About Covid-19, Games Plus and You

From Jeff Swegler – President of Games Plus

Hi folks,
In consideration of the Covid-19 outbreak, I…….
Wait, lemme think about this….
Here, I’ll keep it simple,
1) Yes, we are open, and will stay open as usual unless something occurs which mandates otherwise (like, I don’t know, the government saying we all have to close, or we at the store catch Covid-19, or we are invaded by goblins).
2) We care about you, our very loyal customers, and also our occasional customers, and actually our new customers, too. That means we have upped our cleaning procedures to the degree we are able short of the suited, hazard-material, anti-bacterial, high-pressure hose cleaners.
3) I’d suggest that if you have any of the symptoms of Mr. Virus, like fever, upper respiratory symptoms (coughing and sneezing), muscle/joint pains, aches unusual to you – in other words, the same symptoms of a bad cold or a regular flu – it is best not to come on in to use the game room for now, or shop, for that matter.
Meanwhile, please stay healthy, or if you get sick, recover quickly.
Take care,
P.S. With the present difficulty of finding anti-bacterial or anti-viral cleaning products, go to the Mexican food grocer and buy the highest Scoville rated hot sauce you can find (200,000 Scoville’s or higher). It’ll kill anything…..very handy.

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