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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Wednesday, September 17th :
Ares Games - New Wings of Glory WW1 planes
Roland C.IIA (FFA 292B)
Roland C.IIA (Luftstreitkrafte)
Roland C.IIA (Von Richtofen)

Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin Princesses
a new 15 card expansion for Munchkin. This time you can join the ranks royalty, save yourself and stab your buddies. Even other princesses.

Adventureland Games - Elevenses
The card game of (no really) Morning Tea. Players compete to get the best spread of teas, sanwiches and accompaniments together before it becomes 11. For 2 to 4 players, ages 10+ Plays in about half an hour.

Tuesday, September 16th :
UltraPro for Pazio Pathfinder Skull & Shackles Adventure Card Game
7 Base Set character mats - seven mats covering the basic characters in the game. Each mats gives you a special ability. Full color, soft surface to protect your cards with card placement play aid info.

UltraPro for Pathfninder Skull & Shackles Adventure Card Game
4 character add on game mats - the mats that cover the add-on character pack personalities. Full color, soft touch and ever so handy.

Reaper Miniatures - Basic Techniques Paint Set : Base Coat, Wash & Dry Brush
Includes 3 Bones miniatures (Orc, Skeleton & Knight) 11 paint colors and 2 brushes as well as instructions. All in a plastic box designed to hold up to 36 paints, brushes and tools in custom cut foam.

Japanime Games - Krosmaster Arena : The Not Mines
Enjoy underground Krosmoz with two maps full of brand new fun. 2 combat arenas, 2 punch boards and hours of Krosmaster excitement. 

Kenzer & Company - Knights of the Dinner Table : Bundle of Trouble 44
Issues 151 through 154 - all bound into one handy compilation.

Kenzer & Company - Knights of the Dinner Table Issue # 213
The Silver Conqueror. 64 pages of comics, articles and gaming fun.

Osprey Publishing - Soldiers Songs and Slang of the Great War
A dictionary of soldier's slang, Punch cartoons, ditties, sing alongs and more giving you a sense of life among the mud and trenches in WW1 from the viewpoint of British, American, Australian and Canadian soldiers.

Mayfair Games - Gold Ahoy!
a 2 player game of searching among rivers and sandbanks for the most treasure possible. For ages 8 and up. Plays in about 15 minutes.

R&R Games - Guess the Mess
a 3 to 8 player party game. Put together enough photo cards to give the other players an idea the location where you are hidden.  Plays within an hour. For ages 10+. 400 'Mess' cards, 144 place cards, misc cards, rules and score pad.

Tuesday, September 9th :
Tasty Minstrel Games - City Hall
2 to 4 player try to become mayor of New York while sending interns to City Hall offices to secure votes and negotiate with rivals. Plays in about 90 minutes.

Fantasy Flight Games - New Star Wars Dice Bags
6.25 x 9" black drawstring dice bag emblazoned with one of the following emblems - Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, Stormtrooper face or Boba Fett tusked skull

Wiz War : Bestial Forces -
Three new schools of magic are added to Wiz War - Mythology, calling the forces of Legend, Totems which allow your ancestral spirits to be summoned and Draconic which embodies the form of dragons. Wield relics, modify the map and dominate your enemies.

Age of War -
a 2 to 6 player dice game of strife in Feudal Japan. Can you remove your opponents from contention and unify Japan? Plays in about half an hour.

The Last  Banquet -
A party game of courtly intrigue for 6 to 25 players. Each player receives a role card and using the abilities granted to alter aspects of the game like turn order or seating arrangement to attempt to succeed in the object of the scenario. Plays in about an hour and a half.

Flux  Capacity Games - Khrysos Hunters
Assemble a team and travel to the Khrysos Galaxy where mysterious treasures await. 2 to 4 players attempt to be the first to gather the treasures and escape the others. Plays in around 30 minutes.

Flux Capacity games - Ruins of Abetan (Khrysos hunters expansion)
Play with up to 6 players. Adds 10 new characters. Includes 12 new map cards. Delve into this treacherous labyrinth and recover the treasures therein.

Catalyst Game Labs - Valiant Universe : the RPG
Set in the Valiant comics universe, this new RPG trades in a Game Master for a more improv story telling experience. Everyone helps shape the story and resolve the action. Rules light and easy to acclimate to the Cue system makes this game unique.

Catalyst Game Labs - Shadowrun Street Grimore
Spells, rituals, alchemics and metamagics - all things Awakened Runners need to succeed in the Sixth World. Can you get off the street and live the high life? Survive the affections of enemies, deal with deadly threats and come out on top? The answers to these and more question can be found here.

Margaret Weiss Productions - Echoes of War : Thrillin' Heroics (for Firefly RPG)
Four stand alone episodes, a pile of characters to use and quick start rules to use. Everything you need to a Firefly RPG experience!

Cubicle Seven - Doctor Who RPG : The Fifth Doctor Sourcebook
Betrayed by the Master and left to die on Earth, the Fifth Doctor deals with foes and situations which can only be described as staggering. Fly the Concorde through time, play cricket, deal with the English Civil War, race yachts through space and more.

Tuesday, September 9th :
Multiman Publishing - The Mighty Endeavor (Expanded Edition)
Newly revised Standard Combat Series (SCS) game covering the entire campaign on the Western Front from Jun 44 until April 45.

Players can land at the places of their choosing and manner along the coast of France in an effort to liberate France and the Low Countries from German occupation and to cross the Rhine and take the German industrial cities along that river.

Multiman Publishingb - Special Ops #5 ; Summer 2014
Battles of Bushy Run, a new ASL Map, 2 ASL scenarios, 2 ASLSK scenarios and more.

Third Eye Games - Minions of the Source (for Part Time Gods)
Information on The Outsiders and the Source, new relics, new outsiders, new Theologies and a new adventure. All in one book!

Goodman Games - Dragora's Dungeon (1st level Dungeon Crawl Classics module)

Can you thwart the eons old Sorcerer Kings in their quest to take over the lands? Save the royal family? Be a hero? Venture forth and find out!

Battlefield in a Box - River Expansion : Forks

River Expansion: Fork contains three river sections; a river fork, a curved section and an S-curve section. Included with the pre-painted rivers is a small bag of Green Static Grass allowing you can flock the river banks to match your battlefield, or you may wish to use one of GF9ís many other Hobby Scenics to blend the piece in seamlessly with your own terrain collection and models. These pieces are cast in a flexible material to withstand the rigors of gaming.