Fall Auction 2020 update

Hi all, it’s Jeff.
Given the limitations in place surrounding the Corona Virus, we here at Games Plus are trying to decide about how to handle the Fall Auction that would normally be about 10 weeks away at this point. Of course, there’s always the choice of cancelling it and awaiting the events of Spring. However, we like challenges, so we have come up with two alternatives (out of a number we have considered) that have potential merit. So, I thought it might be handy to see what our auction participants think. That’s you, of course, if you have ever been involved with our auctions before, either as a seller or bidder etc.
They are these;

  1. We can develop an online, or streaming, or Zoom auction. The idea here is that we lay out the seller’s items using the entire game-room and take pictures of them which are then put on our website/Facebook/etc sites where they can be viewed prior to being auctioned. Then, an auctioneer is videoed bringing them up for auction as participants (let’s say using Zoom) indicate their card raised (so to speak) and then dropping out as the prices increase, as normal. In other words, it would take place as normal except bidders are bidding from their living room and would all be using TABS and then coming in to pick up their items. It is understood that this would be slower than our rather refined quick pace, so we would not be able to auction as many items, overall. Obviously, there are a number of details I am not covering, but that is the basic idea.
  2. We add about 2-3 days to the auction, or even do it over two weekends, and split the items into more refined categories, allowing us to have the space for the lesser number of people we might anticipate for each of these smaller categories. This would hopefully allow us to spread bidders out to acceptable distances from each other, wearing masks and so on. So, for instance, we split the items into historical wargames (Avalon Hill, GMT, SPI, Avalanche, etc.), non fantasy/sci-fi board games, sci-fi board games, RPGs, Historical miniatures and rules, non GWS fantasy/sci-fi miniatures and rules, GWS 40K stuff, GWS Fantasy stuff, terrain, Magic the Gathering, other collectible card games, and so on. If we provide enough of these categories, and specific days and times for them, it might be that the number of people interested in bidding for any one category will be within the limits we must maintain.

So what we need from you are comments about what you like best (of these ideas) and how likely you would be to attend or participate in #s 2 and 3.