Games Plus has always carried historical board games as well as historical miniature games and miniature lines.

We carry Historical Boardgames from manufacturers like :
GMT Games, Multiman Publishing, Dan Verssen Games, Clash of Arms, Worthington Games, Columbia Games, Academy Games, Compass Games, Victory Point Games
…and other historical board game manufacturers.

But we just don’t carry the newest titles. We also try to keep a stock of older out of print titles as well. We have some from Avalanche Press, Avalon Hill, GDW, Metagames, SPI and others. We are more than happy to answer any inquires as to our current stock – so if there is a game you’ve been trying to find, please let us know and we will do out level best to get it to you.

And you can always take a look at our Collector’s Items & eBay Auctions page as well as the Marketplace page in case we have a copy there waiting for someone to purchase.

Historical Miniatures and Miniature rules from
Battlefront Miniatures, Osprey Publishing, GHQ Models, Plastic Soldier Company, Jagdpanzer, Warlord Games , Ares Games
…and a number of other publishers

And to go with those miniature rules we have Historical Miniatures by
Warlord Games, Ares Games, GHQ Models, Perry Brothers, Northstar Miniatures, Artizan Games, Battlefront Miniatures, Rubicon Models
as well as other makers too.

And we carry stocks of trees, building, hills and other scenic elements.

As always, if there is a product you are looking for, please contact us. We are happy to assist you in tracking down what you need for your gaming needs.