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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Friday, July 3rd :
Third Eye games - Infestation : an RPG of Bugs and Heroes
Become a bug who has gained strange intelligence, go on crazy adventures and battle for control of The House. Uses the Pip system and is suitable for players of all ages. Create your own bug type or play one of 12 provided. Includes 2 sample adventures.

Atlas Games - Thrice Told Tales
Five sequences of three stories each, issues which cannot be dealt with in a single story. They weave divine, infernal;, faerie and magic threads into the tapestry of your saga. Over 130 pages of game play adventure.

Gamelyn Games - Tiny Epic Defenders
1 to 4 players try to work together to prevent the fall of Capital City. Enemies hordes are attacking and you must send them packing. Can you do so or will your city fall to the hordes of evil assaulting it?

Rio Grande Games - 20th Century Limited
2 to 5 players try to create, buy and sell rail lines in this fast paced rail game. For ages 14 and up, playing in about an hour.

Sage Kobold Productions - Dungeon World RPG
Combining high action dungeon crawling with cutting edge rules, this fantasy adventure game lets you and your friends explore a world of magic, treasure and danger. The rules are easy to learn and serve to make play more interesting by removing out and out failure. Creation rules allow new races, monsters and classes. All sorts of fantasy action and adventure in one RPG.

Flames of War - Berlin : Soviet Assault on the German Capital April/May 1945
Background, new rules, units scenarios, painting tips and more.

Catalyst Game Labs - Battletech Handbook : House Kurita
be privy to the history, politics and culture of this Inner Sphere house. Rules are included for both Time of War and Battletech and cover personal equipment, support vehicles, creatures and more.

Catalyst Game Labs - Shadowrun : Data Trails the Core Matrix Handbook
more options for Deckers and Technomancers, information on hacker culture, strange sites on the Matrix and more.

Wattsaloag Games - Switching Tracks
2 to 5 players try to pick up and deliver goods around the US via rail lines. The hitch in the plan for this game is that the rail connections in some cities can change, complicating your plans or helping others. Designed for ages 10 and up. Plays in about 45 minutes to an hour.

Tuesday, June 30th :
Three new Alderac Entertainment titles in today :

Rumplestilskin -
2 players engage in a name guessing contest. Use your fey trickery to obtain your opponents name while protecting your own. Ages 14 and up. Takes about 10 minutes or so to play.

Doomtown Reloaded - No Turning Back
Latest of the Saddlebag Expansions. Blackwood is in trouble and Sloan needs to mount a rescue. Can Lillian Morgan give Max Baine a surprise he won't forget? Find out in this gun-slingin', spell mongerin' fast paced Weird West card game.

Trains - Map Pack 2
Italy, Europe and California. exciting new maps for Trains including a 4 player map of Europe, and 2 player maps for Italy and California. New game play options with tons of replayability.
Friday, June 26th :
Tasty Minstrel Games - Eminent Domain : Microcosm
2 Players, 10 minutes. The Entire Cosmos. a new two player game allowing you and your opponent to decide the fate of the galaxy. Not only is there the game iotself, but promotional cards for Battlecruisers, Dungeon Roll & full sized Eminent Domain.

Evil Hat Productions - Fate Dice : Frost Dice
a dozen FATE dice, frosty clear with cold blue, frosty green with frigid white and frosty blue with snow white ink. 4 each of the three different color schemes.

Cubicle Seven - Doctor Who : Adventures in Time and Space, The Ninth Doctor
Last of his kind, the Doctor returns to Earth having prevented the Last Great Time War. Now he has to discover the fate of the Daleks, prevent World War Three and do so much more. Scads of background and source material.

Flames of War - the Paint Sets are in!
Six new paint sets for finishing your models :
Quatermaster's Paint Set - Black, Battlefield Brown, Army Green, Worn Canvas, Military Khaki, Wool Brown, European Skin, Dry Dust, Dark Gunmetal and Skin Shade.

German Infantry Set - Splinter Green, Grenadier Green, Heer Green, Luftwaffe Blue and Manstein Shade wash.

German Armor Set - Oxide Red, Panther Yellow, Panzer Grey, Boot Brown and Rommel Shade wash.

USA Paint Set - Dark Leather, Sicily Yellow, Sherman Drab, GI Green and Bradley shade wash.

Soviet Paint Set - Motherland Earth, Comrade Khaki, Tankovy Green, Greatcoat Grey and Zhukov shade wash.

British Paint Set - Tommy Green, Crusader Sand, Battledress Brown, Firefly Green and Monty shade wash.

Catalyst Game Labs - new Battletech Alpha Strike Miniature Sets
Fire Lance : Shogun, Trebuchet, Dervish and Stalker 'Mech minis in one box.

Striker Lance : Quickdraw, Dragon, Guillotine and Panther 'Mech minis all together.
Wednesday, June 24th :
More Reaper Bones minis. This time from the Chronoscope line :
80026 - Agatha Fox, Cold War Spy
80027 - Nightslip, Super heroine
80028 - Sister Maria
80029 - Nine Suns Henchman
80030 - Sam Ayers Urban Wizard
80031 - Decker Lugstampf
80032 - Ninja
80033 - Frank Buck, Pulp Adventure
80034 - Weapons Locker
80038 - Bathalian Centurion
80039 - Bathalian Exarch

Iron Games - Peloponnes
1 to 5 players control  the development of their civilization in ancient Greece. Increase your inhabitants, land and holdings but balance what you do to be certain of your continued success. Ages 10+ Plays in about an hour.

Indie Board and Cards - The Resistance
This wildly popular game is back. Includes the basic game and the Inquisitor expansion. Plan your missions, root out spies and bring the corrupt government to it's knees. For 5 to 10 players, ages 13 and up. Plays in about half an hour. 

Fantasy Flight Games - BattleLore Razorwings
Includes the new Razorwings unit for the game, it's unit cards, new terrain and a pre-built scenario featuring them within.

Fantasy Flight Games - Star Wars LCG : Attack Run Force Pack
60 new cards for the Rogue Squadron Cycle. Includes Objective cards 156-160.

ZMan Games - Traders of Osaka
2 to 4 players compete to move goods from Osaka to Edo. Look out for the Black Tide and your competitors. Ages 13+ Plays in half an hour.

Steve Jackson Games - Mars Attacks Ten Minute Takedown
Attack with your Saucers, destroy the humans in this quick playing game.

Zman Games - Marco Polo
2 to 4 players take on positions around Marco Polo and try to make the right choices to be successful on the journey. Circumstances change in each game so each play is different. Designed for ages 13 and up. Takes about half an hour to play.

Fantasy Flight Games - Drakon
newest version of the classic game, Drakon pits you against the Dragon as well as the other adventurers. Explore, strategize and collect treasure.  Try to be the first to get 10 gold pieces so the great dragon will set you free. Fail and you are lunch.

Fantasy Flight Games - Call of Cthulhu LCG : The Thousand Young
Deep in the swamps of the South, abominations lurk. Dark priests, fetid monsters and vile cultists. Can you defeat them? This expansion adds the Shub-Niggurath faction, 165 new cards and new abilities to the Call of Cthuhlu Living Card Game.

Paizo Publishing New Releases
Pathfinder Campaign Setting - Inner Sea Monster Codex
a trover of monsters from the Inner Sea, nature history and society of them and examples of Centaur Lore Keepers to ogrekin looters.

Pathfinder Players Companion - Monster Summoner's Handbook
new creatures, magic, archetypes, conjuring and summoning rules and a whole lot more. Bring a new angle on these magics and monsters to your Pathfinder game.

Pathfinder map Pack - Sea Caves
18 full color map tiles detailing underground waterways, rapids and other features.

Pathfinder Flip Mat Classics : Tavern
A classic flipmat reengineered and reprinted. Details two levels of a tavern so you can drink, rabble rouse, bed down for the night or just pass through... all in full color.

Pathfinder Flip Mat : Bigger Basics
now a 27" x 39" mat, ready for use. With a plain grid so you can draw whatever you need.Tan on one side, beige on the other. All set to play.

Pathfinder Flip Mat Classics : Ship
Need a big ship to adventure on? And deckplans to fight over? Here they are, in full color. A four decked ship, ready for adventure on the high seas.

Pathfinder Adventure Path : Giantslayer : Ice Tomb of the Giant Queen
Part 4 of 6. This 10th level adventure pitting the party against a Frost Giant army, grave knights, undead, dragons and so much more. New monsters, giant organizations, new background and fiction along with unbridled adventure.

Lynnvander Games - Albion's Legacy
This 1 to 4 player cooperative game pits you and your friends against legions of enemies. Explore the kingdom, com plete quests and defeat the evil and despair that threatens the kingdom. Designed for ages 10 and up, plays in about 90 minutes.
Tuesday, June 23rd :
New Reaper Bones Minis :
77200 - Sir Conlan, Templar
77201 - Dragoth the Defiler, Lich on throne
77202 - Warg
77203 - Alsastriel, Female sorceress
77204 - Cassiata, female Antipaladin
77205 - Alistrilee, female archer
77206 - Friar Stone
77207 - Dub Bullock, Rogue
77208 - Anwyn, Female Bard
77209 - Arran Rabin, Wizard
77210 - Sarah the Seeress
77211 - Gauntfield the scarecrow
77212 - Tiik Baron
77213 - Thain Grimthron, Dwarf Cleric
77214 - Kar Drakir, Dragonman
77215 - Eregris Darkfathom, Evil Sea priest
77216 - Animal Companions
77217 - Mi-Sheer, Desert Warrior
77218 - Woody, Halfling ranger
77219 - Grundor Hoardtaker, Barbarian
77220 - Herryk, Dwarf preist
77221 - Ardynn, El;f Warrior mage
77222 - Aaron, Wizard
77223 - Kristiana, female paladin
77224 - Rogan, Half orc Assassin
77225 - Ingrid, female viking
77226 - Chrnal grub
77227 - Stone Lurker
77228 - Chthon
77229 - Mind eater
77230 - Ankheg
77231 - Rugg, Bugbear leader
77232 - Mogg, Bugbear Warrior
77233 - Kegg, bugbear hunter with axe
77234 - Boneflial, Gnoll Cleric
77235 - Toghra, Gnoll Leader
77236 - Bloodmane, Gnoll Warrior

New Osprey Publishing books :
Combat #12 - Confederate Cavalryman vs Union Cavalryman
Duel #65 - Bf109E/F vs. Yak-1/7
Campaign #280 - Waterloo 1815 : Mont St. Jean and Wavre (volume 3)
Warrior #176 - Patriot Militiaman in the American Revolution 1775-1782
Elite #206 - Spetsnaz : Russia's Special Forces
Air Vanguard #20 - SR-71 Blackbird
Orc Warfare (yes, Orc Warfare) with full color plates even.

Goodman - Dungeon Crawl Classics : Lankhmar Through Ningauble's Cave
First of the Lankmahr supplements, this book provides DCC Judges with everything they need to adventure in the world of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. Easy ways top run the adventure, including it in multiple game worlds and more.

Guillotine games - Zombicide : Ultimate Survivors #1
6 Veteran survivor miniatures, ID Cards, 110 experience cards, Experience trackers and rules to play Zombicide in Ultimate Mode.

Friday, June 19th :
Brotherwise Games - Boss Monster II
Become a video game villain, build a deadly dungeon and crush puny heroes in this 8-bit card game. Includes 12 new bosses, a full set of cards and everything new or experienced Boss Monster players need to have hours of fun. Ages 13+ 2-4 players

Cryptozoic Entertainment - Adventure Time Card Wars : Ice King vs Marceline
a new 2 player set usi8ng the Card Wars system that allow you to throw down in the Adventure Time world. Includes oversized Hero cards, Icylands Landscape, gobs of new art and fun. Ages 10 and up

Days of Wonder - memoir '44 Strategy & Tactics Guide
500+ pages of scenarios, examples of play, advice and commentary. Novice and veteran players alike will find this book highly valuable.

USAopoly - Game of Thrones Monopoly
Will you have the gold to buy the Crown or will you get it through fire and blood? This collector's edition Monopoly includes replica money, collectible tokens, villages, keeps and a whole lot more.

Queen Games - Parfum
2 to 4 players, taking on the role of master perfumer, attempt to blend ingredients to please the customers. Choose your dice carefully and try to become the most successful perfumer. Ages 8 and up. Takes about an hour to play.
Thursday, June 18th :
Fantasy Flight Games - Age of Rebellion : Desperate Allies
A diplomat sourcebook giving you all sorts of background, new Diplomat abilities, tools, vehicles and droids and rebel base construction and operating rules. Everything you need for your 'peaceful' diplomatic mission in one book.

GameWright Games - Dragonwood
a game for 2 to 4 players (ages 8 and up). Enter the Dragonwood, deal with ogres, goblins and other fell creatures while attempting to collect treasure and other useful things. Plays in about 20 minutes. Family monster stompin' fun.

Privateer Press - new minis
Tharn Wolf Riders unit boxed set
Khador Iron Fang Pikemen / Black Dragons unit boxed set
Skorne Extreme Titan Gladiator box set

Dark Sword Miniatures - New Game of Thrones figures
Osha - Female Wildling
Sworn Brother Diterlizzi tribute mini
Qhhorin Halfhand
Dario Naharis
Ramsey Bolton (the bastard son)
Beric Dondarrion
Thoros of Myr (the Red priest)
Nymeria Sand
Tyene Sand
Obara Sand

Wednesday, June 17th :
Privateer Press - new releases :
Warmachine : Reckoning book
The forces of Cryx have become overwhelming and the Cygnar, Khador and Menoth forces now stand together against them. New warcasters, heroes, colossals and solos bring great power to the battlefield. New narrative fiction explain the action and theme forces along with painting guides add to the excitement.

Warmachine/Hordes - Forces of Distinction
30 theme forces for your reference and use. Ripped from No Quarter and presented here as a single volume. From the "Claws of the Dragon" to "Trail by Combat" these forces are ready to be deployed and commanded.

Johnathan Wright - Mecha vs. Kaiju
A FATE powered RPG pitting giant Mecha vs. Giant Monsters. Become a fearless Mecha pilot and defend the planet. In depth setting information, intro adventure, character generation, combat, Kaiju creation and more. All in a handy book. 

Savage Mojo - Epic High Fantasy : Shaintar, Legends Arise
A Savage World Fantasy Setting. Character Creation, a fantastical world background and tons of player and Gamemaster information taking characters from Novice to Veteran ranks.

Savage Mojo - Epic High Fantasy : Shaintar, Legends Unleashed
A Savage Worlds Fantasy Setting building on the Legends Arise book with more options, bigger challenges and greater action. Taking the characters into Heroic and Legendary ranks, both players and Game Masters alike will benefit from this book.

CoolMinior Not - Zombicide : Special Guest Artist Miguel Coimbra
Two new Zombicide characters, Peach the Prom Queen whose best night of her life was cut short by a zombie attack and Kevin the Undercover Cop who uses his police skills to protect the innocent.

Atlas Games - Gloom Second Edition : Unquiet Dead
Undead monsters, were creatures and new special powers are available here.

Atlas Games - Fairytale Gloom
Fairy Tales are full of awful events and these things can really bring you down. And here is your chance to experience this with new colorful cards, interesting characters and gloomy events.

Fantasy Flight Games - Force and Destiny Beginner Box
a 3 to 5 player game set in the Star Wars universe. Jump right in, learn the rules as you adventure and, pull out your lightsaber and go. Includes rules, adventure book, map, character folios and more.

Fantasy Flight Games - Forbidden Stars
two to four players attempt to control the galaxy. Sending mighty fleets to destroy their enemies and legions of ground troops to control planets is only the beginning. Grab resources, build up your military might and dominate the vast darkness of space. Includes rules, plastic units, cards, dice, tokens and hours of conflict.
Tuesday, June 16th :
Just when you thought the updates fell off the face of the earth, we are back.
Sorry folks, between crisis, Origins, missing employees and flooding - well - things got a bit to complex to deal with.

But we are back and here is what is in store :

Wyrd Miniatures :
Take Back the Night - Molly's Crew
With Molly, the Necrotic machine, Phillip and the Nanny and three Crooligans, this crew is ready to Take back the Night.

Closing Time - The Brewmaster's Crew
With the Brewmaster, Apprentice Wesley, Fingers and 3 Moon Shinobi, these goblins are ready to send your opponents home for the night.

Troubleshooters - The Captain's Crew
Including the Captain, Mouse, Toni Ironsides and three Oxfordian Mages. Ready to rumble, sail and plunder.

Oxfordian Mages -3 miniature box set
Johan - one big guy, with a big hammer in a big box.

Mayday games - Meteor
In five minutes a meteor shower will impact the earth obliterating life as we know it. Can you work together to blast them as save everyone?  for 1 to 5 players, ages 13 and over. Plays in, well, round about 5 minutes.

Asmodee Games - Ultimate Warriorz
2 to 8 players vie for the title of Ultimate Warrior to win the right to rule End of the World Island. From Musketeers to Orcs and even a Dragon, players battle to come out on top. Play to your strengths while exploiting your opponents weakness. For ages 8 and up taking about 45 minutes to play.

Minion Games - Dead Men Tell No Tales
2 to 5 players (ages 13 and up) try to take over the Skelit's Revenge in order to grab glory and treasure. Battle the crew, fatigue and a raging inferno to stay alive. Can you and your raiding party survive? Plays in an hour to an hour and a half.

Frog God Games - The Sword of Air : A Lost Lands sandbox campaign book.
Designed for the Pathfinder RPG this campaign takes your characters from 1st to 20th level. Includes a vast wilderness, the Sword of Air artifact, two powerful wizards and their feud, tombs, cities and much, much more.
Cards Against Humanity - The Sixth Expansion.
75 White Cards, 25 Black cards, 8 blank White cards and 4 blank Black cards. All set for a fun game for horrible people.

Asmodee - Formula D Austin (Formula One) and Nevada (Street Course)
The Circuit of the Americas (Austin TX, home of the US Gran Prix) to the Valley of Fire, complete with a jump over the Colorado River. Hours of fun for your racing pleasure.
Friday, June 5th :
Knight Models Batman Miniatures game restock
 - including League of Shadows, SWAT teams and more.

Worthington Games - Holdfast : Korea 1950-51
2 players (but suitable for solitaire gaming) for ages 13 and up. Can the NKPA take Seoul and Pusan before the UN forces get too strong? Can the US led United Nation forces blitz their way to the Yalu before the Chinese become involved? This low complexity game lets you explore the possibilities.
Twilight Creations - Humans!!! 4 : Camp Zombie Lake
15 new map tiles representing the camp, 30 event cards, 15 Counselor cards and rules. All sorts of new action and thrills to add to the Humans!!! game.

Starting Player Games - Three Kingdoms Redux
3 players act as feudal lords, trying to run their state, defend their borders and protect themselves from rebels. For ages 13+. Takes 2 to 3 hours to play.

Twilight Creations - Zombies!!! PG Edition.
Zombies, but in a more family friendly format.

Kosmos - Dohdles!
A re-imagined version of the classic family game "Barbarossa". 3 to 6 players, ages 10 and up. Takes about 40 minutes to play. Create sculptures, guess what they represent and score points for you and the creator. Everything you need to play.

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