New releases, new games, new groups

Strixhaven book for D&D 5e is here along with Wild Beyond the Witchlight miniatures. But that’s not all. There are bunches more things like miniature magazines, boardgames and a Vallejo Model Color restock.

More so –
This weeks Friday Night HMGS Miniatures Night starting at 7pm :
Battles of Bastogne- 25th December, 1944.
Rules: Flames of War V3, Forces will be provided.
Judges: Kevin and Alex GMs.
Players: maximum of 8

“They’ve got us surrounded, the poor bastards.” After repeated attempts to capture Bastogne from the east, the Germans shift their attacks from the west.  The 77th Regiment of the 26th Volksgrenadier Division  started their assault from the town Givry along the 502nd PIR’s front.  Assisted by the 15th PZG Division, the forces start to make good initial gains.

Stop in to play, take a look at the game or meet other historical miniature gamers.