Miniatures Monday (Labor Day Edition)!

It’s Miniatures Monday – a day where we highlight some new miniature release.

Tonight we are focusing on a company we’ve been stoking for a while – Red Box Games

He has just released a number of new models. All are part of his Njorn line (fantasy Vikings)

The range includes these models. Each are listed by name and the general type (in RPG terms) it would represent.

Jarl Arnulf (Fighter with 2 head options), Gravarg the Elder (Skald/Wizard), Bolverk the Bold (Barbarian/Beserker), Einrfarn the Long Strider (Ranger/Archer), Gunhildr the Fair (Female Fighter), Henga Hrodulfdottir (female fighter), Astrid of the Stones (female wizard/skald), Weglaf the white haired (fighter), Strange Yrsulvi (half elven archer/ranger), Ynglief of Aelfhein (elven fighter 2 head option, sword or spear option), Bjorti Trollsbane (dwarven fighter, axe and shield), Bondi (4 figures, Militia with pitchfork, shovel, hoe & scythe)

The miniatures we just received are cast in white metal and are highly detailed. Some of the pictures may not do them full justice and the contrast isn’t as good as it could be.