Welcome to the new Games Plus website.

Our regular, physical storefront is open our regular hours and our game room is open as well, with restrictions on number of people and table space. But there is room to get together again.

The Spring  2021 Auction is cancelled, Fall Auction hopeful.
With the restrictions of the pandemic – we just can’t do it justice. Hopefully at some point this fall we will be able to move forward and do one. When we know we will post all over here, social media and all over the store about it.

Keep an eye out for changes to the website. It’s evolving as are we.

Masks, Vaccinations and You.
If you are coming into our physical storefront and are fully vaccinated, feel free to wear your mask if it helps you feel more comfortable about your shopping and gaming experience.

If you are not, please do wear a face covering.

Either way, if you’d like an employee to don a face mask/covering while helping, please just ask. We are happy to do what we can to make your visit a pleasant one.

Enjoy your virtual time at Games Plus and we hope to see you in person as well.