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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Tuesday, January 20th :
Alien Dungeon - All Quiet on the Martian Front
Flivvers with Canvas Covers - 3 truck boxed set.

IDW Games - Machi Koro : Harbor Expansion
It's election time. Cheese factories and coffee shops no longer make the people happy. Time to wow your citizens with airports, sushi bars and a harbor might help though. Go big or go home. Includes 10 new Establishments, new landmarks and starting establishments and the rules and tokens to use them.

Chenault & Gray Publishing - Storyteller's Thesaurus
550+ pages of material to help the writer/storyteller with their craft.  Sections arranged by topic, words appropriate to fantasy, sci-fi and horror settings, usage notes, writing tips and more. Scads of handy reference material in one tome.

Osprey Publishing new books :
Men at Arms #498 - The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 (volume 2)
Warrior #174 - British Paratrooper 1940-1945
New Vanguard #218 - T-26 Light Tank (Backbone of the Red Army)
Air Vanguard #18 - Messerschmitt Bf109 A-D Series
Campaign #265 - Fall Gelb 1940 (volume 2) Airborne Assault on the Low Countries
Duel #64 - Byzantine Warships vs Arab Warship (7th - 11th Centuries)
Aircraft of the Aces #123 - Reconnaissance and Bomber Aces of World War One
Myth and Legends -The Knights of the Round Table

Giants in the Playground - The Order of the Stick : Blood Runs in the Family
900+ pages of Order of the Stick stories, in full color no less. Fun for everyone.

IDW Games - The X-Files boardgame
For 2-5 players, ages 13 and up. Takes an hour to an hour and a half to play. All but one of the players take on the role of members of the X-Files team in this game based on the first three seasons of the hit TV show. Solve cases, uncover conspiracies and try to take down the Syndicate. The other player takes on the role of the Cigarette Smoking Man opposing them.

Friday, January 16th :
Cryptozoic - Adventure Time Hero Pack #1
15 oversized Hero Cards with new Hero Powers and a rulesheet to make your Adventure Time card game even more fun than before!

Evil Hat Productions - The Deck of Fate
96 cards for Fudge and Fate. Accelerated Arcana Deck, Core Arcana Deck and Dice Cards - all in one product.

Chaosium Games - Mysteries of Ireland : Horror Roleplaying in 1920s Ireland
This monograph gives you all the information you need to play in Ireland. The life of the people, legends, superstition, occult, the Mythos, Dublin and Belfast, two new occupations, new creatures and three new scenarios. All in one handy book.

Gale Force Nine - Firefly the Game : The Artful Dodger game Booster
More crew and a faster drive means you can concentrate on riskier and more profitable jobs. Ship card, ship, die and drive core - all in a handy box

Game Force Nine - Sons of Anarchy : Grim Bastards Club Expansion
Now you can add an extra player to the game along with the Grim Bastards and their deep connections.

Queen Games - Escape : Zombie City
This real time cooperative game takes ab out 20 minutes to play and is designed for ages 10 and up. You have 15 minutes to escape the city. Get out. While you can.

1A Games - Tide of Iron : Next Wave
This tactical WW2 game puts you in control of either German or American forces in conflict against infantry and armor. You are able to customize your forces to the mission at hand as well as use sound tactical and strategic choices to overcome the enemy. Ages 14+ 2 to 4 players, taking 1 to 4 hours depending on scenario.   

Wednesday, January 14th :
Privateer Press - new miniature releases
Legion of Everblight - Blight Wasps blister pack
Legion of Everblight - Zuriel boxed set
Trollbloods - Kriel Warriors unit boxed set
Minions - Farrow Bone Grinders unit boxed set

New hollow ring area of effect markers with dry erase labeling so you can not the effect to define needed details about it as well as deviation marks to determine AOE. 
Area of Effect Marker - 3"
Area of Effect Marker - 4"
Area of Effect Marker - 5" 

Knights of the Dinner Table # 216 : The Tie(s) that Bind
Privateer press - No Quarter # 58
Wargames Illustrated # 327 - Retreat from Luzon, Six Day War, Aggro and more.

Friday, January 9th :
Alien Dungeon  - All Quiet on the Martian Front : MK IV Monitor Tank
Armed with a 7" main gun and an array of 4" guns, this heavy tank can dish out some serious damage. It is heavily armored as well, but slow. Deploy it wisely.

Atlas Games - Ars Magica : Between Sun and Sea
This sourcebook explores the Mythic Africa,west of, but not including Egypt. From the dark gods of old Catrhage, the cities of Tell, from wind haunted mountains to dry deserts. Allowing you the opportunity to build a covenant outside the Tribunals or to search for rare magic and mystical treasures. All about the people, the geography, the myths and the beasts. 140+ pages of information.

Restock of Vallejo Game Air paints and more Gripping Beast miniatures
Tuesday, January 13th
Star Realms card game is back in stock!

Fantasy Flight Games - Star Wars LCG : Between the Shadows
5 new Jedi objective sets for Jedi and the Scum & Villainy as well as others for the remaining factions. Scads of new objectives and game play.

WizKids Games - Yu-Gi-oh  Clix series 2 is in.

Greater Than Games - new Sentinels of the Multiverse expansions
Omnitron IV : environment mini-expansion - 15 environment cards.
Wager Master : Villain mini-expansion - 25 villain cards, 2 character cards & divider.
Guise : Hero mini-expansion - 40 hero cards, character card and divider.

Wrath of the Cosmos : a new expansion that pits the Sentinels against foes from beyond space. Includes two cosmic heroes, four destructive villains and two far-flung environments. Includes new rules and hours of excitement. 

Forge Songs - Shadows of Esteren : The Monastery of Tuath
50 full color pages depicting the Temple faction, an adventure scenario, maps, player aids and a whole lot more to add to your Shadows gaming experience.

Palladium Games - Rifter # 68
Heroes Unlimited, Rifts and Beyond the Supernatural material, news, coming attractions, fiction, fun and games. All in this new Rifter installment.

Z-Man Games - Agricola : France
A new deck with new minor improvements and occupations, all themed for around France. You can use this deck alone or combine it with others. 120 new cards!

Z-Man Games - Carcasonne : Gold Rush
Part of the Carcassonne Around the World series, this new game puts you in the Old West stakin' claims, wrasslin' claim jumpers and trying to strike it rich. 2-5 players.

Z-Man Games - Fields of Arle
1 or 2 players try to take care of the moorlands, plowing farmland, reclaiming the moors, breeding animals, building and trying to prosper. For ages 13 and up. Takes about an hour per player to play.

Wizards of the Coast - D&D 5e Dungeon Masters Screen   
It's here! four panel, full color, landscape screen designed to help your D&D gaming

Battlefront - Battlefield in a Box : Spacer Station Lasers
3 different space station lasers. a double story , single story and triple story laser tower/turret set. All prepainted and modular.

Mongoose Publishing - Legend : Deus Vult : Sacerdos Custos Training Guide
become part of the secret order of the church and fight the supernatural evils which plague mankind. Hunt down diabolic cults, slay ghouls, save humanity. A new sourcebook for the Legends RPG.

Wednesday, January 7th :
REPOS Production - Mascarade Expansion
13 new characters for Mascarade. Will you fall to the Courtesan? Succumb to the Necromancer? The Mascarade begins anew

Z-Man Games - Targi
A new 2 player game (for ages 13 and up) Travel the desert, find oasis, trade at camps and look out for robbers. An hour long strategy game for two.

Margaret Weis Productions - Firefly : Things don't go Smooth
New Villains and Varmits, GM advice and rules, two new full length adventures - all in a single 230+ page full color book.

Modiphius Entertainment - Achtung! Cthulhu FATE edition
The fully FATE compatible RPG of a horror filled World War 2. Late 30s and early 40s setting with all the background you need to create a setting. Includes all the creatures, magics, organizations, artifacts and more that you need. Includes an Investigators section for the Players and a Keeper section for those running the game. Adventure seeds, resources and more are listed as well.

Modiphius Entertainment - Achtung! Cthulhu Guide to North Africa
Well over 100 pages of background for a campaign set in the African front. Background information, Magic and Mysticism, Adventure Seeds, NPCs, a full bestiary, resources and a whole lot more.  

Modiphius Entertainment - Achtung! Cthulhu Guide to the Eastern Front
If you thought the Nazis were bad and the Winter worse, you have not yet seen the horrors that walk in the East. Full background information, the Soviets, a full bestiary, source references, adventure seeds, the land itself and so much more.

Alderac Entertainment - Currency of War
A two player Learn to Play set featuring the Crane and Mantis. Has a full rulebook, 2 Ivory legal decks, 4 booster packs to add to your deck, 16 page story book and the ability help shape the future of Rokugan with an exclusive vote in the stotryline.

Tuesday, January 6th :
Happy New Year everyone.

Goodman Games - Metamorphosis Alpha
- Deluxed Boxed Set
The Deluxe Collectors Edition is here! Not only the original rules from 1976 but the playtest documents, errata, new creatures and NPCs, GM notes, a Bibliography, magazine articles published for the '76 rules and more. Aside from a full color heavyweight box designed to keep and protect your book. Also included is a copy of the 'Android Overlords' adventure module. Now even more bang for your buck. Only a few copies of that left though.

Alderac Entertainment - Doomtown Reloaded Saddlebag  : Double Down
Second expansion for the Doomtown Reloaded card game - backroom deals, public endorsements, violence, malevolence, promises and gunfights in the street. And that is on a good day. 84 cards and a story sheet.

Evil Hat Productions - The Secrets of Cats (FATE RPG)
Join with the Parliament of Cats and hold back the darkness which threaten your Human Burdens. This 50 page book provides everything needed as a setting to generate your character, feline magic, the plot, true names and a whole lot more.

Evil Hat Productions - Designers and Dragons book set
There are 4 different volumes, 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's. Each volume gives you the history and background of the major companies of the time, background on some of the hot games of that era, bibliography and index, notes on roleplaying and more.
The 70's edition include a foreward by Greg Stafford and 13 different 70s game companies, the 80's a foreword by Mike Pondsmith and 23 different companies, the 90's a foreword by Peter Adkison and 21 game company profiles and the 00's volume contains 25 game company profiles and a foreword by Lisa Stevens.

Fantasy Flight Games - new merchandise
Imperial Aquila dice bag, Chaos Star dice bag, Ork (Ork skull glyph) dice bag and
Inquisitor Badge dice bag

Netrunner "Posted Bounty" limited edition art card sleeves
Netrunner "Deep Red" limited edition art card sleeves
Netrunner "Inside Job" limited edition art card sleeves
Netrunner "Snare!" limited edition art card sleeves
Netrunner "Wotan" limited edition art card sleeves
Netrunner "Pop-up" limited edition art card sleeves

Maps of Mastery - new Sci-fi Poster Maps
Distant Starscapes : 22 x 34 deep space map and nebula map complete with three cards of terrain from suns to asteroids and planets.

Distant Outposts : Orbital Docking Station : Commercial Quadrant and Mining Colony foundry and motor pool maps. Each full color and 22 x 34 in size

Distant Outposts II : Orbital Docking Station : Science Quadrant and Mining Colony Upper Level (Medlab, dorms and ops center) - each 22 x 34 in full color

Distant Outposts III : Orbital Docking Station Hanmgar Quadrant and Mining Colony Rooftop level with uplink dish and landing platform. Each 22 x 34 in size.

Distant Outpost IV : Orbital Docking Station : Administration Quadrant and Mining Colony Sublevel. Guess what? Yup. Each is in full color and 22 x 34 in size.

Distant Outpost Boxed Set - yes, all four of the Orbital Docking Station maps and subsequently all four of the Mining colony maps in one set.

Maps of Mastery : Sci-Fi Cargo Tiles 2
Twelve 5 x 8 cards of terrain tiles, each done in full color, designed to be cut apart for bunks, uplink dishes, cargo containers, meeting rooms and more. Also included a Space Yacht tile and a cargo manifest form.

ZMan Games - The Staufer Dynasty : Under the Reign of Henry VI
Players join Henry the VI on his horseback tour of the lands, each trying to install envoys and nobles into the different regions Henry will visit to accrue influence and wealth. Score after eachj round and try to stay a step ahead of your opponents. Ages 13 and up. For 2 to 5 players, better with more. Plays generally in 20-30 minutes per player, so 3 players would play in a hour to an hour and a half.

Fantasy Flight Games - new LCG expansion packs

Warhammer 40,000 Conquest : Scourge
60 new cards in the second War Pack - cards 023 through 044 are contained within.

Game of Thrones : Secrets and Schemes
60 new cards (3 copies of 20 different ones) to add to the Wardens Cycle set
Tuesday, December 30th:
Chaosium - Horror on the Orient Express
The classic mega-module has returned - better than ever. This boxed module weighs in around 8 pounds of perfect bound books (six of them), Route maps, investigator handouts, luggage stickers, passports, matchbooks, scrolls, bumper sticker, ceremonial knife and fragments of the Sedefkar Simulacrum. A trainload of adventure, all waiting for you to board and find the Horror on the Orient Express.

Catalyst Game Labs - Classic Battletech : The Corps - Battlecorps Anthology 1
12 different authors bring you 18 stories from the Battletech universe - from the Star League Era to Clan Invasion, Succession Wars and Civil War era tales. Over  three hundred and thirty pages of excitement.

Dyskami Publishing - Cash is King - expansion for Worker Placement
Expands the game to deal with 6 to 8 players with new jobs, extra cubes, new rules and more.

Reaper Miniatures - even more new minis are here!
03699 - (Dark Heaven) Hobogoblin Sorcerer
03698 - (Dark Heaven) Tengu
03697 - (Dark Heaven) Stitch Golems (2)
03695 - (Dark Heaven) Death Dog (Two headed wolf)
03693 - (Dark Heaven) Qualanar, Wizard
Wednesday, December 24th :
Troll Lord Games - Castles and Crusades : Monsters and Treasure - in color!
The newest printing of the monsters &b treasures codex with scads of GM information. Monsters, advice on running them, advice on creation, unique treasures, tips on awards and more.

GMT Games - Command and Colors Napoleonic : Prussian Army Expansion
20 historic battles, unit reference cards, new units and a whole lot more.

GMT Games - Command and Colors Ancients Expansions 2 & 3
Rome vs the Barbarians and the Roman Civil Wars. 42 epic battles, rule and scenario books, reference cards, troop blocks and more. A great addition to Command & Colors Ancients.  

Queen Games - Orcs, Orcs Orcs
As the new Orc Squash Tourney begins the most skilled mages of the lands compete to see who will cast the most skillful spells and squash the most Orcs. Can you win the Orc Squasher Crown  or will you bow to your foes abilities? Take your place on the tower top, get your spell books ready and prepare to squash Orcs, orcs, orcs!
Queen Games - Orcs, Orcs, Orcs Reinforcements : Expansion 1
New fate cards, new terrain, and  reinforcements. All in one expansion to add to your Orcs, orcs, Orcs game.

Paragrim Concepts - Rotted Capes : Mind Games

a new adventure for Rotted Capes. Can you stop the Zeds as the MindWarp starts to take over? Will you overcome the peril of Dr. Shand or will you fall?

Mongoose Publishing - Traveller  Adventure 4 : Into the Unknown
As a crew of the scout Spartan Wainwright your job is to survey the system of N-83-Aleph. But will you be up for the challenges? More than a routine survey this shall be...

Mongoose Publishing - Sheoloth - The Sprawling City (for Legend RPG)
This new book allows you to create Dark Elf characters and gives you a place to experience their culture. Also includes new skills, professions, magic and more. The city is fully detailed so you can get right to it. Over 164 pages of material.

Avatars of War - new exclusive limited edition miniature releases :
Dwarf Master Gunner (with dual pistols)
Borg Ironfist Dwarf Hero
Lord of Pestilence with Sword and Shield
Lord of Pestilence with Great Weapon   

Dark Sword miniatures
Modular Night's Watch Warriors - 5 different base poses with different weapon options. bows or crossbows, swords, shields available with the different poses.

Visions in Fantasy releases :
Star Nosed Mole Assassin anthropomorphic character, Ancient Stag, Female Mage seductress, Feathered Wings and Leathery Wings packs. All in stock.

Tuesday, December 23rd :
Here we are on Christmas Eve-eve and of course half a zillion new items have come into the store...

Days of Wonder :
Necromancer Island for Small World -
once an exclusive promo, now available to anyone who wants it. A special scenario for 3 to 6 players.

Leaders of Small World :
New Leader Tokens now enter the fray with special abilities and the possibility of being held for ransom. designed for use with 2 to 5 players. 

Small World Royal Bonus :
3 new Races, 3 new Special powers and all the corresponding tokens and rules you need to play with them.

Cryptozoic Entertainment - Rivals : Batman vs Joker deck building game
a special2 player game pitting one player (as Batman) against the other (as the Joker). Launch attacks at the other player, use special 'Block' cards to defeat attacks against you, new powers, equipment and locations. Compatible with all the Cerberus Hero Deck Building games.

Mayfair Games - Murano
2 to 4 players seek to be the most glorious merchants on the island of Murano. Easy to teach, hard to master. For ages 10 and up.

Clash of Arms Games - Legion of Honor
A 1 to 6 player card game of the Napoleonic Wars. Players start out as a young French sergeant or sous-lieutenant and try to work their way through the wars from the Brunswick Manifesto to the Hundred Days. Seize the opportunities and grab honor, rank and glory!

Rio Grande Games - Roll for the Galaxy
Race for the Galaxy now has a dice based game - and this is it! For 2 to 5 players, taking about an hour to play. Designed for ages 14+

Fun Forge Games - Samurai Spirit
1 to 7 players try to defend a village from the fearsome assault of the Oni-Musha clan. Can you work together to overcome them or will you lie in the dust, defeated? For ages 10 and up. Takes 30+ minutes to play depending on number of players

Passport Game Studios - Priovincia Romana
2 to 6 players (ages 13+) try to manage the city's economy and resources trying to show the people you are worthy to be the new Proconsul. Plays in about 90 minutes.

Passport Game Studio - HP Lovectraft's Kingsport Festival
3 to 5 players try to dominate to city with their cult, destroy the interloping Investigators, keep their Sanity and invoke unthinkable horrors. For ages thirteen and over. Takes around ninety minutes to play. Why choose the lesser evil?   

Wizkids Games - Star Trek Attack Wing Template Pack

Fantasy Flight Games - The End of the World : Zombie Apocalypse
A new RPG where you play you in a world torn apart by the apocalypse. Includes an elegant narrative system, creation rules, unique scenarios and more.

Trail of Cthuhlu : Le Livre Des Fourmis (The Book of Ants)
An investigators guide to the Dreamlands.

Pelgrane Press - Dreamhounds of Paris
A Trail of Cthuhlu adventure book. Paris in the 20s and 30s. The Dreamlands. Monsters, an introductory adventure and much more in this 150+ page hardbound.

Fantasy Flight Games - Age of Rebellion : Stay on Target
The sourcebook of Aces including expanded character generation, new abilities, specialized equipment, rules for riding many of the galaxies beasts and more.

Chaosium - Cold Harvest
Call of Chtuhlu  during the era of the Great Purges on Stalin's Russia. This scenario set puts you in the role of investigators of the NKVD trying to find out what is going on the the wilds of Central Russia. Includes the scenario, guidance tips, pre-generated characters and everything you need for the setting.

WizKids games - Dicemasters : Uncanny X-Men Collector's Set Up Box
Dice, cards, dice bag, dice storage trays (which hold over 300 dice), 4 expansion packs and a full color box to hold it (and your collection) in. Play as the X-Men or their foes. A Great starting point for Marvel Dice Masters.

Wyrd games - new Miniatures :
Crooked Men, Hog Whispers, the Pigapult Boxed set, Of Metal and Flesh box set, Hannah boxed set and the Thunders boxed set. All in stock now.

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