New items in store – 7/23/21

Stonemaier Games -Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig : Secrets & Soirees
expands the game to 8 players with two new room types and solo rules in case you’d like to play the base game and/or the expansion game as a single player. Also a new game mode where 2 to 8 players can build their own castles instead of sharing one with their neighbors.

Atomic Mass Games – Marvel Crisis Protocol : Lizard & Kraven

Sit Down Games – Dive!
1 to 4 players  compete in freediving competitions to find a sacred stone thrown from the cliff. Gain help from sea turtles and manta rays while avoiding sharks. Plays in about 30 minutes. Ages 8 and up.

Barret Publishing – Hunted : Mining Colony 415 and  Hunted : Kobayashi Tower
Both these card games are designed for 1 or 2 players. In Colony 415 you fight your way through waves of aliens, rescue crewmembers and attempt to flee the station before it self destructs. Features a unique dexterity mechanism to resolve actions. In Kobayashi Tower you use simple die rolling mechanics to rescue hostages and take down bad guys as you attempt to flee the building. Both games play in around 20 minutes and is designed for ages 13 and up.

Atlas Games – Dice Miner
1 to 4 players compete in this game of luck, skill, fun physics and dwarven beer. As a Dwarf Hero you draft dice, tally your trove and gain more dice into the mountain to work from. Plays in around half an hour. Designed for ages 10 and up. Includes bunches of custom dice, a neat full color cardboard dice holding mountain, score sheets, cards and more.

Rebel Studio – Meadow
1 to 4 players (ages 10 and up)  take on the role of nature observers competing to note the most wild life. Play cards from the main board into the surrounding meadows, attempt special actions and score the most. Includes 5 mini expansions as well as a card index. Plays in an hour or so depending on number of players. 

Legion Wargames – Heart of Darkness
A 2 to 5 player game that challenges the players to venture into the uncharted areas of mid-19th century Africa, explore, interact with natives, fend off disease, catalog new wildlife, discover natural wonders and try to avoid predators, hunger and map your progress. 

Plaid Hat Games – Summoner Wars
The new version of Summoner Wars has made it into the store. 6 different summoners fight it out by using your gates to summon forth creatures to maneuver across the field and attempt to cut down the enemy summoner.

Shadow Kingdoms of Valeria – 
1 to 5 players battle to push back the humans, dwarves and elves and extend the Shadow Kingdoms borders to encompass the globe again. Includes rules, campaign boards, cards, tokens and more. Designed for ages 14 and up. Plays in around an hour to an hour and a half

Shadow Kingdom  of Valeria : Rise of the Titans Expansion
The Lich King has sacrificed his essence to raise the Shrine of the Titans. Ancient spells and powerful Wraiths have been discovered and now you have new powers to help your hordes reclaim the lands the enemy has taken. Will you prevail? Includes 28 ancient spells cards, 15 great battle cards, dice markers and more.

Bombyx – Codex Naturalis
2 to 4 players (ages 7 and up) attempt to piece together the Codex Naturalis a secret manuscript about the species in the four kingdoms. Play and place cards, manage resources and create your manuscript. Be the first to score 20 points to win.

Surrealist Games – Surrealist Dinner Party
Treat your favorite authors and artists to a soiree’. As you bring new guests into the party, seat them so their abilities interact with their neighbors and keep each other entertained. Designed for 2 to 4 players ages 13 and up. Plays in 30 to 45 minutes.

Modiphius Entertainment – Elder Scrolls new expansion sets
Stormcloak Skirmishers
– 2 Stormcloak archers, 2 Stormcloak Huntsmen and 2 Stormcloak Swordsmen ready to fight for the honor of the Stormcloaks. You’ll need to either download cards or get them from the Civil War card deck #1

Imperial Legion Reinforcements – 3 Imperial archers and 3 Imperial soldiers ready to bulk up your Imperial forces. You’ll need to either download cards or get them from the Civil War card deck #1.

Cubicle Seven – Middenhiem : City of the White Wolf
Many details about the City of the White Wolf, new locations and rules help flesh out the city and the locales about it, new creatures and NPCs help make Middenhiem and very interesting place to be. Also includes a career for devotees of Ulric as well as character creation for Middenhiemers, Middenlander and Nordlander characters.

Modiphius Entertainment – Conan the King
The ultimate sourcebook for the kingdoms of Hyboria and it’s courts. New character options and castses, source material of Aquilonia, monstrous foes, allies and enemies such as Zelata and Rinaldo, myths and magic, rules for holdings and titles, important personalities like Zenobia and King Conan, rules and setting information for campaigns set in court or on the road to the throne, new maps, art and source information.

Renegade Games – Vampire the Masquerade
The fifth edition of the Vampire RPG, this time manufactured by Renegade Games. 

Grinning Gargoyle Games – Tenfold Dungeon
A new game accessory made in different sizes of full color heavy card trays, they clip together to form rooms, corridors or interior walls. A punchboard includes fold up stairs, and the trays can be flipped over to create elevated levels. There is a 1” grid on each piece to help regulate movement and game effects. Each set has : 2 Large Rooms (30x36cm), 10x Rooms of various sizes, 16 Door Clips, Assortment of plastic corner and t-clips and 3 punchboards containing several designs of doors and two gates, detachable walls and detachable set of stairs. Dungeon, temple, town, a sci-fi facility and castle settings are all available.

Friday Night Update!

Fantasy Flight Games – Marvel Champions : Venom
Includes a pre-built 60 card Venom deck, 29 new anyone-can-use hero cards and a nemesis set featuring the enraged symbiote. 

Fundemental Games – Die in the Dungeon
1 or 2 players compete in this reverse dungeon crawler to defeat the heroes coming through the dungeon with their custom creatures and labyrinths. Plays in under an hour and allows 1 or two players tons of dungeon slaying fun. Ages 14 and up.

Plaid Hat Games – Ashes Reborn Ashes 1.5 upgrade kit
(sorry, sold out of it – but we will get more later)

Onyx Path Publishing – Scarred Lands Creature Collection (for 5e)
Over 175 creature from the Scarred Lands with full write ups, color illustrations and more. Also includes appendices with battle maps, encounter seeds and challenge rating indexes. Over 200 pages of information.

Mongoose Publishing – Traveller : Aliens of Charted Space Volume 1
Full rules on creating characters of these differing races, their backgrounds, equipment, careers and more. The Aslan, Vargr, Zhodani and K’kree are covered in this 300+ page book. Everything you need to add these braces and characters and encounters.

R Talsorian Games – Cyberpunk RED Data Screen
All the data you need on a hard card four panel screen with amazing art on the player side to set them in the mood while you play.

Multiman Publishing – The Third Winter : Ukraine 1943-1944
This game covers the campaign in the Ukraine September ‘43 – April ‘44 between the German and Soviet armies. This Operational Scale game uses a 5 mile hex and 3.5 day turn. It features several scenarios ranging from an 8 turn Korsun Pocket scenario to a 63 turn full campaign. Includes a myriad of counters, series and special rulebooks, 4 game maps, a special scenario map, 2,800 counters, bunches of playaids and hours (if not weeks and months) of fun.

GMT Games – Storm Above the Reich
This solitaire game puts you in command of an FW190 squadron trying to stop daylight raids over Germany from 1942 to early 1945. Pick pilots, outfit your fighters and attack the bombers as best you can. For 1 or 2 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in 4 hours or so.

GMT Games – 1846 Race for the Midwest
Second printing of the game that puts you in the shoes of a 19th century tycoon attempting to create a link from the East through the Alleghenies to Chicago and Saint Louis. This 18xx system game has unique features such as an opening draft, variable set up and shorter game play that makes it a desirable entry into the series for new players.

Playroom Games – Pass the Pandas
Roll your dice and keep, pass them to other players or discard them entirely as dictated by the rules. Be the first one to get rid of all your dice to win. Includes 20 custom dice and rules. For ages 6 and up. Plays in around 10-15 minutes with 2 to 5 players.

World of Tanks – new releases
US : M26 Pershing, UK : Comet, Soviet : IS2 – each tank is painted, includes the unit card, 5 upgrade cards and an online bonus code for new and existing players.

Northstar Military Figures – New Rangers of the Shadowdeep Miniatures
ROSD19 – Humpback (minotaur-esqe creature)
ROSD18 – Arisien & Pabrim : Across the Wastes Companions
ROSD17 – Zombie Camel (1 hump zombie camel)

Calliope Games – Enchanted Plumes
This card game challenges 2 to 5 players (ages 8 and up) to assemble plumes for their magical peacocks by gathering feather cards and matching rows of color. Game plays in 30 minutes to an hour depending on the players.

Mantic – Gothic Grounds Terrain Crate
Includes 4 barren trees, 2 tree stumps and 2 mushroom patches along with some parts to customize your trees.

Darrington Press – Ukotoa
A semi-cooperative game for 3 to 5 players where you attempt to have your sailors be the last to be claimed by the raging leviathan Uk’otoa. For ages 12 and up, plays in around 45 minutes. Includes sailor meeples, deck hexes, movement cards, rules, a 52mm miniature of the sea creature and hours of terrifying fun

Phalanx Games – Rocketman
A deck building game for 1 to 4 players where you have to balance your money and your mission to find the most efficient way of progressing. Designed for ages 14 and up. Plays in about an hour. Includes game board, player boards, cards, tokens and rules.

July 9th – new releases and news

It’s Friday and we’ve caught up with all the other work enough to let me post the information today…

Arcane Tinmen – Harry Potter Card Sleeves
Polypropylene free card sleeves with house artwork on one side (lightly textured) and clear front.   House Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor are available.

Pazio Publishing – Starfinder Flip-Tiles : Space Station Docking Bay
245 double sided map tiles with starship hangars, catwalks, airlocks, lounges and more to create quick and colorful areas to adventure in.

Pazio Publishing – new Pathfinder & Starfinder releases
Pathfinder Pawn Collection : Abomination Vaults – over 200 full color hard card pawns to represent creatures and NPCs from the Abomination Vault Adventure Path.

Pathfinder Flip Mat : Malevolence –  a double sided, full color, laminated map showing two stories of a haunted house. This 24 x 30 mat has a 1” grid superimposed on it and folds down to 8 x 10” so it fits in with your books. You can write on and remove dry erase, wet erased, grease pencil and alcohol based markers from the mat when done.

Pathfinder Flip Mast : Museum – a double sided, full color, laminated map depicting a three story museum and courtyard.  This 24 x 30 mat has a 1” grid superimposed on it and folds down to 8 x 10” so it fits in with your books. You can write on and remove dry erase, wet erased, grease pencil and alcohol based markers from the mat when done.

Starfinder : The Gilded Cage – part 6 of the Fly Free or Die Adventure Path
This last chapter of the story pits the players against Lord Sinjin and the Golden League in an effort to finally be free of bounties, assassins and other entanglements. Includes new ships, locales, creatures and a guide for continuing the adventure past its end.

Starfinder : Planetfall – part 1 of the Horizons of the Vast Adventure Path
This 1st level adventure finds the party taking part in settling a new world. Can you survive on a new planet contending with its inhabitants, wilderness and creatures? Includes a toolbox for creating and administering a brand new settlement, a settlement ship and more.

Pathfinder Lost Omens : The Mwangi Expanse
South of the Barrier Wall Mountains lies the Mwangi Expanse. A land with a diversity of cultures, and peoples with a myriad of city states, monsters, intrigue and magic previously unknown. See a new part of the world, explore its history and secrets. A new 300+ page hardbound book.

Pathfinder Adventure Module : Malevolence
This horror based adventure is designed for 3rd level characters featuring hideous new monsters, magical items, spells and a fully detailed haunted house. Research the house’s macabre background and put your companions’ bravery to the test.

Pathfinder : Fists of the Ruby Phoenix Adventure Path
Thirty Two teams of the greatest warriors, warlocks, wanderers and wizards compete in the Ruby Phoenix Tournament by surviving the gauntlet of Danger Island and it’s hazards. But that’s not it, if the team moves past that qualifier a be forced to fight the other teams and the unexpected that may occur all the way until the end of the battles. This is a three part story arc starting with 11th level characters and up through 20th level. These three books detail the story, monsters, NPCs and more action than you might expect.

Chaosium Inc – Call of Cthulhu : Alone Against the Tide
A solitaire adventure by the lakeshore. Set in the 1920s, this solo horror adventure puts the player in Esbury, Massachusetts. Use a pre-generated character from the book or one of your own. Your choices will affect not only your own future, but the fate of the town and its inhabitants as well. Requires the Call of Cthulhu rules to play.  

Chaosium Inc – Call of Cthulhu : Does Love Forgive?
A pair of one-on-one scenarios for CoC. Designed for the Keeper and one player, both adventures can play in one or two sessions. One is set in February of 1929 in Chicago, the other in New York of 1932. Designed for the Call of Cthulhu Starter Set or 7th edition rules.

Legendary Games – Aegis of Empires : Adventure AE3 – When Comes the Moon
Designed for use with the Lost Lands setting, the adventures  in this story arc can easily fit into your own world as well. This is designed for 8th level characters using 5e D&D rpg rules. A sinister force stalks the night. An ancient observatory kept by a tiny order of monks has had a number of mysterious events and disappearances. Can you venture to the high peaks and hope to save this remnant of a more learned age and it’s keepers?   

Studio Tomahawk – Muskets & Tomahawk : Shako & Bayonet
This supplement provides rules to play from the end of the French Revolutionary War through the Napoleonic Wars. There is historical information for the period between 1805 and 1815, new scenarios, an event table, army lists as well as new traits and command abilities

Shako & Bayonet Card Deck – in stock now

Rock Manor Games – Lawyer Up
A 2 player game of courtroom drama. The defense and prosecution go through several phases getting evidence, examinations and influence the jury. Each game is different with card play and combinations working to create a unique narrative. Can you get the outcome you want? Ages 13 and up. Plays in about an hour

Lawyer Up – Witch Hunt
Set in the period between February 1692 and May of 1693 colonial Massachusetts was held in the grip of the Witchcraft Trials.  This Lawyer Up expansion set allows you to recreate the period with the defense trying to save the accused and the prosecution attempting to execute them as witches.

Lawyer Up – Godfather
Set in the Prohibition Era, Carmine Monacellis is on trail in the Atlantic City racketeering trails. Includes new mechanics and cards to recreate this themed trail.

Twogether Studio Games – The Adventure Zone : Bureau of Balance
This 2 to 5 player game challenges players to work together to locate and recover relics from dungeons deep before they are used to destroy the whole world. Designed for ages 13 and up. Plays in around an hour to an hour and a half. A deck based cooperative storytelling game

Renegade Games – Aggretsuko : Work/Rage Balance
Go from mild mannered office worker to raging heavy metal rock star in this card game as you trace to finish your workday. Three to six players, ages 10 and up, takes about 30 minutes. Combine co-workers to get your hand emptied before the other players

Osprey Games – Imperium Legends
A standalone card game that contains three civilizations (Arthurian, Utopian and Atlantean) as well as 5 different civilizations to play against. Fully compatible with Imperium : Classics. Designed for 1 to 4 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in about 40 minutes per player. Can be played competitively or solo

Necrotic Gnome Games – Old School Essential Advanced Fantasy
Brexit? Pandemic? Blocked Canal? Ha!  It doesn’t matter because our books are finally here.

Advanced Fantasy Players Tome –
Everything from the Classic Fantasy Players Tome with 13 classes, 10 races, equipment lists, over 200 spells, and more. Simple, fast paced rules with a clear, modern presentation. Compatible with decades of classic adventures and supplements.

Old School Essentials – Advanced Fantasy Referee’s Tome
Full guidelines for creating & running adventures, over 300 monsters and magic items, encounter tables, treasures and bunches more. Clear, modern presentation of simple, fast paced rules. Compatible with decades of adventures and supplements.

Old School Essentials – Advanced Fantasy Genre Rules
Upgrades the Classic Fantasy Rules to Advanced Fantasy with 9 new human and 6 new demi-human classes, extra rules to add depth to combat, creation and spell casting.

Old School Essentials – Advanced Fantasy Treasures
A supplement to upgrade the Classic Fantasy with 150 magic items, special rods, staves, wands, swords and miscellany of magic inspired by the 1970s Advanced Rules.

Old School Essentials – Advanced Fantasy Druid and Illusionists Spells
34 druid and 72 illusionist spells all designed to fit with Old School Essentials to upgrade your Classic game experience with Advanced spells.

Old School Essentials – Advanced Fantasy Monsters
120 terrifying, weird and wonderful monsters based on the 1970s Advanced Rules, monsters, encounter tables, and loads of classic fiends. Upgrade your classic game to Advanced monsters.

Pre-Independence Day Releases

Rock Manor Games – AlderQuest
An area control/tile placement game with resource collection and scoring. Collect acorns, manipulate the Matching Board, activate abilities, lay hidden tiles, play traps and Quarrels while your minions move about in search of more. For 1 to 4 players, ages 10 and up. Plays in about an hour to an hour and a half depending on players. 

Greater Than Games – Kill Doctor Lucky (Deluxe 24 ¾ Anniversary Edition)  
The classic game, redone with rules, variants, wooden pawns and tokens, new full color board and more.

Rio Grande Games – Iberian Railways
A 3 to 5 player competition to connect cities in Spain and Portugal. Finance your building with loans from the Bank of Madrid, invest in local business, gain bonuses and manage your investments as best you can. Designed by Winsome Games and well as Rio Grande. For players ages 14 and up. Takes about an hour to play.

Pegasus Spiele – Honey
2 to 4 players (ages 5 and up) attempt to spread pollen with their bees, gather nectar and fill up their honey jars. Plays in 15 to 30 minutes. Includes colorful 3d components. 

Troll Lord Games – 5th edition roleplaying : Monsters & Treasure of Aihrde
Over 170 monsters including Lesser Dragons, demons, devils and more. And as an added bonus, a mountain of magic items are included as well.

Modiphius Entertainment – Conan the Adventurer (Conan RPG)
A guide to the lands south of the Styx river including Stygia, Kush, Darfur, Keshan, Punt, Zembabwei and the West known as the Black Kingdoms. Mystery, ancient  cultures, ruins, adventure and intrigue call to you. New archetypes, important NPCs, Conan in his years adventuring in the realms, beasts and monsters, myths, magic and maps.

Chasioum Inc – The Children of Fear
A 1920s Campaign Across Asia. This multi-part campaign takes you Central Asia and Northern India. Eight chapters cover sights, sounds, encounters and dangers across Peking, Sian, Peshwar, Kham and other exotic locations. Lots of information dealing with travel, NPCs, spells, a reference bibliography and more.

First Falling Leaf – Sins RPG
SINS is a narrative role-playing game focused on telling the stories of powerful entities – known as Nemissaries – in the ruins of 22nd Century Earth. These reborn individuals are people of immense will, who have dragged themselves back from the brink of death, and returned with a wealth of mysterious powers with which to fight the undying hive-mind known only as the Brood. SINS utilizes a D6-based dice pool engine, built around fluidity, narrative play, and character development.

New Releases – get’em now for your weekend of fun!

Vallejo – World of Tanks miniature game Paint Set
8 colors (US, USSR, UK and German tank colors, wood, metal, drybrush color and a blackwash) as well as 2 brushes in a kit with instructions.

Great Escape Games – Gunfighters
10 multipart plastic models with multiple weapon options, as well as bunches o’ extras to customize your group. Revolvers, rifles, shotguns and repeaters along with lots of extras.

Pelgrane Press – Mutant City Blues (2nd Edition)
A Gumshoe game of contemporary super powers. This new second edition upgrades modes of play, adds character templates, super powered private eyes, a new scenario (Blue on Blue), expanded chase rules and more. Become a member of the Heightened Crime Investigation Unit and solve crimes involving the cities Mutant community. Use special abilities, protocols and more to do your job.  

Legendary Games – Aegis of Empires : The Ebon Soul
A Fifth Edition adventure set in the Lost Lands Campaign, this second adventure in the story arc challenges you to deal with dark agents intent on obtaining a legendary relic and using it for their own ends. Designed for use with the Lost Lands the adventures in this story are all loosely connected so they can easily be used in your own game world.

Pelgrane Press – The Esoterror Factbook
Information from the secret files of Ordo Veritatis, this factbook briefs you on what you need to know to send players into confrontations with agents bent on bringing about a supernatural apocalypse.  Procedures and protocols, running fixed location campaigns, information about the enemy, dread locations, further GM advice and more.

Arc Dream Publishing – PX Poker Night
A scenario for Delta Green. A dozen misfits have been stationed at Platte AFB, a place aircraft and careers go to die. The middle of nowhere in Nebraska. As the Saturday night poker game gets started and the players start to relax an unmarked van pulls up, guards in bizarre helmets get out and a hush falls across the table. The game continues – but then things get bizarre and deadly. This adventure includes six pregenerated characters and  a full adventure.

Modiphius Entertainment – Fallout Wasteland Warfare : New Vegas Expansion
This expansion for the miniature game includes cards for NCR, Caesar’s Legion and other sets, new rules and new scenarios.

Steve Jackson Games – Munchkin Unicorn Dice Bag
What more can you need than a satin lined dice bag? How about a large bag, lined with satin and having a unicorn, candy and cupcakes on one side and a dark unicorn and candy on the other?

Modiphius Entertainment – new Fallout Wasteland Warfare miniature boxes
Caesar’s Legion Core Box –
includes 8 miniatures. Centurion, Decanus, Legion Explorer, two Legion Recruits and Three Legion Prime and 8 scenic bases.

NCR Top Brass  box set –
Includes Chief Hanlon, General Oliver and Lt. Grobets as well as scenic bases.  

New Wizkids HD prepainted D&D Icons of the Realm Miniatures
 Tabaxi Rogue, Elf Rogue, Human (female) Cleric, Dwarf (male) Cleric, Elf (female) Wizard, Human (female) Monk, Halfling (male) Fighter, Water Genasi Druid, Fire Genasi Wizard and  Tiefling Rogue

Pazio – Pathfinder Critical Hit and Critical Fumble Decks
54 card decks, each with full color art. When you crit pull a card and apply one of the four effects listed to add a whole lot of character to your game.

And more new items in store…

Atomic Mass Games – Crisis Protocol : NYC Apartment Building
Includes the building with 11 double sided walls, 2 facades, 1 water tower, fire escape, rooftop entrance, skylight, billboard, fire hydrants,windows AC units, pigeons and more. A wonderfully modular building set to populate your city.

Modiphius – The Spy Game
A RPG of action and espionage (for 5e D&D rules) allowing you to build your own spy. Use familiar systems to create stories, unleash minions, villains and evil genius, explore the world and it’s agencies, design complex plots and deadly encounters for a full throttle campaign. 

 Mongoose Publishing – Paranoid : Project Infinite Hole
This boxed set includes a deck for R&D items, an R&D mission book including two complete missions to start the Infinite Hole campaign, GM R&D Service Book with lots of information for the GM and the Happy Testing Catalogue with experimental devices and much more. Everything you need to have R&D play a real role in your Paranoia campaign.

Paranoia : The Hole Blame adventure  
Third mission in the Infinite Hole Project series (no need to have the prior missions under your belt, but it helps). Can you figure out where citizens small items are going to? Why the computer is thinking of disbanding R&D? How to deal with the Briefbot? Good luck troubleshooter.

Paranoia : Mind the Gap adventure
Fourth mission in the Infinite Hole series of adventures. No need to have played the prior missions. But you should have. Can the Troubleshooters save the world? Seriously. Work together to stop the world from being destroyed. Well, can you? Work through the mission and find out.

Paranoia Year 214 Extinction-Class Incident Responses
15 different experiments that the GM can introduce as new exciting three part missions. 90+ pages of ideas and excitement.

Paranoia Thriftylist : Refurbished Stuff
Many an experimental device has begun it’s life, malfunctioned and then got tossed aside. But what if you could have R&D -fix- that faulty thing and make it better than before? New items, new rules, items from the past of Paranoia refurbished to be neat and shiny new. Over 50 pages of fun.

Paranoia Thriftylist Deck – Cards for the Thriftylist items to make your life so much easier.

Paranoia Disaster Deck – a deck full of unexpected issues that your troubleshooters can experience. Each card has an instant effect and an ongoing effect that happen until that card is neutralized. And as a bonus the back looks like a regular action card. Surprise!

Modiphius Entertainment – Conan the Scout 
A new Conan RPG supplement set in the Thunder River area with new archetypes, equipment, a gazetteer covering the border areas, information on the deep forests of the Pictish Wilderness as well as their tribes, magic and customs. Rules for carousing between adventures, stunning art and maps, descriptions of many groups that adventure in the wilderness and the ways to join them.

Worldsforge – Field Command Singapore 1942
Play as British, Australian or Japanese commanders during the battle of Singapore. Replay the historical situation or one of the hypothetical scenarios. Manage supplies, defend objectives and decide how to engage the enemy. Includes over 120 plastic units pieces, infantry, armor, guns and aircraft. 3 full campaign scenarios and 4 tactical scenarios, a unique combat system, strategic and tactical gameplay and more.

Reaper Miniatures – new Bones USA scifi miniatures
30013 – Roogtarki Ore Hound (six legged fanged beastie)
30014 – Genesis, Viceroy Female Assassin
30015 – Sansavar Chung, Viceroy troubleshooter (space dwarf)
30016 – Zara Arkos Jumper (female human with shovel & artifact)
30017 – Devo Ranks, Cyberist (human with cyber equipment)
30018 – Oonda, Roogtarki Smuggler (hulking orc-like humanoid with pistol)
30019 – Asanis, Mercury Flyer (female with sword & pistol)
30020 – Rook, Arkos Jumper (human space prospector)
30028 – Chit Jubal, Arkos Chopper (human with portable hydraulic saw)
30029 – Viceroy Enforcers (3) (humanoid armored troopers)
30030 – Brom Grippon, Arko Gadgeteer

Fantasy Flight Games – Star Wars X-WIng Trident Class Assault Ship
Largest of the X-Wing game ships, this assault craft comes with a cooperative scenario allowing heroes to go against the Colicoid Destroyer controlled by an Automated Maneuver Deck or field it with your Imperial or Scum & Villainy fleets.  Use upgrades to customize your ship and own the battlefield. Includes both standard upgrade cards, quickbuild cards to get onto the table quickly, damage deck, fire ruler, dail, tokens and more.

Days of Wonder – Ticket to Ride Europe : 15th Anniversary
This new oversized includes new plastic trains and stations, oversized deluxe components and tin boxes to hold each players components. A special one time run of the classic game remastered. 

New releases for this week (6/18)

Kromlech – Frostgrave Terrain Sets
Different laser cut terrain sets ranging from a ruined temple, to cemetery, mausoleum, a merchant house, city and town ruins as well as towers and special sites. Each kit is laser cut MDF.

Kromlech – Frostgrave Resin Scenery
Small sets of terrain fcast in resin. Stone & wood ruined city walls and abandoned warehouse bits (chests, crates and debris). Each have several pieces cast and ready to put on the tabletop or to get a coat of paint for display.    

Kosmos – EXIT the Game : The Gate Between Worlds.
A new medium complexity ‘escape room’ game for 1 to 4 players.  You find an ancient map which leads to a cavern and a mysterious circular gate. Can you figure out it’s use? how to activate it? Where it leads? A unique game experience that leads to several different worlds and realities. Plays in 1 to 2 hours. Ages 12 and up.

Kosmos – EXIT the Game : The Sacred Temple
This medium complexity ‘escape room’ style game challenges you to complete jigsaw puzzles in order to gain clues, solve riddles, locate the missing doctor and recover relics before they fall it the hands of devious robbers. Ages 10 and up. Takes 2-3 hours to play. Includes 4 puzzles with 88 pieces each, documents, decoder disks and more.

Kosmos – EXIT the Game : The Deserted Lighthouse
This high complexity ‘escape room’ style game challenges you to gain access to a lighthouse which has suddenly gone dark, reactivate the beacon and save the ship heading toward the rocky cliffs. Ages 12 and up. Takes 2-3 hours to play. Includes 4 puzzles with 88 pieces each, documents, decoder disks and more.

Fantasy Flight Games – Marvel Champions Drax the Destroyer
This latest Hero pack includes a complete Drax deck, 24 new generic cards that can add to any Hero deck, and a Nemesis Set featuring Yotat the Destroyer.

Frog God Games – Tehuatl for the Lost Lands Setting
This book details the last remnant of the Altepetl Alliance, a Meso-American themed civilization that thousands of years ago held sway over vast tracts of the lands. Now that changes in the world has made the territory habitable again survivors have come to reclaim what was once theirs. 100+ full color pages with a pull out poster map, background, culture, history, gazetteer of the lands, encounter tables, flora and fauna as well as much, much more.

Pokemon Sword & Shield : Chilling Reign cards are in!
Booster packs ( 10 card booster), 3 booster carded packs (3 boosters, coins and special foils), Chilling Reign Elite Trainer Box (8 booster packs, 65 card sleeves, 45 energy cards, players guide, rulebook, damage counter dice, coin-flip die, condition counters, collector box and Online Game code.

Necromancer Games – Tome of Alchemy
Hundreds of items, dozens of spells, an alchemical research system, alchemy mistake tables, adventure hooks and much more. 100+ pages of information.

Ludonaute – Lost Explorers
2 to 4 players send expeditions around the world to gather information. Procure vehicles, gather missions, piece together clues and find the secret you and your opponents seek. For ages 10 and up. Plays in under an hour. Includes a world map, tokens, meeples, tiles and hours of excitement.

Necromancer Games – The Midderlands
A 5e D&D setting and Bestiary. A dark fantasy old-school setting that takes place in a twisted middle England. Includes a pull out poster map, bunches of background, beasts, a gazetteer, adventure hooks and more. Full color illustrated and hard bound.  
Kobold Guide to Monsters
a digest sized book with bunches of information from fifteen of the brightest in the gaming industry. How to use the creatures in its native environment,  how to determine the critters  motivation, desires and tendencies, detailed descriptions, adventure ideas and much more. 100+ pages of information.

Necromancer Games – Tome of Horrors 2020
From Zombie Sphinx to the Aquatic leviathan called Afanc there are a myriad of creatures, monsters and beasts from the underworld, elemental planes and more. Over 230 pages, indexed by CR, with full writeups and illustrations.

Cranio Games – Maha Raja
1 to 4 players (ages 12 and up) don the vestments of one of the great Indian Deities, travel the kingdom, build altars and statues and attempt to gain the most influence. Includes variant rules to add new facts to the game and a challenging solo mode. Plays in about 90 minutes. Includes a giant board, over 100 3d pieces and hours of strategic fun.  

Fantasy Flight Games – Star Wars Armada : Pelta class Frigate
A painted miniature, ship cards, upgrade cards and tokens.

Renegade Games – The Snallygaster Situation : Kids on Bikes boardgame
Designed for 2 to 5 players, this boardgame pits you and your friends against one of four diabolical monsters whose goal is to destroy Lakeview. Search for clues, determine their weakness, find the missing kids and end the threat to town. Designed for ages 8 and up. Plays in about an hour. 

Friday night. New items, new things to read, new games to play, new miniatures to paint. Plenty of games to play.
Uberstax – Ubertrays
A set of 4 trays designed to hold tokens, chits, dice, etc. They interlock either horizontally or vertically and come with a cover for storage. Can also interlock with Ubertrayz token/counter/chit/card holders to hold your hand and counters at one time.

Giga Mech Games – Aydolon : Age of Heroes
A cooperative multiplayer game where you battle epic and legendary foes for loot and glory. Designed for 2 to 5 players. It plays in 30 minutes to an hour depending on total players. Create your hero, customize and wade through the bad guys. Gain artifacts and press on to claim victory through your encounters.

Final Frontier Games – Drawn to Adventure
1 to 4 players embark on a journey across the Five Realms where you try to complete quests and earn rewards. This is a campaign driven roll and write game that uses a dry erase flip book to play. Plays in 30 to 90 minutes depending on players and campaign played. For ages 14 and up.
Q-Workshop – The Expanse dice Sets
Six dice with special patterns designed for the Expanse. Earth (Blue & White), Martian (red & black) and Belter (black and white) dice sets of 6d6.

Ares Games – Sword and Sorcery expansions
Chaotic Familiars Set – includes 5 plastic familiars, cards, treasure cards and reference sheet.Cat, Crow, Bat, Imp and Drakeling miniatures.

Lawful Familiars – includes 5 plastic familiars, cards, treasure cards and reference sheet.Dog, Boar, Horned Lizard and Owl miniatures.

Ghost Soul Form Heroes – Five plastic miniatures representing the Ghost Soul versions of slain characters. Includes the 5 miniatures, 2 sets of cards, Remembrances and Backgrounds.

DVG Games – Zero Leader
This is a solitaire game puts you in command of an IJN or IJAAF squadron during the Pacific Campaigns of WW2. Take part in campaigns from Pearl Harbor to the Home Island Defense. Includes a huge selection of aircraft to use, a cooperative rule set and a crossover Zero Leader/Corsair Leader crossover to play head to head against the Allies.

Compass Games – No Motherland Without : Korea in Crisis and the Cold War
A card driven strategy game for 1 or 2 players depicting clashes between the Kim regimes and the West from 1953 to the present day. Solitaire scenarios feature tough decisions and player agency over dice outcomes. For ages 14 and up. Plays in 90 to 120 minutes.

Pegasus Spiele – Dungeon Doodle
Create a deadly dungeon to create your treasures from heroes. Can you make your dungeon deadlier than your foes and be named Most Malicious Dungeon Master? Ages 10 and up. Plays in around an hour. For 2 to 4 players.

Compass Games – The Battle for Armageddon
This game explores a speculative future where a final battle is fought in the middle east signaling the end times. The map stretches from Egypt to Iran and the armies of Israel, the Arabs Magig (Russia), the Revived Roman Empire (Europe), the US and the Kings of the East (Chine) are all represented. Apocalyptic Events, special powers, nuclear weapons and homeland populations all play a part in the struggle. Control Jerusalem at games end to win. The game uses a simple but challenging system to manage combats quickly. Manipulate allies and opponents in order to achieve your goals. Plays in 2 to 4 hours. Ages 14 and up, for 2 to 6 players.

Everything Epic – Rambo : First Blood Boardgame
This solitaire boardgame puts you in the shoes of John Rambo. This thematic story filled game pits you against long odds. Plays in around 90 minutes. Ages 14 and up.

Fantasy Flight Games – Arkham Horror expansion : Secrets of the Order
This expansion adds four new investigators, new scenarios, map tiles and bunches of cards. Beware the Order of the Silver Twilight and their plots.

Northstar Military Figures – new Stargrave Miniatures
The Old Rogues – six metal miniatures of various aliens for your crew or to oppose your plans.

The Old Rogues – Robots – two metal robot miniatures to help or hinder your captains plan.

The Loot – 5 metal objective markers for your Stargrave (or other 28mm ) game.

Plastic Crew Box – several sprues of plastic to make up to 20 multi-part plastic crewmembers.

Plastic Troopers Box – Sprues to make up to 20 troopers with a range of weapons and heavy armor.

Plastic Mercenaries Box – a number of sprues to create up to 20 Mercenaries to bolster your force or act as opposition during your games.

Renegade Games – Embarcadero
1 to 4 players compete in financial speculation & enterprise in an attempt to control the dockside and build up your business empire. For ages 12 and up, plays in about 60 to 90 miniatures. Game board, ship tiles, bunches of cards, tokens, rules, coins, solo play aid & more.

Warlock Tiles – Dungeon and Urban themed tiles. These sets have 1″ tall walls as opposed to the taller ones earlier released.

Indie Press RPGs – we got a restock and some new ones too.

Friday Night Fun!

Here we are, getting ready for a summer-like weekend. Need something to do? a new game? Minis? We can do that.

Reaper Miniatures Bones USA – Elanter the Lost Prince
Elven fighter with bow & spear, armored in a scale hauberk. Cast in the new Bones USA plastic.

Northstar Miniatures – Old Rogues : The Robots
2 metal cyber minis for your scifi 28mm gaming.

Rangers of the Shadowdeep – Gorbin the Ogre
Metal Ogre mini with a big olde sword

Ogre Thug
a resin ogre mini armed with a big club in snazzy duds.

Machineage Productions -iHunt
An RPG of monster hunting for profit. Powered by FATE, based on the novels.

Unstable Games – Happy Little Dinosaurs
2-4 player game of survival. Ages 8 and up. Plays in about an hour, less with less players.

Unstable Games – Happy Little Dinosaurs : 5-6 player expansion
Everything you need to  add 2 more players to the game. Cards, meeples, rules.

Ndemic – Plague Inc  The Board Game
1 to 4 players attempt to evolve into the most deadly virus. Designed for ages 14 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Ndemic – Plague Inc : Armageddon
Includes new expansion types (fungal spores and bioweapons) , Add a fifth player and new events and more.

Ares Games – Masters of the Night
1 to 5 players work together as members of a vampire clan to keep their presence secret, fight the inquisition and prepare to undertake a ritual to seal the fate of the city. 

Grand Gamers Guild – Gorinto
1 to 4 players work to harness the power of the elements in order to create a memorial shrine. Can you master the elements, find wisdom, cultivate the landscape and become fully understanding. Age 14 and up, playing in about half an hour.

Kosmos – Andor The Family Fantasy Game
2 to 4 players adventure in the lands of Andor to solve quests and protect the people. Designed for ages 7 and up. Plays in under an hour.

Cool Mini or Not – Bug Hunt
2 to 4 players (ages 5 and up) play cards to search for bugs, look out for the bitey ones, try to collect all their color of bug and win. Plays in about 15 minutes

Fantasy Flight Games – Recusant Class Destroyer
A Seperatist droid destroyer, includes prepainted ship, 2 ship cards, 14 upgrade cards, tokens  and  base.