New releases for this week (6/18)

Kromlech – Frostgrave Terrain Sets
Different laser cut terrain sets ranging from a ruined temple, to cemetery, mausoleum, a merchant house, city and town ruins as well as towers and special sites. Each kit is laser cut MDF.

Kromlech – Frostgrave Resin Scenery
Small sets of terrain fcast in resin. Stone & wood ruined city walls and abandoned warehouse bits (chests, crates and debris). Each have several pieces cast and ready to put on the tabletop or to get a coat of paint for display.    

Kosmos – EXIT the Game : The Gate Between Worlds.
A new medium complexity ‘escape room’ game for 1 to 4 players.  You find an ancient map which leads to a cavern and a mysterious circular gate. Can you figure out it’s use? how to activate it? Where it leads? A unique game experience that leads to several different worlds and realities. Plays in 1 to 2 hours. Ages 12 and up.

Kosmos – EXIT the Game : The Sacred Temple
This medium complexity ‘escape room’ style game challenges you to complete jigsaw puzzles in order to gain clues, solve riddles, locate the missing doctor and recover relics before they fall it the hands of devious robbers. Ages 10 and up. Takes 2-3 hours to play. Includes 4 puzzles with 88 pieces each, documents, decoder disks and more.

Kosmos – EXIT the Game : The Deserted Lighthouse
This high complexity ‘escape room’ style game challenges you to gain access to a lighthouse which has suddenly gone dark, reactivate the beacon and save the ship heading toward the rocky cliffs. Ages 12 and up. Takes 2-3 hours to play. Includes 4 puzzles with 88 pieces each, documents, decoder disks and more.

Fantasy Flight Games – Marvel Champions Drax the Destroyer
This latest Hero pack includes a complete Drax deck, 24 new generic cards that can add to any Hero deck, and a Nemesis Set featuring Yotat the Destroyer.

Frog God Games – Tehuatl for the Lost Lands Setting
This book details the last remnant of the Altepetl Alliance, a Meso-American themed civilization that thousands of years ago held sway over vast tracts of the lands. Now that changes in the world has made the territory habitable again survivors have come to reclaim what was once theirs. 100+ full color pages with a pull out poster map, background, culture, history, gazetteer of the lands, encounter tables, flora and fauna as well as much, much more.

Pokemon Sword & Shield : Chilling Reign cards are in!
Booster packs ( 10 card booster), 3 booster carded packs (3 boosters, coins and special foils), Chilling Reign Elite Trainer Box (8 booster packs, 65 card sleeves, 45 energy cards, players guide, rulebook, damage counter dice, coin-flip die, condition counters, collector box and Online Game code.

Necromancer Games – Tome of Alchemy
Hundreds of items, dozens of spells, an alchemical research system, alchemy mistake tables, adventure hooks and much more. 100+ pages of information.

Ludonaute – Lost Explorers
2 to 4 players send expeditions around the world to gather information. Procure vehicles, gather missions, piece together clues and find the secret you and your opponents seek. For ages 10 and up. Plays in under an hour. Includes a world map, tokens, meeples, tiles and hours of excitement.

Necromancer Games – The Midderlands
A 5e D&D setting and Bestiary. A dark fantasy old-school setting that takes place in a twisted middle England. Includes a pull out poster map, bunches of background, beasts, a gazetteer, adventure hooks and more. Full color illustrated and hard bound.  
Kobold Guide to Monsters
a digest sized book with bunches of information from fifteen of the brightest in the gaming industry. How to use the creatures in its native environment,  how to determine the critters  motivation, desires and tendencies, detailed descriptions, adventure ideas and much more. 100+ pages of information.

Necromancer Games – Tome of Horrors 2020
From Zombie Sphinx to the Aquatic leviathan called Afanc there are a myriad of creatures, monsters and beasts from the underworld, elemental planes and more. Over 230 pages, indexed by CR, with full writeups and illustrations.

Cranio Games – Maha Raja
1 to 4 players (ages 12 and up) don the vestments of one of the great Indian Deities, travel the kingdom, build altars and statues and attempt to gain the most influence. Includes variant rules to add new facts to the game and a challenging solo mode. Plays in about 90 minutes. Includes a giant board, over 100 3d pieces and hours of strategic fun.  

Fantasy Flight Games – Star Wars Armada : Pelta class Frigate
A painted miniature, ship cards, upgrade cards and tokens.

Renegade Games – The Snallygaster Situation : Kids on Bikes boardgame
Designed for 2 to 5 players, this boardgame pits you and your friends against one of four diabolical monsters whose goal is to destroy Lakeview. Search for clues, determine their weakness, find the missing kids and end the threat to town. Designed for ages 8 and up. Plays in about an hour. 

Friday night. New items, new things to read, new games to play, new miniatures to paint. Plenty of games to play.
Uberstax – Ubertrays
A set of 4 trays designed to hold tokens, chits, dice, etc. They interlock either horizontally or vertically and come with a cover for storage. Can also interlock with Ubertrayz token/counter/chit/card holders to hold your hand and counters at one time.

Giga Mech Games – Aydolon : Age of Heroes
A cooperative multiplayer game where you battle epic and legendary foes for loot and glory. Designed for 2 to 5 players. It plays in 30 minutes to an hour depending on total players. Create your hero, customize and wade through the bad guys. Gain artifacts and press on to claim victory through your encounters.

Final Frontier Games – Drawn to Adventure
1 to 4 players embark on a journey across the Five Realms where you try to complete quests and earn rewards. This is a campaign driven roll and write game that uses a dry erase flip book to play. Plays in 30 to 90 minutes depending on players and campaign played. For ages 14 and up.
Q-Workshop – The Expanse dice Sets
Six dice with special patterns designed for the Expanse. Earth (Blue & White), Martian (red & black) and Belter (black and white) dice sets of 6d6.

Ares Games – Sword and Sorcery expansions
Chaotic Familiars Set – includes 5 plastic familiars, cards, treasure cards and reference sheet.Cat, Crow, Bat, Imp and Drakeling miniatures.

Lawful Familiars – includes 5 plastic familiars, cards, treasure cards and reference sheet.Dog, Boar, Horned Lizard and Owl miniatures.

Ghost Soul Form Heroes – Five plastic miniatures representing the Ghost Soul versions of slain characters. Includes the 5 miniatures, 2 sets of cards, Remembrances and Backgrounds.

DVG Games – Zero Leader
This is a solitaire game puts you in command of an IJN or IJAAF squadron during the Pacific Campaigns of WW2. Take part in campaigns from Pearl Harbor to the Home Island Defense. Includes a huge selection of aircraft to use, a cooperative rule set and a crossover Zero Leader/Corsair Leader crossover to play head to head against the Allies.

Compass Games – No Motherland Without : Korea in Crisis and the Cold War
A card driven strategy game for 1 or 2 players depicting clashes between the Kim regimes and the West from 1953 to the present day. Solitaire scenarios feature tough decisions and player agency over dice outcomes. For ages 14 and up. Plays in 90 to 120 minutes.

Pegasus Spiele – Dungeon Doodle
Create a deadly dungeon to create your treasures from heroes. Can you make your dungeon deadlier than your foes and be named Most Malicious Dungeon Master? Ages 10 and up. Plays in around an hour. For 2 to 4 players.

Compass Games – The Battle for Armageddon
This game explores a speculative future where a final battle is fought in the middle east signaling the end times. The map stretches from Egypt to Iran and the armies of Israel, the Arabs Magig (Russia), the Revived Roman Empire (Europe), the US and the Kings of the East (Chine) are all represented. Apocalyptic Events, special powers, nuclear weapons and homeland populations all play a part in the struggle. Control Jerusalem at games end to win. The game uses a simple but challenging system to manage combats quickly. Manipulate allies and opponents in order to achieve your goals. Plays in 2 to 4 hours. Ages 14 and up, for 2 to 6 players.

Everything Epic – Rambo : First Blood Boardgame
This solitaire boardgame puts you in the shoes of John Rambo. This thematic story filled game pits you against long odds. Plays in around 90 minutes. Ages 14 and up.

Fantasy Flight Games – Arkham Horror expansion : Secrets of the Order
This expansion adds four new investigators, new scenarios, map tiles and bunches of cards. Beware the Order of the Silver Twilight and their plots.

Northstar Military Figures – new Stargrave Miniatures
The Old Rogues – six metal miniatures of various aliens for your crew or to oppose your plans.

The Old Rogues – Robots – two metal robot miniatures to help or hinder your captains plan.

The Loot – 5 metal objective markers for your Stargrave (or other 28mm ) game.

Plastic Crew Box – several sprues of plastic to make up to 20 multi-part plastic crewmembers.

Plastic Troopers Box – Sprues to make up to 20 troopers with a range of weapons and heavy armor.

Plastic Mercenaries Box – a number of sprues to create up to 20 Mercenaries to bolster your force or act as opposition during your games.

Renegade Games – Embarcadero
1 to 4 players compete in financial speculation & enterprise in an attempt to control the dockside and build up your business empire. For ages 12 and up, plays in about 60 to 90 miniatures. Game board, ship tiles, bunches of cards, tokens, rules, coins, solo play aid & more.

Warlock Tiles – Dungeon and Urban themed tiles. These sets have 1″ tall walls as opposed to the taller ones earlier released.

Indie Press RPGs – we got a restock and some new ones too.

Friday Night Fun!

Here we are, getting ready for a summer-like weekend. Need something to do? a new game? Minis? We can do that.

Reaper Miniatures Bones USA – Elanter the Lost Prince
Elven fighter with bow & spear, armored in a scale hauberk. Cast in the new Bones USA plastic.

Northstar Miniatures – Old Rogues : The Robots
2 metal cyber minis for your scifi 28mm gaming.

Rangers of the Shadowdeep – Gorbin the Ogre
Metal Ogre mini with a big olde sword

Ogre Thug
a resin ogre mini armed with a big club in snazzy duds.

Machineage Productions -iHunt
An RPG of monster hunting for profit. Powered by FATE, based on the novels.

Unstable Games – Happy Little Dinosaurs
2-4 player game of survival. Ages 8 and up. Plays in about an hour, less with less players.

Unstable Games – Happy Little Dinosaurs : 5-6 player expansion
Everything you need to  add 2 more players to the game. Cards, meeples, rules.

Ndemic – Plague Inc  The Board Game
1 to 4 players attempt to evolve into the most deadly virus. Designed for ages 14 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Ndemic – Plague Inc : Armageddon
Includes new expansion types (fungal spores and bioweapons) , Add a fifth player and new events and more.

Ares Games – Masters of the Night
1 to 5 players work together as members of a vampire clan to keep their presence secret, fight the inquisition and prepare to undertake a ritual to seal the fate of the city. 

Grand Gamers Guild – Gorinto
1 to 4 players work to harness the power of the elements in order to create a memorial shrine. Can you master the elements, find wisdom, cultivate the landscape and become fully understanding. Age 14 and up, playing in about half an hour.

Kosmos – Andor The Family Fantasy Game
2 to 4 players adventure in the lands of Andor to solve quests and protect the people. Designed for ages 7 and up. Plays in under an hour.

Cool Mini or Not – Bug Hunt
2 to 4 players (ages 5 and up) play cards to search for bugs, look out for the bitey ones, try to collect all their color of bug and win. Plays in about 15 minutes

Fantasy Flight Games – Recusant Class Destroyer
A Seperatist droid destroyer, includes prepainted ship, 2 ship cards, 14 upgrade cards, tokens  and  base.

Releases so far this week (June 3rd)

Catalyst Game Labs – Shadowrun Power Plays
Provides updates on the Big Ten MegaCorps of the Sixth World as well as information on a number of smaller corps. If your taking a job with them, going up against them or doing something one of them might take interest in, here is what you need to know.
Archon Studio – Starfinder minis.
each is a single 32mm plastic miniature kit designed for Pazio & Starfinder.

Queen Games – Winter Kingdom
2 to 4 player game where you build your kingdom bit by bit and try to dominate the landscape. The modular hexagonal board provides vast replayability and this stand alone sequel to Kingdoms even has game changing Twist cards that alter gameplay from the standard rules. Ages 8 and up. plays in about an hour.

Queen Games – Fresco Card & Dice Game
2 to 4 players try to restore the fresco of the cathedral Buy colors in the market, mix tones and fix the cathedral’s art. Plays in about 45 minutes.

Cubicle Seven – Soulbound Starter Set
Includes a 64 page guide to the City of Brightspear, an introduction to the Age of Sigmar world, 5 pregenerated characters, three reference sheets, a map of Brightspear and Aspiria, tokens and dice. There is a 48 page adventure which provides ancient ruins to explore and the book is set up to teach you the rules as you go along – no preparation required.

Portal Games – Empires of the North : Egyptian Kings
This expansion introduces 2 new clans, Amenhotep, the clan of time manipulating priests and Hatshepsut, clan of miracle workers. There are also 5 new islands, cards, tokens, rules and a sticker.

Final Frontier Games – Merchant’s Cove
Each player takes the role of a fantasy shop keeper with a unique shop. Sell your goods at the pier, get more supplies, create more efficient manufacturing and try to get rich. For 1 to 4 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in an hour to an hour and a half.

Merchant’s Cove Expansions :
The Secret Stash – adds Mr. Nasty drink peddling enterprise in addition to his rooms forn the night. Prepare and get drinks for the clientele, keep customers happy, get them rooms and make your monies. Beware, unhappy customers can cause problems and ruin your reputation making it harder to get future customers.

The Dragon Rancher – Play this new merchant who raises dragons and tries to balance feeding, cleaning and raising these prized mounts.

The Oracle – a new merchant who peddles charms, horoscopes and voodoo as you cater to customers who want to be surprised, but not too scared.

The Innkeeper – gets rooms for tired adventures. Lure them in, get them rooms and keep an orderly establishment. Look out for brawls. They can hurt your business.

Pazio Publishing new items :
Pathfinder Potions & Talismans Deck -Full color cards with statistics and descriptions of potions, ammunition, oils, scrolls and more.

Pathfinder Flipmat : Shipwrecks
24×30 laminated mat with two different full color wrecks, one sunken, one wrecked on rocks – both with 1” grid superimposed over them.

Pathfinder Classic Flipmat : Twisted Caverns
24×30 laminated mat with two different cavern complexes in full color with 1” grid.

Starfinder Flipmat : Solar Temple
24×30” mat in full color. Laminated to allow almost any writing to be removable. Two different temples, each with a 1” grid.

Starfinder Flipmat : Crashed Starship
24×30 mat, 1” grid superimposed over full color artwork. The mat is double sided showing the ground level wreck on one side, the buried area on the other. Both sides have special lamination to allow removable writing with almost any media.

Pathfinder Flip Tiles – Urban Waterfront Expansion
24 tiles, each 6×6 and fully laminated, doubled sided and with a 1” grid. From piers to boardwalks, warehouses, beacons, watchtowers, alleyways and more.

Starfinder Flip Tiles – Alien Planet Moonscape
24 tiles with craters, lava flows, lakes and other moonscape features. Each tile is laminated and in full color with a 1” grid.

Starfinder – Galaxy Exploration Manual
Bunches of player options, world generation guidelines, GM advice for running exploration based games, tools for making your Starfinder game more interesting along with equipment, feats, spells and more.

Pathfinder – Bestiary 3 Pawn Collection
From the flaming skull to the three toed sloth, giant porcupine to the Zombie dragon. Hundreds of thick cardstock pawns, each in full color, ready to be put on the table to enhance your Pathfinder game.

Starfinder – Alien Archive 4 Pawn Collection
Hundreds of thick card pawns ranging from the small Polyphonic Gel to the Large Adult Radiation Drake, Huge Skarak and even starships like the Voraija

GigaMech Games – Dungeon Bones
Condition tokens on clay poker chip sized tokens. Art on one side, rules for RPGs on the other.

Q Workshop – Witcher Dice Sets
Each set comes with 7 dice and a metal coin token (d2). Each set has a different color scheme with dice faces each having styling unique to the character.

a bunch of new stuff this weekend….

Onyx Path Publishing – The Contagion Chronicle
A compendium for the Chronicles of Darkness. Guidance on playing any creature type in a shared story, systems and powers letting any and all the types of players to play in the same group, a new mythos which introduces the Contagion which unites the disparate monsters into allied groups and over ten setting in diverse locations around the globe, each with it’s own challenges and waiting to be explored.

Pegasus Spiele – Talisman Adventures Role Playing Game
A fast paced roleplaying game where players explore dark forests, encounter strangers, discover magical items and have hours of adventure. All you need is 3d6, some friends and a bit of imagination.

Rio Grande Games – Pictures
This 3 to 5 player game challenging players to use different items to suggest a picture from a set of components like shoestrings, matches and pebbles, or other things. Try to guess opponents pictures as they attempt to guess yours. For ages 14 and up. Plays in around half an hour . 

Fantasy Flight Games – Armada Venator Class Star Destroyer
Includes a prepainted ship, ship cards, upgrade cards and tokens.

Lucky Duck Games – Destinies
A story driven competitive game with RPG like play, Destinies is app-supported chapter based game giving players the opportunity to experience a unique world without the need for a game master. Includes maps, miniatures, rules, tokens and hours of adventure.

Game Tank Games – The Wizards Dice Tower 
A brick building dice tower with dice holder, a 5e adventure and a multi-level dice tower. All built out of plastic bricks. Customize, revise and add some of your own to make it even cooler.

Alderac Entertainment – Sheepy Time
As a Dream Sheep your job is to get people to drift off to sleep. But if they fall asleep the wrong way, nightmares may occur. Use your Zzzzs to cause the sweetest dreams. For ages 10 and up. 1 to 4 players, plays in 30 to 45 minutes.

Stonemaier Games – Red Rising
Based in the book series by Pierce Brown, this game of a Dystoptian world is split by caste and power struggles. Try to lead your house on a rise in rank as you gain followers, break the chains of society and work to impose your will on others. 1 to 6 players. Play in about an hour.   

Horrible Guild Games – Railroad Ink Challenge
(Lush Green and Shining Yellow Editions)
A competitive puzzle game for the whole family. Roll the dice and draw routes on the board. Create networks and score points. A pair of expansions are included, so as you gain experience with the game you can add new wrinkles to play. Plays with up to 4 players, add a second color set to increase to up to 8 players.

Portal Games – Vienna Connection
A cooperative game of deduction set in the midst of the Cold War. Carry out covert missions in Central Europe while trying to gain information, analyze data and complete missions. For 1 to 5 players, ages 16 and up. Plays in 2-3 hours.

Open Ended Games – Against the Dark Master
A complete fantasy role playing system a huge variety of customization options, travel mechanics, tactical combat, immersive rules for character driven adventures and much more. Over 550 pages of character generation, combat, spell casting, a complete world setting bestiary and everything you might need to run  or play the game.

Cool Mini or Not – new Song of Ice and Fire miniature sets
R’hllor Lightbringers (12 armored archers, unit card and movement tray)
Baratheon Queen’s Men – a dozen foot knights, unit card and movement tray
Targaryen Freedmen – 3 freedmen mobs, unit cards and movement trays
Hedge Knights – 4 mounted Hedge Knights, unit card, attachment cards and movement tray

Midweek releases for the week!

Rich here with a midweek update of new releases.

Luck Duck Games – King of 12
2-4 players attempt to be the ONE ruler of the 12 Kingdoms. Use the Powerstone, gain the aid of powerful characters, unite the kingdoms under your rule. Clever tactics, a great poker face and a bit of luck will help you to victory. For ages 10 and up. Plays in around 15 minutes.

Luna Games – Railroad Ink Expansions
Arcade Expansion Pack – 4 classic video game inspired dice an rulebook
Eldritch Expansion Pack – Wake the Great Old Ones, create portals or send an Investigator to stop them – 4 dice & rules.
Electricity Expansion Pack – add power and power grid to your network with these 4 new dice and rulebook.
Engineer Expansion Pack – special route configuration dice and rules.
Futuristic Expansion Pack – Build skyscrapers, mag-lev rail and alien technology dice and rules to add to your railroad ink game.
Sky Expansion Pack – includes Weather and Airline dice (and rules)
Underground Expansion pack – subways and waterworks add a second level of play to you railroad ink game. 4 dice and rules.

Helvetiq – Team Up! A Cooperative Pallet Packing Game.
1 to 4 players try to stack boxes on pallets as compactly as possible. Plays in about 20 minutes. For ages 7 and up.

Steve Jackson Games – Munchkin Kittens dice bag.
One side with a single fluffy sleeping cat, the other side a whole clowder of cats looking back at you. About 5 x 7 in size. Art by Katie Cook.

Sierra Madre Games – High Frontier 4 All – Module 3 : Conflict
Includes 6 conflict module playmats, 2 player aids, political assemblies, bribery, dropstones and more. Will you commit to actions that harm the helpless, deal with or destroy corruption, do whatever it takes to forward your agenda or manage to stay above it all?

Fantasy Flight Games –
Legend of the Five Rings LCG – Peace at Any Cost Dynasty Pack
Cards 109-130 of the Temptations Cycle arc.

Fantasy Flight Games – Arkham Horror LCG – Into the Maelstrom Mythos Pack
Pack 6 of the Innsmouth Conspiracy with 60 fixed cards for a scenario in standalone mode or as part of the Innsmouth Conspiracy Campaign.

Steve Jackson Games – Munchkin Critical Role : A Mighty Nein
Based on Munchkin you kick in the door, fight the monster, grab the treasure, try to reach level 10 to win before your competitors. Includes 172 cards, 7 oversized character cards, , dice and instructions. For ages 10 and up. For 3 to 6 players. Takes 1 to 2 hours depending on players.

Multiman Publishing – ASL Action Pack 16 : From the Land Down Under
Includes one 11 x 16 double sided geomorphic map, 15 ASL scenarios featuring desert, pacific and european combats, eight of which include Australian forces in action.

Multiman Publishing – Hood Strikes North : Tennessee Campaign, Fall 1864
Twelfth in the Great Battles of the American Civil War series, this game covers the desperate November offensive by Hood attempting to strike from Alamaba into Tennessee to take the Union stronghold at Nashville. The smaller scope of the game makes it a great lead into the GBACW series. There are 9 scenarios ranging from day long engagements that are playable in about an hour to a massive 32 campaign recreating the effort to capture Nashville. 

Modiphius Entertainment – Infinity RPG releases:
Paradiso : This setting book tells you all about the fertile planet Paradiso where hardy warriors and settlers vie for survival and control of it’s dark jungles and darker past. Includes information on the system, the current situation, rules and guidelines for jungle warfare, and all the Combined Army offensives, new weapons, equipment and vehicles and bestiary, fauna, flora and more.

Tohaa – This sourcebook covers the Origins of Tohaa, the Shadowy Triumvirate, rules and guidelines to play the Tohaa or races of the Exalted Auxiliary Aliens, Biotechnologies, symbioweapons, armour and campaign ideas.

Combined Army – This sourcebook explores the History of the Combined Army, details on the Evolved Intelligence, rules & guidelines to play any of several warrior races, weapons, equipment, voodoo tech and more. How to organize encounters, campaigns and NPC enhancements.

Mercenaries –  information on the six major mercenary companies, rules and guidelines for career paths, weapons and equipment and creating your own Free Companies in the Infinity world and campaigning across the universe.

Crucible Seven – Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying : Death on the Reik releases
– Death on the Reik : Part 2 of the Enemy within Campaign.
A revised and updated Director’s Cut of the classic campaign with adventure and action all over the Reik, largest river in the Old World.

-Death on the Reik Companion
A group of additional rules, optional NPCs, adventure hooks, GM advice, the Warrior of Tzeentch career, new creatures, a luxury barge and more.

Arcknight – Flat Plastic Miniatures
Each set has several dozen full color paintings on clear plastic showing the front and back of each figure. Each set comes with several clear bases and large creatures have appropriate sized bases as well.
Supers! – 62 superhero pawns
Modern Civilians (64 pawns)
Forest Kingdoms Massive Monsters (Dragons, ents & fae) 14 giant sized pawns
Orc and Goblin Horde – 31 pawns with gobbos, orcs and oge sized critters
Zombie Horde – 31 pawns representing standard and large sized zombies
Pirates – 62 pawns with humanoids, sea monsters and other stuff.
Southlands – 62 pawns with various beasts, monsters and flora
Forest Kingdom – 62 pawns, flora, creatures and fae folks
Spider Queen Horde – 31 dark elf, spiders, demoniods and more.
Aethra Field Guide – 62 pawns featuring creatures, and flora of the galaxy
The Last Parsec Primer – 124 aliens and creatures.
Alien Codex – 56 player character style pawns.
Alien Bestiary – 62 different NPC style alien pawns

Wizkids Games – Nolzurs plastic miniatures
new creatures, characters, beasts and more.

New releases May 21st

GMT Games – The Last Hundred Yards Volume 2 : Airborne Over Europe
Second in GMTs series of company sized actions. This game adds night actions, paradrops and new terrain. Follow the 82nd and 101st Airborne as they land on June 6th, participate in Operation Market Garden and subsequent actions. This game will deliver a brisk yet intensive game experience. Designed for 2 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in around 2 hours. 

Compass Games – Doomsday Project Ep1 : Battle for Germany
This new interlocking system of games which explore a doomsday world war scenario that wasn’t. A Division/brigade level game with day turns and 12 km hexes. Using the Operational Scale System the USSRs attack into West Germany is examined. High solitaire suitability, can be played with up to 4 players.  Scenarios can take from 2 to 50 hours. Designed for ages 14 and up.

Board & Dice Games – Mandala Stones
2 to 4 players ages 10 and up compete to place stones to match patterns, form towers and score on the Mandala board. Plays in half an hour or so. 

Gale Force Nine – Spartacus
3-4 players acquire gladiators, pit them against each other in the arena and attempt to make the most money they can buying, selling and betting. Plays in 2 hours or more. Ages 14 and more.

Asyncron – Fief : France
Take your place as a noble in Middle Age France. Attempt to make your family the most influential. Intrigue, negotiation, political marriage, betrayal and war all play a part. Get titles, privilege and prepare to rule. 3 to 6 players taking 2 to 3 hours. 

Queen Games – Merlin expansion Morgana
Add witchcraft to meddle with other players, add markets that allow you to gain new resources, and a variant changing principalities to city quarters and instituting new rules for each.

Wizards of the Coast – Van Richten’s Guide to Raveloft
A new setting for 5e D&D featuring Gothic horror, mist shrouded terror, vampires, zombies, Dark Gifts, haunted heroes and much more. A classic setting for the latest version of D&D. Both standard and retailer only limited edition covers are in stock as of tonight.

Sierra Madre Games – Pax Renaissance
As Renaissance bankers you finance kings, republics, sponsor voyages of discovery, deal with secret cabals, unleash jihads & Inquisitions. Can you help push civilization into a new future or will it fall into darkness and chaos? This second edition of the game includes new cards, new play modes, upgraded components, variant rules and more. For 1 to 4 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in one to two hours.

Cool Mini or Not – We Care
A cooperative game for 2 to 5 players where you work together in order to solve healthcare crisis and issues. Based on the game mechanics of the popular game The Grizzled, this game will take about 30 minutes to play. For ages 14 and up.

Wizkids Games – D&D Icons of the Realms Curse of Strahd
Two new prepainted sets designed for use with the Domain of Dread.
Legends of Barovia includes 7 figures depicting various heroes and villains from the setting

Covens & Covenants contains 7 figures depicting citizens of Strahd’s lands as well as some of the foes you may encounter.

Fantasy Flight Games – Star Wars Legion vehicle releases
– troop transport, patrol vehicle and gunship. Can be built as a Republic craft with Phase II Clone Troopers or with Imperial TIE Pilots and Imperial options. Includes unit and upgrade cards.

A-A5 Speeder Truck – the Trast Heavy Transport can be with different weapon configurations and has unit and upgrade cards to help field the options you need for your Legion game. 

Wizkids Games – Red Slaad Paint Night Kit
A new all inclusive kit for painting a Red Slaad miniature from WizKids. Includes the miniature, 12 different mini paint pots from Vallejo, 2 brushes and a water pot as well as a video link to help you get great results.

Ion Game Design – Pax Viking
1 to 6 players (ages 14 and up) take the roles of powerful Jarls all attempting to unite various Jarldoms into a single strong state. Steel and seize territories, recruit allies, establish trade posts, gain followers and seek the power of the gods to obtain your goal. Become the first Swedish monarch through military, religious and economic means. Plays in around 20 minutes per player.

Board & Dice Games – Teotihuacan Expansion Period
A modular expansion for Teotihuacan City of the Gods. Includes a new wildcard resource, a new action board, Altars & SHamans adding new actions, new ways to expand the empire along with new advances in Teotibot – the solo opponent to make it work with the newest expansions.

Reaper Miniatures – New releases of Bones Terrain pieces
Ruined Temple
– stone ruin approximately 6” x 5” footprint
Arcane Temple – an arcane circle approximately 7” in diameter with rock formations around it.

New Chronoscope,  Bones Chronoscope and Bones releases.

Nord Games – The Ultimate Guide to Alchemy, Crafting & Enchanting
A sourcebook with information on material gathering and harvesting, recipes for new and existing items, 200 new magic items and all sorts of new ideas.

Doctor Finn Games – Nanga Parbat
A 2 player game where players, in the guise of sherpas build base camps, trap animals and create food and clothing. Use your cunning and skill to gain the summit for your team. Plays in about 30 minutes.

Army Painter – new Gamemaster water based terrain primers
Ruins & Cliff (dark grey matching Necromancer Cloak warpaint), Wilderness and Woodland (dark green matching Crypt Wraith warpaint), Snow & Tundra (light grey matching Gorgon Hide warpaint), Desert & Arid Wastes (sand colored matching Desert Yellow warpaint) and Dungeon & Subterrain (very dark grey matching Hardened Carapace warpaint)
Each are 300ml (9oz) sprays designed for use on foam, XPS and MDF without harming them. Not suitable for miniatures however.

Cool Mini or Not – Song of Ice & Fire Miniature Game unit boxes
Baratheon King’s Men – 11 Baratheon King’s Men, a Bannerman, tray and unit card
Mormont She-Bears – 11 She-Bears, 1 bannerman and 1 Mormont Veteran, unit card and attachment card for SOIF miniatures game.   

Kenzer & Company – Knights of the Dinner Table #283 is in store now.

Wargames Illustrated #400 and #401 are in stock!

Miniature Wargames #457 is here.
Rome vs Visigoths, Battle of Boyne & the role of bad weather in scenarios, Zero Dark Horizon Wars exclusive SF scenario, reviews, terrain building and more.

Friday releases for 5/14/2021

It’s Friday night and time for Rich’s ‘it’s here for the weekend’ rundown.

Studio Nine Games – DCC/MCC compatible : Welcome to Eastwood
The ultimate futuristic theme park with a temporal distortion field which allows you to enter and leave the park a moment later, regardless of how long you spend there. But neglect causes the field to shift the park into futures and pasts. Can you survive your visit and deal with the madness before it’s too late?

Renegade Games – Duel of Wands (Kids on Brooms card game)
This 2 player card game of magical duels. Can you defeat all comers in a codified magical duel? This game plays between 30 and 45 minutes with 2 players ages 10 and up. Play multiple rounds and tweak your spellbooks as you go. Includes rules to incorporate this with your Kids on Brooms RPG.

Keyforge : Dark Tidings : Keyforge 2 player starter.
Two unique game decks, rules and everything you need to play (tokens, trackers, etc)

Keyforge : Dark Tidings Archon Deck – A full deck ready to play. Get the rules online and play in minutes. The set has over 280 new cards to create thousands of new, unique decks.

Fantasy Flight Games – Marvel Champions hero packs
Starlord – a complete deck, 30 new cards for any hero deck and a nemesis set featuring Mister Knife.
Gamora – a complete hero deck, 27 new cards for any hero deck and a nemesis deck featuring Nebula.

Atomic Overmind Press – new Marvel Crisis Protocol miniatures
Sin & Viper – 2 miniatures, statistic cards, tactics cards, tokens & more.Mister Sinister – Mini, cards, tokens, crisis card
Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver – minis, stat cards, crisis card, tokens.

CMON – Song of Ice & Fire miniature boxes
Greyjoy Heroes – (Qarl, Wendamyr, Balon Greyjoy, Erik Ironmaker, Nute, Euron Greyjoy and Theon Greyjoy) and cards for SOIF
Greyjoy Ironmakers – 11 ironmaker troops, 1 ironmaker bannerman, movement tray and card.
Greyjoy Ironborn Trappers – 11 Ironborn trappers, Ironborn trapper bannerman, tray and card.

Unsullied Pikemen unit box, Stag Knight unit box, Stormcrow Dervishes unit boxes are in stock too.

Greyjoy SOIF Starter Set – Includes a rulebook, 4 greyjoy heroes, 4 units, tactics, siege, mission, objective and reference cards, dice, trays, 55 miniatures, 10 terrain pieces, castle walls and more.

Phase Shift Games – Dungeon Drop
1 to 4 players venture through the ever-shifting dungeon, grab gold and gems, defeat goblins and be aware of what is going on around you. Complete your quest and become the Dungeoin Drop Master. Ages 8 and up. Plays in about 20 minutes.

Asmadi Games – One Deck Dungeon
Is BACK in stock. Choose one of 5 heroes, and attempt to conquer one of five dungeons. Use force, agility or magic to defeat challenges and become stronger as you progress.   Defeat the boss at the end of your quest and be victorious. A cooperative dungeon delve for 1 or 2 players. Add a second deck to increase to up to 4 players total. Ages 14 and up. Plays in around half an hour.

Queen Games – Escape : Queenie Box
Includes 6 expansions, from cursed gems to new traps and quests. All in a single box with rules and all the pieces you need. Works for 1 to 5 players – ages 8 and up.

Queen Games – Alhambra : Roll & Write
1 to 5 players (ages 8 and up) try to build a Alhambra by constructing different buildings. Plan your building well to complement existing and future structures and score bonuses. Plays in about 45 minutes.

Steve Jackson Games – Munchkin Dice Bag
A fancy satin lined Munchkin art (from Kovalic) dice bag that holds all the dice you need for your game. Complete with a handy drawstring enclosure.

Steve Jackson Games – Munchkin Enhancers
30 new Monster, Treasure, Class and Race enhancers. Usable with any Munchkin games that use the original Munchkin card backs.

Stonemaier Games – Speckled Eggs (for Wingspan)
100 eggs – 10 of 10 different color combinations. All set to be pulled out and used right away. Each also have a flattened bottom to sit nicely on the table.

Pelgrane Press – 13th Age : The Elven Towers
A champion tier adventure for 3 to 6 players including plotlines and options for several excursions through the Elf Queens wood, multiple elf themed encounters and more. Over 100 pages of information . 

Corvus Belli – Infinity Miniatures
Pre-order Pack – Knights of Montesa (knight on foot or on a bike)

Panoceania Military Orders Action Pack / Start Collecting Pack – nine miniatures for Pan-O

Corvus Belli – Aristeia exclusive miniature – Padre-Inquisidor Mendoza

Paragrim Concepts – Arcanis : Children of the Sky : The KIO Sourcebook
A race from the Western Lands with a strange and bewildering culture. This tome delves into their culture, history and the different houses and has new backgrounds, subclasses, feats, combat schools and more. 

Paragrim Concepts – Arcanis : Codex of Adventures Volume 1
Six different adventures pitting you against some of Arcanis deadly foes. Unearth of lost tomb, search for kidnapped victims, trail a thief, battle cultists and more.

Wargames Illustrated 400 and 401
#400 – The 400th issue of Wargames Illustrated. Includes ‘Death in the Dark Continent Lite’ Colonial miniature rules, articles from Rick Preistly, Rich Clarke, Joseph McCullough, the Perry Brothers’ and more.

#401 – Includes insider insight to Stargrave, Lasalle (2e), In Her Majesty’s Name (2e) – all about L’art De La Guerre version 4, how to convert Ultracast from PLastic Soldier Company, a free sprue of Warlord Games Caesarian Romans and more.

Worthington Games – Dawn of Battle
A hex and chit game allowing players to recreate battle from 1500BC to 1500CE. It’s a simple and straightforward with game board, card decks, rules and hours of play. Leadership provides action points allowing maneuver, attacks and rallying. Designed for 2 players ages 14 and up.

Scale75 Instant colors are in!

Hello everyone.
We got the Scale75 Instant Colors line in stock!
All 48 colors, the ‘charms’ primers and medium.

So if you are itching to give these a try – come on in, pick up a few and let us know what you think. Check out online (YouTube mostly I think) the demonstration videos of what’s been done with them so far.

New releases for the week to May 7th

Friday night coming up on Mother’s day.
Your mom play games? Paint minis? Enjoy RPGs?
If so… maybe we’ve got something you’d like for her.

If not – well, always time to try, right?

Metallic Dice Company :
Velvet Dice Bag with Pockets : Galaxy
Velvet Dice Bag with Pockets : Nebula
These bags are printer with either a blue or purple space design and 7 different pockets for your dice. The bag is big enough to hold over 150 standard sized dice and has a drawstring closure.

Rainbow Aegis Dice –
This sharp edge dice set is slightly larger than normal dice and is plastic clad in a rainbow colored aluminum sheath. Comes in both inked and uninked varieties.

EN Publishing – Here There Be Dragons
Dragons & Draconic Magic for D&D 5e. Several unique dragons with a full background and statistics as well as a section of magic and draconic gifts. 

Artipa Games – Rush MD
As a new hire at the Medical Center this real time cooperative game challenges you to make the right choices to save the patients. For 1-4 players ages 14 and up. Plays in 30-45 minutes depending on the number of players.

Pixie Games – Capital Lux 2 : Generations
A stand alone sequel this challenges you to choose the correct actions and combinations of cards to score the most points and become the ruling family. With the Mix & Match system there are over 256 different combinations of powers to use in this quest. For 1 to 4 players taking about 15 minutes per player. Ages 10 and up.

Aporta Games – Offshore
Develop technologies, build platforms, search for oil & gas in the North Sea. What is the best way to progress given the technologies at hand?  Can you find the largest reserves? Will cooperating with others get you to your goal? Only playing the game will let you know. For 3 to 5 players ages 10 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Unexpected Games – The Initiative
A 1 to 4 player cooperative story, strategy and code breaking game. Recommended for ages 8 and up. Plays in 30-60 minutes. Read the comic, play the game, use teamwork to unlock the secrets and crack the codes to resolve the game.

Horrible Guild – Vampire the Masquerade : Vendetta
An asymmetric card game of strategy, bluff, and deduction. Play as 7 different clans to gain control of allies, earn influence, and become the Prince of Chicago. 3 to 6 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in half an hour or so.

Steamforged Games – Godtear : Helena Inspiration of Hope & Rallied Peasants
Miniatures for Helena, 6 Peasants, banner & profile cards.

Osprey Games – Inkling
A word game where you try to get players to understand the word you have without the letters to do so. Flip, overlap, turn or play them in whatever manner you need to get your point across. For 3 to 6 players aged 14 and up. Takes about 20 minutes or so to play.

Hub Games – Kombo Klash!
2 to 4 players lay tiles, make combos, score and try to come out on top. Can you master the unique abilities of the creatures to form the combos needed to win? Includes cloth board, 48 combo tiles, rules, reference tiles & scoring counters.

River Horse Games – Tails of Equestria : Compendium of Equestria
The adventurer’s guide with new playable races, a movie sourcebook and Bestiary. Tools for the GM and a full standalone adventure round out this book.

Ankama Games – Dragon Parks
Develop the most popular dragon preserve, choose your dragons, feed them well, hope for amazed visitors and draw the biggest crowds through three seasons of shows to win. For 2 to 5 players ages 8 and up. Plays in about 15 minutes.

Medieval Warfare volume 11, Issue 1
Catapults Aren’t Nuclear Weapons Technology and warfare in the Middle Ages), Battle of Bryn Glas, the Vandals, Medieval Slovenia, Crusader Castles and more.

Mongoose Publishing – Traveller Adventures
Naval Adventure #3 – Fire on the Sindalian Main :
a complete naval mission in the fringes of Imperial Space, the Tyrian Orbital Bombardment Destroyer, the Glorious Empire’s Multi-purpose Fighter and much more.

Reach Adventure #7 – Last Train Out of Rakken-Goll : Fire, floods and feuds threaten the town of Rakken-Goll. Will you aid Sir Willard in his quest to set things right? A full adventure with loads of possibilities.