If our Auctions are new to you, they are a great way to get some of the unused game and hobby items from out of your closet and get store credit for them. You get 100% of what your items sell for in store credit, with no fees or charges to put things in the Auction. We auction off over 5,500 lot items in a 5-day period. (Dates and times of each day’s auctions are listed below.)

The way it works is simple: You have items to put into the auction. We’ll give you a Auction Seller ID and the paperwork needed to prepare your items for auction. You prepare your items for auction, and then in the prescribed time frame you bring your items in.

We’ll take it from there. We’ll get them on the right day, and get them up for auction. Then a week or so after the auction has completed, we’ll have your store credit ready for you, along with any items that might not have sold.

If you would like more info, or have any questions email: auctioninfo@games-plus.com (You can also email us to get put on our auction mailing list.)

Update: 10/20/22 “Into the final stretch”

Post Auction dates are as follows…
Auction Credits and unsold item return begins.

~ FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11th. Last day of Auction Seller’s unsold items pickup.

Tentative 2023 Spring Auction – Wednesday March 1st – Sunday March 5th
Tentative dates only. Keep your eyes peeled as we get closer for official dates, times and other information.

If you have any questions, or would like to be put on the auction email list, just send a email to: auctioninfo@games-plus.com

As always, thank you to our Auction Volunteers and the hundreds of folks who put items in the auction, or come out to participate in buying items at the auction.

    Also, keep an eye out on Facebook and our webpage. We are extremely excited for the opportunity to see all our friends back in the Auction Room!

    What is the Games Plus Auction?

    Twice a year Games Plus hosts an auction here at the store.
    You, our customers, bring in items to enter into our auction – a four day live auction event giving you a venue to turn old gaming items into new exciting ones. We auction over four thousand items over the course of the auction. You can find anything from unopened copies of current games to painted armies, older boardgames and roleplaying books, modules and magazines as well as other accessories.

    You bring them in, fill out some paperwork and then we auction them off. Several days later we award you 100% of the value in store credit to spend with us.

    If you have any questions you can contact us and we will do what we can to help you out.