Convid-19 and Games Plus (March)

Hi all,
As I am sure you are aware, the Governor of Illinois has imposed Executive order #10 which has categorized Games Plus and many other brick and mortar retail stores and enterprises as unessential, thereby banning them from doing business on their premises until April 30th,

I’ll leave it at that, even as I would love to discuss the issues involved with this entire situation*.
The practical effect, wonderful customers and friends, is that Games Plus is temporarily closed until such time as the Governor decides we are all safe enough for it to open again.
**Games Plus will not be permanently closed.**
(Some people have already asked us that.)
We will just be taking a siesta for a bit. As Floyd will explain, we will be happy to take orders and ship our wares to you as best we can, hopefully starting Monday (the 23rd). In the interim, we will probably take on some projects within the store to properly maintain the premises, repair needed fixtures and so on.
Feel free to call us at any time to see how we are doing.
On a more personal note, you people are wonderful, truly. The number of phone calls we received today offering support and encouragement helped lift our spirits all day long. I tip my hat to all of you for being such cool friends for so long.
Thank you folks, and please be healthy

If there are changes – we will let you know as soon as possible. Keep on checking here or our Facebook Page (Games Plus), our Instagram (GamesPlus.82) and our Twitter feed (GamesPlus.82) should have information as well.

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