As we go through our storage and acquire items from auctions and personal sale we come across some thing that aren’t so easy to find. Or are simply a pleasant surprise to remind us of earlier days in gaming.

So this weeks little spotlight on a long gone company is – Avalon Hill.

Now I can hear the “But wait! They aren’t gone. They still do things through Wizards of the Coast.”

Well, not quite true. Avalon Hill started out back in the 50s, long before WOTC. They were pioneers in the historical board game field and branched out over time doing roleplaying (like Lords of Creation and Powers & Perils) and even published Runequest for a while. Their catalog of games covered simple games to titles that were large and complex, The Longest Day commonly being called ‘The Longest Game’ for example.

They made many a game indeed, gaming magazines and even some decent computer games. They originally published Squad Leader, then Advanced Squad leader – now published by MultiMan Publishing. Avalon Hill even formed a second company Victory Games to publish other titles with new ideas and outlooks.

Then in 1998 they were bought by Hasbro and the original staff laid off, the name simply being put on titles that really were not games that had much to do with the original company.

So we look back at Avalon Hill, the gaming giant who still survives in other companies game catalogs elsewhere and on the shelves of die hard gamers everywhere.
A little bit of the history can be found here :

And for those trying to track down some items – well, we have a few. And we’d be happy to work on your behalf to find ones we don’t. So if you have a game you want to play again, a title you’ve heard of you can’t live without or a gift you want to give… drop us a line.

November 11th –
GDW Traveller

A science fiction roleplaying game that’s been around for almost as long as there has been roleplaying. Originally published in 1977 it’s been around in a number of guises since then from several different companies, including a 5th edition written by one of the original authors Marc Miller himself. Science fiction but not science fantasy the game is human-centric but highly adaptable to whatever setting you’d want. It was also known for the fact that character generation could be deadly. Yes, with some bad luck you might end up in a dead before you even get to the tabletop. There was a lot of third party support for the game and a fandom that still loves the game to this very day.

At the moment we do have some of this classic game.
MegaTraveller, Traveller 2300AD, Mongoose Publishing Traveller (1st edition), Third Imperium, T5 and other versions are in the stacks as well.

Want to know more about the history of the game?

As far as original GDW Traveller – we have : 
Three book set. 2nd edition printing, very good condition – $25

Striker – Traveller Miniature mass miniature combat
-complete set of books & tables, but without the box – $25

Journal the the Traveller’s Aid Society #24 (good $5)
Book 0 – An Introduction to Traveller (very good $15)
Book 4 – Mercenary [expanded army characters] (Good $16)
Book 5 – High Guard [expanded naval characters] (fair $8)
Adventure 6 – Expedition to Zhodane (good $15)
Double Adventure 2 – Across the Bright Face & Mission on Mithril (very good $25)
Supplement 1 – 1001 Characters (Igood $18)
Supplement 2 – Animal Encounters (very good $20)
Supplement 4 – Citizens of the Imperium (very good $20)
Supplement 8 – Library Data A-M (excellent $20)
Supplement 9 – Fighting Ships (good $15)
Supplement 13 – Veterans (good $20)

FASA – Far Traveller Magazine #1 (excellent $30)
GameLords Ltd – The Mountain Environment (Good $16)
Group One Games – Nithus (excellent $40)
Group One Games – Nystalux (excellent $40)
Independent Publishing Company – A Traveller’s Guide to the Marischal Subsector (Near Mint $15)
Paranoia Press – Merchants & Merchandise (very good $25)

If some of the other flavors of Traveller tickle your fancy – let us know. WE can let you know what we’ve got if your looking about for a particular item.

November 5th –
Middle Earth Roleplaying

Middle Earth Role Playing Game
Also known as MERP for short was a simplified version of the Rolemaster system designed to provide a framework to adventure in Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

Character generation is straightforward, combat and magic designed to move quickly without over complication. The core game had everything required and there were adventure books based in certain areas of Middle Earth, Area Modules that showed a given area, it’s ecologies, locations of note, flora and fauna and sourcebooks that helped provide rules, background and other information.

Angus McBride did a great deal of the cover art which showcased his style and lent an air of realism to the fantasy world.

Iron Crown Enterprises did a collectible card game which showcased Angus McBride artwork as well.

So if you are a Tolkien fan and are curious about Middle Earth or always wanted to play Rolemaster but were befuddled by all the charts and tables – track down the books.   And for a more detailed bit of history :

And for those of you who might be curious – we have :
Minas Ithil (with map) – (good $25)

Hillmen of the Trollshaws – (very good $30, excellent $32)

The Necromancer’s Lieutenant adventure – (good $25)

Adventure Guidebook II (no map, Very good, $10)

Creatures of Middle Earth – (good $35)

Court of Ardor (with map) – (very good $60)

Riders of Rohan – (good $40)

Pirates of Pelargirn – (very good $28)

Woses of the Black Wood –  (very good $40)

Brigands of Mirkwood – (fair $20)

Bree and the Barrowdowns – (good $30, Very Good $48)

Combat Screen –  (good $35)

Dagorlad and the Dead Marshes – (good, $30)

Nazgul’s Citadel –  (very good $50)

Citadels of Middle Earth : Minas Tirith (with map excellent $58)

MERP boxed set (good shape – $45)
-missing the counters and dice. The 16 page extra book is separated and colored.