Below is a list of our Red Box Games items. In fact, the list is non-existent currently.
But we are inventorying the line and will repost as soon as that complete.

We’ve carried the line for a number of years now and with the lack of conventions in the last couple of years have decided to post them here to give folks a chance to see some of Tre Manor’s work – and to give you the chance to get some items that are long out of print in his catalog.

Drop us a line if your interested in any of the minis.

NOTE: The page is in the midst of being updated – our stock is rather depleted. We are attempting to restock what we can, stock his latest kickstarter and obtain models from other sources.

If you want to see his current work go to :
You will be able to look at and purchase his current range directly from him there.

And if you want to see work in progress, upcoming kickstarters and other stuff like that you can look at :