just a few of the items on the list…

This list is current as of October 12th, 2021

So here is a list of RPG items we’ve got in stock as of the moment (that being yesterday). It is not as exhaustive as it could be, only includes pre-owned items or collectible items that might still be ‘new’. It is organized by manufacturer then stock code/name.

If you are looking for something specific, feel free to contact us and we will do the best we can to track it down for you if you don’t see it in the listing.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these treasures you can contact us by phone, email, FB messenger or carrier pigeon and we will get back to you as soon as we can to confirm details and get your game to you.


3W Games744Campaigns Fredrick the Greatpunched & baggedvery good/excellent28  
3W Games727Napoleon's Later Battlesnew in shrinknew in shrink30
3W Games755Crossbows & Cannon IIpunched & baggedvery good/excellent26
3W Games7171944 : Second Frontnew in shrinkexcellent/near mint40
3W GamesTTWTomorrow the Worldpunched & baggedvery good/very good55
3W Games731Raid on Richmondpunched & baggedvery good/very good20
3W Games751Lawrence of Arabiaunpunchedexcellent/near mint30
3W Games786Tahitinew in shrinknew in shrink15
3W Games771Sword & Shieldpunched & baggedvery good/very good30
3W Games768Spitfire!unpunchedvery good/near mint24
3W Games779Chinese Civil Warpunched & baggedvery good/excellent22
Avalanche Press0049Western Desert Forcepunched & baggednear mint/excellent28
Avalon Hill705War at Seapunchedgood/good18missing 4 (listed) counters
Avalon Hill715Victory in the Pacificpunchedgood/very good48
Avalon Hill516Waterloopunched & baggedFair141962 print
Avalon Hill8931Alpha Omega 2nd editionunpunchedvery good/near mint45big box
Avalon Hill602Battle of the Bulgepunched/basic rules copygood381965 print
Avalon Hill718The Russian Campaignpunched & baggedgood/very good581976 print
Avalon Hill703Jutlandpunched & baggedgood/very good241976 print
Avalon Hill502Tactics IIpunched & baggedgood/fair201961 print
Avalon Hill518Stalingradpunchedfair/good321963 print
Avalon Hill518Stalingradpunched & baggedfair/fair101963 print
Avalon HillGTYGettysburgpunched & baggedpoor/fair241958 1st edtion counters
Avalon Hill8930Flat Topunpunchedgood/near mint951 box corner split/1981 print
Avalon Hill704Anziopunched & baggedvery good421969 print
Avalon Hill700Blitzkreigpunched & baggedfair/good161965 print
Avalon Hill517Bismarckpunched & baggedgood/very good341962 print
Avalon Hill8702Hedgerow Hellshrinknear mint1201987 print
Avalon Hill882MBTUnpunchedexcellent/near mint89
Avalon Hill837Civilizationunpunched/cards 1/2 punchedvery good/excellent90
Avalon Hill720Foreign Exchangeunpunched/cards seperatedvery good/excellent24
Avalon Hill825Wizard's Questunpunchedgood/excellent45
Avalon Hill8925Fury in the Westunpunchedvery good/near mint60
Avalon Hill8241Spice Harvestunpunchedgood/excellent150box has split corners
Avalon Hill807Panzer Blitzpunched & sortedvery good/excellent1251st printing
Avalon Hill812Panzer Leaderpunched & baggedgood/good25
Avalon Hill861Hitler's War50% punchedgood/very good30
Avalon Hill811Richthofen's Warmissing 30 chits/unpunchedfair/very good10
Avalon Hill877Enemy in Sightpunched & baggedgood/very good18
Avalon Hill6340Goldnew in shrinknew in shrink58
Avalon Hill827War and Peacepunched & baggedgood/good25
Avalon Hill8941Samuraiunpunchedvery good/near mint65
Avalon Hill834Freedom in the Galaxynew in shrinkexcellent/near mint125
Avalon Hill8225Beyond Valorunpunchedexcellent/excellent95
Avalon HillWGMWargamers Guide MidwaybaggedExcellent35
Avalon HillMEMMustangs Expansion Moduleunpunchednear mint60
Avalon Hill8225Squad Leadernew in shrinknear int1951977 printing
Avalon Hill8222Crescendo of Doomunpunchedgood/excellent100
Avalon Hill8229Hollow Legionsunpunchedfair/near mint95
Avalon Hill8227Partisanunpunchedvery good/near mint60
Avalon Hill8230Last Hurrahunpunchedvery good/excellent60
Avalon Hill8330Down with the KingUnpunchedgood/near mint40
Avalon Hill203Naval War1 replacement cardfair/very good40
Avalon HillSHOWShowbizUnpunchedgood/near mint10
BattlelineAOAlpha Omegapucnhed & baggedfair/fair12big box
Battleline8941Samuraipucnhedgood/very good101979 print, 1st edition
Clash of Arms0986-13The Emperor Returnsunpunchedfair/near mint48
Clash of Arms0587-15The Last Victoryunpunchedgood/excellent95
Clash of Arms9705-08War without Mercyunpunchedvery good/near mint28
Clash of Arms0791-27Prelude to Disasterunpunchedvery good/near mint48
Close Simulations102Operation Konradpunched & baggedfair/very good10
Critical HitCT9802Combat! Normandypunched & baggedvery good24
Critical HitCT2001Combat! Kurskunpunchedvery good/near mint28
Dan Verssen GamesDV-021IAF Commanderunpunchednear mint/near mint65
Decision Games3002World War I Deluxeunpunchedexcellent/near mint45
Decision Games04013Rebels & Redcoatsunpunchedvery good/near mint60
Decision Games01004The '45unpunchedexcellent/near mint40
Decision Games01005Forgotten War : Koreapunched & baggedvery good/excellent25
Decision Games01501Nuts!new in boxnorth & south boxes together20
ExcalibreKS1918Kaiserschlacht:1918unpunchednear mint80bagged
Games Research IncDIPDiplomacy 1971 editionpieces sealed in bagbox corners split50
Gamescience4501:498Battle of Britianmissing 1 RAF counterfar/very good38
Gametime Games8955Grand Imperialismpunched & baggedgood/good24
GDW803Double Starunpunchedvery good/near mint50big box
GDW821Triplanetaryunpunchedfair/unpunched40big box
GDWIMPImperiumpunched & baggedgood/very good28big box
GDW815Blood Tree Rebellionpunched & baggedgood28big box
GDW813Pearl Harborunpunchedvery good/Excellent48big box
GDW827Spain & Portugal unpunchedvery good/excellent501984 print
GDW824Western Desertpunched & baggedgood/good401983 print
GDW812Red Star/White Eaglepunched & baggedGood/good38
GDWCSCoral Seapunchedvery good25bagged, 1974 print
GDWPTARTPort Arthurpunched & baggedFair10bagged
GDW473Third World War : Germanyunpunchednear mint60
GDW474Operation Crusaderunpunchedvery good/near mint40
GDW0124Bloody Kasserineunpunchednew in shrink35
GDW471Assault punched & baggedgood/very good24
GDW478Arctic Frontunpunchedgood/near mint50
GDW103Trenchfootunpunchedvery good/near mint40
GDW0112Test of Armspunched & sortedveryy good/good20rules cover torn off
GDW0127Blood and Thunderpunched & baggedvery good/very good24
GDW0110Team Yankeepunched/sortedgood/very good22
GDW0115Battlefield Europepunched & baggedvery good/very good30
GDW409Dark Nebulapunched & baggedfair/good22rulebook loose pages
GDW408Beda Fommpunched & baggedgood/very good14
GDW401Battle of Raphiapunched & baggedvery good/excellent18
GDW4071942punched & baggedgood/excellent15
GDW0118Stand & Dieunpunchedgood/very good30
GMT####Battles with Gringos 1846-62Unpunchednear mint35
GMTJGGTJuggernaut GBA expansionunpunchednear mint16
GMT0809Barbarossa Kiev to Rostov '41new in shrinknew in shrink80
GMT9204Down in Flames/Rise Luftwaffepunched & baggedvery good/very good35
GMT1516Golan '73punched & baggedexcellent/excellent28
GMT0111Reds (first printing)punched & completevery good/excellent28
GMT9404Down in Falmes/8th Air Forceunpunchedvery good/very good22
GMT0609Combat Commander Europeunpunchedexcellent/near mint751st printing
GMT9604Barbarossa Army Group Southnew in shrinknew in shrink982nd edition
GMT'0014Barbarossa Army Group Northnew in shrinkbox dishing951st edition
GMT9903Paths of Glorynew in shrinkminor box shelf wear501999 print
GMT0509Command & Colors Ancientsstickered appliedexcellent/excellent542005 printing
GMT0811Combat Commander Pacificunpunchednew in shrink701st printing
GMT0303A World at Warunpunchedexcellent/excellent1451st printing
GMT14101914 Glory's End/Eagles Fightunpunchedexcellent/near mint502014 print
GMT9603Battle for North Africaunpunchedexcellent/near mint451996 print
GMT0815Halls of Montezuma 1846-48unpunchedexcellent/excellent30decks opened
GMT9103Great Battles Alexanderunpunchedgood/near mint281st edition/1991
GMT0208-06WW2 Barbarossa to Berlinnew in shrinknear mint/near mint55second print, 2006
GMT0304Ardennes '44unpunchedexcellent/near mint48
GRD902Balkan Frontunpunchedvery good/near mint90
GRD909War of Resistanceunpunchedgood/near mint75
GRD913Wavell's Warunpunchednear mint90bagged
Guidon GamesDBFFDunkirk : Battle for Francepunched, time sheet usedfair/good150
Guild of BladesGUI 0020-1World War Iunpunchedexcellent/near mint24
Guild of BladesGUI 0021-1Great War in Africaunpunchedexcellent/near mint18
Hasbro/Avalon Hill96879Sword & Skullsortedvery good/excellent15
Hollandspiele1919Plan 1919 Fullers Planpunched & sortedvery good15
L2 DesignL2BBEBitter Woods Expansionunpunchednear mint65original shrink
Magic&Tactics UnlimitedMTRU1001Middle East Combatunpunchednear mint (Axis & Allies variat)25bagged
Mayfair Games012Jerusalempunched & baggedgood/very good22
Metagaming3105Rivetsnewnew in shrink14.95
Metagaming3104Warp Warnewnew in shrink14.95
Metagaming3305Fire When Readynewnew in shrink11.95
Metagaming3301Rommel's Panzersnewnew in shrink14.95
Metagaming3303Stalin's Tanksnewnew in shrink11.95
Metagaming3120Trailblazerunpunchedexcellent/near mint11.95
Metagaming5202The Trojan Warunpunchednear mint/near mint55
Operational Studies GroupOSG902Rommel & Tunisiaunpunchedgood/good24
People's WargamesKNVKanevpunched & baggedgood/very good25
Phoenix Enterprises104-9201Alien Contactunpunchedvery good/Excellent30minor card fallout
SPISNSniperexcellent/near mintunpunched40T-Flat
SPISYStrategy Iexcellent/ecellentpunched & sorted145T-Flat
SPISASinaivery good/excellentpunched35T-Flat
SPIPAPanzer Armee Afrikavery good/very goodpunched & sorted26T-Flat
SPIFFFirefightgood/very goodpunched20T-Flat
SPISNSnipervery good/very goodpunched & sorted22T-Flat
SPIDWDesert Warvery good/very goodpunched & sorted28T-Flat
SPISO?Soldersfair/very goodpunched & sorted16T-flatmissing top sheet
SPIAWThe American Civil Wargood/goodpunched16T-flatrulebok stained
SPISXSixth Fleetgood/very goodpunched28T-flat
SPIFSThe Fast Carriersgood/very goodpunched & sorted30T-flat
SPINONormandyexcellent/excellentpunched & sorted28cardboard color flat
SPIRWRed Star White StarExcellent/very goodpunched & sorted38T-flat
SPIGRGrenadierVery good/very goodpunched & sorted28T-flat
SPIBPBreakout & Pursuitexcellent/sxcellentUnpunched50T-Flat
SPITKTank!good/very goodPunched/top sheet faded14T-Flat
SPItest series1812fair/very goodPunched & bagged28white box/red band
SPItest seriesLa Grand Armeevery goodhalf punched35white box/red band
SPItest seriesUSNgoodPunched & sorted18white box/red band
SPISESeeloweFairpunched/sorted/top sheet stained18T-Flat
SPIGRGrenadiergood/very goodpunched & sorted/top sheet stained15T-flat
SPICOCobra good/very goodPunched & sorted20T-flat
SPIPLPatrolgood/very goodpunched25T-flat
SPIWVWellington's Victoryvery goodpunched & sorted58double T-flat
SPIQNLNapoleon's Last Battles Quadvery goodpunched & sorted60T-flat
SPIHRHighway to the Reichvery goodpunched & sorted72double T-Flat
SPISIStrategy Onevery goodpunched, no cover sheet125T-Flat
SPISTSpartangood/very goodpunched & sorted50T-Flat
SPIWDThe Wilderness Campaignexcellent/very goodpunched, stains in rulebook40T-Flat
SPIRSRifle and Saberoriginal shrinkintact shrink140T-Flat
SPIRERed Sun RisingPunched & sortedvery good48T-Flat
SPIQIWIsland War Quadpunched & sortedvery good/Excellent55T-Flat
SPItest seriesKorea The Mobile Warpunchedvery good20bagged, 1971 print
SPI2270War in the Iceunpunchedvery good/near mint80
SPI3340The Sword and the Starsnew in shrinknear mint125
SPI2940Drive on Washingtonunpunchedvery good/excellent45
SPI2950Pea Ridgeunpunchedvery good/excellent48
SPI1198Arnhempunched & baggedvery good14bagged
Standard GamesSAMSamuraipunched & sortednear mint/excellent40
Standard GamesSEGSiegeUnpunchedvery good/near mint150
Steve Jackson GamesRaidRaid on Iranpunched & baggedvery good8bagged
The Gamers2-11A Raging Stormunpunchedvery good/near mint48
The Gamers2-03Bloody Beach Omahapunched/baggedvery good/excellent38
The Gamers2-02Objective Schmidtpunched /sortedexcellent/excellent48
The Gamers2-04Matanikaupunched/baggedexcellent/excellent32
The Gamers2-15GD'42unpunchedexcellent/near mint58
The Gamers4-03Tunisiapunched/sortedvery good/very good30
The Gamers1-03August Furyunpunchedvery good/very good28stain on rulebook & box top
TSR/SPI3012Barbarossaunpunchedvery good/near mint50
TSR/SPI01370Firefightunpunchedvery good/excellent28no counter tray
TSR/SPI3023Moscow 1941unpunchedvery good/near mint35no counter tray
TSR/SPI01450Wellington's Victoryunpunchedgood/excellent50
Victory Games30000Gulf Strikepunched & sortedgood/very good121983 print
Victory Games30023Omaha Beachheadpunched & baggedvery good/very good20
Victory Games30012Sixth Fleet10% punchedvery good/excellent85
Victory Games30013Pacific Warunpunchedgood/near mint45
West End Games10030Imperium Romanum IIpartial punchedvery good/excellent35
West End Games10180Rommel in North Africaunpunchedvery good/excellent30
West End Games10160Western Front Tank Leaderunpunchedgood/very good15photocopied rules
West End GamesKAMAKamakurapunchedgood/good15
West End Games10200Soldiersnew in shrinknew in shrink40
West End Games10210Fire Teampunched & sortedgood/very good12
West End Games10005Last Panzer Victoryunpunchedgood/good35
WOTC/Avalon Hill22193?Diplomacy 50th anniversaryunpunchedvery good/excellent24
Yaquinto0217Starfallpunched and sortedgood/very good25
Yaquinto0516C.V.Unpunchedexcellent/near mint100