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just a few of the RPG items in the list…

We have a number of RPG items ranging from original ‘White box’ D&D sets to old or rare modules and supplements. So if you are looking for some RPG items you normally don’t see around, take a gander here.

Don’t see what you are questing for? Let us know. We are happy to keep an eye out for it and let you know when it shows.

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Ardiun The Runes of Doom (Arduin Vol 3)excellent60 1986 print
arduinArdiun Dungeon : Calibanexcellent140cards uncut
arduinThe Arduin Adventureexcellent75
Balboa Games TCWThe Complete Warlockgood16
Balboa Games TCWThe Complete Warlockvery good+25
Balboa Games TWMThe Warlock Menagerievery good-20some spotting on pages
Bard Games2200Naturalists Guide Talislantavery good20
Bard Games2404Cyclopedia Talislanta V4 Western Landsexcellent20
Bard Games2405Cyclopedia Talislanta V5 Eastern Landsexcellent-20
Bard GamesTCAThe Compleat Adventurergood+202nd print
Brittannia GamesDragon Reaches of Marakush (Chivalry & Sorcery)very good24
Brittannia GamesChivalry & Sorcery Under the Castle Gatesexcellent-10
Cubicle SevenCB723115e Adventures in Middle Earth Lonely Mountiainnew175
Cubicle SevenCB723015e Adenturers in Middle Earth Loremaster's Guidenear mint115
Cubicle SevenCB723125e Adventures in Middle Earth Erebor Adventuresnew95
Cubicle SevenCB723035e Adventures in Middle Earth Rhovanion Regionnear mint65
Cubicle SevenCB723055e Adventures in Middle Earth Road Goes Ever Onnew60
FGUChivalry & Sorcery Vikings, Gaels, Picts, Nomadsvery good-60with rune cards
FGUChivalry & Sorcery Sourcebookgood-28first print
FGUChivalry & Sorcery : Swords & Sorcerersexcellent+582nd print, cards still bound in book
FGUChvalry & Sorcery : The Dragon Lordnear mint-24
FGUChivalry & Sorcery 28mm fortification Plansnear mint30original shrink
Fiery DragonFDP4600-SETunels & Trolls 30th annivererary edition tinexcellent50no dice, counters unpunched
FlamePrincessLOTFP102Lamentations of the Flame Princess Grindhouse edexcellent175no dice, name in books
FlamePrincessGreen Devil Face #6mint100
Flying BuffaloMonsters Monsters!excellent+401st print
Flying BuffaloMonsters Monsters!good+20
Flying BuffaloMonsters Monsters!taped spine6
Flying buffaloSorcerer Solitairefair+122nd print
Flying buffaloSorcerer SolitaireGood162nd print
Flying buffaloBuffalo Castlegood245th print
Flying buffaloBuffalo Castlevery good-305th print
Flying buffaloFBI8101Buffalo Castlevery good-1214th print
Flying buffaloLabyrinth Solo Dungeon 3good-128th print
Flying buffaloFBI8106Weirdworld!very good-222nd edition
Flying buffaloFBI8106Weirdworld!good+202nd edition
Flying buffaloFBI8112Arena of Khazangood+124th print
Flying buffaloFBI8112Arena of Khazanvery good+184th print
Flying buffaloDargon's Dungeonvery good304th print
Flying buffaloDargon's Dungeonvery good-267th print
Flying buffaloFBI8118Beyond the Wall of Tearsvery good-10
Flying buffaloFBI8119Captif d'voireexcellent18
Flying buffaloFBI8120The Amulet of Salktigood+81st print
Flying buffaloFI8121Red Circlevery good12
Flying buffaloFBI8124When the Cat's Awayvery good-10
Flying buffaloGoblin Lake - Pocket Adventure 1good+20
Flying buffaloFBI6201Tunnels & Trolls Boxed setexcellent555th edition, no dice
Flying buffaloFBI8553Campign Book Fort Bevits (system indepenent)near mint24
Flying buffaloFBI8501Grimtooth's Traps very good164th printing
Flying buffaloFBI8502Grimtooth's Traps Toogood12
Flying buffaloFBI8501Grimtooth's Trapsexcellent181989 print
GamelordsThieves Guild 4near mint252nd print
GamelordsThieves Guild 7good+10
GamelordsThieves Guild 8very good-12
GamelordsThieves Guild 9 Escape from Ashwood Minesvery good-12
GamelordsThieves Guild Special 1, Prince of Thieves '81near mint60
GamelordsThieves Guild IIvery good28first print
GamelordsThieves Guild IIIvery good163 pages photocopies
GamelordsThieves Guild IVvery good+161st print
GamelordsThieves Guild Vvery good+241st print
GamelordsThieves Guild VIvery good+24
GamelordsThieves Guild 7excellent20
Gamelords1908Thieves Guild 8very good-20
GamelordsDemon Pits of Caeldovery good+14
Gamelords3930Haven the Free City Boxed Setnear mint60original shrink
GamesWorkshopGWHDSDungeons & Dragons Hex Sheetsexcellent19541 of 50 sheets
goodman gamesGMG4387LThe Cthulhu Alphabet, foil/leather bound new100
HekaforgeHFP1002Lejendary Adventureexcellent75
HekaforgeHFP1004Lejend Master' Lore Author's Editionvery good-100signed by Gary Gygax, #824
Judges GuildJG67Fantastic Wilderlands Beyondevery good782nd print, some writing
Judges GuildJG930Starsilver Trek (for Dragonquest)near mint10Original Shrink
Judges GuildJG900Heroes and Villiansnear mint10original shrink
Judges GuildJG890Magebird Questnear mint10original shrink
Judges GuildJG890Magebird Questvery good6
Judges GuildJG250Chivalry & Sorcery Gamemaster Shieldnear mint10original shrink
Judges GuildJG14Ready Ref Sheets Dungeons & Dragon Vol1excellent-22
Judges GuildJG14Ready Ref Sheets Dungeons & Dragon Vol1very good-204th print
Judges GuildJG14Ready Ref Sheets Dungeons & Dragon Vol1excellent-286th print
Judges GuildJG28Judges Shield (3 hole punched) for D&Dvery good25
Judges GuildJG34Modrongood+12
Judges GuildJG52Theives of Fortress Badabaskorexcellent301st print
Judges GuildJG68War Cry 2nd editionnear mint10original shrink
Judges GuildJG63Citadel of Firevery good+154th print
Judges GuildJG117Temple of Ragood202nd print, some water stains
Judges GuildJG111Mines of Custalconvery good-301st print
Judges GuildJG560Portals of irontoothnear mint18original shrink
Judges GuildJG1030Pirates of Hagrostnear mint25original shrink
Judges GuildJG1140Demons of Dundurnexcellent-25
Judges GuildJG1010Shield Maidens of Sea Runefair+8
Judges GuildJG550Field Guide to Encounters Vol 1excellent+40original shrink
Judges GuildJG1170In Search of Kelandor's Goldnear mint24original shrink
Judges GuildJG680Tower of Indomitable Circumstancesvery good-8
Judges GuildJGFFCThe First Fantasy Campaigngood60some pages loose
Judges GuildJG750The Ilhiedrin Booknear mint10original shrink
Judges GuildJGGCDGenConIX Dungeonsvery good+205th print
Judges GuildJGIB1Island Book 1good12
Judges GuildJG990Book of TReasure Maps IIInear mint20original shrink
Judges GuildJGCSWCity State Warfaregood+30counters punched, fair shape box
Judges GuildQLI0096Treasury of Archaic Names (reprint)excellent-28Quick Link Interactive
Little Soldier gamesKnights of the Round Tableexcellent+95
MayfairRole Aids : Tower of Magicksexcellent-12
MayfairRole Aids : Dragons of Weng T'Sennear Mint12
Mayfair Role Aids : Question of Gravityvery good12some staple rust
Mayfair 701Beastmaker Mountainexcellent175in torn original shrinkwrap
Mayfair 702Nanorien Stonesexcellent195folder in 'good' condition
Mayfair 703FEZ 1 Valley of the Treesvery good-175folder in 'good' condition, with staple rust
Mayfair 707Role Aids : Dark Folkexcellent10
Mayfair 708Role Aids : Wizardsexcellent121st print
Mayfair 708Role Aids : Wizardsexcellent102nd print
Mayfair 711Role Aids : Elvesgood6
Mayfair 711Role Aids : Elvesexcellent122nd print
Mayfair 712Role Aids : Shipwreckerexcellent12some staple rust, original shrink
Mayfair 714Role Aid : The Keepnear mint-30original shrink
Mayfair 714Role Aids : The Keepexcellent20original shrink, staple rust
Mayfair 716Role Aids : Deadly Powervery good10
Mayfair 720Role Aids : Angry Wizard (FEZ III)near mint14
Mayfair 722Role Aids : Final Challenge (solitaire)very good10
Mayfair 723Role Aids : Throne of EvilExcellent-12
Mayfair 725Role Aids : Wizards Revenge (FEZ IV)near Mint12
Mayfair 726Role Aids : Lich Lordsvery good15
Mayfair 728Role Aids : Cloclwork Mageexcellent14original shrink
Mayfair 732Role Aids : Elven Bannergood7map torn
Mayfair 735Role Aids : Pinnaclevery good10
Mayfair 735Role Aids : Pinnaclenear mint20original shrink
Mayfair 740Role Aids : War of Darknessnear mint15
Mayfair 741Role Aids : Crystal BarrierNear mint14
Mayfair 741Role Aids : Crystal Barrierexcellent10
Mayfair 742Role Aids : Beneath Two Sunsexcellent-10
Mayfair 743Role Aids : Wizard's Betrayal (FEZ V)excellent-14original shrink
Mayfair 745Role Aids : Wizard's Dilemmanear mint14
Mayfair 749Role Aids : Psionicsvery good-9
Metagaming5102Dragons of Underearthnew in shrink20
MetagamingMG6Wizardexcellent481st print
MetagamingMG3Meleevery good30counters cut
SPI01432-3DragonQuest 2nd edition (book)good-24
SPI01432-3DragonQuest 2nd edition (book)good+32
Task Force TFG8551Lejentia Book 1 : Skully's Harbornear mint25
Task Force TFG8552Lejentia Stanza adventure pack (all systems)excellent20with comic
Troll Lord GamesCCCECastles & Crusades Collectors Edition Boxnear mint-120original shrink, black box mini book collectors set
TSRCSDpromoCrypt of the Smoke DragonExcellent65free' fast-play game
TSRADD2P2nd edition previewexcellent-12
TSRGC18OPGenCon 18 ofiicial programvery good24some highlighting
TSRLiving Greyhawk RPGA Journalvery good10
TSRMC14Monstrous Conpemdium vol14 Fiend FolioCery good-15no cover
TSRTSMBTop Secret 1st edition rulebook from 7006 boxVery good-16last page photocopy
TSRTSMBTop Secret 1st edition rulebook from 7006 boxgood12last 3 pages photocopy
TSRTSAF001Top Secret Operation : Sprechenhaltestellevery good-10
TSRTSAF001Top Secret Operation : Sprechenhaltestellefair+5
TSRWhite boxDungeons & Dragon White box 6th printingvery good-350box is in good condition, corner splits & wear
TSRPanzerPanzer Warfareexcellent-150
TSR 9266BS2eBattlesystem 2nd editionexcellent25
TSR 9266BS2eBattlesystem 2nd editionvery good-22
TSR 9266BS2eBattlesystem 2nd editionGood18back panel detatched
TSR/RPGALGMLiving Greyhawk Ambition's Follyexcellent25
TSR/RPGAECM79Eberron Desolate Endeavornear mint25module 7 of 9
TSR/RPGACCM14Prophecy's Unwitting Servantnear mint25module 1 of 4
TSR/RPGABWCM24Marked Manexcellent24module 2 of 4
TSR/RPGACSM34Fire in the Heart of Madnessexcellent24module 3 of 4
TSR/RPGACLM44Things Fall Apartnear mint25module 4 of 4
TSR09472JLoLJakandor, Land of LegendExcellent28
TSR09472JLoLJakandor, Land of LegendExcellent22map seperated
TSR1001Dungeons & Dragons 'Holmes' Basic Boxvery good-1804th printing, includes dice
TSR1001Dungeons & Dragons 'Holmes' Basic Boxvery good1954th print, 3 worn, 2 mint dice, written in book, box in 'good' condition
TSR1001Dungeons & Dragons 'Holmes' Basic Boxexcellent1457th print, module b2 and chits unused
TSR1009Knights of Camelot (1st printing)good45counters punched, rulebook stained, box has split corner
TSR1009Knights of Camelot (2nd printing)excellent80counters unpunched, box in very good condition
TSR1012Dungeons & Dragons Expert Rules Set 2near mint135blue box' no dice or crayon, box split on 2 corners and in good condition
TSR1013Dungeons & Dragons Companion Rules Set 3Very Good125Box in good+ condition with 1 corner torn &edge wear
TSR1019AD&D BAttlesystem 1st editionvery good28no miniatures, buildings unpunched, counters punched
TSR1021MRSBD&D Masters Set (no box)very good95
TSR1040City Systemnear mint-60box in very good condition
TSR1050HBRBoTThe Rule Book to Taladasvery good-5.95From time of dragons box set
TSR1054AHWABHollow World Adventure Book & mapgood+12.95from boxed setting
TSR1056CastlesCastles setexcellent50no box, missing 10% of cardstock pieces
TSR1065Legend of SpelljammerExcellent130in ragged original shrinkwrap
TSR1065Legend of Spelljammervery good125in ragged original shrinkwrap
TSR1084Ruins of Myth Drannornear mint-60missing monstrous compendium sheets, box in very good condition
TSR1084Ruins of Myth Drannorexcellent65missing monstrous compendium sheets, box in very good condition
TSR1085Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting box excellent78missing 1 card sheet, box in very good condition
TSR1101Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules Set 1good+110red box' dice, no crayon, middle 4 pages loose
TSR1101Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules Set 1very good140red box' dice, no crayon, middle 2 pages loose, 1 written in
TSR1107Council of WyrmsExcellent75box in very good condition
TSR11364Klick Clackexcellent-14includes map
TSR11432Alternity Beyond Science : a Guide to FXgood-14cover has cut
TSR11448Dragon Magazie Archive CD set (1-25)excellent95in CD case, not original box
TSR11514Alternity Incident at Exile Fast Play Gamevery good15
TSR115503e Players Handbookexcellent-20no CD
TSR115513e Dungeons Master Guidevery good-16
TSR115523e Players Handbookvery good-161st print
TSR11625Dark Matter : The Kiling Jarexcellent+14
TSR11625Dark Matter : The Kiling Jarlike new13
TSR11760D2DDiablo II : Diamlerieexcellent+55
TSR1992TSR1192C1992 Catalogvery good-10
TSR2001HolmesbookDunggeons & Dragons Holmes book (only)very good20no chits or coupon, 3rd edition
TSR2001HolmesbookDunggeons & Dragons Holmes book (only)very good-651st print, last page loose
TSR2004Blackmoorvery good-805th printing
TSR2004Blackmoorvery good-854th printing
TSR2007SS01Swords and Spellsvery good-506th printing
TSR2007SS01Swords and Spellsgood+406th printing
TSR2007Swords & Spellsvery good554th printing
TSR2007Swords & Spellsvery good-453rd printing
TSR20091eMMv1Monster Manualgood803rd print, faded cover
TSR20101ePHBv1Player's Handbookvery good1253rd print, original cover
TSR20101cPHBv2Player's Handbookvery good50new art cover
TSR20111eDMGv2Dungeons Masters Guidevery good60yellow spine, new art cover
TSR20111eDMGv1Dungeons Masters Guidevery good1204th print, original cover
TSR2012Fiend Foliogood+25some stains
TSR2012Fiend Folioexcellent45
TSR20161eMM2Monster Manual 2good+22
TSR20161eMM2Monster Manual 2good20spine faded
TSR20161eMM2Monster Manual 2excellent-36
TSR20171eUAUnearthed Arcanafair-20some loose pages
TSR20171eUAUnearthed Arcanaexcellent52
TSR20181eOAOriental Adventurersgood38
TSR20181eOAOriental Adventurersexcellent70
TSR20191eDSGDungeoneer's Survival Guidenear mint-48cover in very good condiion with some wear
TSR20201eWSGWilderness Survival Guidenear mint-48cover in good condition, some wear
TSR20201eWSGWilderness Survival Guidegood+42
TSR21002eDMGv12e Dungeon Masters Guidevery good25in Arrows of Chaos Dragonskin cover
TSR21002eDMGv12e Dungeon Masters Guidevery good-32
TSR21002eDMGv12e Dungeon Masters Guidegood18
TSR2102MCBSMonstrous Compendium Volume 1excellent75box in very good condition, complete
TSR2102Monstrous Compendium Volume oneexcellent60no outer sleeve/box
TSR2103MCV2Monstrous Compendium Volume 2excellent35
TSR2103MCV2Monstrous Compendium Volume 2very good20missing outer folder, 3 sheets are photocopies
TSR2104MCV3Monstrous Compendium Vol 3 Forgotten Realmsexcellent28
TSR2104MCV3Monstrous Compendium Vol 3 Forgotten Realmsnear mint30
TSR2104MCV3Monstrous Compendium Vol 3 Forgotten Realmsvery good-16missing cover
TSR2104MCV3Monstrous Compendium Vol 3 Forgotten Realmsgood+12missing cover, top sheet photocopy
TSR2104MCV3Monstrous Compendium Vol 3 Forgotten Realmsexcellent28
TSR21062eFRAForgotten Realms Adventures Hardbackvery good-32
TSR2107MCV5Monstrous Compendium Vol 5 Greyhawk AdvExcellent-30
TSR2107MCV5Monstrous Compendium Vol 5 Greyhawk AdvNear Mint -38
TSR2107MCV5Monstrous Compendium Vol 5 Greyhawk Advvery good20no cover
TSR2107MCV5Monstrous Compendium Vol 5 Greyhawk Advvery good12no cover 2 pages are copies
TSR21082eLALLegends and Lorevery good-45
TSR2109MCV7Monstrous Compendium Vol 7 SpellJammergood+146 pages have coffee staines
TSR2110PHBR1Complete Fighter's handbook8
TSR2110PHBR1Complete Fighter's handbookfair+5
TSR2113PHBR?Complete Preist's Handbookexcellent-147th printing
TSR21212eTOMTome of Magicnear mint-45cover worn, in very good condition
TSR2123DMGR3Arms & Equipment Guideexcellent-30
TSR2125MC11Monstrous Conpemdium vol 11 FR appendixexcellent-45
TSR2125MC11Monstrous Conpemdium vol 11 FR appendixvery good30
TSR2125MC11Monstrous Conpemdium vol 11 FR appendixexcellent-12no cover or dividers
TSR2125MC11Monstrous Conpemdium vol 11 FR appendixnear mint-20no cover
TSR2126AQ CoreAl-Qadimexcellent45
TSR2133DMGR5Creative Campaigningexcellent-50
TSR21402eMMHBMonstrous Manual hardboundvery good+68
TSR21542eSPHB2e Players Options : Skills & Powers hardboundnear mint-27
TSR21542eSPHB2e Players Options : Skills & Powers hardboundvery good-16
TSR21542eSPHB2e Players Options : Skills & Powers hardboundexcellent-24
TSR2158MCA2Monstrous Compendium Annual Vol 2excellent-34
TSR21592ePHBv22e Players Handbookvery good+88revised edition
TSR21602eDMGv22e Dungeon Master's Guidevery good+35revised edition
TSR21602eDMGv22e Dungeon Master's Guidenear mint-50revised edition
TSR21632eSMSB2e Players options Spells and Magicgood-8softbound
TSR21632eSMHB2e Players options Spells and Magicvery good+28hardbound
TSR2405Monstrous Compendium Dark Sun Appendixnear mint25no cover
TSR2408Dark Sun Dragon Kingsgood+55
TSR2700AM1Amazing Engine System Guideexcellent4
TSR2701AM2Mazing Engine For Faerie Queen & Countrynear mint8
TSR2702AM3Amazing Engine : Bug Hunterexcellent7
TSR2702AM3Amazing Engine : Bug Huntervery good5
TSR2800LAlternity Players Handbook Limited Ed Previewvery good-30#2058 of 2600 - marks on 2 pages & inside cover
TSR2805Alien Compendium : Creatures of the Vergeexcellent-18
TSR2808Alternity Ca,paign Kitexcellent22
TSR2811Alternity : DataWarenear Mint20
TSR3002Gamma World Boxed Set (3rd printing)very good85no dice, map lean, box in good+ condition
TSR3104PSoRPlayers Secrets of Roesonefair5water damage
TSR3105PSoEPlayers Secrets of Endiernear mint27
TSR3106PSoMPlayers Secrets of Medoerenear mint28
TSR3106PSoMPlayers Secrets of Medoereexcellent25
TSR3119PSoBPlayers Secrest of Binsadanear mint-25
TSR3119PSoBPlayers Secrest of Binsadanear mint30
TSR3124PSoTPlayers Secrets of Tuarhievelnear mint25
TSR3588Buck Rogers : War Against the Hannear mint-12box in excellent shape
TSR50044th Dimensionexcellent25box in excellent condition
TSR5332Star Frontiers Federation Ships Miniatures set20missing 2 assault scouts
TSR5371Marvel Superheroes Minature Set 1complete50most minis partially painted
TSR5372Marvel Superheroes Minature Set 2complete45iron man partially painted
TSR6853MH-2Marvel Superheroes Time Trapexcellent-19
TSR6855MH-3Marvel Superheroes Muderworldnear mint-25
TSR6886MT2The Weird, Weird Westvery good-15
TSR6886MT2The Weird, Weird Westvery good+18
TSR7005Boot Hill 2nd edition, 1st printfair25box in poor shape, no dice or counters. Map written on.
TSR7005Boot Hill 2nd edition, 1st printgood65no dice, last page photocopied, missing 9 counters
TSR7006Top Secret 1st editiongood50no dice
TSR7006Top Secret 1st editionvery good55no dice, last 3 rulebook pages loose
TSR7009Gang Bustersvery good-50no dice, missing 11 counters, box in 'good' condition
TSR7401CN1Conan the Buccaneervery good+35
TSR7601TS002Operation : Rapidstrikevery good20last page loose
TSR7601TS002Operation : Rapidstrikevery good25
TSR7602TS003Lady in DistressExcellent-28
TSR7603TS004Operation : Fastpassvery good-22
TSR7620Top Secret/S.I.Excellent52no character dossiers or dice. Counters uncut
TSR7629TSAC4F.R.E.E. Lancersexcellent-20
TSR7632TSAC6Covert Operations Source Book Volume 2excellent+40original shrink
TSR7632TSAC6Covert Operations Sourcebook Vol2excellent-20
TSR7635TSAC7F.R.E.E. Americavery good+24with map
TSR7638TSA1The WEBvery Good+18
TSR7640TSA2Top Secret SI : The Final Weaponvery good+22with map
TSR7801SF1Volturnus, Planet of MysteryExcellent-28
TSR7801SF1Volturnus, Planet of Mysteryvery good24
TSR7801SF1Volturnus, Planet of Mysteryvery good-22
TSR7802SF2Starspawn of Volturnusvery good+26
TSR7809SF4Misson to Alcazzargood+50Original Shrink, but water stains
TSR78162010 Odyessy Two Adventuregood+20Original Shrink, but water stains
TSR7903GB3Death on the Docksexcellent-25
TSR8009MCS1Monster Cards Set 1near mint18in ziplock bag
TSR8011MCS3Monster Card Set 3excellent30in plastic blister
TSR8011MCS3Monster Card Set 3Excellent+45in original shrinkwrap
TSR8118SQ01Snarf Quest the bookfair15
TSR8716DDCB6The Star Snatchers (D&D Cartoon book 6)fair30
TSR9005DGS2Dungeon Geomorphs Set 2 : Caves & Cavernsvery good553rd printing
TSR9005DGS2Dungeon Geomorphs Set 2 : Caves & Cavernsvery good552nd printing
TSR9006DGS3Dungeon Geomorphs Set 3 : Lower Dungeonsvery good552nd printing
TSR9011MTA1Monster & Treasure Assortment Set 1 Levels 1-3good+60second printing
TSR9011MTA1Monster & Treasure Assortment Set 1 Levels 1-3Very Good+553rd printing
TSR9011MTA1Monster & Treasure Assortment Set 1 Levels 1-3Very Good+702nd printing
TSR9011MTA1Monster & Treasure Assortment Set 1 Levels 1-3Very Good-622nd printing
TSR9011MTA1Monster & Treasure Assortment Set 1 Levels 1-3good-353rd printing
TSR9012MTA2Monster & Treasure Assortment Set 2 Levels 4-6very good-453rd printing
TSR9025WOGFWorld of Greyhawk Foilogood/very good1101st print book/2nd print maps & folio
TSR9025WOGFWorld of Greyhawk Foilogood901st print book/2nd print maps & folio
TSR9025WOGFWorld of Greyhawk Foilo (writing on map&book)good801st print book/2nd print maps & folio
TSR9025World of Greyhawk Folioexcellent1201st print book, 2nd print map map & folio, cover in good condition
TSR9027S2White Plume Mountaingood-246th print
TSR9030NPRSNon-Player Record Sheetsvery good +28in original (worn) shrink
TSR9030NPRSNon-Player Record SheetsVery good18shrink loose on back/staple rust
TSR9033S3Expedition to the Barrier Peaksvery good-405th printing
TSR9034B2The Keep on the BorderlandsFair153rd printing
TSR9036DMALDungeon Master Adventure Logvery good+28
TSR9040A2Secret of the Slaversgood221st printing
TSR9041A3Assault of the Aerie of the Slave Lordsvery good-22cover fading
TSR9042A4In the Dungeons of the Slave Lordsgood202nd printing
TSR9043X1The Isle of Dreadgood-202nd printing
TSR9043X1The Isle of Dreadvery good274th printing
TSR9048DGSCDungeon Geomorphs Set 1 to 3very good302nd printing
TSR9048DGSCDungeon Geomorphs Set 1 to 3very good-273rd printing
TSR9048DGSCDungeon Geomorphs Set 1 to 3very good303rd printing
TSR9048DGSCDungeon Geomorphs Set 1 to 3excellent323rd printing
TSR9050O1Gem and the Staff (Expert Set 1 on 1)good18
TSR9052I3Pharaohvery good-282nd printing
TSR9052I3Pharaohnear mint90
TSR9067M1Blizzard Pass (solo thief)good3820% revealed, no pen
TSR9067M1Blizzard Pass (solo thief)very good-4010% revealed, no pen
TSR9067M1Blizzard Pass (solo thief)very good9515% revealed, with pen
TSR9122H1Bloodstone Passvery good95missing most counters and 9 cardstock sheets, box in fair condition
TSR9131DL3Dragons of HopeVery good25
TSR9131DL3Dragons of Hopegood20no map
TSR9131DL3Dragons of HopeVery good+30
TSR9133DL12Dragons of Faithvery good+20module only
TSR9137DL9Dragons of Deceitgood12no counters
TSR9142DL10Dragins of Dreamsvery good-22
TSR9160X10Red Arrow, Black Shieldgood-25no map, no counters, module edges stained
TSR9173AC9Creature Catalogexcellent+55
TSR9215GAZ4Kingdom of Ierendigood+20no counters
TSR9215GAZ4Kingdom of Ierendiexcellent70counters punched
TSR9229FR4The Magisterexcellent-28
TSR9230GAZ7The Northern Reachesexcellent+90
TSR9230GAZ7The Northern Reachesnear mint85
TSR9236GAZ9The Minrothad Guildsexcellent+90
TSR9242OA5Mad Monkey vs the Dragon Clawexcellent-38
TSR9243DLE1In Search of Dragonsgood-14no map
TSR9245DLE3Dragon Keepvery good+18no map
TSR9246GAZ12Golden Khan pf EthengarExcellent+90
TSR9247FRE1Shadowdalegood10no map
TSR9248FRE2Tantrasvery good12No cover
TSR9254PC1Creature Crucible Tall Tales of the Wee Folkvery good40
TSR9262FR8Cities of Mysteryvg/near mint30unpunched but 15% buildings missing
TSR9262FR8Cities of Mysteryexcellent50complete with unpucnhed buildings
TSR9263REF12e Dugneon Master's Screenvery good40includes module
TSR9281FRA1Storm Ridersgood+15
TSR9283LC1Raven's Bluff book only15no cover, no map
TSR9289WGA2Falconmasterexcellent30missing buildings
TSR9293MEV1Magic Encyclopedia volume oneVery Good24
TSR9293MEV1Magic Encyclopedia volume onegood+18
TSR9294DLA3Dragon's Restvery good-15no map
TSR9302WGA3Flames of the Falconexcellent30missing cardstock buildings
TSR9325SJA4Spelljammer Under the Dark Fistvery good24with map
TSR9327DLS3Oak Lordsnear mint30original shrink
TSR9335BSS2eBattlesystem Skirmishesvery good -20
TSR9335BSS2eBattlesystem SkirmishesVery Good28back panel detatched
TSR9341FA2Nightmare Keepexcellent32with map
TSR9351FR14The Great Glacierexcellent45
TSR9356Wizard Spell Cards (big box)excellent38likely complete. Box in excellent shape
TSR9361SJR5Rock of Bralnear mint-38with map
TSR9361SJR5Rock of Bralexcellent35with map
TSR9407DES1Deck of Encounters Set One (small box)Excellent42box very good shape
TSR9423`DMI1Deck of Magical Items (small box)Near Mint58box fair+ condition
TSR9457AD2FSFighters Screenexcellent25
TSR9462AD2PSPriests Screenexcellent25
TSR9463AD2TSThiefs Screengood+24
TSR9489EEA1Battle of Bones, Hill of Lost Soulsvery good+22Elminster's Appendix1
TSR9489EEA1Battle of Bones, Hill of Lost SoulsExcellent28Elminster's Appendix1
TSR9489EEA1Battle of Bones, Hill of Lost Soulsexcellent-25Elminster's Appendix1
TSR9507ShamanShaman book (color cover)excellent25
TSR9544FRRLCastle Spulzeerexcellent-24
TSR9544FRRLCastle Spulzeernear mint-30
TSRADnDInvitepromoUnderstanding D&D and Advanced D&D flyervery good-28
TSRADnDInvitepromoUnderstanding D&D and Advanced D&D flyervery good+35
TSRAFPBAlternity Fast Play Rules flyerexcellent-8.95
TSRB0000778RPGAWAWand of Archealvery good +25
TSRB0000778RPGAWAWand of Archealvery good-22
TSRB0000778RPGAWAWand of ArchealNear Mint34
TSRB0000778RPGAWAWand of Archealnear mint-30
TSRB0000778RPGAWAWand of Archealexcellent-26
TSRBRCSBirthright Conspectus flyernear mint10
TSRBRCSBirthright Conspectus flyerexcellent10
TSRDDBV2Monsters & Treasuresgood+806th print, book 2 of box set
TSRDDBV3The Underworld & Wilderness AdventuresFair506th print, book 3 of box set
TSRDNG1Dungeon!very good+1502nd print, cards seperated, 2 box corners split, box in good condition
TSRDNG1Dungeon!very good+1404th printing, box in 'good' condition
TSRDT01Dragontalesvery good24
TSRDT01Dragontalesvery good-20
TSRDT01Dragontalesvery good+25
TSRF116Warlocks & Warriors 1st printingvery good50pieces are sealed
TSRF116Warlocks & Warriors 2nd printingfair+35rules photocopy, missing 3 tokens & dice
TSRFITSFight in the Skiesvery good605th printing, unpunched, musty smell, box has 1 split corner
TSRFITSFight in the Skiesvery good-40card seperated, partial punched. box in good condition
TSRFRCSForgotten Realms Conspectus Pamphletvery good6
TSRFRCSForgotten Realms Conspectus Pamphlet10
TSRFT01Fineous Treasury very good28
TSRFWC1992FW1992 Fall/Winter Catalogexcellent10
TSRKSR638BDBRBBlack Dragon Bog Book and Recordnear mint-25no record
TSRKSR839AARBAttack of the Assassin record & bookgood+10no record
TSRPN25Needle : Part 2 (Retrevial)9.95module from polyherdal #25
TSRSF18-RMetamorphosis Alphavery good75
WOTCRPGA Membership handbook v1.5 may 1995very good10
WOTCChainmal Promo posternear mint5
WOTCTSR11634Into the Dragon's Lairexcellent24
WOTCSD10042Shadow Over Nentir Vale Fortune Cardsnew50sealed display of booster packs (24)
WOTCSD12422Fury of the Fey Wild Fortune Cardsnew50sealed display of booster packs (24)
WOTCSD11601Neverwinter Fortune Cardsnew100sealed display of booster packs (24)
WOTC2428500004e D&D Martial Power Power card displaynew95sealed display of 8 decks
WOTC1ePHBv3Players Handbooknear mint-70special edition, foiled pages, etc.
WOTC10762Magic Item Compendiumexcellent50
WOTC109283e Exemplars of Evilnear mint60
WOTC11641DMAdventure book from 3e tall orange startergood5
WOTC11647Hero Builder's Guidebookvery good-11
WOTC11829Sword and Fistgood8
WOTC11829Sword and Fistvery good+11
WOTC11832Monsters of Faerunvery good12
WOTC118353e Psionics Handbooknear mint45
WOTC11840Defenders of the Faithgood+11
WOTC11845Tome and Bloodexcellent12
WOTC11857Song and Silencegood-7
WOTC120153e Oriental Adventurersexcellent48with map
WOTC175243.5e Players Handbooknear Mint-48
WOTC176643e Complete Warlockexcellent34
WOTC17668Dragonomicon : The Book of Dragonsnear mint100
WOTC177293e Complete Adventurerexcellent45
WOTC177523.5e Dungeon Master Guidevery good-35
WOTC21443DM Tile Set : The Citynear mint28unpunched
WOTC217204e Monster Manualexcellent35
WOTC217364e Players Handbookexcellent35
WOTC217504e Dungeons Masters Guideexcellent28corners bent
WOTC217654e Arcane Powerexcellent30
WOTC217894e Martial Powerexcellent30
WOTC218894e Players Handbook 2excellent35
WOTC219114e Primal Powerexcellent26
WOTC239454e Open Grave : Secrets of the Undeadexcellent30
WOTC241774e adventurers vault 2excellent30
WOTC241784e Against the Giantsexcellent30
WOTC242114e The Plane Below : Secrets of Elemental Chaosexcellent30
WOTC24465Monster Vault (adventure, bestiary, map, counters)very good25missing 1 sheet and 5 loose counters
WOTC244664e Red Box D&D Starter Setexcellent20
WOTC24467DM Tile Set : The Wildernessexcellent18tiles seperated
WOTC24751Essentials Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdomsexcellent20
WOTC24752Essentials Heroes of the Fallen Landsexcellent20
WOTC251244e Players Handbook 3excellent35
WOTC253864e Demonomiconexcellent30
WOTC25460Gamma World (2010 4e version)excellent40unpunched, bonus card pack missing
WOTC33805The Shadowfell (campaign guide, counters, map)excellent40original shrinkwrap, box has some crushing
WOTC33805BEssentials Monster Vault Book (from box set)excellent20
WOTC356174e Players Option Heroes of the Elemental Choasexcellent30
WOTC398654e Into the Unknown Dungeon Survival bookexcellent30
WOTC863173e Dungeon Masters Guide IInear mint-48
WOTC86400Eberron Campaign Settingb hardboundexcellent48
WOTC8801BDS2GBBlood & Darkness Chainmail guidebookvery good8.95templates uncut
WOTC88026Book of Exalted Deedsnear mint75
WOTC880363e Complete Divineexcellent-44
WOTC88158Savage Speciesnear mint-45
WOTC881593e Arms and Equipment Guidenear mint38
WOTC88164Masters of the Wildvery good14
WOTC88165Deities and Denigodsnear mint-75
WOTC882683e Monster Manual IIexcellent38
WOTC88291Magic of Eberronnear mint-38
WOTC95005Deluxe Eberron Character Sheetsmint10folder in very good condition
WOTC953743e Plasyers Handbook IIexcellent55
WOTC957293e Dragons of Ebberronnew/mint75
WOTC96582Dungeons & Dragons Minatures Handbooknear mint48
WOTC96666Expanded Psioncs Handbooknear mint52
WOTCA02423.5e Players Handbook special editionnear mint90
WOTCC72290alternate coverGhosts of Saltmarshnew60
WOTCC72310alternate coverBaldur's Gate : Descent into Avernusnew60
WOTCC72870alternate coverEberron : Rising fro the Last Warnew80
WOTCC77410alternate coverTyranny of Dragonsnew60
WOTCC78920alternate coverIcewind Dale : Rime of the Frostmaidennew100
WOTCC78930alternate coverMythic Odysseys of Therosnew60
WOTCC78940alternate coverTasha's Cauldron of Everythingnew120
WOTCC92770alternate coverThe Wild Beyond the Witchlightnew50
WOTCC92790alternate coverCandlekeep Mysteriesnew75
WOTCC92810alternate coverVan Richten's Guide to Ravenloftnew60
WOTCCM3eCM3rd edition Conversion Manualexcellent-122e to 3e conversion pamphlet
WOTCCM3eCM3rd edition Conversion Manual102e to 3e conversion pamphlet
WOTCCM3eCM3rd edition Conversion Manualgood62e to 3e conversion pamphlet
WOTCDBPractical Guide to Dragonsexcellent12