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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Thursday,  September 3rd :
Catalyst Game Labs - Bravest Warriors Red Deck Expansion
Now you can add Danny, Catbug and Jelly Kid to your Bravest Warrior gaming fun. Battle your way through myriad encounters on your way to victory in the dangerous place that the Space Time Calliope is.

Studio 2 - The Last Parsec Dropship/Freighter double sided map set.

Atlas Games - Feng Shui 2 : The Action Movie RPG
From Ancient Sorcerers to  Cyborg Apes. Travel through time portals, capture special sites and use the power to aid you in the Chi War. From the Tang Dynasty to post-apocalyptic Earth, the conflict rages between the factions. This new 350+ page full color hard cover book is chock full of Game Master advice, a fully-fleshed introductory adventure, easier to deal with mechanics and much more.

Atlas games - Feng Shui 2 Game Master's Screen
A heavy duty screen to keep your papers from prying eyes, this screen also contains important reference material. But that's not all. There is also a 32 page book A Fistfull of Fight Scenes which has 15 detailed locations to stage your conflicts in. From a nightclub to an Ancient Temple. From a bamboo forest to a moving train... the classics are all here.
Tuesday, September 1st
Coruv Belli - USAridna Army Box
USArdrianaThe new set is here!. Not only does this set include the Dismounted Maverick Girl, but it also comes with 3 Ariadna Grunts, a Minute Man, a Foxtrot Ranger and a Marauder as well as a Devil Dog and a K-9 Antipode.
But wait.
That's not all. It also comes with Navajo Outpost Scenery pack including 4 buildings, 6 containers and a gaming mat.   
And because we like you we will even make sure the Silhouette Templates, template rulers and 3 Ariandna dice are included to.
But if you act now we will even include the aforementioned dismounted Maverick girl. but only if you act now...

Auxia O'Niel (S.A.S. CP) -
the New and Improved Uxia O'Niel is here. armed with a Boarding Shotgun and just the attitude to use it, she is ready to go. New edition, new sculpt, new attitude.

New Malifaux terrain by Plasticraft
Colored : Railway Prop Set - Barricades and wire spools for your rail area.

Colored : Train Halt - a small brick & wood single story train stop

Colored : Train Station - highly detailed train station with interior detail and fittings this would make a great center piece for any urban setting.
Colored : Swamp Cottage - a rickety looking cottage on a stilted platform. Great to keep the gators off your front door and the swamp from gettin' in your gumbo.  

Colored : Swamp Walkway - sets of stairs (3) and platforms (6) to get from here and there without having to walk around in the slop.

Frostgrave miniatures -
We just received a restock of the Frostgrave plastic soldier boxed sets and a few blisters each of the different metal minis. We will be trying to stock them regularly, but supplies are expected to be spotty.

Catalyst Game Labs - new items in now
Bravest Warrior Blue Deck - includes such cards as Impossibear, Plum, Wallow and Chris. Add a new dimension to your Space-Time Calliope today!

Based on the Duke engine, Jarl has players moving warriors on the board trying to capture the opponents Jarl. Be aware of the fact that each time you move your warrior his tile flips changing the way he moves. a strategy game for 2 players.

Battletech Technical Readout 3150
the leatest generation of 'Mech, battle armor, vehicles, aerospace craft and more. 220+ pages showing you new technologies, pilots and more.

Shadowrun : Chrome Flesh
a Runner can't be bothered by limitations. How do you take away the limits to your body? Cybertech. bioware. genetech. nanotech. And here is a guide on all that and more. Be bigger, stronger, faster and smarter. All with just a little tweak.
Paizo Publishing - new releases
Pathfinder Card Game - Wrath of the Righteous : The Midnight Isles chapter pack

Pathfinder Campaign Setting : Occult Bestiary - over 50 new creatures, new playable races, aliens, denizens of the Dream Dimension, creature templates & more.

Pathfinder Player Companion : Dirty Tricks Handbook - all sorts of underhanded tricks, equipment, combat tactics and more.

Pathfinder Adventure Path : Hells Rebels - In Hell's Bright Shadow.  Module 1 of 6.

Pathfinder Flip-Mat Classics : Swamp

Pathfinder Pawns : Monster Codex Box
over 200 pawns representing creatures from the Monster Codex. Bugbears, Drow, Orcs, Trolls, Vampires and more.

Portal Games - Tides of Time
2 players try to build a grand civilization by playing complimentary cards while attempting to sabotage your opponent. Plays in about 20 minutes.

Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe!
Kick open the Door, Fight the Monster with your Steampunk gear and grab the gears... and other loot. For 3 to 6 players.

Friday, August 28th :
Mayfair Games - Star Trek : Five Year Mission
A 3 to 7 player cooperative game. You and your crewmates must work together to resolve the crisis threatening your ship. fail and you all lose. Succeed, score points and ultimately win the game. Each crewmember has a unique ability,  so be certain to plan wisely. Play as either the original crew of the Enterprise 1701 or the Next Generation 1701D.

Mayfair Games - Isle of Skye : From Chieftain to King
5 clans compete for dominance, trying to take swaths of land from each other, keeping the choice ones and selling the less useful. 2 to 5 players, ages 8 and up. Takes about an hour to play.
Q-Workshop - new dice sets
Call of Cthuhlu 7th Edition Dice
An official set of dice, black plastic with light green ink and a tentacle motif for this 7 die set. Spiffy looking and Chaosium approved.

Call Of Cthuhlu Orient Express Dice
Black plastic with purple ink and a locomotive motif, these officially licensed dice make a statement about the sort of player you are. And it's an interesting one.

Wyrd Malifaux minis
Guild Astringers, Dead Rider and Fire Gamin boxed sets
"Guilty as Charged" - Jack Daw Crew boxed Set

Malifaux "Shifting Loyalties" rulebook
This adds a campaign system to Malifaux, allowing you to track your Crew's progress, add new models to factions, fearsome Emissaries of Fate are explored, loyalties shift and the world changes. 280+ pages of new material.

Malifaux "Shifting Loyalties" Campaign Deck -
193 unique upgrades designed to be used with the Campaign System. Help your crew grow and change. From mechanical limbs to gatling guns and Avatars... all sorts of new and exciting changes.

Malifaux Generalist Upgrade Deck -
136 Upgrades designed to help enhance and experiment with your favorite crews. All tournament legal, all able to bring your game to a new level.

Iello - Kabuki
2 to 6 players (ages 6 and up) pass masks around to actors before the performance. Just make sure an actor does not get the same mask twice. An observation and memory game for the whole family.

Ninja Division - Ninja All Star Karate Fight!
2 to 4 players compete in a speed matching game. Designed for ages 7 and up, this game takes about 20 minutes to play. Fun for all.

Alderac Entertainment - Valley of the Kings : Afterlife
a stand alone game that can be combined with the original Valley of the Kings game to change the game around and play up to 6 players at once. Using innovative deck-building mechanics players try to stock their pyramid with jewels and treasure to prepare themselves for the afterlife.    

LudiCreations - Pocket Imperium
a 2 to 4 player game of galactic dimensions. Designed for ages 12 and up. Takes under an hour to play.

Ystari games - Starfighter
2 players (ages 13+) commanding their own cruiser launch squadrons at each other in an attempt top blast the other. Comes with 4 different cruisers, 100 different game cards and three game play modes.

Asmodee - Ryu
2 to 5 players (ages 14+) RYŪ, is a game of negotiation, bluffing and cube-drafting, players each represent one of the other five planets in this star system, with each planet having a different type of humanoid such as sharks, amazons and meka goblins and its own unique influences. These planets are open to prospecting, and with the proper financing players will be able to dig the resources they need to build their own RYŪ, a mother ship composed of "Rare Metal", "Memory Stone", and "Amber Magic". Players will need to cooperate with one another to raise the necessary resources, but they must also work for themselves in order to maintain an advantage over other players. Once assembled, the RYŪ comes to life as a living spaceship, and its owner wins the game.

Wednesday, August 26th :
Privateer Press - High Command : Rapid Engagement
A new two player deck building game where the forces of Khador and Circle Orboros square off in epic combat. Both Warmachine and Hordes : High Command decks are fully compatible with the game so you can expand your card pool with those.

Green Ronin Games - Dragon Age RPG
This 400+ page, full color hardbound book gioves you everything you need to play. The Adventure Game Engine is easy to learn and play, innovative stunts system adds action and excitement. Advancement through 20 levels allows huge play for the different classes, including specialization for the classes. Player and GM advice, given adversaries, background information and more make this a fully realized game in a book.

IDW Games - Open Sesame
A press your luck, treasure hunting memory game. 3 to 5 players take turns as both Ali Baba and the Thieves. As Ali baba you are trying to take treasures until you are either trapped or flee. As the Thieves you are trying to recount what Ali Baba has taken. Plays in about 20 minutes. Ages 10 and up.

IDW Games - Machi Koro : Millionaire's Row
13 new establishment cards anchor this new expansion which adds the well to do into the mix. Machinas flush with money from tech start-ups now want vineyards, member-only clubs, fine restaurants and more. Can you provide for them as well as the average citizens? Includes 20 Major Establishments, 60 Establishments, renovation tokens and rules.

Upper Deck - Firefly : Shiny Dice
A press your luck dice game. Get a mission, complete challenges and do more than the others before your luck finally runs out. Get a crew, get a mission and keep flyin'. For 1 to 5 players taking about 30 minutes. For ages 12 and up.

Fantasy Flight Games - new X-Wing ships are in!
Kihraxz Fighter (Scum & Villainy)
K-wing Fighter (Rebel Alliance)
TIE Punisher (Imperial Fighter)
Hound's Tooth (YV-666 light freighter)
Privateer Press - new Warmachine & Hordes miniatures
71098 - Extreme Dire Troll Mauler (box set)
31095 - Cygnar Stormclad/Reliant (boxed set)
31114 - Cygnar Storm lances (plastic box set)
33102 - Khador Obavnik Kommander Zerkova & Reaver Guard

Reaper - new Bones Miniatures
77245 Skeleton warrior Archers (3)
77244 Skeleton Warrior Spearman (3)
77243 Skeleton Warrior Axeman (3)
77242 Skeleton Warrior Swordsman (3)
77241 Skeleton Guardian axeman (3)
77240 Skeleton Guardian swordsman (3)
77239 Skeleton guardian spearman (3)
77238 Skeleton guardian 2 handed swordsman (3)
77237 Skeleton guardian archer (3)
80040 Bathalian Primarch
80041 Kulathi left hand gun armed aliens
80042 Kulathi Two gun armed aliens
80043 Kulathi right hand gun armed aliens
80044 Flying Saucer
80045 Grey Alien Scientists
80046 Grey Alien Warriors
80047 Grey Alien Leaders
80048 IMEF Trooper
80049 IMEF Pistol Armed Trooper
80050 IMEF Aiming Rifle armed trooper
80051 IMEF Kneeling Trooper
80052 Starship Door
80053 Starship Generator
80054 Starship Terminal
80055 Jersey Barriers
80056 Dragon's Teeth

Wednesday, August 19th :
Action Phase Games - Heroes Wanted : Champions & Masterminds 2
3 new Champions, 3 new Masterminds, token sheet and rules to use them.

Action Phase Games - Heroes Wanted : Breaking News Expansion Deck 2
30 hero cards, 16 villain cards, 8 quirk cards to add to your Heroes Wanted game.

Action Phase Games - Heroes Wanted : The Stuff of Legend Expansion
Supernatural and Mythic heroes add to the fray, two new scenarios, feats and curses, new tactics, quirks and a whole bunch more.  Over 100 new cards, 100 new tokens & tiles, dice, villain mats, rulebook and hours more fun!

Tasty Minstrel Games - Darwin Kastle's - Cthuhlu Realms
2 to 4 players (ages 14 and up) try to summon their unspeakable pals in this deck building game. Draft carefully, unlock your deck's potential and win the game.

Steve Jackson Games - Car Wars the Card Game
2 to 6 players square off in automotive gladiatorial combat. Easy to learn rules, fast playing and fun for everyone. 6 car cards, 150 'playing' cards and rules.

Bezier Games - Suburbia 5*
Adds a fifth player to your Suburbia game, along with 50 unique building tiles and a new resource to manage. Works with Suburbia and Suburbia Inc.

Pelgrane Press - 13th Age : The Strangling Sea
The famed Inigo Sharpe has vanished. Many wish to find him, either to aid or destroy him. Can you and your party locate him while dealing with goblins, weedbeasts, dwarves, sea maddened mariners. For 4 to 6 beginning adventurers.

Green Brier Games - Yashima : Legend of the Kami Masters
A fast paced combat game that combines the speed and complexity of card games with the tactical movement and terrain found in a miniatures game. Your deck controls your ability to fight and heal, multiplayer competition is high. For 2 to 4 players, ages 14 and up. Takes about an hour to play.

Dyskami Publishing - Warband : Against the Darkness
2 to 5 players (ages 10+) control armies made up of all races from the Five Realms. Emerge victorious from your battles, collect victory points and deal with the Darkness in the Final Battle. Plays in 60 to 90 minutes.

GMT Games - Churchill : Big Three Struggle for Peace
This is not a wargame, but a three sided political conflict game. As a world leader you sit down at ten conferences, nominate and debate issues and try to resolve points, use your staff to help and succeed. Be careful as the most cooperative player will be the winner. Can be played with 1, 2 or 3 players. Plays in as little as 90 minutes up to 4-5 hours for the campaign game.
Tuesday, August 18th :
Looney Labs - Adventure Time Fluxx
2 to 6 players, ages 8 and up compete to be the one to have the right cards in front of them to win in this ever changing game. Start the game by drawing a card and playing a card, change the rules, discover (and possibly change) the winning goal and try to be the one to get the cards to fall your way first. Takes 5-30 minutes.

Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin Gloom
designed for 2 to 5 players use the newest in cards, transparent modifier cards, in order to add loot, apply conditions and figure out their current score. The unique cards stack with modifiers revealed as they are played. Plays in about an hour. Let your most miserable times guide you in this Gloom-y version of Munchkin.

Privateer Press - Iron Kingdoms Unleashed : Skorne Empire
This book explores the vast Skorne Empire of eastern Immoren. Discover the history of the Skorne race, Learn about the culture, castes, government and warrior code. Explore the major cities of the Empire. Experience new careers, weapons, equipment and benefits. See new spells and creatures unique to the Skorne Empire.

Game Salute - Chaos & Alchemy
2 to 5 players (ages 13 and over) conduct experiments while building a useful alchemical laboratory. Your misfortunes can make your opponents lives harder, and theirs impact you as well. Look out for ploys and stumbling blocks they may try to put in front of you. Plays in about 10 minutes per player.
Friday, August 14th :
Artistic Judgement Games - two new miniature sets
Each is plastic, preassembled (but unpainted) plastic featuring 8 characters. Designed for use with Fairy Tale games Battle Royale, but could be used for any miniatures based applications.

Set 1 - Children of Magic : Includes Dorothy, King Arthur, Alice, Pocahontis, Snow (White), Peter Pan, Glinda and Tinker Bell
Set 2 - Mercenaries : Features Red (Riding Hood), The Huntsman, (Pied) Piper, (Mad) Hatter, Goldilocks, Hua Mulan, Robin Hood and (Captain) Hook.

Pinnacle Entertainment - The Last Parsec items :
Action Decks - Would you like themed decks for your Last Parces / Savage Worlds game? Here is your chance. 2 decks of 54 cards.

Last Parsec : Leviathan - A setting book for Last Parsec with new locations, characters, setting rules, a Plot Point campaign and more. 

Last Parsec : Eris Beta-V - A setting book for Last Parsec giving you starships, asteroid mining, ring storms, a Plot Point campaign and more.

Last Parsec : Sciencetorium - new locations and characters for the epic journey to Sciencetorium. Setting rules for the library's many wonders, a Plot Point Campaign, detailed insight into the world of reclusive librarians and bunches more.

Last Parsec : The Enigma Equation - A GM screen and adventure set.

Last Parsec : Pirate/Research - a double sided map set of a pair of craft, a research vessel and a pirate ship. Both are designed to be erasable and are in full color.

Privateer Press - The Undercity : Iron Kingdoms Adventure Boardgame
Evil lurks below the city of Corvis. The City Watch can't keep up so they have turned to mercenaries to delve beneath the streets and put a halt to the smuggling, disappearances and worse. 2 to 4 players (ages 14+) take on the challenges, try to overcome, gain experience and equipment and deal with that which lurks below...

WizKids Games - Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Heroclix
Latest of the Heroclix set, this one features S.H.E.I.L.D. and Hydra related figures, includes the new Collect & Assemble Hulkbuster MkII and has Avengers Identicards. Includes boosters, Fast Forces and Token & Dice sets.

Decision Games - Modern War # 19 : Red Dragon Falling
Chinese Civil War, Battle of the Chinese farm, Operation Dingo, Russian Airbourne Armor, US Navy Railguns, Cold War : Far East, British in Jordan and more.

The Army Painter - Warpaints Quick Set II
A new set of the eight Quickshade Inks, including the new Fleshtone Ink. All in one handy boxed set.

PrivateerPress - Skorne : Aradus Soldier/Aradus Sentinel boxed set

Q-Workshop - new dice sets
d2 and d4 sets - special sha;pes let these dice roll and be random. made in black and white, will match the 'Runic' style of die.

Cryptozoic Entertainment - Adventure Time Card Wars : Lemongrab vs. Gunter
Bunches of new art, Lemongrab oversized Hero card with sandyland/cornfield deck and Gunters oversize Hero card and his blue plains deck. All sorts of Adventure Time Card Wars fun in two new decks.

Q-Workshop Tech dice - a new polyhedral die with a sci-fi bend.
Comes in a variety of color options.
Black with blue, black with yellow, white with black, red with black, green with black, beige with black and black with orange ink.      

Q-Workshop - Tech Dice Tower
A new dice tower to go with the new dice types. Takes only seconds to assemble and then it's ready for all your die rolling needs. Complete with florescent acrylic insets.

Blue Orange Games - New York 1901
2 to 4 players (ages 8 and up) try to build and rebuild New York skyline. Try to acquire new land or demolish and reuse your real estate. Work toward building iconic skyscrapers as the crown jewel to your real estate empire. Plays in 30-60 minutes.

WizKids Games - new Star Trek Attack Wing ships
USS Thunderchild, IRW Vrax and IKS T'ong - all in stock again.

Looney Labs - Batman Fluxx
2 to 6 players draw, play, Ka-Pow, Whak and Boom! their way to victory as the Dynamic Duo and their foes come to the game of Fluxx. Ages 8 and up. Can take from five to thirty minutes for the average game of this ever evolving card game where the rules and the goal of the game can change play to play.
Tuesday, August 11th :
Alice Cluster (A0) Starter DeckForce of Will - Outbreak of the Seven Kings War Duel Decks
This is the 'Alice Cluster' starter deck set. In the world of Grimm, Alice repelled Blazer, the Eater of Dimensions, an invader from a different world. But Blazer was just an advance guard and Alice already knew the mastermind that had sent them. It was the person who had destroyed Alice's hometown. Alice halted the enemy's plans as she chased Blazer out of revenge and found herself within a different dimension of which became the new stage. It was the battle field where the seven kings had struggled for supremacy! Includes Includes two complete decks, Faria, the Sacred King and Melgis, the Flame King as well as reprinted high reality cards.

Days of Wonder - The Artisans of Naqala (Five Tribes expansion)