Games Plus Phase 3 reopening!

And now a word from Jeff :

Hi all,
The door will re-open for regular business tomorrow (Friday the 29th) at 10:00 am as planned, and we are looking forward to it. Please note the game room is not ready yet and will take another few days of preparation (painting and table stuff and all). We expect it to be ready for use on the 4th. I will post use guidelines for that in another 5 days or so.

Now, given the State restrictions still in place, and in deference to concerns about everybody’s health, we will have the following guidelines (as they call them) in place for the retail area.

1) We will limit the number of people in the retail area (including us) to 15 for now. If more than that arrive at nay time, we will let more in as others leave, in the order to which the excess people arrived.

2) If you are feeling symptoms of Rona or just feeling lousy please just stay home in the first place and get healthy. We will save stuff for you  (actually you could do curb-side….).

3) Please bring a mask with you. If you’re the only one in the store (or there are only a couple of you and neither want to wear a mask, fine, because the social distancing will be way more than 6′. If there are more folks we will look for everybody to go ahead and wear the mask, so everybody will be comfortable (well, except those wearing the mask and being grumpy about it…like me…but I acquiesce because my wife will kill me otherwise). The idea here is really making all of us comfy for the moment in as easy a manner as possible. In the end, though, the Games Plus people rule on this for now. So please work with us.

4) This is kind of unnecessary to say,,,which is why I will say it (yeesh). Respect the 6′ deal with other people.

Looking forward to tomorrow and beyond. Thanks to all for your support these last couple months. See you soon


So – now a word (from Rich)
I’ll be a bit more brief.

Please respect the social distancing and the face covering thing.
It’s not just for you and me. We all have someone we care about who might be affected by this. It’s a pain, but lets make sure all our friends and family remain safe and healthy.

If you are uncomfortable with coming into the store – please contact us. We will continue curbside service as best we can in the future as well. So if you want to pick things up but don’t want to come in – contact us and we will arrange shipping or curbside pick up.

Thanks for your continued patronage, your emails, messages and offers.