All sorts of NEW items in store now!

The title says it all. Prior to the weekend we’ ve got a whole lotta product hitting the shelves. And there may be more coming in later today – so – stop on in and grab your fun for the cool, rainy weekend.

Wizkids/Pazio – Pathfinder Battles Advanced Iconic Heroes
8 prepainted miniatures representing a variety of characters and creatures – Fieya (human witch), Daji (fox), Ija (human summoner), Tuku (Eidolon), Quinn (human Inquisitor), Seltyiel (half-elf magus), Jirelle (half-elf swashbuckler) and Korakai (Tengu Oracle)

Lookout Games – Llama Land
This LLama-tasic family game challenges players to build a terrace on the mountain of the sun. 2 to 4 players (ages 10 and up) play tiles, farm and try to reach to the sky. Plays in around 30 minutes or around an hour with more players.

The Gamers – Panzer’s Last Stand
A Battalion Commander System game of the Axis march on Budapest in 1945.
Includes 4 full color maps, bunches of counters, 2 scenarios that use 1 map, 4 scenarios designed for quick play that are 5 turns or less, 10 total scenarios. From the 26 turn full campaign to the battle of Zamoly which lasts only 5 turns and only part of 1 map.
Red Shift – Kittens in a Blender : Deluxe Edition
Kittens in a Blender is BACK.  Each player tries to get his kittens to scamper into the blanket box while convincing his opponents kittens to wander across the table top. This deluxe set includes expansion cards to play up to 6 players, suPURRpowers, double kitten cards and more.

Pazio Publishing – Pathfinder Flip Mat Classics : Thieves Guild
24 x 30 map laminated for use with almost any markers. Upper and lower levels of a secret hideout.

Pazio Publishing – Pathfinder Fortress Walls & Towers Expansion
24 tiles in full color with defensive walls, watchtowers, stairways and more.

Pathfinder Flipmat : Night of the Gray Death
24 x 30 laminated map with a ballroom and a crumbling vault on opposite sides. 

Starfinder Flip Mat – Space Colony

two different just established colonies, one in a force bubble, one in a hospitable world.

Starfinder Flip Tiles – Alien Planet Ruins
24 tiles with ruined roads, flora, radioactive cores and ruins.

Starfinder – The Liberation of Locus 1 – a stand alone 4th level  adventure

Starfinder – Serpents in the Cradle (part 2 of the Horizons of the Vast series)

Starfinder – Tech Revolution Pawn Collection -100+ hard card pawns of creatures, vehicles, &  Mechs. 

Pathfinder – Guns & Gears
Clockwork items, black powder and  more to help tackle those problems that swords and spells just don’t seem to be able to handle.

Pathfinder – Lost Omens : Grand Bazaar
over two dozen different shops with wares, personalities and background. Adverts, equipment, new magic and more are here for adding even more to your game.

Pathfinder – Night of the Gray Death
a stand alone deluxe gothic horror adventure for 16th level characters.

Pathfinder – Hurricane’s Howl and Secrets of the Temple City – Adventure 3 and 4 of the Strengthen of Thousands Adventure Path.

Kobold Press – Southlands World Book (for 5e D&D)
Described in the book are nine major regions, from the River Kingdom of Nuria Natal to the Sky Nation of Aedvall. Includes histories, adventure seeds, perilous areas, plans and powers for a pantheon of more than 20 gods, a poster map of the continent, NPCs, New Monsters, new magic and more.

Kobold Press – Southlands Players Guide (for 5e D&D)
new backgrounds, subclasses, playable races, spells, magic and more – all set in a small book specifically for players.

Kobold Press – City of Cats (for 5e D&D)
three adventures set in the Southlands, NPCs, villains, new monsters, 5e character sheets for heroes of the city, gazetteer of the cities districts,  a poster map of the city and lots more.

Kobold Press – Deep Magic magic cards
7 different card decks with spells and information for the different classes spells.

Kosmos Games – The Crew : Mission Deep Sea expansion
cooperative 3-5 player game stand alone or expansion of this trick taking game. Includes a 2 player variant as well.

Kosmos Games – Adventure Games : The Grand Hotel Abaddon
a three chapter cooperative adventure (includes helper app)

Kosmos Games – Fangs : Humans vs Vampires vs Werewolves 
a 5-8 player party social deduction game. Try to identify the players and their faction, look out for secret weapons and ulterior motives and your ready to see who is who and what’s up with the folks around the table.

The Army Painter – Warpaints Air Starter Set
12 airbrush compatible paints and grey airbrush primer. Each color has a mixing ball pre-loaded and is ready to airbrush right out of the bottle.

Wyvern Gaming – Stargate SG-1 RPG
as a recruit in the Stargate Command your job is to proceed to a Phoenix Site and begin to train, explore and keep the Goa’uld System Lords away from humanity. There are multiple race, class and origin options, a special classeless leveling system, background on the Stargate Program is given as well. Your adventures will not always be  military actions, R&D, Exploration and other mission supplement the expected firefights. Uses a highly adapted version of 5th edition D&D is at the core of this RPG.   

Days of Wonder – Ticket to Ride Play Pink
A set of pink cars to use for Ticket To Ride. But more than just a new color of cars, for each set of Play Pink sold, $2 is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Fund. The set comes in a tin and includes 48 trains, 3 train stations and a scoring marker.

Looney Labs – Wonderland FLUXX
The game with the ever changing rules conquers Wonderland. 100 cards, rules and hours of fun.

Crystal Dagger Games – Crypt of Chaos
This game challenges you to search for treasure, avoid traps, deal with monsters and navigate obstacles in an attempt to escape with riches. Can be played solo, cooperative or in Chaos Mode. For 1 or 2 players, ages 8 and up. Plays in 30 to 60 minutes depending on players. 

Lookout Games – Patchwork : Halloween Edition
This 2 player game features easy to learn rules, quick play time and challenging game play this version has rebalanced patches and halloween themed art. 2 players, ages 8 and up. Plays in under 30 minutes.

Four Against Darkness – Four new expansions

Ravagers of Ruins –

Rules for ruined cities, monsters, custom beastfolks for levels 1+

Bone Cult of Tha’ar Tala

Any level adventure pack

Lost Temple of Qaarra

Temple dungeons for characters level 6+

Zealous Zouaves

Knight’s Orders, Mercenary companies, zero level character rules, 39 new traits and the Pixie class.   

WizKids – D&D Battle Mats

4 different mats, each are 3’x 5’ in size, full color art printed on cloth with a 1” grid overlaid on one side, a non-skid rubber backing on the other side. 

Ocean, Forest, Tundra and Grassland mats are available.

Wizkids/Pazio – Pathfinder Battles Bestiary Unleashed
new prepainted miniatures series full of Pathfinder monsters. Each booster has 4 figures, the set is 47 different figures. From Adult White Dragon, Cacodaemon, Ettins, Goblins and more.

Wizkids/Pazio – Pathfinder Battles – Treerazer
A huge figure, not unlike a green dragon wielding a weeping axe. Painted and based, ready to be pulled from the box and drop on the table.

Blue Orange Games – Cake Race
For ages 6 and up. Two to twelve players compete to bring their cakes from start to finish in this real relay race. Watch out for the candles, they want to fall off and ruin your cake. Navigate obstacles, keep the candles on your cake and be the first team to complete the race. Plays in about 10 minutes.

Sit Down! – Bad Bones
Hordes of skeletons have invaded your realm. Now you must drive them away. You can play alone, cooperatively, with basic or advanced rules. Play on your own board at the same time other players are working on their own. Set traps, deploy your hero or dragon and above all… survive. Designed for ages 8 and up. Plays in around hal an hour, longer with more players. 

Catalyst Game Labs – Shadowrun  : Sixth World Gamemaster’s Screen
a customizable screen with pockets to hold notes and inserts to modify what you (or the players) see. There are Reputation/Heat trackers built into the screen allowing easy tracking for the Runners. Includes rules sheet, 4 reference sheets, 8 double sided scene inserts and a sheet of stickers to make the screen what you need.

Catalyst Game Labs – Shadowrun : Core Rigger Book – Double Clutch
a host of rigger options, vehicles, drones, customization and building vehicles from the ground up. New edges, variants and lots more.

Evil Hat Productions – FATE Accessibility Toolkit
This book explores the real world and the game world and challenges faced by players in both. Included are ASL reference sheet for common RPG terms, a large print character sheet, safety rules for running an inviting and inclusive game as well as discussion on different disabilities, how they impact both the real world and how they would be portrayed in the game. 

Q-Workshop – Dice advent calendar
This 2021 Advent Calendar includes new random picked dice for each slot, a new color theme for the Santa Dice and a unique surprise die added to the set. Then last but not least there is a special metal die waiting for you in the last slot. 24 days of dice!

Army Painter – Skin Tones Paint Set
a set of 9 skin tones, 3 quickshade skin tones, 3 pigment toners to modify your colors, a bottle of mixing medium, 4 empty mixing bottles and 20 mixing balls. Includes an online tutorial on making your skin tones as well as the Army Painter painting and tool guide.

Goodman Games – Dungeon Crawl Classics Horror #7 – It Consumes!
This level 2 adventure sets the characters on a quest to find out why the flow of iron ore from the northern mines has ceased. Can you find out what has befallen the town?    

Goodman Games – DCC Lankhmar – the Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar
This boxed set includes a 68 page adventure book, 20 pages of players handouts in it’s own book, a 16 page player pack, 8 page judges pack, scoring sheets, luck tokens, rooftop chase tokens, chase map and a stand alone adventure ‘dicing with death’ for when the characters die. Can you survive this epic adventure? DO you dare try?

Brotherwise Games – Night of the Ninja
4 to 11 players attempt to defeat their rivals ninja house, once they determine who of the other players they are. This social deduction game uses espionage, trickery and assassination to reveal who a players opponents are. Plays in 15 to 30 minutes depending on number of players. Ages 12 and up.

Catalyst Game Labs – Battletech Initiative Deck
This deck adds situations unexpected to the game – a freak storm which inhibits line of sight, a surprise flanking maneuver or other challenge. Includes 2 Star Lord cards, 5 suits of thirteen cards each and rules.

Catalyst Game Labs – Map Pack : Desert 
Includes 6 double sided paper maps with badlands, aerobases, mines and more.

Draco Gaming – Eldritch Century, Chronicles of the Wounded Earth
A new sci-fi horror RPG where an alternate 1986 Earth where a horrid fog has enveloped Europe twisting the world past sanity. This two book set has a system book explaining the rules and how the changes impact the 5e core system. The second book details the world background, technologies, famous characters and more.

Forged Gaming – d20 keychain
metal d20  keychain made of solid metal. The d20 can be removed and used for gaming if you choose.

Forged Gaming – Deck of Many Things    
22 cards newly illustrated representing the original deck. Made from durable cardstock with  holographic colored edges. Want to draw from the Deck of Many Things in your game?  Don’t just roll dice to see what you get – use a quality game deck instead.

Steamforged Gaming – Godtear Styx, Lord of Hounds and Abyssal Hounds box
Includes 3 miniatures, Styx banner and profile cards.

Wizards of the Coast – Ghost of Saltmarsh Board Game Expansion
Take the heroes from any other Adventure System Boardgame and travel to Saltmarsh. There are new adventures, new maps tiles, spells and action await you. Designed for 2 to 5 cooperative players, taking about an hour to play each scenario. The game can be played solitaire as well.

Pokemon –
We’ve got Pokemon Celebration in stock.
Celebrations Collection Dark Sylveon, Celebrations Pin Set, Celebration Dragapult Prime, Rayquaza vs Noivern, Pokemon Celebrations Elite Trainer Box and Celebration Mini-tins are here. How long? we don’t know.

October first – new month, new items in store

Arcane Tinmen (Dragon Shields) – new Game of Thrones card sleeves
Each with color house sigil artwork  on the front and a slightly textured back to help shuffling. Each box includes 100 standard card game sized sleeves. House Stark, House Lannister, House Baratheon, House Targaryen and House Greyjoy are available.

Eagle Griffin – Fantastiqa : Rucksack Edition
This 2 to 4 player game (for ages 8 and up) is a deckbuilding game set in a land of dark forests, frozen wastes and mist shrouded highlands. Encounter strange creatures, fulfil quests and gain allies. Gain gems to purchase artifacts and gain mythical creature allies while you gain in power and prestige. Easy to learn but a unique challenge with each game. includes simplified rules for novice game players and children. Plays in about an hour.

Eagle/Griffin Games – Master’s Gallery
2 to 5 players  attempt to gain the most valuable art collection through card play and relative rankings. Designed for ages 10 and up. Plays in about 45 minutes.

Eagle/Griffin Games – Fleet the Dice Game
1 to 4 players attempt to create a fishing fleet and be the most successful. Takes about 30 minutes to play. Ages 8 and up. Includes special dice, rules, scorepads and bunches of sea faring fun.

Eagle/Griffin Games – Solitaire for Two
Includes six suit solitaire (for one player) and a 1,2 or 3 player Solitaire for Two.    

Blue Orange Games – Kingdomino Origins
2 to 4 players (ages 8 and up) play in the prehistoric era of Kingdomino. Play your dominos carefully to make a territory worthy of your tribe, start fires with lava and use the natural resources to your advantage. Plays in half an hour or less. Includes 3d huts, special boards, special boards, wood tokens and more.

Eagle/Griffin Games – Heir to the Pharaoh
This 2 player game where player vie for the affections and the throne of the Pharaoh as Bast and Anubis. Build pyramids, use animal magic, create temples and obelisks. Designed for players 10 and over. Games take under an hour.

Eagle/Gryphon Games – Fruit Passion
1 to 4 player  try to collect sets of fruit while stacking your cards. Don’t duplicate fruits within stacks, get the longest run and score. Includes player aids, rules and hours of fun.

Queen Games – Scrap Racer
2 to 6 players build racing vehicles out of the scraps in the yard and compete to see who can win the race. But watch out, scrap racers can fail at any time so clever tactics, the right amount of risk taking and a little bit of luck will be needed to get you to the finish line. Games take as little as 20 minutes on up to an hour depending on the number of players. For ages 8 and up.

Eagle/Griffin Games – Floating Market
2 to 5 players (ages 13 and up) try to nab fruit in the marketplace using unique mechanics in a new and different way. Each round you decide what fruit to try to get, use your abilities to influence the outcome and to navigate the buildings that dot the waterway. Plays in around 45 minutes.

Konami – Yu-Gi-Oh 2021 Tin of Ancient Battles
This tin has 3 mega-packs of 18 cards each with 1 prismatic secret rare, 2 ultra rares, 2 super rares, 1 rare and 12 common cards. Includes cards from Ignition Assault, Eternity Code, Rise of the Duelist and Phantom Rage as well as cards from the past and new cards never seen before.

Eagle/Griffin Games – Quatorze
a card game from Jason Tagmire which starts off with Seven 7s and adds 7 new cards types to it. Create 7 columns, add cards as you go and try to keep the highest value cards in your hand. But to add another wrinkle, some of the columns of cards will create abilities which change scoring, card play and other aspects of the game. for 2 to 4 players, ages 7 and up. Plays in around 20 minutes.

Eagle/Griffin – Dexikon
Spell words, score points. It’s that simple. Well, maybe not that simple. This Deck building game starts you with a small number of versatile letter cards which allows you to score and buy more letter cards to make more valuable words. Gaining more expensive letter cards gains you abilities that you can use later, like drawing extra cards, streamlining your deck or even punishing other players. Designed for 1 to 5 players, ages 8 and up. Plays in around 45 minutes.

Blue Orange Games – Bellum Magica
As an evil lord you’ve discovered the secret to power and riches. Recruit your horde of creatures, gather resources, explore the lands around you, attack your opponents and grab the treasure filled chests. Become the most powerful evil lord and dominate the world. For 2 to 5 players aged 10 and up. Plays in around half an hour.

Pazio Publishing Starfinder : Tech Revolution
New Nanocyte character class, titanic battle robots, customizible vehicles, dynamic hacking and demolitions, character options and a detailed dive into technological lore. 160+ pages of information, options, material and lore.   

Queen Games – Scrap Racer Expansion 1 
Parts and rules for 7th and 8th player, 3 new tracks and pit stops.

Eagle/Griffin Games – Cubist
a 2 to 4 player game where players attempt to create art installations in this dice stacking game. Create stacks that gain you pieces for your collection. Use strategy to place dice, push your luck to gain pieces before others and enlist the aid of masters of modern art to get a leg up on the competition. Ages 7 and up. Plays in half hour to an hour depending o players.

Gamegenic : Games Lair 600+
a new storage and game play system for your card and boardgames. Comes with a top that converts into a dice tray, storage areas for up to 800 sleeved boardgame cards, compartments for dice, tokens, notepads and more. Magnetic flaps cover the drawers and a number of dividers help with card organization. A revolutionary and innovative storage solution.

September 24th – new post-GenCon and early Fall releases.

Steve Jackson Games – Munchkin Kittens – a 30 card kitten themed expansion

CMON – The Zombicide RPG is out!
Core RPG book, Game Master kit and Mission Compendium is in store.

Star Wars X-Wing – new ships
BTA-NR2 Y-Wing : 2 Y-Wings, dials, token, cards, etc.
Fury of the First Order : 2 TIE Bombers, 1 TIE Whisper Interceptor, cards, dials, etc.

Carcass Crawler #1 – Old School Essentials ‘Zine #1
new races, classes, black powder firearms, thief skills & more for Old School Essentials RPG.

Modiphius Entertainment – Fallout III RPG
the 2d20 official Fallout 3 RPG is here. All the official setting information, equipment, creatures and more.

Alligator Alley Entertainment – Tales and Tomes from the Forbidden Library
a 1st through 3rd level introductory adventure for 5e D&D. Can you solve the disappearance of two prominent faculty members? Venture into the sealed wing of Hearthglow Academy and find out. 

Wizards of the Coast – The Wild Beyond the Witchlight
This adventure takes place in the Witchlight Carnival, a Feywild domain. Designed for 5e D&D and characters of 1-8 level you may well encounter many a thing not seen on the Prime Material Plane and things you may never see again… Currently we have both the standard and alternate brick & mortar store art covers available.  

Modiphius Entertainment – Five Parsecs from Home
a solo/cooperative sci-fi miniatures game 5PFH challenges you to assemble a rag tag crew and adventure on the fringe of the galaxy. Complete missions, gain experience and attempt to survive where others have not. Also adaptable to a game mastered ‘RPG-like’ campaign. Includes a 7 stage narrative introductory campaign.

Modiphius Entertainment – Call to Arms Chapter 2 Card Pack for Elder Scrolls miniature game
226 cards with new heroes, followers, upgrades, adversaries, quests, traps and more.

Mantic Games – new Terrain Crate release   
Two new sets :
Village Cafe : Chairs, tables, street lamps, signs and cafe equipment. 18 pieces.

Town Square : 68 pieces including street cafe, market square, general store and garden items

Wizards of the Coast – Dungeon Masters Screen : Dungeon Kit
double sided dry erase combat reference sheet and numbered grid map, 36 geomorphic dungeon layout cards, condition, initiative and other condition tracker cards and a  box to hold it all. 

Wargames Atlantic – Late Roman Legionaries : Lorica Hamata
24 multipart plastic figures with spatha, spear, plumbata as well as two types of standards and full command set. multiple crest and head options. 

Wargames Atlantic – Eisenkern Panzerjagers
20 mutlipart plastic figures with multiple head, weapon and accessory options. These armored troops are ready and willing to take on enemy armor.

Unstable Games – Wrong Party
a card drafting game of party planning with the fun of a weird guest list. Organize a raid, family reunion, costume party or other shindig with unexpected guests. 2 to 5 players ages 12 and up. Plays in 30 to 60 minutes depending on the number of players.      

RTalsorian/Vallejo/Monster Fight Club – Cyberpunk Red Paint Sets
“Combat Zone” set – 8 Vallejo colors and an exclusive ‘Nemo’ figure along with a step by step painting guide from Angel Giraldez

“Lawmen” set – 8 Vallejo colors ‘Sgt. Suou’ miniature and step by step Angel Giraldez instructions.

“Solo” set – Step by Step instructions from Angel Giralez, ‘Jonathan “Warlock” Powers’ miniature and 8 Vallejo colors.

Midnight Tower – The Prophecy of Nine Omens Trilogy  
Including the Brave Adventurers Guide this adventure arc challenges the players to heist the Orbstones from a secret location, transport them to a secret location and destroy them in order to stave off the annihilation of the world. Fell up to it? The world is depending on you. 160 pages of action, NPCs, source material and adventure. New magic, monsters and more.

Reaper Miniatures – new minis
Bones Black Wererats – Wererat Boss and 3 rats in a set

Bones Black Elemental Scions – four different large figures representing the elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Each are 65-75mm (2 ½ – 3”) tall not including the base.

Reapercon High Roller Pirate Captain

Bones Black giant sized Anthropomorphic anime style d20 Pirate. Hat, eye patch, cutlass and treasure chest. ready to paint or justb display on your desk.

ReaperCon Brinewind Battlemap
a 1” gridded poster map of a small town. Ready to put down and play on. This is a simple poster map so it is -not- designed to have dry, wet or other markers be erasable.

Compass Games – Indian Ocean Region
Using the same mechanics as South China Sea this game explores China’s “String of Pearls” ports across the Indian Ocean Region being used to assert naval control in the area. Attempt to fulfill your agendas goals as conflict becomes more and more possible  while various forces prepare for war at the end of it’s logistical chain.  Individual capital ships, pairs and triples of smaller vessels, squadrons of aircraft and battalions of ground troops are represented as basic units. Designed for 2 to 3 player, ages 14 and up. Scenarios range from 2 to 4 hours. 

Wizkids Pathfinder Battles – Prepainted miniatures
6 new miniatures ready for the tabletop
Female Elf Champion, Male Half-Orc Druid, Female Human Human Cleric, Female Human Bard, Female Half-Elf Swashbuckler and Male Gnome Sorcerer.

Drawlab – Microfiber Dice Bags
Standard  (4.7 x 5.9”) and XL (5.9 x 7.3”) dice bags with full color art. Fire Dragon, Monster Hunter, The Inn Brawl, Cthulhu the Destroyer and The Dwarf Miner.

Friday September 17th – new stuff, #popupgencon and more!

Fantasy Flight Games – Marvel Champions : Nebula Hero Pack
Nebula deck, 31 new hero cards to add to any deck, Gamora nemesis deck all in a single package.

Renegade Game Studios – Sabans’s Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid
Squat & Baboo character pack. Includes 2 miniatures, 16 monster enemy cards, deployment cards and rulesheet

Upper Deck – Legendary Annihilation
Annihilus, lord of the Negative Zone has declared war on anyone who crosses him. Can you and your band  of heroes stop him and his dark forces? This expansion includes 100 cards, 5 new Cosmic powered heroes, 2 Masterminds and Villain groups, a rule sheet and a whole lot of action.

Deep Print Games – Rorschach
4 to 10 players form two teams, pair ink blots with a word and attempt to have teammates guess the pairing. Plays in 15-30 minutes depending on players.

Czech Games Edition – Galaxy Trucker
Build a spaceship from sewer pipes, fly across the galaxy, dodge meteors, fight enemies, collect rewards and be the best galaxy trucker you can. For 2 to 4 players, ages 8 and up. Plays in about half an hour.

Goodman Games  – Tales from the Magician’s Skull #6
a collection of six Sword & Sorcery stories with a Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser story from Nathan Long along with five other tales, a profile of Fritz Leiber, DCC RPG information and more.

Goodman Games – Original Adventures Reincarnated #6 The Temple of Elemental Evil
Includes a fifth edition conversion of the classic module revisions as needed, new material encompassing the wilderness around Hommlet, the village of Nulb, Elemental Nodes and much more. Also included are scans of the first edition modules, extensive designer notes and hours of adventure.

Arcane Wonders – Furnace
2 to 4 players (ages 12 and up) take a role as a 19th century Industrialist trying to create production facilities, gain resources and create the most wealth. Easy to learn, hard to master. Includes multi-stage production chains, unique auction mechanics, historic artwork and challenges  for all the players. Takes 30-60 minutes based on players.

Renegade Games – Crimes & Capers : Lady Leona’s Last Wishes
4 tp 6 players work together to solve the mystery and locate Lady Leona’s treasure. Plays in around 90 minutes. Read the note, solve the puzzles and unlock the answers. Includes a host guide, character diaries, family trees, notes, clippings and more.

Renegade Games – Crimes & Capers : High School Hijinks
It’s 1998 and Romi’s been framed. The players take on the personas of different classmates trying to gather information to find out who framed their classmate and keep her from being expelled. 4 to 6 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in about 90 minutes

Folded Space – Wingspan Organizer
This set of dividers assembles easily and has everything you need to sort & store Wingspan, the European expansion and the Oceania expansion. With the organizer only 1 set of the 5 player boards will fit in the box, so you will either need to out the base game or Oceania player boards in a different container to store them.

Plan B Games – Equinox
On the Equinox mythical creatures gather to record the tale of three of their number in the Legendary Story Book. Players bid on a favored creature in a round and influence the rounds winners. Use special powers of the creature to stay in the running and try to have the your choice make it to the final three. For ages 8 and up. For 2 to 5 players. Takes around an hour to play depending on total number of players.

Osprey Games – Quarantine 37
a Stargrave supplement scenario set taking place on an abandoned space station. This solo adventure pack features six new soldiers types, new background and new powers as well as additions to the bestiary, technology and more.

Gale Force Nine – Drizzt and the Companions of the Hall
6 hard plastic multipart miniatures depicting Bruenor, Regis, Drizzt, Guenhwyvar, Wulfgar and Catti-Brie.

Renegade Game Studios – GraveWell second edition
This unique racing game is designed for 2 to 6 players to take advantage of their ship’s unique abilities to escape from deep space. Play movement cards that take your ship (and maybe others) and move them based on the closest source of gravity. Ages 10 and up. Plays in about 45 minutes.

Wyrd Games – Bayou Bash
a chaotic racing game for 2 to 4 players. Climb on board your mount, do the craziest tricks and impress the crowd while running the race. Tracks are customizable and the mounts, be it Rooster, Rabbit, Pig or Waldgeist have their own unique abilities. For ages 13 and up. Plays in under an hour.

Slugfest Games – Dungeon Decor
Decorate your client’s dungeon. Impress them. Close the deal. This tile drafting game challenges you to please the nefarious boss with the right combination of dungeon and decoration to give them the right atmosphere to evil in. Ages 10 and up. 2 to 4 players can complete a game in 40 to 80 minutes.        

Osprey Publishing
Combat Aircraft # 139 – Dornier Do217 Units of WW2
New Vanguard # 299 – Kurdish Armor Against ISIS 2014-2019
Campaign # 358 – The Balkans 1940-41 Mussolini’s blunder in the Greco-Italian War
Air Campaign # 23 – Holland 1940
Campaign # 367 – Finnish/Soviet Winter War 1939-40
Men at Arms # 241 – Armies of Julius Caesar 58-44BC
Campaign # 368 – Stalingrad 1942-43 vol 2

Kenzer & Company – Knights of the Dinner Table # 286       

Bones USA release, lots of RPG and boardgames, Frog God Games stuff and much more!

Worthington – Soviet Dawn : The Russian Civil War 1918-1921
This solitaire game challenges you to deal with several issues at once to save the Revolution and show the world your government is here to stay. Manage issues with the Czar, the Great War, the Whites and more. Designed for ages 14 and up. Plays in around an hour.

Worthington – Hidden Strike : American Revolution
recreate the struggle between the American colonists and the British forces during the War of Independence.  Five different ways to play ranging from solitaire to cooperative versus another player or against the game itself. This card driven game will have you allocating military forces in an attempt to get the right amount of force to the right place at the right time. Designed for ages 14 and up, playing to conclusion within a couple of hours.

Compass Games – NATO : The Cold War goes Hot.
This 2 to 4 player game pits NATO and Soviet forces in battle across Europe. This division/brigade level game has 4 different scenarios ranging from an introductory invasion of Denmark to full scale invasion from different starting points. Plays in 3 to 8 hours. Includes rules for airpower, artillery, airborne and air mobile units, chemical warfare and a great deal of tactical options. Features abstract air and naval forces and orders of battle for both 1983 and 1989.

Bandai – Digimon Card Game
In stock (for now) : Giga Green Starter Deck, Venomous Violet Starter Deck and the Machine Black Starter Deck    

Acheron Games – BranColonia – 5e Spaghetti Fantasy Setting
Based on Italian tradition, folklore, history, landscapes, pop culture and literature this campaign setting is full of pit falls and money-making opportunities. Create your band of Knaves, enlist in a free company, get some jobs and deliver a fist and knife buffet to those who have it coming. Includes 5 playable races, 12 subclasses, new backgrounds, talents, equipment and magic. There are secrest, threats, locations, and game hints as well as plenty of generation tables to create everything you need. New setting rules, revels, shoddy equipment, misdeeds and other narrative help add to the fun. 6 provided adventures set the kingdoms and 24 new monsters and antagonists help round out the book.

Acheron Games – Macaronicon – expansion for the Bran Colonia Setting
New Knaves options, new equipment, lots of source background material, new c creatures and adversaries, new jobs to obtain, four cities of the kingdom detailed and lots more.

Mongoose Publishing – Seas of Thieves
a narrative roleplaying game for 2 to 6 pirates. Based on the popular PC/Xbox game the focus is on quick action, immersive problem solving and roleplaying fun. The box set features a players book to help teach you the Avast System and get you ready to sail, a Gamemaster book with advice, enemies and a Quest Generation system along with the lore of the seas and a premade campaign that allows you to set out on your travels right quick. Also provided are 18 Legendary Dice, supply tokens, personality cards as well as Weapon and Quest cards to track events as they unfold.

Ludonaute – Star Clicker
a family cooperative game where you work together to run a starship searching for the 8 enemy jammers. Destroy them and save the planet. Includes 4 modes of play to vary the difficulty and game play for lots of replayability. Includes board, tiles, tokens, player dashboards and hours of fun for everyone.

Catalyst Game Labs – Shadowrun : Assassins Night
a campaign module for Shadowrun : Sixth World. Code words are spoken, a plan is set in motion. Something’s about to go down in Barcelona. Someone is marked for death. Who? Why? Who is doing the deed? Get involved in the intrigue, action and a plot that might shake the world.

Steve Jackson Games – Best of Autoduel Quarterly Volume 1
The best articles, scenarios and background pulled from the first 4 issues and printed in a single book.

Q-Workshop – My Very First Set
a polyhedral set designed for the young gamer. Soft colors and friendly icons make this a set evocative of fairy tales, lullabies and fun.   

Necrotic Gnome – Old School Essentials Advance Fantasy Reference Book
a handy booklet with game procedures, encounter tables, PC related tables, downtime and equipment tables and more. A quick reference booklet to speed your game along.

Plastic Soldier Company – Blitzkrieg! Combined Edition
A fast playing game allowing you to refight World War 2 in under half an hour. Simple rules guide you through allocation of resources causing a tug-of-war across the board to decide different campaigns. Finish campaigns, gain war points and gain further resources and special weapons to aid you in your quest to dominate the world. Included in the game is the Nippon Expansion which adds new challenges to the game, what if scenarios Godzilla and an alternate 1946 universe. Designed for 2 players, ages 14 ages up. Also includes a solo module to allow for single player fun.

Modiphius – Star Trek Adventures Klingon Empire Gamemaster Toolkit
Includes a 4 panel GM screen packed with system reference tables, stunning starship art, 6 double sided reference sheets, a stand alone adventure to use as a one-shot or as part of a campaign and an A2 sized map of Klingon Space with the Alpha and Beta Quadrants on the reverse annotated from a Klingon viewpoint.

Modiphius Entertainment – Elder Scrolls : Flame Atronachs
3 resin miniatures with bases for Elder scrolls.

Modiphius Entertainment – Fallout Wasteland Warfare : NCR Ranger Patrol
Includes 5 models, 1 civilian ranger, 1st recon sniper, veteran ranger and 2 troopers and 30mm bases.

Modiphius Entertainment – Fallout Wasteland Warfare : Super Mutants Tabitha and Raul – 2 miniatures and bases for the faction.

Kromlech Miniatures – New Dwarven Structures
We just received a number of structures, each building is laser cut MDF, designed to be glued together and painted for your tabletop. ranging from a simple wood dwelling to a noble’s house, ancestral monument, watchtowers, inn, smithery, walls and more.  

Reaper Miniatures – Bones USA
The first installment of Bones USA miniatures have made it in. Bones USA is a very stiff plastic blend made to give a little to avoid damage but not bend under casual handling. The ultimate material for plastic miniatures.
This release consists of :
Fillyjonk, Hellborn Rogue, Krampus, Orc Marauder, Mangu Timur Evil Warlord, Ingrid female gnome, Skeletal Archer 3 pack, Hajad pirate with chest, Anririon elf wizard, Hackle Blackhook the Gnoll Pirate, Reapercon Pirate Mouslings, Captain Blackscale the Dragonfolk pirate, Gisele the Sorceress, Hawthorne Krabbe and his poppets, Zombie Pirate 3 pack, Captain Barty Redd possessed pirate, Drunken Mermaid statue, Skipper & Scuttle (a pirate boy & his dog), Tub the Dwarf Baker, Champion of Maersuluth (possessed antipaladin), Build a pirate multipack (3 figures), Stumpy Dan McGinty & Grog Hog (cook and his pig), Chop & Grub the Halfling Cooks, Nub the Dwarf Sausage Maker and the Dread Raft (zombie shark and floatasm raft)

 Frog God Games – we’ve got lots of their merchandise in stock now too.
Looking for Old School Rules designed to bring the feel of the games of yore to your table today. The rules are pretty close to the original D&D rules with revision and rewording so it becomes a straightforward rule set capturing the original feel of the game from 1977-78.

In stock now are a hardback single book ruleset for Swords & Wizardry with everything you need to start exploring the old school rules ideals.

There is also a new Swords & Wizardry Boxed Set with separate Player and Referee books, a monster manual and a book of spells and magic as well as a bookmark, a pad of character sheets and a handy box to store it in, adorned with interesting artwork.

The Swords & Wizardry Accessory Pack comes with a Referee Screen, a book of MOAR Monsters with some previously published and some new creatures as well as the Baron’s Gambit, an introductory adventure for starting characters.

We also have a number of setting books and adventure books too.

TurboDork Paint
We got a restock in store!
Almost the full range is in stock again. Get it while you can!

New items, restocks and fun!

We just got a restock of Old School Essentials, Barbarica 15mm fantasy minis and a whole lotta new stuff in store. Come on in!

Pazio – Spoken on the Song Wind
Second in the Strength of Thousands adventure arc, this adventure takes the party through Academy business. Can you deal with vengeful alchemists, crime bosses, intrigue and the unknown while you try to graduate? Designed for 4th through 7th level characters.

Mongoose Publishing – Traveller : Sword Worlds 
All the background you need to know about this area of space, the Confederation, colonies beyond known space, their culture and much more. 170+ pages of material, new equipment, spacecraft, a new subsector and much more.

Kosmos – Lost Cities Roll & Write
This 2 to 5 player game (ages 8 and up) is a fast paced expedition into the jungle, searching for results to increase the score of your expedition. Venture as far as you dare and try to outscore your opponents. Plays within a half hour. Comes with special dice, score sheets and rules.

Archona Games – Small Railroad Empires
This 1 to 4 player game challenges you to expand your rail network, connect cities and factories to deliver goods. Get that done, earn achievements and try to be the best. Designed for ages 13 and up. plays in under an hour, under half an hour with less players. 

UltraPro – Bag of Holding
Need a place for your dice, tokens or other game accessories?
Here is your ultimate prize – the Bag of Holding. Has a heavy duty zipper to secure your stuff, a carabiner to attach to your belt, bag, purse or what-have-you and a stylish look to blend with your wardrobe.

Pazio – Pathfinder 2e Secrets of Magic
Over 200 new spells for spellcasters and the Magus and Summoner classes. Also included in the over 250 pages are new magic items, magical lore, Elementalism, geomancy, shadow and rune magic, pervasive magic that effects the world and ever so much more. Comes in harbound, leatherbound and digest sized softback versions.

Legendary Games – The Dragon’s Hoard #2
This supplement for 5e D&D includes 23 magic items, 4 new monsters and 11 spells presented from the Legendary games Patreon for your use here. The interior is illustrated in full color and comes with all the information you need to unleash the additions on your players.

Kobold Press – Scarlet Citadel 
This 5e D&D adventure provides 10 levels of a despoiled fortress with new challenges for players ranging from insidious traps, mystical mysteries, the town of Red Tower and unexpected monsters. Over 200 full color pages and a pull out map of Red Tower. 

Smirk & Dagger Games – The Night Cage
1 to 5 players work together in this horror themed tile placement game to explore and escape a maze. Collect a key, find a gate and try to get the group out. The maze is rather insidious as sections not lit by your weak candlelight will fade to darkness and possibly change, requiring strategic planning by all players involved.

Troll Lord Games – The Starship Warden
This 600+ page book details the Starship Warden – a generation ship designed to take over a million people to the stars and far planets. But radiation, madness, mutations, malfunctions and other unforeseen circumstances have conspired to cause the inhabitants to need to fend for themselves. This sourcebook lays out the Warden, it’s background and some of it’s background. Compatible with Amazing Adventures and Starseige rules this sets you on the path of a future unknown to man…

Columbia Games – Kaldor Kingdom book
This hardbound book is the setting for a feudal kingdom founded over 500 years ago. Full background of the kingdom is given, maps of the area around the kingdom, of the kingdoms lands, of the different cities and buildings are given. The background of religious and political forces are provided, social customs and the law is explored and the kingdom’s capital Tashal is detailed as well. There are tons of information provided with scads of color illustration and notes.

Corvus Belli – Operation Crimson Stone
Latest of the battlepacks have been released featuring Nomad and Ariadna are provided, 20 miniatures, terrain, introductory and tutorial missions, dice, rulers, templates and more.

Dan Verssen Games – Soldiers in Postmen’s Uniforms
Defense of the Polish Post Office in Danzig in WW2. This skirmish solitaire game puts you in charge of the Polish defenders attempting the repulse the nazi attackers at the start of hostilies in 1939. Plays in about an hour. Moderate complexity.

Indie Board & Card – Crack the Code
a limited communication cooperative puzzle game. 1 to 4 players work to crack the code by working together to maneuver marbles between players trays to create the sequence required – all with only seeing other players trays, but not your own. Plays in about half an hour. Designed for ages 14 and up.

Indie Board & Cards – Quest
4 to 10 players secretly are aligned to Good or Evil and attempt to debate, reason and even deceive the others to send players on a Quests. Arthurs people must beware that no followers of Mordred are sent as that guarantees the failure of the endeavor. There are 18 different roles and this new way to play The Resistance : Avalon! creates a fast paced game for a bunch of folks. Designed for ages 14 and up. Plays in about half an hour.

Post Auction releases and restocks

Several companies decided to release a few things to make your weekend an interesting gaming time…

Necrotic Gnome – Halls of the Blood King (OSE scenario)
With the rising of the Blood Moon the abode of the Blood King returns. Can you stop the lord of vampires from taking the blood he feels he is owed? Will you find gold and glory or eternal torment in the Halls of the Blood King? A fantasy horror adventure for characters of levels 3-5.

Necrotic Gnome – The Isle of the Plangent Mage
Can you and your party explore the Undertower, solve puzzles, find the treasures of the Mage and return to tell the tale? An adventure where magic and sound are intertwined and dark things lurk behind portals unknown. An adventure set for levels 3-5

Necrotic Gnome – The Incandescent Grottoes
This 1st and 2nd level adventure follows a stream that bubbles into the earth leading to underground watercourses, grottos, odd flora, ruins and much more.

RTalsorian Games – The Witcher Book of Tales
6 adventures for the Witcher RPG. deal with a murder mystery in thw heart of Mount Carbon, fight in the Claremont arena, investigate the Alderwood. Expand your game with new weapons, spells and new playable races. Take a trip across the continent by connecting all the adventures into a country hopping trek.

Cubicle Seven – Power Behind the Throne : Part 3 of the Enemy Within Campaign
This revised and updated version of the Enemy Within campaign picks up where Death on the Reik leaves off. Walk the halls of power in Middenheim and deal with a rising of evil as the city’s carnival begins. Can you stop Chaos from gaining the throne? This “director’s cut” includes clever suggestions, a smattering of dark humor and insightful commentary about running the campaign.

Reaper Miniatures – new Dark Heaven metal miniatures
Catfolk Ranger (armed with box & sword)
Catfolk Rogue (armed with a sword & carrying a sack)
Catfolk Warrior (in heavy armor with a 2 handed axe)
Catfolk Paladin (in heavy armor and shield with a sword)
Catfolk Mage (in robes with a staff)

Atomic Mass Games – new Marvel Crisis Protocol miniatures
Mysterio and Carnage – includes 2 miniatures, stat cards, team tactics cards & tokens

Atomic Mass Games – Amazing Spiderman and Black Cat
a pair and crime fighters, miniatures, character cards, team tactic cards and tokens.

Stronghold Games – Captains of the Gulf
1 to 4 players attempt to run their shrimp boats, sell their hauls, out fish, out maneuver and out plan their opponents to become the greatest captains of the Gulf. Designed for ages 14 and up. Plays in about an hour. includes game cards, wooden boats and other tokens, bunches of tiles and much more.

Pentree Games – On the Rocks
1 to 4 players compete in this marble drafting cocktail recipe fulfilment game. In this competitive bartending game you choose 3 or 4 cocktails to prepare and serve. The mixologist with the most sales and tips after last call wins. Takes about an hour to play.

Fantasy Flight Games – Arkham Horror Card Game Return to the Circle Undone
Includes all new player cards, new scenario cards designed to add new challenges, a premium storage box and a new deck of tarot cards that can be used to enhance any scenario or campaign. Includes new rules and dividers as well.

Z-Man Games – Pandemic Hot Zone Europea
new cooperative game designed for 2 to 4 players ages 8 and up. Plays in about half an hour. Work together with the other players to isolate and research the disease, discover the cure and save humanity. Plays in around half an hour.

Scale75 – a general restock has made it in of all the different lines as well as the new Essentials Sets to get you on your feet and ready to go with a selection of useful colors.

WizKids – Snowbound!Set
includes a Frost Giant and Mammoth, the Archdevil Geyron and boosters with prepainted miniatures ranging from parka clad goblins to polar bear pulled catapults.

Friday per-auction releases

So here we are, hours away from the RolePlaying Games Auction and a few new releases have made their way into the store. Come on in to get your copies before they fly out the door.

UltraPro Entertainment – Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth
2 to 4 player game where players create their own fellowship and attempt to stave off the hordes of darkness to save Middle Earth. Plays in about 30 minutes. Ages 8 and up.

Dobble Games – Spot It!
These game require quick pattern recognition to locate the common icon between two cards. Spot it first to win the hand. Pixar and Marvel theme games are in stock now. Designed for 2 to 8 players, taking about 15 minutes to play.

UltraPro Entertainment – Splitz a card game
Bid against other players to collect cards from a common center row. Use strategies to split the row and score the beast in this clever trick taking card game. 2 to 4 players, ages 7 and up. Plays in about 20 minutes or so.

Jjackd Games – Revelations
an adult party game of situations and reactions. In this cooperative games you choose a situation and the players choose an emotion to react with. Keep tabs on your empathy to others reactions, having the highest to win. For ages 17 and up, 2 to 8 players, takes about 30 minutes.

Kolossal Games – Ruination
This 2 to 4 player boardgame is an area control and civilization game set in post apocalyptic Eurasia. Gather resources, bolster your armies and march across the Wastelands. Takes 1 to 2 hours to play, ages 14 and up. Includes detailed plastic miniatures, board, custom dice and more.

Paradigm Concepts – Arcanis 5e : Codex of Adventures Volume 1
6 adventures set in the Arcanis universe, but designed for the D&D 5e ruleset. Unearth a lost tomb, trail a thief, search for kidnapped people, save the kingdom and more. For parties of almost all levels.

Catalyst Game Labs -ilClan
Return to Terra and conquer itr in honorable combat. Become the ilClan. This sourcebook includes tactical maps, Chaos Campaign tracks, new ‘Mechs from the Battle of Terra and more. 150+ pages and lots of new Mechs.

Free League – Alien RPG : Colonial Marine Operations Manual
A complete campaign module for the Aliens RPG. Includes a complete history of the USCMC, expanded character generation, weapons, six scenarios and a showdown, explanation of the different factions and more. 340+ pages of information.

Free League Symbaroum : The Haunted Waste
Fifth episode in the Chronicle of Throne of Thorns. Find out about the Ambrian Civil War, visit the Twisted south of the Titans, find tables of curiosities, treasures and artifacts. Contains maps of Alberetor and Lysastra, bunches of descriptions and  scads of information. 170+ pages of stuff.

Free League – Symbaroum Adventure Collection
The Copper Crown and other adventures. Six full length adventures, mystical artifacts, an introduction to the young gods, the settlements of Kastor, Ravena and Prios Pass. Over 20 pages of adventure for almost all experience levels.  

Thursday pre-auction releases

Here we are, Thursday night going into our Wargame Auction and full weekend of sales, jokes and fun. Since we don’t know if the chance to get an update done before everything goes into full swing – here we go.

Leder Games – Oath : Chronicles of Empire & Exile
1 to 6 player game (for ages 10 and up) where you take the role of Chancellor, Exile or Citizen in an attempt to shape the future of your kingdom. Includes a card based setup with quickstart rules to start playing almost right out of the box. With hundreds of cards and a game whose progress is affected by it’s past it will always be a new, changing world. Plays from under an hour to 3 hours depending on players.

Smirk & Dagger games – Cindr
a push your luck dice game of fantasy fun. Try to be as compatible as possible to try to score. Get burned three times and you are out. Will you be the first to find fulfillment?

Archon Studio – Starfinder Space Goblin Warband
6 Space Goblin miniatures (unpainted) form your Starfinder game. various armaments and poses.

Portal Games – Stronghold : Undead
This standalone game pits the defenders of Pearl Keep against the hordes of Undead in a battle for control. Designed for ages 14 and up this 2 player asymmetric game challenges you to make the most of your force in the coming battle. Plays in about 90 minutes.

Nerd Burger Games – Good Strong Hands
a fantasy RPG where fantastical creatures and their human allies work to save their world from the faceless malevolent Void. Can you resist the Void’s corruption and keep the world a better place? 140+ hardbound pages with color illustrations. Everything you need to generate characters, play in the game and define your world.

Dungeons & Lazers – Animal Companion Set
24 plastic (28mm) minis  ranging from mimics to dogs, owls, cats, birds and others

Dungeons & Lazers – Freyr the Stormbreaker
a 6” tall plastic dragon in flight (on a 2” round base) .

Dungeons & Lazers – Durkar the Sovereign Serpent
Over 6” tall plastic dragon rearing in flight poised over his treasure hoard. Includes a 50mm round scenic base. 

Dungeons & Lazers – Sci-Fi Customization Bits
64 computers, lamps, security cameras, turrets, mines, supply crates, med chambers and more. 28mm plastic scenic accessories to make your projects even cooler.

Spellcaster #6 –
The Frostgrave Magazine’s Double Sized Issue. 18 new scenarios for Frostgrave, new beasts, variant rules to have a Greek themed solo game and more.

Rangers of the Shadowdeep Adventure Compendium #1
The first four adventure supplements (Blood Moon, Temple of Madness, Ghost Stone and Incinerator) all bound into a single volume, updated for 2nd edition. Both hardbound and soft bound editions available.

A bunch o’ new stuff is here!

Pazio Publishing – new releases
Starfinder : Fly Free or Die Pawn Collection – more than 100 full color, hard card pawns representing small, medium, large and huge creatures as well as starships featured in the Fly Free or Die Adventure Path.

Starfinder : Forest Moon Flip Mat – a 24 x 30 laminated mat that features full color artwork of a moon made entirely of green trees.  One side is a winding path through a green space, the other an exotic alien wood with pathways and streams.

Starfinder Adventure : Junkers Delight – a Starfinder Adventure designed to start 1st level characters and beginning game master to help get a campaign off the ground. Includes a gazetteer of the Khefak Depot, a toolbox with new creatures and rules for many unique things.

Pathfinder 2e : Strength of Thousands Adventure Path – Kindled Magic
first adventure in a six segment story arc, the players begin in the Magaambya School of Magic and must investigate supernatural occurrences in the ancient buildings of the school.

Pathfinder Flipmat : Bigger Island – a 27 x 39 mat with a tropical island on one side and a rocky island on the other. Laminated to allow almost any markers to be used (and removed) without damage.

Cubicle Seven – Souldbound : Champions of Order
Warhammer Age of Sigmar RPG sourcebook with new archetypes, new talents, new spells and faction – the Lumineth Realm-Lords, Aeleves from the Realm of Light. Over 125 pages of information.

Chaosium – Runequest : Red Book of Magic
over 500 rune spells, ritual, spirit magic spells, most published here for the first time. New creatures, Rune metals, illusion and magical plants, rules for creating Rune Spells and much more.

Onyx Path Publishing – Scion 2nd edition Game Master Screen

Mongoose Publishing – Traveller : Shadows of Sindal
A three part campaign set against the background of Pirates of Drinax. Can you find and recover the treasures of the Empires of Sindal?  120 full color hardbound pages of action and adventure.

Calliope Games – Allegory
A bidding game of Lore and Hidden Strategies for 2 to 6 players. Designed for ages 8 and up. Plays in 30 to 60 minutes depending on the number of players.

Osprey Games – Sigil and Shadow
Ghost, Vampires, boogeymen, the monster in your closet… They are all real and lurking in the shadows. Myth, Magic and Urban Legend collide in the roleplaying game where players investigate and fight back against the supernatural that threatens our bit of reality. A complete game with GM tips, ideas on campaign settings, alternate rule ideas and more. 200+ pages of hardbound horror.  

Winsome Games – Iberian Gauge
a 3 to 5 player game where you invest in rail lines, manage their operations and attempt to have the most profitable company. Plays in around and hour. Ages 12 and up.

GMT Games – SpaceCorp Ventures : An expansion for SpaceCorp 2025-2300AD
Explore and develop the solar system with this expansion. Includes 14 different HQ boards, 10 of which can be used for solitaire play with advanced HQ against the AI. There are general enhancements included as well, compatible with the base Spacecorp game. New unique abilities, new contracts, alternate scoring and new play modes abound to add to your game experience.

Osprey Publishing – Oathmark : Bane of Kings
This su[plement adds Kingdom Events that affects a players realm, new formations, abilities and bonuses. There are also new rules for mystical units, chariots, new spells, abilities, unique territories and other goodness. 80 pages of Oathmark material.

Reaper Miniatures – new Bones Black miniatures
Rune Wights : Thane and Jarl, Wight Hunters, Wight Warriors blisters
Dragonfolk : Bard & Thief, Wizard & Cleric, Fighter & Ranger blisters

Steve Jackson Games – new d6 sets
Skull Dice (skulls for 1s) , Dragon Dice (dragon heads for 1s), Hex d6s and Candy Heart Dice (heart shaped pips) – all in stock.

Monster Fight Club – Cyberpunk Red miniature sets
Wall Crawlers (3 crab drones and a Netrunner)
Edgerunners E (Exec, Tech and Lawman Investigator)

CMKY Games – Monikers : a dumb party game  that respects your intelligence.
Three rounds of guessing the name on the card. First round, say what you want. Second round, only one word clues, third round, just charades. Designed for ages 17 and up, plays with 4 or more players. Game takes from 30 minutes to an hour.

CMYK Games – Monikers expansions
Classics”, “More Monikers” and “Monikers : Serious Nonsense”  – Each expansion adds 330 cards to add to your game.

All sorts of new tufts, paints, inks, texture rollers, photoetched bits and more. Even portable rechargeable airbrush compressors and magnifiers re here!

New it’s gonna be a heatwave! releases

So, it’s true, Next week is going to be hot & humid. So if you want to get something to read, play, paint or what have you…. hurry on while it’s cool.

Exploding Kittens – Exploding Minions
The Minions have invaded the Exploding Kittens Universe. Now the little yellow guys are trying their hand. There are new card types and magical banana-dogs inn this new version of the game.

Exploding Kittens – A Little Wordy
a new 2 player card game that pits players (ages 10 and up) in a game to guess the opponents secret word using special clue cards. It’s not about having a huge vocabulary, it’s about making clever choices.. Plays in about 15 minutes.

Osprey Publishing – Jackals : The Fall of the Children of Bronze
a grand campaign for the Jackals RPG featuring 14 adventures spanning 9 years. Explore the myths and legends of the War Road, from Ameena in the North to Sentem in the south. 230+ pages in hardbound full color.

Planet X Games – Glimmering Crypt of the Ioun King
This 5e game is designed for 5th through 7th level characters. Rumor of a glittering gem-laden tomb deep beneath the surface. Will you risk the dangers of the underground in an attempt to bring back riches beyond your dreams?

Upper Deck – VS System : Thunderbolts
this last installment of the Civil War story arc put the Thunderbolts into play. Former villains who are now a tool for good. Or so it seems. Add this reformed team to your deck to mete out some justice.

Exalted Funeral Games – Pacts & Blades
A sword & witchcraft RPG for shirt campaigns and quick sessions. This Moorcockian Fantasy RPG gives you the bare bones to put together characters, play some games and enjoy a system light roleplaying experience.

Games Omnivorous – Bring Me Her Bones
a system agnostic book with short adventure hooks, tables and maps.

Justin Sirois – Party Backstory Generator
A collaborative backstory/one-shot/off-night builder for your role playing group. Compatible with any RPG system the book uses story elements to string together the information. Also included are random map segments, character worksheets and useful forms and ideas.

Games Omnivorous – 17th Century Minimalist
A historical, low fantasy OSR (old school rules) rulebook. Set in 17th Century Europe you play down and out persons making their way across Europe in hopes of coin and glory. No magic, flintlocks, fast, deadly combat and simple rules combine for a unique experience. Also includes a mini adventure folder to get you started.

Psychoda Press – Forgotten Rites of the Moldering Dead (DCC compatible)
This book adds a bunch of tables to liven up undead in your RPG, necromancy spellbooks, new spells, the Undead Hunter class, a hex-crawl adventure and more. 90+ pages of information.

Onyx Path Publishing – Cults of the Blood God (Vampire sourcebook)
in depth breakdown of faith & vampire culture. a host of religions and conspiracies, story hooks, ecclesiastical horror and the game, a full chronicle based on the Hecca, a vampire faith group and more. Well over 250 pages of information and adventure.

Early August releases!

AAW Games – Survivalist Guide to Spelunking
A200+ page book filled to the brim with information on the underground, exploring, surviving and thriving in the depths. Learn about cave types, climbing, equipment, mining, foraging and hunting in the undergrounds, hazards, light, rules for breathing in the flooded caves and spore choked passages, the Lightless Abyss and more. A plethora of information for 5e D&D.

Pegasus Speil – Dice Flick
2 to 4 players attempt to flick their dice into proximity of each other to score points. Can you group your dice while keeping the other players from doing the same? Ages 8 and up. Plays in under a half hour or even 15 minutes depending on players. 

Iello – Sticky Cthulhu
2 to 6 players try to capture creatures with their sticky tentacles while avoiding the horrible investigators that may foil their plan. Ages 6 and up. Comes with sticky tentacle slappers, cardboard tokens and character cards along with special dice and rules. Plays in about 15 minutes.

Game Land – Coffee Traders
3 to 5 players try to discover new coffee blends by developing regions for bean production, trading networks and careful production. Designed for ages 12 and up. Plays in about 2 hours. Comes with wooden game pieces, metal coins, player boards, plastic coffee beans, score pads, rulebook and a special 2 player variant.

Chaosium Games – Scritch Scratch
a modern Call of Cthulhu scenario for 2 to 6 players. Can you determine what lurks in the gloomy woodlands beyond a quiet English village? Why have strange happenings begun now that the rat catcher of the village is no longer pursuing his craft? Who can find the answers? Includes a full adventure, six pregenerated characters, player handouts and more.

Stronghold Games – Profiteers
It’s 1861 and the US is wracked by Civil War. Your goal as a British arms manufacturer is to supply troops and munitions, speculate on bonds and influence the outcome to make the most money you can. This is not a historical simulation, so if you are looking for strategic and tactical military aspects, they are not here. For 3 to 5 players ages 14 and up. Plays in around half an hour.

25th Century Games – Tutankamun
2 to 6 players gather artifacts, relics and golden statues as they travel to Tutankamun’s funeral in an attempt to offer the most valuable items to the pharaoh for his trip to the afterlife. Designed for ages 8 and up. Plays in 15 to 30 minutes.

Renegade Games – Subastral
as researchers you collect cards that represent notes on the different biomes : Subtropical desert, savanna, tropical rainforest, chaparral, temperate grassland, temperate forest, taiga and arctic tundra. Can your notes lead you to be foremost of your peers in knowledge of the areas? For ages 10 and up. Designed for 2 to 5 players, plays in about 15 to 30 minutes.

Tuesday Night Fiend Club – Destination Space : A Starcrawl Bundle
Compatible with Mutant Crawl Classics and Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG systems. Includes the StarCrawl RPG system, a 0 level adventure, 3 different independent adventures (for 2nd, 3rd and 4th levels) and rules for cybernetic enhancements, new classes and templates, starship combat rules, sci-fi weaponry and more.

Inferno Road : Plague Edition –
Mad Max meets the final days, hell on earth and more mutants in a single module/rpg setting. For mature RPG players.

Hobonomicon Magazine –
Comics, DCC compatible material and more in a mature readers magazine.

Sarissa – Stargrave Template Pack
A set of color printed MDF tokens & templates to help with your Stargrave gameplay

Miniature Wargames # 460
Enter the Circle : Elder Scrolls, Custom Dwarf Cavalry scratchbuild article, Dunboy Castle : The Irish Alamo, Rebels & Patriots scenario, Dystopian Wars, reviews, terrain building, painting highlights and more

It’s been a chaotic and eventful week. But that doesn’t matter now. It’s the weekend and we’ve got new items out on the shelves for you!