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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Friday September 21st :
Spin Master - Hail Hydra
Each player has a secret role. You belong to SHIELD or HYDRA. But noone else knows who works for who. Defeat villains and try to retrieve the Cosmic Cube before it's too late.  Whose hands the cube ends in though... that is the question. For 5 to 8 players aged 14 and up.

Spin Master - 5 Minute Marvel
2 to 5 players try to have their group of heroes defeat various villains and subsequently the boss - all in 5 minutes. Work together, make use of abilities and save the world. Requires Android or iOS device and free game app.
Osprey Publishing - new books
Combat #36 - French Foreign Legion vs Viet Mihn - Vietnam 1948-52
Elite #223 - The Etruscans 9th - 2nd centuries BC
Air Campaign #6 - Operation Linebacker II 1972
New Vanguard #262 - British Ironclads 1860-1875

Osprey History - Forts : An Illustrated History of Building for Defense

Corvus Belli - Infinity : Operation Coldfront
Two player introductory starter set. includes a starting force of Aleph and Ariadna minis, terrain, rules, exclusive figures, templates, dice and more.

Modiphius Games - Fallout : Wasteland Warfare
Two player starter set complete with 12 miniatures, custom dice, game mat, rules, campaign guide, starter guide, tokens, cards and everything you need to play this co-op or competitive miniature game. Also has single player solo rules, narrative game mode and bunches of online content to add to your game.

Pandasaurus Games - Nyctophobia : The Hunted
A cooperative game where up to four players team up to escape a maniacal predator in a pitch black forest. The catch in this experimental board game? The team wear blackout glasses and must rely on their sense of touch to navigate out of danger. 3 to 5 players, age 9 and up. Plays in around 45 minutes.
Burning games - Faith RPG
The universe is falling apart. Only faith keeps humans, now a second tier species fighting for survival alive. Sabotage, religious war, aliens set on destruction and worse haunt the galaxies. Can you and your faith help you survive? A new edition of the Revolutionary RPC rules, 300 pages of setting and adventure seeds, a sample adventure and a whole lot more.
Wednesday September 19th :
Hammerdog Games - The Dread House setting
Using Pathfinder, 5e D&D and even Call of Cthulhu mechanics this new adventure setting contains 19 scenarios. Each are presented with medieval, roaring 20s, modern day or future setting material to help make it fully compatible with your chosen game system.

Goodman Games - Mutant Crawl Classics - Evil of the Ancients
This level 3 adventure challenges the players to deal with an alien intellect seeking to escape it's imprisonment.  Will you and your party survive?

Goodman Games - Mutant Crawl Classics : Hobby Retailer Edition
With a black leather-like texture and red foil imprint, this version of the MCC RPG is only available at brick and mortar retailers. Mutant Crawl Classics, but with limited edition bling! Get yours while you can.

New Pazio Publishing items :
Pathfinder - Return of the Runelords : It Came from Hollow Mountain
Adventure 2 of 6. For 5th level characters you get information on empyreal lord Ashva, the sinspawn, Hollow Mountain and more.

Starfinder - Against the Aeon Throne : Escape from the Prison Moon
Rescue your friend, track down experimental tech, explore outlaw space stations and more in this second installment of this Starfinder story arc.

Starfinder Flipmat : Ghost Ship
Full color, laminated 24 x 30 map of a wrecked hulk and an abandoned tramp freighter on the other. Full color and ready to use.

Pathfinder Flipmat : Wizard's Dungeon
A double sided, full color, laminated flip mat set (24 x 30) with an abandoned haunt on one side and a magical maze on the other. Fold out, drop down and play.

Pathfinder Flip Mat Classics : Desert
a double sided mat with an oasis on one side and a structure entrance (and accompanying desert area) on the other. Full color, 24 x 30 laminated mat. 

Restoration Games - Dinosaur Tea Party
A reissue of the game Whoist? - a game of civilized deduction where you try to recall all the guests name before time is up. Ask questions, analyze answers & clues and try to win. 3 to 5 players ages 7 and up. Plays within half an hour.

Evil Hat Games -Tachyon Squadron
Using the FATE game system you become a fighter pilot in this sci-fi setting. A structured starfighter combat system, character creation, gear, stunts, an overview of the galaxy and even a sample mission. All ready to go. 170+ color hardbound book.

Alderac Entertainment - Trainmaker
a Push-Your_Luck dice game of rail barons for 1 - 6 players. Ages 14 and up. Plays within 15 minutes or so.

from the creators of Exploding Kittens - You've Got Crabs!
a party game of signals, sign stealing and crab catching. Ages 7 and up. 4 to 10 players. Games lengths depends on players, usually about 15-25 fun filled minutes.  

Steve Jackson Games - OGRE Battle Box
Ogre Set 1 and Set 2 miniatures in one box, an updated rulebook, a poster map (28 x33) from the original GEV game, 58 vehicles, 4 howitzers, 4 mobile howitzers, CP and 14 infantry bases as well as 3 Ogres a Fencer/Fencer B, ref sheets, Ogre record cards and a die. All in one box.

Paladium Games - Rifter # 80
Chaos Earth Nebraska, Splicers, new Heroes Unlimited Villain Organization, adventure ideas, news and more.

Paladium Games - Rifter #81 (yup, 2 Rifters at once)
The uper-Sleuth for Heroes Unlimited, Gnomes for Paladium Fantasy, GM advice on power levels, news, coming attractions, adventure ideas and way more. 
Friday September 14th :
Cryptozoic Entertainment - The Pickle Rick Game
Play as Pickle Rick, trying to escape a heavily armed compound or as Jaguar and the Russians trying to stop his exit. Can be played solo or with 2 lpayers. Designed for ages 17+ Plays in about half an hour. Complete with minis and a big plastic pickle!

Evil Hat Productions - Uprising : A dystoptian universe RPG
Using a customized version of the FATE system this RPG puts you into a world where freedom fighters unplug from the virtual world and try to bring down the Corporations. Based on the world setting for The Resistance, Coup and One Night Revolution from Indie Board & Cards.

Giants on the Playground - Order of the Stick : Good Deeds Gone Unpunished
a new 150+ page comic compilation with 5 new stories.

Renegade Games - Fireworks
2 to 4 players try to play cards and place tiles in an attempt to create the best fireworks display possible. Score points based on tile placement an fill the night sky with light and color. Ages 6 and up. plays in about 20/30 minutes.

Cool Mini or Not - Song of Ice and Fire tabletop miniatures game
This game pits Lannister vs Stark in a fast p0laying card and miniature based game. Not only do you command units on the battlefield, but play in the political arena as well, hoping to hamstring your opponents efforts to support his own troops. Ages 14 and up. Plays within an hour.

Quined Games - Carson City
With a small amount of money and some loyal cowboys you have decided to help settle Carson City. Wheel, deal, duel, build, buy and sell your way to becoming the most important citizen in the city. For 2-6 players, ages 13+. Plays in 90 minutes.

Modern Warfare magazine #37 (Sept/Oct 2018) Putin Moves South

Compass Games - Russia Besieged Deluxe Edition is here!

Jellybean games - Ninjistu
A game of chaos and subterfuge for 2-5 players. As head of a Ninja House your job is collect treasures and hide secrets. Can you succeed against all the other Houses? Includes the Sabotage Expansion. A game for ages 8 and up. 2 to 5 players.

Decision Games - D-Day at Peleliu
Designed for 1 or 2 players this solitaire game allows you to play through several different scenarios. Even though it's solitaire you can play with a pair of commanders or teams quite easily. Uses the same system as the other 'D-Day at...' games.

Firelock Games - Blood & plunder : No Peace Beyond the Line
new rule set bringing the game to the North American continent, new ships, new units, special rules, multi-player battles, and a new campaign system. All ready to go.

Secret Weapon Games - new Tablescape Realms releases
new ready to finish terrain in heavy duty PVC. Starter set with passages and rooms, scenic elements like the Troll Hole and more are now available.

 Wednesday September 12th :
Wildfire games - Thou Sucketh
A not nice deck building game for 2-5 players. A hilarious fantasy themed deck builder where you build your deck, sabotage your opponents and try to be the player who sucks the least. Ages 14+. Plays in about an hour.

Stweve Jackson Games - Munchkin Starfinder : I want it ALL!
over 280 cards, a gameboard, seven dice, six metal credsticks, kill-o-meter, promo items and a poster. All in a heavy duty, full color, cool art box! And entire Munchik game experience - all in a single box. Includes the exclusive 15 card Space Goblins expansion, only found in this set. 3-6 players ages 10 and up.

Chessex - Opaque PINK dice sets.
These dice aren't just pink. Or even Pink. They are PINK. with white ink markings. 7 dice poly sets, d10 sets, 16mm d6 and 12mm d6 sets. They are brilliant pink.  Really.

Ankama games - Brothers
2 or 4 players (ages 8 and up) play a fast & furious game of livestock pen building. place your pens while making it hard for your opponent. Takes only about 15 minutes to play. Higly replayable as the meadow map changes every game.

Fireside Games - Grackles
2 to 4 players try to line up more birds on the lines than their opponent. Easy to follow rules emphasize strategy in this half hour game for ages 10 and up.

Wizkids Games - Doppleganger
A hidden role game where the players are an adventuring party trying to loot a dungeon. But hidden amoung them may be a Doppleganger. Can you succeed in your quest while rooting out the Doppleganger? 4 to 8 players ages 14 and up. Plays in 30 to 90 minutes depending on number of players.

Direwolf Games - CLANK in Space : Apocalypse
Thwart Lord Eradikus plot in this deck building game. Try to combine heroism with discretion and attempt to reap the rewards of survival and success. 2 game board modules, 35 adventure deck cards, scheme cards and a Boss marker.
Reaper Miniatures - new Dark Heaven metal minatures
03909 - Tiruk Hellborn Barbarian
03908 - Rockmaw Whelp
03907 - Celestial Stag
03906 - Battleguard Golem Magus
03905 - Dark Dwarf Cleaver
03904 - Zombie Teens (2)

Sasquatch Game Studio - Alternity Sci-Fi RPG
Includes six core species, fast paced combat, hazards, adversaries and all you need to create unlimited sci-fi adventures.

Bezier Games - Werewords Deluxe

Mongoose Publishing - Traveller Great Rift Adventure 2 : Deep Night Endeavor
Running low on fuel the characters encounter a derelict survey vessel and a horrible secret inside. Can you and your crew survive.

Mongoose Publishing - Traveller Great Rift Adventure 3 : Flatlined
The characters awake in a crashed spacecraft almost wholly unaware of how they got there. Can you and your group manage to survive, puzzle together their situation and deal with what comes?  

Smirk and Dagger Games - Tower of Madness
3 to 5 players (ages 10 and up) investigate unspeakable horror and try (literally) not to lose their marbles. Plays within an hour.

Grail Games - Yellow & Yangtze
Build civilizations through tile placement. Attempt to weather conflict as opposing civilizations meet each other, quell revolts and build monuments. Designed for 2 to 4 players. Takes about an hour and a half top play. Designed for ages 14 and up.

Tuesday September 4th :

Alderac Entertainment - War Chest

2 to 4 player game where players draft units for their army and as the battle progresses attempt to outmaneuver, redeploy and ultimately defeat their enemies. Designed for 2 to 4 players, ages 14 and up. Takes 30 to 60 minutes to play.

Pretzel Games - Junk Art

Use unique junk bits to create art in 10 major cities around the world. Can you become the top artist in Monaco? Finish your work first in Amsterdam? 2 to 6 players, ages 8 and up. Plays in about half an hour.   

Roxley Games - Brass : Lancshire

In this game of cut throat greed you build canals and rail lines and develop industry. Shipyards, cotton mills, coal mines , iron works, ports and other endeavors will fuel your efforts. Try to make the most money and economically bury your opponents. Ages 14 and up. For two to four players with an hour or two to spare for this game.

Fat Goblin Games - The Gamemasterís Worldbuilding Journal

A collection of forms, documents and entries to help document your world. Maps, NPCs, cities, trade routes, plot lines and more - all in a handy book.

Fat Goblin Games - Gamemasterís Cartographerís Companion

Location mapping forms for cartographers. Square and hex based mapping sheets, wilderness and location based mapping as well as large scale forms to help define your world.

Catalyst Game Labs - Shadowrun Street Lethal

Data, tools and options to make your characterís combat skills the best they can. Security briefs, mercenary groups and firearm options are all presented here. Designed for Shadowrun 5th edition, it can be used with Shadowrun : Anarchy as well. Almost 200 pages of gear, combat options, background and other useful information.

Pazio Publishing new items:

Starfinder : Against the Aeon Throne : The Reach of Empire
Part 1 of 3 for the newest Stardrive adventure arc. As the players deliver supplies to a fog shrouded world they discover an attack against the Pact Worlds colony there. And that captives and technology has been spirited away from the outpost on the planet. Can you catch up with the thieves, recover the equipment and rescue the hostages?

Return of the Runelords pt1 - Secrets of Roderic's Cove
a 1st level adventure for Pathfinder. New monsters, the Runelords and their history, the history of Thassilon, Earthfall, GM notes, the town of Roderic's Cove and much more.

Player's Companion : Heroes from the Fringe
Non-human characters in Golarion, half-orcs, half-elves and half-drow given further feats, new exotic occult choices, backgrounds, racial traits, equipment and more.

War of the Crown Poster Map Folio
Explote Taldor, the First Empire, in this map set. The capital of Oppra, the county of Meratt, and the nation of Taldor itself are presented as poster maps, allowing you to take in the extent of the reach of the original empire.

Pathfinder Flip Mat Classics : Seedy Tavern

Three different taverns on this double sided, full color flipmat. One side has a large tavern in the midst of urban sprawl. The other has a dockside establishment and a out of the way, hole in the wall dive. All ready to go in full color on special laminated material.

Pathfinder Pawns : Dungeon Decor Collection
need campfires, cauldrons, tables, fallen logs, graves, paintings, fountains, rugs, haystacks or other such map details? This pawn collection has 1x1", 1x2" and 2x2" terrain bits to dress up your battle area. All in full color, all on heavy card.

Wizkids Games - Star trek Galactic Enterprises
3 to 8 players all try to buy items for their shop on Deep Space Nine's promenade that will appeal to customers and sell them. For a profit. And if some of those items are frowned upon by the local constabulary, well, they might even be worth more to the purchaser. Make the best deals, undercut the competition and bring in the most Latinum. Ages 14+ Plays within an hour.

4Ground Fabled Realms Terrain Kits
Dockside Gallows - 3 spots, no waiting. A seedy dockside essential.
Dockside Low Wharf -
Wharf sections, some even with railings for your port.
Counterweight Bridge - A wharf sized manual drawbridge for the dockside.

Stovis Watermill - a two story watermill, designed to be set dockside or on river's edge. Fully detailed interior, removable roof and building levels. About 250mm x 125mm by 250mm tall.

Wizkids Nolzur's minatures :
Scenery items - Ballista, Doors (2), Barrel and Barrel pile, Desk & chair, Archivist Library, Wizard's Room, Small round tables, Navigator's pack, mirror & bird on stand, Magic Dias (4 pcs), workbench & tools and Witches Den

Character figures - Male Elf Cleric, Female Fire Genasi Wizard, Male Druid Water
Genasi, Knight on Horse, Male Tiefling Rogue, Dragonborn male fighter, Dragonborn female Paladin, Aasimar male paladin, Aasimar female paladin, Male Gnome bard, Female Gnome sorcerer, Gnome male druid and Female Gnome druid

Monsters  - Medium Water Elemental, Medium Air Elemental, Medium Earth Elemental, Skeletal Knight on Horse, Rust monster, Xorn, Githzerai, Thri-Kreen, Grey Sladd& Death Slaad, Medium Fire Elemental and Owlbear.

Tuesday August 28th :
HABA Games in now...
Flower Fairy - part of the My Very First game series , this kids game encourages recognizing and matching colors and shapes, team spirit and free play. Designed for 1 to 3 players ages 2 and up. Match and stack the flowers to help the flower fairy care for the garden.

Hungry as a Bear - Helping kids develop fine motor skills, memory and language skills. 1 to 3 bear parents try to feed the little bear. Gather servings of different food and spoon them into his mouth. Complete with the little bear folding standup.

Stone Maier Games - Euphoria
Newest printing of Euphoria - a worker placement game that challenges you to create a better society while not letting your workers find out too much. Try to get your society on top while rewriting history to suit you. Plays in about an hour. Ages 13+
Overworld Games - Leaders of Euphoria
Set in the Euphoria Dystopian Universe, this Good Cop, Bad Cop game. 4-8 players try to gain recruits and get their side in power before it too late.Interrogate recruits, arm yourself, expose and banish other leaders and use artifacts from the old world to gain control. plays within half an hour. Ages 13+

Alderac Entertainment - The Captain is Dead Lockdown
Escape the alien prison or become drones. That is the challenge presented to the crew now that the captain is dead. Can you use your combined skills to steal an alien ship and escape? 2 to 7 players, ages 14+ Plays in about 60 to 90 minutes

New Osprey Books
Men at Arms #521 - Royal Netherlands East indies Army 1936-42
Weapon # 63 - The FN MAG Machine Gun
Men at Arms #520 - Armies of Italian Wars of Unification 1848-70 (volume 2)
Combat # 35 - Roman Legionary vs Carthaginian Warrior 217-206 BCE

Wild West Exodus 'Red Oak' terrain sets are here.

Autobot and Decepticon Deck Boxes are here too!

POP Television - Bob Ross and the Joy of Painting Bobblehead.
A ready-to-paint Bob Ross from POP

Friday August 24th :
Cephaloair Games - Founders of Gloomhaven
Gloomhaven was not always a bustling hub of commerce and intrigue. In the past it was a long dead ruin. Many races came together to rebuild and raise the city as a symbol of harmony. This is that story. Using card based action selection you try to become the most influential contributor to the city's construction by leveraging your resources in the endeavor. 1 to 4 players, ages 12+ Plays in a couple of hours.

Space Cowboys - T.I.M.E. Stories : Brotherhood of the Coast  
1685 AD. Sail the Caribbean and hoist the flag. Buccaneers, privateers and pirates await in this new TIME Stories scenario pack.

James Ernest - Island of Doctor Lucky
Take the classic game 'Kill Doctor Lucky, add new rules, create a tropical theme and you are all set to go. 2 to 8 players, ages 12 and up. Plays in 20 to 45 minutes.

Battlefront Miniatures - new Cross of Iron and Enemy at the Gates - FOW books
Eastern Front 1942-43. Germany and the Soviet Union are at war. These books give you the German or Soviet forces, rules and scenarios you need for 4e FOW.
Also available are the command cards and unit cards.

Green Ronin - Blue Rose : Aldis, City of the Blue Rose
Everything Players and Narrators need to tell stories in this magnificent city. This diverse, inclusive fantasy city houses a cast of characters, each with their own background. There are new specializations, Talents and Arcana to be used as well as a tarot system to generate encounters and NPCs.

Modiphius Entertainment - Mutant Year Zero : Mechatron
As robots kept on working under humanities orders after the downfall, the years rolled on. Now it seems as though the A.I. has evolved. Some robots are expressing their own free will. Add robots into your Mutant Year Zero game. Can be used as a stand alone game or used in conjunction with MYZ. 230+ full color, hard bound pages.

Son of Oak Game Studio - City of Mist
A cinematic detective RPG set in a world of ordinary people and legendary powers. Play through scenes of action, drama, suspense, investigation and more. 480+ full color pages in this hardbound book. Everything you need to play. Create your own characters, villains, guides to writing your own scenarios and ideas to motivate.

Modiphius Entertainment - Conan the Pirate
Look to the Western Sea and it's coasts. Zingara, Argos, Shem and Stygia as well as Kush and the Black Kingdoms. New Archetypes are presented as well as pirate themed talents, background, and gear. Rules for piracy, guides on running naval campaigns, Conan at his pirate best as well as the crew of the Tigress, ships and ship to ship combat, art, maps and bunches of background material.

Green Ronin Games - Mutants and Masterminds Basic Heroes Handbook
An streamlined version of the Mutants and Mastermind for the gamer. Fully compatible with 3e M&M. Easier character generation is coupled with some ready made adventures making this book a quick jumping off point into the world of Super Hero RPGs.

Fantasy Flight Games - new Imperial Assault miniatures and scenarios
Sabine Wren & Zeb Orrelios - minis, rules, side missions and command cards
Grand Admiral Thrawn - Mini, rules, command cards and a skirmish mission.
Hondo Ohnaka - a new figure with agenda, skirmish, command cards & rules.
Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus - side mission, skirmish mission, rules, figs and cards.

Imperial Assault - Tyrants of Lothal expansion
six new missions with 10 new figures. Can be used as a side mission or it's own campaign. New cards, new units (like the Loth-cats) and more.

Hub Games - Untold - Adventures Await
this pick-up-and-play co-operative story telling game allows you to play heroes in their own series of adventurers. Powered by Story Cubes this narrative game provides hours of creative fun.     

Cryptozic Entertainment - Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis
The Animation annihilation deck-building game. All the nefarious folks from the past and present of CN have banded together to conquer their foes. Can you get group of heroes working together to defeat them? Build a group of heroes, equipment and inside jokes to restore order to the Cartoon Network Universe. 2 to 4 players ages 12 and up. Plays in 30-45 minutes. A stand alone game, it can be used with other Cerberus Engine games for even more challenges.

Plastic Soldier Company - Battle of Britain
simulating the epic air battle of 1940 over England, this game puts you in control of either the Luftwaffe attempting to bomb England into submission or the RAF attempting to manage your small force of defenders to stop them. Includes a full color map, 22 plastic planes, cards, rules and hours of tense strategy. Ages 12 and up. For 2 to 4 players. Plays in 2 to 3 hours.

Fantasy Flight Games - Game of Thrones LCG Intro Decks
a number of new pre-constructed decks for the Game of Thrones LCG to allow you to learn to play with a minimal outlay. Buy a deck, go online to read the rules and take on another player with an intro deck or a deck constructed from the regular game. Eaxh Intro deck comes with a guide to playing the deck and gameplay notes.
House Stark, Lannister,  Tygareon, Greyjoy, Martell, Baratheon and Tyrell are represented as well as the Night's Watch.

Cryptozoic Entertainment - DC Crisis Expansion 4
Add cooperative play to any DC deck-building game, this expansion focuses of the Teen Titans, but is able to be used with any other heroes. Set includes 8  oversized Teen Titan cards for cooperative play, 6 oversized Titans cards for competitive play, 57 new cards and rules.
Z-Man Games - Taj Mahal
2 to 5 players compete for the favor of the Grand Mohgol as he and his entourage travel through the provinces of India. This remastered game has new art, revised rules, the ability to play with 2 and highly detailed places.

Scale 75 - a restock of the Fantasy & Game colors, all the Scale Color boxed sets, Thinner, Primers (white, gray & black), Paint Killer, agitators, Non Metal Metallic Sets, Ink Sets and much, much more. 

Fantasy Flight Games - new Legion Miniatures
Han Solo - commander unit, command cards, upgrade cards, tokens & rules
Rebel Commandos - 7 Rebels, 2 unit cards, upgrade cards, tokens & rules

SolarFlare Games - Robotech Force of Arms
This head to head card game pits  the RDF and Zentraedi against each other in combat. Maneuver your forces, use heroes and commands to turn the tide of battle. For 2 players, ages 14+. Takes about half an hour to play.
Tuesday August 21st :
Rule & Make Games - Skyward
A competitive card drafting game for 2-4 players. Buildings and resources are provided to the city of Skyward and a warden is appointed. The Warden controls the resource splits, but what stack of resources is not under his control. Can you, through negotiation, diplomacy and teamwork keep Skyward prosperous while trying to become the Founder? Ages 14+. Plays in about 45 minutes. Includes the Allegiances and Discord Expansion set as well as the base game.

WizKids Games - A'Writhe
as Great Olde Ones you await your cultists actions to help you gain control of the world. Can they corrupt enough of old Arkham to allow your rule? Teams of player attempt to place writhing appendages across Arkham to form patterns to win. Plays with 4 or 6 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in about 15 minutes.

DV Giochi - Geekboxes are back!
3 plastic, stackable, snap lid containers to corral counters, bits, tokens, dice or whatever. Get them while they are hot!

Board & Dice Games - Pocket Mars
2 to 4 players try to set up the infrastructure to colonize Mars. This fast paced, dynamic card game gets you in the game and playing fast. Ages 10 and up, this pocket sized game takes only about 15 to 30 minutes to play.

Board & Dice games - Inbetween
2 players compete to either protect or devour the inhabitants of Upsideville. Attempt to pull it's inhabitants in to the Creature Dimension or keep them in the Human Dimension - play your cards influence the inhabitants and become more aware of your foes plans. Ages 12 and up. Plays in 20 to 40 minutes.

Paladium Games - Splicers : I Am Legion Adventure Sourcebook
256 pages of Splicers rules, source material and adventure. 6 new Houses, new Host Armor, Splicer warmounts, Bio-Weapons, new NEXUS personalities, an epic adventure series and a whole lot more.

Wargaming Industries - Gasland Templates
Need some hard plastic templates to race and battle your cars with? Here they are.

Gamelyn Games - Tiny Epic Defenders : The Dark War (TED Expansion)
1 to 4 players attempt to save the fleeing people of Aughmoore. Can you Defend the refugees in their slow ox-wagons from a vile darkness that stalks them?  Plays in under 30 minutes. Ages 14+ This card game follows in the other 'Defenders' style games path and includes 6 equippable items!

Board & Dice Games - Multiuniversum
1 to 5 explorers try to get those nasty parallel dimensions closed so they can launch their time machine and make history. Prepare tools, close portal and optimize your actions as the critters from beyond try to own your reality. Plays in about half an hour. Ages 12 and up.

Portal Games - Detective : A Modern Crime Boardgame
1 to 5 players attempt to solve one of the five different included cases (more available online). Use all the resources you can. Scour the internet, talk with friends, use the games database for information, connect, deduce and solve. You need an internet browser to play - you'll use it to consult, look for data, see playbacks of the game mechanics and get more cases. Ages 16 and up. Plays in a few hours. Really recommended for mature players. Language and Violence may be a concern.

Games Workshop - Adeptus Titanicus!
We have the Grand Master Set with everything you need to play. 2 Warlord Titans, 6 Knights, rules, templates, dice and terrain.

We have the Ruleset (including rules & charts for the Warlord, Reaver and Warhound titans as well as the Knights, terrain, optional rules, templates, counters and more.

Warlord Titam model kit and Knight Banner (3 Knights) model kits are here.

Adeptus Buildings are here too.
And extra Command Terminals and Warlord Weapon cards are in stock as well!

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