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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Friday, December 2nd :
Renegade games - The Blood of an Englishman
2 player card game of Jack, a giant, a bean stalk and some golden eggs. CVan you catch the thief? Avoid being squished by a giant while getting the goose down the stalk? Ages 10 and up. Plays in about half an hour.

Alderac Entertainment - Treasure Lair
2 to 4 players form a party, go on quests, face challenges and get treasure. Get more treasure than the rest and win the game. For ages 14 and up. This card game plays in about 30 minutes.

Wyrd games - New Malifaux minis including Hayreddin - a winged, trench coated, sword armed demoney looking thing.

Fantasy Flight games - There is My Claim
Games of Thrones LCG Chapter Pack. War of the Five Kings cycle.

Fantasy Flight Games - New Angeles
A game of Megacorporations set in the Android Universe. Four to six players make deals, form alliances, try to stay solvent and thrive in New Angeles. A new boardgame for ages 14 and up. Plays in two to four hours.

Z-Man Games - Pandemic : Iberia
Special version of Pandemic set in the mid-19th Century. Research Malaria, Typhus, Cholera and Yellow fever. Find cures, stop the spread and save humanity from it's ravages. Designed for 2 to 5 players, ages 8 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Wizards of the Coast - RoboRally
It's back again. In a new smaller box with prepainted miniature robots. Race across the factory floor, hit the checkpoints and try to be the one in first place at race's end. For 2 to 6 players, 12 and up. Play time varies by number of players.
Tuesday, November 29th :
Asyncron Games - Fief : Buildings
These pieces replace the boring cardboard making your holdings look far more impressive. Includes Strongholds, City Walls, Mills, Templar Commanders and Teutonic Strongholds. Parts for Fief, France 1429 and Templar/Teutonic expansions.

Asyncron Games - Fief - France 1429 Expansion
Includes Tactics, Crusades, Teutonic Knights, Templar Knights and Politics Expansions. New troops, expansions to the Middle East, Crusader States, Templar troops, and noble attendants to add depth to your Fief game.

R&R Games/Huch! - Touria
Set out to amass a dowry, fight legendary beasts and become a hero... all to win the heart of the Princess. Or the Prince. They are both wonderful and of marriable age. And for you to join the royal family you only need to follow the Dancing Towers of Touria. 2 to 4 players aged 10 and up. Plays ni an hour.

Fantasy Flight Games - Arkham Horror Living Card Game
A 1 to 2 player cooperative game where you try to solve eldritch mysteries befalling humanity. Add a second set to play with 3 tor 4 players. Each game is a chapter in a long campaign. Beware your early actions, they may have consequence much further down the road than you think. Each chapter plays in 1 to 2 hours.

Mantic Games - The Walking Dead : All Out War
Mantic's latest miniatures game has released. You play a gang of survivors encountering others in the world. Conflicts take place between gangs with walkers, terrain and scenario considerations making this a much different game than simply blast-the-zombie.

The two player game is delayed but we currently have :
Prelude to Woodbury Solor Starter -
6 miniatures solo rules, a solo event deck,. dice, templates, rules, supply cards and more. Everything you need to learn to play or to add Brian 'The Governer' Blake to your WDAOW miniatures game.

Walker booster - 6 Walkers, event and equipment cards
Andrea booster - Andrea, Amy and a walker mini & cards, Equipment & Character card
Shane booster - Shane, Reggie & Walker minis, character & equipment cards
Lori Booster - Lori, Craig & walker minis, character & equipment cards
Morgan Booster - Morgan, Duane & walker minis, character & equipment cards
Carol booster - Carol, Sophia & Walker minis, character & equipment cards
Rick on Horse booster -Richk on a horse,  Walker, character & equipment cards

Days Gone By Expansion -
Adds Dale, Allen, Donna, Jim and 2 walkers to your game as well as new scenery, a narrative campaign, new equipment, supplies and events. You will need the WDAOW core game to use this expansion.

Walking Dead All Out War Scenery expansion
Includes wrecked cars, walls, supplies and barricades to replace the cardboard terrain and add another level of atmosphere to your game. 

Walking Dead All Out War Deluxe Gaming Mat -
a 20" x 20" neoprene map of the bit of Atlanta's suburb. More mats can butt up against each other to create large play surfaces. Include non-slip backing so you need not work about it skittering around your tabletop. Printed in full color.

Walking Dead All Out War Dice Set
11 dice for WDAOW and a dice bag. Spare dice so you can have your own.

Slugfest Games - Battle for Greyport
cooperative deck building game set in the world of Red Dragon Inn. 2 to 5 players try to save the city from an attack of evil monsters. As if there are non-evil monsters... But now the drinking, eating and partying will have to wait. The city is under siege and your Inn is in peril! Ages 12 and up. Plays in about 30 minutes per player.

Friday, November 25th :
Privateer press - new Warmachine/Hordes miniatures
Minions : Farrow Brigands/Farrow Commandos unit box
Skorne : Praetorian Karax Officer & Standard Command Attachment
Khador : Conquest/Victor Colossal Warjack

Alderac Entertainment - Dice City ; By Royal Decree

Alderac Entertainment - Black Box 2016 is here!

Alderac Entertainment - Istanbul : Letters & Seals expansion

Reaper Miniatures - Layer Up!
Learn to Paint Set 2 - 3 minis, paints and instructions on highlighting by Layering. Includes a handy carry case as well.
Wednesday, November 23rd :
Stronghold Games - Jorvik
2 to 5 players trade goods, hold feasts, fund pillaging and hire warriors. Make Jorvik the best city. Includes basic 'Karl" and challenging 'Jarl' game modes.

Z-Man games - Pandemic The Cure : Experimental Meds
Adds Mutations and Hot Zones to Pandemic : The Cure as well as 8 new roles, new events and more.

The Dark Eye : Revelations from Heaven
a 3-5 player adventure. Players travel to Kosh and try to shine the light onto the hidden darkness of a monstrous crime. Fully realized and ready to play.

Paladium games - Rifter 75
Rifts GM tips, 2 adventures, Splicers, Rifts for Savage Worlds preview, coming attractions, rumors and more.

Cubicle Seven - Uppsala for Yggdrasill
Uppsala is the commercial and political center of Scandia. This supplement includes the city is fully detailed, encounters, an adventure, new character traits, spells and a whole lot more.

Pazio Publishing - Villain Codex
20 Villainous organizations, history, structure, new rules, stat blocks, encounter groups and more.  Tons of information to add enemies into your game.

Pazio Publishing - Deadly Foes
new prepainted miniatures to add to your RPG. Pit Devils, Hobogoblins, Flying Rays, Dopplegangers and more.

Catalyst game Labs - Valiant Universe Deck Building Game
2 to 5 players  work to seize the Alcatraz  base. Purchase cards to craft your unique deck, battle your way through the Grid, battle it out and gain control. For ages 13 and up. Plays in about 2 hours.

Matagot Games - River Dragons
2 to 6 players, aged 8 and up, try to build plank bridges across the river to reach the village. Look out for your opponents moves and the dragons. First to arrive wins the game. Plays in about half an hour.
Tuesday, November 22nd :
Osprey Publishing - Frostgrave : Forgotten Pacts
Explore the Northern edge of the city. Learn about summoning otherplanar beings, encounter barbarians and find even more powers among the ancient temples. 70  pages, new spells, monsters, soldiers and more.

The Cthulhu Campaigns : Ancient Rome
The great old one and his dealing in Rome. History, source materials and background along with recommended reading and more.

Osprey Historical books :
Men at Arms # 508 - World War II Croatian Legionaries
Weapon # 51 - The Gladius
Duel # 77 - Bazooka vs Panzer Battle of the Bulge 1944
Combat Aircraft # 117 - Tempest Squadrons of the RAF
Combat Aircraft # 118 - He162 Volksjager Units
Warrior # 181 - British Commando 1940-1945
New Vanguard # 240 - M50 Ontos and M56 Scorpion 1956 -1970
Campaign # 301 - Operation Market Garden 1944 (2) British Airborne Missions
Campaign # 302 - The Thames 1813 : War of 1812 on the NW Frontier

Wizards of the Coast/WizKids Games - Icons of the Realms v2
6 prepainted minis, ready for use in your fantasy RPG. Dwarf Cleric, Human Ranger, Halfling Rogue, Northlands Fighter and Elf Druid.

Meltdown Games - Gothic Doctor
2 to 4 players attempt to cater to the miscreants and monster of Victorian literature. Try to cure your patients while being on the lookout for the efforts of your opponents to unseat you. Ages 13+ Plays in about half an hour to an hour.

IDW Games - Bed, Wed, Dead
2+ players (ages 17+) roll and weight the choices given. Who will you bed, wed or dead? A party game of outrageous choices. Plays in about half an hour

Iello Games - Kana Gawa
2 to 4 players (ages 10+) compete in this strategic and poetic card game. Paint the most beautiful print, add to your studio and try to become Hokusai's heir. Plays in about 45 minutes.

Steve Jackson games - Batman the Animated Series Dice Game
Can you roll the dice, push your luck and become the next super-villain in Gotham city? 2 to 4 players, ages 10 and up can find out. Grab the loot, sneak about town but look out for Batman! Plays in about 20 minutes.

Arcane Wonders - Mage Wars Arena : Lost Grimore Vol 1
108 spells unavailable in other Mage Wars products. Also includes a new Trait... Trample! Add to your spellbook and vanquish your foes in the arena.

CMON/Spaghetti Western Games - Masques
2 to 4 players attempt to become the power behind the throne in this game of manipulation, influence and intrigue. Ages 14 and up. Plays in about 45 minutes.

Fireside Games - Castle Panic : Engines of War
adding Engineers into the game you can now build catapults, ballistas, barricades and more. Siege Towers, Rams, Shamans and more tbhreaten the Castle. Can you stop them? Adds to Castle Panic. Playable with 1 to 6 players, moderate complexity. Suitable for ages 12+

Fantasy Flight Games - Lord of the Rings : Sands of Harad LCG expansion
Now players can explore the deserts of Harad, tangle with the enemies of Gondor and discover a city at the edge of the jungles even further south. This deluxe expansion adds new heroes and player cards to further customize to your game.

Tasty Minstrel Games - Ars Alchimia
2 to 4 players try to become the most famous alchemical factory in town. As technology is progressing only slowly but alchemly surges forward you must gather materials and transmute them. Make sure your process are pure and your materials right. Become the most trusted factory and win.

Cubicle Seven - Doctor Who Time Clash Starter Set
The Doctor and the Daleks are locked in conflict again. This time the fate of the universe may be at stake. Play your cards wisely, get your plans together in the build-up then as the endgame approaches play your best to crush your foe. 2 to 4 players ages 14 and up. plays in about 20 minutes.

Matagot Games - Room 25 Ultimate
a game with 2 modes. Social Hidden Identity and Cooperation. In one mode you try to escape while worrying only about yourself. In the Cooperation game you try to outsmart the traps to get your group out alive. Includes Basic rules to get you going and Ultimate level to provide even more options and challenges. For 1 to 8 players, aged 10 and up. Plays in about 45 minutes.

Tasty Minstrel Games - Guild of London
2 to 4 players send their liveryen into the newly forming Guilds to gain influence in their quest to become the Master. Each Guild provides you points and power to use to advance yourself in the later rounds. Designed for players 14 and up. Plays in up to an hour and a half depending on players.

Tasty Minstrel Games - Orleans Invasion
Headlining the new scenarios is the Invasion. Players cooperatively try to defend the from invasion as they work toward individual goals . Face new challenges and keep your population from harm. There are 3 solo scenarios, a 2 player Duel scenario and a 2 to 5 player scenario with secret objectives. Bunches of new game options.

Calliope Games - Hive Mind
Become a worker bee and prove you belong in the hive. Answer questions based on your real life experience. The closer in answers you are with others the more points you score. Get pushed towards the hive exit and try not to bee kicked out. Ages 8 and up. Plays in around an hour based on number of players.

Calliope Games - Running with the Bulls
As you vacation in the town of El Toro you hear an ominous rumble. The bulls are rampaging through town! Can you outwit and outrun them? 2 to 6 players try to get out of the way. Ages 8 and up. This unique planning and luck game plays in an hour.

Stronghold Games - Fog of War
This grand strategic game takes place in the European Theater of World War 2. You play cards on your Operation Wheel  which controls the timing and forces committed to attacks. Espionage may allow your opponent to glimpse at these cards, but will he be able to act fast enough to deal with the impending action? For ages 10 and up. Plays in about 2 hours. Use the Fog of War to your advantage, but beware what your enemy may be planning.

Cubicle 7 - One Ring : Journeys and Maps
four double sided, large format maps covering Middle Earth. Four Adventurers maps and four hexed Loremaster Maps. includes a 32 page supplement with water travel rules, an index to locations, terrain specific hazards and more.

Hunters Books - The ABCs of RPGs
an A to Z book for every level! Learn, prepare your child's imagination and have some fun. A fun soon-to-be-gamers alphabet book in full color.

Hunters Books - The ABCs of RPGs Activity Book
With a forward by Monte Cook, this activity book provides mazes, puzzles and coloring opportunities to your soon-to-be adventurers. 

Thursday, November 17th :
L99 - Witch Hunt
7 to 20 (or more) players (aged 13 and up) are on the lookout for Witches. They kill at night. Come morning the village tries to determine who is at fault and burns a witch. But was it really _the_ witch? Paranoia runs rampant as the village shrinks. Use your unique power, influence the proceedings from beyond if you've been killed and have an interesting experience. What can happen in this game? REally it's only limited by your imagination.

Bombyx Games - Legendary Inventors
2 to 5 players lead teams of inventors trying to, well, invent things. If you succeed your inventors gain rewards and knowledge. Have the most fruitful stable of inventors and show them that Madame Curie and Hippocrates could easily have invented the automobile given the chance.n Plays in about an hour.

Pendragon Game Design - Last Friday
2 to 6 players try to survive a weekend of terror at a summer camp as a young counselor. Full of horror and suspense you can play individually or together in a long night of terror. Divided into four chapters you need to look out for the maniac, hide the campers and make it out alive. Ages 13+ Takes about an hour to play.

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy # 87
Albion Asunder - English Civil War, Last Welsh princess, armored action in '44 & more.

Wednesday, November 16th :
Bezier Games - Colony
1 to 4 players try to rebuild Earth after the nanopocalypse. Place your resources. build cards and try to be the one to do the best getting your colony up and running. Plays in about an hour. Ages 13+

Pazio Publishing - Pathfinder Flipmat : Asylum
this 24 x 30 mat folds down to a handy 8 x 10 size to store with your books. With a remote and forlorn asylum on one side and a enlightened institution on the other. Both in full color, both laminated to allow use of almost any writing instrument to be used and erased.

Pathfinder Player Companion : Blood of the Beast
want to play a bestial character? Here is your chance. From Tengu or Kitsune and beyond. New classes, spells, racial traits and more.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting : Horror Realms
New rules, ghastly location, terrifying character options and so much more. Horror themed options abound, corruption rules deal with planar and supernatural influence and rules to portray variant haunts are presented as well. All sorts of options  are given here.

Pathfinder Adventure Path - Strange Aeons : Dreams of the Yellow King
installment 3 of 6. Having pushed the Cult of Hastur out of Thrushmoor the need to track down further elements of the conspiracy becomes important. Find new monsters, see new lands and deal with the horror that the Cult of Hastur spreads.

Pathfinder Module - Seers of the Drowned City
a 6th level adventure for the Pathfinder RPG. Featuring new magic, new monsters and a compelling storyline make for an amazing module. RPG Superstar winner.

Pathfinder Pawns - Hell Vengeance Collection
Enemies and allies from the Hell's Vengeance storyline. from the Imp devil to the Fist of Iomedae. Small, medium, large and huge monsters, people and personalities. All in full color on heavy cardstock.

Reaper Miniatures
1442 - Troll Slayer Sophie
1449 - Halloween Knight
1584 - 2016 Reapercon Sophie
1586 - 2016 Reapercon Mousling
3762 - Shaern Female Antipaladin
3787 - Disciples of Cthon Iconic
3779 - Winter Spirit
3780 - Spirit of Spring
3784 - D'Vandra Lukesia, Maggotcrown Sorceress
3785 - Jakob Knochengard, Duskwarden
3786 - Andowyn Thrushmoor, Bonehenge Covenant
Gale Force Nine - new TANKS! items
Achilled Tank Destroyer, Jackson Tank Destroyer, British, Soviet, American and Germnan dice packs and TANKS! Token set all available now.

Premio Archimede 2000 - Drop Site
2 to 4 players (ages 8 and up) try to bring relief to people in need. The better your efforts, the more people you help. Make sure your plan is not too complex so you don't have a single failure bring your whole world crashing down. Plays in 20 to 40 minutes.  

WizKids games - new items
Blank White Dice game  - 2 to 4 players try to score the fastest in this game of changing dice. Draw icons on the dice but know that those icons will change as the game goes on. Activate icons and score, change other icons and gain dice, rerolls and more. For ages 14+. plays in 20 minutes or so.

Icons of the Realms D&D minis. 6 characters, each fully painted and ready to go.

Heroclix - Joker's Wild set is in stock!
Figures from Suicide Squad, The outsiders, Harley Quinn, The Joker and more classic foes from Batman's past.

Heroclix - Batman : His Greatest Foes Fast Forces
Batman, Riddler, Penguin, Joker, Harley Quin and Mr. Freeze all in one set. Ready to go.

Marvel Dice Masters - DeadPool set is in stock now.

Guillotine Games - Zombicide Black Plague : Zombie Bosses Abomination Pack
Abomination, Abominatroll and Ambominotaur minis, rules, tokens and cards. Add three terrifying bosses to your Zombicide games.

Iello Games/Alderac Entertainment - Rent a Hero
A simple bluffing and strategy game for 3 to 5 players. Recruit 6 different heroes, use their powers and win.  Ages 10 and up. Plays in about half an hour.

Iello Games - Welcome Back to the Dungeon
2 to 4 players compete in the push-your-luck game where bravado and wits will carry you through the dungeon to your ultimate goal. If done right. Ages 10 and up. plays in about 30 minutes.

Dark Sword Miniatures - Game of Thrones Miniatures : Female Courtesan
Wednesday, November 9th :
Battlefront Miniatures- new Tanks! models
British - M10 / Achilles tank destroyer
US - M10 / Jackson tank destroyer
American Dice, Soviet Dice,  British Dice (6 die sets)

Steamforged Games - Shadow Games
Gather favors to secure the newest star player for your Guild Ball team. Use Plot and Agent cards , bluff, bargain and be the one to win. For 2 to 6 players. Platys in about 15 minutes, so it's great to use waiting for all your other friends. Ages 14 and up.

Alderac Entertainment - Seiji Kanai : Love Letter Premium Edition
includes the Love Letter game (for 2 to 4 players) , additional cards to expand play and allow up to 8 to participate. A larger format for the game and heart shaped affection tokens along with card sleeves, reference cards, rulebook and more.

Ultrapro - new deck box with dice tray.
Each box holds up to 80 cards, in sleeves and includes a removable tray for dice, tokens and other accessories. Comes in various artwork styles. Also expected Friday - Commander deck boxes for the new Commander set.

Wizards of the Coast - Volo's Guide to Monsters
Not just your usual monster manual, but a resource to know about the creatures you may encounter. Volo gives you handy dissertations on the featured creature along with the mage Elminster. Learn about different creatures, their lairs, rules on playing new races, game statistics from monsters old and new as well as full color illustrations and background for the game.

Stonemaier Games - Scythe
It's back after a long absence. Set in an alternate 1920's you lead your country to attempt to take over a large swath of desirable land. Land others want but you cannot afford to leave unchallenged. This new 4X game allows 1 to 5 players the chance top expand, exploit, explore and exterminate in an effort to own 'The factory'. Plays in about 2 hours.
Atlas Games - Hounded
This two player game has a fox and a master of hounds. As the fox you try to avoid the master. As the master you try to catch the fox. Bluff, escape and move around the board trying to accomplish your goal. 

Cryptozoic Entertainment - Poker Assault
Smash your foe with a full house. Crush them with a Flush. This game of Poker Battling is, well, battling. With Poker. Includes 4 legal poker decks, power cards, hit point tokens and rules. Play any deck (Invaders, Wolf Pack, Rocket Patrol or Vampire Court) against any other, play with 3 or 4 players at a time. Use bonus abilities, gamin power cards and thrash your opponents.  Ages 10 and up.

Cubicle Seven - Adventures in Middle Earth for D&D 5e
With Smaug vanquished and the Battle of Five Armies done, King Bard puts out the call for brave adventurers to come to Lake-Town and aid him is restoring the North to it's past glory. Includes 11 playable cultures, 6 new and unique classes, background for Middle Earth, Journey rules, Corruption rules, maps, source material and more.

Cryptozoic Entertainment - Attack on Titan Deck Building Game
1 to 5 players attempt to stop the onslaught of the terrifying Titans and save the last human city. Includes seven playable characters, new rules for the Cerberus Engine, compatible with other Cerberus games. Work together to keep everyone alive.

Thursday, November 3rd :
Iello - King of New York : Power Up
Mega-Shark, 8 new evolution cards for each King of New York monster, 8 new evolution cards for each king of Tokyo monster and rules. Allows you to play King of Tokyo monsters in King of New York too!

Asmodee - Final Touch
2-4 players, 15 minutes of play time. Ages 8 and up. Compete to finish the masterpiece, but beware you are prepared. Having the wrong color can ruin the painting.

DV Giochi - BANG! The Valley of Shadows
new characters, tornadoes, rattlesnakes and other perils add to the game. Venture into the Valley of Shadows, catch your bounty and beware the ghosts of enemies past. 8 characters, 16 cards and rules.

Repos Productions - 7 Wonders Duel : Pantheon
Obtain the favors of the divinities or suffer their wrath. New powers and game play changes make this expansion one to own.

Fantasy Flight Games - Game of Thrones : The Iron Throne
a boardgame based on the intrigue and betrayal of the HBO series. Uses game systems from the legendary Cosmic Encounter game. Control a Great House, plot, plan and battle while trying to come out on top and take the iron Throne.

Cryptozoic Games - Mr. Meeseek's Box o' Fun - a Rick & Morty Dice Game of Dares.
Fantasy Flight Games - Android Netrunner : Intervention Data pack

Northstar Games - Evolution : Climate
A stand alone game for 2 to 6 players. As the ecosystem changes the climate shifts. Species must adapt to survive. Grow a long neck to reach food, heavy fur to protect against the cold, horns to protect yourself. Any of over 200000 adaptations are available to you. Ages 12 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Matagot Games - INIS
2 to 4 players, ages 14 and up try to become legendary Celtic rulers. Migrate, battle, explore and rule. Plays in about an hour.

Northstar Games - Evolution Climate Conversion Kit
If you already own Elvolution here is your chance to transform that base game into Evolution : Climate. New traits, more strategy, more rewards. All in one small box.

GMT Games - Sekigahara
The third printing of this classic wargame. Play as Ishida Mitsunari or Tokugawa Ieyasu and try to gain allies, cultivate their loyalty and lead your army on to unify Japan. The game uses no dice, Allegiance, loyalty and motivation are all handled with card mechanic. Battles use hidden deployment, hidden unit stacks and loyalty tests to bring the flavor of the conflict to you. 

Looney Labs - Pyramid Arcade
22 games (and more!) in a single box. Complete with 90 pyramids, 8 mini gameboards, a folding gameboard, dice, cards, turn token, rules and way more. For ages 8 and up. Plays from 1 to 10 players with variable game time. But best, you can play _other games_ with the contents as well. It's a whole Arcade of games!
Pazio Publishing - Pathfinder Map Pack : Bridges
from the rickety wooden bridge to the natural stone arch. A fortified stone bridge to long multi-span wood. All in full color and specially laminated to allow wet erase, dry erase, china marker and other writing to lift off.

Corvus Belli - new Infinity minis including the Ariadna Mavericks, Batroids and more.

Mongoose/Studio 2 - Traveller Central Supply Catalog
Jump travel diversions to orbital defense lasers. Survival habitats to personal protection. Weapons, armor, medical equipment and oh so much more. All in one handy hardbound volume to help supply adventurers, fiends and foes.

Cubicle Seven - World War Cthuluhu : London
London 1941. As the Blitz rages the London is under siege. Not just from the German bombing raids, but from the Mythos as well. Includes a gazetteer of wartime London, investigators working for N branch, tips on constructing effective scenarios and three scenarios ready to plunge you into the action.
Pazio Publishing - Pathfinder Flip Mat : Bigger Forest
A double sided flip mat, 27 x 39" in size, thriving forest on one side, blighted dead woodland on the other. All in full color and specially laminated to allow wet erase, dry erase, china marker and other writing to lift off. 

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