Friday night releases for Jan 15th

Ludo Nova – Polynessia
2 to 4 players attempt to lead their tribe away from the volcanic island and across the seas to settle in new lands. Can you get your people to survive and thrive? Will you be named supreme Chief? Designed for ages 14 and up. Plays in about an hour and a half, depending on number of players.

Matagot – Captain Silver : Revenge Island
This Treasure Island expansion which allows you to play as John Silver and thwart the plans of the pirates seeking your treasure. Play as a pirate, exploring Revenge Island while seeking the treasure. Made for ages 10 and up. Plays in around an hour. You need a copy of Treasure Island to play with these new options.

Gale Force Nine – D&D Collector series : Snowy Owl Bear
A new resin miniature depicting the horrid mix of a Snowy Owl and a Polar Bear.

New Folded Space box dividers are in stock.
Inserts for Dune, Maracaibo, Kingdom Death : Monster and Gloomhaven are now here.

Kolossal Games – Totemic
1 or 2 players attempt to put their animal, combining the different aspects like strength, cunning, speed and others attempt to be the dominant totem. Plays in about 15 minutes per player. For ages 14 and up.

Creature Curation – Dungeon Crawl Creatures
Squeezable monster plushes. Erine the Eyegore and Carla the Cube large plushies are here.

Looney Labs – Fantasy Fluxx
The game of ever changing rules tackles the fantasy theme. Collect Keepers like the Young Hero and the Beautiful Princess, beware the Creepers (like the Dark Lord) and use actions (like the Fireball Spell) to get everything you need to fulfil the Goal. For 2 to 6 players ages 8 and up. Plays in under an hour. Usually.

Gale Force Nine – Caverns of Ice prepainted terrain set
A frozen pond and seven icy stalagmite groupings make up this prepainted terrain set.

Gale Force Nine – Ice Wind Dale Map Sets
Icewind Dale Campaign Map
– 31 x 21 vinyl map of the Icewind Dale campaign area.

Icewind Dale  Cavern Encounter Map – 30mm square gridded square 31 x 21” in overall size, showing the interior of an icy cave.

Icewind Dale Encounter Map Set – a set of two 21 x 31 maps – One has a small encampment straddling a frozen gorge with a cave entrance off to the side near some snowy woods, the other an wooded encampment with trails, fires, huts and other details.

And we have new Reaper Miniatures in stock too.
Aravir, Elf Ranger ; Blink Berenwicket, Gnome;
Armored Goblin Leaders (2); Armored Goblin Warriors (4)
Minitaurs (little Minotaurs) (4); Lowland Owlbear
Knight Heroes (2); Knights of the Realms (3)
Dire Crab; Dire Boar
Jahenna (vampire mistress); Merowyn Lightstar

Lysette, Elven Mage – new Bones USA figure
Newest of the material and casting process from Reaper for the Bones line. Crisp detail, resilient thin pieces – no more wavy swords – and a new imprint – RMP USA!

Midweek Release Update

It’s a drizzly Thursday night and we’ve got some new items here just waiting to warm your heart with happiness.

Strategy & Tactics # 326 – Mukden 1905
biggest battle between 1871 & 1914 setting the stage for the Great War. An unknown, but important battle. A complete game as well as all the articles and analysis done by S&T.  

World at War # 75 – Centrifugal Offensive :
Japanese opening offensive in the PacificA full game and articles on the raid on Ploesti, the Breakthrough at Sudan, Hitler, Goering and Demyansk and even more.

Space Cowboys – Unlock : Secret Adventures
a new triple pack of Unloack! adventures:
A Noside Storey – can you stop Noside the Clown before it’s too late?
Tombstone Express – Can you deal with the precious cargo on this train trip?
The Adventures of Oz – visit the Wizard and challenge the Wicked Witch. Use your wits to solve puzzles and succeed in your quest. Card and app based game.

Osprey Publishing – Frostgrave : The Red King
First supplement for Frostgrave Second Edition featuring the invading army of the Red King, new challenges, new magic, new environmental changes and more.

GMT Games – Fire in the Lake : Trung
A card based non-player update to provide a solitaire system for Fire in the Lake.

Renegade Game Studio – Altered Carbon the RPG
A RPG based on the Netflix series where your consciousness can travel between vessels, be it a new body, a spot somewhere across the cosmos or just help in check waiting for a new body years down the road. Includes all the information you need to play, a highly customizable system, storytelling focused rules and opponents galore.

Renegade Game Studios – Altered Carbon GameMaster Screen
A hard card quad panel screen with scads of GM information within.

Dragon Shields – we’ve got new artwork deck protectors here too!

End of the week releases – 1/8/2021

Atomic Mass Games
Marvel Crisis Protocol – Angela & Enchantress
Amora the Enchantress and Angela, first born of Odin & Freyja – models, cards & tokens

Marvel Crisis Protocol – She-Hulk
She Hulk miniature, stat and tactics cards and tokens

Simon & Schuster – The Ultimate RPG Gameplay Guide
Advice and exercises from determining a character’s voice to setting a pace and creating a theme. How do you create a compelling story? How do you interact? Make your world more interesting? These and many other ideas are explored in the book.

Rio Grande Games – Praga : Capvt & Reign
1 to 4 players (ages 14 and up) try to organize various building projects, expanse their wealth and gain favor with the king. Can you become the most impressive projects to win the game? Takes from 45 minutes to about 2 and a half hours depending on players. Choose from one of six different action, make sure you synergies, take advantage of rewards and plan ahead.

Troll Lord Games – The Lost City of Gaxmoor
Designed for 5th edition D&D this adventure sourcebook provides a city magically lost and now found again, providing action and treasure for parties from 1st to 10th level. This 190+ book provides a full color [pull out poster map, over 200 areas of interest, scores of NPCs, magical statues, mercenaries, monsters, lairs, and more. Written by Luke & Ernie Gygax this book takes you to a place you’ll never forget.

Creature Curation – Eyegor Squeeze
A blind-buy squishy Eyegor stress toy that might be confused for the mythical bee-holder.
Each is a random color, with a special rare color being possible.

Midweek Releases Jan 6 2021

Andrews McMeel Publishing – Dungeons & Drawings
120 creatures with statistics and illustrations for any game. Statistics are non-game specific and the writeup helps to explain the creature for your use.

Deep Water Games – CLAIM : A song of Ire and Vice
a new comic based on the card game series ‘Claim’

Cepaloair games – Gloomhaven : Fallen Lion
A one shot comic based on Gloomhaven the Legacy Board game

Dr. Timm Woods – Random Tables : Cities and Towns
A GM companion form developing Inns, Shops, Settlements and more. 160+ pages of tables to help flesh out things like the menu at the Inn, what’s in the pocket of a townsperson, what kind of livestock is in the pen, simple tools, on a table, what’s in a rubbish pile, who is this noble and more.

SAGA Press – The Monsters Know what they’re Doing
A 500+ page sourcebook for dungeon masters. Yes, the monsters have a clue, and they should act like it. Not all of the monsters, mind you. Green slime is, well, mindless. But the Kobolds aren’t extinct so they must have a way of dealing with those adventurers.  Here is a tome of wisdom to help make your game a little more fun.

SAGA Press – Live to Tell the Tale
Combat Tactics for player characters. Yes, players deserve some help too. So this 200+ page book gives the players ideas on creation to complement, tactics in combat and much more. 

WizKids Games – Heroclix House of X
Booster packs of 5 miniatures (with special team-up cards)
Fast Forces Set – with Forge, Domino, SageBeast, Wolverine and Marvel Girl
Token & Dice set – 6 action tokens and 2 House of X dice. 
* All in store now.

Skybound Games – Trail by Trolley
3 to 13 people ages 14 and up compete in this party game of ‘No, run the Trolley over Them’. A game where players split into 2 teams and a conductor. The conductor chooses which track (team 1 or team 2) the trolley will run down (over) after the teams make their pleas to have it hit the -other- team. Plays in around 15 minutes.

Trail by Trolley Expansions
Track Expansion – 100 new Track cards to run the Trolley down.
Modifier Expansion – 100 new horrible modifier cards to add to your TbT game.

Exploding Kittens – Poetry for Neanderthals
Make your team guess the word or phrase on your card using only one syllable words. Use words that are too big? Other team gets points. And to hit you with the inflatable ‘NO’ stick. Can you get your team to guess more words than the opponents before time runs out? Ages 7 and up. 2 or more players. 15 minutes or so to play. 
Pegasus Spiele/Hall Games – Bonfire
1 to 4 players attempt to restore the Guardians of Light to the abandoned cities. Can you colonize the cities and manage to go through the proper steps to get them to return? Designed for ages 12 and up, taking between an hour and two – depending on players. This game offers lots of variety with limited options.

Best of Fenix –
Bunches of material in three different hardbound volumes from the Swedish gaming magazine Fenix. Between Bernard the Barbarian comic, different articles from various international designers, inserts like complete games and a new look on your gaming – this compilation is sure to have something for everyone.

Happy New Year 2021!

Lookout Games – Nusfjord : Salmon Deck
44 new building cards and a variant elder card along with 25 metal coins to replace the cardboard gold tokens. The game remains the same, a rules appendix explains the new cards.

Repos Productions – 7 Wonders Duel : Agora
This expansion features a new board called the Senate, comprising six separate chambers that provide players with benefits once they take possession of the area. Players can obtain a Senate chamber by taking senator cards. Should any player successfully take control of the majority of Senate chambers then they automatically win the game. Includes new board, tokens, rules, senator, wonder and conspiracy cards, tokens, score pad and more,

Warlord Games – Victory at Sea Merchant Convoy
7 merchant ships (3 Liberty and 3 Victory merchant ships along with 1 Ohio tanker) as well as ship cards and damage sliders.

Archona Games – Small Samurai Empires
Lead your Samurai to control Japan in this action-programming, area-control boardgame. Designed for 2 to 4 players, ages 13 and up. Plays in around an hour for 4 players, less time for less players. Includes samurai meeples, area map of Japan, food, castle and order tokens, rules, cards and lots more. Attempt to control a province in order to score, based on it’s scoring last era. At games end become Emperor by having the most points.

Goodman Games – Dungeon Crawl Classics :
The Doom that came to Christmas Town
A level 2 holiday adventure pitting the party against a foul creature whose taint is infecting the land and causing the Yule-Light to die. Can you defeat the Doom that came to Christmas Town?

Goodman Games – Metamorphosis Alpha : Doom on the Warden
A new adventure for Jim Ward’s Metamorphosis Alpha game – originally published back in 1976. The Warden, mankind’s first colonization ship was launched over 300 years ago. Encountering a radiation storm, the Warden was damaged and floated on a derelict. The colonists slowly mutated and now humans, mutants,wolfoids and various flora and fauna populate the huge ship. Now danger looms and a party of explorers must make their way across the huge ship and resolve the damage before it’s too late. Or will you take a stand against the repair parties to keep the ship in its current state? This module is designed for tournament or campaign play and allows players to choose their actions. And for the first time they can even play Wolfoids. 42 hardbound pages of action, adventure and excitement.

Rock Manor Games – Maximum Apocalypse RPG
Can you survive a a world threatened by multiple extinction level events? This RPG has rules for character creation, skills, scrounging, exploration, combat, crafting and much more. Battle aliens, deal with sentient machines, avoid zombies and do what it takes to survive. Core rulebook is 100 pages of information.
Game Master Guide and Monster Codex are available as well.

Grim & Perilous Studios – Zweihander : Grim & Perilous RPG Player’s Handbook
Everything a player needs to create a character and to adventure in the world. Intrigue, combat, magic, exploration and rituals are all covered. Designed for low fantasy adventures or dark fantasy worlds this system can bring you Game of Thrones, the Witcher, Gentlemen Bastards, Solomon Kane and other worlds ranging from medieval to renaissance ‘grim-dark’ games. 

Grim & Perilous Studios – Main Gauche : Grim & Perilous Supplement
(powered by Zweihander)
68 new professions, alchemy & Wytch-Science, fantastic machines, chaos magick, rules for creating unique creatures and NPC and much more. Over 350 pages of material.

New Years Eve releases

Here we are here at the store, slowly watching the New Year Approach. We will be here till 9pm – so come on in if you need to make one last 2020 purchase…

Goodman Games – Tales from the Magician’s Skull #5
A new anthology of Swords & Sorcery stories from Goodman Games. Six different stories, a few articles from the staff and letters from the editor. Fiction from James Enge, Adrian Simmons, John Hocking, Violet Malan, Adrian Cole and C.L. Werner and art from Jennell Jaquays, Doug Kovacs, Stefan Poag and others.

Miniature Wargames #453 – The Borders of Mirkwood
News, how to paint a halfling, Oathmark historical gaming, Dark Age raiding, building Bleak Falls, a Napoleonic mini-campaign, and ACW scenario, reviews and even a sprue of Wargames Atlantic Deathfield Grognards plastic minis.

Wargames Illustrated #396 – Riverine Warfare, Test of Honour, bui,dingb terrain with pine bark, crusaders, book reviews, staff articles and more.

Word Forge Games – D*Day Dice : Atlantik Wall
3 modules to add to your D*Day Dice game. Battle Conditions add 50 cards with varying effects making the game more unpredictable. Badges add 10 cards that help your units gai RWB bonuses. Battle Maps add 6 new maps that add challenges to the game. You will need the D*Day Dice core game to use any of these expansions.

Ares Games – Quartermaster General WW2 Total War
This expansion adds Air Forces, Chinese and French forces which change the opening setup and play, Bolster Cards add tactical interactions and Historical Strategy cards add new twists based on historical strategies that were not ever executed, although documented.   

Catan Card box, Dice Tray & Dice Tower?
Why yes. Gamegenic has them for you.

Flames of War, Team Yankee Dice & Token set
We’ve got those tins in stock too!

New items on December 24th

It’s getting late on Thursday, just before we close in honor of the Christmas holiday.
A few new items came in over this short week despite the shipping issues – so here is a quick rundown.

Fantasy Flight Games – Armada release
Armada Upgrade Card Collection (290 upgrade cards & 16 tokens)
Armada Separatist Fighter Squadrons (8 squadron minis, tokens & cards)
Armada Republic Fighter Squadrons (8 squadron minis, tokens & cards)

Modiphius Entertainment – Elder Scrolls : Call to Arms Chapter 1 card pack
– cards for Stormcloak soldiers, draugr and skeletons along with other adversaries as well as Battle Mode and Delve Quest cards, traps and events to expand the narrative game. 218 cards total.

Themeborne Ltd – Escape the Dark Castle is back!
1 to 4 players attempt to break out of the Dark Castle in this cooperative game. Designed for ages 14 and up taking about half an hour to play. Can you work together to escape?

Adventure Pack 1 : Cult of the Death Knight
new rules and content add to Escape the Dark Castle with the Death Knight, his curses and new characters adding depth to the game.

Adventure Pack 2 : Scourge of the Undead Queen
This expansion pits you against the Undead Queen, but now there are Companions to aid in your quest for freedom. new events, companions and another boss to overcome.

Adventure Pack 3 : Blight of the Plague Lord
Now the Plague threatens you in your journey to escape. Three new characters add to the variety while a new threat imperils your freedom.

Quality Games – Lex Arcana RPG
An alternate history RPG set in a world where Rome never fell. As a member of the Cohors Auxliaria Arcana your job is to travel to the corners of the Empire and deal with threats unknown, recover relics, unearth mysteries and fight the supernatural. Includes full rules to play, a pre-made world, pre-generated characters, a bestiary, two introductory adventures and advice on running the game.

Modiphius Entertainment – Star Trek Adventures : The Klingon Empire
This core rulebook contains complete and updated rules, background on running a Klingon focused game, many NPCs, an introductory adventure, many snippets of perspective on the Klingon Way and a whole lot of source material to work from. You do not need Star Trek Adventures to use this book.

Paizo – Pathfinder Bestiary Pocket book
The Bestiary for 2nd edition Pathfinder in a smaller, softback format. All the information you expect in a different sized book. Over 350 full color pages.

Corvus Belli – new Infinity Releases
Haqqislam Action Pack :
a 300 point Haqqislam force in a single box set

Fat Yuan-Yuan : Christmas Edition
The Fat Yaun Yaun, his awesome motorbike and piles of presents in miniature form. Yup, we got that. And you know what else? Space-Pirate Socks. Yup, this limited edition miniature comes with real life space-pirate socks as well. Get yours now.

And more Infinity releases –
Code One Cutters, Yaokong Remotes, Combined Army Booster Pack, O-12 Booster Pack and Yu-Jing Support pack are all here.

Ariadna Equipe Mirage-5 box set is here as well

Alley Cat Games – Tungaru
2-5 players attempt to spread their culture across the archipelago of Tungaru. This is an engine building, resource management and dice placement game where you gather your resources, attract nomads and get the help of Leaders to accomplish your goal. Designed for ages 14 and up. Plays in an hour to two depending on players.

Gnome Brewer Games – Paris
Players act as real estate brokers in Paris as it’s transformation to one of the worlds most beautiful cities is taking place. Attempt to purchase the most exquisite buildings in the late 19th Century as you build up your holdings while gaining wealth and respect of others. Ages 12 and up. 2 to 4 Players should be able to complete a game within 90 minutes or so.

New items in store December 18th

Army Painter – Metallic Colours Paint Set –
9 new metallic and 1 new effect paint to add colors of metallics to your palette. Includes Glitter Green, Elven Armor, Zephyr Pink, Gemstone Red, Azure Magic, Tainted Gold, Night Scales, Royal Purple, Evil Chrome and Fairy Dust colours along with mixing balls and hobby guide.

Next Move Games – Beez
2 to 4 players (ages 8 and up) prepare to get their bees the best path to and from the nectar producing flowers. Plan your flight path, your nectar collecting and meet your goals to win. Plays in about 30-45 minutes. With 3d bees, flower tiles and hours of fun.

Cubicle Seven – Warhammer Age of Sigmar Roleplaying : Soulbound
Everything you need in a single volume to play in the Mortal Realms of the Age of Sigmar. Your job as a Soulbound defender of the Realms is to face down undead, daemons and cannibals to keep the people safe. Play in this epic world of adventure.

Wizkids Games – “4D” War Machines
Includes the Trebuchet and the Ballista. Each comes with the war machine, a crewman, ammunition and obstacles.

WizKids Games – Adult Black Dragon –
Yes, he comes in packaging, but he looks far better out of the pack like this.
You get the 10” tall figure (wingspan is roughly 18” if you spread his wings) on a clear base. Ready to pull out of the box and play.

Battlefront Miniatures – Art of War
Full color art from Battlefront Miniatures books, all bound into a single hardbound volume.176 pages worth. Pictures from 1939 up to 1985.

Talon Strikes Studios – Camp Pinetop
1 to 5 players lead campers across the island, exploring the wilderness and gaining badges. Be the first to acquire the needed badges to become a ‘Badger’ scout and win. Plays in about an hour with players ages 8 and up.

Modiphius Games – Fallout Wasteland Warfare Miniatures game expansion boxes
Fog Crawler, Mirelurk Hunters and Mirelurk Hatchlings & eggs. Each box with the creatures and scenic bases

Kosmos – My City
This legacy game sets you on path to create your own little city. Each session comprises a n episode where your personal gameboard changes based on your actions – and remains your personal city till games end. There are 24 episodes in the base game along with a version of the game you can play again and again after the legacy game has been finished.

Tim Hutchings – Thousand Year Old Vampire
An introspective role-playing game designed to be played solo across a few hours or even many weeks. An Ennie Award winning game, intended for mature players.

Nosolorol – Little Monster Detectives
An RPG intended for 2 to 5 players ages 3 and up. Create a team with your friends and hunt the monsters that make noises in the night, steal socks, raise the dust bunnies under your bed and prowl in the darkness of your basement. Gather your bait, make a plan and prepare to trap the monsters. A great early RPG and even one you can use for pre-teens to introduce the RPG concepts. 80+ page hardbound book with lots of handouts and ideas.

– Senior Detective Screen – three panel hard card screen with fun art on the player side and lots of reference material on the other.

Christopher Kastensmidt – The Elephant and Macaw Banner RPG
A game where muskets and magic exist together.  Gather your friends, create characters and adventure in colonial Brazil. Confront legendary creatures and change history with your stories.

Loke Battle Mats – Battle Map Board
A 24” x 24” gridded hard card board that unfolds and lays flat. One side is a dungeon grid, with stone tile, random colors and cracks. The other is a grasslands with a variety of texture & colors. Both are 1” square gridded.

Ninth Level games – Business Wizards RPG
Can you bring the desired magical spell in while remaining on time and under budget? This game puts you in the role of a magician working mindless,  mid-level corporate eldritch jobs. Innovate, get your research done and try to complete your tasks while not working too hard. Using the ‘polymorph’ system this is a great game for one shots or even a light hearted campaign.

Onyx Path Publishing – Pirates of Pugmire
This supplement adds to your Pugmire game. The invention of the plastic hull makes sailing the Acid Sea a possibility. Now the excitement of exploration and the risks of the unknown are open to you. Includes two new playable races (lizards and birds), six new callings including 2 for dogs and 2 for cats, rules for ships, new allies, treasures and enemies, Waterdog Port and Port Matthew and three adventures taking the characters from 1st to 6th level.

Pegasus Spiele – Hans Teutonica Big Box
This newly released version of Han Teutonica has all three published maps, 9 mission cards and the Emperor’s favor expansion bundled together with the core game for a complete game experience. Use your traders and merchants to aid in your quest for prestige and the goal of becoming the most successful merchant in history. For 3-5 players ages 12 and up. Plays in 45 minutes to an hour and a half.Takes longer with more players.

Funko Games – Tokyo Clash Godzilla
With 4 massive monster miniatures, card decks, modular map tiles and lots more you play as a Kaiju trying to defeat the others while attempting to become king of the monsters. 2 to 4 players ages 10 and up.

Horrible Guild Games – Unicorn Fever
2 to 6 players (ages 14 and up) race their unicorns from one end of the rainbow to the pot of gold at the end. Hire unscrupulous beings from the fairy realm to ‘help’ you win . Try to be the one with the most gold in hand at the end of the championships. Beware calling in too much help. You may end up in debt to the elf-mob and see all your gold just go away… Plays in about 45 minutes

Friday Night New Releases

It’s a dark and drizzly Friday night and we’ve got some new games and such to cheer you up…

New Wargame magazines in store :
Miniature Wargames # 452
– a Conquest : Last Argument of Kings scenario and miniature sprue, Oathmark in a historical setting, ACW scenario, Colonial mini-campaign, reviews, creating standing stones, miniature gaming news and more.

Wargames Illustrated # 396 – Riverine Warfare throughout the ages, Test of Honour, figure reviews, and news.

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy # 111 – Vietnam in the 20th Century (first & second indochina wars 1946-1975), Blood & Plunder, Solo gaming Vietnam,. Building jungle terrain reviews, news, editorial views and painting help.

Mantic Games – Armada
Epic Naval Warfare in the fantasy world of Mantic Games.
Starter set comes with Orc & Human fleets, rulebook available separately as well as starter fleets, ship packs,dice packs and more.

Core rulebook explains how the game is played, includes 10 scenarios, and the background of the Orc, Dwarf, Undead and Basilean (human) fleets.

Basilean Starter Fleet – includes 3 ships, MDF tokens, Ship and Fleet cards
Baseilesan Booster Fleet – two different larger ships and two pairs of smaller ships, MDF bases and Armada ship cards.

Orc Starter Fleet – 3 Orc ships, MDF tokens, armada and Fleet cards to use them in your Armada fantasy naval game.
Orc Booster Fleet – two different larger ships and two pairs of smaller ships along with MDF bases and Armada ship cards.

Strategem Pocket Compendium sets
Each set is composed of card sized binder made up of 26 card protectors bound into a snap closure ‘book’ along with 54 blank cards allowing you to make up your own cards with maps, spell effects, abilities, magic items, NPC references, etc.

Meeples of Might – 30 wooden meeples with color artwork depicting 3 each of 10 different types (Knights, Barbarian, Rogue, Bard, Range, Mage, King, Merchant, Blacksmith and Quest Giver.

Meeples of Menace – 30 wooden meeples with color artwork showing Dragons, Demons, Orcs, Goblins, and Zombies. Adversaries for your adventures and games

TT Combat – Carnevale miniatures
We have starter sets for the game – Vatican, Gifted Comedia dell’Arte and Guild as well as the Game Accessories box and spare dice & card sets.

Stomemaier Games – Wingspan : Oceania
This second expansion to Wingspan features the colorful birds of Oceania. These cards are usable with the base game, with or without other expansions. New player mats and new food type along with bonus cards, end of round goals and egg color makes for new and different strategies.

Renegade Games – Alice is Missing : a silent RPG
Players communicate -only- by their phones, sending text messages to each other as they uncover clues as to the disappearance of Alice Briarwood, a high school junior in the small town of Silent Falls. A full length soundtrack accompanies the game adding to the atmosphere as a structured narrative unfolds based on the players actions. No need for a game master makes this game an interesting experience. Designed to be played in a single session for players aged 16 and up. For 3-5 players in two to three hours.

Brybelly Holdings – Nertz
2-12 players ages 8 and up participate in this mix of solitaire  and speed. Can you mix reflexes, strategy and skill to get the win? Stack cards, shed your pile and win.     

Van Ryder Games – Graphic Novel Adventures
Each book is a pick-a-path adventure book with a twist – it’s designed as a graphic novel. For some panels you choose the panel number based of the graphic.
For example in panel 86 shown you can interact with the character shown by going to panel 50, the boiler by going to 204, the pail of water by going to 30 or leaving by going to panel 39.

There is Sherlock Holmes & Moriarty Associates where you can take on the role of Holmes, Watson or Moriarty where you try to solve a murder, theft and kidnapping. In Sherlock Holmes : The Challenge of Irene Adler you play as Holmes or Adler in a case of murder and kidnapping.

Pirates : The City of Skulls sets you with riddles to solve and objects to collect as you learn about the city. Pirates : The Great Chase puts you in the role of a captain trying to recapture a prisoner who has fled. Can you find the hideout?

Mystery is set in Chicago of 2025. Criminals reign supreme and you enroll in the Legion of Champions to attempt to do something about it, Can you use your powers and overcome perilous challenges to right heinous wrongs? Become the most famous superhero.

Your Town puts you in the Old West with a small town of just half a dozen ramshackle buildings. Can you put down roots, improve the town and bring prosperity to the citizens? This is your chance to be a a mayor and turn your town into a bustling place.  

Midweek Update – Wednesday Dec 9th

It’s Rich here – and we’ve got a BIG midweek update for releases that have come out since this time last week.

Osprey Publishing – new books
Men At Arms #536 – Renaissance Armies in Italy 1450-1550
X-Planes # 14 – World War II Gunships (YB-40 Flying Fortress & YB-41 Liberator Bomber Escorts)
Duel #68 – RAF Fighters vs Luftwaffe Bombers Battle of Britain
Duel # 103 – P-47D Thunderbolt vs Ki-43II Oscar New Guinea 1943-44
Duel #106 – Spanish Galleon vs English Galleon 1550-1605
Elite # 235 – Roman heavy Cavalry (2) 500AD to 1450AD
Weapon # 76 – Early Military Rifles – 1740 to 1850
New Vanguard # 289 – US Navy Destroyer Escorts of World War II
Campaign #356 – North Cape 1943 – Sinking of the Scharnhorst

Czech Games Edition – Lost Ruins of Arnak
1-4 players (ages 12 and up) lead expeditions to explore an island, find artifacts, deal with guardians of the treasures and attempt to learn the island’s terrible secrets.  Deck building, resource management and worker placement combine in this game of discovery. Plays in about half an hour per person.

Catalyst Game Labs – Shadowrun : Slipstreams
This plot sourcebook advances the story of Shadowrun the Sixth World. Reality is ripping apart and you’ve got to deal with it. Dive in and go. Includes plot information, NPCs, game specific rules and more.

Osprey Games – Those Dark Places : Industrial Scifi RPG
Space Exploration is a dangerous thing. With only bits of metal between you and certain death, claustrophobically cramped conditions, dangerously recycled air and water and equipment produced by the budget conscious lowest bidder you’ve got to be careful. The stars are the future of humanity. But in those stars are horrors even the human mind cannot contend with.

Evil Hat Productions – Monster of the Week Tome of Mysteries
Eight new Weird Moves that transcend Use Magic, new Hunter playbooks, support of X-Files or Fringe weird phenomena, Keepers tips & techniques, 29 fully detailed mysteries and more.

Kobold Press – Warlock Grimoire II (for D&D 5e)
Details on Halflings, winterfolk, riverfolk, courtfolk, Dwarven firearms and Airships, potent magic, Gothic Horrors, new subclasses, details on the Elven hell, boss monsters, magic slinging NPCs and more.

Green Ronin Games – Time Traveler’s Codex
Your superheroic adventures can now go to the 4th dimension. How time travel works in the earth Prime setting, tips for it’s function in your campaign, six villain archetypes to use, tips on building time traveling heroes, different historical eras detailed to help their use for individual adventures or entire campaigns.

Chaosium  – Call of Cthulhu : Mansions of Madness Vol 1 : Behind Closed Doors
Quickly out of print and back again this book contains 5 scenarios for the CoC Starter Set or 7th Edition CoC. Includes 2 fully revised and updated classic adventures along with 3 all new scenarios. All can be played on their own, as a sidetrack or even strung together as a 1920’s campaign. Designed for 6 players & Keeper they should take up to three sessions each to play through and are a great next step for players who have experienced Doors to Darkness and Gateways to Terror.

Alea – Castles of Tuscany
2 to 4 players compete to build the most prosperous realm as a Tuscan noble in Renaissance Italy. Build, trade, harvestand quarry to bolster your villages, monasteries and towns surrounding your Castello. A great introduction to the ‘Castles’ game line. For ages 10 and up playing in about an hour.

MYNDzei Studios – CATtitude!
The game of cute cats, chaos & Calamity. Be the cat that causes the most mischief as you play a cat moving about the house doing naughty things. But beware, as you go about your misdeeds other players will be trying to catch you… and you them. Evade blame, frame others and just don’t get caught. 3 to 5 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in around half an hour.

Ares Games – Last Aurora
A post apocalyptic game of survival for 1 to 4 players set in an icy land. Gather your crew, manage their resources, recruit, train, upgrade and fight your enemies as you race to reach the ship which will take you to greener pastures.

Ares Games – Last Aurora Plastic miniatures
81 colored plastic token to upgrade your Last Aurora game

Ares Games – Last Aurora : Project Athena
As the last Aurora has sailed you now must make your way South. But in that direction lies Athena, the autonomous digital being whose existence triggered the nuclear war to begin with. Now Athena rules the lands between you and salvation trying to obtain power sources and destroy any humans her drones can find. Will you brave the way south? 1 to 4 players, ages 13 and up. Takes about 90 minutes to play with this expansion.

Wizkids – Sidereal Confluence Remastered Edition
Guide the fate of your empire in this simultaneously play boardgame. Reach the stars, trade, deal and attempt to make your empire the leader in galactic expansion and unity. Ages 14 and up. 4 to 9 players. Takes about 2 hours to play.

Sierra Madre Games – High Frontier
Build, Explore and Dominate the Solar System. 1 to 5 players use this sandbox game to develop technologies, travel into space and reach the high ground during exoglobalization. The new 4th edition rules are fully revised and are now modular allowing you to play the game you want to. Ages 14 and up. Takes anywhere from 1 to 4 (or more) hours to play depending on rules in play and number of contestants.

Sierra Madre Games – High Frontiers Expansions
Module 1 : Terawatt & Futures
Module 2 : Colonization
Adds new technologies, new ships (for Terawatt & Futures) or space stations and colonists (for Colonization). Each module builds on the other, but can be used alone.  

Pazio Publishing – new Starfinder & Pathfinder items
Starfinder Starship Combat Reference Cards
– 110 double sided reference cards to make your Starfinder game play easier.

Pathfinder Core Rulebook – Digest sized
This new paperback digest sized book contains all the Pathfinder 2.0 core rules in a smaller size.

Pathfinder Wilderness Starter Set Flip Tiles
42 full color laminated Map Tiles with remote shorelines, desert wastes, rugged ravines, dismal swamps and barren badlands. Each is 6×6 and ready to go – coated so any markers you may choose will allow marking on them.

Starfinder : Fly Free or Die part 2 : Merchants of the Void
A third level adventure with a pair of side jobs, new player options, new creatures and a special new experimental ship.

Pathfinder : Troubles in Otari
An expansion to the Beginner Box adventure, this takes the heroes out of town, into the wilderness and all the way to fourth level. These small adventures include a dungeon crawl, a sandbox romp and a chance to clear out an abandoned camp.

Pathfinder : Agents of Edgewatch part 6 : Ruins of the Radiant Siege
As the last of the Twilight Four is discovered chaos reigns. Can you deal with it all in the climax of this story arc?

Pathfinder Second Edition Player Character Pawn Collection
Over 200 pawns with any number of ancestry and class combinations from Aasimar Champion to Tiefling Witch as well as Archetypes and Animal Companions. All in full color on hard card.

Pathfinder Flip Mat Classic : Slum Quarter
24 x 30 full color flipmat with alleyways, docks and slums all presented for easy use.

Pathfinder Troubles in Otari Flip Mat
With a monster filled dungeon on one side and an abandoned camp on the other. Ready to fold out, drop down and play. Laminated to deal with most common markers.

Starfinder Alien Archive 4
– almost 100 life forms both classic and new. A dozen new player races with full rules, new alien technology and a set of rules to graft strange physical traits of other races unto your own character creating an immense amount of options.

Starfinder Flip Tiles : City Hazards Expansion
24 full color laminated tiles from Cratered Streets to Demolished Structures to tiles of flood, fire, energy discharge and much more.