“Fall” Auction dates & times

—- Last updated 08/09/2021 —-

Because of recent events, we will be requiring ALL attendees of the Games Plus Fall Auction to wear masks (vaccinated or non-vaccinated). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

We appreciate your patience in this matter, and we also appreciate your participation in the Auction. We have had a good amount of items turned in for the Auction so far; we will start posting up pictures over the next week or so.

If anything changes in regards to the Mask Policy, we will let you know.
Auction items are now being accepted.

You can come into the store and pick up your paperwork in person or send us a request below and we will get you signed up electronically and email you the relevant information. We will be signing sellers up and taking in items through August 16th.

Magic the Gathering, Wizkids D&D and Pathfinder prepainted miniatures, Pokemon, Yugioh, and other collectible card games, card game accessories, magazines and more.

Thursday, August 19th at 7pmWARGAMES GAMES AUCTION
All the hex and chit wargames, military simulations, reference books, historical accounts, historical gaming magazines (like Fire & Movement or Strategy & Tactics) expansions, and more. Items from GMT, DVG, Compass Games, SPI, GDW, Avalanche Press, Avalon Hill, MultiMan Publishing and others. Map sets, base games, reference books, expansions and lots more. Fantasy and Science Fiction conflict style games like Twilight Imperium, John Carter Warlord of Mars, Stellar Conflict, Wizard Kings and other games like that will be auctioned on Thursday night as well.

Friday, August 20th at 6:30pm – ROLEPLAYING GAMES AUCTION
If it’s a roleplaying game, a module for one, sourcebook, world book, card decks for them, token sets or what have you – it’ll be here. From Dungeons & Dragons to Paranoia. You might see Space Opera here, perhaps DragonQuest, The Fantasy Trip, Rifts, Fringeworthy or other roleplaying games, accessories, related magazines or expansions. All depends on what our sellers have decided to have us auction.

Saturday, August 21st at 10am – BOARDGAME AUCTION
All the non-military games. Eurogames, coop games, family style games, non-collectible card games, expansions, magazines relating to them and more.

Sunday, August 22nd at 9:30am – MINIATURES AUCTION
If it’s a gaming miniature, terrain set, miniatures rule set, expansion, paint set, reference work or magazine related to the miniature gaming hobby – Sunday is the day. Games Workshop, Privateer Press, Perry, Foundry, GHQ and other manufacturers are all possible to see being auctioned, all depending on what gets entered. Offerings may range from skirmish forces, units, fully painted armies, figure collection, terrain sets, storage solutions and much more are expected.

Please note : This auction we will be offering only historical miniatures and related items from the auction start at 9:30am until about 11:00am. If we run out of historical items prior to 11:00am we will take a breath and continue on with the rest of the items we have remaining.

We do not have other details to share at this time, but we will have ALL the details worked out and announced soon.

If you want to be on the Games Plus Auction e-Mailing List, send a email request to auctioninfo@games-plus.com and we’ll add your name to the list.

Also, keep an eye out on Facebook and our webpage. We are extremely excited for the opportunity to see all our friends back in the Auction Room!

    Tentatively we will be handing out paperwork to enter items July 20th. The first day we will be returning unsold items and auction credit certificates will be Friday, August 27th – with the last day to for sellers to claim their unsold items being September 24th.

    What is the Games Plus Auction?

    Twice a year Games Plus hosts an auction here at the store.
    You, our customers, bring in items to enter into our auction – a four day live auction event giving you a venue to turn old gaming items into new exciting ones. We auction over four thousand items over the course of the auction. You can find anything from unopened copies of current games to painted armies, older boardgames and roleplaying books, modules and magazines as well as other accessories.

    You bring them in, fill out some paperwork and then we auction them off. Several days later we award you 100% of the value in store credit to spend with us.

    In past auctions we’ve split up the auction into four different sessions
    Thursday Night : Tradable/Collectible/Customizable Games
    Magic the Gathering, Heroclix, original Monsterpocalypse, Star Trek Card game, Pokemon and other blind-buy card, miniature and pog based games as well as accessories like card binders, magazines, deck boxes and the like. Generally only a couple of hours from around 7 pm till only 9 pm or so.

    Friday Night : Family, Euro and Historical Games
    These would range from games like Settlers of Catan to Avalon Hill’s Blitzkrieg – from Carcassone or Wingspan to Advanced Squad Leader. This auction starts at 6:30 and goes deep into the night, generally after midnight. Buckle up – there are lots and lots of games here as well as magazines, expansions, counter trays and other accessories.

    Saturday : Role Playing, Science Fiction and Fantasy Games
    Starting around 10 am this auction will tend to go throughout the day. Hundreds, if not thousands of role playing games, supplements, adventures, battle mats, boardgames and accessories (like dice, GM screens, box inserts and what not) come up for auction on Saturday. From individual books to bundles of adventures or games and expansions – it’s here.

    Sunday : Miniatures Day!
    Everything miniatures happens today. Painted armies, unpainted miniatures, terrain, figure cases, paints, terrain mats, tools, rules sets, accessories and more. There are easily thousands of items that go through the auction on Sunday. It starts at 9 am and goes till about 8 or 9 pm non-stop. If you are looking for anything miniature related you stand a good chance of finding it here.

    If you have any questions you can contact us and we will do what we can to help you out.

    You can expect more information about the auction to appear here.
    The Next Auction – As soon as we can. Look for an announcement more than likely in the summer.