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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Wednesday, February 3rd :
Corvus Belli - new Infinity models
280268 - Pan Oceania : Lt. Stephen Rao
280282 - Pan Oceana : Military Order Father-Knights w/Spitfire
280375 - Yu Jing : Tiger Soldier w/ Boarding Shotgun
280577 - Nomads : Spektrs w/ boarding shotgun
280675 - Nomads : Corregidor Alguaciles
280719 - Mercenaries : Avicenna, Doctor

Coolminiornot  - Metal Coins set
50 metal (gold look) metal coins for use in your Ron & Bones game, your RPGs or whatever you wish.

Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin Guest Artist Edition
Do you like Munchkin but are justb tired of the John Kovalic art? Well here is your chance to get a limited edition set of Munchkin cards illustrated by Ian McGinty instead!  168 full color cards, rules, die, 12 standies and more.

WizKids Games - D&D Attack Wing - Young Green Dragon in now!

ZMan Games - Archaeology : The New Expedition
for 2 to 5 players, ages 10 and up. Dig, explore, trade and sell. Try to make your fortune as an Archaeologist. Beware of sandstorms and thieves. This new edition introduces new elements to make the game even more fun.

Junk Spirit games - JunKing
2 to 6 players take on the role of Scavenger Imps and try to sift through the epic junk mountains in the Junklands. Find rare and powerful items, raise your social staus and become JunKing! Plays (generally) in under an hour.

IDW Games - Cat Tower
2 to 6 players create papercraft towers of cats and try not to be the one causing them to tumble. Includes 42 stackable papercraft cats, the fatty cats and more.

Ruddy Games - Skulldug!
1 to 6 players participate in this race to collect treasures, avoid monsters and make it out alive. Run down passages, drop traps, collect treasures. Includes solo and team play rules too.  Each treasure has a curse, so beware. 55 passage tiles, 51 fortune cards, explorer tokens, health gems and way more.

Pelgrane Press - 13th Age GM Screen & Resource book
Three panel full color screen, 64 page book or advice, tools and variants, full color 22 x 17 map and a whole lot of adventure - all in one package.

Designed Miniatures - Fragged Empire Core Rule book
A full postapocalyptic setting, 4m playable races, a tactical miniatures based combat resolution system, roleplaying systems, research, spacecraft and more.

Designed Miniatures - Fragged Antagonist Archive I
A compendium Factions, Location and NPCs for your players to deal with.

Sasquatch Game Studio - Primeval Thule : 5E
A Fifth Edition D&D version of the Primeval Thule setting. Includes new races, heroic narratives, new beasts, 3 ready to play adventures, an entire continent to explore and more.

Troll Lord Games - Castles & Crusades : the Lost City of Gaxmoor
a complete adventure setting for levels 1-10. Playable in your own world or in the World of Aihrde.

Goodman Games - 50 Fantastic Functions for the D50
A book of random tables for the D50. If you love cool dice, here is a book to use it with. Or, just take your percentile dice and divide by two, if you aren't blessed with ownership of a D50. Over 110 pages of tables.

What's Your Game - Nippon
A fast paced economic game for 2 to 4 players, ages 12 and up. Develop your web of power by investing into industries, technology and shipping. Grow your influence and become the most powerful.

Stronghold games - Stronghold 2nd edition
Two great commanders. One great siege. Who will prevail? Gather your troops, prepare for the siege. Build war machines, embolden your troops. Use your time wisely preparing. Includes custom wooden pieces, 2nd edition rules, options and more.
Tuesday, February 2nd :
Army Painter - new style battleground items.
3mm Razor Wire - 3 meters (about 9 feet, 10 inches) of metal wire with 3mm barbs. Roll it to create hazards, use it to terrain up your bases, put it atop your fences to keep foes out. For 15, through 30mm figures.

Army Painter Battlefield XP Tufts
- Army painter has begun to offer 'XP' tufts. Each package now comes with 12 large tuft clumps, 35 medium tufts and 30 small ones. More consistent product clumps than the old ones.
- Woodland Tufts - deep green for glades and deep forest
- Highland Tufts - deep brown for rolling hills and lochs
- Winter Tufts - mixed dark and light fibers for the early winter look
- Frozen Tufts - mixed green straw and white for the frozen tundra and icy plains.
- Swamp Tufts - Dark, medium & light green mixed fiber clumps.

Army Painter Wargaming Set -
A zip case with a tape measure, 30 red and 6 green (six sided) dice, laser pointer, laser line and superglue. Everything you need to be ready to game.

What's Your Game - Signorie
2 top 4 players play as the lord of a renown family in the Italian Renaissance. Arrange marriages and careers, send family members out on diplomatic missions to cement the legacy of your family forever. Ages 12 and up. Plays in 60 to 120 minutes.

Advanced primate Entertainment - Spirits of the Rice Paddy
2 to 4 players (ages 13 and up) compete with fellow farmers to create and tend paddies, balancing watering, weeding, fertilizing and harvesting. The farmer to produce the most rice over seven rounds wins. Plays in about 90 m inutes.

Wyrd Games - new Malifaux Miniatures
20715 - Tengu (3 miniature boxed set)
20620 - Wild Boars (3 mniature boxed set)
20332 - Snow Storm (single creature box)
20227 - Shikome (2 figure box set)
20329 - Angelica (single figure box)
20527 - Sue (single figure box)
20330 - Blessed of December (single figure box)
20625 - Sammy LaCroix (Single goblin box)

Corvus Belli - 10th Anniversary, Limited Edition Achilles V2
This 10th anniversary box set comes with two version of Achilles in Hoplite armor with two weapon options, Multirifle and EXP CCW. The second  figure is him holding aloft and displaying the head of his foe. Also included two limited pins, bases and 2 limited edition post cards.    

Coolmini or Not/Microart Studios - new bases
Now offering the Base system, round lipped plastic bases and patterned base inserts. Comes with either ten 30mm round bases and inserts or six 40mm and one 50mm base and inserts.  Sets include Forest, Wraithbone, Old factory, Temple and others.  

Thursday, January 28th :
Fantasy Fight Games - Descent 2nd edition : Treaty of Champions
A new Hero and Monster collection with 4 new heroes, 3 new monster groups and 2 new quests - all ready to go for Descent 2nd edition.

Fantasy Flight Games - The End of the World : Alien Invasion RPG
Latest in the End of the World RPG installments, this time it's aliens. Includes an elegant narrative style system, easy character generation to include you and your friends in the story, five unique scenarios, locations, NPCs and so much more.

Fantasy Flight Games - Dark Heresy 2e : Enemies Beyond
The Ordo Malleus of the Askellon Sector - bringing you new weapons, wargear, Daemon remnants, radical options, gazetters to the sector, Daemon prince rules and a whole lot more. Intended for players and GMs alike to add to your DH experience.

Piazo Publishing - new releases
Pathfinder Battles Iconic Heroes 5
6 new figures and cards to use them in the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game as well.

Pathfinder Map Pack : Marsh Trails
18 full color map tiles with boggy roads, swampy areas, little islands in the bog and more. In full color and laminated to allow drawing on them and erasing.

Flip Mat : Winter Forest
a double sided mat with forested area and clearing, all blanketed by a soft snow. All in nice coll colors. Includes a frozen lake area, cave entrance and more wintery details.

Flip Mat : Noble Estate
double sided, full color map showing a manor, courtyard and atrium. One side has the interior, the other an exterior view. Handy for many situations.

Hell's Rebels : The Kintargo Contract (adventure 5 of 6)
a 13th level adventure. Kintargo has been liberated, but without further effort the freedom won will be lost and Cheliax's rulers will respond with open war. Can you secure that which you've won? New monsters, the Strix, Pathfinder Journal and tron of adventure.

Hell's Rebels : Breaking the Bones of Hell (adventure 6 of 6)
The Silver City has been saved but infernal haunting and strange events threaten the lands. Can you and your party brave the threats of the Pit to deal with those who wish to destroy what you have? New monsters, an amazing conclusion and more.

Hell's Rebels Poster Map Folio
All the maps relevant to the Hell's Rebel story arc, with gaming maps and wonderful panoramic views to really set the scene for your players. Useful for any campaign as well as for it's connection to the Hell's Rebel's campaign.

Pathfinder Player Companion - Arcane Anthology
Rules for copying rituals, use by any spell caster, new archetypes, new traits & character options and new feats. New spells from Heckle to Last Azlanti's defending sword. From the powerful to the useful. Tons of new material.

Greater Than Games - Villains of the Multiverse
a Mega-Expansions for Heroes of the Multiverse that uses the Villain Team play mechanics to group together creating a cabal to combat the heroes. includes 10 new villains and four new Environments to add to your SotM game.

Greater Than Games -Sentinels of the Multiverse expansion decks
Oversized Villain cards
4" x 6" cards reprsenting all the villains in the core game, Rook City, Infernal Relics, Shattered Timelines and Wrath of the Cosmos expansions. 31 cards and two new, never before seen promos.

Chokepoint : Villain mini-expansion
a new villain with 25 cards, two character cards and a divider. Chokepoint manipulates equipment, bends energy to her will and wreaks destruction about her.

Celestial Tribunal : Environmental mini-expansion
In space drifts a colossal manufactory shaped like a sword. It drifts from system to system, it's AI judging the worlds it passes and destroys them if it's harsh standards are not met. Everything you need to play this environment in SotM.

Warlord Games - Top Trumps WWII
grab a deck and play a quick game with a friend. Each card represents a unit or weapon system, rated in several factors. Defeat your enemy, win the battlefield and triumph. Based off the 'War' card game, each card also features full color artwork of Warlord Games models and interesting real world trivia relevant to that card.  
Reaper Miniatures new releases
3717 - Thain Grimthorn, Dwarf Cleric
3722 - Jorden, Half Orc Paladin (yes, Paladin)
3724 - Thund Bloodwrack, Human Barbarian
3726 - Dolphins (2 models)
3733 - Sir Rathan Kranzhel, Human in plate & shield
3734 - Andriessa, Human female wizard with staff
Vallejo - Corner Paint Stand
laser cut, satin white laminated mdf. Slots together with space for twenty eight 17ml dropper bottles, sixteen 35 or 60 ml bottles and 26 brushes. designed to match up with other corner or frontal modules to provide storage for all your paints & brushes.

Vallejo Frontal Paint Stand
laser cut, white satin laminated mdf. Slots together with spaces for fifty two 17ml dropper bottles, eight 35 of 60ml bottles and 22 brushes. Combines with other Frontal or Corner modules to gain additional space.

Fantasy Flight Games - Mafia : Vendetta
7 to 17 players work together to fight against the criminals in town. But some players may harbor a secret... they in truth are Mafia. Root out the traitors and secure your town. includes 30 role cards, 20 facilitator cards, rules and reference sheet.

Fantasy Flight Games - new LCG expansion Packs
Star Wars Force Pack - New Alliances - cards 190-195 of the Endor Cycle.
Netrunner Data pack - Kala Ghoda - cards 1 - 19 of the Mumbad cycle
Game of Thrones Chapter Pack - The Road to Winterfell - cards 21-40 of Westros
40K Conquest War Pack - Boundless Hate - cards 25-48 of the Planetfall Cycle
Friday, January 22nd :
Wizards of the Coast - Oath of the Gatekeeper
Intro decks, booster packs and fat packs are in stock.

Matagot Games - Zombies vs Cheerleaders
A chemistry experiment goes wrong and now the high school is rife with Zombies. 6 Cheerleaders now face the horde with flaming hairspray and slingshots. Can they save everyone or will the school fall? Takes about 20 minutes to play Ages 10 and up.

Cryptozoic Entertainment - DC Deck Building Game : Teen Titans
a 2 to 5 player deck builder pitting the Teen Titans against ruthless enemies. Standalone game, but fully compatible with all previous Cerberus Engines : Heroes titles. Ages 15 and up. Play time varies

Game Salute - Kings Forge
2 to 4 players compete to gather materials and craft amazing items to win the king's favor. Designed for ages 13 and up, it takes about an hour to play. Visit locations, gather materials, use them to create things or hoard them for later. With the right saved materials you can create even more amazing things.

Game Salute - Kings Forge : Queen Jubilee
A number of new items are available to craft to commemorate the Queens Jubilee. Be the first tom make five of these new items to win the honor of standing with the nobles at the celebration.

Game Salute - Kings Forge : Apprentices
Adds pieces to include a fifth player, apprentice cards, new crafting cards and more.     
Thursday, January 21st :
Novus Design Studio -
New River and Road Sets are in!

Ares Games - Quick Pick : Island of Monster Masks
For ages 4 and up. Three to eight players take turn trying to act out the monster mask they have drawn to score points. Plays in about half an hour.

Avatars of War - Dwarf Doomcrushers
A set of 20 miniatures (build it as two 10 man or one 20 man unit) of heavily armored Dwarves armed with 2 handed hammers. Includes 20mm bases as well.

iello Games - World of Yo-Ho : War of the Orchids
a fantasy game of adventure, piracy, intelligent animals, lost islands and wild magic. Combines boardgame and videogame aspects with free iOS / Android app. A video game that brings people together where your smartphone is your ship... 2 to 4 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in up to an hour and half.

Modiphus Entertainment - Mutant Year Zero : Dead Blue Sea
second official supplement giving you new sea based mutations, new monsters of the deep, maritime artifacts, new Zone Sectors and more.

Ares Games - Odyssey Wrath of Poseidon
up to four navigator players attempt to guide their Greek ships to the sacred island of Poseidon to make offerings of safe passage to return home. The problem is Poseidon sided with Troy and they did not fare well. Using two maps the Poseidon player secretly moves ships at sea and describes the area around the navigators ship as they move. Multiple boards add to the replay value along with variant to add sea monsters, lighthouses and more. Ages 13 and up, plays in about half an hour.   

iello Games - Mexica
This Super Meeple game challenges 2 to 4 players to build districts, carve canals, construct temples and try to become the Emperor's favorite. Strategies in placement, blocking and gaining majorities will be key. Plays in 60 to 90 minutes. Ages 14+

Stronghold Games - Porta Nigra
become the master builder of Trier. Tactics and timing are crucial. For 2 to 4 players ages 12 and up. Plays within about 90 minutes. Ibncludes 90 plastic pieces for an impressive 3d look to the game. 

Cubicle Seven - As_Above,_So_Below (Laundry RPG)
Time for a look at the political side of the The Laundry RPG for when you need subtlety and Special Forces form when you need superior firepower. Two sourcebooks, military and political, all in one new publication.

Japanime Games - Tanto Cuore - Oktoberfest
Newest of the deckbuilding releases in the Tanto Cuore line. Drink beer. Sing. Have funs and play with the maids. It's Oktoberfest! Age 12+, about an hour to play. For two to four players. Eat, drink and be merry!

Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin : Hipsters
30 new cards for Munchkin, all with a Hipster theme.

Bezier Games - One Night Ultimate Vampire
a 10 minute game for 3 to 10 people. Play alone, with one Night Werewolf and add so very much more fun. Vampires have descended on a sleepy town and you must root them out. Use your special abilities to defend humanity and save the town.

Skybound Games - Superfight
500 cards that let you set up ridiculous fights. You and your friends debate on the winner and have a rip roaring fun time.

Hyperbole Games - Hocus
2 to 5 players compete to complete sets of cards and score points.Manage your hand to create a superior play. Uses elements from traditional Poker and combines it with the fey and magic to create a new game experience.

Artistic Justice Games -  Martial Arts the Card Game
a unique deckbuilding game allowing endless combinations and the chance to develop your own style. 2 to 4 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in about half an hour.

Fantasy Flight Games - Red November : Revised Edition
The Frantic game of survival on a Gnomish submarine. 1 to 8 players try to stop the Red November, pride of the Gnomish fleet from sinking. Manage repairs, put out fires, evade the Kraken and make it home alive in this cooperative game. For ages 14 and up. Takes one to two hours. 

Modiphus Entertainment - DUST Adventures : The DUST RPG
Another Eartyh. Another 1947. The world is still at war, but only because alien technology has created unlimited power and new weapons. Pilot walkers, use new weapons, defeat your foes and help bring victory to your country. All sorts of background on the DUST world, a full RPG system, mission and campaign ideas, an introductory adventure and conversion rules for Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare as well as scenarios for them too. Buckets of fun in one place.

GMT Games - Next War : India Pakistan
Follow on to Next War:Korea and Next War:Taiwan, Next War : India Pakistan looks to answer the question of what a showdown in the region would be like. This game is not for beginners as it is a full system designed to be easy to learn for experienced Wargamers. Includes multiple scenarios and and a Campaign system.

Artistic Justice Games - Dragon Tides
this 2 to 5 players action miniatures, card and dice campaign game. Each scene drives the game forward and the epic tale will be different depending on how you play. Figure out how the Tiger Organization has gained power, spirited away martial arts masters and dealt tragedy to their families. Ages 14 & up. Plays in an hour.   
Privateer Press - Cutting Mat
Black with a yellow grid, shows both base sizes and has metric and standard rules to make creating terrain and converting models easy. Has small, medium and large base outlines on the mat as well to easily figure out the arcs on a models base as well.

Privateer Press - Legion of Everblight : Blightbringer Gargantuan
Includes the Blightbringer model, two color stat cards. Field a monstrosity that burns with the inner fire of the very dragons, surrounded by a cloud of ash and blight only the most powerful attack can even hope to reach it, let along harm the Blightbringer.
Tuesday, January 19th :
Star Trek Attack Wing - new ships
72024 - R.I.S. Pi (Romulan Scout Ship)
72023 - U.S.S. Valiant (Federation Defiant class ship)
72360 - Xindi Weapon - Xindi Weapon Shpere
72025 - TKumari (Andorian battle cruiser)

Worthington Games New Releases
Galaxy Command  - a 1 to 4 player game of galactic exploration, attack and defense. Cooperate with your fellow Galaxy Commanders to develop new technologies, create forward bases and new ships. Balance your research, building and exploration to give you the edge you need to defeat the others and become Admiral of the Galaxy Fleet.

Trenton 1776 - a new 2 player game using point to point movement and the popular 'Stratego-esqe' Fog of War mechanic to replay this American War of Independence campaign. Can you hold new Jersey as the British or as the Colonials can you defeat the British soundly, bring an earlier end to then war and change history?

Sea Kings  - 2 to 6 players venture into the unknown taking longboat and crew to explore, plunder and trade. Do you have what it takes to settle hostile lands?  Can you trade, plunder and gain glory enough to rule all? Plays in about an hour. Ages 10+

Wilderness Empires - 2 to 4 players (or even one when played solitaire) partake in this grand tactical game covering the French & Indian War. Play the French, native allies, British or the Militia. Uses a point to point map and a 'Stratego-like' fog of war mechanic to enhance play.

GMT Games - Thunder Alley Expansion Tracks
5 tracks for Thunder Alley. Snug Harbor, Wellington Raceway, Reny Heckman Speedway, Launis Raceway and Fraley & Sons Dirt Oval. All on mounted boards, ready to race.

Osprey Publishing - new books
Fortune and Glory - A Treasure Hunters handbook
Latest in the Osprey Adventures line, this book details lost locations like El Dorado or King Solomon's Mines. Learn about the lore, the location, get your bull whip and fedora on and head out for adventure.

En Garde - Miniatures Swashbuckling Skirmish Rules
Small scale encounters in an era of honor and swordplay.Designed for 16th, 17th and early 18th century fights with small forces and scenarios. includes a campaign system as well.

Dwarf Warfare - examination of the Dwarves, their fighting style, their troops and specific battles that demonstrate the Dwarven Way of War. Full color illustrations throughout this 60 plus page book.

Osprey Historical Books
Campaign # 289 - Burma Road 1943-1944
Combat # 15 - US Infantryman Vs German Infantyman, ETO 1944
Aircraft of the Aces # 128 - Aces of Jagdgescwader Nr III
Duel # 71 - M48 Patton vs Centurion Indo-Pakistan War 1965
Elite # 208 - US Marine Corp Recon & SpecOps Uniform & Equipment 2000-2015
New Vanguard # 230 - Imperial Roman Warships 27BC to 193 AD
Weapon # 44 - Flintlock Musket Brown Bess & Charleville 1715-1865

Tuesday, January 12th :
Decision Games - new Folio Titles
MiG Alley : Air War of Korea 1951
Using the Air Wars series of rules, this two player game covers the conflict in Korea in 1951. UN forces are tasked with knocking out key targets in North Korea as the Communist forces attempt to inflict prohibitive losses on the UN. Low complexity, taking 1 to 2 hours to play. High solitaire suitability.

Suez '56 - Anglo-French Intervention in Egypt
Using the Cold War Blitz system, this game puts you in control of the British, French and Israeli forces attempting to retake the Suez Canal and oust President Nasser. This game is designed to be played solitaire and takes 1 to 2 hours. Low Complexity.

Khe Sanh '68
In this Cold War Blitz system game you are in control of US and ARVN forces holding a firebase in VietNam. Inflict casualties unto the enemy and hold the firebase until relieved. Low complexity with a 1 to 2 hour playing time.

Lettow-Vorbeck - East Africa 1914-1918
Using the Hand of Destiny series of rules players fight for control of German East Africa. The Allies are trying to take over the area while the Germans attempt to keep them tied down and in control. Low complexity and moderate solitaire suitability. Plays in about one to two hours.

Muiltiman Publishing - ASL Action Pack #12 : Oktoberfest XXX
10 ASL scenarios and a new mapboard (#73). From the Sino/Soviet conflict in 1938 on Changkufeng Hill top Poland in 1939. From the outskirts of Berlin in 1945, Peleliu, Hungary, Holland, and even Hill 902 in Korea with the dark night rent with waves of attackers - all sorts of ASL action.

Multiman Publishing - ASL Action Pack #11 - 29 Let's Go!
2 new maps (#71 and 72), overlays and 10 scenarios taking you from the beach at Viervill-sur-Mer in France to Breberen, Germany. Fight through the 29th's history - from D-Day to October 1944.

Mongoose Publishing - 2300AD : Atlas of the French Arm
The most heavily settled branch of human space exploration from the Wolf 359 link to Kaefer space and all the way to the far flung colony of Aurore. This 230+ page book gives you all the background you need to adventure in the Arm with source material, write ups for the colony worlds, NPCs, culture and lots of information.

Alderac Entertainment - Flock!
2 to 5 players attempt to lead the most impressive flock through feeding, nest building and hatching. Time your actions carefully so you don't end up seeing your flock flying away. Be sure to have adequate food and nesting. Designed for ages 14 and up. Plays in around 30 minutes.                   

Decision Games - World at War #46 Feb/March 2016
Feature game : Yamato Unleashed - the Battle off Samar. Articles on Royal Navy in the Med, The Alpine Redoubt in 1945 and Biological Warfare at Stalingrad along with all the other regular departments.

Decision Games - Modern War #21 Jan/Feb 2016
Feature game : Struggle at Kandahar. Alsdo Hill Battle of Khe Sahn, Alergian insurgency 1958/62, North Yemen Civil War 1962/67 NIKE Era, Cold War Experimentation, The S Tank and more.
Tuesday, January 5th :

Corvus Belli Infinity miniatures :
280178 Ariadna Airborne Ranger
280377 Yu Jing Tiger Soldier with Spitfire
280376 Yu Jing Yan Hai Invincibles with HMC
280478 Haqqislam Hassassin Ragiks Hacker
280846 Aleph Acmon, Sergeant of Dactyls
280847 Alpeh Dactyls doctor

Warmachine & Hordes Minis :
74090 Skorne Extoller Advocate
74089 Skorne Legends of Halaak
72088 Circle Orboros Bloodweaver Night Witch
34112 Cryx Shrike

Pazio - Pathfinder Battles prepainted miniatures
The Rusty Dragon Inn set is available and in store.

Treefrog Games - A Study in Emerald - 2 to 5 player game of Lovecraftian war with agents of the Old Ones fighting Restorationists for control of human kind in 1882. Ages 13 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Rio Grande Games - Race for the Galaxy : Xeno invasion
Two expansions in one. New start worlds, and cards to play immediately. Also the Invasion Game allows you to defend against the Xenos you build your empire. Over 100 new cards, rules and more.

Rio Grande Games - Roll for the Galaxy : Ambition
New factions, new strategies, Leader and Entrepreneur dice add new options. Build the best Empire to win. New dice, new rules and more.

IDW Games - Orphan Black card game
3 to 6 player game for ages 12 and up. Be part of one of the three factions working against each other to complete your goals. Deduce, obfuscate and diplome your way to victory as you get people to join your faction and come out on top.

Knights of the Dinner Table #227 - Hack * Bert

Tuesday, January 5th :
Engine Publishing - Focal Point : GM Guide to Running Extraordinary Sessions
This system neutral book is third in a trilogy of 'how to GM' tomes. This sourcebook gives you tips on how to be an entertainer and draw your players into the session. The role of a story teller, enticing your players to be more involved. The GM as Facilitator is examined as well, helping your players to work together. Make sure your players are comfortable, involved and enjoying themselves as much as you do.

Rogue Games - Shadow, Sword & Spell : Embrace
a voyage into the heart of an evil plot, the characters must find a way to deal with the darkness that threatens to embrace the city of Crossroads.

Engine Publishing - Odyssey
A guide to helping you start a new campaign, how to structure stories, manage the various aspects, how to keep things going and how to end your cam paign on a high note. Includes examples of how _not_ to do things as well, so you can see when things are starting to slip away from you.

End Transmission Games - Psionics : Next Stage of Human Evolution
This new RPG has you playing an Esper, a troubled youth whose psychic powers have awakened and now threaten everyone around you. Now it's time to push back against those who have kept you down. Includes six conspiracies which, when they find you, will want you to work for them. And they will want that badly. With private armies of police, agents, mercenaries and security forces they will try to have their way. Uses the DicePunk system and includes all the rules you need in this 300+ page full color hardbound book.
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