And so it begins!

Today starts the Fall 2022 Auction.

That is a small sampling of the items today – our Tradable/Collectible Auction day. Magic the Gathering, TCG, LCG, CMG, magazines, card boxes, card mats and all sorts of other accessory items will be available today. Doors open at 6pm, auction starts at 7pm.

Thursday (6th) begins the Conflict Games Auction. Lots of Avalon Hill, SPI, GMT, Avalanche and other historical game manufacturers, as well as conflict based games from others like Fantasy Flight (like Twilight Imperium), Small World, Starship troopers (from Avalon Hill) and others like that.

Friday (7th) is the RolePlaying Game Auction. Games, rulesets, sourcebooks, modules, magazines and anaything for the RPG game crowd.

Saturday (8th) is our Board Game Auction. Eurogames, Family Games, Rio Grande, Ravensburger, Leder Games and others will be featured. If it’s military conflict, you won’t find it here. Tokens, game mats, game boxes, board game magazines and other items will be here.

Sunday (9th) the world renown Miniatures Auction.
From 9:30 till 11:30 (unless we run out) will be auctioning all the Historical Miniatures Items – rules, miniatures, terrain, etc.
From 11:30 to the end of the auction, probably around 8pm. What will there be? Games Workshop old and new miniatures, Ral Partha, Grenadier, some Citadel Miniatures (from the 80s and 90s), terrain, start sets, miniature cases, magazines and lots, lots more.

and for those we who might not know – the Game Room will be closed through Sunday. We should be open for game play again around 6pm on Monday.