Thursday Update, Auction Stuff and more

So here we are on the verge of starting the Thursday Wargames Auction and spending a weekend getting all sorts of games out to folks.

There is a quick update on new releases so far this week. Don’t know if we will see another till Monday. Depends on how busy it is.

Tonight is the Wargames (armed conflict games based on history, fantasy or scifi themes) magazies, supplements and related items.

Friday Night is Role Playing Games, rules, modules, supplements and related stuff.

Saturday bring Board Games. Euros, Family, general boardgames and anything that might go with them.

Sunday is miniatures games, rules sets, terrain and related items and publications. 930am will begin the Historical miniatures, going till we are done or 11am. After that… everything is possible.

Have a fun weekend everyone, and see you at the auction.