Friday, 6/11 new stuff, new news and more

So we’ve got a few tings to cover on this little update:
First, the easy one : There are new releases up on the New Releases page. A whole weeks worth.

Second, indeed the mask mandate has changed again. It’s all the same for us. If you are not fully vaccinated against Covid19, please wear a mask. If you are, wear a mask if you’d like, you are not required to. And regardless of your vaccination status, if you are uncomfortable dealing with our employees please ask us to mask up or arrange CurbSide Pickup or Mail Order. We are happy to hep.

Third, we will be opening up a few more tables and the signups for the expanded table space as well as starting to host walk in events now that capacity has been expanded.

Fourth and Finally – Yes, we are planning on a Fall Auction.
How soon? We are examining the logistics and going to let you know as soon as we can.