New releases for Jan 21st

Friday night, Jan 21st.
We’ve got a whole lotta new items that have made it in the second half of this week. So if you need a reason to come in, want to use your holiday certificate or just need to shop… We are here for you.

We got a restock of Anno Nomini 1666 miniature sets and by Fre & Sword rules and skrimish packs.

Fantasy Flight Games – Star Wars X-Wing : Never Tell Me the Odds
X-Wing Second Edition Obstacles Pack. Asteroids, Debris fields, gas clouds, six environmental cards, tokens, upgrade cards and more.

Cool Mini or Not – new Zombicide items
Zombicide Chronicles Field Guide – new Zombicide RPG rules and info.

Zombicide Urban Legends Abominations – 4 new Abomination miniatures and game cards.

Zombicide Chronicles Survivors – 12 survivor miniatures, 12 ID cards for the board game series.

Green Ronin Games – Blue Rose RPG Campaign : Envoys to the Mount
An epic campaign for the Blue Rose This four chapter adventure epic explores the connection between the nomadic Roamer folk and the eldritch folk known as the Vata. An Emissary from the Vata arrives in Aldis and a group of the Sovereigns Finest are detailed to provide aid against the powers of the Shadow Barrens. Includes a complete gazetteer of the Shadow Barrens, information about the Sovereign’s Finest, the guardians of Aldis and a host of creatures and characters for use in the game

Fantasy Flight Games – Marvel Champions : The Galaxy Most Wanted
265 new cards making up five new interconnected scenarios sending you to the far reaches of the galaxy in a search for the Power Stone. There are 2 prebuilt Hero decks (Rocket Racoon and Groot) as well as scenarios featuring The Collector, Ronin, Nebula and Drang.

Dark City Games – 2 new historical titles
Operation Battleaxe – a tactical conflict game set in North Africa in August of 1941. British and German forces clash in the desert during the Allies attempt to drive Rommel from North Africa. Scale is rifle squad, section, tank or aircraft. Includes 7 scenarios, full color hex map and counters.

Operation Barbarossa : Army Group Center – tactical combat on the Eastern Front in 1941. Units are individual tanks, planes and infantry squads/sections. 8 scenarios, full color hex map and counters.

Cranio Creations – Mekhane
This card game challenges 3-8 players to tell a story and save your character from fate’s cruel twists. Designed for ages 14 and up. Plays in around half an hour.

Libellud – Stella (a game in the Dixit Universe)
Choose images related to the common word card and try to score points with the other players. For ages 8 and up. Plays in around half an hour. Designed for 3 to 6 players. A family game using the Dixit Universe.

Board & Dice Games – Tabannusi : Builders of Ur
This 1 to 4 player game finds players trying to make their mark on Ur across 5 different districts. Send workers to do your bidding, shrines, gardens and houses will benefit from your attention. Get resources from the port, outsmart your opponents and become the greatest builder in Ur.

Battlefront Games – new American Bulge releases
M36/M10 Tank Destroyer Platoon – four M36/M10 and decal sheet
M18 Tank Destroyer Platoon – four M18 Hellcat and decal sheet
M4 Sherman Late War Platoon – five M4 Sherman tanks (Late 75mm, 76mm or 105mm) and decal sheet.
M24 Chaffee Tank Platoon – five M24 tanks and decal sheet
M26 Pershing Tank Platoon – three M26 Pershing or T26 Super Pershing tanks and decal sheet.
M4 Sherman ‘Jumbo’ Tank Platoon – four Jumbo (75mm or 76mm) Sherman tanks
M4 Sherman ‘Easy Eight’ Tank Platoon – five M4 Easy Eight 76mm tank platoon

Bezier Games – Ultimate Werewolf Extreme
a social deduction game for 5 to 75 players. Includes 88 role cards, a getting started guide, reference guide, moderator scorepad, gametrayz organizer and an Ivory Tower marker.

Wizkids Games – Icons of the Realms : Sahuagin Warband
6 prepainted Sahuagin miniatures in a single package.

Wizkids Games – League of Malevolence starter set
5 prepainted villain miniatures for the Wild Beyond the Witchlight setting.

Wizkids Games – Valor’s Call starter set
5 prepainted hero miniatures for the Wild Beyond the Witchight setting

Wizkids Games – Icon of the Realms Swamp Gas Balloon.
What more can be said. A prepainted hot ‘air’ balloon in scale with the Wizkids D&D Icons of the Realms miniatures.

Wizkids Games – Witchlight Carnival premium miniatures
The Witchlight Carnival main characters in a prepainted format.

Wizkids – Wild Beyond the Witchlight booster pack
Each pack has 4 prepainted miniatures randomly selected from the 50 miniatures inn the set.

Jan 14th – Mid January new Releases

Here we are. A cool, snowy Friday night.
There are many a new item in store now and more coming.
Ravensburger – Disney Villainous : Mischief & Malice
This new game stands on it’s own or adds to other Disney Villainous titles. Your chance to add Madame Masque, Loki and M.o.d.o.k. to your game. Designed for ages 12 and up. Plays with 2-3 villains. Use your abilities to take on the other villains and heroes in your quest for domination. Plays in about 20 minutes per player.

Mantic Games – League of Infamy
a dungeon crawler board game for up to 5 players. Sneak into an Elven keep, hunt down loot, gain skills and tackle any bosses in your path. Includes a one vs many mode where a single player controls the dungeon and it’s dangers against the players and Co-op play pits you against the AI version of the Keep. Includes minis, cards, board, rules, cards, dice and hours of fun.

Fantasy Flight Games – new Star Wars Legion miniatures
Wookie Warriors Unit Expansion
(6 Wookie miniatures, cards, tokens, rules)
Grand Master Yoda Commander Expansion
(Yoda miniatures, cards, rules and tokens)

Kosmos – The Adventures of Robin Hood
2 to 4 players take on the roles of Robin Hood and other heroes in a fight for justice against King John and his henchmen. Quick start rules allows you to get into the action quickly and a 216 page narrative adventure book helps immerse you in the game. Plays in about an hour. For ages 10 and up.

Battle Systems – Core Space : First BornSalvage/Trade/Adapt/Survive.
This solo/cooperative miniatures board game challenges your team of traders to venture into the temple of the First Born, deal with the fanatical aliens who reside there and salvage what they can. Learn new skills, upgrade your ship, purchase new equipment and prepare to undertake another venture to gain more money, more knowledge and more glory. For 1 to 4 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in 60 to 120 minutes depending on the scenario and players.

Studio H – Fish & Chips
A wacky table toss chip game with skill and strategy. Gull gangsters and punk pelicans battle to become king of the beach. For 2 to 8 players ages 6 and up. Plays in about 20 minutes. Includes playmats, chips, rules, targets, retaining walls and lots of fun.

Ludonaute – Colt Express Big Box
This new version includes Colt Express, Horses & Stagecoach expansion, Marshals & Prisoners expansion, a new bandit and a 3d train. All the fun of the original game, two expansions, a box to hold it all and hours of old west action. 2 to 9 players can participate, ages 10 and up. Plays in around 45 minutes.

Atomic Mass Games – Marvel Crisis Protocol new miniatures
Hulkbuster – includes 2 miniatures (Iron Man and Iron Man Hulk Buster) character and team tactics cards and bases.

Ms. Marvel – includes 2 models (Ms. Marvel and Embiggered Ms. Marvel), bases, stat and team tactics cards)

Fantasy Flight Games – Marvel Champions – Vision Hero Pack
Includes a prebuilt Vision Deck, 31 cards to add to any hero deck and a Nemesis set featuring the Relentless Ultron.

Renegade Games – The Three Little Wolves
Play as the three wolves in the revamp of the classic tale. Work to build the biggest house before the Big Bad Pig comes and demolishes it. Designed for ages 8 and up. 2 to 4 players can complete a game in around 20 minutes.

The Gamers/Multiman Publishing – North Africa :
Afrika Korps vs Desert Rats, 1940-1942
This Standard Combat System title takes you from the beginning of Operation Compass through the final battle at El Alamein. Includes 10 different scenarios ranging from small battles to 4 map spanning epic operations. Has an SCS series rulebook, North Africa specific rule and scenario book, 4 maps, 560 counters, box and dice. All the War in the Desert but without all the complexity.

Osprey Publishing – Undaunted : Reinforcements
This expansion set adds Specialists, Tanks, new scenarios, a four player mode and solo mode to Undaunted Normandy as well as adding Mines, Assault Craft, Commands, new scenarios, four player and solo mode to Undaunted North Africa as well.

Ares Games – Last One Alive
a fast and fun dice game for 2 to 5 players. Goodman Games – Mutant Crawl Classic RPG Third Printing Latest version of the post-apocalyptic role playing game. Be a wasteland warrior, mutant, robot, keeper of technological secrets. Find artifacts, gather followers and keep your enemies at bay. A complete role playing game with a 280+ page hardback book complete with a starter adventure.

Legendary Games – Pirate Campaign Compendium : Third Edition
Designed for use with 5e D&D this 400+ page, full color, hardbound tome provides everything you need for adventure on the seas, in port and across the islands. Explore, plunder, fight and sail. Includes classes, archetypes, feats, metamagic, underwater rules, 5 new adventures, monsters, NPCs, naval combat rules and a whole lot more.

Van Ryder Games – Frontier Wars
Take control of US, UK, German or Soviet forces from World War 2, configure your forces as you see fit and commit to battle. Build a modular board, detail the scenario and go at it. With over 100 miniatures and 90 cards each game will be unique. Designed for ages 12 and up. Plays in half an hour for small scenarios, up to 2 hours for multi-player large scale battles.

Catalyst Game Labs – Battle Tech Lance/Star Sets
We just got a restock of miniature sets
Inner Sphere Dire Fire Lance, Inner Sphere Heavy Lance, Inner Sphere Direct Fire Lance, Inner Sphere Heavy Battle Lance, Comstar Command Level II, Clan Heavy Battle Star, Clan Striker Star, Clan Heavy Star, Clan Command Star

Friday night, January 7th, 2022
New Lows, New Product, new Fun.

So here we are, well below zero and fully stocked with all sorts of new items in store.

Wargames Atlantic – The Great War French Infantry 1916-1940
35 multipart plastic models including command options, first and second world war era weapons, different head options, the ability to create not only French infantry but the Harlem Hellfighters or Senegalese Tirailleurs. Lebel and Berthier rifles, Chauchatt, FM 24/29, VB Rifle Grenades and more.

Atlas Games – Gloomier : NIght at Hemlock Hall
Compatible with Gloom and all it’s expansions. This 2-5 player game challenges you to tell the story of the victim of murder in Hemlock Hall. Make sure you tell a tragic tale while keeping the supporting cast alive. Includes six new stories, 14 new guests and much more.

Modiphius Entertainment – Five Parsecs from Home
A solo (or cooperative) sci-fi miniature game set in the backwaters of the universe. Includes a 7 stage narrative campaign, 5 difficulty setting to customize your game, open character generation and ever so much more.

Miniature Wargames # 465 – Rome Rules!
New look at the Punic Wars, Russian Civil War and World War 2 scenarios, building an 18th century game, scratchbuilding a stone chapel, how to run a refereed miniature game and a whole lot more.

Dynomite Games – Don’t Talk to Strangers
a 1 to 4 player card game pitting players against Strangers (aliens from another world) trying to get from School to the Scoring area. Designed for ages 12 and up. Look out for the Men in Black, Strangers, hope for the Science Club Saviors and have a good time.

Fundamental Games – Questeros
A combination Tarot Deck, trick taking card game for up to 6 players, a solitaire adventure game and a Fate deck for almost any RPG. Questeros challenges you to manage quests and score highest in the role you choose. Ero’s Quest in a solitaire game where you travel the world searching for battles, magics and skills as you attempt to square off against the world eating Dragon. 80 cards with full color art.

Black Site Studios – Don’t Look Back : Triple Feature Presentation
Three expansions for Don’t Look Back. Attack of the Greys with 2 scenarios, new rules and 3 Alien miniatures. Death on the Line provides 2 scenarios and Boxcar Willie miniature. Final Girls gives you 4 new hero miniatures and cards. Lots of new material.

River Horse Games – Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Chess Set
a cobblestone themed board, various critters and characters from the movie and even a mini-shuuro game board on the reverse with downloadable rules.

Toy Vault – new Plush Characters
Well, they didn’t get here before Christmas, but they are here now.Santa Cthulhu, the Jabberwock and the Killer Bunny (from Monty Python & the Holy Grail) and d20 danglers (2 small plush d20s to dangle from a door knob, mirror, etc)

Displacer Beast Plush from WizKids is here as too!
A nice Black beast complete with it’s prey and a wonderful treasure chest mimic.

Van Ryder Games – Graphic Novel Adventures
Remember the Pick-a-Path or Choose Your Own Adventure books of the past? Now add illustrations and label the different items or directions you can go with the panel numbers you go to and you’ve got Graphic Novel Adventures. From Sherlock Holmes to Super Heroes, Hostage situations, werewolves and Pirates. We’ve got a few in stock now and expect a restock in the coming weeks.

Cool Mini or Not – new Song of Fire and Ice Miniature Games units
Thornwatch – 11 Thornwatch crossbow troopers, Thirn Watch Sentinel, Thirn Watch Banner, cards and movement tray.

House Harlaw Reapers – 11 axe armed Reapers, banner, warsworn leader, cards, and movement tray.

Clegane Brigands – 3 mounted brigands, mounted banner, unit card and movement tray.

Night’s Watch Ranger Vanguard – 4 mounted vanguard, unit card and movement tray

Karstark Spearmen – 11 Karstark spearmen and Bannerman, unit card and movement tray

Targaryen Heroes II – Qotho, Rakharo, Cohollo and Haggo, unit card, attachment cards and movement tray.

Early 2022 releases

We’ve gotten a bunch of things in as more item dribble in from different suppliers…

Tuesday January 2nd – new items update
A few new items are here. More later in the week. Vallejo restock – we have an almost complete restock of sprays (primers for sure and most colors) Model Color paints, new tools, some restocked tools and a few of the tuft packs are back in stock as well. We’ve even gotten a small restock of Battletech Lance/Star packs in too!

Jasco Games – Street Fighter Miniatures Game
Prepainted miniatures game with classic Street fighter characters, 3d terrain, battle decks, stage maps and more. Battle decks allow special combo attacks, Super and Ultra attacks can finish your foe in moments. Stage maps with destructible terrain add lots of game options. Game features multiple play modes to allow one on one, free for all and team play. Designed for 2 to 6 players ages 14 and up. Plays in 30 minutes to a couple of hours depending on scenario and players.

Street Fighter Wave V expansion – 4 prepainted miniatures and game cards
Street Fighter Wave IV expansion – 4 prepainted miniatures and game cards
Street Fighter Fight for the Future expansion – 4 prepainted miniatures and game cards
Street Fighter Warrior’s Dream Expansion – 4 prepainted miniatures and game cardsStreet
Fighter Boss Expansion – Adds powerful Boss characters, Boss Mode game rules, M. Bison and Akuma playable characters, Nemesis Events and more.Includes rules, card decks, 2 prepainted miniatures, 3d terrain, double sided game board and more.

Street Fighter Board Game Stretch Goals bundle – over a dozen painted miniatures, battle decks, alternate rules, alternate sculpt miniatures and a whole lot more. 1 Rulebook, 13 Miniatures, 12 Battle Decks (492 cards), 1 Gouken Boss Deck, 10 Gouken Boss Challenge Cards, 6 Gouken Nemesis Cards, 1 Gouken Character Dial, 1 Double-sided Game Board, 1 Game Board for Car Stage Mode, 9 Double-sided Tiles for Car Stage Mode

Grand Gamers Guild – Artemis Project
1 to 5 players work to carve out a colony on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. Work to recruit colonists to help your goals, get the right resources and assets to get your colony running smoothly and look out for others as their goals might well interfere with your own. Designed for ages 12 and up, playing in an hour or so. Early shipments include some promotional cards, dice and pieces.

Board & Dice – Origins : First Builders – a strategy game of city building and worker management. Lead a city-state in the early days of humankind, consult alien benefactors to aid your growth and knowledge and attempt to become the greatest ruler in history.

Board and Dice – The Book of Rituals
a puzzle-based game book set in the Escape Tales universe. Solve the abstract logic puzzles and use the app to check your answers or get hints. You will not have to look up information online , the app and the book are all you need.

Geektopia Games – Fearsome Wilderness
1 to 4 players work together to insure their folk will survive the wilderness and it’s horrors. The game can be played as one-shot single sessions or the twelve weeks till winter campaign which spans from 12 to 24 sessions. Includes miniatures, game board, cards, wood dice, tokens and more. For ages 14 and up. A game session can take from 45 to 90 minutes.

Arc Dream Publishing – Archint : Artifacts and Atrocities for Delta Green
Where some agencies deal in human intelligence (Humint) and others in signal intelligence (Sigint) Delta Green deals in Archint or Archeological Intelligence. The study of hidden places, power and danger. Includes a number of items & places with full write-ups. From the Amulet of the Ai-Apa to the Stones of Yos. a bunch of interesting artifacts, people, things and places.

Mongoose Publishing – Traveller Deep Night Revelation Boxed Set
Includes a 32 page introductory adventure book to set the stage, 104 page Campaign Guide, 96 page Referee book, 72 page adventure that forms the grade finale, a double sided poster map of the ship and it’s expected route, a deck of cards with bunches of game play help and much more.

Flying Frog Games – S of B : Forbidden Fortress XXL-sized enemy Odo Kuro
includes a rulebook, Odo Kuro miniature, record sheet, game cards and mission. Can you deal with the Epic Battle Odo Kuro will bring to the table? This huge enemy brings hordes of undead and would see the world fall to his might.

DPP Games – Factory 42
2 to 5 players (ages 12 and up) compete to revolutionize Dwarven Society. Where once there were picks and shovels now there is modern technology reigns. Can you get your quotas met, and please the government? This semi-cooperative game pits players against themselves and the others to get their workers to the right places and be the most efficient. But the Bureaucracy Tower will deal with shortages, Commissars will haul away the unfaithful and the factory must still produce. Plays in around an hour to two depending on players.

Dec 30th New items in store…

Friday Update – December 30th edition.

Dynomite Games – Let’s Dig for Treasure
2-5 players participate in this push your luck game where you excavate for artifacts, deal with the consequences of their power and try to be the one with the best stuff in the end. 120 cards with whacky 70s artwork. For ages 12 and up.

Corvus Belli – Taiga Creatures : Combined Army unit
Corvus Belli – Miyamoto Mushasi : Gencon 2017 Exclusive Chibi Version
Originally sold at GenCon 2017, we’ve got a copy of the unopened mini.

Cool Mini or Not – Song of Ice and Fire Miniature Game : Night’s Watch Heroes II
Samwell Tarley, Benjen Stark, Gilly and Son, Craster and Coldhands, dismounted and on a giant Stag. Includes 15 gae cards, 6 miniatures and movement tray.

Legendary Games – Sea Monsters for 5e D&D
80 page book with over 60 marine creatures for 5e D&D. from Selachim sahuagin to coral golems, devilfish, scyalla and the Midgard Serpent, there are rules for the critters as well as aquatic adventuring.

Legendary Games – The Dragon’s Horde #5 a 5e D&D hoard of material.
From new magic items to new spells there is lots of new material to add to your game. Add new class options and new monsters and you’ve got a handy resource for your gaming.

Stoneblade Entertainment – Ascension : Curse of the Golden Isles
a 2-4 player deck building game putting you beyond the Severed Seas dealing with creatures of the deep, cursed dead and haunted ocean. Find cursed treasure, protect your crew from the undead and try to rule the waves. Ages 13 and up. Plays in about half an hour or so.

Stoneblade Entertainment – Ascension 10 year Anniversary Edition
Remastered cards for improved game play, premium card art and 10th anniversary game board. Includes rules, board, honor tokens, 181 cards and hours of fun.

Pazio – Pathfinder 2e Monsters of Myth
20 monsters found on Golarion, each entry including lore on the creature, it’s statistics, guides for using it as an adversary, help on making it a challenge appropriate for any party level and the rewards for facing such a beast.

Pazio – Pathfinder 2e – Absalom
a 390+ page hardbound book, complete with a pull out poster map. The great city of Absalom has stood for thousands of years as the center of the Inner Sea’s culture, prophecy and commerce. Now with the tumultuous times this tome guides you around the city with over 250 locations, 400 NPCs, bunches of detail and centuries of history. Chart a new path through the City at the Center of the World.

Wizkids – new Dungeons & Dragons prepainted miniature sets
all ready to be pulled out of the box, dropped unto the tabletop & go.
Archdevils : Bael, Bel and Zariel
Adult Blue Dragon
Adult Gold Dragon

Pre-New Years New stuff
and Midweek Update

Midweek update time.
So the Christmas holiday is gone past, but the New Years holiday is rapidly approaching. And as such it looks like a few companies have managed to rescue releases from the docks and get them in store.

Back in stock! After a longer time than expected – we’ve got a few Indie RPG games back – and some new ones for you to see.
Magpie Games – Masks : A New Generation – a rules light RPG where players take on the part of young heroes trying to save lives, defeat evil and find out who they are. Core rules are in stock along with the Unbound and Secrets of A.E.G.I.S. expansions.
Black Armada – Lovecraftesque – a storytelling game that you don’t need a GM for. The group tells the story of the lone witness who is involved in strange and terrifying events. Create your own monsters and mystery. No Mi-Gos here, it’s all created by you as the story progresses.
The Impossible Dream – Dread RPG – Create & play characters in a hostile world. Uses jenga (or other block-stacking games) as a resolution engine. This game of Horror and Hope has been in and out of print several times, so if you are looking for it – we’ve got several copies right now.
Shoreless Skies – The Broken Cask – a Solitaire Inn Keeping Game. Requires paper, pencil and at least a single six sided die. Create your innkeeper, your inn and your staff, earn gold, trade at the market, expand, house heroes and much more.

Goodman Games – Dungeon Crawl Classics : Feast of the Gobbler Witch
Level 0 adventure for the 2021 holiday season. Can you and your group of friends recover the Holy Scythe of the Mayflower? Will you be able to save the colony’s crop? Will you be unwillingly participating in the feast of the Gobbler Witch?

Mongoose Publishing – Traveller : The Deepnight Revelation
This is a six book set of adventures that puts you in various locations and situations, all with great adventure potential. The Great Rift plays host to much of this set with travel, danger, exploration, gunboat diplomacy, and deep space adventure. Each books have fully realized adventures, new equipment, starships, races and more. The sixth book is set with extra material for the Deepnight Revelation campaign with encounters, points of interest, adventure hooks, and four other scenarios. All are tons of information, ready to use. Each of the books is available individually.
Mongoose Publishing – Traveller Deepnight Revelation dice set
20 six sided dice, each with the Deepnight Revelation logo. Black plastic with gold ink.

Magpie Games – Crossroads Carnival – It’s the 1930s and with the Great Depression in full swing you travel from town to town trying to stop the Darkness from consuming all. 3 to 5 performers are drawn into the battle between light and dark as you try to keep your humanity while dealing with desperate rubes and the darkness around them. Game plays in 3-4 hours and is intended for ages 18 and up.

Wanderhome – a Pastoral Fantasy Tabletop Role-playing Game
As you set off into a world of grassy fields, mossy shrines, rabbits in sun dresses, geckos with suspenders and wonderful sunsets you will befriend amazing creatures, go on astounding adventures and do oh so much more. In both hardbound and softbound versions.

Holy Grail Games – Caesar’s Empire
Julius Caesar has tasked you with expanding the empire’s borders. With all roads leading to Rome your goal is to build roads to connect the different far flung reaches of the world. Build roads, control cities and collect resources. Build the best road network and be rewarded. Designed for 2 to 5 players, ages 10 and up. Plays in 30 to 60 minutes depending on players.

Charterstone Games – Corrosion
a temporary engine-builder game for experienced game players. Deep and subtle interaction along with varying start conditions make replay value very high. Put gears in machines to use before they rust away. Discover combinations, copy other players actions with better engineers and benefit from their work. For 1 to 4 players, ages 12 and up. Plays in around an hour, but as long as two with more players.

Steeped Games – Chai
The immersive Tea board game. Step into the shoes of a Tea merchant and attempt to make the perfect blend of flavors for the cup your customers want. For ages 8 and up. 1 to 5 players taking from under half an hour to an hour or so depending on players.

Easy Roller Dice company – new Hollow Metal Dice
a full 7 piece poly set, made of metal… but hollow. numbers are suspended in a latticework of sword and shields so the die itself is light but still has a certain weight to feel good in the hand. Silver, gold, copper and bronze versions.

Easy Roller Dice Company – FLGS Exclusive
Black and Gold Raven Pattern Microfiber Dice bag
Big enough to hold over 200 standard sized dice. Self standing so you don’t need to worry about your dice spilling everywhere. Reversible so it’s like getting two dice bags in one. Black microfiber with gold inked raven on one side. Golden colored fabric with black ink raven design on the other.

Bombyx – GLOW
2 to 4 players attempt to assemble an adventuring party to recover shards of light, helping to dispel darkness and restore color to the world around them. This game combines card drafting, push your luck, dice rolling and set collection to create a unique game. Designed for ages 10 and up. Plays in around 45 minutes.

Charterstone Games – Pipeline : Emerging Markets
This expansion contains five new modules to add to your Pipeline game. Includes Crude market tiles, refined market tiles, refinement cost tiles, 8 action tiles, upgrade cards, Specialization cards, Valuation cards and a bag.

Friday night, Dec 17th -New releases

This evening we have a butt load of of new things. Actually, probably several butt loads. Really. It’s a unit of measure. Seriously. Look it up. We will wait…

Meanwhile here’s all the fun stuff we’ve gotten in so far this week.
Deck of Many – Humblewood miniature sets
Bandit Coalition (5 minis), Heroes of Humblewood (5 minis), Citizens of Alderheart (5 minis) Aspect of Fire (1 very large mini) – all back in stock to support your gaming needs.

Ultrapro – D&D Treasure Nest (Mind Flyer bag)

The OP – Mighty Nein 20 sided die
big orange d20 with the Mighty Nein logo on a face.

Deck of Many – The Griffon’s Saddlebag
Hundreds of illustrated, game ready magic items. 365 unique magic items, 12 subclasses, 2 settings a new playable race and a villain to use in your 5e games.

Sand Castle Games – Res Arcana Expansion 2 : Perlae Imperii
New mages, essence types, magic item, monuments, places and extended game play. 12 artifact cards, 4 mage cards, 4 monument cards, 25 pearl tokens, 2 places of power, magic item, reminder tile and a rule book.

WizKids Games – Icons of the Realms Orc Warband
a prepainted Orc warband with 8 figures – all prepainted and ready to put on the table right from the box.

Renegade Games – GI Joe deckbuilding Game
from 1 to 4 players work together as Joes to stop Cobras latest plan. Work together to send Joes on mission, get equipment and deal with events while foiling Cobra. Decks begin small, but game play sees players add to their cards in order to create their forces. Game includes 36 unique missions to play, dozens of Joes and equipment, tokens, rules and even an Expert Mode Cards to provide further challenges for experienced players.

GMT Games – MBT
This is modern tactical combat in boardgame form. Play out combined arms small units actions set in 1987 Germany. Pit M1s, M2 and M3s, M901 ITV and A-10s against T72s, T-80s, T-64s, BMPs, Hings, Frogfoot and other forces. Includes Basic rules to get you started, Advanced and Optional rules to add to the game. There are 10 scenarios in the game along with a scenario generator and scads of detail to make the game interesting.

Cool Mini or Not – new Song of Ice and Fire units
Ironborn Bowmen (12 bowmen and unit card and tray)
Ironborn Reavers (11 reavers, bannerman and Captain, game cards and tray) Blacktyde Chosen (11 blacktide Chosen and 1 bannerman, card and tray)
Free Folk Frozen Shore Chariots (2 chariots and 2 unit cards)

Cubicle Seven – Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay : Altdorf : Crown of the Empire
a new hardback 224 page book detailing it’s government, religion, magic and military. Each district of the city is detailed and has locations, NPCs and plot hooks galore. A map is included for both the players and the GM with extra details. Regardless of where players want to go, this book on Altdorf will help make the game run smoothly.

Cubicle Seven – Soulbound : Shadows in the Mist
A sprawling six part campaign set in the free city of Anvilgaurd, The Soulbound group have to root out the corruption in the city and the Blackscale Coil, a group of Darklings, privaters and outcasts who have a stranglehold on the city. This book has a guide to Anvilguard with details on over 60 locations, NPCs and a wonderfully illustrated map to show it all. 50 new monsters and enemies are provided along with new items to purchase, new Endeavors to undertake and Black Markets to wander. 256 hardbound pages.

GMT Games – Absolute War! Russian Front 1941-1944
This game recreates the titanic struggle between Germany and the Soviet Union. A simple yet effective economic system help recreate the rise and decline of the different armed forces. Scenarios range from 5 quick playing games (Barbarossa ‘41, Fall Blau ‘42, Saturn ‘42, Zitadelle ‘43, Bagration ‘44) and a full fledged campaign game. Designed for 2 players, games can take from 2 to 8 hours. Each side has a card deck of events and abilities that move the game along as well as resolving combats. No CRT or dice rolls required. Medium Complexity, high solitaire suitability.

Ares Games – Diabolik : Heists and Investigations
2 to 4 players take the role of criminals or police in this boardgame. The criminals move about in the shadows attempting to set up heists and as they are identified by the police the game moves to a chase and subsequently a puzzle game where the the investigations and heists attempt to resolve. Includes a fast play rules and scenario set to jump into the action as well as the full game.

Dobble Games – Star Wars Mandalorian Spot It
a game of observation and reflexes for ages 6 and up. Find the matching symbol between a pair of cards to win the hand. Designed for 2 to 8 players, taking about 15 minutes to play.

Atomic Mass Games – new Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniature Sets
Doctor Strange and Clea
Includes minis, bases, token, tactic and statistic cards

Mordo and the Ancient One
2 miniatures, bases, cards and tokens

Doctor Voodoo and Hood
2 new magical figures, villain and hero to add to your Crisis Protocol game with token, bases, cards, Doctor Voodoo, Hood and the Possessed Hood miniatures.

Spider-man vs Doctor Octopus Rival panel set
A rival panel set with both miniatures, a scenic base to display them on, character and team tactics cards. 2 new miniatures to add to Crisis Protocol, a terrain piece for play and a way to show off your minis when not playing, all in a single set.

Sanctum Sanctorum
includes the building, and 4 bits of street terrain, stop sign, news stand, street sign and mail box.

Steve Jackson Games -Cthulhu Dice Bag – a new full color print of the Old One and a ¾” (20mm) d6 in translucent purple with green ink featuring your favorite old one on a die face.

Dice Dragon Dice Hoard Dice Bag – 6 x 9” dice bag with a dragon on the dice hoard in full color on one side and a mini dragon holding a d20 on the opposite. Also includes 16mm ‘dragon’ die and a 16mm skull die in red pearl plastic and yellow ink.

Funko Games – Something Wild!
This card game challenges you to match your cards to gain special powers for your character. Each game comes with a mini-POP! figure, cards and rules. You can combine multiple decks to have an even wilder time. Pop! minis are Darth Vader and The Child from Star Wars and the Mandalorian respectively.

Ares Games – Sword and Sorcery expansion sets
Spawn Gates and God’s Shrines – 20 new cards and 7 miniatures which upgrade the cardboard pieces and 16 new ‘hollywood’ cards with magical weapons and armor featured in the movies, originally only available in the Kickstarter version of the game.

Minions – This set upgrades the standard cardboard bits fine plastic miniatures and features the Nest from Ancient Chronicles and Snow Gremlins as found in Northwind Tales. 20 plastic miniatures for your game.

TW Games – Affril : Plane of Knowledge – map pack 2 for Cartographers
75 double sided map sheets and 3 scoring cards to expand you game. Enter into the strangest place you may ever see, pull out your compass and begin to survey the area. From purple stone archways to a vast gray sea, Affril will challenge your mapping skills.

UltraPro – Shards of Infinity : Into the Horizon
This expansion set adds to the Shards of Infinity card game which gives you monsters (Ingeminex) to fight to gain rewards, Destinies to refine and enhance your strategies and unlimited Power to end the war by any means you can. Includes 60 cards and rules.

R Talsorian Games – Interface RED
This is the new interface ‘magazine’ for Cyberpunk Red. Includes a conversion guide to make the older weapons compatible with the new, 10 pregenerated PCs (or NPCs), Drones, Night City’s MMO (Elflines) and a Sreamsheet adventure, all bound into a single book.

Kosmos Games – EXIT the game : Kidnapped in Fortune City
This escape room game challenges you to find the sheriff before it’s too late. Interrogate townsfolk, gather evidence and try to make sense of the situation and rescue him. Designed for 1 to 4 players, ages 12 and up. Plays in 1 to 2 hours. Medium-high complexity. You will need to download and run a helper app t0 play the game.

Wizkids Games – Heroclix Empyre
a new set of 70 different figures,available in 5 figure booster packs, as a boardgame with 10 pre-painted figures and also a dice and token set with 6 tokens and a pair of dice.

Bully Pulpit Games – Fiasco Expansion Packs
One Step too Far expansion -Boomtown (can you survive a gold rush?) and The Ice (how will you fair in an Antarctic research station?)

Pride & Panic expansion -Folly & Fortune (can you decide how to proceed in Regency England, will it be for love or money?) and Just Add Trouble (a mini-playset to add interest to other decks)

Join the Cult expansion -Murder at Prestige House (clout equals cash. What will you do for likes, shares and subscribes?) and Rainbow Mountain (can you survive creating an out of the way utopia?)

A Thousand Papercuts expansion – Fist City (suburban America’s underground martial arts community calls to you) and Business Casual (Will you survive another day in the Cube Farm?)

Stonemaier Games – Rolling Realms
a 1 to 6 player game where players (ages 14 and up) compete to earn stars in minigames over 3 rounds. A player rolls two dice and the group attempts to use the roll

Rainy Friday Releases

Here we are, a cool rainy night with nothing to do.
…Not true! You can come in, look at games, buy some minis, grab some paints and enjoy a little hobby time as the weather gets a bit wet.

TW Games – Cartographer’s Heroes
this game puts you in charge of charting the Western Lands while coping with dangers that oppose the Queen’s rule and your job. Map the lands, record the Heroes deeds and earn fame and glory. From 1 to 100 people can play, times vary but usually plays in around 45 minutes. Designed for ages 10 and up. Includes rules, 100 map sheets, cards and pencils. 

TW Games – Cartographers Heroes Map Pack 1  – Nebblis : Plane of Flame
Includes 75 double sided map sheets, 3 volcano cards and the chance as royal cartographer to visit the great volcano of Astmork. Can you avoid rivers of lava and chart the lands? An expansion pack for Cartographers Heroes.

Modiphius Entertainment – Achtung! Cthulhu RPG dice
2 d20 with the secret war squid symbol on the 1’s face and 4d6 with custom faces to  show damage or special effect results. Black Sun faction with white ink on black plastic.

Thor Olavsrud & Luke Crane – Torchbearer 2nd Edition
a tabletop Role Playing Game of desperate adventure in a fantasy setting. This hardbound book duo comes in a slipcase and has the Scholar’s Guide with information on running the game from setting up a session to rules on conflicts, task difficulty and rewards. Monsters, GM guides, a demo adventure and scads of event tables and other useful information round out the book. The second tome, the Dungeoneer’s Handbook contains everything needed to create adventurers, magic, advancements as well as gear, skills, spells and all the other data the player needs.

Gale Force Nine – Dune Betrayal
a 4-8 player game where you are either a loyal noble of House Atreides or a House Harkonnen spy. Learn the identities of the other players as you protect your own. Use allies and tools to help gather information. As the last round begin, choose who to defend and who you will try to eliminate. Includes 78 cards, tokens, rulebook and board. Ages 14 and up, plays in under an hour, less depending on total number of players.

Midweek, holiday season releases

Rich here with a Mid Week Update.
As we roll through the holiday season we’ve seen even more releases get into the store. New stuff as expected, restocks we haven’t seen in months and other items we are shocked to see so soon. So without further ado…

The OP Games – Harry Potter Talisman
The classic game is now set in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Play as a member of the Order of the Phoenix or as a Death Eater, move about Hogwarts finding Followers, Objects and Spells to bolster your power then confront the Dark Lord either to destroy him finally or to hand over Hogwarts for final conquest. Designed for 2 to 6 players ages 11 and up.

Osprey Publishing – Frostgrave : Blood Legacy
This Frostgrave supplement presents information on Vampires and Giants that inhabit the ruins, Vampiric magic, Giant tribes, high level wizards and giant-blooded as well as two new mini-campaigns to play.

Decision Games – Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #16 – China in the Next War

Decision Games – Strategy & Tactics # 332 – 30 Years Wars Decisive Battles
Full game on the 30 Years War, Alexander : Character and Finance, Panzer Lehr in ‘44, Maghreb Arms race and more.

Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy # 117
Achaemenid Persian Empire, playing Silver Bayonet, Operation Blucher, Building Dead Man’s Corner (an MDF house), building stone walls for your minis game, reviews, game play articles, battle information and hordes more.

Miniature Wargames # 464
Dead Zone scenario , a Silver Bayonet scenario, Core Space gaming, building a crypt, reviews, game strategy and lots more.

Kenzer & Company – Knights of the Dinner Table # 288
KODT strips, other comics, G workshop, reviews, gaming the movies, game articles and all the fun and games one expects from Kenzer & Company.

Mongoose Publishing – Traveller Utility Pack
50 sheet pad of subsector maps and 50 sheet pad of Character sheets. The character sheet folds into a 4 page booklet allowing important info up front and a place to store adventure handouts in back with created pouches.

Wizards of the Coast – Strixhaven : A Curriculum of Chaos
Campaign adventures set in Strixhaven University. Drawn from the multiverse Magic the Gathering, this book gives you character creation information, a poster map of the Strixhaven campus and four adventures that indulge the characters in scholarly pursuits, shenanigans, romance and hidden dangers. All for 5e D&D.

Wizkids/Wizards of the Coast – The Wild Beyond the Witchlight miniatures set
50 new prepainted miniatures in blind buy boxes, sleeves or cases. From rolls and Blink Dogs to Jabberwocks, Giant Toads and Chuckleheads. And some unique characters too.

Renegade Games – Love Letter : Princess Princess Ever After
Set in the world of K. O’Neill’s Princess Princess Ever After. Find the perfect ally to send a secret message to the Princess. For 2 to 6 players, playing in about 20 minutes. Designed for ages 10 and up. Includes 21 cards, quick reference cards, tokens and rules.

Renegade Games – Transformers Deck Building Game
1 to 5 players take on the role of Autobots fighting the Decepticons in this deck building game. Play cooperatively or competitively with over 190 cards, rules and hours of excitement. Designed for ages 13 and up. Plays in about 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on players and play mode. This Core Set starts your collection and will get you started playing while you await the arrival of the Decpticons.

Renegade Game Studios – City of Crowns : Paladins of the West Kingdom
Noble allies have responded to attacks on our borders. Now diplomacy may allow us to gather to support we need to defeat the enemy. Can you defend your great city or will it crumble to dust beneath the assault of the attackers?

Pegasus Spiele – Micro Macro Crime City Full House
Second part of the Crime City game series, this stand alone game includes 16 new cases. This cooperative detective game challenges you to find the evidence, deduct the motive and catch the law breakers. Plays in 15 to 45 minutes. for 1 to 4 players, ages 12 and up.

Thunderwerks Games – Roll Player Adventures
This 1 to 4 player game (for ages 14 and up) is a cooperative storytelling boardgame where players create a group of characters willing to face challenges and make decisions that effect the story going forward. Can you defeat the armies of Dragul invaders, close a portal between worlds, stop a cult bent on bringing an ancient evil back into the world or deal with bizarre creatures that have begun to appear? Here is your chance to brave these threats. Plays in one and a half to three hours.

Troll Lord Games – new Castles & Crusades books
The Players Handbook introduces you to the rules system, explains character creation, spells, combat and has all the essential information you need.

The Castle Keepers Guide encompasses the material needed to build your world, adventure in the air, on water or over land. Wagons, Ships and transport are covered, managing non-player characters, alternate use of spells, large scale war, monsters, treasures, mortality and more are discussed.

The Players Archive expands the allowed classes, multi-classing, the ability to switch classes, or even having enhancements to your class are all covered. Material from the Adventurer’s Backpack and Amazing Adventures is included.

Past few days of releases

Fantasy Flight Games – Song of Ice & Fire Miniature Game
Night’s Watch Heroes #2 – Samwell Tarley, Craster, Gilly & Son, Benjen Stark, Coldhands foot & mounted. We are out of the Free Folk Heroes 2 (Giants) and the Silenced Men, but contact us and we’d be happy to set them aside for you when the restock shows up.

Fantasy Flight Games – Star Wars Legion new miniature sets
Infantry Support Platform
(327th Star Corp pilots, beam cannons and missile pods)

Raddaugh Gnasp Fluttercraft (Pilot, gunner, bombardier armed with bowcasters and grenades)

DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid (Flamethrower or ion blaster weapon options)

IG-100 Magnaguard (6 miniatures, enough for 2 special forces units with weapon options)

NR-N99 Persuader class Tank Droid (1 heavy tank unit for your army)

Fantasy Flight Games – Arkham Horror Card Game : Edge of the Earth Campaign
a 343 card campaign with multi-part scenarios, checkpoints to take breaks, nine expedition members, the harsh arctic chill and more. The campaign can last from 4 to 10 scenarios. Who will make it back alive?

Chaosium Inc – Runequest Starter Set
This box set contains a rule book, World of Glorantha book, Soloquest Solo adventure to teach you the rules, Adventure book with three adventures and adventure seeds to get you started, 14 pregenerated characters to let you jump into the action, blank sheets, handouts, maps and dice. Everything you need to start playing in a Mythic World of Adventure

Giochi Uniti – Assault on the Castle
a 2 to 4 player game of dexterity and engineering. Build your castle of cards and then use fearsome warmachines (which are also cards thrown by you) to destroy your opponents fortifications. Last one standing wins! Ages 6 and up. Plays in a little as 15 minutes.

Dungeons & Lazers – Origin the Denouncer
another plastic dragon from D&L. Origin is a long sinuous dragon with optional wings as well as a textured 50mm round base. Origin is about 5” tall (127mm) with scads of detail.

Ulisses Spiele – Fading Sun RPG
The latest version of the Fading Suns RPG, this game is set in a future where humanity is spread among the stars and as advanced technology and universal emancipation has caused wars and decline. a New Dark Age has descended upon the Known Worlds. Now Emperor Alexius has called for the brave, wise and resourceful members of the worlds to bring peace back. Can you as a Guild Trader, a member of the Orthodoxy or Noble of one of many Houses succeed in this task?
Books releases are:
Universe Book with all the setting information you need
Game Master Book with people, places, plots, NPCs, sample adventure and play examples
Game Master Screen – rules & charts as well as token sheets and full color art

Faction Book – minor houses, minor sects, and guilds are detailed in this book as well as aliens, mutants and pagans who populate the universe.

Intrigues & Escapades – Schemes, two premade adventures (dramas) and hooks to help get you into the action and playing quickly and with lots of material.

Imperial Dossier : House Hawkwood – background on all the nobility, holdings and information on the other major and minor Houses as well.

Imperial Dossier : Urth Orthodox – background of the Theology, it’s Church, sects, orders and politics.

Imperial Dossier : Reeves Guild – Money and the Law. Money, crime, punishment, debt collectors, lawyers and justice seekers. All detailed here.

Play Kit – Jumpweb Map & Play Mat, 5 player mats, token sheet, reference book, 16 illustrated characters and a character sheet pad.

Players Book – Everything the players need to play in a handy book.

NorthStar MIlitary Miniatures – Implements of Carnage 2
Includes 2 buggies, 2 motorbikes, grabber arms, wrecking ball arms, jerry cans, shells, oil drums, RC cars and more. Plastic sprues full of fun.

Aconyte – My Journey to Catan by Klaus Teuber
a new limited edition book detailing Settlers of Catan’s development, history, variants and more. Hardbound slipcase book, numbered copies of 1000 total printed.  

Hnefatafl : Viking Chess –
one of the oldest games in history, this game pits the defender, trying to escort the king off the board and the attackers, trying to capture him. Includes game board, king, 12 defenders, 24 attackers and rules. Designed for 2 players ages 8 and up. Plays in around 20 minutes.

Pretzel Games – Camel Up Off Season
This 3-5 player push your luck card game. As your favorite camels are getting ready to make their way back to town you can help the merchants transport goods back. Try not to push your camel too hard or you may lose everything. Make profits during the off season and get yourself plenty of profit. For ages 8 and up. Plays in around 45 minutes.

Grand Gamers Guild – Belgian Beers Race
2 to 4 participants work their way through as many Belgium breweries, sampling their wares and finding ways to travel from town to town, meet other travelers and enjoy a pint with them as well. Make your way through the country and end at the Grand Palace of Brussels without getting hung over to win. Ages 14 and up, playing in about 30 minutes per player.

Space Cowboys – Jamaica
2 to 6 players  hoist sails and fill their holds with supplies, take treasures and try to out pirate their foes. Made for ages 8 and up. Generally plays in under an hour, but exact time depends on players. Includes 3d plastic boats, cards, tokens, rules and hours of freebooting fun.

Thursday Update 12/2/2021

It’s Thursday afternoon and we are looking at a truckload of new items that have made it into the store in the last week. Here you are – and we expect more later this week so keep your eyes peeled.

Necrotic Gnome – Holy Mountain Shaker
a 5th-6th level Old School Essentials pointcrawl adventure. What’s a ‘point crawl’? Instead of laborious mapping, the major encounter areas are noted and how they match up with each other. Each ‘encounter’ is not specifically a fight, just a spot that events occur. hardback digest sized book full of adventure.

Exatlted Funeral Press – ARC : Doom Tabletop RPG
Create heroes, explore worlds and race against the clock to save the world from apocalypse in this new style of RPG.

Fantasy Flight Games – The Hood : Marvel Champions LCG expansion
78 card set where you battle to save New York. Nine modular sets represent the growing crime empire the Hood nurtures. Alternate versions of Standard and Expert encounter sets are provided as well.

Asmodee – Spot It! Numbers
Spot It… but with Numbers. 30 cards, tin, rules. Ages 3 and up.

9th level Games – The Excellents RPG Game Diary : Characters & Character Sheets

Asmodee – Rory’s Story Cubes : Harry Potter
9 cubes with story elements, a whole world of stories made from those elements. Made for ages 6 and up.

Fantasy Flight Games – Song of Ice and Fire Card Update Packs
Each pack has updated cards to bring your units and tactics cards up to date, add secret missions and special cards and update your objectives. Each faction has a set of cards.

Asmodee – GULP : The Drinking Trivia Game.
1 to 4 players, ages 21 and interesting game where you drink down to your answer and learn a bunch of random facts doing so. Includes 500 cards and 4 GULP cups and rules.

Asmodee – Chronicles of Crime The Millennium Series : 2400
a cooperative game pitting you and up to friends against the game in the futuristic crime solving game. You will need to download an app to play, but you will have no rules to read, after starting up the game you use the board and app to create an immersive game experience.

Panadasaurus Games – Machi Koro 2
2-5 players build the best little town they can while taking advantage of the available cards. Ages 10 and up. Plays in around 45 minutes. Designed to be equally as fun for new players as Mochi Koro veterans.

Stronghold Games – Terraforming Mars : Ares Expedition
This special collectors edition of the card game comes with dual layer player boards and custom storage trays. Designed for 1 to 4 players, this game plays in about an hour. Recommended for ages 14 and up.

Smuchy Games – Parseling : Words are What Define Me.
This Deck Building Table Top RPG focuses on connection and cooperation. You will need a deck of playing cards for each player, d6,d10 and d20 dice and you imagination to craft a story in this new world.

Nuts! Publishing – Mini Rogue
Inspired by rogue-likes and old school dungeon crawler games, this one or two player game immerses you in the depth of the dungeons. Choose from different characters with diverse skills, use your wits and hope for the right amount of luck to succeed. Unravel the story behind Og’s Blood in the campaign mode, or play with a friend using the cooperative rules.

Cranio Creations – The Lost Ship
This expansion for Mystery House puts you on a distant planet, low on oxygen and in front of a spaceship that may be your salvation. This escape-room style game is a medium difficulty adventure.

Sit Down! Games – Rush Out!
A game of speed with no turns. You and your party find themselves in a dungeon deep, having just obtained the treasure you desire. Then, suddenly a sorcerer emerges and begins to hunt you down for disturbing him. Roll dice, play cards and try to escape as quickly as you can. 3 to 5 players, ages 8 and up. Plays in around half an hour.

Lucky Duck Games – Tranquility
A cooperative card game where you fill the sea with islands and attempt to get you ship home before running out of actions. All while being silent… For 1 to 5 players, ages 8 and up. Plays in around 20 minutes.

Helvetiq – Kompromat
2 player game combining blackjack, set collection and special interaction in a game of daring missions and secret agents. Ages 8 and up, plays in about half an hour.

Fantasy Flight Games – Star Wars Legion
Super Tactical Droid – Commander Expansion.

Cubicle Seven – Wrath and Glory : Litanies of the Lost
four adventures set in the grimdark future for tier 1 and 2 characters. These can be used as standalone episodes or as a planet hopping campaign.

Modiphius Entertainment – Achtung! Cthulhu RPG
Using the 2d20 system Modiphius presents an RPG set in the midst of the Secret War between Allies, Nazis and the Mythos. Includes character generation, talents, a new magical system and an exploration of the Lovecraftian Mythos. Will the Allies prevail or will Nazis, foul beings and Evil win the day? Includes seperate Players Guide, Game Master Guide and Game Masters Toolkit books.

Inexorable Media LLC – Magimundi Bestiary
New companions, familiars, new ingredients to harvest, more treasures to find and more. This tome features ancient beasts, solitary creatures, hordes of vermin and full descriptions, illustrations and statistics. Books for 5e D&D and Pathfinder are available.

WizKids – Tiamat Gargantuan Dragon
Five headed dragon embodying all aspects of the evil dragons. Prepainted, just plug the parts together and she is ready for your tabletop

Black Friday, Holiday Certificates, New Releases and a bunch more.

So here we are on ‘Black Friday’

First things first – from now until Christmas Eve we will be doing our Holiday Certificates. Buy $100 of product from us, get a $10 certificate above and beyond the frequent buyer certificates. Those holiday certificates are then good from January 15th till February 28th of 2022. So you get more money to spend after you get all your gift cash and gift return monies!

What else do we have?

New Osprey Publishing books:
Campaign #370 – Leyte Gulf 1944 (Volume 1)
Elite #242 – US Navy Special Warfare Units in Korea & Vietnam (UDT & SEALs)
New Vanguard # 301 -Tanks at the Iron Curtain 1946-1960
Weapon # 80 – British Sniping Rifles since 1970
Campaign # 371 – The Battle of Hue 1968

Bezier Games – Ultimate Werewolf Pro (new roles, item and pro rules)
Bezier Games – Ultimate Werewolf Bonus Roles (44 new roles, 2 player items, reference guide & charm)

Iello – For the King and Me (2 to 5 player game, ages 10+, ½ hour play time)

Renegade Games – Vampire Rivals : The Wolf and the Rat expansion

Modiphius Games – Twilight 2000 RPG box set
Player book, Referee book, travel map, custom dice, tokens, battle maps, encounter and initiative cards and character sheets)

Wikids Games – Bequest (3-6 player game of evil empire building. Ages 10+ Plays in about 30 minutes)

Renegade Games – Clank! Adventures in Space – Pulsararcade Expansion
with arcade module, tokens, boss and racers

Wizkids – Super Skill pinball Ramp it Up
4 new tables with challenges and bonuses

Newstand Press – Flying Circus (5e RPG of high flying adventure)
Monkeyfun Games – A Town Called Malice
Daedalum Analog Productions – Turn (Supernatural RPG of shapeshifters)

Del Rey – Vox Machina Kith & Kin (Critical Role novel)

Spin Master – Harry Potter Potions Challenge Game – 2-4 players ages 8 and up.

Spin Master – Santorini : New York – 2 to 5 players ages 8 and up.

Iello Games – Little Factory (2-4 players, ages 10+ – card game of construction

Grey Fox Games – For Science! (1 to 6 players, ages 14+ – plays in 30 minutes)
real time, dexterity and spatial cooperation board game of curing diseases.

Northstar Games – Revenant Infantry box – 30 multipart plastic miniatures
New Oathmark metal champions, wizards, halflings and more too.

Flagbearer Games – Nations & Cannons : Revolutionary War campaign setting for 5e

Lame Mage Productions – Kingdom (second edition)
a narrative RPG about running your kingdom/group. For 2-5 players.

OSR For All – Filling in the Blanks : Populating Hexcrawls
Creating content for your campaign map with features and encounters. 80 pages with lots of information and tables.
OSR For All – Populated Hexes : A Guide to Thieves Guilds
encounter locations, sandbox ideas, plot hooks and more in a handy sourcebook

Shadows Edge Miniatures Self adhesive tufts. 2mm, 4mm and 6mm in height with various colors from straw yellow to deep green. Some tufts have brownish or greyish rocks included to give a more natural look in spare areas. 25mm scale leaves ranging from dead brown through yellow, greens and reds are available as well. Finally they produce shrub tufts with green stalks and colored flowers to portray garden, flowering plants and special terrain areas.

Battlefront Miniatures – Bulge American books and cards, Brave Romania books, cards and unit blisters as well as gaming sets are in as well.

New items in store right now!
(Friday, Nov 19th)

So it’s a darn big load of stuff that came in.
Really darn big. So big that the best I’ll be able to do is list it down here with only a small blurb about them I’m afraid.That said…

Green Stuff World new items
Ultra Flat Single Blade Nipper (for plastic, resin and soft wire)
Flat Cutting Nipper (for plastic, resin and soft wire)
not designed for music wire, photo etched parts or metal models

Killer Pumpkins – 6 large horror pumpkins cast in resin.
Stonework Silicone Molds – designed to build walls for houses, castles, and more. Includes instructions and designed for UV, acrylic, polyurethane and epoxy resins.

Dungeon Silicone Molds – doors, floors and accessories. Each tiles is 32mm square, comes with wood and ironbound doors and 2 doorways. Includes instructions and designed for UV, acrylic, polyurethane and epoxy resins.

Industrial Grids & fans silicone molds – wall panels with openings, fan grills, ventilation grids, fans and more. a single mold with 20+ options

Factory Set Control Panels – 25 different panels, keyboards, CRTs, hand print terminals and more in a single mold.

Industrial Pipes – pipes, bends, valves, intersections and supports to create your own pipeline terrain in a single mold.

Factory Sets Pipe Circuits – 14 different conduit segments, junction boxes, control panels and more in a single mold.

Green Stuff World – XL sized Silicone Painting Mat.
Just over 23” x 15” mat (600x400mm) made of silicone. Non-stick, water proof, easy to clean and anti-slip.

Green Stuff World – Silicone Painting Mat just over 15” x 11” mat (400 x 300mm) made of silicone. Non-stick, water proof, easy to clean and anti-slip.

Asmodee new releases
Gathering of the Wicked – a new 6-12 player game of social deduction and deception. Play as a Disney villain or henchman and try to figure out who is on your team. Are the other players members of team Mayhem or Mischief? Ages 10 and up, plays in about half an hour.

LogiQuest – Ticket to Ride Track Switcher
This solo game is designed for ages 8 and up and includes 40 different ticket to ride logic puzzles challenging you to start with train cars in certain sections of the yard and getting them into a new final configuration in a certain number of moves.

LogiQuest – Catan Logic Puzzles
40 different Catan logic puzzles challenge a single player to discover resources, settle towns, connect areas with roads and create trade routes. 4 different difficulty levels for hours of fun. For ages 8 and up.

LogiQuest – Shadow Glyphs
arrange stone blocks into special patterns to create a shadow pattern trying to match a set picture to unlock the puzzle. Designed for ages 8 and up. 40 puzzles with 4 levels of difficulty.

LogiQuest – Zip City
as Zippybot the traffic controller your job is to move the city tiles to get the Zip Sphere of the travelers to move through the tiles in the assigned order. Includes 40 different puzzles of four different difficulties to challenge ages 8 and up.

Gap Closer Games – Rival Restaurants
2 to 6 players run rival restaurants trying to be the most successful, most worthy ‘Weiner’. Designed for ages 10 and up this zany game usually plays in under an hour.

Game Storm Studio – Arctic Race
2 to 4 players (ages 8 and up) lead a dog sled team across the arctic through blizzards and ice. Utilize your gear to the best of your advantage. Takes about an hour to play.

Z-Man Games – World of Warcraft : Wrath of the Lich King
a new Pandemic system game where the players challenge the Lich King in an attempt to destroy him. The legendary heroes each have special powers which can aid the team in their quest. And while they last, each game comes with Brann Bronzebeard, a promo hero.

WizKids – Dungeon Scrawlers : Heroes of Undermountian
2-4 player real time dungeon racing game for ages 10 and up. Plays in about 15 minutes.Tactics USA – new games

Helsinki 2012 – a Crime Scene Game for 1 or more players, each examining a crime scene, following leads and attempting to solve a crime using clues, story elements and deduction. Designed for ages 18 and up. Plays in around 2 hours.

Moscow 1989 – a Crime Scene Game for 1 or more players. Players examine a crime scene, following leads and attempting to solve a crime using clues, story elements and deduction. Designed for ages 18 and up. Plays in around 2 hours.

Grand Gamers Guild new Game releases
Chiseled : a Deck-Sculpting Card Game for 1-4 players 14 and up.

Roll Camera! a 1-4 player film making boardgame. This cooperative game is designed for ages 10 and up. Takes from 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on players.

Endangered – 1 to 5 players work to save species from extinction. Each species is it’s own game module and more can be added. Designed for ages 10 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Endangered – Giant Panda module

Endangered – New Species Includes 6 different species to save, new rules, new specialty powers for players and other game changing options to make the game more interesting.

Shikoku -3 to 8 players (ages 8 and up) participate in this card play race game trying to be second, or second to last. Plays in about 30 minutes.

Rare Roses – Buy flowers, create bouquets, sell your arrangements and attempt to be the best in town. Designed for 1 to 6 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in about an hour (or less).

Gale Force Nine – DUNE Boardgame
The Dune boardgame with a new movie themed skin. For 2 to 4 players, ages 12 and up. Plays in 30-60 minutes depending on players.

Mythalix – 2 to 4 players clash in a hostile world. The player is a god in a new pantheon who has to face off against others in an attempt to carve out a niche in the new world. For ages 14 and up. Takes around a hour (or more) depending on players.

Dungeons and Lasers – new Dragon Models
Draculus the Cunning – a little over 5 inches tall, the plastic model comes within a scenic 50mm base and is posed on the summit or spike or rock bellowing its challenge at all comers.
Xenodragon – This model is over 6 inches tall, depicted in flight protecting it’s brood, on a 50mm base with a organic look and number of eggs scattered about..

Battlefront USA – new Flames of War items
Bulge : America rulebookBulge American Unit Cards & Command Card packs
Brave Romania rulebook & cards
Bagration Romanian Unit & Command Card packs

Osprey Publishing – Heirs to Heresy : Fall of the Knights Templar RPG
As one of the 30 knights tasked with carrying the Templars treasures to safety as their stronghold is attacked early in the morning of Friday, October 13th of 1307 you travel across a dark and mythos Europe in search of refuge. Face fearsome foes, uncover secrets and try to keep the power of the relics you hold hidden. This book has a full system with background, enemies, magic and more.