New items, new events, Thanksgiving and more

So first things first.
We’ve got a few things that made it in store. New releases page shows all that.

Secondly –
We will be open on Thanksgiving. Right now we expect to here 10am to 6pm. So if you are looking for the chance to come in hang out and still get home for dinner and football, we will be here.

We are expecting to run the Spring Auction starting Wednesday, March 2nd and going through Sunday, March 6th.

And lastly
Saturday, November 13th
There will be both an Arkham LCG event (Machinations Through Time) where players playing at different tables in different eras all attempt to work together to solve the issues across time. Also the Unfathomable game will have session running during the day as well.

Seating for these games is limited, so contact us at (847) 577-9656 to secure a seat.