasure. Ages 12+. Plays in about 45 minutes

AEG - Dark Seas
2to 4 players try to become the best pirate of all time. Build your island, sail your ships, plunder and build your fortune.
Thursday, April 9th
Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy Issue # 77 is here
French in World War One, Turks at Kum Kale, Battlegroup in Africa, 10mm Seven Years War figures and a whole lot more.

Wargames Illustrated # 329 is in.
Civil Wars, British World War 2 night fighting, How to make a Medieval church, microskirmish wargaming and more.

Wargames Illustrated # 330 is in as well. Go figure. Two at once.
Dogs of War - wargaming Mercenaries. Fighting Sail, Brown Water navy, Napoleonic Saxons and a bunch of other articles, hints and ideas.

Miniature Wargames # 384
Quick play the WRG way, Madrid 1936, Fortress under siege, spy games and a host of other articles.

Gale Force Nine - Firefly Ship Dice
9 dice in nine different colors schemes so everyone can have different dice for their own ship. 

Fantasy Flight Games - Star Wars LCG : Draw Their Fire Force Pack
60 new cards to expand your SW:LCG. Objectives 146-150 of Rogue Squadron cycle.

Dark Heresy : Enemies Within
New weapons, Acolyte creation, gazetteer of Askellon, Inquests as well as weapons, powers and more for players and game Masters alike.

Ystari Games - Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
Ten Sherlock Holmes adventures for you to solve as a mamber of the Baker Street Irregulars. Play on your own or with up to 7 others. For ages 13 and up. 1 to 8 players. Takes around 2 hours to play.

Wednesday, April 8th
Reaper Bones - Wave 2 has begun to arrive in store!
Numenera : Raster
Numenera : Ravage Bear
Bones :  Erick, Paladin Initiate
Bones : Barrow Rats
Bones : Thud Bloodwrack, Barbarian
Bones : Chimera
Bones : Karnege Gorefathom, Sharkman
Bones : Nathax (Dragon)
Bones : Kraken
Bones : Gelatinous Cube
Bones : Large Water Elemental
Bones : Krug, Hill Giant
Bones : Balor Demon
Bones : Blightfang, Forest Dragon
Bones : Cinder, Fire Dragon
Bones : Sliver Dragon
Bones : Verocithrax, Abyssal Dragon
Bones : Mashaaf, Great Old One
Bones : Cadririth, Colossal Spider
Chronoscope Bones : Dumpster
Chronoscope Bones : Telephone Box
Chronoscope Bones : Shipping Container
Bones Pathfinder : Mystic Theurge
Bones Pathfinder : Alian, Iconic Cavalier
Bones Pathfinder : Lini, Iconic Gnome Druid
Bones Pathfinder : Eando Kline
Bones Pathfinder : Arael, Half Elf Cleric
Bones Pathfinder : Hellknight Order of the Scourge
Bones Pathfinder : Whispering Tyrant

Meeple Monthly #28 Magazine

Numbskull Games - California Gold
3-5 player game of Orange farming for ages 11+ Plays in about 2 hours.

Atlas Games -  Ars Magica : Through the Aegis
Five fully detailed Covenants for use in your saga. One for each season, each set in it's own Tribunal.

Fate of the Norns - Denizens of the North
A full sized Lore Book for the Fate of the Norns : Ragnarok universe. Adds to the core book to bring you legendary & infamous denizens, monsters, locals, artifacts, archtypes, powers, skills and more.

Grail Games - One Zero One two player game (ages 8+)
Privateer Press - new Warmachine and Hordes
Skorne : Scarab Pack blister pack
Mercenaries : The Devil's Shadow Mutineers blister pack
Skorne : Venator Reivers boxed set

Lamentations of the Flame Princess
A Red and Pleasant Land
Death Doom Frost
The Idea from Space
No Salvation for Witches
Tower of the Stargazer

Friday, April 3rd
Wizkids Games - new Star Trek Attack Wing ships are in stock
Cardassian : Reklar
Federation : ISS Enterprise
Gorn Raider : Gornarus

Alderac Entertainment - Legend of the Five Rings : Twenty Festivals
Decks and boosters are in stock now.

Game Salute - new Alien Frontiers Expansions
Faction Pack # 2 The - Sunrise Commune. Includes a faction Board, Alien Tech card, 2 Agenda cards and a rulebook.

Alien Fropntiers Expansion Pack #1 - 4 new Alien Tech cards, 2 new Agenda cards, 6 player reference cards and decal sheet

Alien Frontiers Expansion Pack #2 - 4 new Alien Tech cards, 2 new Agenda cards, 5 Facility Reference cards 1 blank Alien Tech card.

Alderac Enetrtainmnent - Doomtown Reloaded : Faith and Fear
After the disastrous Election Day, Gomorra is devoid of mercy & grace. Now the Blessed dudes and their miracles have come to town and new cards for existing factions are in this set too.

CoolMiniorNot - Wrath of Kings
Minis are in stock - Goritsi Hadross, Sheal Han, Teknes and Nasier Factions starters and expansion boxes are in stock. Rulebooks expected in Tuesday.

Vallejo - new paints and sets
72106 - Scarlett Blood
72130 - Game Effects : Rotten White
72131 - Game Effects : Rust
72132 - Game Effects : Fresh Blood
72133 - Game Effects : Dried Blood
72134 - Game Effects : Vomit
72135 - Game Effects : Verdigris
72136 - Game Effects : Dry Rust

70183 - Rust, Stain and Streaking Set
Includes step by step instructions to create rust, staining and corrosion effects as well as 8 paints to do so.

70182 - Wood & Leather Set
Includes step by step instructions for creating light and dark wood as well as light and dark leather effects and 8 paints.

Repos (Asmodee) - Ghost Stories : Black Secret
The catacombs beneath the city contain the ashes of Wu-Feng  and the evil ones are trying to obtain them to bring about the end of the world. Can you stop them? An expansion for Ghost Stories - compatible with White Moon, but not required for play.
April 1st, 2015 - Wednesday  : Games Plus is 33 today!
Pelgrane Press - Ashen Stars : Justice Trade
Three new adventures for Ashen Stars along with a twenty minute Demo scenario to introduce new players. Political intrigue, planetary surveying, disaster recovery and more. From Robin D. Laws, Bill White and Kevin Kulp.

Paladium Games - Rifter # 69
Heroes Unlimited, After the Bomb, Chaos Earth : new Mexico, Rifts short story and the Arenas of Atlantis, Dead reign, news reviews, sneak peaks and more. 

Paladium Games - Bizantium and the Northern Islands for Paladium Fantasy.
Sea serpents, barbarians and monsters roam the lands, a new continent to explore, background , history and more to this part of the Paladium world as of yet unexplored.

Monte Cook Games - In Translation (for Strange RPG)
new character options with three new character types and over 50 new abilities. new Descriptors, new foci, advancement options and a ton more. 

Fireside Games - Castle Panic : Dark Titan
This 8 point monster brings new forces to the siege. Dark Sorceress, Boom Trolls, a Cavalier to help defend the Castle along with Boiling Oil and Support.

Looney Labs - Cartoon Network Fluxx
This family game brings together Adventure Time, Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Lab, power Puff girls and other Cartoon Network characters in a whacky game of ever changing rules. Draw one, play one and see what happens... till the rules change again.

CoolMiniorNot - Zombicide Season 3 : Rue Morgue
Months have passed since the Zombie outbreak began. Now, you and a team of survivors try to stay alive in a world gone mad. This game uses cards and simple rules to control the zombies while 1 to 12 players try to accomplish the set out goals. But worse, supplies have become scarce so interparty fights may well be the order of the day.

IDW Games - String Safari
3 to 5 players have been called in as crack zoologists to deal with an overpopulated zoo. Group the animals by habitat and diet, try to get compatible creatures together. Look out for other pesky players trying to undo all the hard work you've put it. For ages 10 and up. Takes about half an hour to play.

Victory Point Games - Angels One Five
The deluxe version of Professor Philip Sabin's Angels one Five, this game pits fighters against bombers in battle between RAF and Luftwaffe. Includes 14 scenarios as well as a scenario generator for endless possibilities. Designed for ages 13 and up. Takes about an hour to play. 

Wednesday, March 26th :
Wyrd - Through the Breach : Penny Dreadful
First of the Through the Breach RPG supplements, this setting puts you in Innocence deep in the badlands. The monstrous Neverborn raid nightly and the political infighting causes the towns leadership to be divided.  Can you help them? First in a series of adventures set in the Through the Breach world.

Mr. B Games - Realm of Heroes
2 to 4 players build castles, recruit heroes and try to take control of the Realm as the king has fallen and someone must take control. Deal with an evolving board, powerful enemies and more in this game of conquest. Designed for ages 14+. Plays in about 30 minutes.

Mr. B Games - Clockwork Kingdom
The king has died and with no successor the Clockwork Throne is ready to be taken. 2 to 4 players use power and cunning as well as your steam powered army to takw the Throne from the mere pretenders.

Academy Games - Fief : 1429
A game of Dynastic Ambition in medieval France Attain Royal and Ecclesiastical titles, use diplomacy, intrigue, betrayal, war and marriage alliances to gain wealth and power. Designed for 3 to 6 players, ages 14 and up. Takes 2 to 3 hours to play.

Reaper Miniatures new releases : 
03703 - Dracolisk
03704 - River Familiars
03705 - Lizardman with club & shield
03706 - Lizardman Archer
03714 - Viharis Tenspire, Wizard

Weird City Games - March of the Ants
Explore, Evolve, forage and march your way to victory as 1 to 5 players attempt to rule over the your colonies. Claim the meadow as your own while putting down all your opposition. Designed for ages 13+. plays in an hour to and hour and a half.

Tasty Minstrel Games - Scoville
2 to 6 players grow peppers , participate in auctions, make the fieriest peppers, fulfill orders at the chili festival and try to the the hottest farmer in town. For 2 to 6 players, ages 13+ Plays in 60 to 90 minutes.

Mayfair Games - Flea Market
Head down to the Market and try to make the $45 target profit before anyone else. Find the popular items, buy cheap, sell high. 3 to 5 players, age 8 and up. Takes about 30 minutes to play this wild bargain hunting game.

Z-Man Games - Arboretum
2 to 4 players try to design and create award winning arboretums while keeping their opponents from doing to same. For ages 8 and up. Plays in half an hour.

Reality Blurs - Tremulus : a Lovecraftian Horror storytelling game
Even for those unfamiliar with the Mythos, this horror based storytelling game lets you jump into the action and have a horror ridden time.Everything you need other than a pair of six sided dice, paper, pencil and people to play. 

Pazio Publishing - Pathfinder Strategy Guide
Step by step guide to creating, advancing and playing characters from the 11 core classes, introductions to combat and casting, advice on getting the most out of your game sessions, all about the pathfinder Society Organized Play Program and more.

Pathfinder Iron Gods Pawn Collection
bunches of full color pawns to use while playing the Iron Gods story arc, or even for other RPG applications.  From Maukui to Void Dragons, all in full color and ready to be used. Robots, Golems, Thugs and more.

Pathfinder Player Companion : Melee Tactics Toolbox
Suggestions on how to better fight in melees, new feats, new magic, equipment and more for your Pathfinder RPG.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting - Tombs of Golarion
Vaults of the dead lie scattered all over Golarion. Within this book are six fully explained tombs - ready for use in Pathfinder. From a submerged crypt to a sacred Dwarven temple there are many surprises as well as amazing treasure to be found.     

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