Friday Sept 18th – What’s new Today

Wizkids – Pathfinder Premium prepainted miniatures
A single pre-painted fantasy miniature to pull out of the blister and and put on the table, ready to play. The figures include :
Human Male Rogue, Human Female Rogue, Half-Elf male Ranger, Elf male Fighter, Half Orc Male Barbarian, Human Male Cleric.

Fantasy Flight Games – Barkham Horror :
The Meddling of Meowlathotep scenario pack
This special scenario pack puts players into a world of anthropomorphic of canine investigators. This standalone adventure puts you at odds with the Prowling Chaos. Will you prevail?

Osprey Publishing – Frostgrave Second Edition is in stock!
Fireforge Games – aside from the the men at arms and living dead, highly usable in Frostgrave, Fireforge also makes objective markers, treasure chests and the knights Grave – all handy on the tabletop.

Genius Games – On the Origin of Species
A 2-4 player boardgame where you retrace Darwin’s path through the Galapagos Islands. Research, discover and get closer to making a breakthrough. Ages 9 and up. Plays in a hour to hour and a half depending on players.

Helvetiq – Mypuzzle Chicago
A thousand piece puzzle shows you all of Chicago’s neighborhoods and gives you inch perfect precision without a GPS. New York and San Francisco are available too.

GMT Games – Storm Over Asia
As a companion game to gathering Storm and World at War, Storm over Asia strats in 1935 and pits the Japanese, British, Russia and China in a contest to prepare for long term conflicts while not losing sight of short term goals.Between random events, alternate paths taken by players and a simple examination of alternate ideas – this game provides unlimited ability to see what may have happened had you been in command.

Space Cowboys Games – Marvel Splendor
Use the Infinity Stone’s Essence to gather a team of heroes and villains. As you score attempt to assemble the Avengers, gain locations and when your power base is set – claim the Infinity Gauntlet itself. For 2-4 players, ages 10 and up. Plays in under an hour.

Renegade Game Studios – CLANK! Adventuring Party
Expand your game to a six player romp through the Dungeon. Add any of six new characters to the game along with new abilities and starting decks. Play as a Dwarf Agent leading trusty companions, as an Elf collector, an orc ravager of hordes, an arcane mage, MonkeyBot Prime and his primate power or use Whiskers devious Cat powers to your advantage. Includes sideboards for 5 and 6 players, markers, cards, tokens, boss marker and more.

WizKids/Wizards of the Coast – Rime of the Frostmaiden figures.
A new set of prepainted miniatures has arrived supporting the new adventure path along with an Adult White Dragon and the terrifying Chardalyn Dragon. The standard figures are available in boosters or ‘bricks’ with multiple packs. The White and Chardalyn Dragons are available separately.

Thursday Sept 17th

Decision Games – Strategy & Tactics # 324 : Fight the Fall Faesulae & Tricamerum
Gunpowder in the War of the Roses, Apache Wars, Helos in air to air combat, reviews, sneak peeks of Decision Games, media reviews and Goths vs. Rome in AD 378-410 as the featured game.

Wargames Illustrated # 393 – War of the Roses
15mm figure conversions, an exclusive Frostgrave 2 scenario and WQar of the Roses Skirmish gaming rules.

Pazio inc – new Pathfinder & Starfinder Releases
Starfinder Flip-Mat : Giant Starship – a ship with more elbow room than your average one. If the party has been captured or just wants more room, this double sided full color flipmat get you a different look at the starship.

Starfinder Adventure – Devastation Ark : The Starstone Blockade
Part 2 of 3 of this story arc, the party needs to get back and warn the Pact Worlds government of the approaching threat. Can you succeed? Includes, statistics, high-level alien creatures, the church of Eloritu and more.

Pathfinder Pawns : Extinction Curse
over 100 creatures from the small Earth elemental to the huge Saurian Warmonger – monsters, NPCs and allies. All in full color and heavy cardstock.

Pathfinder Agents of Edgewater : All or Nothing
Adventure 3 of 6 pits the party against gangs and criminals in this 9-12th level adventure. Can you recover the items you need before the situation gets out of hand? Includes new rules, creatures, archetypes and more.

Pathfinder Flipmat Falls & Rapids –
A double sided mat with a large boulder strewn falls on one side and a twisting set of rapids on the other. In full color, with a 1” grid, ready to go.

Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide Character Sheet Pack –
A folder to store your sheets, a specialized character sheet for each class from the Advanced Players Guide, three standard character sheets, expanded sheets to track animal companions, alchemy books NPCs and more. Bunches of handy sheets ready to go.

Wizards of the Coast – Icewind Dale : Rime of the Frostmaiden
A new adventure series set in the Icewind Dale. A tale of dark terror that revisits Ten-Townsand moves about the ice and snow of the frontier. Designed to take players from 1st to 11th level.
We have both the standard cover and the brick & mortar only retailer covers.

Kobold Press – Underworld Lairs (for D&D 5e)
A number of single map stand alone adventures for 5e D&D for characters from 3rd to 15th level. From a simple seeming Drow encampment to an eerie cathedral lits by thousands of candles. As a side adventure, a hook to move a campaign along or a single nights fun these Underground Lairs are handy for almost any game.

Kobold Press – Underworld Players Guide
Character options that take you underground into a different sort of world. These new subclasses expand your campaign options and add spells, trinkets, beasts unseen prior and much more.

Kobold Press – Empire of the Ghouls
A complete adventure series to take characters from 1st to 13th level designed for 5e D&D. Can you figure out why citizens of Zobeck are disappearing? Explore the catacombs beneath the streets, locate the threats to the peoples above and deal with them… if you can. Over 340 pages of action, adventure, magic, creatures and terror.

Kobold Press – Deep Magic
700 new and revised spells for 5e D&D in a 350+ page hardbound book. Includes divine domains, new wizard specialties, new origins for spellcasters, familiars and servants and a whole lot more.

Free League Games – Vaesen : Nordic Horror Roleplaying
The Mythic North, northern Europe in the Nineteenth century is a place where myths are real. Includes 10 ready to use archetypes, quick and flavorful rules for combat, investigations and horror. A gazetteer of the Mythic North, the town of Upsala, Vassen to encounter, and an introductory adventure ‘Dance of Demons’.

Wet Ink Games – Never Going Home RPG set in a Great War that has no end…
Never Going Home Core Rules (in stock now)

Never Going Home : Tome of Corrupted Beasts
As the Veil thins and Corruption seeps the wildlife about is twisted in new and horrible ways. This sourcebook includes 24 monsters and 3 adventures.

Never Going Home : Book of Whispers
Included in this book are 3 Magic Paths, 9 Constructs, 9 Fetishes, 4 new adventures and the Corruption Pool.

Never Going Home : Once More into the Breach
The War has many a battlefield. Mountains, forests and souls. This 160+ page book has 21 new adventures to help you get your game going.

Never Going Home Narrator’s Screen – a three panel cardstock screen with haunting artwork on one side and reference charts and tables for helping to run your game.

Wet Ink Games – Wild Skies : Europa Tempest
What happens if you take anthropomorphic animals and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and mash them together? Pulp technology, flying battleships, dealy air pirates, swarms of fighters and the Great War – all rolled into one. Includes original rules to deal with conflict from aerial dogfights to fisticuffs on the ground. A character creation system that gives you complete control. The system includes a complete gazetteer of the world, source material and 16 ready to play characters for those wanting to step right into the action.

Wild Skies : Liberating Strife
Take your Wild Skies game to America. Includes all sorts background information, details about the USA and it’s politics, popular culture, counter culture and technology. American war machines are featured as well as new character creation options, 9 ready to play characters and more.

Happy Friday (and a somber 9/11)

So first, a moment to think about events of 19 years ago, those who lost their lives and those who have sacrificed to try to ensure that sort of catastrophe does not occur again. May we never forget them.

Then a bit of a bright spot – we’ve got new items in store. Sadly the Star Wars Legions miniatures have pretty much come in and gone out – so – if you want any contact us. We will start a wait list for what will hopefully be a second wave of releases when the supply problems are solved.


River Horse Games – The Curious Case of Malfunctioning Prancer & other Tails
Six My Little Pony adventures that challenge you to read maps, make friends, bake bread, win a court case, tend a store and travel through time. A set of easy pick up and play adventures for afternoons of fun.

Wizkids Games – Marvel Heroclix Spiderman and Venom : Absolute Carnage.
New characters from the Spiderverse – Spidey, Villains and things you might not expect. Boosters, Fast Forces (Spiderman, Black Cat, Venom, Mysterio, Ghostspider and Carnage)as well as a new Dice & Token pack

Atomic Mass Games – Marvel Crisis Protocol – new releases :
Doctor Strange & Wong – The Sorcerer Supreme and his friend wield the mystical arts to defend humanity. With miniatures cards, team tactics, affiliation and gem cards.

Ghost Rider – Johnny Blaze shares his being with the demon Zarathos and can transform himself into the Spirit of Vengeance. He rides on his flaming motorcycle delivering punishment to those who dare to harm innocents. Mini, cards and tokens.

Ant Man and Wasp – using command over the Pym Particles Ant man and Wasp can shrink in size and use other abilities based on their suits technologies. This set includes regular and tiny sized miniatures for both characters as well as stat cards, team tactic cards and tokens.

Repos Productions – 7 Wonders Second Edition
The classic game is back. Revised mechanics, revamped graphics and new play styles make this a must have for those who liked the older game. Lead one of the seven greatest cities of Antiquity. Develop your civilization on a military, scientific, cultural, and economic level. Once built, will your Wonder bring you glory for millennia to come? No downtime, renewed fun in each game and perfect balance regardless of the number of players.

Themeborne Games – Escape from the Dark Sector
A sci-fi adventure game with a focus on atmosphere, storytelling and player interaction. Can you escape the detention block,  recover your impounded starship and blast your way home? Designed for 1 to 4 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Monte Cooke Games – We Are All Mad Here (RPG setting for the Cypher System)
Is there a fairy tale world you’d want to adventure in? Designed to run one-shot adventures based on traditional stories this sourcebook provides almost everything you need to get your story straight. What’s missing? Your imagination. Included are three full length adventures for use in the Heartwood as well as two Cypher Shorts.

Just Insert Imagination – Wise Guys : A Savage Worlds guide to Organized Crime
It’s the 90s and Las Vegas is up for grabs as bosses of all the Families are jailed and no one is there to pick up the pieces. Includes new Hindrances and Edges, 27 new Organizations, a Mob Tale generator, two starter scenarios to kick off your campaign, 66 unique personalities and antagonists, over 90 NOC blocks, primers on the organized crime organizations and lots more. Over 175 pages in full color and hardbound.

a gloomy Thursday Update

Troll Lord Games – Castles & Crusades : Codex Celtarum
A primal world for Castles & Crusades with a list of the Celtic gods, Druid magic, Faery magic, common magic and wonders of the world, a new look at characters, and bunches of background.250+ fully illustrated hardbacked pages.

Troll Lord Games – Castles & Crusades : Codex Egyptum
Within the 125+ pages of this hardbound tome is a Epyptian themed world with charms, spells, chariots, a full pantheon of gods, monsters and a culture that comes to life. Also included is a poster map of the Epygtian world.

Redgrass Games – new Cap swapplable magnetic dock painting handle
The newest version of the Redgrass Games Ergonomic paint handle is here. With a top that swivels 360 degrees, an ergonomic handle and a magnetic base that allows you to place it onto a metallic (ferrous) surface and not worry about it tipping over. Includes handle, cap and putty to hold the minis.

Redgrass Games – Paint Handle Swap Caps & Putty 

2 caps and a stick of the mounting putty – this allows you to swap the tops from your painting handle to work on different minis on the same handle. Includes a full stick of putty as well.

Osprey Publishing – Frostgrave 2nd edition
Refined rules taking advantage of years of player feedback, a revised spell list – fixing weak spells and bringing others up to equal usefulness. New scenarios are included but the game remains fully compatible with the first edition allowing you the ability to revisit older games with new challenges.

Battlesystems Table Top buildings
These flat pack full color card buildings are designed to be easy to transport, easy to set up and either glue together or unslot and fold back flat.

Lake House – with roof removable house, dockways, a lake and 2 ponds, each able to be reversed to a bog, rowboats, scatter components.and clips.

Guard Post – includes Guard Hut with removable roof and lookout platform, staircase, ladder, weapon rack, scatter bits and clips.
Town House – Town house with removable roof and second level, barrels, chairs, other furnishings and interior scatter, accessories and clips

Storage Barn – Barn with stone base, removable wood second level, removable roof, cart, crane, barrels, crates and scatter accessories.

Thatched Cottage – daub & wattle cottage with a thatched removable roof including interior furnishings, crates, barrels, other exterior scatter bits.

Shield Wolf miniatures – new plastic multi-part miniature sets
Forest Goblin infantry – 25 minis with hand weapons, spearsm 2 banners (to make banner bearers), 2 horns to create musicians, 2 large axes (for leaders/champions), 22 shields (with 9 different designs), 3 daggers and 25 bows (for archers) as well as 43 hand weapons to create a variety of single or dual armed figures.

Mountain Orcs Infantry – 20 multi-part figures with 6 two handed weapons, 15 one handed weapons, 2 banners (for standard bearers), 2 horns (for musicians), 2 large one handed weapons (for leader/champions), separate upper and lower jaws for maximum posability.

Shieldmaiden Infantry/Rangers – 20 multipart figures with capes, backpacks, 10 quivers, 20 one handed crossbows, 4 hooded and 30 non-hooded heads, 9 one hand axes, 3 flails, 9 swords, 3 daggers, 3 pouches, 25 shields, 3 banners, 3 fur capes, 3 daemonic shields, 3 large swords and 3 horns.

Sisters of Talliareum – 20 multi part, fully armored female warriors with packs, cloaks, 10 hammers, 2 morning stars, 6 swords, 2 torches, 2 pouches, scrolls, celtic crosses, 5 champion swords, 5 champion hammers, 20 shields, 5 books, 10 hooded and 1 non-hooded heads as well as pauldrons, front and rear tabards.

Wargames Atlantic – Great War German Infantry 1916-1918
30 multipart figures with rifles, MP-18, MG-08/15, grenades, pistols, hand to hand weapons, Stahlhelms, gasmasks, field caps or Picklehaube.

Firelock Games – Blood and Valor
A skirmish level game set in World War 1 with a focus on small unit tactics, trench raids, scouting missions and patrols among other things. Not only are Western Front forces represented, but Gallipoli campaign, South East Africa and the Near East as well. The armies of the Ottoman, ANZAC, Belgian, American, French, German and British forces are here so fights from the bloody trenches to the jungles, the near east expanses and Gallipoli peninsula can be had.

Friday Night Madness!

Friday night and a few more interesting items have made it into the store. I’d post some pithy or amusing tagline thing here… but instead – I’ll let the merchandise do the talking.
Fantasy Flight Games – Keyforge : Tales from the Crucible
A story anthology in the worlds of Keyforge. 300+ pages.

Fantasy Flight Games – Arkham Horror : Wrath of N’Kai
A spine chilling exploit of Countess Alessandra Zorzi, this 300+ page novel will keep you on your toes.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess – new releases
Fermentun Nigrum Dei Sepulti – an adventure for LotFP. Maps, NPCs, story and more.

Big Puppet – An off the wall adventure for LotFP. What happens when people from another reality stumble upon yours and think it’s all make-believe? Try not to think about it too much. The answers might be a bit scary.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess Adventure Anthology
Classic adventures (Grinding Gear, Weird New World, Hammers of the Gods, No Dignity in Death : The Three Brides and People of Pembrooktonshire) all with new cartography, graphic design and generous illustrations.

Gamelyn Games – Tiny Epic Dinosaurs
As Dino Ranchers the players need to out-ranch their opponents and operate the most successful dino-operation to win in this game. For 1 to 4 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in around an hour depending on number of players. Includes over 70 dino-meeple, mats, cards rules, dice and tons of fun.

Fantasy Flight Games – Marvel Champions : The Rise of Red Skull
this giant-size 265 card expansion pits the heroes against red Skull , Hydra and mercenaries working in their service. Five all new inter connected scenarios will challenge you as you face Taskmaster, Crossbones, Absorbing Man, Arnim Zola and the Red Skull himself.

Chaosium Inc – The Shadow Over Providence
a 1920s Call of Cthuhlu adventure taking the characters to view the remains of someone called Ibnhotep the Mad at the Milton hotel. How can you refuse seeing artifacts and items outside a museum setting?

POP! Figures – The Child.

Fantasy Flight games – Legend of the Five Rings Dynasty pack
As Honor Demands

Arkham Horror – Investigator Starter Packs
Harvey Walter (Seeker), Winifred Habbamock (Rogue), Stella Clark (Survivor), Jaqueline Fine (Mystic) Each with 60 cards that provide a playable deck, 26 upgrade cards for campaign games and the ability to augment and customize other decks as well.

How about a little Update for Thursday?

New Comet Games  – Call of Cthulhu : A Time for Sacrifice
Licensed by Chaosium Games this 1920s adventure is set in Mayan ruins scattered across Central and South American with adventure, exploration and strange phenomenon. 5 different scenarios written for 7th edition CoC.

Warlord Games – Bolt Action : Campaign for Stalingrad
170+ pages of background, rules, scenarios and troops as well as Theater Selectors . One of the most pivotal battle in WW2 with lots of options for beginners and vetran players.

Battlefront Games – AH64 Helicopter Platoon
2AH-64 or AH64 Longbow helos for Team Yankee.

Army Painter – Masterclass Dry Brush Set
3 new drybrush set with small, medium and large brushes to do various sizes and types of drybrushing.

Renegade Games – Raiders of the North Sea Collectors Box
A box to hold Raiders of the North Sea, Fields of Fame and Hall of Heroes as well as 200 themed card sleeves.

Exploding Kittens : Barking Kittens
Third expansion for Exploding Kittens there are 20 new game changing cards, a wearable crown that shields you from player Steals and artwork from the Oatmeal you can’t wait to see.

Throw Throw Burrito : Extreme Outdoor Edition
Jumbo water resistant cards, huge inflatable burritos, hours of fun. All intended for the out of doors

Bombshell Miniatures –  Tara the Swordmistress
A 75mm resin mini

Even more new stuff Friday.

Witchborn : Enter Perdition Tabletop miniature game.
The Witchborn: Enter Perdition is the immersive campaign-based miniature skirmish game for 2-6 players (miniatures for 2 players supplied in the core box). Each player creates a war clan of adventurers to explore the dangerous world of Perdition. Play campaign-style, where your warriors continually develop, find treasures, and level up between games—If they survive the perils of the adventure and the ever bloodthirsty undead – WitchBorn – of course.

New Star Wars Legion miniature and paint sets are in.

Arcane Wonders – Smartphone Inc
This 1 to 5 player game puts you in charge of a multinational technology company that designs, produces and sells smartphones. Will you produce a design for the masses? Try to simply produce cutting edge technologies? Create a retail chain that outstrips all others? Play against Steve the artificial intelligence or other players. Ages 14 and up. Plays in around an hour and a half.

GMT Games – Beneath the Med : Regia Marina at Sea 1940-43
A solitaire tactical level game putting you in command of an Italian submarine during WW2. This fourth game in the Hunters series covers one of the largest submarine fleets of the war. 12 different submarine classes are covered, as well as patrols in the Atlantic, Caribbean, Singapore, Spanish Coast, Brazilian Coast and, of course, the Mediterranean. Day and Night engagements, special missions as well as simple shipping interdiction and war patrols. Multi-player and tournament rules included.

Fantasy Flight Games – Genesys Game Master Screen for all settings
Three panel screen with charts and tables.

Fantasy Flight Games – Legend of the Five Ring Wheel of Judgement
An adventure in the Underworld. 32 page book, double sided poster map, over 50 tokens and more.

Fantasy Flight Games – Legend of the Five Rings Celestial Realms sourcebook
Rules for the Centipede clan. With new schools,spiritual artifacts, weapons and techniques  Bloodspeakers, the cult of Lord Moon, thematic complications and adventures.

Alderac Entertainment – Mariposas
2 to 5 players ages 14 and up. Migrate your butterflies across the continent, collect flowers and breed to score, return home and see who scores highest. Takes about and hour to an hour and a half to play – depending on players 

Thursday the 27th – new items in store

Wizkids Games – Meeple Towers
2-4 players (ages 12 and up) compete to build the tallest tower in Meepletown. Play action cards that gain you workers, supports and tiles. Score points based on your construction and try to be the best builder. Takes about 45 minutes to play.

Cryptozoic Entertainment –   Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards : Hijinks at Hell High
Players attempt to experience all the fun of High School while attempting to claw your way up the Social Ladder. Can you obtain the highest rank while avoiding a drop in your social status? For ages 17 and up. For 2 to 6 players.

Playroom Games – Geek Out 80s and 90s editions
Two new Geek Out games, each focusing on a different decade. Roll the die, read the topic and bid on your answers. For example – list 2 hair metal bands. Each player bids on how many they can name. Then score based on your ability to do so. Each contains 70 multi-question cards, gameboard, tokens, dice and rules. Plays in around half an hour. 2 or more players, ages 13 and up.

Scorpion Masque Games – Mia London and the Case of the 625 Scoundrels
Watch the accessories be revealed, note the clues and reconstruct the villains portrait. Plays in about 15 minutes for 2 to 4 players ages 5 and up.

Dungeons and Randomness – Adventurers Guide the Theria Volume 1 Ellera (for D&D 5e)
This 5th edition compatible with an atlas of the continent of Ellarra, new diseases, madness, critical effects, NPCs, unique beasts and lots of source material. Over 380 pages of material.

Modiphius – Fallout RPG Overseers Game Screen
3 panel screen, full color map of post war Boston and a Companion with plot hooks, player experience details and more.

WizKids Starfinder Galactic Heroes and Villains Sets
Each set has 6 prepainted miniatures ready to pull out of the box and put down on the table for your Starfinder game experience.

Pazio – Pathfinder Flipmat – Haunted Dungeons Multi-pack 
Four different dungeon maps, each in full color with 1” grid. In full color and laminated to allow dry erase, wet erase, china markers or sharpies to be used and removed without damage.

Pazio – Starfinder Flip Tiles – Space Station Emergency Expansion
24 full color tiles composing different areas of the Station under emergency conditions. From fires, bulkhead damage to hull breaches – it’s all here, ready to add excitement to your Starfinder game. Each tile is laminated and double sided for maximum durability and use.

Fantasy Flight Games -Lord of the Rings LCG : The Land of Sorrow
Latest expansion in the Vengeance of Morder cycle it contains 60 fixed cards to add to your deck.

Portal Games – Empires of the North : Barbarian Hordes
includes 72 new cards that allow you to take the role of 2 clan leaders belonging to the newest faction – The Barbarians. Urvart  and Boudicca join the action in this expansion for Empires of the North.

25th Century Games – Kingwood
The King has tasked the different Guilds of the city to remove all the monsters from the surrounding forest. Designed to be played by 1 to 5 players. For ages 10 and up.  Plays in under an hour. Get equipment from the village, fight monsters and work to gain fame & glory. Includes rules, cards, meeples, boards and hours of fun.

Pazio – Pathfinder Agents of Edgewatch : Sixty Feet Under
Adventure 2 in the story arc pitting the agents against a cult and it’s leader – the Skinsaw Man. Can you get through this adventure and uncover even more evil and corruption to be dealt with? For levels 4 through 9.

Pazio – Waking the World Seed : Devastation Ark story part 1 (of 3)
A 13 level adventure for Starfinder. This adventure finds xenoarchaeologists stumbling into a situation that may change the galaxy forever. Included is the start of the story arc, an archive of high level creatures, a new shop, a gazetteer of Hibb and more.

Pazio Pathfinder Pawn Collection Bestiary 2
From the Attic Whisperer to the Jotund Troll there are monsters small to huge. Each with heavy card pawn done up in full color. There are over 300 different creatures represented, each ready to be put out on the table in seconds.

EN Publishing – Judge Dredd and the Worlds of 2000AD RPG
Rules for creating humans, clones, robots, mutants and uplifted apes in the world of 2000AD. Equipment and weapons are detailed.There is an exploration guide for the world, as well as an introductory adventure. Lots of illustrations throughout, hints and guides are presented to make running the game easy.

Genesys Games – The Genesys Project : Core Rules
A tabletop miniatures game allowing Full gameplay rules are provided, an example faction is detailed and there are templates and quick reference charts to copy & use. Designed for modern, near future and beyond settings. There are 7 premade factions to choose from to get you started as well as rules to progress your faction through the succeeding Ages as the games progress. Designed to use whatever miniatures you want – no premade line to hamper your artistic choices.

Genesys games – The Genesys Project : The Birth of Genesys The First Age
This setting book gives you the rules to create your own factions based on the different branches of life, full customization of your fighters, spell-like effects, vehicles, mechs and more are provided for. Build your Heroes, create amazing powerful monsters, Kaiju and other fantastic beasts to lead your forces.   

Friday Night New Stuff!

It’s another Friday Night and we’ve got a truckload of new items in store. Not just a few – literally a truckload.

Ludo Nova – Monster Mansion
2 to 4 players (ages 10 and up) attempt to put together a cast of monsters to make a horror film of. Then see if they can draw the biggest audience and sell out before the others. Takes about half an hour to play.

Heart of the Deernicorn Games – BFF : Best Friends Forever
This Tabletop roleplaying game is about hanging out, having adventures and exploring friendships. Everything up to 6 players need to play. Designed for ages 10 and up.

Pegasus Spiele – bunch of new games

25 players attempt to build platforms in the trees, trying to gain support and work towards having the best setup for the firefly festival. Takes under half an hour to play. Ages 8 and up.

this card game challenges up to 5 players to find evidence of mythical creatures. Can you succeed in this fast paced card game? For ages 8 and up.

Undo – Weaving Fate Anew
Can you travel to Los Angeles and undo the past to save a victim from a tragic death? Designed for ages 10 and up. 2 to 6 players. Takes up to an hour and a half.

Studio H Games – Hagakure
This trick taking card game (for 3 to 5 players) challenges you to assess your hand, play your tokens at the best time and take as many tricks as you can. For ages 10 and up. Plays in around half an hour.

Mongoose Publishing – Journal of the Travellers Aid Society Issue 3
Cartridge based Laser Weapons, Zhodani Military operations, details about Jump drive operations, a prison break colonization ships and more.

Fantasy Flight Games – Legend of the Five Rings : Trail of Shadows
A new novel and L5R LCG promo card combo set.

Cryptozoic Entertainment – Dark Knight’s Metal
A 2-5 player deck building game set in the Multiverse of Dark Dimensions. Can your superheroes deal with the Batman Who Laughs, captured allies and other challenges to set the Multiverse right again. Set in the Dark Knight Metal universe. With new mechanics, foil cards and instant rewards during gameplay. Compatible with other DC Deckbuilding game sets.

Ludo Nova games – Nutty Noodles
A dice game of noodle bowl creation and sales. Roll, match and serve. For ages 6 and up. Two to four players. Designed for a fast paced 15 minute chunk of fun.

Lookout Games – Patchwork Americana Edition
A quilt making puzzle game for 2 players. Choose a patch, play the into the quilt and try to have the most buttons left at games end. Simple to learn rules and fast play make this game a favorite. For ages 8 and up. Plays in under half an hour.

Queen Games – Copenhagen Roll & Write
Players try to rebuild facades on the waterfront buildings. Score when you finish a level, but realize your actions may aid your opponents in their quest to rebuild other facades. Ages 8 and up. Plays in about 30 minutes within 2 to 4 players.

Cranio Creations – Back to Tombstone (Mystery House expansion)
36 location cards, 28 object cards and a new set of challenges to add to your Mystery house game

Ravensburger – King Me!
A new reimagining of Checkers. Jump across the board and capture the crowns of the Fantastical Realms. Event cards add to the battle as you attempt to outmaneuver your enemy and seize victory.

Wet Ink Games – Never Going Home
An RPG set during the Great War.The Veil has been Torn. Whispers promise you Power. Will you live long enough to take advantage of it? Will you lose your Humanity? Includes 9 national profiles, 6 magic paths, 12 monsters 3 adventures and hours of play.

Hero Games – Champions Now
Champions, the superhero game of over 40 years has had a facelift. Going back to it’s roots Ron Edwards has brought the game back. It’s ready for you to do what you want. Your setting, your villains, your world. All the rules and tips you need to build up your world, ru the superhero game you want and have fun doing it. 250+ pages with everything you need.

Upper Deck – Legendary : Into the Cosmos
This deluxe expansion gives you 200 playable cards with 9 heroes, 3 masterminds, 2 villain groups, 2 henchmen groups, schemes, bystanders, rules and more. Set in a Cosmic power scale, this set introduces some of the most powerful heroes and dominating villains.

Arc Dream Publishing – The Labyrinth
A set of allies, enemies, mysterious and surprises. From the Sowers to Agent Renko. From New Life Fertility to The Prana Sodality. 180+ pages of material drawn from the interior of the US. The coast is not the only place the horrors hide…

EN Publishing – Judge Dredd : The Robot Wars
All across Megacity one the robots are revolting. Chaos reigns as their human masters are taken by surprise. Play as Judges or as Civilians and Perps from Saving Matt Damon Block as a war rages across the city.

West End Games – Zorro the Role Playing Game
Including a full system to play the adventures and all the background you need to play in the world – the Zorro RPG uses the latest of the d6 System from the legendary publisher West End games. Includes two full adventures, a solo adventure, adventure seeds and full rules on character creation and a bestiary – you are set with this fast paced book.

New Reaper Bones miniatures? yup.
New Reaper Bones Minis
Town Guard (2), Tazythas, Dragonfolk Rogue, Willow Greenivy, Witch, Sir William the Peacemaker, Anuminar Winterbeard, Wizard, Oman Ruul, Wizard, Zenfis Zadar, Wizard, Arakus Landarzad, Wizard, Townsfolk I (3), Townsfolk II (3), Ava Justinia, Female Templar, Nemesra, Dancing Girl, Astrolabe

New WizKids Nolzur’s D&D 5e and Pathfinder Minis?

Female Elf Sorcerer, Male Half-Elf Bard, Female Human Barbarian, Male Dragonborn Paladin, Male Tiefling Sorcerer, Female Tiefling Sorcerer, Male Human Paladin, Female Elf Wizard, Orc Adventurers, Goblins & Goblin Boss, Kobold Inventor, Dragonshield & Sorcerer, Flumph, Gnoll & Gnoll Flesh Gnawer, Leucrotta, Grick & Grick Alpha, Bullywug, Revenant, Drow Mage & Drow Priestess, Sea Hag & Bheur Hag, Sahuagin, Lizardfolk & Lizardfolk Shaman, Jackalwere, Diving Griffon, Giant Spider & Egg Clutch, Manticore, Gorgon, Hook Horror, Raging Troll, Venom Troll
Cloaker, Nalfeshnee, Roper, Bone Naga, Nightmare, Ogre Zombie, Black Pudding, Giant Ape, Storm Giant

And you know what else we have in stock?

Tamiya Paints, Accent Liners & Primers.
We have the Smoke effect and clear colors (for special effects) the Tamiya super fine primer AND the Panel Line Accent Colors. After you’ve gotten the base coat down, let these colors run along the model and it will seep into panel lines to create weathering and accents.

New Historical releases August 19th

Osprey Publishing – new Books
New Vanguard #282 – Combat Vehicles of Russia’s Special Forces
From the air dropple Sprut-SD tank destroyer to the massive BMPT ‘Terminator’ this book explores the different vehicles in detail along with their capabilities and uses.

New Vanguard #280 – Word War 2 German Super Heavy Siege Guns
From the 35.5cm Haubitze M1 to the 80cm Gustav the Germans used various heavy siege guns in their attacks in the East including bringing back World War 1 era and captured guns. This book examines the guns, mortars, their history and more..  

Combat Aircraft #132 – F-102 Delta Dagger Units
A guide to the Cold War Era interceptor, it’s crews, role, units, and first hand accounts with original artwork, archival photos and lots of information.

Combat Aircraft #133 – Vickers Wellington bomber units of Bomber Command
The mainstay of Bomber Commands forces in the first half of the war, the Wellington led the fight for England. At first a daylight bomber, it transitioned to night bobbing and then to Operational training Units late in the war. With historical photos, artwork, commissioned drawings and first hand accounts from combat veterans this book tells the tale of UKs Wellington force.

Duel # 103 – P-47D Thunderbolt vs Ki-43 II Oscar New Guinea 1943-44
This book looks at the New Guinea campaign, the extreme weather, the lack of training and experience and the combat between US and Japan’s Air Forces. With color artwork, photos, cutaway diagrams and expert examination this book tells all about the conflict.

Combat #48 – Salerno, Anzio & Omaha Beach – US Soldier vs German Soldier
This book examines the Combat Engineers, the US amphibious landings and the German defenders trying to stop the US from gaining footholds in Europe.

Combat #50 – Carrhae to Nisibis 53BC to 217 AD Roman Soldier vs Parthian Warrior
Packed with photos, maps, battlescenes and stunning illustrations this book explores the Parthian method of warfare through three different battles and how each side dealt with the others wildly different methods. Includes expert analysis, strategic and tactical maps and lots of color artwork.

Weapon #48 – The Medieval Longsword
Known as the bastard sword and the hand-and-a-half sword this sword evolved from the war sword and became a key weapon ino battlefields through Medieval Europe. The Longsword even inspired a new form of sword fighting. With illustrations and information on origins, manufacture and the evolving use in conflicts. 

Elite #234 – Roman Shields
Drawing on historical accounts, excavated artifacts and scientific analysis this book examines the Roman shield in it’s different incarnations, it’s uses, development, technology and training.

Air Campaign #17 – The Italian Blitz 1940-43
The first book on the RAFs campaign beyond the Alps explaining how and why the campaign was fought and its effect on the downfall of Mussolini.

Campaign # 351 – Velikiye Luki 1942-43 The Doomed Fortress
After Germany invaded Russia it took Velikiye Luki, a major rail hub and fortress city in Russia. In 1942 with the Soviet counter offensive the city was isolated and the garrison reduced in an attempt to retake it. This book examines

Men at Arms #531 – Dutch Waffen-SS Legion & Brigade 1941-44
Uniforms, equipment & history of the organization complete with archival photographs and analytical text.

Men at Arms # 532 – Japan’s Asain Allies 1941-45
With rare wartime photos and color artwork this book explores the Thai, Chinese and Indian military, paramilitary allies of Japan in World War 2.

Men at Arms #533 – The Normans in Italy 1061-1194
Early in the 11th Century a class of skilled, landless warriors roamed Southern Italy creating mercenary companies and warring until coalescing into a major power which eventually gave birth to the Kingdom of Sicily. This is the examination of their story, with literary, artistic and archaeological evidence and analysis.

Multi-Man Publishing  – Advanced Squad Leader Starter Expansion Pack #2
This expansion adds to the japanese forces from Starter Kit #4, introduces the Chinese, eight new PTO scenarios, 2 new map boards, counters, map overlays and charts.

ASL Action Pack 14 – Oktoberfest XXXIV
An 8” x 22” with a huge hill and a village, a 11” x 16” double sided geomorphic map board with a larger village surrounded by a gully, orchards and other terrain and 12 new scenarios taking place in France in 1944. A set of maps and situations sure to bring hours of challenges.  

The Gamers Tactical Combat Series – Ariete : Battle of Bir el Gubi, Libya November 1941
The Italian Ariete Division’s defense of Bir el Gubi November 19, 1941. Comes with TCS rulebook, historical rulebook, charts and tables, 22 x 34 map and 280 counters. Medium/High complexity. Includes 8 scenarios with half of them being ‘short’  5-6 turn games.

Worthington Games – Philadelphia 1777
A block based American Civil War, Can the British player (as General Howe) repeat the historical events and capture the colonial capital or will the American player stop his rampage and defend the British before the occupation?

Compass games – Brotherhood & Unity : War in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-95
2-3 player card driven point to point map wargame. Brigade scale units, medium complexity and medium solitaire suitability.

GMT Games – Rhode Island (Battles of the American Revolution Volume IX)
This game features the battle for Rhode island, August 29, 1778 as well as the hypothetical battle of Newport featuring a French & American assault on the British defenses surrounding the town.

Multi-Man Publishing – Operational Combat Series : Hungarian Rhapsody
Battle for Hungary October 1944 – February 1945. This game emcompasses the Soviet drive into Hungary leading to the battle of Debreen, siege of Budapest and the German Konrad Counter-Offensive. This is a medium sized two map OCS game with 5 mile hexes and 3.5 day turns. The full campaign is 43 turns, but has five different scenarios which start at different points in the historical event. Special rules help model the unique aspects of this campaign.