New releases for March 13th

Mantic Games – Dungeon Dead :

Miniatures taken from the pages of Hellboy – theis box set has 10 figures (2 each of 5 different poses) ready to challenge any adventurer or tomb robber. Unpainted plastic, about 35mm feet to top of head.

Mantic Games – Dungeon Creatures :

Bat swarms, Harpies, Wolves, Werewolves, Giant Eagles and Witches. 2 each of these plastic, unpainted miniatures.

Northstar Miniatures – Oathmark Goblin Wolfriders

15 multipart plastic miniatures. Can be used as just Wolves or a Goblin Wolf Riders with either Bows  as Scouts or hand Weapons or Spears & Shields as a standard trooper. Extra bits are included to create standard bearers and officers as well.

Modiphius Games – Odyssey of the Dragon Lords  

This 5e D&D campaign adventure set puts you in the world of Thylea with awe inspiring cities, dungeons and islands where you can win fame and fortune.  There are eight different epic paths for players to choose providing motivations to create a central story. Class archetypes add to the core 5e classes and six new races make this a different sort of world. 

Modiphius Games – Odyssey of the Dragon Lords Player’s Guide

a handy 50+ page book with an overview of the world of Thylea and all the information a player needs to create characters and prepare for an epic journey. In full color slick paper. Maps, illustrations, background, new rules and more.

Modiphius Games – Rangers of the Shadow Deep Deluxe

This revised version of the game features solo and cooperative miniatures game play. Create your ranger and his companions and attempt to hold back the darkness playing through a series of missions. As you survive your experience will allow you to grow in power and ability. Updated core rules and new character building elements. New art, new challenge levels and a campaign to start you off – all in a hardback deluxe version. Compatible with all prior adventure series.

Super meeple – Taito

In 532 Buddhist monks were commissioned to erect a garden and pagodas by Prince Shotoku. As one of these monks you strive to complete this commision, gain wisdom and attain the highest level of spirituality. 

Battlefront Miniatures – 

D-Day British, D-Day British Cards, Team Yankee British Army Box, Marksman, Fox, Warrior and Challenger models too.

Compass Games – France 1944 : Allied Crusade in Europe and Ostkrieg : WWII Eastern Front are in store right now. Limited stock available.

Wizards of the Coast – Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount book (Critical Role Campaign guidebook) is here as well as Laeral Sliverhand’s Explorer’s Kit (dice, character cards, locations, sword Coast and Waterdeep maps)

Long Pack Games – Unfair

Build, Blackmail, Bribe – all the fun of the fair. Do whatever it takes to make your park the best around – and protect yours from hooligans and the attention of your competition. For 2-5 players ages 14 and up. Plays in about 30 minutes per player.

Sit Down! Games – Magic Maze : Hidden Roles

For 3-8 players, ages 8 and up. Takes about 15 minutes to play. This set expands Magic Maze with an infusion of traitors and secret missions. Add so much more to your game.

Steve Jackson Games –  Pocket Box Games 

Remember the old pocket box games? There was a kickstarter and we got our share of them in. As of the moment we have:
Undead, Raid on Iran, One Page Bulge, Kung DFu 2100, Awful Green Things – each as individual games, $20 each.

We also have some bundles
OGRE bundle (Ogre, GEV, Battle suit, Shockwave, Ogre reinforcements, 4 Ogre themed folders and 2 empty pocket boxes)

Illuminati Bundle (Illuminati core game, expansions 1,2,3, 2 Illuminati themed folders and an empty pocket box)

Car Wars Bundles
One (Car Wars, Truck Stop, Expansion 1, Expansion 2, Convoy, GURPS Autoduel, Car Wars Arena Book and 1 empty pocket box)
Two (Crash City, Car Wars Expansion 3, Expansion 4, Uncle Al’s 2036, Best of ADQ volume 1, GURP Zombietown USA and an empty pocket box)

Three (Car Wars Expansion 6, Expansion 8, AADA Vehicle Guide, Uncle Al’s 2038, Autoduel Champions, 2 Cars Wars theme folders and 2 empty pocket boxes)

Four ( Car Wars Expansion 5, Expansion 7, Boat Wars, Uncle Al’s 2035, Uncle Al’s 2039, a Car Wars folder and 1 empty pocket box)

At the moment the bundles are as seen here. We are awaiting word on when individual games/expansions might become available so we can make sure to have stock.

Steamforged Games – Cats & Catacombs : Questing Tooth & Claw Volume 1

6 miniatures with Cats of different breeds in D&D roles. Wizard, Rogue, Barbarian, Cleric, Sorcerer and Ranger. Use them as you like or download the free 5e compatible rules  to play in the world of Animal Adventures.

Steamforged Games – Cats & Catacombs : Questing Tooth & Claw Volume 2

6 miniatures with Cats of different breeds in D&D roles. Fighter, Monk, Bard, Warlock, Druid and Paladin. Use them as you like or download the free 5e compatible rules  to play in the world of Animal Adventures.

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