Below is a list of our Red Box Games items.
We’ve carried the line for a number of years now and with the lack of conventions in 2020 have decided to post them here to give folks a chance to see some of Tre Manor’s work – and to give you the chance to get some items that are long out of print in his catalog.

Drop us a line if your interested in any of the minis.
We will try to keep the list up to date for you.
NOTE: The page is in the midst of being updated – our stock is rather depleted and he is winding down the company. Our stock is declining so be aware of this.

If you want to see his current work go to :
You will be able to look at and purchase his current range directly from him there.

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Alefar – Elves of the old realm

These are true 25mm sized figures for the old school elven figure

Stock #RaceNamePrice
129d AelfarLord Sylvian$8.99
151d AelfarEpierre the Entertianer$8.99

Aenglish – medieval humans

114 AenglishFat Frair Fergus$8.99
116 AenglishRothmartin of the Darkwold$8.99
127 AenglishKatherine of Chalton$7.99
130 AenglishDerek the Dim$8.99
133 AenglishGrim Garret$8.99
166 AenglishJourneyman Gerard$8.99
167d AenglishRobert of Carlisle Wall$8.99
801 AenglishLord Barret of Ellesley$8.99
802 AenglishFighter mace & shield$8.99
805 AenglishFighter with Sword & Shield$8.99
807d AenglishRanger with Sword & Dagger$8.99
808 AenglishLeonard the Long Strider$8.99
809d AenglishFighter with Longsword$8.99
810 AenglishBlack Garreth the Mage$8.99
1011 AenglishLady Elsbeth of Guillingshire$8.99
1014 AenglishMighty Molly$8.99

Ancients – almost Greeks

Stock #RaceNamePrice
each footman pack is a different pose with modular head, weapon & shield all only clad in lion cloth
Will try to post sculpts soon.
1092dAncientBarbarian Footman H$8.99
1093dAncientBarbarian Footman G$8.99
1094dAncientBarbarian Footman F$8.99
1095dAncientBarbarian Footman E$8.99
1096dAncientBarbarian Footman D$8.99
1097dAncientBarbarian Footman C$8.99

Brigands – human brigands

Stock #RaceNamePrice
129d BrigandSmarty Sean$8.99

Dvergr – Norse Dwarves

Stock #RaceNamePrice
37d DvergrBjorti Trollsbane$4.99
38d DvergrHostrom Hammersmite$4.99
46 DvergrIverd One-Eye$4.99
47 DvergrClemundr the Hawkeyed$4.99
48 DvergrFrieta Ymirsdottir$4.99
49d DvergrMighty Grum$4.99
89 DvergrHjordisa Yimirsdottir$4.99
147 DvergrHalvaror the Hale$4.99
148d DvergrWilhelm the Sure$4.99
171dDvergrDvergr Footmen (6)$27.99
301 DvergrAlvahildr the White$4.99
302 DvergrWisest Auldsten$4.99
303 DvergrElof the Loyal$4.99
304 DvergrHemmingr the Strange$4.99
305 DvergrEofrbror the Woldborn$4.99
306d DvergrEgilborn the Long Bellower$4.99
307 DvergrAngvar the outlandish$4.99
308 DvergrHrothagar the Unbreakable$4.99
309 DvergrThorvieg the Widowmaker$4.99
310 DvergrHvitulf the Brave$4.99
311 DvergrNjordr the Strong$4.99
312 DvergrHawkeyed Iomhar$4.99
313 DvergrGerhildr Hostromsdottir$4.99
314 DvergrHuntsman Almknut$4.99
315 DvergrHreidgeir the Humble$4.99
316 DvergrTova the Silent$4.99
317 DvergrFrodekanr the Cleaver$4.99
318 DvergrDaring Arnradr$4.99
319 DvergrNannahildr Kjeldrsdottir$4.99
320 DvergrOdrgeir the White$4.99
321 DvergrNoble Agnar$4.99
322 DvergrAgmundr the Just$4.99
323 DvergrAudhildr the Strong$4.99
324 DvergrTrygve the True$4.99
325 DvergrGrumbling Halsten$4.99
326 DvergrHaakon the Handsome$4.99
327 DvergrMange the Bold$4.99

Goblins – small goblins, medium sized goblins and barbarian goblins (bonebacks)

Stock #RaceNamePrice
73d GoblinDogsbane Goblin Hero$4.99
74d GoblinGoblin Footmen (8)$31.99
75d GoblinGoblin Archer$11.99
76dGoblinGoblin Footmen (5?)$31.99
76d GoblinGoblin Spearmen$24.99
121d GoblinRocklobber (resin) Troll$19.99
138dGoblinBoneback Multipack C (4 figs)$17.99
177d GoblinHogsquasher Troll (resin)$19.99
179d GoblinBoneback Multipack (8 figs)$35.99
180d Image SoonGoblinGoblin Wolfriders (3)$34.99
701 GoblinCrowbiter Shaman$5.99
702 GoblinFrog Muncher Shaman$5.99
703 GoblinPig’s Bane$5.99
704GoblinThree Teeth (warrior)$5.99
705 GoblinRot Breath (warrior)$5.99
706 GoblinTree Hacker (warrior)$5.99
707 GoblinGoat Poker (warrior)$5.99
708 GoblinNoggin Rocker (warrior)$5.99
709 GoblinScratch (thief)$5.99
710 GoblinHawk’sbane (ranger)$5.99
711 GoblinHog’s Bane Troll Warrior$8.99
712 GoblinManslayer Troll Warrior$8.99
713 GoblinBloodmaw Troll Warrior$8.99
714d GoblinDire Wolves (2)$11.99


Stock #RaceName
122d HalfbloodFritjof the Fierce
123d HalfbloodGreta the Pious
145d halfbloodGregor the Crooked
146d HalfbloodSverreulf Sverreulf the Red Handed

Halflings – the little folks

Stock #RaceNamePrice
501 HalflingBad Bruce$5.99
502 HalflingErwin the Brave$5.99
503 HalflingCleric/Mage Bonnie Brightmorning$4.99
504 HalflingCrafty Clyde$5.99
505 HalflingDrexel the Daring$5.99
506 HalflingHalfling Cleric/Porter Faithful Fred$4.99
507 HalflingMighty Martha$5.99
508 HalflingSeamus the Stout$5.99
509 HalflingWise Wilkens the Old$5.99
510 HalflingCliven the Courteous$5.99

Helsvaskt – Barabarians of the Wastes

Stock #RaceNamePrice
301d HelsvaktHordesmen Multipack (6 figs)$39.99
302d HelsvaktThe Craven (3 archers)$24.99
305d Image soonHelsvaktSvartulf the savage$8.99
311d HelsvaktVarp beserkers (4)$29.99
312d Image soonHelsvaktVarp C$10.99
313d Image soonHelsvaktVarp D$10.99
318d HelsvaktGrim Unfirth$11.99
323d Image soonHelsvaktThe Chosen (5)$29.99
336d Image soonHelsvaktAse$8.99
342d HelsvaktOleg$8.99
343d Image soonHelsvaktEvil Ingrid$8.99
344d HelsvaktHege$8.99
345d Image soonHelsvaktHulkda$8.99
345d HelsvaktGrim Hulda$8.99
346d Image soonHelsvaktSvart Arvid$8.99
10LEd HelsvaktGudrun the Wicked$8.99
11LEd Image SoonHelsvaktKhorvaggust the Relentless$9.99
12LEd Image soonHelsvaktMorgaine the Murderous (mounted)$18.99
13LEd HelsvaktMuhrgrahagg the Forsaken$8.99
14LEd Image soonHelsvaktHoargoth the Heinous (mounted)$18.99
1LEd Image soonHelsvaktMad Marek$8.99
2LEdHelsvaktHvalker the Hated$8.99
3LEd HelsvaktKolbjorn the Killer$8.99
4LEd HelsvaktBors the Bloodcrazed$8.99
5LEd HelsvaktEvil Olav$8.99
6LEd Image soonHelsvaktHoargoth the Beserker (mounted)$18.99
7LEd HelsvaktAslak the Unrepentent$8.99
8LEd HelsvaktHowling Gorvogguth
9LEd HelsvaktGuarthaggalthagist Jotun (Half Giant)$18.99

Infernal – undead and demonkind

Stock #RaceNamePrice
9d InfernalNether Beast (resin)$19.99
61d InfernalThe Keeper$8.99
132d InfernalLesser Infernal A$9.99
136 InfernalGreater Infernal Horror (resin)$19.99
137 InfernalLesser Infernal$7.99
407 InfernalLesser Nethermouths (2)$9.99
410 InfernalLesser infernal B$9.99
901 InfernalXaraxis Urr Draxos (mage)$8.99
902 InfernalZhuuros the Adept$8.99
903 infernalNarbaz Arr Zhuul (imp mage)$8.99
904d infernalZyrava the Ravishing (adept)$8.99
905 InfernalDemonic warriors (3)$23.99
906d InfernalDemonic Female Warriors (5)$23.99
907 InfernalDemonic Imps (5)$29.99
908d InfernalWretched Undead (5 zombies)$29.99
909 InfernalDemonic Acolyte Zhuura$7.99

Njorn – Norse Humans

Stock #RaceNamePrice
52d NjornOlsvater the Aged$8.99
53d NjornWeglaf of Arnholdt’s Hill$8.99
64 NjornAstrid of the Stones$8.99
190d NjornBolverk the Bold$8.99
193d NjornWeglaf the Wise$8.99
194d NjornWoldvangner the Elder$8.99
221 NjornHawkeyed Arvid$8.99
222d NjornDagmar of the Shield$8.99
224d NjornIngvar the brash$9.99
225 NjornTradksarl (2nd ed)$8.99
227 NjornWise Frodulf$9.99
228d NjornPretty Larke$8.99
229 NjornAse Avridson (archer)$8.99
230d NjornEjvindr the Far Seeing$8.99
231 NjornMighty Jorik$8.99
232d NjornThorbjorn the Unbroken$8.99
233d NjornGunvor the Strong$8.99
238 NjornHirdmen multipack (5)$27.99
240 NjornGudridr the Golden$8.99
241 NjornFrowine the Young$8.99
242 NjornOld Nils the Hermit$8.99
243d NjornDagfinnr Arnholdttsson$8.99
247d NjornAsmundr of Halling’s Ford$8.99
248 NjornNjallr the Runebearer$8.99
249d NjornSnorreulf the Fell Handed$8.99
251 NjornKettil the Grim$8.99
252 NjornBardulf$8.99
253 NjornHvitrafn the Strange$8.99
260d NjornAlva of Halling’s Ford$8.99
261 NjornTreulf the Determined$8.99
262 NjornWotan the Far Wanderer$8.99
263 NjornRefnhilldr the Wise$8.99
264d NjornSvartulf the Strange$8.99
265d NjornHallrbjorn$8.99
266d NjornIngknut the Brave$8.99
268d NjornSigfrodr the Loyal$8.99
270 NjornNannulf the Brave$8.99
271d NjornErland the Wayward$8.99
272 NjornEinrafn the Gray$8.99
273d NjornUlfserker A$8.99
274d NjornUlfsurker B$8.99
275d NjornUlfserker C$8.99
276d NjornUlfserker D$8.99
277d NjornHenga Svartulfsdottir$8.99
279d NjornHirdman A$8.99
280d NjornHirdman B$8.99
281d NjornHirdman D$8.99
282d NjornHirdman C$8.99
283d NjornHirdman F$8.99
284d Image SoonNjornOld Hirdman Host (5 figures)$34.99
284d NjornHirdman G$8.99
285d NjornHirdman E$8.99
285d NjornUlfserker Warband ( 4 figs)$34.99
286d NjornHirdmen host$34.99

Orcs – big brutish humanoids

Stock #RaceNamePrice
177 OrcOrc Hero (in heavy armor)$11.99
173 OrcsOrc Brutes (4)$29.99

Weapons Pack

Stock #RaceNamePrice
162WpnHeavy Weapon Sprue
2 swords, 2 maces, hammer and axe
designed to use as weapons swaps (no hilts)