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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Friday, February 27th :
Wizards of the Coast - Duel Deck : Elspeth vs Kiora

Battlefield Press - Gaslight : Savage Worlds Victorian Fantasy Setting

Asmodee - Act Too -
4 to 10 players, charades-style  party game

Ystari games - Witness
4 player gamer of deduction. Players read the case, take notes, whisper deductions and try to be the one to score highest. Ages 13+ Takes about 15 minutes to play. Comes with 64 different cases.

Thursday, February 26th :
Fantasy Flight Games - New X-Wing ships are here.
X-Wing, Y-Wing, TIE Fighters, TIE Advanced are back in stock.
Starviper - ship, maneuver dial, tokens and rules.
M3-A Interceptor - Ship, maneuver dial, tokens and rules.
IG-2000 - Ship, cards, maneuver dial, tokens and rules.
Most Wanted : includes Two Z-95 Headhunters, a Y-Wing, cards, tokens,6 maneuver dials, rules and more. 

Imperial Assault Dice Pack -
11 custom dice to expand your Imperial Assault dice pool.

Twilight Creations - Bag o' Brains -
25 plastic brains to use as markers, aliens, tokens, brainpower boost or anything else your mind can come up with.

Studio 2 - East Texas University (Savage Worlds Horror Setting)
Everything you need for character creation, new edges, Hindrances, Setting rules, information about the environs, an adventure generator, encyclopedia of miscreants, "High Strangeness" and tons more. Look out for your roommates.

Studio 2 - Pinebox Businesses (Modern Map set)
A double sided erasable poster map designed for East Texas University, but easily usable for other modern horror games.

IDW Games - Yedo
2 to 5 players vie for control of the Empire by ruling through the Shadows. Intrigue, assassination, kidnapping, and cunning will be used to take and keep control through the Shogun. Designed for ages 14 and up. plays in 2 to 3 hours.

WizKids Games -
War of Light Construct foil packs. (1 color construct)
Justice League Dice & Token pack (2 dice & 6 action tokens)
Heroclix - Crime Syndicate Fast Forces (7 Crime Syndicate Heroclixs figs)

Tuesday, February 24th :
Czech Games Edition - Everfrost Expansion for Tash-Kalar Arena of Legends
18 Everfrost being cards, 17 double sided pieces, 3 legendary pieces, score boards and rules. New tactics for the arena. Keep a cool head and prevail over your foes.

Flames of War - Nachtjager : Battles for Northern Germany March-May of 1945
History of the battle for the Rhine, Operation Plunder, rail mounted guns, night fighting, color photos, new TOEs and much more.

Fantasy Flight Games - Star Wars : Edge of Empire RPG - Fly Casual
A new Smugglers sourcebook. Expanded character options, new signature abilities, equipment never seen before, guidelines for GMs trying to run a smuggler themes in his games and much more.

Army Painter - Zombicide Survivor Paint Set
6 colors in all, 3 new ones in this set and a quickshade too. Combat Fatigues (green), Babe Blonde (yellow), Survivor Skin, Light Demin (blue), Survivor Shade (black and Machinegun Metal (Metallic) - all in a single box and set to go.

WizKids Games - D&D Attack Wing : Stone Giant

Chaosium Games - Call of Cthuhlu Horror on the Orient Express Keepers Screen
Two panel Keeper Screen mounted on thick hardcover stock that folds out to 22" wide. Useful tables and rules pertinent to playing the Horror on the Orient Express campaign are present to make the Keeps job easier.

LudiCreations/Passport game Studios  - [redacted]
a game of spycraft, intrigue and bluffing set i the cold war era. Players are trying to infiltrate an embassy, recover files and get to the escape chopper... or make sure the other players can't. Players interact by interrogating, bluffing and overcome the others using a double blind mechanism which lets the tension build as the game progresses. For 2 to 6 players, ages 12+ Plays in about an hour.  
Wednesday, February 18th :
Osprey Publishing - new books in stock today :
Weapon #38 - The Hand Grenade
Raid # 48 - Storming Monte La Difensa (First Special Service in Italy '43)
New Vanguard #219 - Riot Control Vehicles 1945 - Present)
Combat #10 - Chindit vs. Japanese Infantryman 1943-'44
Elite #204 - Sea Peoples of the Bronze Age Mediterranean 1400-1000BC
Campaign #277 - Waterloo 1815 Volume 2
Ostfront : Barbarossa to Berlin - new Bolt Action Frontbook for the East Front

Strategy & Tactics # 291 - Warpath
Indian Territory in the American Civil War. Rudolf Witzig's war, Age of the Dragons:Six Dynasties Period, Modernizing China's Navy and even more.

Modern War # 15 (Jan/Feb 2015) - Red Tide West Special Edition Game
Cold War & WW3 in Europe. US Army in the early Cold War, M28 Davy Crockett, Operation Kansas, Operation Barras, Chinese space program, Naval aviation Operation Anaconda, Krushchev at the UN.

Modern War #16 (March/April 2015) -Visegard
The coming war in Eastern Europe. Putin as a warlord, Sigma 64 Vietnam Wargames, Ridgway in Korea, AirSea Battle, France's 13th Demi-brigade, Focus on the Iraqi army, Russian Attack helicopters and other articles.

Wizards of the Coast/ Wizkids
D&D Attack Wing - Gargoyle (9 cards, tokens, maneuver dials)
D&D Attack Wing - Gold Dragon (11 cards, tokens, maneuver dials)

Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin : Kobolds Ate My Baby!
a non-collectible expansion for Munchkin featuring King Torg, babies, kobolds and all sorts of other additions for your Munchkin game. 

Tasty Minstrel Games - Harbour
1 to 4 players, ages 10 and up. Plays in 30 to 60 minutes. Harbour features quick game play but plenty of strategy. gain and sell goods, plan for the market changes and try to have the most value before the game ends.

Bezier Games - One Night Ultimate Werewolf : Daybreak
3 to 7 players ages 8 and up. 11 new roles, the basic roles, rules, tokens,, getting started guide and hours of fun. All in it's own little full color box!

Catalyst Games - new items
Battletech Alpha Strike : Support Lance (Awesome, Vindicator, Firestarter, Charger)
Battletech Alpha Strike : Battle Lance ( Zues, Hatchetman, Banshee, Orion)

Shadowrun - London Falling
Four Shadowrun adventures set in London, initially designed as convention games this book puts them altogether for players today. compatible with both Shadowrun Fifth edition and 20th Anniversary edition.

Shadowrun - Run Faster
A core player's handbook. More character metatypes, expanded contacts and lifestyles, alternate character creation methods, and more options to give players the most out of their Shadowrun as possible.

Cubicle Seven - Rocket Age : The Trail of the Scorpion
six new adventures for Rocket Age, a detailed background of the Red Scorpion Crime Syndicate, two new organizations to help or hinder your heroes, new equipment, new creatures and scads more. Adventure on Earth, Mars, Venus and beyond. 

Gryphon Games - Sleuth
3 to 7 players attempt to deduce which gem is missing from the group. clever questioning, skillful deduction and maybe even some plain old luck will lead you to victory. Ages 10 and up. Plays in 45 minutes or so.

Gorilla Games - The Worst Game Ever
2 to 8 players ages 12 and up try to compete to take all the tokens from the other players. You can roll dice to see where the tokens go on your turn - or play cards to circumvent the normal rules and try to end it all in your favor.

Plaid Hat Games - Summoner Wars : Alliances (Master Set)
Designed for 2 players to duel each other as they summon allies and attempt to sweep the enemy from the field. Includes 8 different factions, neoprene mat, dice, tokens rules, card storage dividers and a whole bunch more.

Friday, February 13th :
Force of Will Card Game
A new collectible card game featuring anime art of angels, demons and other mythical forces. 2 players use their Avatar/Ruler to summon Resonators using the power of Will, to battle each other and attain victory. Players can also support their Resonators with Spells, and also may summon Judgement Rulers/J-Rulers onto the battlefield and fight with their Resonator. Includes preconstructed decks and random booster packs.

Adlerac Entertainment -Doomtown Reloaded : Election Day
84 new cards and a story sheet to expand your stable of Doomtown cards with the new Election Day Saddlebag.

Mayday Games - Dead Man's Draw
Tabletop version of the popular digital version of the game by Stardock Entertainment. 2 to 4 players try to amass the most booty  in this fast playing card game. For ages 13+ plays in about 15 minutes.

Corvus Belli - new Infinity Figures
Penthesilea : Amazon Biker
Combined Army : Sograt - Tempest Regiment with HMG
Aridna : Kazak Spetnazs with Boarding Shotgun

Ares Games  - the first of the Wave 3 Ships for Sails of Glory are here!
SGN101C - Sirena 1793/Ifigenia 1795
SGN102C - Argonauta 1806/Heroe 1808
SGN103C - HMS Orpheus 1780/HMS Amphion 1780
SGN104C - HMS Zealous 1785/HMS Superb 1760

Wednesday, February 11th :
Fantasy Flight Games - Gates of Arkham : Elder Sign Expansion
This expansion adds new Ancient Ones, monsters and mythos cards, new allies, spells, and items as well. Gates to the Otherworld now open in new locales, and what was once familiar can be horrifyingly different.

Reality Blurs - Ravaged Earth : A new Savage Worlds Pulp setting
The Martians attacked back in 1898, but they died off, gave up or left for some reason. But now they are back. Aetherium has altered some folks and given them special abilities. The world can put up some resistance but can we trust these special people? Over 300 pages of background information, players guides and GM notes as well as a Plot Point Campaign, new rules and a whole bunch more.

Privateer Press
Warmachine/Hordes Small, Medium and Large Wound Markers.
a new set of acrylic markers to put beside figures to mark their wound status. Each has an area to use dry-erase markers to easily track wounds taken on individuals. Comes in three different set. The Large Base set is designed for 50mm bases and has 5 markers. The Medium Base set is designed for 40mm bases and has 8 and the small base set has 10 markers.

New miniatures :
Braylen Wanderheart, Trollkin Outlaw
Fiona the Black, Thamarite Warcaster
Thargosh, Prophet of Everblight
Extreme Jugernaught : Khador Heavy Warjack boxed set
Captain Sam Machorne and The Devil Dogs unit boxed set

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy Magazine #76
Adventures in the Age of Steam, DBA 3.0, Boxer Rebellion meets the Steam Age, Road to Ucles, Fury (the movie) comes to the tabletop and more.

World at War Magazine # 39 - France Fights On (a 1940 what if scenario)
Gulags & Punishment Battaltions, Kamikazes over Okinawa, the Wolf's Lair and more.

World at War Magazine #40 - Rampage : Allied Drive in France Aug/Sept 1944
Operation Uranus & Ring, Armor in New Guinea, Women at War and more

Turning Point Simulations - Hastings 1066AD
A new game on Hastings, with easy to learn rules, a mounted map board, 8 full color pages of rules

Hastings 1066AD is a wargame simulation of the battle fought in 1066AD to determine the future King of England. One player plays the Norman forces under William the Bastard, while the other plays the Saxon forces under King Harold. Each turn simulates one hour of time, and each unit represents 300-350 infantrymen or Norman knights. One hex is about 50 meters across.

Z-Man Games - North Wind
As pirates are raiding the port towns the Trade Alliance is calling out for help from the Captains of the Alliance. Your job is to supply towns, undertake various tasks and deal with pirates. 2 to 4 players try to restore prosperity to the Trade Alliance. For ages 10 and up. Takes about an hour to play.  

Goodman Games - Metamorphosis Alpha Supplements
These are all black and white booklets to add to your MA game experience.

The Long Hard Mile (Solo Adventure)
The Mutation Manual (Character Sourcebook)
Creatures & Gadgets (General Sourcebook)
Death Ziggurat in Zero-G (Adventure)
Warden Adventures (Encounter Series Sourcebook)
What are the prisoners of Rec-Loc-119? (Adventure)
The Warden Armory (Sourcebook)
The Level of the Lost (Adventure)
The Captain's Table (Adventure)

Mantic Games - Dreadball Season 4
Newest update with new teams, new staff, MVPs, rules and more to add to Dreadball

Tuesday, February 10th :
DeBellis Antiquitatis Version 3.0
A brand new version of this classic fast play wargame. In a new 1440+ page hardbound rulebook complete with game play illustrations, army lists, rules and army index and more.

Lost Boys Games - I, Spy
2 to 4 players, roughly 30 minutes game time per player. Ages 13 and up.
I, Spy is an exciting contest of disguised intentions, political manipulation, and spy games spanning an espionage-wracked pre-war Europe. Deceive your opponents as an agent secretly working for a European power, recruiting key assets, buying off politicians, and instigating sabotage against foreign capitals. However, you will need the reluctant (or unwitting) support of your opponents to position your homeland for European domination, so tread carefully and do not reveal your true identity.

Level 99 Games - Argent The Consortium
2 to 5 players try to use cunning, leverage and power to become the next Chancellor of Argent - the Magical University. Master spells, spy on others, rally supporters, use your wits, resources and connections to gain the needed leverage, raid the university vaults and emerge victorious. Plays in about 30 minutes per player.
Goodman Games - The Chained Coffin
a mini-campaign setting with three adventures and a spinning wheel puzzle. This special edition of the game has limited foil cover edition of DCC #83, the spinning wheel puzzle in the game, two campaign booklets, a level 0 and a level 3 adventure set in the area along with an 11 x 17" color map of the Shudder Mountains region.

Action Phase Games - Heroes Wanted
The ad in today's Tribune says that the Champions of Zeta City are looking for new blood. Now id your time to shine. This 1 to 5 player game pits you, as a hero against a super villain and his lackeys. gain fame, thwart villains and attempt to joins the ranks of the cities Hero Elite. Plays in about an hour. Ages 14+   

Action Phase Games - Extra, Extra : Heroes Wanted Expansion Deck 1
More Heroes, more villains, more fun. 54 more cards to add to the fun. Expand, expound and explore power possibilities, add new villains and put some complexity within the world of Heroes Wanted.

Action Phase Games - Champions & Masterminds : Heroes Wanted Expansion 2
8 oversized cards that make you a Champion of Zeta City and give you some of the most vicious Masterminds to fight against. Can be used with the base game and in co-op mode as well.

Friday, February 6th :
Moon Design Studios - Shores of Korantia for Runequest
The continent of Taygus is home to dozens of city states, scors of gods and godesses, rival, enemies, the Taskan Empire, the Emperor himself, cults, encounter tables and a whole bunch more. A complete setting for Runequest 6th edition, based on the world of Thennla, first introduced  in Age of Treason : The Iron Simulacrum.

Moon Design Studios - Mythic Britain for Runequest
a complete sourcebook for adventuring in Britain's Dark Age - history, background, social backgrounds, the mythos, the Saxons and more. Over 350 pages of stuff.

R & R Games - Hanabi Deluxe
2 to 5 players try to arrange their fireworks display to be the most dazzling ever. The trick is, you can see everyone's tile but not your own. By clues and deduction play tiles and set up the best fireworks show ever. Ages 8 and up. Plays in 30 minutes.
Roxley games - Super Motherload
2 to 4 players lead an elite crew of Pad pilots who drill below the crust of the Red Planet in order to gather precious minerals. Will you be remembered as the greatest employee in the Solarus Corporations history or will you be doomed to never return?

Ludi Creations - Byzantio
Emperor Basileios has ascended to the heavens with no heir to his empire. 2 to 4 players vie for control of the different provinces, to secure the ring and throne and to become Emperor. Plays in about an hour. For ages 10 and over.
Thursday, February 5th :
Catalyst Game Labs - The Duke : City Troops Expansion
Twelve new tiles including militia, the Baron, thieves and the Watch Tower

Steve Jackson Games - Chez Geek Slack to the Future
56 new cards for Chez Geek. Activities, People, Jobs, food and more from the digital revolution all in a brand new expansion.

Tasty Minstrel Games - Village : Port
Board your own ship and sail the seven seas. Hire a captain, sell goods, send out missionaries, find buried treasure and pursue your life's goal. Includes sea travel board, captain, villager and life goal cards, rules and more.

Monte Cook Games - Ninth World Guidebook
Information on people, cultures and the universe of the ninth world. Fully detailed locations, new creatures, character options and more.

Fantasy Flight Games - Star Wars Edge of the Empire : Lords of Nal Hutta
From backwater swamp worlds to gleaming Spires - Hutt Space has them all. Includes profiles of the worlds in the Hutt controlled regions, new species, weapons and equipment, modular encounters for the GM.

Tasty Minstrel Games - Aqua Sphere
2 to 4 players take their trusty submarines to find new crystals, develop a lab and fend off octopods. Careful planning is required as you can only take a small number of actions each turn. For ages 12 and up. Plays within 2 hours.

Rio Grande Games - Antike II
3 to 6 players (ages 13 and up) vie for control over land and sea, raise cities, erect temples and develop new technologies. Includes two different scenarios - Mare Nostrum and the Orient. Plays in 90 to 120 minutes.

Signal Fire Studios - The Very Hungry Cthulhupillar
Ben Mund retells Cthulhu in a humorous way, fully illustrated in color. And even comes with a bonus story by Jamie Chambers. A Parody of the Very Hungry Caterpillar. not intended for young children - but a fun read for Mythos fans.
Tuesday, February 3rd :
8th Summit - Till Dawn
4 to 8 players (or up to 12 with the expansion) stalk the night trying to accrue bklood tokens by Hunting. Be careful of the Slayer, Sun Rise and other events that may put an end to your night's actions. The one to bank the most Blood Tokens over three nights of Hunting becomes the new Vampire leader in this push your luck card game of the night. plays in around half an hour.

Gygax Magazine # 5 -
It's finally out! Includes a ready to play Godlike adventure, Deities for Superheroes, a one page dungeon and a whole lot more.

Meeple Monthly Magazine -
With information on future game releases, the background of Blue Orange games, new ways to play Mage Wars, SPURS and a bunch more.

Raging Heroes - Whole bunches of minis have made it into the store -
Brunhilde with shield on War Steed
Cyberwolf Pack leader
Brunhilde on War Steed with Great Banner
Preying Mantis unit boxed set
Blood Vestals Command group boxed set
Eleriel & Alarel - standard Bearers boxed set
The Koningsmark Sisters - Hildegard, Grtechen, Brunhilde and Walter (the mascot)
Brunedilde von Konigsmark (on foot)
Glottony - Heroic Fantasy version (bloated, festering demonkin)   
Glottony - Heroic Sci-fi version (bloated, festering demonkin)  
Mantis Command kit accessories (new heads, weapons & banner)
Skaarlys, female scifi version
Commander Malinka Kurganova (Female scifi officer)

Evil Hat Games - new releases
Dinocalypse Forever (book 3 of the Trilogy)
Gorilla Khan and his minions are preparing for an assault unto the present day from his prehistoric hideout. The Centurions who have gone back to that place have to deal with it before talking gorillas, psychic dinosaurs and a brain in a jar launch their attack. But can the Centuriois not only survive the ordeal but make it back to the present day? Pick up the book and find out!

Monster of the Week
This standalone RPG engages 3 to 5 hunters who try to find and deal withsupernatural horrors on a day to day basis. Includes character generation, mystery creation tools for the GM, two ready to play adventures, new creatures and a bunch more.

Friday, January 30th :
Wyrd Miniatures :
Piglets boxed set and War Pig boxed set are in stock now.

Wyrd Games Through the Breach -
Male Multi-Part Kit and Through the Breach - Female Multi-part Kit
Two different sets, each with bunches of parts to make your own custom character. Heads, arms, bodies, weapons and more. Enough to make 11 individuals designed for Through the Breach but useable with many other systems.

Reaper Miniatures :
03700 - Tyea Bronzelocks, Female Barbarian
03701 - Cuth Wolfson, Male Barbarian
03702 - Peryton
03710 - Ogre Smasher

Paizo Publishing - new releases :
Pathfinder Inner Sea Pawn Box
hundreds of pawns to represent bunches of characters, mobs of NPCs and squads of guards, soldiers and spies. A handy boxed set, 20 medium and 5 large bases along with hundreds of full color cardstock pawns.

Pathfinder Cards - Tech Deck. 54 full color cards depicting the various SuperScience items in the Iron Gods story arc.

Pathfinder Adventure Card game - Skull & Shackles : The Price of Infamy
Adventure Deck 5. 110 cards , rare loot cards, 5 new scenarios and more.

Pathfinder Adventure : The Divinity Drive
Last of the Iron Gods story arc. get into the Silver Mount and deal with the Iron Gods. new monsters, Pathfinder's Journal, harrowing adventure and more.

Pathfinder Player's Companion : Familiar Folio
Familiars, archtypes, new rules, feats, magic and more.

Pathfinder Flip-Mat : Flooded Dungeon
24" x 30" doubled sided flip mat depicting a labyrinth complex, some flooded, damp and deadly. In full color and super sturdy.

Pathfinder Iron Gods Poster map folio
The town of Torch, Starfall, town in the shadow of the Silver Mount and a players map of the nation in giant poster size.    

Catalyst Game Labs - The Duke New Expansions
The Duke : The Musketeers - 8 new Three Musketeers themed tiles for The Duke

The Duke : Arthurian Legends - 8 new Arthurian themed tiles for The Duke

Dreamscarred Press - Path of War for Pathfinder
Three new base classes (Stalker, warder, warlord), dozens of new feats, prestige classes and a maneuver based combat system - all for the Pathfinder RPG

Plaid Hat Games - Dead of Winter is here!
2 to 5 player game Zombie Apocalypse, winter survival and colony building. Was stupendously popular when it first came out in limited supply. Now it's back. For how long, we don't know. Ages 13+ plays in 60 to 120 minutes.

Werewolves of Miller's Hollow : The Pact
A new boxed set of Miller's Hollow, New Moon, Characters and The Village - all put together so you can get it all at once.

Treefrog games - Mythotopia
As a lord of Mythotopia you must expand your empire, unite scattered provinces, build roads and become First Lord in this new boardgame. Beware dragons, build towns and so much more. For ages 13+ 2 to 4 players. Plays in about an hour.

Asmodee - Onward to Venus!
a 2 to 5 player game of interstellar warfare with rocketships, rayguns , Martians, Vesuvians and worse. For ages 13+. plays in about 2 hours. Colonize the planets, build mines, grab resources and expand your fledgling empire.

Pearl Games - Deus
2 to 4 players (ages 14 and up) lead ancient civilizations,  explore unknown lands, establish trade routes, build and rule. Don't forget the gods. Without them your empire might be on shaky ground. Tribute your offerings and mind your manners. Plays in an hour to an hour and a half.    

Nekn Games - Progress : Evolution of Technology
Research technologies. Build a great civilization. Become part of progress. 1 to 5 players compete in this card driven to guide thier nation from Antiquity, through the ages and into the Industrial Revolution. Also includes three expansions (Industrial Age, Personalities and Milestones) which add even more options and better repeat play.

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