New items in store – May 20th

New Frostgrave and Oathmark miniatures :
Oathmark Trolls, Giant blooded, Ancient vampires, noble vampires and leechwolves. 

AK 3rd Generation paint packs are here. We’ve got several historical theme sets and now we’ve got a bunch of the Wargamers sets. 

Plaid Hat Games – new Summoner Wars decks
Skyspear Avian faction deck – includes the Summoner, 3 champion units, 18 common units, 2 epic events and 6 standard events allowing you to bring new forces to the table.

Cloaks faction deck – includes a summoner, 3 epic units, 18 common units, 2 epic events and 6 common events bringing the Cloaks to the tabletop.

Fantasy Flight Games – two new Marvel Champions decks

Nova Hero pack – a 60 card pre-built deck, new modular set to add to different scenarios and a complete nemesis set featuring Warbringer.

Ironheart Hero pack – a 60 card hero deck, a modular set to add to scenarios and a complete nemesis set featuring Lucia Von Bardas

Bezier Games – Ultimate Werewolf Extreme
a party game for 5 to 75 players taking 30 to 60 minutes to play. Designed for ages 14 and up. Each player has a secret role in the game. As a villager you try to track down the werewolves. As a werewolf you try to stay hidden and hunt your prey. Includes 88 different role cards, a moderator score pad, Gametrayz Organizer role reference and many, many hours of fun.

Osprey Publishing – The Last Prospector for Stargrave
travel from asteroid to asteroid, search for the prospector who claims to have found the ‘big score’. Gain favor with the different factions and find the hoard. Includes new background options, powers, soldier types, encounters and more.

Little Wars TV – Ravenfeast : Viking Age rules
a easy to play historical rules set for Viking Age skirmishes. Full rules, starter scenarios, guide to build your army, modeling tutorials, link & resources and more.      

Elf Lair Games – Night Shift : Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Night Companion Includes 4 new character classes, rules for playing new species, alternate alignments, enhanced combat, GM tips, a method to play by points as opposed to levels and more.

Elf Lair Games – Night Shift : Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Game Master Toolkit  GM screens, charts and tables as well as other reference materials

Free League Games – Ruins of Symbaroum (5e) RPG items
Players Guide
–  includes a player briefing with the lore, settlements and factions of the setting, special rules for traveling, rest, social challenges and blight, player backgrounds, subclasses, equipment and spells. All using the D&D 5e core rules.

Gamemaster Guide – Intensive information on a number of the towns, guidelines for placing adventures in the world, campaign design help, optional rules and a one shot adventure to help you get started.

Bestiary – over 30 different creatures, fully described and illustrated, 60 more basic creatures, special rules and abilities to help create your own creatures, guides to the different terrain and more.

Wizards of the Coast -Modrenkainen presents : Monsters of the Multiverse
a bestiary of friends and foes for 5e D&D. compiling and updating monsters from Volo’s Guide to Monsters and Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes this revises and expands upon them bringing them up to current standards.

Kosmos – Cartaventura : Lhasa and Cartaventura : Vinland
Each of these card based games has 1 to 6 players using cards in an attempt to explore lands and get you to the end. For ages 12 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Toy Vault – My Little Cthulhu Enamel Pins
single pins and a pin  set with all four of Little Cthuhlu and his friends. 

Studio Agate – Fateforge items 
Fateforge Players Guide – This 5e compatible supplement includes character creation for species in this fantasy world, the mythology in the world of Eana, equipment, special combat tips, optional wounding rules, conditions, technical and magical  glossary, spells by class and even corrupted spells.

Fateforge Creatures : From Urban Depths to Frozen Wastes
400+ pages of monsters, animals and characters compatible with 5e. Includes exclusive archetypes, new playable species, challenges for any party, perils and traps. All in 400+ full color hardbound pages.

Fateforge : The Chronolith – an adventure for levels 1 to 5
When a simple delve into a ruin becomes a fight for your life, can you survive and stop the power hidden within? This module is designed to be played as a sandbox setting, allowing great freedom, and many possible twists.

Fateforge : The Butterfly’s Dirge – an adventure for levels 3 to 5
This adventure finds the party heeding a sinister call to a nightmarish wood caught outside of time. Will you unravel the mystery before it’s too late? Designed to be played as a stand-alone scenario, it may also be used as a jumping off point for new journeys.

New Nolzur’s Miniatures 

Warlock Spelunker’s Dock set – piers, rafts, boat and more.

Deep Cut – Brigantine Celts – Chariot with driver, bull and altar. Smith, warrior, horn blower, priest and more. 8 character figures.

Male Lashunta Technomancer and Dragonkin for Starfinder

Githyanki, Giant Mimic, Griffon hatchling, Orc Rangers, Haregon Rogues, Flesh golems Half-elf Rogues, Oni, Aarakocra fighters, Hellwasp, Serpent folk, Young emerald dragon, Dragonne, Jabberwock, Cavern Troll and Hill Giant

From the Magic the Gathering collection:
Kaito Shizuki & The Wanderer, Kotose & Light Paws, Ralyuu & Isshin, Shigeki : Jukai Visionary, Ao the Dawn Sky and Jin-Gitaxias

Free League Workshop – Death in Space
an RPG of grimey blue-collar work in a universe filled with risk. Technology is broken and dirty. Society is harsh and desperate. Everything you need to create unique characters, marked by void corruption and cosmic mutation. Includes crew and ship customization, salvage, the Tenebris system and an introductory scenario to get you going straight away.

Modiphius Entertainment – Star Trek Gamemaster’s Guide
explanations of how Star Trek is structured against other sci-fi universes, how players interact with the setting, the different eras and play styles, how to story tell, game mechanics and much more.

Modiphius Entertainment – Star Trek Player’s Guide
explanations of how Star Trek is structured against other sci-fi universes from the perspective of the player, how players interact with the setting, the different eras and play styles, how to create characters, the different roles, advanced character creation ideas and lots more. 

Adder Stone – Legends of Avallen : Celtic Mythology RPG in Roman Britain
Includes quick character generation with deep character growth, mechanics that award ingenuity, help your allies in combat, uncover your opponent’s motivations at parleys, craft gear from monsters and deal with the risks on your epic journeys. There are over 40 professions, legendary abilities, magic and many, many character options. Extensive guide, lore, bestiary and an introductory adventure as well.

Fandom Tabletop – Tales of Xadia roleplaying game
Delve into the world of the Dragon Prince, includes all the lore, never before seen magic, legends and dragons. Step by step guide for character generation, Uses the Cortex rules system. Includes dozens of NPCs and scads of tools to help you run the game, access to a digital toolkit and a ready to play adventure – all in one full color highly illustrated book.

L’Oeuf Editions – Napoleon Saga : Waterloo (second edition)
a 2 player card game allowing you to simulate different  scenarios from the  1815 Belgium campaign between the French army and the opposing Coalition force. Play historical games or your own hypothetical ones. Your tactics, seizing of opportunity and ability to bluff will bring you victory. Ages 14 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Rio Grande Games – Dice Realms
Using customizable dice and upgrade mechanics you rule your kingdom, trying to improve and expand your holdings. You can add dice to your pool, but as winter descends you will need to have the resources to keep your people happy. Can you build the best realm? For 2 to 4 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in around an hour.

Space Cowboys – Unlock : Kids!
This escape room style game has scenarios designed for the younger set, ages 6 and up. Can you lead an investigation to restore peace in the barnyard? Deal with the inhabitants of a wacky amusement park? Recover the treasures of Scotland… but deal with it’s ghosts as well? Includes a rulebook, an 11 card tutorial scenario to help you learn to play and 3 scenarios, hint book and more.Each scenario plays in around 20 minutes or so.

Modiphius – Dune : Sand and Dust – The Arrakis Sourcebook
This sourcebook contains an overview of the planet Arrakis, details on the Fremen, new options for PCs, in depth look at spice harvesting, the secrets of the spice, new campaign options and a whole lot more.

New Comet Games – Call of Cthulhu : Corsairs of Cthulhu
The Golden Age of Piracy is the setting for this new book. With over a dozen different scenarios featured there is plenty of action for a number of one-shot games or a whole campaign. What lies in the depths? What secrets are housed on far away islands? What horrors await? face the greatest terrors ever and return to tell the tale?

Mongoose Publishing – Solomani Adventure 1 : Mystery on Arcturus Station
Two adventures set deep in the Arcturus Belt. Station Three is a great place for hard working asteroid miners to rest and relax. But behind the lights there is theft, treachery and murder. The first has the Travellers seeking a missing ore carrier and finding much more. The second has the Travellers framed for a murder that they must solver before it’s too late. This second adventure is design so the referee can construct the crime complete with clues, red herrings and other information.

Ares Games – The Thing Boardgame
A game for 1 to 8 players based on the 1982 movie directed by John Carpenter. Manage the base as you look for a way to escape. Work to find out under what viel of humanity the Thing hides. Work together but beware who you are working with. Designed for ages 13 and up. plays in around an hour.

The Thing : Norwegian Outpost
a 4-8 player expansion that introduces events from the prequel, new mechanics and more opportunities. Designed for ages 13 and up. Plays in around an hour.

The Thing : Human Miniatures Set
8 plastic miniatures to replace the cardboard standees in the original game.

The Thing : Alien Miniatures Set
4 different alien miniatures to replace the cardboard standees.

The Thing : Norwegian Outpost 
Includes 8 human miniatures, 1 ‘Thing’ miniature and character cards.

WziKids – Squid Inc
Your job is to hire new fish, get them moving up the ladder of the company and get them into position to become the Big Fish. Each turn new hires become available and options abound to hire, fire and promote to get that limp mackerel to become a shark… For ages 14 and up. Plays with 2 to 4 players in around an hour.

Apostrophe Games – new game helpers
100 multi-color wooden cubes
36 blank player pieces and 6 each of 6 different colored stands

Helvetiq – SportIQ
400 multiple choice questions about sports. Play pits teams against each other. The first round of the game tests your knowledge. The second, your memory. From badminton to chess championships or even volleyball this game will get you to learn fascinating facts and fun anecdotes. from 2 to 12 players, ages 12 and up. Plays in under an hour.

Osprey Publishing – new books
New Vanguard #305 – Warships in the Baltic Campaign 1918-1920
Campaign  #368 – Stalingrad 1942-43 (volume 2) – Fight for the City
Campaign #369 – The Panjshir Valley 1980-1986 – The Lion Tames the Bear
Campaign #375 – East China Sea 1945 – Climax of the Kamikaze
Duel #116 – B-25 Mitchell vs Japanese Destroyer : Bismarck Sea 1943
Duel #119 – F4U Corsair vs A6M Zero-Sen : Rabaul & The Solomons 1943-44
Combat #63 – Viking Warrior vs Frankish Warrior : Francia 799-911

Odam Publishing – Cardweaver : modern fantasy deck building
a one versus all deck building game based on the world of Shared Dream. Up to 3 players versus one playing the Nemesis. Want to all play as heroes? There are automated Nemesis rules for solo or fully coop games as well. Each player has a set of unique ability cards giving them a customized deck allowing them to shine. Designed for ages 15 and up. 1-4 players, playing in 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Odam Publishing – Card Weaver Character Pack 1 
Psiblade, Necromancer and Light Bringer are featured in this expansion bringing 2 new heroes and 1 new Nemesis to the table. Card sets, character dials, rules sheets and more.

Odam Publishing – Card Weaver Character Pack 2
Speaker, Superhero and Seducer are featured in this expansion bringing 2 new heroes and 1 new Nemesis to the table. Card sets, character dials, rules sheets and more.   

Rebel Studios – Chronicles of Avel
Players attempt to save the land of Avel from the Black Moon which threatens the Healing Jewel. Can you and your fellow heroes defeat the forces of evil? Create characters, explore, battle, gain treasure and ability then defeat the evil that threatens the castle. Ages 78 and up. Play in around an hour for 1 to 4 players.

Looney Labs – Olympus Fluxx
The classic Fluxx game with an ancient Greek mythological theme. Play new rules, use Action cards to switch up game play, collect Keepers to put yourself in position to win and play the Goal card that puts victory in your grasp. For 2 to 6 players, ages 8 and up. Plays in as little as 5 minutes to half an hour or so.

New items for the week of 5/6/2022
As much as the rain may have stopped the new releases have not stopped. All sorts of new books, boardgames and more are in.

Osprey Publishing – new books
New Vanguard #305 – Warships in the Baltic Campaign 1918-1920
Campaign  #368 – Stalingrad 1942-43 (volume 2) – Fight for the City
Campaign #369 – The Panjshir Valley 1980-1986 – The Lion Tames the Bear
Campaign #375 – East China Sea 1945 – Climax of the Kamikaze
Duel #116 – B-25 Mitchell vs Japanese Destroyer : Bismarck Sea 1943
Duel #119 – F4U Corsair vs A6M Zero-Sen : Rabaul & The Solomons 1943-44
Combat #63 – Viking Warrior vs Frankish Warrior : Francia 799-911

Odam Publishing – Cardweaver : modern fantasy deck building
a one versus all deck building game based on the world of Shared Dream. Up to 3 players versus one playing the Nemesis. Want to all play as heroes? There are automated Nemesis rules for solo or fully coop games as well. Each player has a set of unique ability cards giving them a customized deck allowing them to shine. Designed for ages 15 and up. 1-4 players, playing in 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Odam Publishing – Card Weaver Character Pack 1 
Psiblade, Necromancer and Light Bringer are featured in this expansion bringing 2 new heroes and 1 new Nemesis to the table. Card sets, character dials, rules sheets and more.

Odam Publishing – Card Weaver Character Pack 2
Speaker, Superhero and Seducer are featured in this expansion bringing 2 new heroes and 1 new Nemesis to the table. Card sets, character dials, rules sheets and more.   

Rebel Studios – Chronicles of Avel
Players attempt to save the land of Avel from the Black Moon which threatens the Healing Jewel. Can you and your fellow heroes defeat the forces of evil? Create characters, explore, battle, gain treasure and ability then defeat the evil that threatens the castle. Ages 78 and up. Play in around an hour for 1 to 4 players.

Looney Labs – Olympus Fluxx
The classic Fluxx game with an ancient Greek mythological theme. Play new rules, use Action cards to switch up game play, collect Keepers to put yourself in position to win and play the Goal card that puts victory in your grasp. For 2 to 6 players, ages 8 and up. Plays in as little as 5 minutes to half an hour or so.

Wizkids – Star Trek Missions
Based on the popular Fantasy Realms card game Star trek Missions puts you in command. Create a crew and take on various challenges to score. Be the most successful in the missions to win. 2 to 6 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in around half an hour.

Marvel Champions : Sinister Motives
This new expansion gives you 265 new cards that pits you against 10 different villains in 5 different scenarios. Take on Mysterio, Venom, Doctor Octopus, Sandman and others. Includes Spider-man and Ghost-Spider decks to try to save New York from these menaces. Requires Marvel Champions to use the decks.

Alderac Entertainment Group – Meeples & Monsters
A dark shadow has fallen over the realm of Rowan. The king and his nobles have asked you to muster a force of adventurers, take on quests and rid the lands of its evil inhabitants. For 2 to 4 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in around an hour.         

Old School Dice & Accessories – Ultimate Dice Folio
A book sized folio with foam inserts to store up to 5 RPG dice sets – 35 spaces in all. Folio is zippered and padded to keep your dice safe and sound.  

Pegasus Spiel – Port Royal Big Box
Port Royal, Make Sail expansion, Just One More Contract expansion, The Adventure Begins expansion and the Gambler promo, all in one box.  

Cubie Seven -Warhammer Fantasy Role Play : The Horned Rat
Part 4 of the Enemy Within Campaign. Updated and revised this adventure sees the city of Middenheim under threat from the forces of Chaos. Now the characters are actively pursuing the evil that haunts them – are you up to the task of dealing with them once and for all? 150+ pages, hand outs, maps, NPCs and action like you wouldn’t believe. 

Cubicle Seven – Horned Rat Companion 
Lore and information on the Skaven along with equipment, spells and weapons. New encounters, GM’s guide to Yellow Fang, a new character career, two classic adventures updated and even an old foe returning to harry the players. What’s not to like in this full color hardbound book?

Pazio – new Pathfinder items

Pathfinder 2e Gears Deck and Guns Deck
Two decks each with full color cards illustrated on one side, game statistics on the other to help envision and keep track of the various equipment introduced in the Guns & Gears supplement. Each deck comes with 110 cards.

Loke – Big Book of Battlemats Volume III
60 different full color maps each designed to be marked on with wet erase markers and wipe clean. There are 60 different maps, but opposite pages are designed to combine into double sized maps for even more flexibility. Farms,docks, ships, stockades, roads, wilderlands and more.

Loke – Untold Encounters of the Random Kind
1000+ encounters compatible with any role play system, but includes  D&D 5e translations ready to go. Need a quick encounter to seed an adventure? All set.
Want to populate your set adventure with a random event? You can do that too. Need a quick adventure at a moments notice? There are six of those included as well.

Pazio – Punks in a Powder Keg : Adventure one of the Outlaws of Alkenstar arc
Rag tag outlaws get ready to deal with the mogul who ruined them. Can you take from the rich, deal with the crooked and get your revenge in the City of Smog? For level 1-3 characters.

Pazio – Classic Flipmat – Pathfinder Lodge
a 24 x 30 flipmat, laminated to accept wet and dry erase markers, you can note whatever you need on these full color maps and then clean them up for next time. gridded with 1” squares for use with most systems.

Gale Force Nine – Pathfinder Level 20
Players take on the role of kobolds, scampering away from the horrid adventurers bent on making their next level. Avoid being the kobold at the end of the fighter’s sword as you defend your den. For ages 10 and up, playing in under 30 minutes. For 2 to 6 players.

Ravensburger – Disney Villains Labyrinth .
For 2 to 4 players, ages 7 and up. The villains and henchmen are 6trapped in a magical maze. Journey about the maze, gather team members and find your way out.

Genius Games Junior – Outnumbered
in this math based cooperative strategy game players attempt to deal with Absolute Zero and his minions and stop them from capturing the Infinity Generator. Use your abilities, and a little bit of math to hit target numbers, repel the minions and defeat your nemesis. For ages 8 and up Plays in around 30 minutes. For 1 to 8 players.  

Mongoose Publishing – Traveller : Mercenary Box Set
Contains several books, Book 1: Mercenaries in the Far Future, Book 2:Running a Mercenary Force, Book 3: In the Field, Mercenary Adventure 0: Trial by Fire, Mercenary Unit Roster Card. Everything you need to create mercenary characters, run a force, get a campaign together and examine this other side of the Traveller universe. 

Traveller – Mercenaries of Charted Space
This book explores the details of the mercenary marketplace, from the Zhodani Consulate to the rimward fringes, the Aslan Hierate to the Two Thousand Worlds. How do you find clients, what to expect dealing with them. Where do you get recruits, how do you trust heavily armed thugs? Your guide to a career as a paid armsbearer in a ready book.

Mercenary Adventure 1 – Verloren Hoop
The Medrealm War is in it’s final stages. As the final pockets of resistance are being cleaned up the winning side isn’t looking kindly toward mercenaries who have opposed them. Can you make your way to the extraction point, evade the interdiction to get off world or will you lose more than your salary?

Mercenary Adventure 2 – Bug Hunt
Can you get into Aldia City and help the security forces holding off the infestation of the Pokoss, a destructive nuisance on El? an you defend the city, figure out why the Pokoss are changing their tactics and deal with the internal politics of the city at the same time? Good luck. You and your mercenary company may well need it.

Mercenary Adventure 3 – Must Travel : Need Guns
Thrown into action against insurgents, but then ordered to hold positions and wait as the local government tries to deal with other issues you are now in a messy spot. Can you withdraw while the newly funded insurgents press at you, make it back to the drop point and prove you did nothing but act as instructed? Can you manage to salvage the contract, deal with the insurgents, get out alive and still get paid?

Traveller – Field Catalogue
This field guide comes with all sorts of equipment that ranges from hand guns to grav tanks – boots to starships and everything in between. And for the things the average traveller might not need? Information on chemical warfare, standoff missiles, snipers, artillery and more. 

Traveller – Specialist Forces
Where are the troops who deal in anti-amor tactics? Anti-air assets? special munitions? Intelligence gathering and other special ops? This is the book that details all those and many more.

Galactic Raptor Games – Roar and Write! Deep Dive
a Roar & Write expansion adding  new scoring opportunities and new council members. Can you win over the members before time runs out?

Atlas Games – The Gloom Chronicles 
20 unique opaque foil cards that starts a new chapter in Gloom games. Narrative prompts, variant rules and new challenges.

Jordan Draper – Osaka Metro Expansion
Brings new actions, investments and a real Osaka Metro Map. A punchier, compact experience to the Tokyo Metro with added modularity.

Koigame – Koi Garden
a 2-4 player card game featuring beautiful art, relaxing theme, elegant gameplay all packaged together. Each set of wildlife moves and scores differently, gain opportunities and challenges. Solve the puzzle and be victorious.

Carmic Industries- Drinks & Daggers : Allies
This first expansion introduces 4 new heroes and a new boss. Get back into the world of drunkaroos for another round. You need the Drink & Daggers base game to use this expansion. Designed for ages 21 and up. 2 to 6 players, takes about 30 minutes.

Green Couch Games – Darwinauts 
go through a portal into the ancient past to discover lost species and exotic lifeforms, record important aspects and try to get back back before the portal closes. 1 to 4 players, ages 13 and up. Plays in around 45 minutes.

Capstone Games – Terra Mystica : Automa Solo Box
Want to play Terra Mystica but have a lack of players? Here is the answer. This expansion gives you everything you need to play alone or with a friend while having the expansion act as a neutral third player. Includes faction cards, difficulty cards, scoring tiles and more.

Modiphius Entertainment – Fallout Wasteland Warfare Miniature Game
Railroad Core Box (6 miniatures and bases)
Railroad Operatives (6 additional Railroad faction miniatures and bases)
Gunners Core Box (5 miniatures and bases)
Gunners Conquerors of Quincy expansion (4 miniatures and bases)

Alderac Entertainment Group – Space Base : Mysteries of Terra Proxima
This expansion adds new content in a narrative structure adding new ships  and scenarios that link together into a campaign. Designed for 2-5 players, ages 14 and up.  Plays in around an hour.

Game and a Curry Games – Jiangshi : Blood in the Banquet Hall
a collaborative storytelling game set in 1920’s Chinatown. Players are members of a Chinese/American family running a restaurant and trying to succeed. They have been doing well until now. Can you deal with the Jianshi by night and oppressive laws and society by day?  4 to 5 players, ages 15 and up. Each session takes 2 to 3 hours. 

Renegade Games – GI Joe Roleplaying Game 
Create your Joe, choose your military origin and traits and take on a role in the organization. Complete rules for both players and game masters focused on fun storytelling and epic combat. Includes scads of equipment, vehicles and villains. Details on secret bases, special equipment and even an introductory adventure.

Thunderwerks Games – Tenpenny Parks
Can you transform the humble town of Fairview into the home of the greatest theme park? Gather bankers, realtors, contractors, builders and arborists to make that dream a possibility. Add the nest attractions and earn the most tickets from guests. For 1 to 4 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in around an hour to an hour and a half depending on players.

Craino Creations – Golem
1 to 4 players attempt to create clay autonoma (golems) and delve into the knowledge to create even better. Gain gold, send your golems out to do jobs and gain more gold and knowledge.  Balance your expenditures and try to continually advance. Ages 13 and up. Plays in around 2 hours.

Cubicle 7 – Redacted Records for Warhammer 40K Wrath & Glory
Includes information on the Space Hulks of the Gilead system, information on generating your own Hulks, new frameworks for Imperial Agents, new talents, dossiers on the sinister cults of Avachrus and Nethreus and much more.

Troll Lord Games – Adventurers Spellbook
a single book collection of arcane, divine and runic magics, all in a single volume. Over 200 new rune spells, information of the Chromatic Mage and so much more.

Ares Games – First They Came : A Blindfold role-playing game
This game is designed to be played blindfolded or in the dark guided only by the audiotracks provided. Designs for a one shot game lasting 2 to 3 hours, music and ambient sounds provide an immersive experience. Needs no GM preparation, includes 18 handouts, 14 soundtracks rules manual and more.

Monte Cook Games – Claim the Sky
a new roleplaying game where you step into the shoes of a super powered hero and take on the evil that threatens the world. Includes dozens of powers, advice on creating archetype characters, tips on building heroes from popular books and strips, 50 premade heroes, villains, lots of background information and even a campaign world with three adventures.  

Recent New Releases (almost all of them)
So it’s been a hectic time here at olde Games Plus. But we haven’t been idle, just a little overwhelmed. Here is a bunch of stuff that made it in store over the last week or so:
Beadle & Grimm’s Pathfinder Dice Set Tins
14 new sets, each in a color, embossed tin. Each set has a basic 7 die set along with extra dice for class specific needs like weapon criticals, 2 handed weapons, spell or potion effects. 

Greater Than Games – The Cube : Area 51
2-4 players work together to unlock the mysterious alien craft – but only one will be the pilot and interface with the AI. Which of you will gain control over The Cube? Ages 14 and up. Plays in about 45 minutes.

Advanced Primate Entertainment – One Card Wonder
2-6 players, ages 10 and up. Plays in about half an hour. Collect resources, construct structures and build your Wonder before the other players. 

Lookout Games – Murano : The Complete Edition
2 to 4 players, ages 10 and up, compete to build up merchants to amaze the personalities who visit the island. Will you be the best? Plays in an hour or two depending on players.

Mindclash Games – Trickerion : Legend of Illusions
Become a stage magician, impress the crowd, gain prestige and win the Trickerion Stone to become the master. Ages 15 and up. 2 to 4 players, game taking about half an hour per player.

Restoration Games – Unmatched Hell’s Kitchen
This latest addition to the Unmatched series brings Daredevil, Bullseye and Elektra to the game. Pit these Marvel legends against all comers in this tactical combat boardgame. Ages 14 and up. 2-3 players. 

Hurricn – Mr. Jack : New York (2 players, ages 14 and up)
Hurrican – Mr. Jack (2 players, ages 9 up)
Two versions of the 2 player game – one taking place in London, the other New York.
One player is the detective, the other Mr. Jack. The Detective tries to catch Mr. Jack, the other (as Mr. Jack) tries to slip away using deception and stealth to disappear.   Both games play in about half an hour.

Bright Eye Games – Waggle Dance
Control bees, build a hive and make honey. For 1 to 4 players, ages 10 and up. Plays in 30 to 60 minutes. Organize the bees and try to make more honey in your section of the hive than the other players. Includes a mini-expansion for further game play.

Bright Eye Games – Termite Towers
This 1 to 4 player game challenges players to control a team of termites to create the best wall, biggest mound and complete the most challenges. Plays in an hour to an hour and a half.

Pazio – Pathfinder 2e : The Book of the Dead
This 200+ page book brings the menace of undead to your game. Source material on fighting off the Undead, how to convert your character into a ghost, ghoul, mummy, lich or other undead, information on the plagued lands, a massive bestiary, an undead featured adventure and more.   

Marvel Playtest RPG –
This 100+ page book gives you everything you need to try out the Marvel RPG. Core mechanics, combat, character creation, backstories, powers, how to run the game and even a sample adventure.

Green Ronin Games – Modern Age Mastery Guide
A source book for Modern Age giving you all the insight you need as a GM or a player to play. variant character generation, how to interact between player & GM, how to resolve in game actions, suggested rules revisions, creating adventures, GM tips and more.

Mana Project Studios – Norse Grimoire (for 5e D&D) 
a sourcebook of Icelandic Magical Staves (Galdrastafir) and Rune Knowledge (Elder Futhark) to add to your Journey to Ragnarok game or any 5e D&D based campaign. The culmination of 20 years of research designed to add to both player and game master experience.

Battlefront –  World War III : Team Yankee – Warsaw Pact Book
East German, Polish and Czech forces, two scenarios and painting guides.

Battlefront : Warsaw Pact Unit Cards
Unit Card packs for East German, Polish and Czechoslovaian units inn WW3 : Team Yankee.

Renegade Games – GI Joe Roleplaying Game
Go Joe!

Simon and Schuster – Dungeonmeister : A Drink Master’s Guide
75 epic RPG cocktail recipes to shake up your campaign. From the sweet honey-infused ‘Giant Bee’ to the Cinnamon Cider and Whiskey ‘Stunning Smite’ and the ‘Total Party Kill’ there drinks for every occasion.

Lamentation of the Flame Princess – new books :

Green Messiah – a botanical adventure with shape changing root vegetables, malicious trees, fatal fruits and dangerous pants never seen before in this world. 

6x6x6 : The Mayhemic Missile Method – Ten score and Sixteen ways for Sorcerists, Witches and Thaumatropes to defend their indefensible persons. One first level spell with two hundred and sixteen flavors. Use your favorite trio of dice to create exceptions to the laws of nature. A single tome to create a whole magic system of one spell.

Terror in the Streets – Paris 1630. A mysterious figure is stealing the children. Can you find the criminal, understand the reason behind the kidnappings and deal with it all?

In a Deadly Fashion – THE hot new fashion trend has arrived and people are dying to get into those clothes. Literally. Can you discover the truth before you become a fashion victim yourself?

Wight Power – Things on the Isle of Wight are not right. This low level adventure puts you in an expedition beneath an abandoned Abbey. Can you understand where a missing scholar has gone or why a member of the security detailed has been killed? How can this not be a situation that money hungry adventurers can profit from?

The Book of Antitheses – Everything you need to follow the left hand of roleplaying. earn magics like astral travel, telegraphy, divination, binding, and demonology – all to give you the wealth and power you need. Scads of information for LotFP.

The Staffortonfhire Trading Company Works of John Williams – Maps. Maps and Maps. Maps of maps and maps. Maps and illustrations based on 17th Century historical references to inspire. From maps of Almhouses, ships, iron works, mansion abbeys and more. Over 100 different maps.    

Gale Force Nine – Wise Guys
A game of money, guns and booze set in prohibition era Chicago. 3-4 players move their made men to different locations, explosion opportunities, strike deals, bribe, threaten and use your muscle to get your way on the way of becoming the top boss in town. Ages 14 and up, plays in around An hour and a half.

Quick Simple Fun Games – Muse : Renaissance
3 to 8 players ages 10 and up. This stand alone expansion for Muse and Muse : Awakenings adds individual scoring, so you can play a new game or play in the classic party style. Use your Muse and your Deductive skills to guide you to the correct masterpiece in this game of Art & Intuition.

Darker Hue Studios – Haunted West
Playing people who were the unheard voices in the Old West you now are the hero to deal with the crisis of the day. In this alternate history Reconstruction goes on for many years making the world a different place. Be a Black Gadgetter battling traitorous Rebels, a Chinese Drover rustling cattle and battling dinosaurs, combat legions of the undead as an Indenous gunslinger or traverse the Oregon trail as a Jewish settler. Over 750 pages of information, extensive history, a thrilling adventure, in depth city building system, special character generation helping make the characters involved in the world and more. Uses the Ouroboros System with it’s unique mechanics, but also contains ‘Haunted West World’ a system powered by the Apocalypse hack.

Monte Cook Games – Numenera : Break the Horizon
Add mobility to your Numenera campaign. Traverse long distances, find adventure, treasure and encounters. New mounts, travel related equipment, travel themed intrusion, new creatures and NPCs, the Safe Wayfarer Travel Guide, two full adventures and more.

Arc Dream Publishing – Delta Green : Music from a Darkened Room
a scenario about a place that has just gone wrong. 1206 Spooner Street is just not right, and you know it. No music, no laughter, misery flows to the occupants and hate hangs in the air. This scenario can be played the Delta Green Need to Know or Agents Handbook.     

Arc Dream Publishing – Jack Frost
Can you determine why a horrid cold snap, a killing flood and more has happened in rural Alabama? Investigate what has occurred and try to deal with it’s cause. The MAJESTIC personnel have become involved. Are you up to the task? Includes new characters to play, threats to deal with and a scenario to challenge.

Atomic Mass Games – Marvel Crisis Protocol : Nick Fury & Agents of Shield
Nick Fury, his game cards and a single base team of SHIELD agents along with their cards and tokens. Ready to take on whatever comes their way.

Atomic Mass Games – Marvel Crisis Protocol : Shadowland Daredevil & Elektra 
Daredevil miniature, Elektra miniature and a single base team of HAND ninjas. Includes cards & tokens, ready for pay in MCP.

Mongoose Publishing – Paranoia Mutant Explosion
50 brand new mutant powers with all the information you need to add them to your Paranoia game. 

Blue Orange Games – Downtown Farmers Market
for ages 7 and up. 2 to 4 players set out their challenge tiles and try to play ingredients into the spaces required to complete their goals. Pays in around half an hour.

Greenbrier Games – Lost Ones
An interactive story adventure in the world of Dreams & Shadows. Assume the role of a character kidnapped by the Fae. Explore the magical realm, evade capture and make your way home. Play solo or cooperatively. Designed for ages 14 and up. Plays in around an hour and a half. Includes map tiles, story books, character cards, standees, tokens and cards to make your journey come to life.

Monte Cook Games – First Responders
This Cypher System sourcebook puts you in the role of a first responder in an adventure sized disaster scenario. Designed to allow you to play multiple characters per person there are loads of new gear, character options and ideas. Includes half a dozen scenarios and easy portability to other Cypher System games.

Coyote and Crow – Science Fantasy Roleplaying in an Uncolonized Future
Over 700 years ago a great disaster changed world history. The world was plunged into darkness and all things gained Adanadi (the Gift) which has impacted humanity forever. The Earth is healing, new nations have risen, Ancient legends stir. The North American colonization never happened and history has been changed. Now pay heroic characters in a new future with a changing landscape. Over 450 full color pages of information.

Pacesetter Games – Into the Unknown : A Solo Adventure
your training is complete. Now you can leave Farrador Keep and make your way in the world. Explore the abandoned mines, save villages from foes and stake your claim as a great adventurer. Go Into the Unknown and make your name. A true solo adventure for characters of 1st through 5th level. Versions of the adventure are prepared for 5e D&D, BX OSR rules and Swords and Wizardry.

Wizkids – D&D prepainted miniatures : Lolth the Spider Queen

Wizkids – Icons of the Realms : Water Deep Dragon Heist Set 1
8 prepainted minis – Xanathar, his goldfish, Nihiloor the mindflayer, Aurinax, Ammalia Cassalanter, Victor Cassalanter, Jarlaxle Baenre and Manshoon

Wizkids Icons of the Realm : Dragon Heist Set 2
7 prepainted miniatures – Nimblewright, Urstul Floxin, Draw Gunslinger, Orond Gralhund, Yalah Gralhund, Barnabas Blastwind, Saeth Cromley

Wizkids Forgotten Realms Adventuring Party
5 prepainted minis – Hama Pashar (Human mage), Yuan-Ti Ranger, Ellywick Tumblestrum (Halfling bard), Varis Silverymoon (ranger), Nadar (Dragonborn paladin)

Wizkids Forgotten Realms Companions of the Hall
5 prepainted miniatures – Bruenor Battlehammer, Wulfgar, Drizzt, Guenhwyvar and Battie-brie

WizKids – Death Saves War of Dragons Set 1
8 prepainted miniatures – Brago, Christopher Squawkin, Kimathi Stormhollow, Lapp, Maeglin, Phann Nailo and Poe

WizKids – Death Saves War of Dragons Set 2
8 prepainted miniatures – Flying Carpet, Hugo Ledbetter, Kalatuur MinMax, Kasin, Marat Occisor, Oriax, Jericho Blackwing and Ullac Jotunn

Wizkids Pathfinder miniatures – The Mwangi Expanse
A new set of 46 different figures ranging from new monsters to notable characters. Each booster pack has 4 figures from the set. The miniatures are prepainted and ready for play.

Wizkids Mwangi Expanse Single figures :
Mamlambo, Adult Cloud Dragon, Dimari-Daji – each figure packaged on it’s own, prepainted and ready to be put on the tabletop for the game or on the shelf for display.

Plaid Hat Games – new for Ashes Reborn
The Gorrenrock Survivors expansion deck
Includes Lulu Firststone (Phoenixborn) and 38 cards to make up the deck

The Messenger of Peace Expansion Deck  
Includes Orrick Gilstream (Phoenixborn) and 37 cards to make it’s own deck.

Perplext – Long Shot : The Dice Game
Up to 8 players place bets, buy horses, influence the race movement and try to win the most money on the race. Plays in around half an hour. For ages 14 and up.

Chill Island Games – Color Code 
Players split into teams and a member matches a color with words in play. Can your team members guess your choices? Designed for 2 to 6 players which plays in about half an hour. Includes a ‘party mode’ rule set to play up to 18.

Greater Than Games – Sentinels of the Multiverse : Definitive Edition
Bigger and more powerful than ever, the definitive edition has new content, ‘first appearance’ hero card variants and playable events from the history of Sentinel Comics. This cooperative comic book card game includes 12 heroes, 6 villains, 6 environments, 12 ‘first appearance’ hero cards, 6 events, 6 critical events, h spinners, tokens, rulebook, lore book and more.

Catalyst Game Labs – Battletech Interstellar Operations : Battleforce
an all in one game system for battles on a grand scale, but tailored to your game table interest. Play battalion vs battalion or conquer a planet with multiple regiments, invade a sector or even act as a Clan Khan or House Leader and expand your empire.

Battletech Interstellar Operations : Alternate Eras
Source material for playing Battletech Total Warfare across a thousand years of history and variants in technology from Superheavy Mech, Land-Air Mechs, Robotic and Drone systems, Primitive Units, Quadvees and much more. Over 230 pages of information.

Mongoose Publishing – Traveller : The Glorious Empire
This supplement features an Aslan splinter empire where slavery and open warfare are the norm. After centuries of freedom this has ended and enemies from all sides have fallen upon it, intent on it’s destruction. Freed human fight alongside Aslan from the  Hierate, intent on freeing millions more caught within the collapsing empire. This book gives you all the background and information you need to run a campaign in this setting with the region changing as the campaign progresses. Patron and personalities are provided, spacecraft from the Glorious Empire and it’s foes are provided, Central Supply Catalog entires are given, integrating a naval campaign and the Element class cruiser guidelines are included. Here is the opportunity for players to help shape the history of the Trojan Reach.         

Mongoose Publishing – The Solomani Front
The Solomani Rim was the scene of bitter fighting during the War, now it’s a place of tension, conflict and opportunity. Agitators push to retake Terra, the Solomani Confederation works to maintain it’s freedom and intrigue, diplomacy, trade and adventure await. This sourcebook provides several new playable races, new equipment like the Crusader Superheavy Tank, new ships, animals, diseases, the Galvan Corrosive Environment Construction Platform and much, much more. 

Pazio Publishing – Pathfinder modules
Quest for the Frozen Flame :  Burning Tundra brings the story arc to a close pitting the players against Frost Giants, an ancient quest and more to keep their tribe safe.

 Strength of Thousands : Shadows of the Ancients brings this story arc to a close as   evil magic has twisted and corrupted and the adventurers must make things right to keep family and friends safe.

Pazio Publishing – Starfinder Adventure moduleHorizons of the Vast : Icebound and Against the Eye are the fourth and fifth adventures in the story arc. Taking the players from a frozen tundra trying to rescue victims of a crash to the halls of Pact Worlds leaders trying to save planets from threats previously unknown.

Autarch Games – new releases
Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu – a pulp setting sourcebook of Swords, Sorcery and Science. Using the Adventurer, Conqueror, King system you can play in a world inspired by the pulp fantasy rife with crazed sorcerers, giant insects, alien invaders, muscled barbarians, dinosaurs and Cthulhoid creatures – among other things. Includes new spells, alien technology rules, new monsters, races, classes and lots more.

Autarch Games – Heroic Fantasy Handbook 
This sourcebook helps flavor your favorite d20 RPG fantasy system with new classes inspired by heroic fantasy tropes, an entirely new magic system, new spells, rules for heroic adventuring, healing and much more. a fresh approach to your game. 

Massive new item update

So after Adepticon and the post Adepticon dealing with chaos I’ve finally got an almost up to date list of things that have made it into store in the last week or so…

Ludo Nove – Siege of Runedar
1-4 players try to stop an advancing horde of Orcs from claiming the mines of Runedar and it’s gold. Keep the orcs at bay long enough to build an escape tunnel and rescue the gold and yourselves. For ages 10 and up taking from an hour to an hour and a half.

Amigo – Bohnanza Anniversary Edition
trade beans, sell high and try to make the most profits. for 2 to 7 players ages 10 and up. Includes special 2 player rules as well as a Bean Coin and Magpie Beans. 

Lookout Games – Agricola : Consul Dirigens
this expansion includes 120 cards for Agricola. 48 minor improvements, 49 occupations and 24 new Parent cards that provide side questions, additional benefits and resources.

Phase Shift Games – Tavern Tales 
Complete your Dungeon Drop story in a welcoming Tavern where you and your companions compete in a game of boasting and one upmanship. 2 to 5 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in 20 minutes or so.

Paizo – Pathfinder : Goblin Firework Fight
2 to 4 players attempt to steal loot and fireworks from the town of Sandpoint. Try to walk away from town with the most stuff, but look out. Other goblins might be as apt to steal from you as much as they are trying to loot the town. Ages 14 and up. Pays in around half an hour.

Board and Dice Games – Manala Stones : Harmony
adds 12 new stones and unique abilities to your Mandala Stones game.

Steve Jackson Games – Skeletal Warrior Dice Bag
a sturdy dice bag able to hold over 100 standard size dice and imprinted with a vile undead skeletal warrior.

Lookout Games -Caverna : Cave vs Cave The Big Box
a two player stand alone version of Caverna which can also be played solo. Build your cavern home into a pace for your tribe before the others do.Includes Era I and II play. Takes 20 minutes to over an hour depending on players and scenario.For ages 12 and up.

Kobold Games – Warlock Lairs : Into the Wild
19 adventures for 1st through 10th level, fully compatible with 5e D&D, set in remote locales from blasted wastes, lush forests and harsh northlands. Over 170n pages of adventures, creatures and information.

Privateer Press – Iron Kingdoms RPG
Monsternomicon – over 120 monsters from the Iron Kingdoms, some old, some new. Full color illustrated with  stat blocks and background. Fully compatible with 5e D&D.

Requiem Campaign Setting
Background for the Iron Kingdoms world, fully compatible with 5e D&D. Includes rules and background for the different races, many new classes, feats, spells, and information for making your character for the Iron Kingdoms. Over 260 pages of full color hardback campaign source material. 

Pearl Games –  The Bloody Inn : The Carnies
56 new cards and rules to add new and interesting characters from the traveling carnival to your Bloody Inn game.

City of Games – Isle of Cats expansions
Isle of Cats : Kittens & Beasts
– this expansion adds one new lesson module and three new expansion modules – kittens (rescue kittens), beasts (befriend ancient beasts) and events (change the way you score points).

Isle of Cats : Boat Pack – six new boats with new layouts as well as family and solo game modes are featured in this expansion set.

Isle of Cats : Explore and Draw
This new competitive polyomino cat-placement boardgame challenges 1 to 6 players to rescue as many cats as possible from the island before Lord Vesh arrives. Plays in 30-45 minutes for ages 10 and up.

Free League Games – One Ring Loremaster’s Screen
a three panel screen for the Loremaster as well as the Rivendell Compendium. Inform atin about the Last Homely House, a map of the valley, NPCs and more.

Rio Grande Games – Dominion : Allies
Included in this expansion are 31 new Kingdom Card piles, Allies (who do you favors), and split piles you can rotate. Not a stand alone expansion so you will need a core set to play.

Green Ronin Games – Sentinels of Earth-Prime Card Game
a cooperative game where players are heroes attempting to stop the evil schemes of villainous powers on Earth Prime. Compatible with Sentinels of the Multiverse releases this game uses the setting and characters from Green Ronin’s Mutants & Masterminds RPG.

Green Ronin Games – Sentinels of Earth-Prime expansion sets
SubTerra – a new environment deep below Earth-Prime where Terra-King rules the Serpent People and their magics. These 15 new cards will add environments previously unseen.

Malador the Mystic – a new villain deck with 25 villain cards and a rule card allowing you to add this mystic menace from Atlantis to your game.

Lantern Jack – a new hero who is a ghost from the Revolutionary War to your game. Includes 40 hero card, character card, variant card and divider.

Ravensburger – Villainous : Bigger & Badder
Introducing Lotso, Syndrome and Madam Mim to Villainous. Explore your realm, gain power, use minions and thwart your opponents in this game of being the best and being bad. 2 or 3 players, ages 10 and up. Plays in under an hour depending on players.

Thunderworks Games – Lockup Expansion : Breakout
add to your Lockup game with secret passages, catacombs and treasure. 

WizKids Games – Free Radicals 
2 to 5 players control different factions in an underground war to lead society into the future. Each faction has it’s own abilities, goals and philosophies lending different pay styles to each. Work with other players to topple the status quo but make sure your agenda is the one that wins out.

Lookout Games – Family Business
This new edition brings a new look to the game. Protect your territory while squeezing out the other families. For 3 to 6 players, ages 8 and up. Takes about half an hour. 

Osprey Games – new books

New Vanguard  304 – British Gunboats of Victoria’s Empire
Combat Aircraft 144 – B-36 Peacemaker Units of the Cold War
Duel 119 – F4U corsair vs A6M Zero-Sen
Essential Histories – War in Japan 1467-1615

Atomic Overmind Press – Tour de Lovecraft : The Tales and
Tour de Lovecraft : The Destinations

Two books by Kenneth Hite giving you background and insight into the works of Lovecraft and the Mythos.

Kenzer & Company – Knights of the Dinner Table # 292
64 pages of KODT adventure, reviews, GM workshop articles, cartoons and much more.

New Wargaming Magazines
Wargames Soldiers and Strategy # 118 – getting started i Napoleonics, death of Bran Boru, Epic Waterloo, Sicily from antiquity to WW2, converting plastic Brits and more.

Wargames Illustrated #411 – Speed Paints, Battle of the Thirty, painting elephants and other articles.

Miniature Wargames #468 – War of the States (ACW gaming), Don’t Mess with Texas, Command Decision and mercenary scenarios as well as reviews, full color bases and more.

Gamers Grass –  new plant foliage sheets
Alien Rosette plants, alien flytrap plants along with Monstera plants, Bracken, dry bracken, Agave, Lords & Ladies, Dumb Cane, Elephant Earand Banana Tree leaves. Each sheet is color printed, double sided plastic designed to be bent and glued to bases or terrain. 

Wargames Atlantic – new miniature releases
Each box comes with multipose figures with weapon and uniform options. Includes boxes of Conquistadors, Aztec Warriors, German WW2 Panzer Lehr and Italian WW2 troopers

Fireforge Games – new figure releases
New Byzantine figure boxes (Horse Archers, Cataphracts and Koursores)  as well as Spanish Almughavars. Each box with multipart plastic figure with weapon and uniform options.  

Genius Games – Cellulose
a plant based biology game. 1 to 5 players attempt to create viable cells, a growing plant and fruit. Activate different cells, create conversions and growth and be the one to make the most fruit by summer. Ages 14 and up. Plays in an hour to an hour and a half (or so). Includes boards, tokens, cards, resource cubes and tokens, a ‘The Science Behind’ book and more.

Wyrd Games – Vagrantsong : A bone chilling spooky adventure
2 to 4 Players take on the roles of vagrants trapped on a ghost train. Work together to escape the Silver ferryman and bring your rail trip to a safe end. This story-driven ghost battler takes about 30 minutes per player and is designed for ages 14 and up.

Simon & Schuster – Ultimate RPG Guide Boxed Set
Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide, Ultimate RPG Gameplay Guide and Ultimate RPG Game Master’s Worldbuilding Guide – all in one slipcase set. Tipos on bringing your character to life, exploring RPG mechanics and how to get a vibrant world all set to go by James D’Amato.

Game Force Nine – Dune : House Chaom & Richese 
2 new Houses. Richese, a house in decline. Once innovative but now selling its technology to remain afloat and Choam, a mercantile powerhouse with many political aspirations. 

Iello Games – King of Tokyo Monster Box
King of Tokyo, a special dice tray, Halloween expansion, Power Up! expansion, Baby Gigazaur, and 11 exclusive cards. All in a single ready to play boxed set.

Historical releases 4/5/2022

New Historical Games Wednesday!
Hey folks. It’s Rich. I’ve been gone, first to Adepticon then to the cold that wandered through my household. Now that I’m almost back to 100% I’m back to getting the information to our friends. After long a wait – we’ve got a bunch of release in store. For now.. Being mostly GMT stuff we’ve seen a shipment, but how quickly we see restocks is a good questions.

GMT Games – new releases
Into the Woods – Shiloh 1862
eighth installment of the Great Battles of the American Civil War series. Ten scenarios ranging from a hypothetical brigade sized action to a massive two day played across two maps. Designed for 1 to 45 players taking from 3 to 8 hours depending on the scenario.

Barbarossa : Army Group Center 1941
Second edition of this game, this game lets you decide – with the Soviets in disarray do you follow the same strategy as the Germans did during the war or do you try something new? This game has 4 map sheets, 1400 counters and 8 scenarios including an introductory tutorial game. High complexity but high solitaire gaming possibility.

Vietnam 1965-1975
Including several small scenarios as well as two campaign games this is a revised version of the Victory Games title published in 1984. Designed for 2 players, scenarios range from 2 hours of play time to over 100 + hours for the campaigns. The game itself uses roughly 6 mile hexes and battalion or regiment units. Game turns are roughly 6 weeks long. Graphics have been reworked and mechanics revised and tweaked.

Plains Indian Wars
With a game board representing the Great Plains between the Mississippi and Rockies, Canadian Border and Mexican border the players can explore various strategies and events to see how history might have changed. Can you unite the different tribes, stop wagon train or rail expansion and possibly frustrate the European-American plans? For 1 to 4 players with a complete solitaire system. Designed for ages 14 and up it plays in an hour to two depending on scenario and players.

Multi-Man Publishing – Hollow Legions
a newly revised and updated version of the classic ASL expansion Hollow Legions bring the Italian as well as North and East Africa front into the system. 53 new scenarios, updated rules, counters, overlays, maps and more.

Tetsuya Nakamura : Fire in the Sky
This strategic level game lets you replay the Pacific War from the attack on Pearl Harbor to the days when America dropped the first Atomic bombs. Logistics, strategic planning, well made attacks and keen ideas will rule the day. For 2 players ages 14 and up. Plays in around an hour or two.

Friday Night New Stuff!
It’s Friday Night and we have new stuff. See how witty that was?
Next week is Adepticon. Hope your lists are in order and your painting is on schedule. This week, it’s cold and rainy. Can’t win them all.

Everyway Company – Everway : Silver Anniversary Edition
The 25th anniversary of the Everyway RPG sees the re-release of this diceless roleplaying game. Run epic adventures for a group of mythic fantasy heroes in a rich multiverse. Develop new realms, exciting quests and enjoy endless possibilities. New creatures, four massive quests and new options for character advancement, magic and more. The game has two hardbound books, a 350+ page full color hardbound players book and a 350+ page full color hardbound Gamemaster book.

Goodman Games – The Umerican Survival Guide
this DCC Core Setting Guide puts you in a post apocalyptic earth with twisted science, cruel sorcery and alien wonder. New and revised character classes are provided, along with a piecemeal armor system and new mutation system. Vehicular creation and combat and detailed, a new pantheon for the players, the Citadel of Scrap, bunches of tables and lots of information. Bring your DCC game to a new setting.

Arc Dream Publishing – Delta Green Evidence Kit : The Labyrinth45 handouts with bunches of information for your game. And a free .pdf download so you can print the handouts yourself and edit, modify or mutilate them as you see fit.

Catalyst Game Labs – Battletech Map Pack : Deserts6 double sided maps with a desert theme. Aero bases, mines, badlands, washouts, oasis and more.

Kosmos – Switch & Signala cooperative train game for 2 to 4 players. Move your trains around the map trying to deliver your goods on time. Coordinate with other players to make sure the tracks are clear and the switches head in the right direction. Includes a Central Europe and North America board. Plays in around an hour.Designed for ages 10 and up.

Runehammer Games – Index card RPG : Master Editiona generic d20 roleplaying system allowing you to create heroes, worlds, stories and all sorts of roleplaying fun. Do anything, fast playing. Includes weird west, ice age, fantasy, sci-fi and super setting materials.

Runehammer / Modiphius – Viking Death Squada new RPG set in the world of Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’ this game takes place in 100th century where undead vikings and human allies fight foes cybernetic and demonic.

Wargames Atlantic – Panzer Lehr Division soldiers, 2nd world war 1939-1945. 30 plastic multi-part figures in 28mm. Includes rifles, MG-42s, Panzerfausts, grenades, pistols, tools, sundry equipment and more.

Pearl Games – Ginkgopolis : The Experts
Includes Expert cards, new buildings, event tiles, green spaces, prestige buildings and more. 6 different modules you can combine as you choose, adding them into the base game for many more options.

Rio Grande – Glory Islands2 to 4 players attempt to become the best pirate crew. Sail your way to glory, outwit your foes, claim fame and glory! Includes 2 different game boards, a mini expansion and hours of fun. Ages 14 and up, playing in around 45 minutes.

Spinmaster – 5 Minute Mystery1 to 6 players, ages 8 and up, work together as a team to solve the mystery of the missing MacGuffin. Search the rooms for clues, link the color bars on the cards and arrest the culprit. All in 5 minutes (or so).

Wargames Illustrated # 411 – March 2022Battle of the Thirty, Painting Pachyderms, the Needle Gun, Speed Paints and more.

Gamelyn Games – Tiny Epic Dungeons
Tiny Epic goes Underground in this new game. Players work together to explore the dungeon, defeat monsters, avoid traps and find the boss’s lair. Then defeat the boss and take home the treasure. For 1 to 4 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in around 45 minutes.

The OP games – South Park Dicea set of 6 six sided dice with classic characters from the series.

Reaper Pizza Dungeon : Sophies Lucky Dice – 7 dice enchanted by Sohpie the succubuss to roll lucky all the time.

Hasbro Gaming – Marvel Mayhem
2 to 4 players, ages 8 and up try to be the last superhero standing in this fast paced card game. Attack, defend and battle till the end in this fast paced card game. Plays in around 15 minutes.

Upper Deck Legendary – Doctor Strange and the Shadows of Nightmare
Includes 100 playable cards, Doctor Strange and other mystic masters, 2 masterminds and villain groups and a rulesheet. Only with teamwork can the Marvel Mystic Masters defeat Nightmare or Dormammu. Can you defeat them before innocents are harmed? For 1 to 5 players aged 14 and up. Takes 30 to 60 minutes to play.

Huch! – Fenixa two player strategy game where your kings, soldiers and generals battle for dominance of the tabletop. Your king may be in peril but he may well rise again as the Phoenix to live again on his quest for victory. Ages 8 and up. Plays in around 20 minutes with 2 players.

Wizkids Games – Grung Warband
6 pre-painted Grunbg miniatures ready to be pulled out of their packages and put down on the tabletop to play.

Wizards of the Coast – Call of the Netherdeep an adventure for characters of 3rd to 12th level inspired by the Critical Roll campaign. Includes seven chapters of adventure and a poster map of Ank’Harel. Over 200 full color pages.

Cubicle Seven – Ubersreik Adventuresfive all new adventures for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, information on the events in the city of Ubersreik based on the actions taken during the Enemy Within Campaign. Also has information on the Duchy of Black Rock, their family history, background and more.

Osprey Publishing
New Vanguard #303 – Tanks in the Easter Offensive 1972
New Vanguard #300 – Warships of the Spanish Civil War
Fortifications #113 – The Moscow Kremlin : Russia’s Fortified Heart
Elite #244 – Soldiers of Fortune :Mercenaries & Military Adventure 1960-2020
Elite #243 – Soviet State Security Services 1917-1946
Dogfight #2 – P-51B/C Mustang Northwest Europe 1943-44
Dogfight #1 – Fw 190D-9 : Defense of the Reich 1944-45
Combat #64 – US Marine vs North Korean Soldier :Korea 1950
Combat #62 – Patriot vs Loyalist : American Revolution 1775-83
Campaign #373 – Syria & Lebanon 1941 : Allied fight against Vichy French
Campaign #374 – Battle of Gettysburg 1863 (volume 1)
Air Campaign #25 – Desert Storm 1991
Air Campaign #27 – The Big Week 1944
Essential Histories – Fall of Yugoslavia 1991-1999