New releases for Friday December 2nd

Hello folks. Rich here with a quick round up of new items that made their way in store this week.

Direwolf Games – Clank Catacombs
Clank! Catacombs – leave the board behind and go on a deck-building adventure in the world of Clank! Lay tiles to create the dungeon as you traverse the catacombs of the skeletal dragon Umbrok Vessa. Use portals to move about, wayshrines to aid you and beware the ghosts. For 2-4 players, ages 13 and up. Plays in around an hour to two depending on players.

Archon Studios – Rampant Modular Terrain : Cobalt Factory
A set of plastic 28 terrain bits, walls, stairs, columns, floors, various pipelines, lights, icons, and other details. Short walls are 62.5mm tall, the tall walls are 125mm tall. Parts are modular to allow a great deal of different setups. The parts will push fit together and are also magnet friendly for further modification.

Moonstone Fantasy Skirmish Game

New Dice Bags from Mizorey Ren
Each easily able to hold several sets of dice with spring loaded cinch clip and heavy corded pull closure.

Osprey Games – Xenos Rampant
Science Fiction large skirmish rules designed to allow play almost any setting from space opera, near future, zombie apocalypse, weird war and more. Miniature agnostic the rules allow you to envision almost any force and be ready to pay and enjoy.

Kromlech – Transparent Icicles
three different sizes of clear translucent icicles to hang from your miniatures to add to the atmosphere and visual representation.

Plaid Hat Games – new expansions for Summoner Wars and Ashes Reborn
Obsidian Dwarves deck (30 card expansion) and Sand Goblins (30 card expansion) for Summoner Wars. Scholar of Ruin (40 card expansion) and Ocean’s Guard (40 card expansion) for Ashes Reborn.

Dynomite Games – Lets Call the Exorcist
a social deduction game for 4-8 players. Using secret roles and hidden cards deduce your way to victory. Reveal Holy and Cursed Artifacts, gain Blessings to gain points and Mischief cards may mix you up. Ages 14 and up. 43 cards, 8 role tiles, 45 point tokens and a rulebook.

Dynomite Games – Living Well is Best Revenge
2-4 players compete in this dice and strategy game. Use your point-gaining abilities or dice manipulation powers to make your opponent’s moves benefit you. Ages 14 and up,. 40 cards, 16 dice, tokens, player boards and more.

Dynomite Games – Cryptozoology for Beginners
In this card drafting, token gathering and set collecting game you and your friends attempt to discover hidden cryptos and learn about their antics. Will you become the teacher’s pet or get left behind as a new best friend for one of the creatures? Ages 14 and up. Includes 136 cards, tokens and rules.

Monster Fight Club – The Witcher Miniature Sets
3 miniatures cast in plastic with 3 25mm round bases
Characters 1 : Dandelion, Geralt & Yennefer
Classes 1 : Craftsman, Man-At-Arms & Mage
Necrophages 1 : 3 x Drowners
Necrophages 2 : 3 x Ghouls
Necrophages 3 : 2 x Ghouls and a Grave Hag

Wargames Atlantic – Reptilian Overlords : Spacenam
20 hard plastic human miniatures armed with rifles, blast pistols, grenades, flame throwers, grenade launchers, plasma and heat weapons along with edged weapons for when the fighting gets close. Includes various heads and arms for lots and lots of customization options.

New Nolzurs miniatures!
14 new fantasy miniatures from Vegepygmies to Wereravens and Stone Giants. All in sturdy plastic, pre-primed and ready to paint

Northstar Military Figures –
Frostgrave Barbarians II
– 20 multipart hard plastic female barbarian figures. Comes with a variety of weapon options as well as heads and arms for a lot of customization. Can be combined with other Frostgrave figures for a myriad of customization options.

Stargrave Mercenaries II – 20 hard plastic multi-part female space figures. lots of weapons, accessories, heads and options to create anything from standard human figures to various alien types. Fully compatible with other Stargrave miniatures to mix and match parts and poses.

Modiphius Entertainment – Homeworld rulebook
This RPG puts you on any of the Homeworld vessels and make your way back to your world to join the galactic community. Includes all the background you’ll need to create, play and explore. Using the 2d20 system you will find all the lore, equipment, ships and more you will need. Includes NPCs for the major factions and never before seen art.

Troll Lord Games – Engineering Castles
Tools and templates to create your own places that players may wish to move through. Ruins, temples, manors, castles and other places. From lonely windswept towers to urban spots. A reference book with information for the Game Master to create at will.

Galatka – The Shadow Planet Board Game
a sci-fi deck building game of alien horror. Draw your objective and use six different characters to achieve it. Move about the planet, gain cards, use abilities and save humanity… or yourself. For 3-5 players ages 14 and up. Plays in around an hour and a half.

Mindware – Klondice
2 to 6 players compete in this game of strategy and luck. Roll and place dice on the mine cart game board. Choose your prospects likely as claims and shift in value as the game progresses. Includes a Mountian dice tower, 35 ‘gold dust’ dice, 12 double sided game boards and game card holder, gold credits, banker token and rules. Ages 8 and up. Plays in around 15 minutes.

Wikids – Super Skill Pinball 4-Cade
A roll and write pinball game. Roll the dice and move your ball, hit targets and bumpers, use the flippers to shoot the ball back into play and score the best you can. Nudge the table if you wish, but beware the ‘tilt’. Includes 4 different pinball ‘tables’ (4 copies of each) and 8 backglass boards. You get Carniball (with a carnival theme), Cyberhack (cyberpunk table with a R*U*N minigame), Dragonslayer (fantasy wizard vs dragon theme) and Dance fever (70s themed complete with a Disco Pinferno mini-table). Everything 1-4 players need to compete. Ages 12 and up, plays in about half an hour.

Unstable Unicorns new and released items :
Here to Slay, Here to Slay Warriors & Druids, Here to Slay Beserkers & Necromancers, Here to Sleigh

Zweihander Starter Kit
A cooperative storytelling game set in a medieval fantasy world. Includes a player and GM rulebook, Secrets of swansea adventure, dice, GM screen, village map and art poster, character folios, tokens, trackers and cards to help you play.

Stonemaier Games – Wingspan Asia
This new release includes a 1-2 player duet mode standalone game, an Asian bird & bonus card expansion, 6-7 player ‘flock’ mode expansion, Automa rulebook and lots more. Designed for ages 14 and up. Plays in a little over half an hour to and hour and some depending on players and game mode.

Days of Wonder – HEAT : Pedal to the Metal
This boardgame puts players in the cockpit of 1960s era race cars trying to win doing almost whatever they can to succeed. Designed for ages 10 and up. You can play with up to 6 players but there are ‘automated’ cars so you can play solo as well as with other players. Play a one-off race or a championship series to challenge players’ strategic racing skills.

Avalon Hill – Heroquest : The Frozen Horror Quest Pack
This expansion adds the Barbarian character to the game as well as 10 quests with Yeti, Ice Gremlins, Polar Warbears, Mercenaries and the Frozen Horror. Defeat terrible monsters and destroy the Scepter of Glacial Majesty.

Archon Studios –
Yahazzal the Hungry Troll
– a hard plastic miniature thats 84mm (about 3 and a quarter inches) tall complete with a club, a scenic 50mm base and lots and lots of detail. Unassembled and unpainted.

Stairs Pack – 2 sets of Wood stairs and 2 sets of Stone steps, each are 25mm tall and 25mm square to fit on your RPG battlemat. They are designed to create a stair square, landing and a second stairset leading to a second story.

Phoenix – a 6” tall hard plastic miniature (and a 2” sculpted round base) complete with optional armor. Unassembled and unpainted.

Compass Games new releases :
1862 : Brothers at War
The battles of Antietam, South Mountain, Mill Spring and Valverde. 20 minute turns and 100 yard hexes. Units are regiments and batteries. Designed for 2 players ages 14 and up. Takes 1 to 4 hours depending on which of the 14 scenarios you play. Examine and refight these American Civil War battles with these medium to high complexity hex and chit wargame.

Imperial Tide : The Great War 1914-1918
This medium complexity hex and chit wargame puts players in charge of the Allied or Central powers in World War 1. Move units about the map, fortify, fight and try to have the advantage as the game progresses. Uses a variant of the Pacific Tide system to resolve the actions and adds ‘attrition combat’ an action that simply attempts to inflict casualties as opposed to occupy ground. Allocate your Resource points wisely and don’t overextend your forces. Can be played solitaire with special rules. Takes around 3-4 hours, designed for ages 14 and up.

Nine Eyes of Lucien Critical Role Mighty Nein novel

KTBG – Creature Comforts
Springtime has reached Maple Valley. As a family of forest critters you gather and harvest goods, craft comforts and collect stories to fill your families den with. Place your dice to get enough tasty treats, warm garments, fun activities and captivating stories to make your home the coziest over the winter. For 1-5 players, ages 8 and up. Plays in around an hour.

EN Publishing new releases

Rogue Trooper –
This Judge Dredd setting book puts yu on Nu-Earth and the struggle for it’s control. As a Enlisted Human or GI Clone you must keep the Norts at bay and save the Southers from their assaults. New species, careers, equipment and vehicles are provided as well as a gazeteer and GM tips for making the campaign world come alive. Don’t want to use the standard setting? There are alternate ideas for themes to use for an interesting new campaign.

Strontium Dog –
As bounty hunters who rove the Galactic Frontier you hunt down criminals and mutants to make the galaxy safe. Taken from the same pages as Judge Dredd the year 2180 comes alive with new careers, unique equipment, a gazetteer of the galaxy. GM tips to create new worlds, adventure seeds, contracts as well as allies and adversaries. A whole new way to explore the Judge Dredd universe.

Wizkids Games – Featherlight
1 to 4 players attempt to collect feathers from poor little Potoo birds. Draw or swap feathers, discard into the nest, score the feathers in your hand to win. Designed for ages 8 and up, taking about 20 minutes.

WizkIds Nolzurs Miniatures
14 new sculpts from Were ravens to Stone Giants. All ready to paint or just bust out of the package and play with. Nosefratu, Headless Monster, Quicklings, Elf Rogue and half elf Protege, Human Artificer and apprentice, Vegepygmies, Murder Hornets, Dead Warlord, White Dragon Wyrmling, Nycaloth, Grallon, Wereravens and Stone Giant.

Friday Night, November 18th

GMT Games – The Last Hundred Yards : Mission Pack 1
An expansion mission set for the popular ‘Last Hundred Yards’ game. Ownership of both module 1 and 2 is required to play the missions.

Brotherwise Games – Call to Adventure Fantasy Art Decks
Two different decks, each with tarot sized cards featuring art from the ‘Call to Adventure’ board game. One is ‘Heroic Fantasy Art’ and the other ‘High Fantasy Art’. Heroes, Villains, locations and challenges designed to spark your imagination for different aspects of your RPG.

The OP Games – Sorcerers Arena – Epic Alliances Thrills and Chills expansions
3 new characters (The Horned King, Jack Skellington and Mother Gothel), all new abilities and the Cauldron Born…

The OP Games – Avatar the Last Airbender : Fire Nation Rising  boardgame
1 to 5 players, ages 10 and up. This cooperative game takes an hour (or more depending on players). Work together to defeat the Firelord and the Fire Kingdom as the Day of the Black Sun approaches.

Wizkids Games – new prepainted figure collection from Impossible Lands:
Heroes and Villains
– Ghoran Manipulator, Vishkanya Infiltrator, Vanara Disciple, Student of Perfection, Oread Guard, Sylh Sneak, Suli Dune Dancer and Shield Marshal 

Masters of Magic – Nethys, god of magic, Nex, Geb, Ifrit Pyrochemist, rakshasa Maharja, Manticore Paaridar, Japalisura Asura and Anong Aronak

Adult Umbral Dragon – about 6” tall (with about a 6” wingspan rearing dark dragon.

Accursed Constructs – Swordkeeper golem , 2 clockwork soldiers, Calkang, Clockwork Mage, Automaton Warrior, Clockwork Spy and Foddil Golem

Mukradi – Large multi-headed centipede like snake with elemental powers. 

HabaPios Pigeon Post 
2-4 players ages 5 and up. Plays in under 15 minutes. Players work to match letters with needed stamps and do a bit of math along the way using the numbers 1 to 20. 

Wizkids Games – Atlantic Robot League
2 to 5 players (ages 12 and up) bet on giant robots fighting each other. Place your bets, influence the outcome and give your chosen robot a little edge. Make the most after three rounds of battles to be the winner. Plays in around 20 minutes.

Catalyst Game Labs – Battletech : Time of War
a sourcebook giving players the information they need to become a Mechwarrior, a spy, a merchant, scientist or other character in the Battletech Universe. 350+ pages of information.

Pazio – new Starfinder/Pathfinder releases

Starfinder Flip Mat – Metropolis
24 x 30” laminated map   featuring a city center with a sculpture garden on one side and urban area with a number of buildings and roadways on the other.

Starfinder – Interstellar Species
This new sourcebook includes a new class (the Evolutionist), 25 playable species, new character options with skills, feats, spells and gear. Tools are presented to create your own original species and a roster of various NPCs is included as well.

Starfinder – To Defy the Dragon
A stand alone adventure for 10th to 13th level characters. Genrovisis a planet with magical wellsprings and a secret history. Centuries ago four tyrants ruled the planet but adamantine dragon Ayleth freed the world from their shackles. Now corruption and cruelty are rampant again and rebels have run afoul of Ayleth. Can you unearth the Starmetal Mechs of old, uncover secrets and end the evil that has overtaken the people?  

Starfinder – Dead Suns Adventure Path
a complete adventure path taking figures from 1st to 13th level in a single hardbound volume. Can you find and destroy the doomsday device that threatens worlds while keeping it out of the hands of those who would do harm?

Pathfinder – Impossible Lands 
Two undying wizards have battled for thousands of years and the lands their battles raged over have seen changes that seem to defy normal realities. There are cities built on the backs of genies and wishes, others where undead legions clash against organic warmachines. Scarred deserts, arcane hot spots and other unusual areas dot the Impossible Lands. 350+ pages explain the people, lands, the mana wastes, religions, bestiary and history to give you the information to adventure in this setting.  

Pathfinder – Blood Lords : A Taste of Ashes
The penultimate adventure in the Blood Lords story arc. This 15-17th level adventure challenges the players to stop a plot to reduce the population to ashes. Includes new creatures, fully realized NPCs and new items.  

Capstone Games – Fire & Stone : Siege of Vienna 1683
2 players examine one of the most dramatic sieges in history. This card driven game pits the Ottoman Empire and it’s 100,000 strong army against the defenders of Vienna and its 12,000 defenders made up of militia, citizen soldiers and infantry. Both sides are racing against time while the siege lines draw ever closer. Designed to play in an hour to an hour and a half. Ages 14 and up.

CMON – Trudvang Legends boardgame
This cooperative game of storytelling where players work together to stop the darkness encroaching on the lands. The Book of Sagas and the Legend system guides players through a rich fantasy setting. Each adventure takes around 2 hours and can be played by 1 to 4 players. Designed for ages 14 and up. Your choices affect the environment and it’s inhabitants as you fulfill your quest to keep Darkness at bay. 

Goodman Games Publication – Tales from the Magician’s Skull #8
Dakagna : Queen of Swords, Sky Pirates of the Savage Clouds, Pipes of Clan Maclaird and five other stories as well as a DCC RPG bestiary additions 

Palladium Books Inc – Splicers Role Playing Game
Using a trio genres (science fiction, Post apocalyptic and horror) Splicers gives you a world overview, Robots, The Human Resistance, superhuman character classes and a whole lot of bonus material compatible with Rifts, Phase World and other ‘Mega-Damage’ RPG systems.     

Eggert Spiele – Great Western Trail : Rails to the North (second edition)
This expansion to Great Western Rails comes with new c=game components, a new Cow variant, a solo play system along with dual layered auxiliary player boards, modified medium town tiles, improved rail paths and buildings. 

Army Painter new Spray Paints/Primers
Greedy Gold, Brain Matte r Beige, Oak Brown, Ash Gray
– all color matched to the Warpaints.

Deep Blue – this is also a color match with the Warpaint, but it is a limited edition ‘Splash’ release. Only available for a limited time, so if you’d like it, get it while you can.

Gamer Grass – new foliage packs
five new foliage packs to spruce up your bases or create wonderful looking terrain with: Black Magic Taro plants (65 leaves of varied colors), Deer Fern (38 leaves), Red Aloe (96 different leaves), Alien Ferns (38 varied leaves of different colors) and  Plantation Lily (57 different leaves. Leaves are grouped into individual plants and have shaded hues. 

Impact Miniatures Dice – 5 different Dungeon Crawl Classics dice sets
Each set has a d3, d4, d5, d6, d7, d8, d10, d%, d12, d14, d16, d20, d24 and d30

Prismatic Spray (multicolored glitter dice), Eldritch Blast (purple/dark blue glitter dice), Polymorph (light blue/magenta glitter dice), Gorgon Gaze (Pearlescent black swirls), Vampire’s Touch (white and deep red swirl)

Old School Dice – four new polyhedral sets
Winter’s Rose ( multi-color gradient colors),White Skull (clear with a skull embedded in the die), Polar Bear Dive (clear with a polar bear and pearl blue pool), American Hero (different layers of pearlescent colors)

Mongoose Publishing – Traveller Explorer Edition
This is an essentials-only rulebook for new players. Everything you need to get involved in the Traveller Role Playing Game in a single book. 

Rampart Miniatures – two new model sets
Mammoth Walker –
a 28mm armored walker able to be built as a quadrupedal or bipedal walker with heavy cannon or alternate weapon choices.

City Defenders Miniature Pack.
30 different miniatures 6 ‘storm trooper’ riflemen, 6 marksmen, 6 commandos, 3 ‘Goliath’ (large humanoids) heavy weapon troopers, 3 psychic wielders, 3 cavalry and 3 robotic remote weapon technicians and weapon turrets.     

Friday Night Roundup 11/11/2022

Hey there folks!
It’s time for the Friday Night New Stuff Roundup!

is it overwhelmingly big? Yes, yes it is. But, it’s full of all sorts of new releases.

Osprey Games – Village Rails
2-4 players compete in this game of Locomotives and Local Motives. Players work to criss-cross the countryside with rail lines, keeping their funding, operations and local requirements all in balance. This card game is for ages 14 and up. Plays in under an hour.

Upper Deck – Legendary : WandaVision.
Use this new set of cards to add the alternate reality of WandaVision to your Legendary game.

GHQ Games – Torchbearer Scavenger’s Supplement
six new classes, from the Halfling Bounder to the Elvish Dreamwalker. Human Sorcerer, Halfling Guide, Dwarvish Stoneteller and Human Noble Scion. All prepared for dark and dirty deeds in your devious campaign.

Wizards of the Coast – Magic the Gathering : Brother’s War set is available now!

Mongoose Publishing – 2300AD : Aerospace Engineers Handbook
Spacecraft and Starships are the bailiwick of the Aerospace Engineer. Now everything you need to design Human, Kaefer, Sung and Pentapod ships are at your fingertips. Not only that, but information about living in space, the major powers, their fleets and advanced spacecraft combat rules are presented in this 190+ page hardback book.

Mongoose Publishing – Traveller Explorer’s Guide
The Scouts, their trusty Type-S Scout ship, alien beings, far flung planets, equipment, dangers and generation of the very starsystems you encounter are detailed herein.

Nord Games – Dangerous Destinations
400+pages of system neutral information to add to your game world. Chapters feature different themed destinations (60 in all) with full color artwork, background, adventure ideas and antagonist profiles – all ready to be slotted into your own game world. Hardbound and with lots and lots of ideas to use in your game.

Wizkids Games – new Heroclix
Avengers Forever Boosters are in stock along with the Avengers play at Home Kit.

Fantasy Flight games – X-Wing : Battle of Yavin Scenario Pack
Includes 20 new Standard Loadout cards, 2 condition cards, Death Star trench Tokens, 11 new ship tokens and a rules insert. Recreate the climactic Battle of Yavin.

Wizkids Games – Icons of the Realms new sets

Undead Armies ; Skeleton (7 skeleton miniatures)

Tomb of Annihilation Set 1 – Albino Dwarf Warrior, Dragonbait, Bag of Nails, Artus Cimber, Prince Na, Princess Mwaxanare and Yuan-ti Nightmare Speaker.

Tomb of Annihilation Set 2 – Xandala, Chief Yorb, Acereak, Withers, Ras Nsi, Valindra and a Tomb Guardian

Fantasy Flight Games – Marvel Champions Wolverine (and Omega Red) and Storm (and Callisto) Hero packs and Mojo Mania Scenario pack featuring Mojo, Spiral, MaGog, Longshot and six unique environments.

Wizkids Games – Bargain Basement Bathysphere
a solo roll and write diving adventure game.

Labmasu – Cybernation Uncensored
magnetized cyberpunk style figures that you can paint and assemble in different manners to customize your figures. includes 10 left arms, 10 right arms, 10 heads, 5 bodies,5 back tools, magnets and 5 bases.

USApology – Dungeons and Dragons Ultimate Edition Trivial Pursuit.
For ages 12 and up. Show your skills as an adventurer in this new Trivial Pursuit game based on the Lore of the Dungeons & Dragons Multiverse.

Wizkids – Icons of the Realms Collectors edition Beholder Box
3 beholders painted by three different painters. All in a single box, ready to go.

Sirius Dice – Twelve Days of Dicemas
a 12 day countdown calendar with 18 high quality dice as prizes.

Fantasia Games – Endless Winter Paleoamericans
1 to 4 players work in this deck building and worker placement game to develop their tribe from nomads to prosperous societies. Ages 12 and up, plays in 1 to 2 hours.

Eagle – Gryphon Games – On Mars
Work to develop the biggest and most successful colony on Mars and make yourself independent of terrestrial organizations. Can you balance food, water, power and air while allowing your people to thrive? 1 to 4 players ages 14 and up. plays in around an hour and a half to 3 hours depending on players.

Eagle-Gryphon Games – on Mars : Alien Invasion.
Work with other players to keep the aliens from wiping out your colonies. Or play the aliens trying to spot the spread of humankind to the stars. Play one versus many, by yourself or even cooperatively. Plays in an hour to 3 depending on players.

Wizkids – Daern’s instant Fortress
a miniature of the tower and a functional dice tower – all at one time!

Wizkids – Spelljammer prepainted ship sets

Threats from the Cosmos :
Cosmic Horror, Tyrant Ship, Swarm of Murder Comets and an Ancient Red Dragon

Astral Elf Patrol : Ancient Lunar Dragon, Damselfly, Ancient Solar Dragon and a Star Moth

Welcome to WildSpace : Bombard ship, Space Galleon, Ancient Gold Dragon, Shrike ship and Squidship

Wildspace Ambush : Asteroid, Nautiloid, Flyinvg Fish and Nightspider

Attacks from Deep Space : Astral dreadnought, Lamprey, Turtle ship, Giant Gelatinous Cube and clawed Lamprey ships.

Asteroid Encounters : 2 asteroids, Esthetic, Hammerhead shop, megapede, wasp and Living Ship

Wizkids – Tarrasque (prepainted Titantic creature)

Fantasy Fl;ight Games – Star Wars RPG books
Ageneral restock of lots of different Star Wars RPG books. Sadly the core rulebooks are not in the restocks, but lots (and lots) of the sourcebooks are back!

Rich here. It’s the time to post the Friday Night Update! Yes, it’s late. Sorry folks, crisis and calamity made for me not being around to do so. Subsequently – here is what has come in the last while…

Reaper miniatures – Cathy Wappel Tribute miniature
in Siocast ‘Bones USA’ material this miniature is a sculpt of painter, gamers and teacher, Cathay Wappel. 70% of the money raised goes back to Cathy (and James) to help her battle medical issues.

Eagle-Gryphon Games – Arkwright : The card game
1-4 players attempt to build factories to produce and sell goods. The more workers, the more you can produce and subsequently sell. But be on the lookout for crisis and competition. Designed for ages 14 and up. Play in around 2 hours.

Lucky Duck Games – Flamecraft
1-5 players, ages 10 and up. Plays in around an hour. In a fantasy world artisan dragons create coffee and cakes. Can you become the Master of Flame and converse with the dragons to succeed in goals to win the game?

Gnome Brewer Games – The Palaces of Carrara
2 to 4 players work to beautify cities in the region upon orders from the king. The royal family will be checking your progress, so try to keep ahead of the competition as the rewards you accrue along the way will lessen based on your standing. Ages 10 and up. Plays in about an hour and a half.

Renegade Games – American Psycho A Killer boardgame
This game of yuppie one-upmanship challenges you to match accomplishments, obtain valuable assets, entertain lavishly and be better than your hated colleagues. Keep your psychotic rage in check, your body count low and be the best in town. 2 to 5 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in around an hour.

Next Move Games – Azul : Master Chocolatier
2-4 players play chocolate tiles to match patterns and create scoring opportunities. Includes 5 new factory variants to add a twist on the original game.

Loke Battlemats – Giant Book of Battle Mats Vol 3
62 pages of battlemats. Each are laminated to use and wipe off, and range from dungeons, forest tracks, ancient tombs and more. Each maps adds to your quest for danger and riches and is gridded in one inch squares. The book can use facing pages as a double sized map for more amazing encounter areas.

InPatience Games – rereleased Z-Man Oniverse games
(ages 10 and up, plays in half an hour)
Nautilion (1-2 player dice game of submarine warfare against the Darkhouse)
Castellion (1-2 player tile laying game of defense against the Menace)
Stellarion (1-2 player card game of resource management)
Sylvion (1-2 player card game of defense against the hordes

Space Cowboys – Splendor Duel
2 player version of the popular Splendor game with new twists and new strategic opportunities. Designed for ages 10 and up, takes about half an hour to play.

Alderac Entertainment – Smash Up 10th Anniversary
3 new factions, 11 new titans, a new way to play, base mats, art book, first player token and more.

New Historical Magazines
Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy #121 – The ‘Real’ King Arthur, Lion Rampant 2e, 10mm knights and a bunch more.

Miniature Wargames #475 – The Merry Men in Feudal Patrol, Chain of Command, Forced Marches in Wargaming, Black Powder gaming and more.

Q-Workshop – new dice releases
Christmas Dice (icy red plastic & gold ink with reindeer themed faces)

New style Dragons Dice (opaque red & gold ink, new style d4 and dragon themed faces)

Viking Dice – Pearlescent plastic, copper or silver ink and nordic scrollwork faces)

Kaiju Kraft – Pocket Odyssey (2-4 player quick play RPG)

Eagle-Gryphon Games – 12 Days of Christmas (3-8 player card game)

HABA – Eager Elephants (ages 4+ elephant feeding game)

Wizkids Games – Super Skill Pinball Holiday edition
Christmas Story, Elf and Christmas Vacation pinball tables for the roll & write game.

Free League Games – Heart of Darkness (Alien RPG Cinematic Scenario set)

Eagle-Gryphon – Cornucopia (2-5 player card game of the harvest. Ages 8+)

Adam’s Apple Games – Four Humors (1-6 players, ages 10+ a strategy, deduction and social experiment game)

Escape Plan Games – Tavern Tales – 5e D&D tavern setting, adventure set and NPC collection.

Cubicle Seven Warhammer universe books:

Age of Sigmar : Soulbound – Artefacts of Power (arcane items, spells and relics)

Wrath & Glory – Church of Steel (Adeptus Mechanicus, vehicles, weapons, wargear and more)

Fantasy Roleplay – Archives of the Empire Volume 2 (Ogres, Astrology, Magic items, cinematic battles and much more for your Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Game)

Portal Games – Basilica (2 player game of Basilica Building

Smart Games – Grizzly Gears (solo play, ages 7+ puzzle game of forest travel)

Back Spindle Games – Clacks (a Discworld Boardgame based on the ‘Going Postal’ novel)

Placenta Games – Florenza (2-5 player game [ages 14+] game of city building)

Schmidt Games – Quacks & Co (2-4 player game of animal races, Ages 5+)

Pazio – new Starfinder & Pathfinder Releases

Starfinder :
Dead Suns Adventure Path (complete adventure arc in a single book)
Drift Crashers Path : Masters of Tie & Space ( final chapter of the adventure arc)

Blood Lords : The Ghouls Hunger (11th-14th level adventure – book 4 of 6)

Kingmaker Adventure Path (for PF 2e, the full story arc)
Kingmaker Kingdom Management Screen
Kingmaker Companion Guide
Kingmaker Kingdom Tracker
Kingmaker Bestiary (for 1e Pathfinder)
Kingmaker Bestiary (for 5e D&D)
Kingmaker Pawn Box

Flipmat : Crown of the Kobold King (for the Crown of the Kobold King adventure or for your own use for adventures in a ruined monastery (on one side) or graveyard (on the opposite)

Ravensburger – We Are Venom : Single Character Marvel Villainous Expansion

Fantasy Flight Games – Lord of the Rings Journeys in Middle Earth : Scourge of the Wastes – three miniatures, skill and items cards to add to your JiME game.

Soulforge Fusion – hybrid deck card game – starter and booster sets

Wizards of the Coast – Book Tabs (Preprinted tabs referencing chapters and tables along with a number of blanks for your own custom choices. Sets for Dungeon Masters Guide, Players Handbook and Monster Manual.

Wizkids Games – Icons of the Realms : Skeletons (7 different prepainted skeletons)

Wizkids Games – Critical Role ‘Hells Belles’ prepainted miniature set
(10 different minis)

Fantasy Flight Games – Lord of the Rings Card Game : Fellowship of the Ring
Saga expansion with new cards and six scenarios recreating the novels encounters

Carcassone Big Box – Carcassone Base game and 11 expansions in a single box.

We are ramping up for RPG Game Day tomorrow (the 22nd) and then Halloween not long after. But that hasn’t stopped new items from sneaking into the store..
R Talsorian – Tales of the Red : Cyberpunk Street Stories
9 missions for CP Red

Media Lab Books – Game Masters Book of Random Encounters
Eight one shot encounters, random NPC generator and tables upon tables of useful  things

Media Lab Books – Game Masters Book of Legendary Dragons
3 one shot adventures, new classes like the dragon rider, and a number of creatures

Media Lab Books – Game Masters Book of Non-Player Characters
three one shot adventures for levels 1-10, stat block and illustrations for dozens of NPCs and a side quest generator.

Modiphius Entertainment – Achtung Cthulhu  RPG Shadows of Atlantis 
Multi-part RPG adventure set for the 2d20 Achtung Cthulhu RPG.

WizKids Games – Icons of the Realms : Spelljammer Adventures in Space
4 to a box blind-buy prepainted miniatures.

Trek 12 : Himalaya – Roll and Write climbing game
1-50 players, 3 modes (solo, beginners and ‘expedition’ mode or experienced players)

Unexpected Games – 3000 Scoundrels
2-4 players, ages 12 and up. Create unique characters, assemble a posse, create a plan and bluff your way into vitry. Recover mysterious gadgets and look out for other posses who are doing the same.  Plays in around an hour to an hour and a half. 

Battlefront Miniatures – new Bulge : British releases
Bulge British Command Cards, Bulge British Unit Cards, Bulge British sourcebook (background, scenarios & units)

Eastern Front : Axis Allies Card Set
(Finnish, Hungarian and Romanian Unit & Command Cards)

Amigo – Dice Hunters of Theroin 
2-4 players battle foes who are up to no good. Battle their teams or work sideways to acquire more members and tackle them later. Gain the most rewards to win. Ages 8 and up. Plays in about half an hour. 

WizKids – Fantasy Realms Deluxe Edition
3-6 players work to create a powerful Realm by clever card play. Includes card sleeves to protect your cards as well as promo and expansion cards included from prior expansions.

Pandasaurus Games – Sobek : 2 Players
2 players compete to create a grand temple. Gain the best set of goods while stopping your competitors. Plays in under half an hour.

Pandasaurus Games –  Wild Space
1-5 players try to build a space craft crew , earn credits and prepare for the next play. Plays in around half an hour and is designed for ages 10 and up. 

Osprey Games – Gran Meccanismo (Steampunk RPG in DaVinci’s Florence)

Capstone Games – Ark Nova Zoo Map Pack 1

Steve Jackson – new Dice Sets
Starfish d6 set, Halloween d6 dice set, Dragon & Skull d6 dice set (glitter green), Dragon & Skull d6 dice (pearl silver), Bullet Dice, Halloween dice (glitter orange), Halloween dice (glow in the dark)

Wargames Illustrated #418 (October 2022)
New Napoleonic rules, Neo-retro wargaming, WWII Night Battles and more.

Reaper Miniatures – New Super Washes (Reaper ‘Contrast’ Paints)
Drow Violet, Bloodkissed Red, Boneshade, Chestnut Brown, Leather Brown, Nox Black, Mythos Magenta, Darkbough Green, Emerald Green, Gilded Yellow, Templar Red and Tempest Blue. Currently as a preview boxed set.

New Reaper Miniatures
Bones USA – Kaspar Von Mondstein (vampire)
Bones Black – Demonic Temptation Incubi Pack (3 figures), Demonic Temptation Succubi Pack (3 figures), Song of the Sirens (5 female water elementals/sirens in translucent blue plastic with a watery base)