Games Plus has always been a place to find miniatures. And if you have miniatures, you need paint. And files, modeling knives, glue, flock, basing materials and all sorts of other products of the like. No worries. We got you covered.

We carry paints from :

Reaper Miniatures, Vallejo, Games Workshop, Badger Airbrush, Secret Weapons, Army Painter, Scale 75 and are always looking to expand our range.

Tools from a variety of manufacturers like
Vallejo, Excel, Games Workshop, Xuron, Army Painter, Xacto and Testors – but we are always looking for other tools that you might need.

Brushes from
Winsor Newton, Games Workshop, Reaper Miniatures, Vallejo, Army Painter, MIG
Red Grass Games and are on the lookout for good brushes at reasonable prices to help hobbyists get their minis painted.

Wet Palettes from Army Painter and Red Grass Games

Scenic and basing materials from
Woodland Scenics, Army Painter, Gale Force Nine, Vallejo (including the Basing Pastes), Gamer Grass, Ziterdes, Kromlech, Microart Studios, Past Times on the Square and others. Sadly some of the companies come and go – so we try to keep a wide variety on hand.

and other products from companies such as
Kromlech, Past Times, Spell Crow, Reaper, Georgo Bases
…and others

So if your looking for paints, brushes, bases, flock or rocks, ruins or what have you – we should be able to help. Just ask and we will do what we can to get the creative materials you need to complete your project.