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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Friday July 22nd  :
Wizards of the Coast - Eldritch Moon
New Magic the Gathering Expansion is available now!
Booster packs, Fat Packs, Intro deck and complete booster boxes. Buy a full booster box and get a free "Thalia, Heretic Cathar" promo card for free.

Privateer Press - Acts of War 1 : Flashpoint - Warmachine novel

Vampire Squid Cards - Crabs Adjust Humidity Volume 6 - in stock now!

Catalyst game Labs - Shadowrun  : Howling Shadows
The Core Critter Handbook. Includes a broad range of critters for every habitat, plot hooks, campaign material and way more. 190+ full color pages of Shadowrun material.

Playford Games - Moral Conflict
2 to 5 players take the role of a leader in the summer of 1941 and try to develop your power base in the wake of world shattering events. Military war, economic crisis, diplomatic pressure, technology and moral conflict are your tools. Can you use these to your advantage? Takes more than 2 hours to play, exact time depending on players. For ages 14 and up.

Pelgrane Press - Night's Black Agents : EDOM Basic Field Manual
How to create your own agents sanctioned by the British Government, hunt vampires, deal with Eyes-Only documents, find the Dracula Dossier and more. Directors are not forgotten with NPCs, guides to creating EDOMs, advice, campaign options and more.

Pelgrane Press - Night's Black Agents : The EDOM Files
eight different adventures that can be used as one shot games, in your campaign or as a century spanning campaign of it's own. Ranging from 1877 to the present day these adventures present agents with challenges and adventure.  
Z-Man games - Aquarium
2 to 6 players (ages 10 and up) try to stock their aquarium, finding new fish and plants to awe your friends. Out wit your opponents and make them pay more for less while making your tank amazing. Don't forget to feed your fish... Plays in an hour.

Smirk & Dagger Games - Dead Last
6-12 players participate in a 'Social Collusoin' game of betrayal, murder for profit and shifting alliances. You try to be the last player standing to collect all the gold. But beware - every turn some will be voted out. Try not to be that person. Takes about an hour to play. 162 full size cards, 80 mini cards, 12 stands and organizer.

Mayfair Games - Costa Rica
2 to 5 explorers set out into the wilds of Costa Rica to discover wildlife. Avoid mosquitoes, find animals, explore and prevail. Ages 8 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Renegade Game Studios - Brick Party
2 to 9 players (ages 5 and up) play a fun and frantic game of brick building. Reveal the special rule, grab a teammate, try to build the shape faster than your opponents. Next round? New special rule, new partner, new shape.  The fun never ends!

Gale Force Nine/Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro - Tyrants of the Underdark
2 to 4 players take control of a Drow House and fight for control of the Underdark. Recruit Drow, add dragons to your army, bring in cultists and minions, assassinate enemy troops, infiltrate their strongholds and rule. Plays in over an hour depending on players. For ages 14+
Kenzer & Company - Knights of the Dinner table #234

Strategy & Tactics #300 - The Rommel Factor

Thursday July 21st  :
Modiphus Entertainment - Thunderbirds Cooperative Boardgame : Tracy Island
This new expasnion adds new cards, playable characters, Ladybird Jet, FAB 2, models for 14 of the pod vehicles and more. Take control of the Thunderbird's secret base and avert disasters world wide.

Airfix Models - Airfix Battles : Introductory Wargame
Fully playable with your Airfix vehicles and troops you simply recruit your army using force cards, set up a scenario from the Mission Book and you are ready to play World War 2 Skirmishes. Includes cardboard counters for Tanks, infantry and guns, dice, command cards, rules and maps. For 1 to 4 players, ages 10+ Takes about an hour.

Capstone Games - Arkwright (second edition)
2 to 4 players attempt to run enterprises over several decades, accruing the most valuable shares and creating the most sought after merchandise. Two different versions of the game are included and this second edition includes 3 new modules, 11 development tiles, 8 bonus markers, event tile and even more. 2 to 4 players ages 12 and up. Takes 2-3 hours to play depending on scenario and players.

Osprey Publishing - new book releases
Campaign 296 - Milivian Bridge AD 312 : Constantines's Battle for Empire & Faith
Campaign 297 - The Gempei War 1180-1185 : The Great Samurai Civil War
New Vanguard 236 - US Navy Light Cruisers 1941-1945
Duel 75 - Bradley vs BMP Desert Storm 1991

Frostgrave : Into the Breeding Pits
Lead your warband into the tunnels, catacombs and sewers of Frostgrave. Find out about the Beastcrafters, hybrid monsters, traps, secret passages and rare magical treasures. Hire new soldiers, encounter new creatures and make your fortune.

Alderac Entertainment - Mystic Vale
2 to 4 players take on the mantle of druids to try to restore the vale to it's old glory. Cleanse the curse upon the land by using your blessings, use caution lest your power do more harm then good. Only the most courageous will succeed. Ages 14 and up. Takes about 45 minutes to play.

Passport Games - Salem
3 to 7 players relive the witch trials of Salem in 1692. Send other's citizens to jail, provide alibis for your own citizens, see trails and try not to be hanged. Discern the witches from the citizens to win. Ages 14 and up. plays in about  2 hours.

Modiphus Entertainment - three new Mutant Chronicles sourcebooks
3rd edition Bauhaus Sourcebook
- Learn about the traditions, the orders of power, the army and the structure of what may be the oldest corporation. Take a tour of Venus, it's tundras and disease riddled swamps and how it has been settled. The Bauhaus military tactics, forces & more.

3rd edition Dark Symmetry Campaign Book
-Two campaigns, pregenerated characters, stories, Doomtroopers and more. Both adventures are set in the early years of the Mutant Chronicles. A missing heiress, an emergency call, a madman and a vile conspiracy make for exciting times.

3rd edition Dark Soul Sourcebook
-All about the Dark Souls. The Apostles, the Legions, the Heretics, the powers granted to the Apostle and the Dark Technology. All in book. 248 pages of secrets.

Academy Games - Conflict of Heroes : Guadalcanal
Using the award winning Conflict of heroes system take command of platoons and companies of individual; squads and tanks fighting for control of the island. Keep track of your morale and manage your men wisely. Easy to teach and fun, the game is historically accurate and interactive.

Friday July 15th  :
Fantasy Flight Games - CIA vs KGB (reprint)
2 player card game of cold war conflict

One Small Step - Albert Nofi's The Great War 1914-1918
2-7 player game of WW1. Originally published by Rand. 7 regular, 1 hypothetical scenarios and one campaign game. Includes complete basic and optional rules.

Iello Games - King of Tokyo (new printing)
Roll dice, improve your monster, smash other players and become King of Tokyo! 2 to 8 players, ages 8 and up. Plays in about 30 minutes.

Pinnacle Entertainment - 6th Gun RPG
a new Savage World setting, based on the world portrayed in the comics and Bunn & Hurt, published by Oni Press. Find the six mystical weapons, adventure in a western world gone mad.

Nine Dragons - Honour : A fantasy RPG
take on the role of everyday people in the walled city of Heung Gong. Deal with gangs, thieves, murders, drug lords and demons. Meet the Charmed Ones, create magic, battle demons and brew tea. 

Wednesday July 13th  :
Ganesha Games - Galleys and Galleons
Easy to learn, fast playing game of early naval battles. Designed for players to be able to command small fleets of 6-8 ships in combat, mercantile ventures and missions of discovery. Games play in around and hour or so.  Includes ships from Barques to Xebesc and Yawls, shore forts, sea monsters and more.

Ganesha games - Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes
Fantasy Skirmish Rules with a new magic system, exciting command rules, weapons, armor and and open source point system. Interactive mechanics keep both players involved while the design rules let you field any figures you'd like.

Alderac Entertainment - Guildhall Fantasy : Alliance
2 to 4 players compete to complete their chapter of the guild with adventurers. Includes 120 profession cards with multiple abilities, 30 victory point cards, 7 reference cards, VP tokens and rules. A standalone game, fully compatible with Guildhall Fantasy : Fellowship and Guildhall Fantasy : Coalition.

Libellud Games - Mysterium Hidden Signs
This expansion comes with promo cards from the base game (1 additional character, 1 location and 1 object) as well as 6 new suspects, 6 new locations, 6 new objects and 42 new vision cards. New material to add new wrinkles to your seance.
Porphyra Games - Pathfinder Warrior Prestige Archetypes
120 pages of new material for Pathfinder adding eighteen warrior prestige archetypes giving players and GM even more options. These archetypes fit to a theme making character advancement an easier task. From the Celestial Knight to the Vindicator - All the rules, source material and explanations you need.

Fantasy Flight Games - new LCG Expansions
Redemption and Return : Star Wars Force Pack
Unforgiven : 40K Conquest War pack
23 Second : Netrunner Data Pack
Newest expansions for each of the games. New cards, new options.

New Imperial Assault Miniatures
Obi-Wan Kenobi : Jedi knight
The Grand Inquisitor : Sith Loyalist
Greedo : Ambitious Mercenary

X-Wing Miniatures Game - Imperial Veterans
Red TIE Defender, Tie bomber, new rules, cards, tokens and more.

Privateer Press - new miniatures
PIP 72098 - Circle Orboros - Blackclad Stoneshaper
PIP 72091 - Circle Orboros - Baldur the Stonecleaver

Privateer Press - Warmachine / Hordes Mk3 token sets
Hordes Token Sets :
Circle Orboros Token Set
Legion of Everblight Token Set
Trollbloods Token Set
Skorne Token Set
Minions Token Set

Warmachine Token Sets :
Retribution Token Set
Cygnar Token Set
Cryx Token Set
Mercenaries Token Set
Khador Token Set
Protectorate of Menoth Token Set
Convergence of Cyriss Token Set

Universal Effects Token Set - blind, knockdown, shadowbind & stationary

Universal Corpse & Soul Tokens

Universal Effect Tokens - Fire, Corrosion and Disruption

Wednesday July 6th  :
Your Move Games / Steve Jackson Games - OGRE : Objective 218
 Based on the Your Move Games Battle for Hill 218 players deploy units, create supply chains, attack the enemy and try to take over his base. For players 10 and up. Plays in about 30 minutes.

Paladium Games - Rifter 73
Nexus Born official material, Fantasy RPG information for the children of the forest, Splicers, Dead Reign, coming attractions, fun adventure and all things Megaverse.

Cubicle Seven - Horse Lords of Rohan
a sourcebook for One Ring detailing the Rohirrim and Dunlendings. Rules for horse handling, combat riding and horse breeding. The Fangorn Forest is explored as well as the Dunland fells, Orthanc and more.

Catalyst Game Labs - Shadowrun : Street Grimore
In the Sixth World magic is power. It can make you able to do amazing things, or turn you into a pile of ashes at the end of a lonely, dark alley. This sourcebook details on magic traditions, societies, dangers and benefits. Dozens of ways to use magic, new threats and more adventure.
Friday July 1st  :
Rio Grande Games - Tiffin
2 to 4 players (ages 14+) deliver tiffins to people all over town. You have to work together to make sure everything gets to the right people on time. Choose routes, watch for shortcuts and compete to be the best. There can be only one top delivery person. Takes about 40 minutes to play

iello Games - Monster Chase
1 to 6 players try to locate the correct toys to scare the monsters back into the closet. Team up with family and friends in the memory based cooperative game. For ages 4 and up. Plays in about 10 minutes.
Game Salute - Princess Bride : I Hate to Kill You
2 players  recreate and rewrite the epic swordplay encounters from Princess Bride. Will the Man in Black or Inigo Montoya triumph? Will Count Rugen or Prince Humperdick be the winner? Ages 10 and up. Plays in about 10 minutes.

Green Ronin Publishing - Cinema and Sorcery : Comprehensive Guide to Film
From the early days of swords and sorcery films to the present day. Behind the scenes stories, plot and cast summations, information on sequels, merchandise and more. Also includes and overview of the years tabletop gaming happenings as well as magic items, monsters and more from the film to add to your game experience.

Closet Nerd Games - Kittens in a Blender
It's back! 2 to 8 players try to rescue their curious kittens from the perils of the kitchen counter. For ages 8 and up. Plays in about 30 minutes depending on total number of players.

Fantasy Flight Games - Lord of the Rings LCG : Temple of the Deceived
Adventure pack  in the Dream-chaser cycle. Cards 57-81.

Atlas Games - Lost in R'lyeh
Trapped in Lovecraft's canonical tale, you play cards to active powers and ultimately to escape. Beware your actions. Fail to play and you are dragged further back to toil harder in your quest. 2 to 6 players, ages 13 and up. Takes about 45 minutes.

Thursday June 30th  :
Alderac Entertainment - Octo Dice
a dice game of undersea research. 1 to 4 players roll dice, carry out research actions and attempt to gain more knowledge than their competitors. Plays within about half an hour. Designed for ages 14 and up.

Studio 2 - Rippers Resurrected : GM Screen and Lords of the Underworld
A new hard GM screen and adventure for the new Rippers Resurrected RPG

Studio 2 - Rippers Resurrected : Frightful Expeditions
Tales of Terror from around the globe. From the deserts of Africa to the wastes of Antarctic. Exotic locales for the GM to base his adventures.

Studio 2 - Rippers Resurrected : Game Masters Handbook
Everything your GM needs to run horror filled adventures in the Victorian Era. Cabals, threats, a Plot Point Campaign, new Savage Tales and much more.

Studio 2 - Rippers Resurrected : Players Guide
Everything players need to create heroes to oppose evil's machinations. Setting rules, rippertech, world background and more.

Studio 2 - new Ripper Maps -
double sided map sets Victorian Country House and Castle Courtyard, Ancient Tomb and Urban Alleys, Ripper Lodge and World of the Rippers map. Three sets in all.

Studio 2 - Rippers Resurrected Action Decks
Two decks with elements of classic Tarot blended with iconic Rippers archetypes. Use the 54 card Ripper deck as a regular deck of cards or as an Action deck for game play.  

Ultra Pro - Cthuhlu's Vault
3 to 6 players create a classic horror story where the terror that one wishes not to know is slowly revealed. Then after the dread monster has been found the story shifts to attempting to rid the Earth of the being so Humanity may live another day. For ages 10 and up. Takes about an hour to play.

Privateer Press
Warmachine/Hordes Mk3 is here! Most of the decks and battlegroups are still available - Prime and Primal rulebooks in stock as well!

Fantasy Flight Games
Imperial Veterans for X-Wing - a TIE Defender, a TIE Bomber, rules, 24 cards, tokens, maneuver dials and more.

Color X-Wing Bases -
each set includes one large base, 3 large pegs, 4 small bases and 10 small pegs. Sets come in Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red and Clear.

Paizo Publishing - new releases :

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game - Witch Class deck

Three new characters and a cauldron full of spells, items and familiars. Enough support to get through Adventure Paths or Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild organized play campaigns.

Pathfinder Map Pack - Perilous Paths
18 full color map tiles, specially laminated to to take on water marker, dry erase, grease pencil and more while still cleaning for reuse. Smuggler's Stash, Cave Entrance, Cliff faces, Sheltered Camps and more.

Pathfinder Adventure Path : Hell's Vengeance : Scourge of the Godclaw
Book 5 of 6. Bound to Queen Abrogail by infernal contracts the adventurers are tasked with destroying the headquarters of the Glorious Reclamation rebels. Secure the citadel, perform the ritual and squash the rebels. Includes 5 new monsters, dark secrets, faith, dogma and more of Geryon, new source material and more.

Pathfinder Player's Handbook - Spymaster's Handbook
Exciting additions to the Vigilante class, new scheming ability for all classes, new options, social and vigilante skills and a whole lot more.

Pathfinder Flipmat - Bigger Dungeon
a double sided flipmat with a massive dungeon, complete with a temple chamber, altar, a ziggurat and more. Next time your party wants to explore a dungeon - be prepared.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting - Path of the Hellknight
All about the Hellknight, joining the order, it's vision of law, the seven major orders, feats, spells and much, much more.

KOSMOS - Smugglers
2 to 4 players (ages 8 and up) try to prove they are the most adept smugglers so they can join the ranks of Potato Charely's gang. Conceal your contraband in putty, roll it toward the fence and see what happens. Plays in about 30 minutes. 

Friday June 24th  :
Sweet Games - The Grizzled : At Your Orders!
an expansion for The Grizzled which deepens game play with special Missions the players must complete. Provides extra challenges for beginner and experienced players alike. Also creates rules for a 2 player and solitaire versions.

Palladium Games - Rifts : Secrets of the Coalition States : Heroes of Humanity
The Minion War has spilled unto Earth and with demonic forces fighting for control, losing means that our world becomes an annex of hell. Factions of Earth once opposed now have to fight together in hopes of saving Humanity. Includes strategies and tactics of the different of the factions, new OCCs, background, secrets, adventure hooks and more.

Kenzer & Company - Knights of the Dinner Table #233 : The Lost Knights
64 pages of comics, articles, game advice and more from Kenzer & Company.

Asmodee Games - Euro Classics : RA
The game of Gods and Glory in Ancient Egypt by Reiner Knizia. 2 to 5 players try to progress Egyptian culture and science, create monuments, develop agriculture and respect for gods and pharaohs. Disaster can strike at any time, so be prepared. This remastered version of Ra features a lavish board, a sculpted Ra statue and more.  

Wyrd Games - new Malifaux Minis :
Soulstone Miniers box, Ten Thunders Brothers box, Pistoleros De Lagatigo, Wardens box and Union Miners. All in store and ready to go.

Guillotine Games - new Zombicide Black Plague expansions
Hero Box 1 -
5 survivor miniatures, 2 plastic dashboards, 2 color bases, equipment cards, ID cards and 16 pegs. Adds two more players to the game and 5 new character possibilities. Pirate Captain, fallen noble, thief, battle priest & dwarf warrior - all ready for action.

Zombicide Black plague Guest Artist : Paul Bonner
4 miniatures, ID cards and counter base for 4 new characters designed by Paul Bonner. Lord Bazak, Genevieve, Mizar and Klom. All ready for battle.

Thursday June 23rd  :

New Four Ground items
Mordanburg Well
Mordanburg Pub and Shop Signs
Mordanburg sign posts
Mordanburg Village Fencing (over 5’ linear distance)
Mordanburg Village Fencing with Gates (38” of wall and 3 gates)

28mm Gothic City - Gothic Metropolis Buildings and Scenics
Gothic City Downtown Subway Entrance
Gothic City Shipping Container
Gothic City Telephone Stands
Gothic City Waste Services Skip
Gothic City Dumpster
Gothic City Barriers (10)
Gothic City Sewer Covers (3) Lamp Posts (3)

The Chicago Way Roaring - 20’s period buildings
Davis Jewelry Store
Oldfield Tire Shop
Southam’s Tobacconist Shop
Samuel’s Garage
‘Shotgun House’ dwellings - three styles

Rubicon Models 28mm plastic WW 2 new releases
SU-85/SU-122 Assault Gun kit
SdKfz 251/1 Ausf.C Armored Fighting Vehicle
SdKfz 250/1 Alte (SdKfz 253) Light Armored Halftrack
Allied Stowage Set (oil drums, road wheels, track links, ammo & tool boxes & more)
German African Campaign Decals
German SS Panzer Division Decals
German Panzer Division Decal Set
German Heavy Panzer Battalion Decal set
German Turret Number Decal Sets
Commonwealth Decal Sets

CheapAss Games - Before I Kill You Mr. Spy
2 to 6 players try to explain their genius plan to a captured superspy before he escapes, or worse, incapacitates you. Can you explain your amazing life and astounding plan in time? Will you fail whilst monologuing? Takes about half an hour to play.

Monte Cook Games - Gods of the Fall
A new campaign setting for the Cypher System. After a The Cataclysm chaos and anarchy rule the lands. But with it sparks of power, shards of godhood, have sparked abilities in people across the world. Will this inspire you to return the world to it’s former glory? Includes a complete and ready to play game world, new creatures and NPCs, rules to grow from an adventurer to a god and create your very own pantheon.

New Osprey Books :
Combat #18 - Israeli Soldier vs Syrian Soldier
Campaign #295 - Chattanooga 1863 : Grant & Bragg in Central Tennessee
New Vanguard #235 - Katyusha : Russian Multiple Rocket Launchers 1941 to the present
Duel #74 - British Submarine vs. Italian Submarine Mediterranean 1940-43
Fortress #110 - Forts of the American Revolution 1775-83
Aircraft of the Aces #131 - Spitfire Aces of the Channel Front 1941-43

Poseidon’s Warriors - Classical Naval Warfare 480-31 BC
A game of large scale naval action between classical galleys of Greece, Persian, Rome and others. Scenarios cover the Trireme Era, the Western Wars, Hellenistic Wars, Rhodian wars, Pirates and the Roman Civil Wars.

Warlord Games - Project Z
28mm miniatures skirmish game after the apocalypse. Designed for 1 to 3 players fighting to stay alive against hordes of Zombies. Core game comes with everything you need top play including 35 plastic minis. More Zombies, Survivors, Street Gangs and Special Ops team available separately. And in stock as well.

Evil Hat Games - FATE books in now :
Do FATE of the Flying Temple -
Help the residents of the world as pilgrims of the Flying Temple. A family friendly stand alone RPG using the FATE system. Fly with dragons, solve puzzles, and defeat foes. A handy 130+ page hardbound book.

Venture City -
a world of superpowers, ruthless gangs and heartless corporations. Are you a villain using your powers for your own good? A corporate sponsored hero? A little guy trying to live life while coping with all this while budding powers threaten to drag you into the spotlight? This new sourcebook sets a world to live in, a sample adventure, pregenerated characters and more.

Young Centurions -
a family friendly setting you putting you in the pulp world of teenaged heroes in the early 1900s. Uses FATE Accelerated rules, a campaign rating system to customize the world, Bunches of powers, stunts and mentors to help and a high stakes adventure to kickstart your excitement.

FATE : Worlds Rise Up -
Four premade worlds ready for your players. Masters of Umdaar with cyborg insects, merciless warlords and lost of lasers. Nest, where you live out your dreams, then have them snatched from you. Can you survive? Psychedemia where you go for Psionic training, meeting new people and trying to protect them. Behind the Walls where the world outside has gone silent after a nuclear strike. Are you safer in the prison after the cell block chaos? Will this be a key to your survival?

Bubblegum Shoe : A Teen Detective Story Game
play young detectives, experience several short mystery starters and advance along the way from meddlesome kids to sleuths. Hardbound 200+ page standalone game using the FATE system at it's core.

Atomic Robo -
ready for two fisted science adventure? Multi-era pick up and play gaming. Face down dinosaurs, faceless government agents, find Telsa-powered technologies and so much more. A Standalone FATE powered game. 300+ science-action pages!

Atomic Robo : Majestic 12
As an agent of Majestic 12 you are tasked with protecting humanity from Tesla's dangerous technology. Secure artifacts and technologies before they fall into the wrong hands. Popular culture might think you are the bad guys - but how much more noble than keeping your fellowman from harm can there be?

Strange Tales of the Century -
a condensed history of the world from 1935-1951 with adventure hooks for your pulp-action games. A rogues gallery of hero archetypes, new stunts for your Spirit of the Century or FATE Core games. 500+ pages of action, adventure and excitement.

Cryptozoic Entertainment - Rick & Morty Total Rickall Card Game
2 - 5 players (ages 15+) Plays in 30 minutes or so. Aliens have infested the Earth and you need to figure out which of your friends are real - and which are horrible parasites.  Can you save humanity without losing yours?

Arcane Wonders - Mage Wars Academy : Priestess Expansion
compatible with Mage Wars Academy and Arena. 72 new spell cards, rules, codex and a new character - the Priestess. Summon virtuous defenders, smite the wicked, cast enchantments and protect your allies.        

Catalyst Game Labs - Battletech First Succession War
a sourcebook detailing the First Succession War, the collapse of Star League, the Inner Sphere, major actions of the war, the participants and the consequences of the actions they took. New rules, Age old Mechs, history and much more.

Northstar Games - new Frostgrave minis :
Vampire & Frost Wraith
Zombie Snow Troll

Goodman Games - Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG is back in stock!
Both the standard paperbound and hardbound version are back in store.

Tuesday June 21st  :
Days of Wonder - Small World Pocket Encyclopedia
A reference work that is hand for Small World the board game and Small World 2 the video game. Part artbook, part reference guide, it includes the rules, FAQ, design notes, turn order summary, glossary, encyclopedic entries and more.

Alderac Entertainment - Guildhall Fantasy : Fellowship
a card game for 2 to 4 adventurers.  Try to create the perfect party by recruiting adventurers into your guildhall chapter. Use abilities to control the table and try to get a full set to claim victory cards. Takes about 30 minutes to play. Ages 14 and up.

Shoot Again Games - Looting Atlantis
2 to 4 players (ages 13 and up) try to get as much plunder as they can before Atlantis sinks into the sea. Grab an air car, snatch abandoned technology and get yourself set up as royalty in the new age. Beware lava flows and the other players who stand in your way. Plays in about 30 minutes.

Flying Buffalo - 50th Anniversary Nuclear War Card Game
2 to 8 players compete to come out ahead in this satirical game of nuclear war. Hoard your population, play propaganda to cause other players population to defect to your country. But when the balloon goes up it's time to launch the missile and let the warheads fly. Be the only player left standing and win. Ages 13 and up. Playsn in around 30 to 60 minutes.

Ares Games - Wings of Glory WW2 aircraft
111A - P-47D Thunderbolt (Mohrle)
111B - P-47D Thunderbolt (RAF 135 Squadron)
111C - P-47D Thunderbolt (Raymond)
112A - Bf.109K-4 (JG3)
112B - Bf.109K-4 (JG7)
112C - Bf.109K-4 (Hartmann)
203A - Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless (Lee)
203B - Douglas A-24B Banshee (Ruet)
203C - Douglas SDB-5 Dauntless (Kirkendahl)
204A - Yokosuka D4Y1 Suisei (Yokosuka Kokutai)
204B - Yokosuka D4Y1 Suisei (Kokutai 121)
204C - Yokosuka D4Y1 Suisei (Kokutai 601)
Gamewright Games - Sushi Go Party!
It's a party platter of Maki, Sashimi and Edamame!  Make winning sushi combos and now choose from ala carte from over 20 different dishes. Up to 8 players can now partake in this amazing sushi-fest. Plays in around 20-30 minutes. Designed for ages 8 and up.
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