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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Wednesday July 23rd :
Osprey Publishing new titles :
Combat # 7 - German Infantryman vs Soviet Rifleman (1941)
Weapon # 38 - MP38 & MP40 Submachineguns
Myths & Legends # 10 - Charlemagne & the Paladins
Air Vanguard # 15 - Junkers Ju-87 Stuka
Aircraft of the Aces # 120 - P-398 Lightning Aces 1942-43
Warrior #172 - Apache Warrior 1860-1886
Campaign # 269 - Alesia 52 BC The final struggle for Gaul
Combat Aircraft # 104 - AV8B Harrier II units of Enduring Freedom
New Vanguard # 213 - French Tanks of WW2 (volume 2)

Privateer Press - new releases
Trollbloods - Dozer & Smigg boxed set
Menoth - Servath Reznik, Wrath of Ages boxed set
No Quarter magazine # 55

Kenzer & Company - Knights of the Dinner Table  # 209
Tuesday July 22nd :
Level 99 Games - Disc Duelers
A character driven dexterity game for 2 to 6 players. Build a team, equip them with powers and gear, then have at it. Rules include Racing, soccer, volleyball, large team games and more.

Level 99 Games - BattleCON Strikers
An expansion for BattleCON : War or BattleCON : Devastation. Call in your favorite characters, use tag teams, add boosts and special moves. Includes rules and 65 striker cards.

Corsec Engineering - 28mm LCVP Landing craft
need a way to get your troops unto the shore at a minimal cost ? Here is your way to go. An MDF laser cut landing craft, ready to be assembled. And quite affordable.

DUST Studios - DUST Tactics 2014 Forces Deck
decks of cards detailing all the forces released before January 2014. includes the Axis deck, Allies deck and SSU deck.

Game Force Nine - Limited Edition D&D figures
Anton Marivaldi, Human Pirate
Kessels Band - Ice Witch, Wolf, Kessell, Baerick and Barbarian models

Alderac Entertainment - Lost Legacy : The Starship
Lost Legacy: The Starship is a game of risk, deduction, and luck for 24 players. Plays in 10 minutes or so. For ages 10 and up.

Alderac Entertainment - Trains : Map Pack One - Germany & Northeastern USA
a new double sided game board that adds to your Trains game experience.

Guillotine Games - Zombicide Compendium #1  
Missions, Campaigns, designers' notes and more for Zombicide. All in a full color hardbound book to add to your Zombicide collection.

Game Salute - Vici
2 players struggle for control of the ancient battlefield leading battle-hardened men against each other. Master your legions abilities to be victorious. Plays within an hour.

Minion Games - Battle Mercenaries
2 to 4 players become merchants peddling their wares to all the different warring factions in a fantasy world. Become the wealthiest merchant to win the game. For ages 13 and up. Plays in about an hour and a half.

Green Ronin Games / Kobold Press - Dark Deeds in Freeport
First adventure in a new story arc for the Freeport setting. Why is the truth suddenly so important in Freeport? Does it have something to do with new churches that have sprung up? The murders and insanity that has begun to plague the city? Can you get to the bottom of the odd happenings?

DUST Studio - Dust Tactics rulebook
a new, revised, hardcover set of rules for DUST Tactics bringing your DUST Tactics (gridded game board) or DUST Tactics Battlefield (open table top) gaming experience up to date with all the latest and greatest rules and updates.

Prolific Games - Tricked Out Hero
Combining card based trick taking game play and a dungeon crawl this game takes adventuring to a new level.  As players take tricks they gain tokens which can add to their adventuring prowess. Slaying monsters awards them gold which ultimately decides who wins the game. For 2 to 6 players, ages 13 and up. Takes about 20 minutes per player. So 40 minutes to a couple of hours, depending.

Friday July 18th :
Level 99 Games - Pixel Tactics 2
Recruit your heroes, create your unit and battle your foe in a light, yet deep, tactical duel. Can be combined with Pixel Tactics 1 for even more fun. 2 players ages 12 and up. Takes about an hour to play.

Flying Frog Productions - Touch of Evil : Dark Gothic card game
2 to 6 players battle a supernatural evil in this deck building game. Plays in about an hour. Choose one of eight different heroes to thwart the dark forces, each with their own abilities. Easy to learn yet quite addictive.

Troll Lord Games - Castles and Crusades Players Handbook
Latest and greatest version of the C&C Players Handbook - this time in full color throughout. Nice heavyweight paper, quality binding - a great deal.

WizKids Games - Justice League Strategy Game
This 3-5 player game pits the Justice League in a fight against a nigh-unstoppable foe. Includes Heroclix figures on 'switchclix' bases to use with the Justice League game or swap them onto Heroxclix bases for use those rules. Ages 14+ Takes about a hour or two to play depending on number of players.

Konami - Yu-Gi-Oh! Space Time Showdown Superpack
New deck with a new ability - Pendulum Summoning! Includes a 40 card structured deck, 2 five card power up packs, game mat and rules.

Wednesday July 16th :
Ravage Magazine # 14 (and 13) are in stock now
Crystal brush, Convention coverage, painting tips, game reviews and more.

Decision Games - World at War # 37
Bloody Ridge : Guadalcanal, Air war over Norway, Scorched Earth and more.

Fantasy Flight Games - Blood Bowl Team Manager : Foul Play
Three New Teams (Goblin, Nurgle and Chaos Dwarfs), new stadiums, components for a fifth manager and a whole lot more.

Pinnacle Entertainment - Science Fiction Companion for Savage Worlds
New races, Edges, Hindrances, gear, setting information and all the other things you need to bring your Savage Worlds game to the stars.

Catalyst Game Labs - Shadowrun : Stolen Souls
All across the Sixth World people's mind are splitting and alternate personalities are trying to take over. Chaos reigns. There are adventure hooks, plot information, a look at Manhattan and a whole lots of new material you can use.

Game Salute - Formula E
3 to 6 player game of Elephant Racing. Play cards to move your mount, push others out of the way, dodge or charge through obstacles and try to be the first one to cross the line.  For ages 8 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Tasty Minstrel Games - Eminent Domain : Escalation
This expansion adds new technology trees, new planets, optional scenarios, more role cards for 5 players, new technology cards and new meaning for the ships.
Tuesday July 15th :
Alien Dungeon -  All Quiet on the Martian Front
Restock and new releases are in stock./ US Infantry, Lobototon Slicers squad, Lobototon Blasters squad - small amounts in stock now.

Alderac Entertainment - Seventh Hero
Attempt to recruit the six true heroes while remaining vigilant for agents of Maedoc the Corruptor in this fast playing card game. for 3-5 players, ages 14+

Alderac Entertainment - Say Bye to the Villains
a 3 to 8 player cooperative card game pitting the Vanquishers against the evil that threatens the every day folk. Can you keep the villains at bay with your martial arts prowess or will evil win the day ?

Victory Point Games - Hapsburg Eclipse
In this States of Siege game you attempt to keep the Hapsburg Monarchy intact during the First World War. Rules included to combine with Ottoman Sunset in a two player cooperative game. Ages 13+. plays in about half an hour.

Victory Point Games - Mound Builders
In this Staes of Siege game you attempt to extend the influence and culture across North America while trying to keep rival native powers along with explorers from extinguishing your empire. Plays in about 45 minutes. Ages 13+

Paizo Publishing - Pathfinder Cards : Emerald Spire
This card set has treasures, NPCs, monsters and Quest cards to make your Super Dungeon experience even more immersive. 53 full color cards.

Twilight Creations - Zombies!!! Bag O' Animals
Dogs, monkeys, wolves, lions and bears (oh my!) and other animals round out this 90 figure animal pack.

Amarillo Design Bureau - Federation Commander Tactics Manual
144 pages of tactics, discussion, rules points and material to help you get the most out of your Federation Commander gaming. Can't say more than that. Tons of information presented in an easy to find way.

Days of Wonder - Memoir '44 : D-Day Landings
Six unique battlemaps of the D-Day landings. Played by themselves they let you recreate a single beach landing conflict. Played together you can play Epic Double and Triple sized battles. Link all six to replay the whole of D-Day in the Extended Breakthrough format.

Eden Studios  - Adventure Maximus Maximus Master Screen
a four panel MM screen wioth brillant color artwork on one side and MM charts on the other. a handy accessory for your Adventure Maximus! gaming experience.

Zvezda - World War II : Battle for Moscow
This Art of Tactics Starter Game puts you in charge of either the German army trying to take Moscow in 1941 or the Soviet defenders. Includes double sided game boards, newly sculpted figures, the Soviet T-35 , winter terrain, rules and game play suited to experienced gamers and beginners alike.   
Thursday July 10th :
Wizids Games - Star Trek Attack Wing Dice - in stock now
5 defense and 5 attack dice all apcked together to make your gaming easier.

Z-Man games - Carcassone : Hills and Sheep
Shepards, flocks, wolves and hills - an expansion for your Carcassone gaming. Plays up to 6 players. Meeples, tokens, rules, cloth bag and game tiles included.

Mayfair Games - Caverna - back in stock.

Novus Design Studios - now in stock.
6mm scifi buildings, 15mm WWII buildings, bridges and walls, 28mm bridges and fortified sci-fi/modern ruins.

Reaper miniatures -
Pathfinder : Brotherhood of the Seal
Pathfinder : Rohkar Cindren
Chronoscope : MuuMuu, Zombie woman
Chronoscope : Skraw the Last : Armadillion
Dark Heaven : Drago Voss, Assassin
Dark heaven : Hyrekia, Dragonthrall Mage

Gifted Vision Games - Dungeon Crawler minis
Set 1 : From the Depths (four various pre-painted tentacles)
Set 2 : Omens (pre-painted Giant Ant, Mastiff, Raven, Wood Coffin)
Set 3 : Town Folk (pre-painted Beggar, Merchant, Scamp, Seductress)
sets also available in unpainted plastic.

Krosmaster Season 2 : blind boosters in stock
Krosmaster : Multiman pack (Korbax, Scoreur Beelebug, Ombre Shadow, Lumino, Masse Trank and Skale) 6 heroes ready for any fight you might bring them. Also includes 3 minimaps, 2 punchboards and character cards.
Gygax magazine #4 - in store and in stock'
Top Secret adventure from Merle Rasmussen, Missile fire tweaks in AD&D, Comics, all the usual departments and a whole lot more.
Privateer press - new miniatures
Cryx - Aikos, Scourge of the Meredius
Scyrah - Elara, Tyro of the Third Chamber
Mercenaries - Gastone Crosse
Menoth - Initiate Tristan Durant
Cygnar - Lieutenant Allison Jakes
Khador - Kovnik Andrei Malakov
Circle Orboros - Gnarlhorn/Rip Horn/Shadowhorn multi-kit boxed set
Cryx - Buile Thralls unit boxed set

Wizards of the Coast/Wizkids - Icons of the Realm prepainted Miniatures
Dwarf cleric, human ranger, halfling rogue, northlands fighter and elf wizard as well as Drizzt Do'Urden all in prepainted plastic, all ready to be put on your table and play.

Fantasy Flight Games - Descent : Crown of Destiny hero & monster collection
4 heroes, 3 monster groups and 2 new quests for 2nd edition of Descent. 13 miniatures, rules, hero sheets, overlord and monster cards, Quest & rumor cards.

Fantasy Flight Games - Black Crusade : The Tome of Decay
Now you can add Nurgle to the Crusade. Rules for a Black Crusade, the Screaming Vortex, worlds, inhabitants and 140+ full color, hard bound pages more.

Atlas Games - Faith & Flame : The Provencal Tribunal
The Provencal Tribunal is quite open with it's dealings with Magi and Mundanes. Found your own covenant, deal as you choose with others and write your own song. Virtually complete freedom. But at a price. A new 140+ page Tribunal sourcebook.
Thursday, July 3rd :
Four Ground Buildings
Norse fencing, more Old West buildings, 15mm stone bridges, buildings and more.

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set
The newest edition of Dungeons & Dragons has appeared. Beuing a Wizards of the Coast Gold Level Retailer - we have it a few days before it's general release. Hence the Starter Edition box is available now!

Cubicle Seven - Heroes of the Rocket Age (for Rocket Age)
4 new sophonts, expanded background, 10 new heroic organizations, over 50 new traits... and more. All in a 100+ page book.

Cubicle Seven - Primeval : Evolution (for Primeval)
Includes a complete guide to seasons 4 and 5, campaign ideas, new technology, non ARC campaign frameworks, three new adventures and tons more.

WizKids games - new Star Trek Attack Wing miniatures
Federation - USS Enterprise refit (Motion Picture) variant
Dominion - 2nd Division Cruiser
Borg Collective - SOONG

Dice Hate Me Games - Viva Java : The Dice Game
1 to 4 players, ages 13 and up. Find that perfect blend of beans that make the best cup of coffee ever. Play on your own, semi-cooperatively or just try to hog all the glory yourself. Plays in about 40 minutes.

Reaper Miniatures -  Numenera Miniatures
7 new minis for your Numenera game. Glaive (male, polearm equipped ), Jack (female crossbow armed), Varjellen (male dual armed), Flesh & Steel (female dual armed), Lattimor (axe armed bestial), Aeon Priest (Male), Aeon Priest (Female)

Wednesday July 2nd :
WizKids Games - Guardians of the Galaxy Starter Set

Guardians of the Galaxy single figure booster pack

Catalyst Game Labs - Shadowrun : Run & Gun
The core combat rulebook for Shadowrun. More of everything. Weapons, armor, modifications, game options, everything. All wound into 200+ full color hardbound pages. Everything you need to raise your game to the next level.

Shadowrun : Run & Gun - limited edition
Includes a full color poster and a leather binding. Pretty neat!

Fantasy Flight Games - Star Wars : Age of Rebellion core rulebook
Civil War grips the galaxy. Here is your chance to join the rebellion and fight to free the galaxy. Be it from the shadows or open combat - do what you can to put down the Empire.

Age of Rebellion - Game Master's Kit -
a 32 page book and 4 panel screen - brand new adventure, new rules and advice for the GM. The essential reference guide for the Age of Rebellion. 

Steve Jackson games - OGRE Pocket Edition
The original pocket game at the original price. Well, almost the original game. The counters are actually perforated now.

Upper Deck - Marvel Legendary Villains
Turn the world upside down and play as your favorite villain. Build up the Brotherhood, recruit the Sinister Six, deal with the heroes and take over the world. Full color cards, revised rulebook, game mat and more.

Arcane Wonders - Mage Wars : Forged in Fire
Spell Tome Expansion 158 new spell cards, 2 new mage types and markers.

Eden Studios - Adventure Maximus Starter Set
A card based introductory Role playing game fior ages 8 and up. Take on the roles of different characters and become the heroes of Ex-Machina. Includes everything 3 to 6 players need to begin their adventures.

Wyrd Games - The Bayou Boss
a new crew from the bayou. Skeeters, gremlins, Som'er Teeth Jones & more.

WizKids Games - Quarriors : Light vs. Dark
Gather the Quiddity, raise your armies and vanquish the other Quarriors. Incluides 64 custom dice, spell cards, new creatures and a whole lot more.  

Tuesday July 1st :
Great Escape Games - new Dead Man's Hand Miniatures
Ely Fergus - miniature, base and card
Hangman Set - 4 figures
John Bridges - miniature, base and card
Undertaker set - 3 miniatures and bases
Renegade Indians Set - 7 figures, bases and rules cards
Stage Coach - Stage, 4 horses, driver, guard and 2 passengers.

Gaia Games - Frontier Skies
2 to 4 players compete to build the finest airship, manage the crew, stockpile supplies and maintain their discoveries. Try to be the richest adventurer around in the steampunk themed boardgame. Ages 12 and up. Takes about an hour to play.
GameLyn Games - Fantasy Frontier
2 to 4 playersb take to the skies in this game of airship exploration. Scout the lands, gather resources, construct townships and defend your domain from trespassers. Ages 13+ Takes an hour to 90 minutes to play.   

Fantasy Flight Games - Rebel Transport is back in stock!

Friday June 27th :
Multiman Publishing -
ASL Starter Kit #1 is back in stock.
Featuring the 10th anniversary Revised rules - the game to get you into the world of ASL has come back into print and will be in stock.

Storm Over Dien Bien Phu -
Using the Storm over Stalingrad system and new event cards to add to the game play tension Storm over Dien Bien Phu pits the Viet Min against then French colonial forces in a battle for freedom. For two players with a number of scenarios.

Mayfair Games - Bedpans and Broomsticks
This 2 to 5 player game pits the elderly residents of Shady Pines against the staff in a bid to break out and go on a 'field trip'. One player controls the staff trying to stop the residents from escaping while the rest of the players are doing their level best to get out. Takes up to an hour to play. For ages 8 and up.

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