New items in store – week of April 9th

Gale Force Nine – new World of Tanks tanks & terrain
WOT-15 – Panzer III J (Germany)
WOT-18 – Sherman VC Firefly (UK)
WOT-16 – M-10 Wolverine (US)
BB-247 – Battlefield in a Box : Soviet Official’s House
Prepainted and ready to play with lift off roof.

Wizkids – Icon of the Realms Goblin Warband
6 prepainted Goblins, ready to be pulled out of the package and put on the tabletop.

Peterson Games – 2 Minute Dino Deal
A 2-5 player (ages 8 and up) where you take your ‘time scoop’ to grab dinosaurs to sell in then present. As time passes each dino becomes more valuable – but don’t wait too long to sell or your opponents may ‘steal’ your deal. Takes about 2 minutes to learn and 2 minutes to play a hand.

GMT Games – two new wargames
Bayonets & Tomahawks : French & Indian War
This game recreates all facets of the war, army maneuvering, diplomacy, raids, battle construction, naval operations and more. Cards create events and help decide actions with hand management building on ideas from prior games to make the game accessible and fast paced. A special battle system presents challenges and rewards planning. Capture key areas and raid the enemy to win. Low complexity, scenarios start at a couple of hours.
Command and Colors : Samurai Battles
Latest of the Command and Colors games, this version has 40 scenarios taking you to the Samurai Era of Japan. Manage your cards to command your army, use Honor & Fortune tokens to earn Dragon Cards which allow you change the course of battle by bending rules. Be mindful of your tactics and lead your forces to victory.

EN Publishing – Allies and Adversaries
A new 5th edition supplement with ready to play NPCs for 5e D&D as well as new monsters and tips on the NPCs personality and use in game.

Pazio Publishing – Starfinder : Crash and Burn
(pt 5 of the Fly Free or Die adventure path)A 9th level adventure continuing the storyline, 2 side jobs, a short adventure, a look at the biggest corporations of the galaxy, unions, alien creatures and a junk starship and the planet Hawanna – detailed, mapped and ready to go.

Pazio Publishing – Starfinder Flipmat – Solar Temple
A double sided, specially laminated flip mat a futuristic cloister on one side and a solarian hermitage on the other. 24 x 30 and in full color.

Pazio Publishing – Pathfinder Eyes of Empty Death
final chapter of the Abomination Vaults This 8th to 10th level adventure puts the characters in position to deal with sinister Outer Gods, drow and other fiends in an attempt to defeat an undead sorcerer whose goal is to awake an ancient evil.

Pazio Publishing – Pathfinder Bestiary 3
Over 300 creatures, foes and constructs. Clockwork creations, flumphs, dragons, titans and more menaces from Golarion. Each is fully illustrated, has full write ups and information making them ready to play. Bestiary 3 limited edition (in red leather and foil) and Pocket edition of Bestiary 3 are available too!

Petersen Games – Yig Snake Granddaddy
Designed for Fifth Edition Fantasy this four act campaign puts the character marooned in a primeval wilderness, hunted by an evil serpent wizard and fighting for their life. This Lovecraftian 5th edition game creates a setting unlike a normal fantasy game. The campaign is in four different books :
Land Out of Time, Against the Serpentfolk, the Prehistory War and the Ancient Ages Again. Each book is in full color, hardbound and has all the information you need to run the scenarios.

Petersen Games – Dark Worlds : Cthulhu Mythos Saga #3
After being unwittingly teleported across the universe to the world of Yuggoth you have an unknown amount of time before the magic that keeps you alive in this sinister realm fades. Can you track down the foul wizard that did this and return to your proper time and space? This adventure is in three acts, each with it’s own full color hardbound book. Designed for 5e D&D this has all the information on monsters, NPCs, madness and more. The three books are :The Ritual, Nithon and The Zepzeg Cycle.

Petersen Games – Unlocking Insanity
2 to 5 players take on the role of aspiring cultists trying to join the cult of Chtuhlu. Can you avoid madness and prove you belong in the company of others who adore the Great Old One? This dice game comes with game sheets, dice, pencils, cards and rules. Takes about half an hour to play.

Mantic Games – Armada : Empire of Dust
The Starter and Booster Fleets have arrived!

Z-Man Games – Cryo
Your colony ship has been sabotaged. Now in the aftermath of the crash on an ice planet you must gather your crew, scavenge what you can and get to shelter before the temperature drops. This worker placement game challenges you to time your actions carefully and create a habitat before it’s too late. For 2 to 4 players ages 13 and up. Takes and hour to two depending on number of players.

Alderac Entertainment – ECOS : New Horizon
This expansion for ECOS expands the terrain on the continent like Kilimanjaro, the Sahara and other iconic features. Also includes new animals like Zebras and Nile Crocodiles. New card mechanics are introduced which will change the way play occurs. For 2 to 6 players taking about an hour to an hour and a half depending on players.

Need a Rust Monster plush? We’ve got you covered!
How about a Phase Cat? Yup, got that too!

And we’ve got Bloodbourne and it’s expansions as well.

Green Stuff World – we’ve got a stock of new paints, punches, resins and lots more.

So come on in and get ready to be stunned by all the new merchandise that have made it in store.

Releases in store – April 2nd. See, April second. No fooling. These things are really here. Unless we sold out of them…

A few (ahem.) items came in over the last week and a half. Here os what your missing…

Star Wars Legion : Agent Kallus : Imperial Commander Expansion
Star Wars Legion : Lando Calrissian : Rebel Commander Expansion

Star Wars X-Wing : Skystrike Academy Squadron Pack
1 x TIE/D Defender and 2 x TIE/I Interceptors, pilot cards, maneuver dials, tokens, ability and upgrade cards

Star Wars X-Wing Phoenix Cell Pack
1 x B-Wing, 2 x A-Wing ships,  pilot cards, maneuver dials, tokens, ability & upgrade cards

Star Wars X-Wing : Fugitives and Collaborators Squadron Pack 
2 x Y-Wing and 1 x HAWK light freighter with  pilot cards, maneuver dials, tokens, ability and upgrade cards

Phantasia Games – Square Meal
1 to 8 players, ages 8 and up. Rotate, flip and overlap cards to create the patterns as quick as you can. Plays in around 15 minutes

Cranio Creations – Meow

Spark Works – Blind Spot : A Word Game
Players place ‘spots’ on a matrix of letters in an attempt to find words. Be the last one to be able to make a word in the allotted time to win. Includes 18 double sided letter tiles, 20 spots in 4 different colors, sand timers and rules.

Plaid Hat Games – Stuffed Fables : Oh, Brother!
A Stuffed Fables Adventure book expansion. Taking place a few years after the first story, the younger brother has a stuffy (Pokey the Unicorn) and his companion Manny the action figure. The pair must deal with the Fall. Can you protect the little boy through new chapters, more fables and more enemies?

Blue Orange Games – Block Ness
2-4 players (ages 8 and up) take turns placing monster sections adding to heads or tails and filling up the lake. Place your sections to block opponents, be the last to play and control the Loch. Takes about 20 minutes.

Fantasy Flight Games – Marvel Champions : Galaxies Most Wanted
Includes two hero decks (Groot & Rocket Racoon) along with 5 scenarios featuring The Collector, Ronan, Nebula or Drang. 256 new cards.

Phantasio Games – Black Orchestra (Second Edition)
It’s 1936 where you attempt to evade the Gestapo and work to assassinate the Fuhrer. Designed for 1 to 5 players ages 14 and up. Takes around 90 minutes to play, depending on the players.

Plaid Hat Games – Ashes Reborn : Rise of the Phoenixborn Master SetPlay a Phoenixborn, a quasi-deity that wields magic, summons allies and creatures and defeat your enemies. The box set has six different premade decks which can be played  as they stand, create your own deck from the 226 cards in the set or even draft decks with your friends to compete against each other. Includes cards, special dice, tokens, and rules. Ages 14 and up. Plays in around 20 minutes per player. Designed for 2 to 4 players.

Plaid Hat Games – Ashes Reborn Deluxe expansion boxes
Law of the Lions and Song of the Soaksend – each box has a premade deck, dice and a deck box. Each is an expansion, and cannot be played without the core game set.

Plaid Hat Games – Ashes Reborn expansion decks
Each expansion deck has a new character and all the cards required for the deck. No dice or tokens are included. The core game is required for play.  

Blue Orange Games – Wilson & Shep : A One against All Hide & Seek game
One player is Wilson, a wolf that disguises himself among the sheep. The other players control Shep, the sheep dog trying to protect his flock. Can you find Wilson before time runs out? Ages 6 and up. 2 to 5 players. Game takes around 15 minutes to play.

Blue Orange Games – Paco’s Party
For ages 5 and up. 2 to 6 players try to spot what’s missing from cards in play or Dance like Paco to get rid of your cards before  all the other players do.  Plays in about 5 minutes.

Mongoose Publications – Traveller : Drinaxian Companion
Guidance on running the campaign, Assets and Factions system, a detailed look at piracy, locations and patrons in the Trojan Reach, rumors, an introductory adventure set in the area and more.

Ravensburger – Pusheen the Cat :Purrfrect Pick card game
Plan your purrfect weekend, choose your essentials, take a snapshot, collect stars and win! For ages 8 and up. 2 to 5 players. 

Nightfall Games – SLA Industries 2nd edition
In the future you fight against a crumbling reality as an Operative of SLA Industries – the corporation that rules all. Take your team to deal with terrors that claw at the fabric of reality. Using the S5S rules system.

Nightfall Games – SLA Industries (2nd edition) GM’s pack – screen and resources

Nightfall Games – SLA Industries (2nd edition) Quick Start –
5 pregen characters and everything you need to play (but dice and players) to get into SLA Industries.

RowanRook&Decard – Heart : The City Beneath
And RPG about a nightmare undercity where you delve to find your wildest dreams… or your demise. Includes full rules, mapping guidelines for it’s unique topography, pages of beautiful artwork and lots of story forward mechanics.

RowanRookandDecard – Heart : The City Beneath Adventures
Verissian Black Ops : 
Join the Dark Elf Revolutionary Front in this adventure set
Doors to Elsewhere : Doors to different dimensions? Unchecked incursions into your dimension from other forces? Can you save the city?
Burned and Broken : Have you played Spire and wish to bring your character into Heart? You can do so with this crossover resource including Minister callings, Derelictus, the City Between, plot hooks and more.

Sanctum : Guidelines on building a haven for group to act as a basis for the campaign. New angels, special fallout results, bonds and more.

Warcradle Studios – Dystopian Wars : Hunt for the Prometheus
A two player starter box with a pair of fleets, counters, dice, rules and everything you need to learn and play the newest Dystopian Wars miniature game.

Wizkids – Red Slaad Paint Night Kit
A Nolzur’s Red Slaad figure, a dozen Vallejo color pots, a brush, water cup and access to an online painting tutorial to show you how it’s done.

Goodman Games – Mutant Crawl Classics  #11 – The Omnivary of Eden
(level 2 adventure) After generations of work your tribe has uncovered the entrance to the Garden of the Gods. Now you and your compatriots must delve into the Garden and try to find the Seeds of Creation. Protect them from other who would abuse their power or destroy them before it’s too late.

World Champ Games – Necronautilus RPG
A game about language, memory and reality set in a stoner metal sci-fi fantasy universe. Channel words & memories, find new worlds, destroy menacing threats and determine who you are. Set for 1 to 4 players and a GM.

World Champ Games –  Necronautilus RPG Expanded Content
New tables, example of play, plot hooks and more.

WizKids – Deepcuts Miniatures : Pillars and Banners
4 pillars,  a section of ruined pillar and 4 banners – all compatible with the Warlock scenic system. Ready to be put down on the tabletop or get painted to match your layout.

Bezier Games – Suburbia Boardgame
A city building boardgame where you plan, build and develop a small borough in a major city. Play tiles to build up the area, make sure the economics and infrastructure support each other and watch your population grow. For 1 to 4 players, each game taking about 90 minutes. Ages 14 and up.

Bezier Games – Suburbia Expansions
Three expansions in a single box. Suburbia Inc, Suburbia 5-Star and Suburbia Nightlife. Over a dozen new tiles, borders, goal, new mechanics, the ability to add a fifth player and other options with trade-off options not seen before.

Monster Fight Club – new Cyberpunk Red miniature sets
Trauma Team A (paramedic, Pre-paid Pickup and Security 1)
Trauma Team B (pilot, Cyber security & Security 2)
Combat Zoners C (three Zoners)

Osprey Games – A Billion Suns : Interstellar Fleet Battles
Not your usual ‘field a fleet and blow things up’ game – a Billion Suns focuses on mission resolution, resource management and customization. Manage your fleet, use jump gates to travel between conflict zones, seize your opportunities and lead your fleet to victory across the stars.

Steam Forged Games – Animal Adventures : Secrets of Gullet Cove
Rules for creating Awakened cat & dog characters, a gazetteer of plot hooks, mysteries and information, a bestiary stuffed with monsters, potential friends and villains, five thrilling adventures, magic items, guild rules and more.

Steam Forged Games – Animal Adventures : Dogs of Gullet Cove (5 dog player miniatures)
Steam Forged Games – Animal Adventures : Enemies of Gullet Cove ( Skelly cats, Zombie cats and a Necromastiff minature)
Steam Forged Games – Animal Adventures : Cats of Gullet Cove (5 cat player miniatures)
Steam Forged Games – Animal Adventures : Rat King of Gullet Cove (Rat King, wererats, Rataclysm and Gripe miniatures)     

Northstar Miniatures – Frostgrave Demons
20 plastic multipart demon soldier models with many build options

Frostgrave : Red King miniature blister sets
Hrut Stingers (2 models)
Herald of the Red King (1 model)
Foulhorn (1 model)
Key-Masters of the Red King (2 models)

XYZ Game Labs – Arch Ravels
As one of 8 characters you experience the world of fiber arts. Follow patterns to create different projects and score points as you complete them. When all the projects are claimed then the one with the most points wins. A game for 2 to 4 players (who choose one of 8 characters to play), ages 8 and up. Plays in under an hour. 

Cranio Creations – Mekhane
Become a god and decide mortal’s destinies. Use the cards in your hand to tell a story and save your character from twists of fate. How far can you go?

WizKids – D&D Boneyard
Boneyard Booster packs –  each booster pack has 4 different prepainted figures out of a possible 45 different miniatures. From the Avatar of Death to a Zombie Tyrannosaurus – all sorts of undead and horrifying miniatures.

Adult Green Dracolich Premium figure
Adult Blue Dracolich Premium Figure

Wizkids 4D War Machines :
Battering Ram – includes a Battering Ram, Ram Head, Skull Head, Siege Commander, War Horn, War Drums, sticks and stool.

Catapult – Comes with Catapult, pile of stones, 2 single stones, 2 oil pots and frames and human engineer.

March 19th releases

Fantasy Flight Games – Star Wars Legion
Republic Specialists :  4 miniatures cards, tokens and rules.
Separatists Specialist : 4 miniatures, cards, tokens and rules.

Wizkids – Starfinder Battles : Planets of Peril booster boxes
This new prepainted miniature booster pack comes with 3 figures, ready to be taken out of the packaged and put on the table. The set contains 32 different figures. From the Vracinea to the Barathu. Creatures, aliens and more.

Wizkids – Starfinder Battles : Planets of Peril Docking Bay set
Cargo Hauler, trailers, shipping crates and more. All preoainted and ready to be dropped on to the tabletop.

Legendary Games – Cults of Madness
A Fifth Edition Fantasy sourcebook with rules for madness in 5e, 5 new subclasses to lead cults, special cultic feats and spells, creature templates, and sample creatures to get you started. All sorts of help in creating a horror based cult for your games

Legendary Games – Ultimate Strongholds for 5e fantasy
Rules and ideas for creating strongholds, building materials, different features, fortification rules, siege warfare, exotic strongholds, spells and stronghold interaction, a new prestige class and more.

Legendary Games – Aegis of Empires – for 5e and Pathfinder rules
This sourcebook adds to the Lost Lands setting from Frog God Games which provides a gazetteer from the players view with the lore, history, and backgrounds of peoples in Foere, Reme, and the Kingdom of the Vast  as well as connecting lands to the Crescent Sea,  , the Blighted City-Stateand the March Mountains. Includes color maps, a list of the deities, rules options and clerical mechanics as well as lots of background for each of the environs. 

HABA Games – Critter Cruise
Fro 2-4 players ages 3 and up. This memory game challenges you to match suitcases to the animal before it’s too late.Work together with the other players to get the animals boarded before the flood hit.

Pearl Games – Gingopolis
In 2212 the idea of building in concert with nature has fully (ahem) taken root. Now you work to make a balance between production, consumption and  space. For 1 to 5 players, ages 10 and up. Takes around an hour depending on players.

CMON – Fairy Tale Inn
2 players pick up tokens, drop it in the matrix, attempt to activate abilities, earn gold and try to be the one with the most at games end. Includes 64 character tokens, coins, character cards and more. For ages 8 and up, playing in around 20 minutes.

Grey Fox Games – After the Empire
This 2 – 4 player tower defense and worker placement game allows you to recruit refugees, gather resources, fortifying your defenses and preparing for the onslaught. Stop the invaders from sacking your castle and ruining your day. For ages 14 and up. Includes a modular plastic castle, meeples, rules, and hours of fun. Plays in about 90 minutes.

Wizkids – new Warlock Tiles scenic sets
Town Watch  – includes blacksmith, forge, bailiff, sheriff, pirates, actors and scenic accessories –  all painted and ready to be dropped onto the table.

Tavern – bar pieces, tavern accessories, bartender and furniture  – all ready for play.

Merchants – includes merchants, diplomats, clergy, assistants, scenic bits and market stall. All prepained plastic.

Kitchen – workshelves, sinks, shelves, food platters and other scenics – plastic, prepainted miniatures.

Wargames Atlantic – Napoleon’s War 1796-1815
32 multipart plastic figures with rifles, including a volley gun. Can be built  advancing, firing or loading. Many head options including bareheads, bandanas and hats. 

Open Ended Games – Against the Dark Master
A 550+ page book with a unified d100 based action resolution system with a variety of character customization options, flexible magic (with over 300 spells), a tactical combat system with a brutal critical strike system, an immersive rule set for character driven adventures. Includes character creation, adventure rules, NPC rules, a bestiary, a grimoire, treasure, an intro adventure and more. 

New items in store – March 12th

Its a warm, but breezy Friday evening – and there is a lot to see here at Games Plus going into the weekend.

CMON – Bloodborne the board game
1 to 4 hunters explore the city of Yharnam, fighting through beasts and monsters in an attempt to survive the night. Play one of 4 different campaigns where you uncover new skills and and powers while dealing with the foes who stand in your way. Based on the video game, there are over 35 finely detailed miniatures, maps, cards, rules, dice and hours of excitement and fun awaiting you. Plays in 60-90 minutes, designed for ages 14 and up.

Mighty Boards – Excavation Earth
You lead a faction of alien explorers who have come on a quest to find out about ancient earth, find artifacts of great value and curate the ultimate art collection… to cash in on old Earth. Draft & manage cards to work your dig sites, set traders unto markets to help you, try to work the market to get the most for your stuff and don’t forget to keep your eyes open to the political climate to be in the best spot when colonization begins. Easy to learn, hard to master. Multi-use cards aid in making the game highly replayable. For 1 to 4 players, ages 14 andf up. Plays in about 30 minutes per player.

Ludo Nova – Influentia
A trick taking game where winning the trick is not the best thing ever. Winning the trick can get you points, but losing can allow you to activate effects that allow you advantages later. Designed for 3 or 4  players, ages 10 and up. Takes about 45 minutes to play.

Steve Jackson Games – Hack & Slash
2 to 6 players (ages 10 and up) choose a quest, roll the dice, and see if you succeed. If you do – fame may come your way, you may inspire new members to join your party. If you fail, you slink back to the tavern oin shame. Don’t Fail. Includes dice, meepples, rules and hours of fun. Plays in about 20 minutes.

Greater Than Games – Tak : A Beautiful Game
This 2 player game has multiple boards to allow different sizes of games. The rules are easy to learn but hard to master. Add a piece of your color or move a stack and try to connect a ‘road’ of color across the board. Pays in 10 to 30 minutes per game depending on the board size.

Atlas Games – Magical Kitties Save the Day scenarios
Wild Ones – In the wilds the the kitties have no humans to save, but the creatures of the forest are another matter. When a strange trapper intrudes it’s up to the Wild Ones to save their forest friends. This setting takes the kitties into the dark forests and open plains and includes a full sized poster map of the territories.

Alien Invasion – Happy Glade has been invaded by aliens. Can you and the other kitties deal with the disguised aliens, uncover their mothership and save the humans? A poster map of the alien mothership is included in this adventure book.

Mars Colony – Colonists have traveled to Mars and brought their kitties. The Red Planet has weird and dangerous magic, and it’s up to you to save the humans and their growing domes. Includes a full color poster map of the colony and the surrounding Mars terrain.

Osprey Games – Righteous Blood, Ruthless Blades : Wuxia Roleplaying
A game of dark adventure and heroic thrills inspired by Wuxia stories of Gu Long. Play the role of eccentric heroes solving mysterious, avenging misdeeds and mastering martial arts.

Ganesha Games – The Spawn of Xichtul
A new campaign for Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes
Chaos has made Qaara a wasteland. The Dark Elves have destroyed much of civilization and the survivors have succumbed to the taint of Chaos. 6 scenarios make up a campaign pitting rival warbands of cultist, mutants and bandit against each other for the favor of the dark ones. Includes rules and traits to create your own chaotic band. You will be Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes to use this campaign book.

Chessex Dice – New colors from the Chessex Labs.
Originally offered as ‘Lab dice’ now regular production items
Nebula : Nocturnal Purple and clear swirls with blue ink and glow in the dark sparkles
Nebula : Red wisps with glow in the dark sparkles in clear plastic with silver ink.
Nebula : Oceanic Blue wisps with glow in the dark sparkles in clear plastic and gold ink
Nebula : Wisteria – Aqua and Magenta wisps in clear plastic with glow in the dark sparkles and and white ink numerals.
Nebula : Primary – Red and dark blue swirls and glow in the dark sparkles in clear plastic with light blue ink
Nebula : Spring – Green, Orange and Blue swirls in clear plastic with white ink.

New Reaper Bones Miniatures
77752 – Female Minotaur
77722 – Sealed Sarcophagus
77721 – Profane Altar and Books
77976 – Lost Souls (seven translucent pale blue wispy spirits)

New items in store for March 5th

Kenzer & Company – Knights of the Dinner Table #279 & #280 are in store.

Dutch Blitz – a Vonderful Goot Game
A great game for 2, 3 or 4 players. Ages 8 and up, Dutch Blitz® is a highly interactive, highly energetic, family-friendly card game that will test your skills, smarts and speed.

Dutch Blitz Expansion Pack – more cards so more people can play. You can play with up to 4 people with the expansion deck as a stand alone game, just like the original or combine it to get up to 8 players total.

Alderac Entertainment – War Chest : Siege
This expansion adds fortified locations, siege engines like trebuchets and sappers to help deal with them. Includes 19 unit coins, 4 unit cards, 7 fortification coins and 6 fortification maps.

GMT Imperial Struggle – is back in stock… for now.

GMT Games – Dominant Species : Marine
This game recreates a period of pre-history where the Earth has begun to warm and now the battle for survival and supremacy has moved to the oceans and the emerging lands. Play as a class of animal  – dinosaur, fish, cephalopod or crustacean. Work to become the dominant species.

Ferti Games – Taluva
As volcanoes alter the landscape of the island your job is to find places to build huts, temples and towers. Placement and construction are easy to learn but strategy to deal with the volcanoes, opponents and influence is a challenge.

Ferti Games – Taluva Extension
Two new player ships, a double sided game board to addd new play options, five 2-hex tiles and pieces to add a fifth player. 

Cubicle Seven – Wrath & Glory RPG rulebook
A new, revised version of the 40K RPG – Wrath & Glory. Everything you need to create a party of characters in the Gilead System trying to stop the system from being consumed by darkness and Chaos. From character generation to combat, psychic powers, gear, background of the Gilead System and a bestiary of creatures and aliens. Weapons, corruption, patrons and more. 370+ color pages. . . 

Gryphon Games – Mystery Rummy games.
Each game a separate case to be solved by the players. Each game combines elements of rummy and of exciting mystery.

Case Number 1 is the case of Jack the Ripper good for 2 players, but can be played by 2, 3 or up to 4.

Case Number 2 is Murder in Rue Morgue. Can you complie evidence to prove the murder was committed by someone otbher then the accused, make deductions, capture the culprit and set an innocent man free? Ages 10 and up. For 2 to 4 players.

Case Number 3 is Jekyll & Hyde – this 2 player (ages 10 and up) game challenges you to score points making melds based on the main character’s dominant personality. Score 100 points to wi as you try to ‘become’ either Jekyll or Hyde

Case 4 – Al Capone and the Chicago Underworld is designed for 2 to 4 players ages 10 and up. Collect evidence against each of the gangsters and try to complete a set to convict. Gain bonuses for total number of gang members held and win if you hold all 8 Capone cards. 

Escape From Alcatraz – 2 to 4 players, ages 8 and up. Collect information on different prisoners escape plans and collect a set to uncover the plot. Score points for capturing culprits and foiling escape plans. First to 100 wins.

Gryphon Games – Number Please!
For ages 6 and up, this fast paced math game challenges players to create equations using all the dice in play. Game plays in about 10 minutes and can accommodate almost any number of players.

Gryphon Games – Nosferatu
5 to 8 people take on different roles (vampire, hunter, servant) in this game where the Vampires try to doom all the hunter, the hunters try to destroy the vampires and the servant tries to stay out of the way, help the vampires and hinder the hunters. A game of deceit, deception and deduction.For ages 10 and up. Plays in under half an hour.  

Z-Man Games – Carcassonne – Hunters & Gatherers
A stand alone game based on the Carcassonne game engine. Play tiles that give you places for your meeples to hunt, fish and gather foodstuff for your people. Strategically use lakes teaming with fish  and stone monoliths to extend your influence and foods. For 2 to 5 players, ages 8 and up. Plays in under an hour.  

Rio Grande Games – Southern Rails
3-5 players compete to gain stock in six different railroads. Build tracks and help the value of railroads to own rise in different categories to score at the end of each round. Try to make your holdings gain you the most points. Designed for ages 14 and up Plays in around an hour.

Eagle-Gryphon Games – Sagani
1 to 4 players try to create a harmony between four different elements of nature. As spirits move between the elements they become visible and such creates further harmonies and synergies. Plays in around 45 minutes or so. Made for ages 8 and up.  

Lucky Duck/Ori Games – It’s a Wonderful World Corruption & Ascension.
This expansion adds 4 new card types. Corruption that takes part of your production, Master Projects that effect your victory points, Super Production that helps you process at top speed and Duo Scoring that doubles your risk, but doubles your rewards.  Changes the game to allow up to 7 players.

Common Lands Associated Media :
Felbar’s Shoppe of Curiosities and Occult : The Common Lands
A 300+ page sourcebook and campaign module presenting the players with many challenges, opportunities and foes. The book itself is designed to make it easy for inexperienced DMs to run, is color coded and printed on matte paper designed to allow notes and easier copying. Print is larger to make the text easier to skim and read as well as keyed for easy access. 

Gryphon Games – Nika
Ages 8 and up, 2 to 4 players playing in around 45 minutes.
Nika is the ancient Greek word for Conquer.  Can you manage to maneuver and shove your opponent out of the way while protecting your flanks and coordinating with your allies? An abstract tactical game of warare in ancient Greece.-

Icons of the Realm prepainted miniatures
Halfling fighter (male), Human Ranger (female), Human Wizard (female), Human Rogue (female), Human Wizard (male), Goliath Barbarian (female), Elf Fighter (male), Gnome Wizard (male), Dwarf Fighter (male), Elf Druid (male)
Each figure is prepainted plastic and comes with it’s own (seperate) round base. Spell effects and other accents are made from translucent plastic on some figures. Ready to play right out of the box.

Fantasy Flight – Marvel Champions : Scarlet Witch 
Includes a complete hero deck for Scarlet Witch, a Nemesis set for Luminous and 30 new cards that can be added to any hero deck.

Gryphon Games – Kanban EV
1 to 4 players try to set up assembly lines and create just-in-time production set ups for electric vehicles more efficient than their opponents.Manage supply, suppliers, create new parts, make the assembly line work better and impress your boss. Ages 14 and up. Plays in as little as an hour to almost three spending on players.

Bezier Games – Maglev Metro
Create a metro system in this pick-up and deliver tile laying and engine building game. Upgrade and adjust your abilities and leverage unique goals to maximize your score. Plays in around 90 minutes for up to 4 players.

Sirius Dice – new sparkle color collections are here.

New items in store for Friday, Feb 26th

Tonight we’ve got plenty of new items for you to look at. New boardgames, RPG items, minatures and lots more.

Pazio Publishing new items :
Pathfinder Flip Mat – Red Light District
Laminated 1” gridded full color mat – 24” x 30” map with the waterfront on one side and a interior seedey district with canals on the other.

Pathfinder 2e – Lost Omens : Ancestry Guide
14 previously introduced ancestries from Hobgoblins to Azarketis. 140 + full color pages with illustrations, feats, background and more.

Pathfinder – Hands of the Devil (Abomination Vaults chapter 2 of 3)
This middle chapter of the adventure is designed for levels 5-7 and takes players into the Abominations Vaults. 

Pathfinder 2e Advanced Players Guide – 
A digest sized version of the Advanced Players guide. This smaller format, softbound version gets you an easy to transport version of the book, in full color with heavy weight glossy pages.

Starfinder – The White Glove Affair
(adventure 4 of 6 in the Fly Free or Die adventure path)
This 7th level adventure puts you in position to try to stay ahead of the Kalistocrats. History & philosophy of the Prophets of Kalistrade, some side jobs, new alien creatures, deck plans for both golden commerce barges and Fortune’s Heart – a secret trade resort.

Starfinder Devastation Ark Pawn Collection
Over 100 creature & ship pawns centered around the Devastation Ark story arc. All in full color on heavy weight card.

Starfinder Flip-Tiles : Alien Planet Starter Set
42 full color 6” square tiles – each double sided and laminated. Jungle trails, Alien Flora, rock formations, remains and more. 

Army Painter – Game Master : Dungeon & Caverns Core Set
A build your own dungeon set – complete with tools, paints, XPS foam board, glue and a ‘how to’ book in order to create your own dungeons. 

Studio H – Oriflamme Ablaze
Can be played alone or combined with Oriflamme which allows you to work toward taking the throne. Play your schemes face down, protect your interests and get actions set to cascade and try to get enough influence to seize the throne. For 3 to 5 players, ages 10 and up. Plays in about 20 minutes.

Fantasy Flight – X-Men Mutant Insurrection
For 1 to 6 players (taking 1 to 2 hours) this cooperative boardgame pits you (as X-Men) against various threats defending humanity. There are 8 different missions to play and classic villains to defeat. This reskin of Elder Sign puts you in charge of different X-Men working against evil.  

Roxley Games – Dice Throne Rerolled Season One
Four different battles – each a standalone game that can be combine with others for lots of options. Barbarian vs Moon Elf, Monk vs Paladin, Treant vs Ninja or Pyromancer vs Shadow Thief. Roll your dice to activate abilities, upgrade abilities and play action cards – defeat your opponent and take the throne!

Wizkids Warlock Tiles – new sets :
Dungeon Tiles 3 : Curves and Dungeon Angles in stone – two different sets.
Warlock Tiles – new sets : Town & Village Tiles  set 3 Angles and Curves in Stucco and wood – two different sets.

Brotherwise Games – Boss Monster : Vault of Villains
64 15 new mini-bosses, 25 new rooms, new Bosses, Spells, 5 and 6 player expansion and more.

Wargames Atlantic – French Resistance WW2  1939-1945
32 hard plastic multipose miniatures you can equip with rifles, grease guns, MP38/40s, Bren guns, Sten guns, pistols, grenades and more.Includes lots of different heads to allow for many uses.

Wizkids Heroclix – Fantastic Four : Future Foundation
Includes new boosters with equipment objects, Fast Forces with Doctor Doom, Thing, Reed & Sue Richards, Spiderman and the human torch, as well as a Token and Dice set.

Pandasaurus Games – Gods love Dinosaurs
2 to 5 players try to make the food chain work from incense and plants, herbivores, predators and…dinosaurs. Beware what limited resources are in an area and plan ahead to keep your choice life forms fed. Ages 8 and up. Plays in around an hour.

Loresmyth – Heroic Challenges cards
50 challenge cards listing multiple tasks you may attempt to undertake within your RPG, 50 reward cards that give you some benefit from succeeding at your challenge. System neutral so you can use these for darn well any game.

Worthington Games – 1944 – Battle of the Bulge
Using concepts from the Holdfast series you can count on being able to learn this game easily and be able to play smaller scenarios in about 15 minutes. Larger games take around 2 hours. Includes a mounted map board, dice, counters, rules, play charts and a counter tray.

Compass Games – Devil Boats : PT Boats in the Solomons
Dice & chart driven solitaire game tracking a PT boat squadron and crews as they go against the IJN in the summer of 1943. Missions vary,  success, experience and events will change the crew skills and efficiency   making each game count toward your campaign against the enemy.

Compass Games – An Attrition of Souls
This fast paced game tile-placement game to simulate the First World War. Draw tiles based on industrial output, place your production and attempt to move forward to victory. Designed for 2 players talking about 90 minutes to play.  For ages 14 and up.

Compass Games – Coalition : Napoleonic Wars 
This is an operational level games designed to allow 2 to 6 players (ages 14 and up) to play the whole Napoleonic war (1805-1815). Counters represent armies and fleets as well, as generals and personalities. Players buy event and coalition cards that either mirror historical events or tweak them slightly. The event cards do not rule the game, but give variance to play. 

Palladium Books – Tales of Phase World & the Three Galaxies.
The Cosmo-Knight and The Reckoning are two different novels detailing the adventures of Caleb Vulcan as he ventures across time and space.    

Friday, Feb 12th – new items in store.

Cranio Creations – Pakal
2 to 4 players  compete in this game of visual dexterity. Draw a goal tile, slide tiles on your personal board to find the symbols you need and advance your tile on the scoring track. Ages 8 and up. Plays in about 20 minutes.

Atomic Mass Games –
Marvel Crisis Protocol Black Bolt & Medusa  
Marvel Crisis Protocol : Crystal & Lockjaw
Both boxes have figures, bases, stat cards, tactics cards and tokens.

Mirror Stone/Hunters Entertainment –
ABCs of D&D
– an alphabet book showing the power of D&D as a way of encouraging problem solving, friendship and creativity. Full color illustrations and imaginative artwork make this book a great introduction for the younger gamer.

123s of D&D – a full color, lavishly illustrated book for younger would-be D&D fans. A whole lot of fantasy cartoon pictures explaining all the things a D&D can be about.

Kosmos Games – Exit : The House of Riddles
This 1 to 4 player escape room game pits the players against the game where you must use all your guile to solve the puzzles. You will need to write on, fold, and cut the game materials to figure it all out.

Chaosium – Call of Cthulhu Malleus Monstrorum
This new two volume set features all the Mythos creatures – Great Old Ones, Outer Gods, Elder Gods, Avatars, Unique Beings, monsters, warped things and more. This hardbound book set comes in it’s own slipcase.

Lucid Eye Games – Frank Frazetta “Death Dealer’ minis
A range of miniatures, licensed from his work. Mounted and foot figures ranging from the iconic Death Dealer to barbarians, sorceress and others.

Chaosium – Call of Cthulhu Keepers Deck : Malleus Monstrorum
Each card has different monster profiles, adding layers of plot and helps to enhance the story. Amazingly Illustrated on one side, all the pertinent game information on the other.

Gold Seal Games – Kohaku
1 to 4 players (ages 10 and up) play tiles in an attempt to create the most beautiful Koi pond with water plants, Koi and artful rock. Plays in 30 to 45 minutes.

Northstar Figures – Oathmark Skeletons
30 multipart plastic skeletons with bows, spears, hand weapons, shields, banners and officer bits

Wargames Atlantic – Les Grognards Command and Heavy Support
6 sets of figures, tri-barrel cannon, quad ball turret, heavy plasma weapon and mortar as well as medics, snipers, standard bearer, field officers and more. Includes extra head options as well as female head options not seen before.

Wargames Atlantic – Eisenkern Stormtroopers
20 multipose stormtroopers in armor with armored and unarmored head options, complete with parts to create squad leaders, light support weapons and more.

WizKids – Waddle Downtown
2-4 players (ages 10 and up) choose a method of scoring, send their penguins about town and score points based on where the penguins end up. Think ahead and score big to win.

River Horse Games – Frazetta D-Dex Card & Dice Battle
2 to 6 players clash in battle using mighty warriors and mysterious sorcerers as illustrated by Frazetta. in this card & dice game.

Alderac Entertainment – Marvel Smash Up
-is back in stock! Grab a couple of factions and work them together to defeat your foes. 2 to 4 players ages 12 and up. Plays in around 45 minutes.

WizKids Games – Warlock Tiles Torture Chamber
26 different prepainted pieces to dress up your (ahem) advanced interrogation center. From the Iron Maiden to the Rack, cages, stocks and more.

SteamForged Games – Epic Encounter : Village of the Goblin Chief
20 miniatures, a double sided game mat, adventure book, tips and tricks and a 5e ready adventure.

SteamForged Games – Epic Encounter : Swamp of the Hydra
A Hydra miniature, game tokens, double sided game mat, adventure book, tips and tricks and a 5e compatible adventure, ready to go. 

Midweek releases – Feb 10th 2021

Northstar Figures – Oathmark Skeletons
30 multipart plastic skeletons with bows, spears, hand weapons, shields, banners and officer bits

Wargames Atlantic – Les Grognards Command and Heavy Support
6 sets of figures, tri-barrel cannon, quad ball turret, heavy plasma weapon and mortar as well as medics, snipers, standard bearer, field officers and more. Includes extra head options as well as female head options not seen before.

Wargames Atlantic – Eisenkern Stormtroopers
20 multipose stormtroopers in armor with armored and unarmored head options, complete with parts to create squad leaders, light support weapons and more.

WizKids – Waddle Downtown
2-4 players (ages 10 and up) choose a method of scoring, send their penguins about town and score points based on where the penguins end up. Think ahead and score big to win.

River Horse Games – Frazetta D-Dex Card & Dice Battle
2 to 6 players clash in battle using mighty warriors and mysterious sorcerers as illustrated by Frazetta. in this card & dice game.

Alderac Entertainment – Marvel Smash Up
-is back in stock! Grab a couple of factions and work them together to defeat your foes. 2 to 4 players ages 12 and up. Plays in around 45 minutes.

WizKids Games – Warlock Tiles Torture Chamber
26 different prepainted pieces to dress up your (ahem) advanced interrogation center. From the Iron Maiden to the Rack, cages, stocks and more.

SteamForged Games – Epic Encounter : Village of the Goblin Chief
20 miniatures, a double sided game mat, adventure book, tips and tricks and a 5e ready adventure.

SteamForged Games – Epic Encounter : Swamp of the Hydra
A Hydra miniature, game tokens, double sided game mat, adventure book, tips and tricks and a 5e compatible adventure, ready to go.

New items in week of Feb 5th

So we’ve been a little less interactive this week with all sorts of little crisis happening about.
But… we still got a bunch of new stuff in. So warm up the car, bundle up and head on over.

Skybound Games – Superfight Superchest : 200 all new cards, locations, scenarios, challenges, characters and attributes along with a box that holds 1200 cards so your collection has a home.

Skybound Games – Superfight The Con Deck – a convention attendee based Superfight deck.

Greater Than Games – Sentinel Comics RPG – Core Rulebook – 430+ color pages with easy to learn rules, two playable adventures, bunches of premade villains, heroes, minions and more.

Game Moderator Kit – scene tracker, challenge, minions and lieutenant cards, hero and villain sheets, GM screen and dry erase cards. All in a handy colorful box.

Sentinel Comics RPG dice
15 dice and a dice bag so you are all kitted out right off the bat.

Arcane Wonders – Sherlock 13
2-4 player game of deduction. Ages 10 and up. Plays in about 15 minutes.

Druid City Games – Barnyard Roundup
2-6 player game (for ages 7 and up) of bluff and trick taking. Plays in around 15 minutes

Space Cowboys – Unlock : Mythic Adventures
3 different escape puzzles based on mythic adventures. Escape the clutches of Hades , go around the world in 80 days and beware the Animal-O-Matic of Professor Noside. Requires an app to play, but no internet connection once you begin. Ages 10 and up. 1 to 6 players, each puzzle requires about an hour to play.

Corvus Belli – new Infinity minis:
Code 1 PanOceania Booster Pack Alpha
Code 1 Yu Jing Booster Pack Alpha
Start Collecting Aleph’s Operations Action Pack
Nomad : Tunguska Cheerkillers
Combined : Jayth Cutthroats : Shasvastii Independent Assault Group
NA2 : Soldiers of FortuneBox
NA2 : John Hawkwood, Merc Officer

World at War #76 – Invasion Norway
A complete game, Operation Jupiter, Fort Drum, the Kiev Salient, articles, analysis and more

Dan Verssen Games – For What Remains
Dynamic skirmish wargame set in an apocalyptic future. There are a number of different sets featuring different factions and game aspects.

MultiMan Publishing – For King and Country –
British Tactical Warfare Module for Advanced Squad Leader.Requires ASL rules, Beyond Valor and mapboards. 20 new scenarios, rules and more.

AEG – Cubitos 2-4 players compete in the Cube Cup. Move about the track gain dice, use abilities and try to come out on top. Ages 14 and up. Takes 30 to 60 minutes depending on players.

Fantasy Flight Games – new Living Card Game Expansions
Arkham Horror – Horror in High Gear : Scenario 5 of the Innsmouth Conspiracy campaign.
Marvel Champions – Quicksilver : hero deck, 32 any hero cards and the Avalanche Nemesis deck.

Indie Board & Cards – The Sherlock Files : Volume III
1-8 players try to gather clues, collaborate on theories and solve the crime. Plays in about an hour.

Road to Infamy Games – Canvas
Using translucent cards you try to combine cards to make an original illustration. Order of play of the cards reveal and hide differing aspects making your painting complete and unique. 1 to 5 players, ages 14 and up.

Pathfinder Battles prepainted miniatures – Darklands Rising set – 50 different figures, boxes of 4 random figures as well as bricks (8 boxes) and cases (16 boxes)

Pathfinder Battles – Mengkare, Great Golden Wyrm

Wizards of the Coast – Magic the Gathering : Kaldheim
Boosters, booster boxes, theme decks, draft boosters, regular boosters and Collector boosters All in stock now.

Modiphius – Elder Scrolls Call to Arms : Draugr Ancients
Deathlord, Frostblade, 3 hulking Draugr with axe and 5 scenic bases.

Wizkids Games – Icewind Dale Papercraft Buildings :
Each is made of color printed foamcore.
Set 1 – The Lodge Set 2 – Ten Towns (Inn, Apothecary, Residence)

New items in store Friday, Jan 29th

Its a cool Friday night on the eve of another expected Winter Storm. We’ve got a few new items in – so if you want to run out here to grab some thing to carry you through the weekend – come on in. There is even more than you see here.

Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide Spell Cards 
– All the spells on handy cards to aid in finding what you need as quick as you can

Pathfinder Pocket Gamemastery Guide –
everything you need to help GM your game. The basics guide, GM tools, special subsystems, variant rules, NPC galley and more. All in a digest sized book.

Pathfinder Pocket Bestiary 2 –
Over 300 monsters, ability glossary, traits, rituals, languages and more. Full color and ready to go.

Pathfinder – Abomination Vaults : Ruins of Gauntlight (chapter 1 of 3)
Designed to start off 1st level characters. The lighthouse glows with a baneful light, the party is tasked with delving into it’s subterranean depths and rooting out the evil that lurks there.

Pathfinder Flip Mat : City Sites MultiPack
Includes a market, dock and 2 sections of the city – all in full color, with 1” grid superimposed on them. Laminated for use ith lots of different marker types.

Starfinder – Planetary Atmospheres flipmat
Thick clouds of a gas giant on one side, a terrestrial world on the other – each 27 x 39” and overlaid with a hex grid for use with the Starfinder starship combat system.

Starfinder – Starship Operations Pawn Collection
Hard card ship pawns from racers to dreadnoughts. Starship fleets, Huge ships, large ships and smaller ones down to fighters. Everything you need to stage small skirmishes to large fleet battles.

Starfinder – Fly Free or Die adventure path : Professional Courtesy (part 3 of 6)
This 5th level adventure includes three side jobs, new rules for aquatic adventures, an alien archive,  statistics and deck plans for a heavily armed EJ Corp Negotiator and a waterworld with a magical mystery.

Dave Taylor Miniatures – Terrain Essentials
190+ pages of tips, techniques and ideas on making your own waragame terrain. How to plan it out, tools and material you might want to use, techniques, making bases and boards, doing groundwork, making good grasswork and how to use all these to create a good terrain set. With full color photos and handy commentary.

Lookout Games – Hallertau
1 to 4 players attempt to manage the towns crops and sheep to make them efficient and the talk of all Bavaria. Card combinations, worker placement and planning are essential to winning. Manage your fields, bred your sheep and make sure you pay attention to the long term results of your actions. Ages 12 and up. Plays in an hour or so for a player or two. Up to two and a half hours for more.

Mondo Games – Unmatched Little Red & Beowulf
Unmatched is a tactical combat game of mythical character combat.  Pick a character, a map and an opponent and play against each other in this card and miniature combat game.

Modiphius – Elder Scrolls Call to Arms – Nord Tomb Scatter Terrain Set
2 sarcophagi, 2 braziers, 2 corpses 2 treasure piles and 6 urns. All 32mm resin cast terrain bits.

Matagot Kids – Monster Soup
For 2-4 players ages 5 and up.Try to create a tasty soup out of the ingredients you find in your bag. Includes 4 soup bowls, 4 cloth bags, cubes, ingredients and recipe cards. Plays in about 15 minutes.

Petersen Games – Cthulhu Wars : Duel
Designed for 2 players this reimagined boardgame pits Cthuhlu against the Black Goat in a battle for control of the Earth. Ages 8 and up. Plays in around half an hour.

Alderac Entertainment/The OP – Marvel Smashup
A fast paced shufflebuilding deck game. Take 22 card decks, smash them together and go. Comes with 160 game cards (8 factions with 20 card decks), 16 base cards, 8 dividers, rules.

Kolossal Games – Almanac : The Dragon Road
This worker placement challenges you with different boards each round of the game. Combining unique game mechanisms and rich narrative each game is a new challenge. 2- 4 players, ages 12 and up. Plays in about 90 minutes.

Repos Production – 7 Wonders Leaders
This expansion has two new Wonders and a new sort of card – Leaders. Queens, astronomers, generals and others bring new abilities and strategy to your game.

Loke Battle Mats – Towns & Taverns
A book of urban fantasy themed maps that range from open areas, castle walls, interiors of buildings, market squares and more. The set has two books with lie flat bindings that can be positioned together to form a 24” x 24” map with a 1” grid. Uses a ‘wipe clean’ lamination to allow customization and notes. 

Wildfire Games – GWAR vs Time
This 3-5 player game features a dual resource deck building game with all your favorite GWAR characters, villains, locations, items and never before seen GWAR art.  Designed for ages 14 and up, plays in about an hour or so.

Warcradle Studios – Bill & Teds Riff in Time
Persons of Historical Significance are appearing in the wrong times. Gifts are forming throughout time and the results will be quite Bogus if you and your Wyld Stallyn bandmates can’t get them back to where they belong. Ages 14 and up, taking about an hour and a half to play. For ages 14 and up. Miniature band members, historical pawns, movie related cards more.

Warcradle Studios – Rufus’ Remix : Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time Expansion
Upgrade your game with plastic 3d miniature Rufus, Rufus rule card and 10 3d miniature Histroical Personages.