From the very start Games Plus has carried miniatures. Be it to re-fight historical battles, delve into dungeons deep, stage fantastic battles across imaginary places or simply to collect, paint and display, we’ve always prided ourselves on our lines of miniatures. From the stalwart adventurer, the daring space trader or the steady solders to the star ships, tanks, tramp steamers and beyond.

We feature major manufacturers which crank out hundreds of models over the year to small manufacturers whose works show exquisite detail and character. And we don’t just carry the models, we carry terrain items as well. rivers, hills, houses, bridges, trees and other scenics cover our walls and display cases.

We want you to find the items you need to field your forces, populate your tabletop and give you the fun of completing yourself or just taking out of the package and dropping down to use as you need.

We carry miniatures, terrain, conversion bits and other related items from:
Reaper Miniatures, GHQ Models, Privateer Press, Games Workshop, Battlefront Games, Dark Sword Miniatures, Red Box Games, Northstar Miniatures, Rubicon Models, Kromlech, Spell Crow, Perry Brothers, Plastic Soldier Company, Iron Wind Metals, Pegasus Models, Battlefield in a Box
…and others

We are always on the lookout for more rules, miniature lines, scenic items, battle mats and other accessories to expand and enhance your game. If your looking for something – let us know. If we don’t have it we will try to get it for you.