Herein lies the items that we are offering our fine customers directly.
The condition of then item is stated – these are single items we have here – none of these are expected to be available again… unless we stumble across another collection or estate.

If you are interested in any of these items, contact us and we will answer any questions you have and arrange your purchase.

A French version of the AD&D Second Edition ‘Book of Monsters
It is in near mint condition, is shrunk wrapped so you need not worry about pages getting bent and is ready for you to give it a home.
We are asking $75.00 for this rare book.

This is a 2nd printing of the Holmes D&D Basic Set.
The dice are in mint condition. The rulebook itself has the first and last pages detached from the book. Includes the Dungeon Geomorphs and Monster & Treasure Assortment. The box itself has some wear on the corners but is otherwise intact. It has been shrinkwrapped to protect it from further wear.
We are asking $295 form this treasure.

A 5th printing of the Dungeons & Dragons White Box .
Included in the box are 2 reference pages and the ‘Hobbits’ in the rules (before they were Halflings….) There is medium to heavy staple rust and the box itself is seen some wear and is slightly dished. There are some watermarks as well. Our fine collections staff has rated the box as ‘Good’ as well as the rulebook as ‘Good’ shape.
It has been shrinkwrapped to help keep it together and from further wear.
We are asking $450 for this rare find.

We have a 3rd printing copy of Tractics for sale.
The rulebooks are original, 2/3 of the charts are original, 1/3 of them are photocopies. There is medium to heavy staple rust. The rulebooks are listed a ‘good’ shape as is the box. There are some water marks on the box as well as edge wear and some dishing of the top.
We are asking $90

We have a rare set of Dungeons & Dragons Hex Sheets, originally printed by Games Workshop back in 1978. There are 41 of the 50 sheets in the pad. Original stock code is GWDHS. Green cover sheet and cardboard backer are intact, but the pad is loose.
We are asking 195 for this first printing rare find.

Dungeons & Dragons Characters Sheets by Games Workshop.
These were printed in 1978 under license. The Red cover sheet and cardboard backer are still attached, but the pad of 31 remaining sheets is not attached to them.
There is some wear on the cover sheet and the package earns a ‘Very Good’ condition rating.
We are asking $150 for this hard to find supplement.

Lord of the Rings collector’s edition with slipcase & map.
Printed in 1994 by Houghton Mifflin Company, this set is in near mint condition.
We’ve put this into shrinkwrap to help protect it from wear or other damage.