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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Wednesday April 25th :
Cool Mini or Not - Bloodborne : The Hunter's Nightmare Expansion
All new challenges in the form of new monsters and bosses and resources in the form of upgrades are added to the game. More variety,  replayiblility and lots more fun.

Pencil First Games - Legendary Creatures
2 to 4 players (ages 14+) compete to be the next Druid of Nature's Grace. Ally with legendary creature, harness their abilities visit magical places and master the elemental realms. Plays in about 30 minutes per player. Full color play aids, unique meeples and lots of combinations make for a game that plays differently each time.

Cool Mini or Not - Lorenzo il Maginifco : Houses of Renaissance expansion
New possibilities for expanding your families influence throughout Renaissance  Italy. Conquer new territories, influence new characters, sponsor new buildings, encourage new ventures and use new leaders. New mechanics add even more depth to the game

Pazio Publishing - new releases for Pathfinder RPG

Pathfinder Pocket Bestiary 4 - over 300 new monsters with classic horror creatures, player friendly races, new constructs, familiars, templates and much more.

Pathfinder Pocket Ultimate Magic - new magus base class, new caster options, feats and magic abilities, spell crafting, new spells and more in a pocket sized tome.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting - Nidal, Land of Shadows - it's history, the fall into Zon-Kuthoon's grasp, adventure sites, a bestiary of shadow creatures and an in depth gazetteer. Lots of information to play in Pathfinder's official world or use these blighted lands for your own campaign.

Pathfinder Adventure Path : War for the Crown : The Twilight Child
chapter 3 of 6. This 7th level adventure explores the city of Yanmass, caravan hub of northern Taldor. Explains the servants of psychopomps, resurrection and how it impacts the peoples (and gods) of Golarion. New beasts, loads of action and more.

Starfinder : Dead Suns chapter 5 : The Thirteenth Gate
a 9th level Starfinder adventure, featuring technological relics, worlds and cultures of five never seen before races, statistics and deck plans for a Devourer starship and even more.

Cool Mini or Not Zombicide products :
Zombicide Black plague expansion tiles : expand Black Plague and Wulfsburg with these 11 tiles and token punch board.

Zombicide Green Horde -1 to 6 player cooperative game where players try to survive when a horde of zombie-infected orcs come to take over their lands. Band together with other heroes to roll back the green tide and deal with the necromancers who have spawned this foul army. For ages 14 and up.  Plays in a bit over an hour.

Knight Models - second edition Batman Miniatures Game
all sorts of new villains and heroes. 2nd ed rules are back, book of magic is back and so are some starter packs too.

Wild West Exodus - is in store!
We have rules, a few starter packs, a few two player starter packs and more.

Tuesday April 24th :
Reaper Miniatures - new Dark Heaven releases
01614 - Con Crud Convention Zombie
03765 - Highland Heroine
03838 - Sakarat, Goblin Wizard
03839 - Vampire Lord (classic cloaked vampire)
03840 - Graveflesh Servant (male)
03841 - Graveflesh Servant (female)
03842 - Sethis, Mummy King
03843 - Aurelio Endrino, Bonehange Captain
03844 - Damaris Walmund, Duskwarden Captian
03845 - Mina, River Widows Captain
03846 - Vatanis, Maggotcrown Capitan
03847 - Kelainen Darkmantle, wizard
03852 - Armored Goblin Boss (plate mail & axe)
03853 - Female Vampire
03854 - Female Mummy Queen
03855 - Graveyard Finial : Skulls (3)
03856 - Townsfolk : Courtesan
03857 - Townsfolk : Milk Maid
03858 - Townsfolk : Sage
03859 - Townsfolk : Cooper
03860 - Nimbar, Female Elf Necromancer
03861 - Talynth, Female Elf Barbarian
03862 - Shardis, Female Elf Rouge
03864 - Belthual, Elf Chronicler (armed with a whip)
03865 - Brairlings (2)
03866 - Bryn, Female Half-Elf Rouge
03867 - Aletheia Edair, Female Duelist
03868 - Sir William the Peacemaker
03869 - Ankoa, Barbarian Hero
03870 - Dire Penguin

Warlord Games - Blood Red Skies is here!
The starter set pits Spitfire vs Bf-109 in combat above England during the Battle of Britain. Comes with 12 aircraft, rules, dice, tokens and everything you need to dogfight using this new, dynamic system using advantage and morale as well as skill, traits and doctrines.

Warlord Games - Blood Red Skies aircraft sets
Each set has 6 aircraft, 6 bases, aircraft card, trait cards, pilot skill disks, aircraft markings sticker sheet and action cards. The nationality/aircraft are :
US - P-51D Mustang, UK - Spitfire MkII, German - Bf-109E, Soviet Union - Yak-1, Japan - A6-M5 Zero

Warlord games - Blood Red Skies Aces packs :
Each pack has an aircraft miniature, stand, aircraft card, trait cards, ace card, ace skill cards and skill disks. The different Ace pilots are :
George Preddy (US), 'Sailor' Malan (UK), Adolph Galland (Germany), Lydia Litvyak (Soviet Union) and Saburo Sakai (Japan)
Osprey Books - two new historical books
Duel #77 - Bazooka vs Panzer : Battle of the Bulge 1944
Campaign # 319 - Imphal 1944 : Japanese invasion of India

Rio Grande - Broadhorns
Players (2-4) take on the role of merchants in St. Louis, arranging cargo expeditions along the Mississippi during the early 19th century. Finance trips, obtain boats, purchase cargo, haul passengers and try to make the most you can before the year comes to a close. Ages 14+ plays in 60 to 90 minutes.
Thursday April 19th :
Wizkids - Endless Pass : A Viking Saga
2-6 players attempt to gain glory defeating the Endless in a deep pass. Help the gods, gain glory and await Ragnarok.  Ages 14 and up. plays in half an hour. Includes 6 player boards, trackers, game cards and play aids.

Arcane Tinmen - Dragon Shield Art Sleeves
Standard sized card sleeves, each set adorned with art of a specific dragon. Sleeve colors are black, white, red and blue and feature a different artist. Box is 100 sleeves.

Fantasy Flight Games - Realms of Terrinoth
A fantasy campaign system for the Genesys RPG system. Includes the history of Terrinoth, from the fall of the Elves to the rise of the Dragonlords. Character creation for Orcs, Elves, Catfolk, Dwarves and Gnomes. New character careers, Heroic  abilities, new weapons, gear, crafting rules, magic rules, a gazetteer of the lands and a whole lot more.

Troll Lord Games - Castles & Crusades : By Shadow of Night
Bergholt, a once proud city, now a backwater of merchants and thieves. In these pages are details about the city, a rich cast of NPCs, an adventure that adds to the Death in the Treklant series and more. The adventure can be used as a standalone adventure if you desire.

Chaosium - The Eleven Light
The Red Cow, Volume II. You are heroes from the Red Cow clan. Fend off Chaos, wrewolves, other tribes and peril in this campaign that takes you through the occupation of Sartar by the Lunar Empire in 1618 to it's liberation in 1625. A year by year outline helps to guide events as well as 20 complete adventures and tons of adventure seeds. Two complete Heroquests are featured that will have your PCs changing the world.

Osprey Publishing - new historical books
New Vanguard  #257 - Technicals : from the great Toyota War to special forces.
Campaign #320 - Brittany 1944 : Hitler's final defenses in France
Combat Aircraft #124 - Short Stirling units of World War 2

Fantasy Flight Games - Mansions of Madness  : Sanctum of Twilight
Two new scenarios that feature the Silver Twilight Lodge. New investigators, new spells, new items as well as a new threat... the Wraith.

Fantasy Flight Games - Star Wars Force Pack - Promise of Power

Osprey Wargames - Outremer Faith and Blood
a skirmish level game pitting Crusaders against the Saracens. Usable for one off skirmish encounters the rules are designed for an ongoing campaign of scenarios and encounters - growing your force from a small handful of loyal soldiers to a powerful warband. by Jamie Gordon

Osprey Games - Burrows and Badgers
A skirmish game of anthropomorphic animals.m Northumbra is a land in turmoil. Mice, badgers, toads and other animals wear armor, weild swords and other weapons and cast spells. in this realm ruined villages, haunted forests and misty marches play host to desperate struggles and brutal ambushes. This is a narrative based skirmish game where your warriors gain skills, abilities and artifacts in a battle for survival.

Dud Games - Maximum Security
an expansion for Magic Maze adding 13 modules to add security measures, new hero abilities, 42 achievements and far more fun. 13 new mall tiles, 45 guard pawns, a Beholder on a plastic stand, various tokens and fun.


More new Vallejo tools are in. Pin Vise, sanding sticks, files, saws, knives & more.

New Mindjammer RPG items from Modiphius
Children of Orion  : The Venu Sourcebook
The bright empire of Venu - the interstellar 'bad guys' of human space. An ancient xenophobic bunch of human supremacists bent on cleansing the cosmos of those who aren't them. Includes history, the Dark Radiance, character information, campaign info and a whole bunch more.

The Core Worlds : The Heart of the New Commonality of Humankind
Background and history of the sector of space, planets, cultural regions, genotypes and Old Earth, Old mars, Green Moon and more.

Mindjammers Player's Guide : Adventuring in the New Commonality of Humankind
All the rules tro create & play characters in the universe. Any character. Up to and including a sentient starship. Descritptions and history of the New Commonality, starmaps, homeworlds, genotypes, Minscape, virtual worlds among other things.

Mindjammer Companion : Thoughtcasts from the Outremer subsector
History and background of the subsector, starship generations and operation on the frontier, economic systems, the Heritage Contestation Octant, maps and 30 new worlds.

Symbarium Ability and mystical power cards are here!

Pencil First Games - Sunset : A picturesque game
Paint landscapes in this 1 to 4 player game. Get off the beaten track, find the base landscapes and find your inspiration. Plays in about 20 minutes. Ages 8+

Purple Duck Games - Tyranny and Manipulation
A sourcebook to help GM add that level of terror and fear into the game. Includes base classes, 75 new feats, two dozen new spells, Mutations, hazardous environments and more for the PFRPG.

Odd Bird Games - Feudum
You've been banished from your lands, left begging for scraps with but a few shillings in your pocket. Time to reinvent yourself in this new game. 2-5 players (aged 12+) compete to pull themselves from obscurity. Hand optimization, resource management and a nifty economic system make this a game the for ages. Plays in 2-3 hours.

Modiphius Entertainment -  Infinity : Adventures in the Human Sphere
10 independent adventures from Sol to the Human Edge. New adversaries, in depth maps, Wilderness of Mirrors objectives, adveice on extending the scenes and adventures so the missions become a springboard for your campaign.

Troll Lord Games - 5e Adventures : A Lion in the Ropes
The aged Lord Galveston needs your help. Wild beasts, restless undead and worse plague the area. Unriddle the adventure and discover the truth.

Friday April 13th :
Busy, busy times. Getting geared up for Little Wars, trying to finish lots of little projects and having -all- sorts of fun.

But, along with all our fun is this... new stuff!

Image result for gmt pendragon

GMT Games - Pendragon : Fall of Roman Britian
Latest of the COIN games. 1 to 4 players attempt to keep the land of Britain under British control as Saxons, Picts, Vikings and Celts all eye the island nation and it's failing Roman military and infrastructure. Can you keep the invaders at bay? Medium complexity, high solitaire suitability.

Fantasy Flight Games - Game of Thrones Chapter Pack : The Faith Militant

Muse on Minis - new 2d terrain.
To go with their gaming mats they now have several 2d full color printed packs to add to your game.
Buildings and Rubble Pack
Forest and Hill Pack
Objective pack
Hedge and Wall pack

Muse on Minis DT dials - dials to show your vehicles hit point, army command points or whatever. Multiple sizes and capacities available.

Muse of Minis Measuring Set - Small, medium and large bases, measuring sticks and lots of useful templates.

GMT Games - two new MBT expansions
Image result for gmt MBT FRGImage result for gmt MBT FRGMBT : FRG - West German Tank to tank combat in Germany of 1987. Includes Leopard 1 and 2, Marder, Jaguar, Tornado, Luchs, Gepard and PAH-1. New maps, new scenarios and a bunch more.

MBT : BAOR -British tank to tank combat in the late 80s in Germany. Chieftain, Challenger, Warrior, Scimitar, Scorpion, Lynx, Harrier and lots more equipment is included in the expansion. New maps, scenarios and more. 

Ninth Level Games - Bearicades
1-4 player game (ages 14+) Forest themed tower defense card game

Stronghold Games - Dungeon Rush
3-5 player (age 8+) real time dungeon delving card game.

Bezier games - Werebeasts
3 to 10 player (ages 14+) card game of collecting Werebeasts

IDW Games - Outpost Amazon
2-6 player (ages 12+) card game of escape, exploration and collection in the jungle

UltraPro games - Shards of Infinity
2-4 player deckbuilding game (ages 10+) of destroying opponents or reality mastering

Game Salute - Black Orchestra 2nd edition
1 to 5 player game (age 14+) of conspiracy and assassination of Hitler

USAopoly Games - Thanos Rising : Avengers Infinity War
2 to 4 player cooperative game (ages 10+) where heroes try to defeat Thanos. Stop him from gaining the Infinity Stones and ruling the universe.

New BONES minis from Reaper. Fire and Frost Giants, scenic pieces like sacrificial altars and caskets and a bunch of monsters and characters.

Friday April 6th :
So it's been another chaotic week of fun here at the store.
But we've got a few new things in for your gaming weekend fun :

Looney Labs : Anatomy Fluxx card game
Interstellar Stories - Seven Worlds : Savage Worlds Sci-fi setting & campaign books

Pinnacle Entertainment Group - The Goon : Savage Worlds book
gangland horror, zombie Noir, slapstick campaign setting

Pinnacle Entertainment - Fear Agents - a new scifi setting book and campaign based on the comic series. Pulp action, horror and military action all in one.

Monkey Fun Games - Spirit of '77 RPG
70's pop culture RPG. Kung-fu, truckers, rockers and sleuths. A gritty glam RPG.

Spirit of '77 - Wide World of '77 - Three adventures for the RPG

Fantasy Flight Games - To Fight the Black Wind
Arkham Horror novella and exclusive cards for the LCG

Ganesha Games - Four Against Darkness : Treasure Hunters of Charlemagne
new scenario pack. need both the 4AD and Four Against the Abyss rules for play  

Renegade Games - CLANK! The Mummy's Curse expansion

Compass Games - Empires & Alliances World War One Across Europe
Medium complexity, High Solitaire suitability Corp level wargame

GMT Games - Metz 1870
Franco Prussian War  - two battles that were pivotal to the conflict in August of 1870. Brigade level. Medium complexity and solitaire suitability.

Renegade Games - Sabordage
Be the first to arrive at Blackbeard's Treasure Hideout. Build your ship, protect it from attacks and deal with your opponents. 2 to 5 players - ages 8 and up.

Final Frontier Games - Rise to Nobility : Future of the Five Realms
1 to 6 players, ages 14 and up. A dice placement game - build up your town, gain glory, become lord of the lands and take over the Stone Council. Plays in about half an hour per player.

Cubicle Seven - Adventures in Middle Earth : Eaves of Mirkwood & Loremaster Screen
4 panel screen, 32 page adventure, pregenerated characters, optional rules & more.

Iello - Decrypto
3-8 players, ages 12 and up, plays in about 30 minutes. Transmit secret codes to your team and try to intercept your opponent's.

Wizards of the Coast - new Magic the Gathering
Masters 25 set, Challenger Decks and Elves vs Inventors Duel Decks

Knight Models - moer new 2nd edition miniatures including Ben Affleck Batman

Goodman Games - D&D Into the Borderlands B1/B2 hardback is in.

Plaid Hat Games - Crystal Clans
2 players (ages 14+) fight in the combination board/card game

Catalyst game Labs - Shadowrun : Dark Terrors  Plot Sourcebook
Plot updates, hooks, critter stats, campaign infromation and an immersive style - all ready to use with Shadowrun Fifth Edition and Shadowrun Anarchy
Goodman Games - Dungeon Alphabet (harcover, leatherbound or KS edition)

Goodman Games - Dungeon Crawl Classics : The Tower of faces (level 6 adventure)

Final Frontier Games - Cavern Tavern : Secret of the Five Realms
Worker placement game where you serve drinks, work the kitchen, do chores, help customers and keep your boss happy. Additive mechanics allow bigger rewards for bigger investments but less diversification. 1 -6 players. 14+ About 30 mini/player 

Friday March 30th :
Fantasy Flight Games - new LCG expansions
Arkham Horror : Dim Carcosa Mythos pack - Scenario VIII of the Path to Carcosa arc.

Game of Thrones : Sands of Dorne deluxe expansion
This expansion adds House Martell to the game. New characters, events, locations along with plots and attachments get added to the game. Also includes new cards for all other factions as well as some neutral cards in the game making this a handy  add-on for all players on the Game of Thrones LCG

Steamforged Games - Dark Souls Card game
1 to 4 players take part in this cooperative deck evolution game. Explore, defeat foes and deal with the bosses. Beware, your cards are your life so as you progress you will need to husband your resources to overcome the final challenge. Everything you need to play is included in this game.

Pazio Publishing - Starfinder : Pact Worlds
This hardcover book contains a gazetteer of 14 major worlds, starships, six new playable races, player options, feats, spells and more. 200+ full color pages. Find out about the Absalon Styation, the jungles of Castrovel, the worldship Idari and ever so much more. A great resource for players & GM alike.

Strarfinder Flip Mat - Space Station
This double sided mat features a park-like commercial area on one side and a industrial area on the other. Both in full color and specially coated so you can use china markers, wet or dry erase markers - even permanent markers - and remove them with ease. Don't waste time drawing maps when you can play on a flip mat.

Pathfinder Player Companion - Merchant's Manifest 
Look at the 17 key merchant hubs of Golarion, the wondrous item that passes between them, new magic items, armor, weapons and information about the markets you might find them in. New archetypes and class options add depth to the merchants, their employees and the families tied to them.

Pathfinder - Songbird, Scion, Saboteur : War for the Crown book 2
a 4th level adventure continuing the War for the Crown saga. A gazetteer of Meratt county, new rules for relics, cults of personalities, new monsters and more.

Wizkids games - Pools and Pillars - new prepainted terrain
a box set with pillars, torches, pools, braziers, statues and more. prepainted and ready to simply pull out of the box and play.

Pathfinder Flip Mat - Forest Fire
a double sided map with a forest fire raging among a remote bit of forested lad, the otgher a small settlement threaten by a wild fire.  Both in full color and specially coated so you can use china markers, wet or dry erase markers - even permanent markers - and remove them with ease.

Kobold Press - Wrath of the River King
a 5th-7th level adventure for D&D 5e. Can you unravel the truth behind the disappearance of the miller's wife, deal with the danger to the town of Riversbend and manage to tell the tale?

Fantasy Flight Games - Star Wars Age of Rebellion : Fully Operational
The engineers sourcebook for the Star Wars. Adding Motivations, Duties, species and specializations for the engineers. Customize equipment, gain new weaponry, gear and vehicles, GM help for running an engineer based campaign and more.

Alderac Entertainment - Smash Up : That 70s Expansion
Disco Dancers, Kung Fu Fighters, Truckers and Vigilantes abound in this new expansion. A solid offering from the 70s... for today.

Chaosium Inc - Peterson's Abominations
Five Epic Tales of Modern Horror. A collection of one shot scenarios, each designed for multiple nights of play. Includes GM advice for getting the most out of the scenario, pre-generated investigators and scads of action and horror.

Ulisses North America - TORG
The High Lords have come to Earth to steal it's energy and use it for their own ends. But special individuals - Storm Lords have special powers to oppose them. Can you hold back the forces that have banded together to destroy your world?
a new 280+ page full color hardbound book, new dice, adventures and more. A classic RPG is back and ready for action.

Asmodee - Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective : Carlton House & Queen's Park
10 new cases for Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. Includes everything you need to play inside this stand alone expansion. Map of London, case booklets, newspaper, London directory, 3 supplementary maps, rulebook and clue envelopes.

Thursday March 29th :
FFG - Legion Miniatures Game
Rebels vs Imperials in this new miniatures game from FFG. Command your troops using your chosen leader. Everything 2 players need to experience the battlefields of the Rebellion Era. Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, Rebel Troopers, walkers, speeder bikes, terrain, tokens, rulers and more.

Expansions include AT-ST, Stormtroopers, 47-Z Imperial Speeder Bikes, Rebel Troopers, T-47 Airspeeder and Rebel AT-RT. Ruler and dice expansions are available too.

Privateer Press - new miniatures
Cryx Black Ogrun Ironmongers and Blighted Trollkin Bloodgorger Command Attachment

Cryptozoic - AMC Walking Dead : No Sanctuary Board Game
1 to 4 players take the role of iconic survivors in this cooperative boardgame, contending with Walkers, other players, deal with Rivals, maintain the stability of the group and try to stay alive. Includes 50+ plastic figures, map, cards, rules and more.

Kobold Press - Midgard Campaign Setting, DM Screen, Players Guide (Pathfinder) and Heroes Handbook (5e) are all out now!

 new setting for both D&D 5e and Pathfinder. The setting book is system neutral - the GM screens and guidebook are for whichever rule set (5e or PFRPG) you want to use. Midgard is a world of dark roads and deep magic Match wits with Baba Yaga, sail to uncharted islands with Minotaur corsairs, face giants in the icy north and forge great tales of your adventure. With myriad character races, and variants of standard ones as well as upgrades for classes, spells, backgrounds and more. A new, exciting world for you to adventure in.

Wednesday March 28th :
Ganesha Games - Sellswords & Spellsingers
A new cooperative miniatures game  from the makers of Song of Blades and Heroes. Players compete not against each other - but against the scenario while working together in this new minis game. 1 to 6 players create an adventuring party, cards (printed separately) deal with events, monster actions and more.

Ganesha Games - Buried Secrets : Solitaire Cleric Adventure
A new Four Against Darkness scenario designed for a Cleric. Part of the Gathering of Four campaign. A series of 5 scenarios to be played as the Heroes come together to meet the final foe and a quartet. Can you defeat the Chaos Sorcerer whose Undead are ravaging the countryside? Take the challenge and find out.
Scale75 paints -
A new line of paints. Vibrant pigments, dries flat. We have a selection of the boxed sets currently, should be getting more, along with the individual bottles in the coming weeks.
We currently have:
Ors & Goblins, Colors of Nature (Greens set), German Vehicle Camo (WW2), SS Camo I, SS Camo II, US Army & Marine colors, Ribbons, Medals & Reward set and Fantasy & Games 'Makeup' exotic color set as well as the WW2 Tank starter set with brush, sanding stick, 2 resin 1/100 scale tanks, paints and instructions.

Relicblade miniatures game
A new fast paced, beginners skirmish miniature game. Assemble a party of adventurers to oppose the horrid pigmen in this game. Includes miniatures, rules, cards, rulers, dice and everything 2 players need to participate.

Karma Games - Clans of Caledonia
1 to 4 players (ages 12 and up) try to help Scotland of the 1800s transition from an agricultural economy to an industrial one. Create trade and exports, import wisely and be the one with the most wealth and fame. Plays in about half an hour per player.

MGB LLC - Dice Throne
Choose a hero to command, use dice to activate abilities, upgrade those abilities, play cards to alter game play and defeat your opponents to take the throne. Play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or free for all. Ages 8 and up. 2 to 6 players. About 30 minutes to play.

Z-Man Games - Carcassonne : The Tower
This new expansion adds a physical tower to draw tiles from (holding up to 180) and the ability to build and capture towers in game to protect and capture meeples. 18 tower tiles, 30 tower floors, 1 cardboard tower.

IDW Games - Missile Command
3 to 6 players (age 14 and up) create (and break) alliances, fire missiles and try to be the last one standing in this game of diplomacy, strategic planning and missile fire. Plays in about 45 minutes. Includes city tiles, player screens, missile, nukes, interceptor tokens and more.

Stronghold Games - Noria
2 to 4 players try to create trading empires through use of flying islands, ships, factories and special projects. Includes a unique scoring system which rewards good play, put the Action Wheel to good use and try to be the wealthiest empire.

Looney Labs - get the MacGuffin!
Make use of your limited hand to get a hold of the MacGuffin. Will you manage to keep hold of it until the last card hits the table? Designed for 2 to 11 players, ages 8 and up. Plays in 5 to 10 minutes.

Twilight Creations - Zombies!!! Bag o' Hearts and Bag o' Bullets
75 Hearts or 100 bullets to add a third dimension to your game.

Greenbrier Games - Burger Up
Build burgers of Epic proportions in this card game of customer service. Fill orders, earn money, upgrade your joint and haul in the money. Ages 14 and up. Plays in about 45 minutes. 2 to 4 players.

Quick, Simple, Fun games - Celestia
2 to 6 players explore Celestia, revealing dangers as you explore cities. Decide where you disembark to hoard your treasure or wait and hope you get more into your sack before the airship crashes. This push-your-luck game plays in about 30 minutes. Designed for ages 8 and up.
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