Games Plus – the Next bit… The Game Room

as of June 4th we are planning on reopening the Game Room on a limited basis. How limited? You can see the guidelines explained below in a announcement from Jeff himself:

Hi all,

Time to figure the game-room rules of engagement. Not so easy given the environment we are dealing with right now, Eh? Below is the way we will go for now.

We all love rulebooks, right? So let’s have at it;

Rules of Game Room Use (It will be open beginning on Thursday evening the 4th of June)

GM – For the purposes of these rules, any employee of Games Plus.
Group – two or more people sitting at a table engaged in gaming or other hobby activity at the same time.

Rule 1.0 – Five tables will be accessible in the game room for the moment, plus one in the Role Playing room, none adjacent to each other.

Rule 2.0 – No more than 8 people can play at the 10’ long table, 6 people at an 8’ long table, or 4 people at a 6’ long able.

Rule 4.0 – We’ll be keeping the limit to 16 people in the game-room at any time for the moment (other than transiting to and from the retail area to the bathroom).

Rule 5.0 – Bring your face masks with you. Generally we will be asking folks to use them.

Rule 6.0 – Except for individual groups, 6’ distancing should be used as much as possible.

Rule 7.0 – The restrictions regarding #s of people allowed in the retail area are still in force for folks in the gaming area. Hence, if the retail area is full to its capacity people from the game-room may not enter the retail area except to directly leave the store. The reverse applies as well, except in the case of moving to use the bathroom.

Rule 8.0 – Modifications and exceptions to all the rules above are the prerogative of the GMs. But, GMs rule is the rule, so the real rule is that if you wish to use the game room you are agreeing to abide to the GM’s final ruling on any issue except which soda you should get.

Method of Scheduling

That was easy. Now, the hard part is how to figure who can play when (of the regular groups that play here). You know us, we want everybody to be able to play…..but right now that wouldn’t be prudent (put the accent here). Again, I am mostly concerned with how comfy you all are, given the concerns that abound. We consulted at length about this and came up with a plan……and then another, and another. Part of the problem is that we have very little idea as to how many of you are ready to come out and play yet. So let’s play it by ear, sort of.

If your group has a regular table-time with us give us a call and we can let you know if there is room on your night (or any other night). In any case, we will let you reserve a table up to 1 week in advance. And priority will be given to groups who have already been on the schedule with us. If you do not a regularly scheduled time, call us anyway if you want to use a table and see if one is available.
The idea here is patience and understanding. Again, we want you to play as much as you want, and that will be back soon enough. We just have to go a tad slow for a bit.

Thank you (in advance) for your help with this. We will expand the venue as soon as the boss let’s us (and no, I don’t mean the government).